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25 May 2013

Najib government practice fascist shut up the opposition...Crackdown on dissent shows Putrajaya regressing on democracy

The Najib administration’s bid to silence its critics through a display of muscle signals a return to greater authoritarianism and fascism . It was moving further away from the government’s dream of a world-class democracy.

We questioned Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s commitment to pursue greater freedoms for a truly democratic developed nation after the May 5 polls.

The test of a genuine democracy is to allow words to be said even when we disagree with them..

The recent arrests of opposition leaders, elected representatives, civil activists and supporters who had kept candlelight vigils in peaceful gatherings and the seizure of opposition political newspapers at Najib’s feet, saying such actions clealry constrasted the sixth PM’s electoral pledges.

We highlighted further the authorities had showed partisanship and a lax attitude in their failure to act against obvious cases of incitement where right-wing religious and racial proponents had made provocative statements demostrating seditious tendencies.

We  named the president of self-declared Malay rights group champions Datuk Ibrahim Ali whom he noted had called for Malay-language bibles to be burnt; Perkasa vice-president Datuk Zulkifli Nordin and truculent Chinese-Muslim scholar Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and Datuk Zulkifli Noordin who have both been alleged to have insulted Hinduism and made disparaging remarks against the faith’s believers; and Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah, a former Court of Appeal judge whom Leong noted had accused a racial group of treason and warned them of retribution by another race.






What were spoken and promised by Najib during the GE13 election campaign and what is happening now are so different. All these strong arm tactics over the past few days will only drive people further from BN. People are no longer afraid.

All those reconciliatory messages are most likely eyewash only...
...Cakap Tak Serupa Bikini...

24 May 2013

inefficient arrest criminals...police looking for an easy job...arrest opposition leaders

Cops to act on candlelight vigils, says creating ‘anxiety’ for residents

City police chief Mohmad Salleh warned today the police will be taking stern action against politically-motivated candlelight vigils, saying such gatherings were illegal and were causing local residents “anxiety”.

The police had arrested 18 people who were keeping a candle light watch outside the Jinjang police station here last night for student activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim who had been locked up five nights for allegedly inciting the overthrow of an elected government through street protests.

Similar vigils held in Penang over the past few days have ended in violence.

“These vigils are an offence under the law. For the police, it has reached a level where we can no longer tolerate such things, because it can cause anxiety for the local residents.

“So I ask, please let the legal process to proceed as fairly as it can. If we are dissatisfied, street protests are not the way to solve it. We have the courts,” he was quoted by news portal Malaysiakini as telling a news conference here.

Police arrested 18, including four women, at a candlelight vigil for the 24-year-old Adam Adli who had been held at the Jinjang police lock-up since last Saturday.

Adam Adli was charged at the Sessions Court today for statements he allegedly made at a forum on May 13, and released on a RM5,000 court bail while his trial is set to be mentioned on July 2.

Media reports say some 1,000 had gathered outside the police station, which was under tight security in anticipation of a continued night vigil.

According to Malaysiakini’s report, the vigil had proceeded smoothly until about 10pm when police gave a 10-minute notice to disperse to a crowd listening to PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub.

Student activist Khalid Ismath then attempted to negotiate with the police for an additional 30 minutes, however, the latter only agreed to an extra 10, said the report.

The second 10-minute notice was issued as Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo was speaking to the crowd.

Police then began widened the security cordon around the Jinjang police station and picked up those who refused to leave the area.

Several lawyers, including Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, Petaling Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian and PAS central committee member Zulkifli Ahmad, attempted to get into Jinjiang police station to assist those held by police.

The 18 have since been released after spending the night behind bars.

Another candlelight vigil that was also held in solidarity with Adam Adli in George Town, Penang last night ended in a fight between several aides to the state’s ruling Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government and supporters of the state opposition, the second such incident in a week. A reporter and an activist were injured in the clash.

Penang Suaram coordinator Sean Ho and Oriental Daily newspaper reporter Ooi Choon Nam suffered minor bruises and injuries after a fight broke out as the group was dispersing from the candlelight vigil at about 9pm last night.

The candlelight vigil, organised by Penang Suaram, was held peacefully at the Speakers’ Corner at Esplanade at about 8.30pm attended by a group of about 80 participants including Suaram members, Batu Uban state assemblyman Dr T.Jayabalan, Pulau Tikus assemblyman Yap Soo Huey and a member of Suaram steering committee Datuk Dr Toh Kin Woon.

The group started to disperse at about 9pm when a group of about 20 men on motorbikes appeared and started jeering at the Suaram group.

A similar candlelight vigil held outside Universiti Sains Malaysia on Monday also left a handful hurt. Five people were beaten up, including two reporters.






Candlelight vigils had not and will not create anxiety to the residents. Instead, the authorities inaction to combat crimes in the neighborhoods are actually causing undue anxiety to them.

you saying there is a court...but court problems that have not been fair to the opposition...because the court is controlled by illegal UMNO-BN how to get justice ..we have no choice but to go down the road

Police bloodthirsty of Indians .. in protest to take victim’s remains to KL police HQ

The grieving family of N. Dharmendran, the latest person to die in police custody, held a mock funeral where they perform prayers for the deceased’s remains at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters here, in a symbolic gesture of protest against an incident that has drawn condemnation from opposition politicians and rights groups.

The dead man’s uncle, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he and his family are holding the police responsible for Dharmendran’s death and they intend on showing that by performing final rites within the vicinity of the police headquarters where he had been held.

“We want to protest against the KL Criminal Investigation Department chief who said that Dharmendran died of a heart attack… we don’t believe it.

“Everytime there is death in custody they say its a heart attack,” he said by the sidelines of prayers held at the family’s flat in Taman Mulia, Bandar Tun Razak here.

According to news reports, Dharmendran, 31, was picked up by police on May 11 after he lodged a police report at the Pudu police station for his alleged involvement in a fight. He had been remanded at the Kuala Lumpur police contingent headquarters since that day.

According to N Surendran, the family’s lawyer, Dharmendran’s parents and wife had been kept in the dark about his arrest and were only informed of the matter on Sunday.

The victim was supposed to be released on bail on Tuesday but after a long wait, Dharmendran’s wife had received a call from the police who informed her that her husband had passed away and asked her to identify the body at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

After looking at the body, Surendran said they found Dharmendran’s body to have been severely bruised while both his ears appeared to have been stapled.

“There were physical evidence of beatings and torture to the front of his thighs, and at the back of his body, there were beating marks on his back (that) it had swelled up.

“The ears are stapled and there are staples left intact, which could be seen on the ears,” he said.

The police had earlier said that Dharmendran had died of asthma. Following public pressure, they later retracted their statement can classified the case as murder after the autopsy findings pointed to homicide.

Surendran, who is also the newly elected Padang Serai MP, claimed this was the worst case of police brutality he had seen since A. Kugan, a high profile police custodial death case that drew attention to an issue that had been kept from public knowledge in the past.

At today’s mock funeral, opposition lawmakers and family members gathered around the MPV carrying Dharmendran’s body and held placards showing the victim’s bruised face and captioned with “murdered”.

“We want to know what happened to Dharmendran. Why is it that everytime there an Indian boy gets detained he will die and when there is a death, the police say its heart attack. What is this? They are mad the police,” said former Kapar PKR federal lawmaker M. Manickavasagam.

At this point, Dharmendran’s mother, who was earlier sitting in the car and held back from joining the mock funeral, burst through the crowd near the police headquarter’s entrance and began shouting hysterically towards the police.

“You murdered him. Now who will look for food? Did you think about that? You just murdered him and do nothing about it?” She shouted in Tamil.

She was later approached by other family members who, despite being just as grieve stricken, managed to calm her and escorted her back to the car.

Just as the police began crowding the area looking alarmed and ready to act, Dharmendran’s family and the entourage began to disperse and subsequently left for Cheras. The victim was buried there at press time.

Surendran later told The Malaysian Insider that the family is now waiting for the police to announce the arrest of the culprits involved in Dharmendran’s death.

“We will give them 24 hours to make an announcement before we take further shouldn’t take them that long to arrest the culprits,” he said.

He added that the family will also be lodging a police report on the post-mortem findings.

According to rights group Suaram there were 218 cases of alleged deaths in custody in Malaysia from 2000 to this month, with its records showing that nine of those cases occured in 2012, while five cases took place this year.

The five cases this year include Chang Chin Te as well as C. Sugumaran, with the latter dominating headlines in January and February after several eyewitnesses accused the police of allegedly handcuffing and beating the 39-year-old security guard to death. Police denied the allegations, pointing out that an initial post-mortem showed that Sugumaran had died of a heart attack.

A United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention 2010 visit to Malaysian prisons and detention centres reported in 2011 that between 2003 and 2007, “over 1,500 people died while being held by authorities.”

The Bar Council, civil society groups and several politicians from both sides of the divide have called for an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to reform the police force since 2006.








PDRM is real good in Taichi. Always tries to blame everyone and everything for the cause of death.

Many of the suspects have weak hearts? Why always give heart attack as excuse. Be creative la... Like choke on tofu.

Too much. Needs to push for IPCMC and police must be held accountable, esp those involved in this case. Not small fry officer. Heads MUST ROLL!

zimbabwe law of gangster chief Zahid Hamidi to close the 13th general election fraud...Tian Chua, Haris, Tamrin to be detained overnight at Jinjang

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers Chua Tian Chang and Tamrin Ghafar, and political activist Haris Ibrahim, have been arrested for sedition and will be held overnight at the police lockup in Jinjang today.

According to Haris’s lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, the trio, who were picked up separately for questioning this afternoon, are expected to be presented to a magistrate at 11am tomorrow morning for a remand application.

“They have been detained and will be brought to the lockup for the remand application... we just received word that all three will be detained for investigation under section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act and section 124 of the Penal Code,” the Puchong MP told reporters this afternoon.

But the DAP leader said he was not yet informed of which “seditious statement” his client or the two others were being detained over.

“The police will bring them at 11am for the remand application... then it is up to the magistrate whether to extend the remand or release them,” he said.

Chua, who is the MP for Batu, Tamrin who was formerly Batu Berendam MP and Anything But Umno (ABU) chief Haris, were arrested separately this afternoon for sedition in an apparent national crackdown on opposition supporters.

“I was arrested, now in the police car, at Jalan Kuching, heading towards the Jinjang police station,” Tamrin, the son of former deputy prime minister Tun Ghafar Baba, told 

The Umno-turned-PAS member had earlier sent a text message saying, “Just 2 inform u I m being arrested by d police Bukit Aman. D police r waiting 4 me 2 finish my lunch at Chawan Bangsar. Pl inform others.”

Chua was picked up by authorities shortly after.

“I’ve been arrested at LCCT about 5min ago, just b4 the security check. Now in police vehicle being transported to Balai Polis Jinjang,” Chua posted on his Twitter account, @tianchua at about 12.24pm today.

“According to ASP Buba, I’m detained under Section 4(1) Sedition Act,” he added.

Haris was detained while lunching with friends in Segambut here after he had gone to the Duta Court Complex nearby earlier this morning to show support for student activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim.

“Haris was arrested about 12.30pm while still eating in Segambut after returning from court in Jalan Duta. He was taken to the Jinjang police station,” his friend and fellow lunch mate Bernard Khoo told

“Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, his lawyer, is on the way to the police station,” he added.

All three are believed to be detained over their involvement in a May 13 forum on the results of the just-concluded general election.

The first to be detained from the forum was student activist Adam Adli, who was charged with sedition in the Jalan Duta court complex this morning.

The 24-year-old pleaded not guilty and was released on a RM5,000 court bail with his trial set for a mention on July 2.

Adam Adli had been arrested by the police at his home in Bangsar last Saturday before being taken to the same Jinjang police station where he had been held in remand until he was charged with attempting to topple the elected government through street protests.

He was accused of uttering a seditious statement at the May 13 forum where he allegedly questioned the results of Election 2013 and called on Malaysians to take to the streets to boot Barisan Nasional (BN) from Putrajaya.

According to the charges read out this morning, his words had a seditious tendency and were aimed at rallying Malaysians to change the current government through undemocratic means.

His statement, in Malay: “Take my details, lodge a police report, because today, I would like to invite all those here today to gather and take to the streets to seize back our power! Can we do that? Can we do that? Can we do that? We do not have much time left, get ready, buy shoes, buy tracksuits, buy jeans, get ready to take to the streets because in a third world country like Malaysia, elections cannot topple a government.

“Only the people’s power can topple a government. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, this is the only opportunity we have.”

Charged under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act 1948, the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris undergraduate faces a jail term of not less three years, or a fine of up to RM5,000 or both, if convicted.

Adam Adli, who came to court in a black T-shirt, was represented by lawyers Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, N. Surendran, Afiq M. Noor and Shamsul Iskandar Mat Akin.

Surendran told the court that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had already announced the abolition of the pre-independence Sedition Act, a preventive law often used to crack down on dissent against the government.

Sessions Court judge Norsharidah Awang, who presided over the matter this morning, said, however, that the law was still in force as the plan to repeal it was still in the early stages.

Yesterday, the police arrested 18, including four women, at a candlelight vigil held for Adam Adli outside the the Jinjang police station here. They have since been released.

Media reports say some 1,000 had gathered outside the police station, which was under tight security in anticipation of a continued night vigil since Adam Adli’s detention on Saturday.






Why is there a need to detained the suspects overnight in lockup? What is so urgent and where is the risk of suspect absconding? To me this is just to show power and to purposely torture the suspects.

This will only strengthen the resolve of the rakyat to vote UMNO out come GE14. Criminals are running wild in the country but UMNO focuses the police force's attention on harassing members of the opposition and peaceful rakyat.

My relative's house was broken into in the middle of the night just a week ago. The family was assaulted, cut and robbed. Thankfully, the burglars didn't do worse. The incident was reported and the police went over only to tell them that it is "biasa". Later, the family was shown some mugshots and they identified two of the burglars only to be told by the police that there wasn't much point in arresting them because these burglars are well connected and the magistrate will let them off within days of their arrests.

Ahmad Zahid, criminals are running wild in our streets and the police won't even attempt arresting them because they are well connected!!! Stop focusing the attention of the police force on the opposition and peaceful rakyat and start focusing the attention of the police on these criminals and getting off our streets!!!

The job of the Home Minister is to safeguard the interests of the rakyat, not to harass them while letting criminals run wild in the country. Do your job - go after the criminals and stop harassing the opposition and peaceful citizens!!!

23 May 2013

A clear example of a despicable and cowardly action by UMNO-BN ....Adam Adli to be charged with sedition tomorrow

Student activist Adam Adli Abd Halim is likely to be charged with sedition at the Sessions Court in Jalan Duta tomorrow when his remand expires, say police.

Adam Adli (picture) was arrested on Saturday for statements made during a May 13 forum at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. His detention sparked outrage with hundreds attending nightly vigils outside the Jinjang police lock-up where he is being held.

The Star online portal reported City CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Ku Chin Wah as saying Adam Adli is expected o be charged under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act over the statements he made during a forum.

“His remand expires tomorrow (Thursday). We expect him to be charged at the court,” he said today.

Adam Adli previously made headlines for bringing down a flag bearing a picture of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak outside the Umno headquarters at the Putra World Trade Centre in 2011.

He was subsequently suspended from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris on Jan 9 last year for three






Well, at least, UMNO Baru is successful in making another Malaysian Hero!

And Ibrahim ali is still not charged nor Papagomo and the other chap for asking the killing of chinese malaysians. Totally unfair.

Meanwhile, Utusan, Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Nordin and Mahathir are free to say anything to anyone.

they shouldn't be charged for sedition? Malaysia's judiciary is such a joke, probably at par with Zimbabwe.

This is Malaysian Government in 2012/2013: cracking down on defenceless people that only request for a better Malaysia, while MEGA crooks, cronies and criminals walk free. It's a shame that this government without mandate is still in place.

19 May 2013

Police consider illegal assembly but Thousands turn up at Penang’s Esplanade...

Thousands turned up at the Esplanade to attend the Penang Pakatan Rakyat state government rally this evening despite the police declaring it an illegal rally.

The crowd started streaming in from 7pm and by 10pm, they had filled more than half the field.

The crowd was not as huge and overwhelming as the last rally held in Esplanade, on May 3, just two days before the May 5 polls where more than half a million in donations were collected.

Tonight's rally, which was originally organised by PR, is a state government rally to introduce its new leadership and to thank Penangites for their support.

Many in the crowd were dressed in black with a sprinkling of red, yellow and green, in support of the PR.

The police had yesterday declared it an illegal rally and warned the public not to break the law but did not threaten to make any arrests.

A Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) truck was spotted a few roads down from the Esplanade and there was a heavy presence of traffic police to direct traffic and also a number of undercover policemen were noticed amongst the crowd.

The rally emcees also commented on this and jokingly pointed out that the police are in support of the rally as they came and were also dressed in black.

The line-up of leaders to speak in the rally include Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow, DAP National chairman Karpal Singh, Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng, Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang, PR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and other PR state leaders.






salute to fru and polis who didn't interrupt this peaceful and joyful rally but manage to keep things under control. if this is to continue, the polis will certainly gain back the rakyat's respect unlike the home minister who is gaining loss popularity BY THE SECONDS.

toilet's paper want to bangkrupt but still want to threatening and do not treat this shit newspaper

No Air Asia ad till CEO apologises, Utusan says

Claiming AirAsia advertisements to be cheaper than hair and herbal products, Utusan Malaysia’s Awang Selamat has told the Umno-owned paper to stop taking the airline’s ads until its chief executive apologises for criticising the broadsheet’s racist piece.

In its Mingguan Malaysia weekend edition today, columnist Awang Selamat — the nom-de-plume for the paper’s collective editorial voice — said AirAsia should be thankful that the Malay paper had never written or criticised the budget airline with any negative articles.

“Let the company’s advertisement go to another paper, but not Utusan.

“Without Air Asia, Awang Selamat will not have any problem. Furthermore, the value of the advertisment given is very small, lower than advertisements for herbal and hair treatments,” it said.

The columnist also compared Asia’s biggest budget flier to Malaysia Airlines (MAS), and described the national carrier as having better service and a strong nationalist spirit.

“To those who serve we are polite, especially the Malaysian airline whose service is better and thick with nationalism,” it said.






UTUSAN is a personification of the pits of journalism and any brand worth its salt should exclude UTUSAN from their media plans. Azran/Air Asia is absolutely right by not associating with UTUSAN. Azran has demonstrated true leadership and we applaud him for his stand.

If Pakatan had only taken over Putrajaya Utusan will be filing for bankruptcy now when more newsprint media licence are dish out and the survival of the fittest compete.

Utusan practicing self boycott! No adverts, no income! hahaha! Learning from AirAsia style. Fly free! Go fly kite!!!

if UTUSAN so happy with their Racist, let it be. not need add in their news paper.

a schemers of fulfilled promise... Jala’s comments, Ahmad Maslan’s finance post show looming GST

We  warned Malaysians that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) could be implemented soon following Datuk Seri Idris Jala’s comments on the broad-based tax and the appointment of Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan as deputy finance minister.

Jala, who is a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, told a forum yesterday that the GST would generate an additional revenue of between RM20 billion and RM27 billion if it was implemented at a rate of seven per cent.

It seems that the implementation of GST is top on Najib’s list after the elections.

Indeed,we have been alerted that the appointment of Umno propagandist Datuk Ahmad Maslan as deputy finance minister — one of the strangest of Najib’s appointments — is for him to co-ordinate propaganda for the implementation of GST...

Najib’s Barisan Nasional (BN) had said it would implement a broad-based tax policy if it won the May 5 general election.

Last October that Najib’s Budget 2013 speech contained “coded signals” on the imminent implementation of the GST.

We noted that paragraph 80 of Budget 2013 reads: “Apart from the transition from bulk subsidies to targeted subsidies, a review of Malaysia’s taxation system will be continued to ensure the taxation system better reflects the household’s financial position.”

Paragraph 82 reads: “Implementation of the new tax structure is a national imperative to ensure the government’s finances remain strong for future generations. The government will not shrink from taking right action although it is challenging.”

GST would further erode the disposable income of the middle class and the poor, noting that 60 per cent of Malaysian households have a monthly income of less than RM3,000.

Imposing GST will tax this group more than what BR1M gives them, referring to the RM500 government cash aid Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M) that has been doled out twice to such households.

The argument that hundreds of items consumed by the poor would be exempted from GST does not hold water because the implementation of BR1M shows that the financially ‘squeezed’ middle- and lower-income groups, combines (sic), make up 60 per cent of the population...

Putrajaya has no “moral right” to impose new taxes without addressing endemic corruption and cronyism, pointing out that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) would have increased government revenue by reducing corruption and wastages if elected into government.

The BN government has delayed the implementation of the GST several times, despite economists saying that a reform of the tax structure was necessary to lift Malaysia out of a middle-income trap.

Only 10 per cent of the working population in Malaysia pays income tax.

Economics and governance professor Datuk Dr Mohamed Ariff Abdul Kareem said last month that Malaysia’s tax base needed to be broadened to increase revenue, pointing out that the country’s debt-revenue ratio was 246 per cent, close to Italy’s 261 per cent.

The urban and middle-class electorate had deserted BN in the May 5 general election, leaving the ruling coalition with just 133 seats in Parliament while PR maintained control of Penang and Selangor, the two most developed states in the country.







Who will be affected the most by GST???? The urban poor and lower middle class. The rural folks will also be affected albeit to a lesser extent. The ruling elite, the rich and the upper middle class will hardly be impacted by GST. Does the BN government really care about the plight of the rakyat?

It is not merely the question of raising taxes but also looking at the impact on the wider economy. Less money means less spending . Less spending means less jobs. More prudent approach would be to look at spending by the government. Streamlining government departments , cut out corruptions , more efficient tax collections, looking at salaries for government workers. There plenty of other things that can be done . It takes brains and courage and Barisan lacks in both departments,! ABU.

fear uprisings against electoral fraud.... Student activist arrested under Sedition Act

Student activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim was arrested yesterday under the Sedition Act that his lawyer believes is due to his remarks at a forum on May 13.

Adam Adli, 24 (picture), had apparently told a forum at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall this week that Malaysians “cannot wait for five years to overthrow Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN)”.

“It looks like it’s a crackdown,” Adam Adli’s lawyer Latheefa Koya told .

She said that Adam Adli was being brought to IPD Jinjang, which is a remand centre, adding that she feared the police would detain him until now.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was reported by Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia today as saying that the government would take stern action against those who intended to foment chaos on the streets.

Adam Adli’s friend Mandeep Singh told  that the former was arrested outside his home in Bangsar here.
“As soon as he came out from the building, he was arrested immediately,” said Mandeep, 27.

At the May 13 forum, Adam Adli reportedly called for street demonstrations, saying: “Elections won’t overthrow the government; the people’s power will”.

Anything But Umno (ABU) movement leader Haris Ibrahim said at the same forum that the BN government would be toppled through a street rally.

Several authoritarian regimes in the Middle East have been overthrown through mass demonstrations in the Arab Spring revolution.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR), however, has distanced itself from calls for street protests to overturn the results of Election 2013 that was tainted with widespread reports of electoral fraud.

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said last Wednesday that the federal opposition pact would stick to indoor rallies to “voice their disgust” at alleged vote-rigging in the May 5 general polls.

Tens of thousands of Malaysians – many of whom were youths of all races – have thronged six PR rallies throughout the country after the May 5 polls to call for free and fair elections.

PKR communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad was charged yesterday under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) 2012 with failing to give the police 10 days’ notice for a rally at Stadium MBPJ in Kelana Jaya on May 8.

He pleaded not guilty.

Ahmad Zahid was quoted by Utusan Malaysia today as saying that no compromises would be made with the opposition if it resorted to street protests to overthrow the government.

Adam Adli rose to fame when he brought down a banner bearing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s image at a protest for academic freedom in 2011.

He was later suspended from the Sultan Idris University of Education (UPSI) and lost a court bid last month for a judicial review against the suspension.

Najib said last July that the Sedition Act 1948 would be repealed and replaced with a National Harmony Act.






Dear Adam, the people are on your side. It is your leadership that stands out. At your age, you have my greatest respect.

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