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06 June 2010

Sacked MIC leaders to sue Tamil Nesan for defamation


Two recently expelled MIC leaders will be suing Tamil Nesan daily for defamation after it accused them of being a part of an “anti-MIC group” in its newspaper report today.

The leaders, former MIC Youth deputy chief V. Mugilan and former central working committee member G. Kumar Aamaan, said in a statement this evening that the daily had printed their “crossed-out” pictures on the front page of its newspaper today and had wrongfully accused them of going against the party.

“This is a preposterous accusation by them as we have made our group’s stand very clear from the very beginning, which even spells out as GAS, an acronym for Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu.

“We are against the individual and his outmoded leadership, not the party which we are still a part of and proud of,” their statement said.

The duo said the daily, owned by party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu’s family, was desperately attempting to cast aspersions and disparagement on their cause.

Mugilan (picture) and Kumar Aamaan pointed out that their cause to seek for Samy Vellu’s early retirement was a “noble” one, saying that their expulsions from the party contravened the MIC constitution.

“Article 14.2.1 states that no member should make or be party to the making of any statement to the press on any matter concerning the party, party affairs or any member of the party which is detrimental to the party or is contrary to its policy or objectives.

“This was the reason stated in the expulsion letter. Now, we put it to them to prove which part of our statements made to the press was detrimental to the party when we were merely requesting for Samy Vellu to step down for the greater good of the party and the community,” they said.

Mugilan and Kumar Aamaan pointed out that Samy Vellu was an individual who was destroying the party and their call for him to resign was in line with MIC’s objectives.

“Hence, by making accusations (in the newspaper) like this, they (Tamil Nesan) are trying to confuse the community and the party members over and over again by calling us an ‘anti-MIC group’ when, in essence, our noble cause is to oust one person from destroying the very fundamental principles of the party and democracy as a whole,” they said.

As such, Mugilan and Kumar Aamaan said they would soon be filing a defamation suit against Tamil Nesan, the country’s oldest Tamil-language daily, through the legal firm Thiru Kumar Esq and T. Rajasekaran, for its act of “attempting to confuse the community” and for putting them in a “bad light” among their colleagues.

Both Mugilan and Kumar Aamaan, who were summarily expelled by Samy Vellu himself after they pushed for his early retirement, are appealing their sackings.

The two will also be launching a second GAS programme on June 13 in Klang.


Reasons why Samy has to hang-on to power refusing to step down from the throne, despite knowing pretty well that he is no longer wanted there by his people, only him, his son and MIC members know .

We all urge Samy to go peacefully and leave to god to do the rest. Do not hang on any longer since you are no longer relevant.

Samy is great, why you want to oust him, let him take his transition time. But one thing I would like to advise the day samy leaves the MIC will b uckle up because nobody will pump money into MIC as what samy has done.Mugilan can you do it see for your self the day samy steps down. MIC will go into the Dust Bin, Thats the end of MIC.....

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