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03 October 2009

Racist books distributed in Bagan Pinang

The two books found on the windscreen of a car

Even before the beginning of the official campaign period for the Bagan Pinang by-election, the Pakatan Rakyat received the first blow when books containing various allegations against the coalition's leaders were distributed in the constituency.

The two books were found placed on the windscreen of every car parked along the road in Batu 7 near here, and it is still unclear who was responsible for the distribution.
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One book, entitled “Wajah Sebenar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim: Nasib Orang Melayu Selangor” (The Real Face of Tan Sri Ibrahim: The Plight of the Selangor Malays), accused the Selangor mentri besar of sidelining the Malay community in the state.

“They wanted People Supremacy so much after they were fooled by Pakatan Rakyat, and were willing to risk the future of their children,” reads the opening chapter of the 49-page book.

“After ruling the state for 16 months, Pakatan Rakyat led by Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has done a lot of things that have disadvantaged the Malays and Islam,” it adds citing, among other things, Selangor's proposal to hold elections for local councils.

“If this happens almost all local councils will be controlled by the Chinese because they live in towns while the Malays live in villages,” said the book.

It accused Khalid of appointing members of the Chinese community to key positions in the local councils.

The book, which does not carry the name of the author or the publisher, also alleged that PAS has become a puppet to the Chinese in DAP and PKR.

It also published personal pictures of Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong that have been widely distributed via the Internet earlier this year.

Another book, also published and written by unknown parties, questioned opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's commitment to the Malay community.

Titled “50 Kemusykilan Tentang Manusia Bernama Anwar Ibrahim” (50 Questions on The Man Called Anwar Ibrahim), it is believed to be inspired by another book, “50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become the Prime Minister”, published 12 years ago and which subsequently caused his downfall from the government.

This latest book accused Anwar of being unhappy with the success of the Malays.

“Anwar accused the NEP as unfair for sidelining the Chinese and the Indians, which means he is not happy to see the Malays becoming as successful as the Chinese,” said the book.


Amazing! UMNO has absolutely no moral qualms at all!

No wonder our country is going down the tubes.

Well, what are the police waiting for? Arrest those responsible for such irresponsible acts - promotion of racism and stoking of racial tensions - real or unreal - INTENTIONALLY CREATED !!!!

It would only be too easy to find out the authour of these two racist's books if the Police is serious in investigating such harmful and evil materials for the good and harmony of the people of Malaysia. Such arrogant and ill-intentioned people who are damaging the peacefulness of this country should be punished with the least mercy of the law.

Another racist propaganda from UMNO/BN... they will never learn. If Malays keep voting for UMNO/BN, they will be responsible for every actions by UMNO/BN because Malays voted UMNO/BN in!

A fight that Umno cannot afford to lose

As expected, the Bagan Pinang by-election will be a straight fight between Umno and PAS after an independent candidate failed to get his papers through.

Umno's Isa Abdul Samad and PAS's Zulkefly Omar were confirmed as the two candidates by returning officer Abdul Wahab Shamsuddin at the end of the objection period at 11am.

Campaigning has now officially kicked off and an intense, all-out dog-fight can be expected until balloting takes place on Sunday Oct 11.

But for this morning, despite seething undercurrents, the atmosphere was generally cheerful although rain clouds darkened the sky.

Crowds built up and roads were closed to control traffic. Umno supporters outnumbered those from arch rival PAS - a rare occurence and perhaps indicative of the final outcome.

Because the state seat is an Umno stronghold - one that they have never lost before - there is an air of confidence, even swagger, amongst party workers as they rushed around preparing for the hordes of VVIPs who will descend on their small seaside town.

Former Negeri Sembilan mentri besar Isa Abdul Samad overcame a corruption and vote-buying record to be chosen the flag carrier for BN. And unless there is a shock default in his nomination papers, he is poised to be the man to break Umno’s losing streak.

The party hopes to ride on his popularity in the area. After losing seven of the eight by-elections since March 2008, this is one contest Umno cannot afford to lose.

Giant beater

Facing off against Isa is PAS state chief Zulkefly Omar, a 45-year old businessman popular with his party mates for his straightforward ways.

Zulkefly has a tough task indeed, but if he triumphs, he will gain instant fame as the giant-beater of Negeri Sembilan.

Both men arrived early at the nomination centre at PD municipal council. Isa is accompanied by top BN leaders including Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassain and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, MCA president Ong Tee Keat and MIC chief S Samy Vellu.

Pakatan Rakyat's top brass were also in full force led by PAS president Hadi Awang and PKR's Syed Husin Ali.

"We are in this by-election to win," a cheerful Hadi told reporters.

A straight fight no matter how many candidates

bpinang4.jpgDespite initial speculation of a crowded field, with Independents moving in to ride on the massive publicity of this particular contest, only Teluk Kemang PKR leader Shahruddin Abdul Hamid turned up.

Shahruddin defied his party, which had threatened to expel him if he went against Pakatan rules and competed as an Independent against Zulkefly. But he was disqualified.

“My proposer, it turned out, is not from the Bagan Pinang constituency,” he said, adding that he would find a replacement. However, byt the end of the nomination period at 10am, he was still without a proposer.

Still, regardless of whether Shahruddin had succeeded in making the by-election a three-cornered fight, Bagan Pinang would still have been to all intents and purposes a straight fight between Umno and PAS.

Neither Shahruddin nor any other Independent, if indeed any had turned up, could have expected to cart away enough votes to matter to either Umno or PAS whether individually or collectively. Chances are they would have lost their RM15,000 election deposit.

Intense campaigning ahead

Bagan Pinang is a Malay majority seat with 13,664 registered voters. The populace consists of 63 percent Malay, 21 percent Indian, 11 percent Chinese and 5 percent other races.

Although Pakatan is expected to swipe most of the non-Malay votes, Umno is still expected to triumph easily and even exceed its previous 2,333-vote majority on the back of Isa’s popularity.

With the Malay vote split down the line, Umno’s trump card will be the 4,604 military-based postal voters in the constituency.

Already, PAS is crying foul, alleging that there are actually only 1,200 eligible postal voters. The rest have already retired and have moved onto other parts of the country, it claims.

The DAP too has slammed the Election Commission for bias in not allowing the party and its colleague PKR to put campaign materials such as flags and posters.
No matter which, what is for certain is that over the next eight days until balloting next Sunday, a highly-charged and no-holds-barred campaign can be expected.


Former PKR member Shahruddin Abdul Hamid, who had stated that he would be contesting as an independent candidate, was seen entering the nomination centre at the Port Dickson municipal council hall at 9.15am. He came out about 10 minuites later.

He told newsmen that he had encountered a problem when submitting his nomination paper.

“My proposer, it turned out, is not from the Bagan Pinang constituency,” he said, adding that he would find a replacement. However, at the end of the nomination period he was still without a proposer.


This idiot Sharudin know the rules. He was hoping that someone (especially BN )will offer some money and withdraw from the election.Unforunately he was not worth more than 10votes so all parties ignored him.Instead of losing his deposit, he calmly said that he could not get a local supporter.

Bangsat punya orang.He should jump from the tallest building in Port Dickson and do not die but with severe injuries.

He failed even to get a replacement proposer!!! So where is the truth about him having many supporters ??? Bullshit. Serve him right.

If DSAI do not sack this RETARD, they will on a slippery slope to DISASTER. That applies to that retard lawyer MP from kulim. Do not forget that socalled MB wanabe from PAS. We must rid of any retard from DAP as well.

Najib dismisses Dr M protests over Isa candidacy

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said voters in Bagan Pinang should choose wisely and pick the candidate who would be best able to serve them.

He said the by-election for the state seat on Oct 11 was not one that could alter the government but was only to choose an elected representative to serve them.

“As expected, it is a straight fight (in Bagan Pinang). As such, we urge voters to evaluate wisely as to who among the candidates can best serve them.

“In a by-election, what is important is the service an elected representative can render. He should be able to resolve the problems voters face, this is the yardstick. Like in Bagan Pinang,” he told reporters after presenting aid to 161 people from the Pekan parliamentary constituency who will be performing the Haj, here today. Najib is also the MP for Pekan.

The Bagan Pinang by-election will see a straight fight between the Barisan Nasional’s Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad, who is also former Negeri Sembilan mentri besar, and Zulkefly Mohamad Omar, the Negeri Sembilan PAS commissioner.

Asked about comments by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Isa should not have been picked as the BN’s candidate in the by-election, Najib: “I do not think the matter arises any longer, we must look forward. What is important is the service the assemblyman can offer the constituents.”

On untoward incidents that happened during the nomination process today including an incident which involved Putera Umno chief Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahimm who claimed to have been punched by a supporter of the opposition, Najib said such incidents would not happen if everyone showed respect for the law.

“If he was punched, I hope he makes a police report. We should not be doing anything that is against the law and this includes roughing up someone.
“We should also be showing good examples, showing respect to the democratic process is one of them.” said Najib.


Well said Najib.

We must choose a candidate who can serve the people.

Let the bastard be a crook , can be a rapist can be involve in money politics.
All these not a problem.

In Malaysia we got no others than the UMNO corrupted guys.
So people like ISA still needed to make a come back even he is a corrupted guy.
What a pitty.

Najib said all must not break the law, not to punch people (in reference to an incident in which an Umno personality was allegedly punched on the neck by opposition supporters at the nomination center).

Yes, Najib punching people is wrong but it's ok if you kill people with C4

BN sending message that it stands for corruption

The whole time I was in Malaysia this year, I was constantly bombarded with propaganda — 1 Malaysia this, 1 Malaysia that. Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan — people first, performance now. But if this is the key plank of Barisan Nasional’s campaign to regain the hearts and minds of Malaysians, why do they so blatantly give lie to it by nominating Tan Sri Isa Samad to contest for them in Bagan Pinang?

To be fair to Barisan and Umno, Isa is a safe choice of sorts. He is popular with the Umno grassroots (who these days increasingly bear little relation to the Malaysian grassroots). The selection of a candidate unpopular with the local party members was another nail in Barisan’s coffin the last time it contested a by-election. Isa is a known quantity; he was the mentri besar of Negri Sembilan, so he has the political chops necessary to contest and lead a campaign.

But still, is Barisan out of its mind? In this case, they have blatantly put the interests of the party ahead of the people, and put political performance ahead of statesmanship. Is this what 1 Malaysia means?

Barisan touts itself as a wiser party, one willing to change and heed the people. Isa is a vote-buyer and carries a history of corruption — corruption so blatant that even Umno could not ignore it, and suspended him from the party. If there’s one thing Malaysians are tired of, it’s corruption — it’s why we voted so strongly in Pak Lah’s favour in 2004, and why we voted so strongly in Pakatan Rakyat’s favour in 2008.

To be precise, we’re tired of the government dragging its heels when it needs to act on corruption. That’s why we so furiously gave Barisan the boot in 2008 — we’ve given up hope on sweet-talking liars who promise one thing and give us another. And in Isa’s case, this is no mere foot-dragging.

Barisan is compromising its entire platform of reform by nominating Isa, in the hope it can win this one by-election. It is nominating a known money politician to represent itself to the people of Bagan Pinang and the people of Malaysia. It is basically telling us that Barisan stands for corruption.

In his defence, Isa says that he has served his suspension, and that other top leaders have been found guilty of similar crimes in the past. But that’s not the point. It is said that in naval tradition, a captain whose ship sinks while under his command will never be given command of another ship again.

That is an extreme not worth going to, but here is the point: we need to draw a line in the sand. Corruption is a plague upon our country, which has cost us billions of ringgit; Khairy Jamaluddin, one of Isa’s defenders, himself has admitted in the past that as much as RM1 out of every RM10 the government spends is wasted on euphemistic “leakages”. We cannot tolerate corruption among those who hold offices of public trust, and we have every right to expect our leaders to take corruption very seriously.

Barisan wants to win the battle of Bagan Pinang, and maybe it will. But it fails to see that by nominating Isa to represent it there, it has conceded a bigger war. Come next election, the people will remember all these times Barisan has had a chance to take a stand against corruption and injustice, and opted instead to take the side of the corrupt and the unjust


It is a fact that you can't be successful in BN if you don't have money, don't like money, don't take money, don't corrupt for money by all means. Simply because your supporters will force you to do so because they want money and projects. This is BN. You can talk like a holly ulamak, but you will need money too. Police constables may extort a motorcyclist for a cigarete or five ringgits, those on petrol cars would go for more, rm50 at least simply because satu saman rm300. .... those with more power like approving logging projects, from office boy to very top, there is a rate according to status, from hunderds to hundred thousands for a signature of approval, as for ministerial level , proxies will do for them. Hey, what is it so surprising that the corrupted Isa is chosen the candidate. Who else has more money to spend?

The fact that the BN leaders incuding DPM and their die heart supporters glorified Isa during nomination days is reaffirmed "BN endorse corruption" as part of their principle. As many have said, BN may win the battle, but the will lose the war

If Isa stands for corruption, and he was elected this time, it shows that the majority in Bagan Pinang tolerate corruption in their midst. It means that they dont mind a once corrupt person to represent them, as he has done a lot for them in the past. Dont matter if the money is clean or not as long as they benefit from it. If it is not proven that he is corrupt, how then was he suspended?
Professor KK Khoo, I read your comment on the Star paper today regarding the coming MCA EGM. Its time you also state your smart opinion in this by-election, without fear and favour as you mentioned.?

If we ( All Malaysians ) are serious about corruption in this country, then everyone, from age four to 99 should be programned to reject corrupt practices. All should stopped bribing the policemen, custom officers, all governemnt servants. All should be brave to speak up when they saw a corrupt act before their eyes. The children should be taught early in school and constantly reminded frequently to watch out for corruptions. To remind their parents to stop their corrupt acts. Often it is the parents who taught their children to be corrupt by their acts before their eyes. This will slowly snowballed into a serious problem, if not corrected early, where money is god and we are kings and the poor are slaves.

At the end of the day,CORRUPTION RULES,Pak Lah with 90% mandate could not resists the "FISH"placed before him and his "CRONIES", as the old Chinese saying goes "place a plate of fish in front of a cat and if it rejects it is a mad cat"

PM calls for ideas and suggestions for Budget 2010

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is currently calling on Malaysians to give their views, ideas and suggestions as he prepares for the tabling of Budget 2010 come 23 October.

He said "Encouraged by the many responses and comments I have received previously via this website, once again I seek your compact suggestions this week on what measures or incentives may be included in the budget. Suggestions should be specific and focus on how we can move to become a high level income nation and also relate to the six NKRAs (National Key Result Areas),"

He commented on the current economic climate of the country "We have come a long way from our agricultural and commodity-driven years, resulting in the dynamic upper middle-in-come economy of today. Despite having successfully weathered difficulties, such as the 1997 Asian economic crisis, and having proven that the economy was resilient in the current global financial crisis, "much work remains before we can call ourselves a fully developed nation by 2020,"

“We have no option but to transform our economic activities in the right sub-sectors of our economy to catapult our nation to become a high level income nation. Transformation must entail leaving our comfort zone behind once more as we seek to become more competitive. The changes that Malaysia might have to confront included the need to adapt to external economic demand patterns, integrate further within the region and adjust the country's domestic structure. This exquisite balance is required to ensure that all Malaysians benefit,"


Don't talk cock Mr. C4. Do u think u will listen to us to lower down the petrol price n toll fees, not to waste the money to form 1M F1 team. Wat else can u do except keeping on sucking rakyat money. f**k off!
Only those goons like warisan n yustam would love to suck n lick ur ball here.......bang bang

BTW, how is the PKFZ scandal probe? cover up again...wowwwwwwwwww

Mr PM,i believe you are not deaf,blind or mute!can't you see what condition is our country?

You guys wasted so much money on many white elephant projects,F1,travelling in the space,PKFZ,purchase Submarine and helicopter with 30% higher prices than other country,your carbinet member pocketed some of the rakyat blood and sweat money building palaces,sending their kids to private school and oversea for better study,who is supporting you and family?

Look at our poor transport system,Beijing subway is much efficient then malaysia now,buses newer then us,every 15 mits one bus,subway link to evey conner,very clean streets,every where recycle bins,reduce on use of plastic bag,envinronment awareness is faster then us,motorcycle,buses operated rechargeble battery on cut down of petrol.

I really feel shame of what our leader capable of,corrupted,bold,brainless,shelfish,persanol agenda,instead of unite the ppl,our leader try to split the nation by race,quota,rights and unfairness,they like to waste time on fighting over and over same issue rather then develope the country and our next genaration,look at those school drop out youth who creat crimes,hanging around doing nothing,it's all because of the poor and boring school education think only chinese proffressional is moving out of this country for better future?no,malay also the same for better living environment and quality live style whe there is a great chance.

At last the most trust worthy justice system has rot untill the root from the lower rank police till the top judges,how sad.

So please don't ask the rakyat what they want use your common sense..

PM, just step down, let PR rule, then you dont have to ask the rakyat for ideas.

Look at all the corruptions, abuse of powers, kangaroo court, dirty tactics in every by elections .... so what is the point of asking the rakyat for ideas ..... for the FG has never been true to the rakyat.

Umno suffers even if it wins Bagan Pinang

The choice of Tan Sri Isa Samad by Umno to be its candidate for the crucial Bagan Pinang state by-election on Oct 10 casts serious doubts on the party’s insight into the country’s new political scene.

Isa’s candidature is a slap in the face of Umno veterans such as former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who have been warning the party against reinstating someone who had been suspended by the party for political corruption; and whose suspension was used by the party to trumpet its resolve to check dubious practices.

Before March 8, 2008, such an audacious selection would have passed without much comment. But times have changed, and the public is particularly sensitive to arrogant behaviour among its leaders.

Umno would realise this if it were not as self-absorbed as it obviously is at present.

Isa, mentri besar of Negri Sembilan for 22 years prior to 2004, was suspended in June 2005 on seven charges of political corruption. The six-year suspension was later reduced to three after he appealed.

The fact that Umno lost the Permatang Pasir by-election on Aug 25 after fielding Rohaizat Othman, a lawyer who had been disbarred by the Bar Council for misconduct, seems not to have deterred the party from adopting exotic electoral tactics.

Perhaps the significance of that defeat was shielded from Umno by the deliberation that Permatang Pasir was not theirs to win in any case.

Bagan Pinang, on the other hand, is theirs to lose. Six of the seven by-elections held on the peninsula so far since the general election had involved seats held by opposition parties. This is the second involving a Barisan Nasional (BN) seat.

There was therefore all the more reason to expect the party to do all it can to avoid shooting itself in the foot once again as it did in August. Now, even if Isa does win, the party will have to pay a long-term price on the national stage.

While Umno may be more able to stand its ground in this case than in earlier by-elections, the constituency’s support for the party did fall from a victory margin of 4,411 in 2004 to 2,333 last year.

Should Umno lose in this electoral frontline state where the BN is only four seats away from dropping power, its runs a real risk that PR support will spread further in the peninsula’s southern regions.

After all, the parliamentary constituency of Teluk Kemang, within which Bagan Pinang is situated, is held by Kamarul Baharin Abbas of the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Of the other four state seats within Teluk Kemang, only one — Linggi — is under the BN.

Umno’s top leaders are playing a dicey game in placing short-sighted divisional demands before central concerns at this critical time for the coalition.

One misgiving that will linger after the by-election has come and gone, even among Umno supporters, is that this incident illustrates that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak lacks control over the party at state and local levels.

This turn of events also shows that other BN members, despite being under as much pressure as Umno is to reposition themselves, are unable to advise their big brother to think beyond narrow party politics.

Whatever the result of the by-election, repercussions within Umno are to be expected. Discontented elements within it are bound to make their objections heard after the battle in Bagan Pinang is over, especially when this year’s general assembly, during which serious party reforms are to be announced, is just around the corner.

The party’s allies will be watching with bated breath, knowing that their own future depends on Umno’s ability to adopt bold and innovative reforms

Umno losing faith in Barisan partners

Umno’s patience and confidence with the current power-sharing agreement with its partners in Barisan Nasional is wearing thin, judging by sentiments expressed during a closed-door retreat in Janda Baik.

During this rare three-day gathering of Umno divisions, which ended yesterday, a common refrain heard was that Umno should be less generous in giving up Malay-majority seats to representatives of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other component parties.

The general view among division chiefs was that the component parties were much weaker than Umno and would not be able to swing votes from the non-Malays or the Malays.

In contrast, a strong Umno was better placed to win in Malay-majority seats.

The Malaysian Insider understands that party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and senior party officials who attended the retreat — aimed at boosting the morale of grassroots leaders — were non-committal on the request for Umno to be less charitable in seat allocation with BN component parties.

If they do agree, it would represent a major departure from the power-sharing agreement that has been the hallmark of the BN coalition, and could be the death knell of MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan — political parties which have been allowed to field candidates in Malay-majority seats across Peninsular Malaysia.

Several Umno officials who attended the retreat told The Malaysian Insider that the most important consideration should be to field a candidate who can enhance the possibility of victory at the next general election.

“If a seat has 55 or 60 per cent Malay voters, it makes sense to field an Umno candidate. In the last election, we gave seats in Perak and Selangor to other parties and they were not able to deliver.

"These parties still have internal issues and will not be able to deliver the votes from the non-Malays. So it will be better if an Umno candidate is fielded to try and get the maximum possible support from Malay voters,” said an official, who requested anonymity due to the retreat being a closed-door affair.

During the retreat, officials were also in agreement that Umno’s/BN’s fortunes rested on the ruling party strengthening its standing among Malay voters — a backhanded acknowledgment that it was not pinning much hopes on getting support from non-Malays at the next general election.

This sentiment is consistent with the growing right-wing tendencies that party officials have exhibited in recent months.

There was little substantive discussion on how the party can reach out to Chinese and Indians who Umno officials have alienated in recent months.

Still, the mood during the retreat was one of optimism with Kelantan Umno declaring that it would be able to snare the state from PAS at the next polls. PAS has been helming the state since 1990 but Umno officials from Kelantan believe that the momentum is swinging their way.

Also confident was Perak’s Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir. Beneficiary of a power grab, he was certain that Umno/BN would be able to hold on to the state.

Less hopeful about their future prospects were Umno representatives from Penang and Selangor.


The impotence of the component parties was mainly due to corruption, cronyism, nepotism and arrogance and we all know who is the main culprit. By insisting on more racial domination in seats show that there is no real intention for any "reforms" but a more hardline stance. It all boils down to more lusting for personal power, positions and riches than anyreal concern for so called national unity and progress. It had always been about individual priorities and interests. Despite the reversals of GE12, some people just never learn. Blaming and pinpointing anyone and everyone but themselves. Still "endearing" themselves to the rakyat through popular incidents like Perak power grab, Plaza Masalam sky dive, cow head protesting and so on. Seemingly unable or unwilling to comprehend that these are the matters and issues which are primarily affecting the rakyat while the impotence of the component parties is a secondary side effect.

When will these idiots learn that right thinking,moderate,GOD fearing Malays are turning their backs on corrupted UMNO. The UMNO putras grab everything for themselves and cheat the other Malays.These people are not simple minded kampung Malays of the past but educated/literate Malays who feel they are being cheated of their rights by their own kind.Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the PR are going to win the next elections by GOD's grace.

UMNO may be losing faith in its BN partners but we, the rakyat, have lost faith in UMNO.

UMNO's appoint of the likes of Rohaizat Othman and Isa Abdul Samad in recent and upcoming by-elections shows it is either oblivious to the wishes of the rakyat or that it remains arrogant and defiant of the wishes of the rakyat for a clean, just and transparent government. On these grounds alone the rakyat of Bagan Pinang should reject UMNO. We should keep rejecting UMNO in each and every upcoming by-election until our message penetrates their thick skulls.

Anwar claims that Pakatan is strong enough not to fall apart

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of the PKR, who is currently on a 2 weeks lecturing tour in the United States told a crowd of Malaysian businessmen and professionals in Milpitas that the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat will not fall apart as claimed by many quarters.

He said that while it looked like it is fraying, it will far from being so at the end of it all.

Anwar said “Things may fray around the edges but the centre will hold. The leadership council in Pakatan is committed to seeing the coalition hold firm against fraying tendencies at the edges. I believe the centre will hold, that things will not fall apart. The entire weight of the mainstream media is being used to paint the opposition as fractious and unable to govern. It is conveniently forgotten. That there is not only wide disarray in the ruling coalition's ranks, there is reason to believe it could also split asunder.”

He added that there is a firm agreement among the leaders in the coalition on making policies and hence, “This is the solder, this is the glue that holds the coalition together. There's no wavering on this cardinal principle, which is why I'm confident that the centre will hold despite outbursts and skirmishes now and then by individual operatives on the periphery of this coalition. The ruling BN was governing by the ‘momentum of the past’. But governments not only subsist by momentum of the past, but also by mastery of the present and by projection of credible hope for the future. The BN is floundering in the face of its current challenges and it cannot project hope for the future,”


The difference between PKR and Bn is, PKR has the courage and the intelligence to thrash out sensitive issues in the open and they, eventually walk the middle position acceptable to all the parties in the Alliance.... with goodwill and understanding. Can we say the same for UMNO-BN?

In this coalition, you have one master, UMNO. The other parties are just "BEGGAR PARTIES" licking the arsehole of UMNO.
No integrity, no dignity...simply shameless dickheads, willing to stoop to the lowest level just to fill their wallets.
On the long run, Integrity and strength practice by PKR will overcome corrupted and pariah politicians in BN

It has always been UMNO/BN dirty tactics to smear others; that only UMNO/BN can or know how to rule Malaysia.

They sure do know. I agree, hands down. Billions of money siphoned into their pockets. Kah..kah...kah... Until Malaysians have to beg for better public transportation, better security, better public services...a better Malaysia. They give us Petronas Twin Towers, Putrajaya, F1Malaysia, ...PKFZ (kah...kah...kah...), all the billion dollar grand projects. But alas...our per capita income still stays the same, developments still behind other countries, and all goods gone up.

Go to Thailand, they even have MRT. Go to Singapore, they say Malaysia is Cheap! cheap! cheap!. Go Indonesia now...they say their economy is expanding 4+% (they, the Indonesia, not ours), Come back Malaysia?....UMNO said, only we know how to rule Malaysia!....Kah..kah..kah...

Whatever, I feel good to see Selangor have better new Bus Stops, the road cleaner and tar better, surroundings seem very well kept now under PKR. At least we get something back not just bribery and superficial 'developments' from UMNO/BN.

UMNO/BN is dead right. They sure know how rule to continue fish money out of the Rakyat pockets and government coffers. Why worry, oil is oozing out from Petronas....kah..kah..kah...let them continue lick it dry....kah..kah..kah...then we are left with licking ourselves. That is what they want from us.

Long live PAS, DAP and PKR! You are the future of Malaysia. Let's clamp down on culprit BN.

02 October 2009

PAS wants retired servicemen removed from postal voter list

PAS claimed today that there are only 1,200 servicemen who are registered postal voters in the Bagan Pinang state constituency in Negeri Sembilan.

The rest of the 4,604 postal voters are actually retired servicemen, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) party claimed.

PAS is now demanding the Election Commission (EC) disallow retired servicemen from voting in next week’s by-election.

Postal votes have become a major point of contention in the campaign because of the high proportion of such voters in this state constituency.

Such voters are a traditional vote bank for Barisan Nasional (BN), and coupled with a popular candidate in Tan Sri Isa Samad, Umno is expected to win the by-election.

PAS secretary general Datuk Mustafa Ali said today many of the servicemen who are postal voters are retired and no longer live in the constituency.

“If they are no longer even serving there and are retired, they should be voting like the regular voters and should no longer be listed in the postal voter list.

“This is what raises the question of whether the by-election will truly be a free and fair one,” he told reporters in a press conference at the PAS headquarters here today.

Mustafa, however, admitted that the EC could do little to rectify the situation.

“I can pre-empt that they would just leave the list as it is but we believe that this would not be fair.

“Many of these people have left the state and are residing elsewhere — it is only right that they become voters in the place that they stay,” he said.

Despite the clear advantage of postal votes, Mustafa also warned BN against assuming that they would sweep clean the entire postal voter electorate.

“They (postal voters) have their own beliefs, too, and they will use their intelligence and good judgement to vote for the candidate that is clean and has integrity,” he said.

Mustafa added that if the entire by-election process was truly free and fair, PR could very well achieve a surprise win over the BN.

“Perhaps Umno believes in their choice of candidate — that he was formerly a mentri besar and is the people’s choice.

“However, the rakyat now want to see a clean candidate, a candidate that is honest and has integrity and (Tan Sri) Isa (Abdul Samad) does not match that criteria. He has a case against him,” said Mustafa.

Isa, as the former Negeri Sembilan mentri besar, may be popular amongst the Bagan Pinang electorate but he does not come without a tainted past — he was previously suspended for three years from Umno over his involvement in money politics.

Besides Isa’s “case”, Mustafa said there were also other “factors” that were favourable to PR.

He said that based on this, PAS had already identified the few issues that would be used as ammunition against BN during the campaign period.

“They are both local and national issues. We will not reveal them now, however; you would have to listen to the ceramahs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mustafa also slammed the EC’s directive to disallow other PR component parties from displaying their party symbols on campaign materials during the campaigning period for the by-election.

“This was a self-created regulation by the EC. This is what they do to parties that are campaigning against the BN.

“In previous years, this was never a problem. Umno would use its keris insignia on the campaign materials although it is the BN symbol that should be used,” he said.

Nomination for the Bagan Pinang by-election is scheduled for tomorrow while polling day is set for Sunday, Oct 11.

Isa will be up against Negri Sembilan PAS commissioner Zulkefly Mohamad Omar.

Umno still faces an angry Indian electorate

There is one reason why the majority of the 2,800 Indian voters in Bagan Pinang, who voted PAS in Election 2008, are likely to again vote for the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the Oct 11 by-election.

The reason is total neglect of the community, not just between March 2008 and now but over several decades.

In fact the worst neglect happened during the 24-year tenure of Tan Sri Isa Mohamad Samad, the Barisan Nasional (BN)/Umno candidate in the by-election.

“It is such an irony that the man who is to be largely blamed for the neglect of the Indian community in Bagan Pinang has returned to become the candidate,” said Vasantha Kumar, a former Hindraf leader who is urging the Indian voters to back PR.

“BN/MIC/Umno have all neglected them,” he said. “Now they are facing the same voters again and making the same unfulfilled promises.”

His former compatriot P. Uthayakumar, who is head of the yet unregistered Human Rights Party, is urging the Indian voters to boycott the by-election and refrain from voting to register their anger against their neglect.

The MIC and the newly formed Makkal Sakthi Party are also promising Umno that they can win over the Indians.

A cursory survey of the Indian votes, which form about 20 per cent of the total of about 13,000, shows they are marginalised and sidelined from mainstream development.

They are ripe for PR’s “change now” propaganda because they have suffered for many years watching development pass them by.

Issues close to their hearts — Tamil schools, temples, a Hindu lifestyle and upward mobility — have all been severely neglected in the past 30 years.

The seven Tamil schools in the constituency are in a dilapidated state with leaking roofs, creaking floors and crumbling walls.

The toilets are damaged, the pipes broken and the electrical wiring exposed, posing a danger to the students faced with an education that takes them nowhere.

Some young devotees in a Hindu temple in the constituency.

One can see the same neglect in the temples, in the burial ground and in the sole crematorium which is so dilapidated that villagers are shy to show it to visitors.

Many of the youths have left the constituency and now work as unskilled labour in factories in Nilai, Seremban and in Johor, returning once a week with provisions for their aged parents and other siblings.

Many also do menial work in KLIA while others work in orchards and fish farms.

“I have tried my hand at many things — fish breeding, rearing cows and goats, lorry transport… you name it I have tried it,” said Ganesan, 37, who operates a tea stall by the roadside.

“We are on our own… no loans, no skills training, no recognition, nothing,” he said. “They have no eyes for us… they don’t see us.”

“Why should I vote for them?” he asked, referring to Umno.

How about the MIC? Ganesan snorts: “They take care of themselves… every branch chairman here has made it. It is tough to become a branch chairman… I tried but failed. I would have made it if I had succeeded.”

It is not that Ganesan and others like him in Bagan Pinang love PAS or they hate Umno. “It is more like we are frustrated… we want to be cared for, we want to be looked after, we want our children to have a future,” he said.

“I will vote PAS again because I am angry,” said Ragu, a patron at the stall. “We want to show our unhappiness. PAS is not great, it cannot change our lives but like us they are also poor, they are also struggling like us.”

“Like us they (PAS) are also under attack,” he said

A local Tamil school teacher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Isa was down to earth and respected but Indians who voted PAS in 2008 will stay with PAS.

“The older Indian voters would support Isa out of respect but don’t expect any kindness from the younger generation,” he said. “The youths are one angry lot… they are struggling to make ends meet. They will stay with PAS.”

Malays here have always liked Isa and it is home ground for him, said the teacher, adding that the former mentri besar has generated positive momentum and is leading the race.

He said the Indian votes are crucial for Isa to win by a big majority but he can still win just on the Malay and army votes.


It is wrong not to vote. Do not boycott if you want to show unhappiness. Vote PAS. For heaven sake do not follow MIC or MSP. They are wolves in sheepskin, If you see Samy Vellu, throw cow dung at him.

"He said the Indian votes are crucial for Isa to win by a big majority but he can still win just on the Malay and army votes."

Are the Malays that stupid or naive? I don't think so. UMNO cannot take Malays for granted.

Don't fall into the trap of boycotting the by-election - your vote counts - if you want to be heard, vote for the Pakatan Rakyat candidate, in this case, PAS. If you want more of the same MIC/UMNO/BeeEnd (and now that crappy new party), then vote Isa - you already know what he does.

We should vote for PR because MACC is watching PR every steps, so the chances of them involve in corruption is hardly compare to UMNO ,remember the police only stood watching the UMNO protester using cow heads for example. and MACC never had any outcome on any BN politician being investigate. See how dangerous is it when BN continue to rule by still putting the same old tainted Isa .BN IS A PARIAH PARTY sorry to say.

01 October 2009

Constable charged with causing grevious hurt to Kugan

Constable Navindran Vivekanandan was charged in the Sessions Court here today with two counts of causing grievous hurt to A Kugan, who was found dead in a police lockup in January.
Navindran, 28, pleaded not guilty to causing grievous hurt to Kugan to extort a confession, or any information which may lead to the detection of an offence or misconduct, at the interrogation room of the D9 office of the Taipan police station, USJ, Subang Jaya, at 7am and 4pm on Jan 16.

He also pleaded not guilty to two alternative charges of causing hurt to Kugan at the same place and time.

The main charges carry a maximum 10 years' jail and the alternative charges, seven years' jail, on conviction. Both also carry liability of a fine.

Deputy public prosecutor Idham Abd Ghani asked the court to set bail at RM10,000 with one surety for all the charges, saying that these were serious charges and the case had received wide media coverage.

Defence counsel Datuk Salehuddin Saidin, however, said that media coverage was not a factor for consideration and asked that bail be set at RM1,000 as
Navindran had cooperated with the police and also had a wife and children to look after.

Judge Aslam Zainuddin allowed bail of RM10,000 with one surety and fixed Nov 5 for mention.

Outside the court, lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, who is holding a watching brief for Kugan's family, questioned why Navindran was not charged with murder or causing death.

Kugan's mother, N Indra, said she was unhappy that only one policeman was charged, claiming that 11 others were involved.

Salehudin told reporters that so far there was no indication from the Attorney-General's chambers that others would be charged in connection with the

Kugan was arrested by police on Jan 15 on suspicion of stealing a car and were detained at the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya for five days before his death, which had caused anger among the Indian community, which questioned the manner in which the police interrogated him.


The whole world is watching. Why only one scapegoat? Why are the others going scott free? Why is the charge not murder when AG clearly said earlier that it is murder? This wayang - to charge - is a political ploy since the By Election is round the corner. BN thinks that they can jam up one issue (Kugan's murder) but they have given PR more ammo. BN please remember that you cannot cheat God.

Indian killing Indian, case close. No more issue. This is what they want us to believe. Malaysia Boleh!

This guy is only a small fry. He must have acted under orders to do what he did. So whose orders?

While Kugan may have been a bad arse, killing him like a dog is unjustified. But the cover up and total bullshit this government is offering thru the AG (may he die slowly too)is clearly eyewash. All right thinking Malaysian MUST NOT accept this result. What stupidity. We are treated like fools. Put a lowly INDIAN constable at the front and alls forgiven. WRONG !!! The Indians should demonstrate their displeasure at the polls at Bagan Pinang. Cow head demo at Shah Alam and now this Kugan fiasco. Some people are getting away with murder

There will come a time the victims take the law in their own hands.Why looking at how fast the police, MACC , the judges and some VVVIP(considered above law and even GOD)selling their soul,the time is not far away.

Noordin Top's burial triggers media frenzy in Pontian

Arina Rochmah of Indonesia, one of the widows of Asia’s most wanted militant Noordin Mohammad Top who was shot dead in a raid in Solo, carries her daughter after viewing her husband’s body at a mortuary in Jakarta October 1, 2009

The family of Asia’s most wanted terrorist Noordin Mat Top, killed by Indonesian security forces in Central Java recently, today began making preparations for his burial in his village here.

Noordin’s sister-in-law Ubaidah Salimon, 49, said family members had started arriving at their ancestral home in Kampung Kayu Ara Pasong, here, to await the arrival of Noordin’s remains from Indonesia.

“His body is expected to arrive any time now. Some of his siblings and other close relatives started gathering here two to three days ago and more will be arriving,” she said. Ubaidah said the family hoped that the return of Noordin’s remains would be smooth and that they would hold tahlil for his departed soul for three consecutive days.

She said her late brother-in-law was expected to be buried at the Kampung Melayu Pontian Besar Kiri Muslim cemetery, next to the grave of her husband, Arif, who died two weeks ago.

“Since Noordin’s death has received wide media coverage, many of our neighbours, relatives and friends have been contacting me. Those who visited us during Hari Raya also enquired about Noordin’s death and extended their condolences to our family,” she added.

Meanwhile, seen was a marquee erected at the cemetery, where the Islamist militant will be interred, about 150 metres away from the family home.

Scores of local and foreign journalists have started arriving in this town since yesterday, and this afternoon they were seen gathering at the cemetery area in anticipation of Noordin’s funeral.

Noordin, who headed Jemaaah Islamiyah’s radical splinter group known as Tandzim Al-Qoidah Indonesia, was shot dead by Indonesian security forces at a militant hideout in Solo, Central Java, on Sept 17, ending a six-year hunt for the fugitive Islamist militant. The former accountant was said to be responsible for planning and carrying out a series of bombing in Indonesia, including at the Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott hotels in July, which left nine people dead.

Tun Mahathir will not be campaigning in Bagan Pinang

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will not be campaigning for the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate in the upcoming Bagan Pinang state by-election.

"Well, he is the party nominee, I support. My personal feelings does not count," he said when asked whether he was disappointed by the nomination of the BN candidate.

Yesterday, former Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Tan Sri Isa Abdul Samad, 59, was nominated as the BN candidate for the by-election.

When asked whether it would jeopardise the coalition's winning chances, he said: "I think it is good. We will win."

However, when asked on the majority, he said: "I won't know that. Probably will increase. I guess."

The seat was won by the BN with a majority of 2,333 in the last general election but it fell vacant after the death of its assemblyman Azman Mohammad Noor on September 4.

The announcement that Isa would be the candidate was made by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the BN operations centre here yesterday.

The by-election is scheduled for Oct 11 with nomination on Saturday.

To a question on whether fielding of a candidate found guilty of money politics would see some familiar practice in the future, Dr Mahathir said :"It is up to the people to make an assessment."


Maybe You should go and campaign against him.....and tell them how he corrupted his way to the top of UMNO.....

I'm sure you can go into details of it with your "vast" experience...

umno n isa would use its ill gotten wealth for this bagan pinang 'buy' election.mahatahi is not needed,he is already past tense as far as umno is concerned,immaterial.

30 September 2009

BN Bickering?

Remember the big news write-ups that would routinely get published in the government’s mouthpieces about the rift and in-fighting in the PR coalition? Oh, how fast the tables have turned yet again on the BN.

The recent rancour and seemingly tense relations between Najib/Umno and the MIC is has certainly cast more light on the supposed – and much touted “BN partnership” we’re so prone to hearing through the government’s propaganda channels. Looks like this “partnership” is undergoing some serious rift after all. Amazing…who would have thought this could happen to the BN component parties too? And here we were being reminded – at every possible chance – now disorganised and divided the PR coalition seemed to be.

I recall the endless drivel of the government’s mouthpieces propagating about PR’s inability to govern because they can’t seem to even get their own house in order. My goodness, this must surely come as a shock to all these propagandist that the BN seem to actually have perfected the art of bickering, back-biting, and back-stabbing one another.

Stoking the MIC-Umno flames, and all the related developments that have fuelled this rapidly intensifying fire, must surely come as a very bitter reality for many within MIC to swallow. It’s not surprising that there is a prevailing thought in BN and some quarters of the MIC that by hastening Samy’s departure – if not minimising his significance (thus the manoeuvre to legitimate the puppet Makkal Sakti party) - might salvage or even bring back the Indian voters into the BN’s fold.

Well, one thing about this scenario is not surprising: that is, precisely how shallow the thinking within the Umno/BN hierarchy seems to be. Indeed, the mere high-jacking of the slogan “Makkal Sakti” to obfuscate the fracturing of the Indian support for BN and seemingly confuse the Indian electorate illustrates precisely how shallow the Umno/BN regime itself happens to be. It is but another manifestation of its lack of ability to comprehend the seismic shifts that have occurred in the consciousness of millions of Malaysians.

This ploy – that presumably by high-jacking the Makkal Sakti slogan the BN could regain the Indian support – personifies precisely what is wrong with the BN: It is incapable of real change; it is incapable of a fundamental departure from a failed ideology of race-based communal politics. Yet, it persists, not in trying to reinvent itself to a changed Malaysia, but to repackage itself with the same old ideology. In the final analysis, we get the same old wine with a new label.

We know the BN is expert at coming up with rosy slogans and empty promises. Now, we are indeed witnessing an Umno/BN regime – like a lost ship - adrift at sea, without an ability to articulate a new vision for Malaysia – at least not one that is consistent with the values of a truly multicultural society.

Unfortunately for the BN, more and more voters have caught on to this game of theirs. So while I am keeping my glass chilled to toast the day that Samy’s MIC become irreversibly defunct and inconsequential, that will only be a minor cause for celebration.

The true celebration will be to see this BN bickering – and not to mention the scandals that expose its sheer corruption - continue right through to the next general election.


It shows PR is moving in the right direction (much ground for improvement, of course) when “Makkal Sakti” is also accepted into BN. (or these MS MOLE?)

The choice of candidate for Bagan Pinang also shows the weakness of U-no who are at the mercy of its members, much unlike TDM's day where Magaret Thatcher rules.

Its not a bad thing afterall. Not after Taiwan & Japan.

Choose Isa because he did not cost you RM 21 billion

Tun Dr Mahathir has made his case against choosing Tan Sri Isa as the candidate for the Bagan Pinang by election. He claims that Tan Sri Isa is a tainted candidate and choosing him will show that UMNO is a corrupt party.

Actually, what is Tan Sri Isa's high crime? Giving money to politicos who have to spend money taking care of the juak. And why do they have to spend money, and a lot of it.

Imagine if the cost of the vote was tied to the price of a car, perhaps the latest Honda, something like a indexed linked fun.

TS Isa's problem is no longer of ethics, its of cost. We all know about A/Ps. We all know about the high tax placed on foreign imports. We all look enviously at our neighbours driving the latest cars on our roads, and picking up the speed bill, whilst we are still paying off that New Saga we bought 3 years ago.

Imagine if we did not have this Mahanomics brain child, and the laws of the free market was in place.

What loss is to the country?

The argument was made that with Proton, we would have the necessary technical expertise to undertake many great things, like send a man to the moon. The fact remains we had to pay the Russians RM 10 million to send our man into space. We have to fork out RM 300 million a year to launch the Formula 1 1Malaysia programme, and at the same time rely on our ex-colonial masters to run the technical show.

So what actually we have gained?

I can tell you how much we lost.
Imagine that if there was not this Mahanomics brain child, car prices was 25% lower. It is the most conservative estimate. Just for your info, on current prices, without this Mahanomics invention g for the price a Satria Neo, you could own a Honda Civic.

Take a look at the table below. It is the summary of Car loans outstanding on the bank books for the last 3 years.

Every year we pay RM 30 billion on our cars, of which RM 27 billion is to amortize the principal, and RM 3 billion is interest. At the same time, banks originate about RM 32 billion a year in new car loans. The total loan book for cars stands at around RM 111 billion as of July 2009, or 15% of the total loans outstanding in our banking system.

Now RM 32 billion a year is the price for all the new cars bought in that year, but what is its actual value? We know that the price is abnormally high due to Mahanomics, but assuming there was no Mahanomics, we could surely bring down the price by 25%. That means instead of having to spend RM 32 billion a year on new cars and RM 31 billion to pay off the cars we already "own", we would instead only need to spend RM 23 billion respectively.

Thats a huge savings. It actually translates to RM 21 billion for the last 2 1/2 years. This RM 21 billion would have remained in households, could be used to purchase local goods and services, support jobs and increase quality of life.

I have even ignored the multiplier effect in the economy!

Surprisingly some young bright economists seem to think highly of this man. Maybe we should ask him to write a paper on Mahanomics for his dissertation!

So perhaps, if it was not for Mahanomics, people will find it easier to survive. Maybe, is it fair to say, the original money politic instrument was the A/P itself?

And surely, Tan Sri Isa would not need to buy any support to win the VP position a couple of years back. Even if he did, he would not have had to pay so much.


Isa will be able to buy himself into the state assembly again this time.
He was sacked by Mahathir when he was the highest voted vice president of UMNO.
He was MB of negri sembilan for 25 years. He has not yet spend his " earnings " of these years yet when compared to Toyo who has already spent his kopi duit in his RM24 million castle. This means he has all the money power to gobble up all the voters. No problems for him.

This Isa fellow will use all his ill gained wealth to bribe and buy as many votes as he can. UMNO knows he is a disgraced leader but he has all the money to buy himself victory!!!

So don't ever vote for him!!

Omar appointed to Petronas board

Study loan controversy a ‘misunderstanding’ among parties, say sources

OXFORD-trained Omar Ong, the controversial boss of Ethos & Company, has been appointed to the board of Petronas as a director, ending months of speculation.

The appointment letter was given to Omar, 38, just before Hari Raya, sources said.

The Malay Mail’s source in Petronas could not give an official confirmation on the appointment but said the national oil corporation would make the announcement very soon.

Omar, a former aide to Datuk Seri Najib Razak when he was the Deputy Prime Minister and whose views and ideas are valued by him, had been rumoured to rejoin Petronas at the Board of Directors’ level sometime middle of this year.

The appointment was said to have been held back, however, after blog postings accused him of breaching a scholarship agreement he had signed with Petronas.

Even former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is also Petronas adviser, had blogged about his reservations on Omar joining the Petronas board in view of the scholarship controversy.

It turned out that the said controversy was the result of a “misunderstanding” between Petronas and its scholar as Omar had offered to pay in full the RM120,000 penalty for the supposed breach earlier on, an offer that the national oil corporation somehow overlooked or ignored.

Omar is the son of Mustapha Ong, a former private secretary to long-time Information Minister Mohamad Rahmat and for some time served in the diplomatic service in New York and Brazil.

The younger Ong has been described as “a very ambitious person” with an “outstanding background”. He started with Petronas as an executive on Feb 16, 1995 before joining the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) on Feb 1, 1997, where he stayed until March 31, 2000. Omar then joined McKinsey & Co, London but was based in Kuala Lumpur and in February 2002, co-founded Ethos & Co.

Around this time, Petronas issued him a letter of demand for breach of his scholarship agreement (which
requires him to serve the government for a period of 10 years).

In February 2004, he was appointed Special Officer 1 to the then Deputy Prime Minister and a deed of settlement was signed in May 2005 and he was to serve the Government of Malaysia for an assigned period of 4 years 10 months, failing which he would be deemed to have breached the scholarship agreement again.

He resigned from his position as the Special Officer 1 and rejoined Ethos & Co in February 2006.
The earlier rumours of Omar’s appointment had been accompanied by talk that the Prime Minister would make Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, the former Home Minister, the chairman of Petronas. This could not be confirmed.


UMNO money train need overhauling due to PR constant pressure so need new ideas on how to take money without PR knowing?
Eh..Kelantan oil royalties money where? In whose pocket? UMNO or Sultan? Both?

I hope our PM is of sound mind. First it's this Permatang Pasir fellow disbarred by the bar council and blamed his ex partner,then we have a tainted Isa pick again for bagan Pinang, then the unsavoury JJ awarded an ambassador ship. Notwithstanding Rafidah and some other rejects are recalled. And now this Omar guy. Of course if you beleive the misunderstandind bull, then good luck to you.

29 September 2009

PM has solved many Indian-community issues – MIC veep

MIC vice-president Datuk S Subramaniam said today that the government, through the Prime Minister has been able to solve various issues involving the Indian community including some longstanding social, economical and educational ones.

He said that it was his intervention as the chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Indian Affairs and directive which led to many urgent resolution of these issues.

Subramaniam said "We (MIC) raised several issues for approval and many of them received the nod from the prime minister. On the redevelopment of Tamil schools, Najib had approved, in principle, an extra allocation in view of the increased cost incurred in the redevelopment work. The prime minister had directed the relevant ministries to discuss with the Economic Planning Unit ways to overcome the extra RM65mil cost over the RM100mil allocated for the purpose. Najib had also asked the Higher Education Ministry to consider recognising other existing pre-university courses to allow more Indians, especially, to enter public universities.”

He added that “The target of 7.4 percent intake of Indians into the civil service would be expedited and more employment and promotional opportunities would be created for Indians in government-linked companies (GLCs). There were now only seven Indians in the 130 GLCs and the MIC had requested that at least two Indians be appointed to the board of each GLC. Temporary teachers in Tamil schools had been allocated a minimum of 300 seats for courses during the holidays this year while more loans and business opportunities would be allocated to the Indian community”


Bloody BULLSHIT THE PM has solved Indian issues because of representations by the MIC. You blood sucking liars of the MIC you have cheated the Indian community wholesale - they are now divided into so many groupings with headfs of each vying to actually have a bite of the cake for themselves.

How dare you talk of Indian issues being settled now - its only talk lah bodoh nothing concrete has happened positive whilst negative episodes are on the increase - get out MIC "Malaysian Indian Cheaters" - Dr. M is perfectly right Samy Voloo is a liability to the BN because the grassroot Indians have all lost confidence in the MIC whose leaders are now busy cleaning up whatever is left of the 100Mln investment in Maika. The poor indians have no choice but to fend for themselves.

Dr M on ISA and Ops Lalang

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wrote on his blog where he clarified some issues involving the ISA and others. On the ISA, he wrote "Having released people and having detained people under the ISA, I think I know something about this act and its application."

It was important that the ISA be used to silent dissent although it was meant to be a preventive law.

He also wrote on the highly controversial Ops Lalang in 1987 where he justified "At this point visitors to this blog are likely to say I did the same. I admit I did detain people under the ISA in the 1987 Ops Lalang. But it was not because they were members of the opposition. The police had informed me that there was likely to be racial clashes over the issue of Chinese education and the intention of some Umno members to hold a million-strong demonstration in Kuala Lumpur. The people detained were not only members of the opposition but included Umno members. As soon as the threat passed, the detainees were released. The issue was not political opposition to the government but the threat to national security,"

He also wrote about how George W Bush and Tony Blair, who had been critical of the ISA detained some so-called suspects. He added in his blog, "They were so critical about our ISA before but not only did they detain thousands of so-called suspects, they actually tortured the detainees when they felt threats to their security. The so-called protagonists of human rights were clearly critical when others resorted to preventive detention. When they felt threatened they not only detained people but they did this without any law which provided for such an act. Without this threat, racist extremists would undermine the stability of this country. That extreme racialism could lead to violence was not something we could take lightly. We must value our stability because it has made it possible for this country to develop much faster than other countries,"

On the review of the ISA, he stated "I don't think it should be done away with but there must be a clear cut provision as to when it could be used. We cannot have people being detained for three days and then released because the detention was for the detainee's safety,"


Mahathir the ex-dictator of Malaysia, controlled us through, racial politics, media black-out and the ever powerful ISA; has SPOKEN again!

Well, at least he brought prosperity to the selected few, right?

K Sujatha committed suicide by drinking paraquet, no foul play involved

It was reported today by Mohd Faizi Che Abu, the coroner in the case of the death of Malaysian actress K Sujatha that she has died of paraquet poisoning which she drank to commit suicide.

Sujatha, before her death was previously an employee of Vell Paari, the son of Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu, the president of MIC where she was the personal assistant as well as the head of the corporate department. She died at the age of 28 on 25 June, 2007.

Vell Paari was reportedly having spent lavishly on the actress where acted as a guarantor for her car loan, financed her brothers’ education as well as buying her a condominium worth RM420,000. This, according to Datuk K Kumaraendran, the counsel should not be tied in with her death.


No matter she commit suicide or someone push her...but wat makes her to commit suicide........

They're capable of doing anything,eventough there's a slight doubt wheter Vell Paariis involved in this..they will pay all the judges and cover up the story.

28 September 2009

Najib continues courting Indians

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak indicated today a possible increase in government allocation for Tamil schools despite having already allocated a staggering RM100 million under his second stimulus package programme for this purpose.

Najib also announced the development of a multi-racial hostel for secondary students in the Klang Valley area in a bid to foster better racial integration as part of his 1 Malaysia concept.

The decision appears to be part of with Najib’s ongoing effort to win back for the Barisan Nasional (BN) the lost support from the Indian community.

Speaking at a press conference held after chairing a Cabinet committee meeting on the Indian community here, Najib said the Tamil schools allocation had been temporarily stalled to give way for a revision due to the increase in cost.

“The cost of each classroom has increased to RM125,000 from what was originally estimated, the relevant ministries have been asked to look into this,” said Najib.

On other matters discussed during today’s meeting, Najib said the government’s quest to provide better education and employment opportunities is right on track.

The percentage of Indians working in the public sector and government-linked companies have significantly increased and efforts have been undertaken to transform the Indian community into a pool of skilled labourers and be commercially driven.

Some 2,600 Indians have been trained in various fields like aircraft maintenance by the Human Resources Ministry, said Najib, adding that the government had also taken measures to ensure small commercial loans and government contracts are accessible.

Currently there are more than a thousand Indians or four per cent of the total number, employed in the public sector ,but the government will do its best to meet its seven per cent target in the near future, he said.

On the education front, Najib said more and more Indian students are also receiving government scholarships.

The government, said Najib, will continue to monitor the progress of these programmes closely in order to ensure its success.

Present at the press conference today were several MIC leaders, including president Datuk Seri Samy Vellu.


Aiyo.....who's gonna manage the "allocation" la?

Thaneintran/Makkal Sakhthi party/MIC?

Say, allocation is just a marketing teknik isn't it? Why dun you begin by actually making available specific places in the local uni (both students & academia) , and then, the GLCs?

Why dun you go back to the gov'n depts and tell the Napoleans to not delay approvals if there is no Bumi "pard-ner"?

"Allocation" is a nice way to say, I am budgeting; but it doesn't necessarily I will spend it, as you think I should.

PS - Btw, have you already got Awang Selamat's approval before you made this accouncement? I mean, we don't want this joker to start frothing in his mouth when he sees how the "pendatang" should be grateful.

Also, does this mean we can actually get to see justice for Kugan's family?

All the minorities need to be courted. But with the correct things. The 27 sub-sector liberalisation is one very good example. Now how about effecting the below :

1) The minorities emancipated from Apartheid (end Bumiputra, Reserve Land, NEP, 7% Bumi-Housing discount, education quotas etc..) as elucidated in Article 1 of the Human Rights Charter. Leeway and allowances for non-Muslim majority areas . . .

2) End the punishment of personal sins for Muslimised Malaysians

A unity school is good but it's effects will be limited to little more than propaganda to create artificial attitudes in students going there. What is the point of this form of window dressing if policies still segregate in the reality outside of school? Students leave school discovering they are not treated as equals in society will discard whatever 'Unity' propagated as empty and disempowering. How ill that bring unity to Malaysians?

PM, over to you .

Protestors ‘flock’ to Selangor secretariat

The angry farmers from Ulu Yam holding up placards denouncing ‘oppression’ and demanding help from the Selangor state government in Shah Alam

Another cow protest! At the Selangor State Secretariat again! But this time, it was live cattle that flocked to the seat of state power today.

Trucks carrying livestock and disgruntled farmers clogged up the entrance to the secretariat building to drive home the ire of the herders, who accused the state government of doing nothing to help two cattle farms which were destroyed during a landslide at an illegal landfill in Ulu Yam last Wednesday.

Mountains of rubbish collapsed onto the farms during attempts to put out a fire at the illegal dumpsite at Kampung Sungai Kertas went wrong, injuring a worker while killing cows and goats.

As many as 30 lorries, pickup trucks and other vehicles were used by members of the Selangor Ruminant Livestock Breeders Association to transport bulls, dairy cows, buffalos and goats to the state secretariat building.

Association president Samad Kassim described last week’s disaster as a “garbage tsunami.”

Spokesman Samad Kassim voicing the farmers’ grievances to reporters at the state secretariat.

Spokesman Samad Kassim voicing the farmers’ grievances to reporters at the state secretariat. – Picture by Choo Choy May
He said animals were dying daily at the two farms which received some assistance from the Veterinary Services Department but none from the Selayang Municipal Council.

“Instead of assisting the farmers, the authorities labelled the farms illegal,” he said.

He added that one of the farms was licensed while the other was operating on Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) reserve land.

Carrying banners, the protesters demanded to meet with representatives from either the offices of the menteri besar or Selangor executive councillor (Exco) Yaakob Saapari, who holds the agriculture portfolio in the state administration.

There was brief stand-off at the gate when they refused to hand the memorandum over to Selangor state public relations officer Genie Lim and Brian Yap, who are from the office of Environment Exco Elizabeth Wong.

Members of the association were seen shouting at the two officers. They also threatened to release the animals.

However Nik Nazmi Nik Nazmi, the political secretary of the Selangor mentri besar, arrived at the scene soon after and invited Samad and other members of the Association for a meeting with Yaakob.

After half an hour, the men held a brief press conference and said the state government had promised to look into the plight of the farmers.

They are going to send food for the animals and find an alternative site for one of the farmers, said Samad.

Yaakob, who also spoke to reporters, said it was not true that the state government had ignored the plight of the two farmers.

He said the Selangor Veterinary Services Department, which is under the state administrations, was at the scene from day one.

“Despite it being Hari Raya week, my officers had gone to the ground to treat the animals which were injured besides providing water and food for the animals,” he said.

He said the licensed farmer will get assistance to rebuild his farm while an alternative site would be found for the other farmer.

Batu Caves assemblyman Amirudin Shari has held discussions with the Ulu Selangor District Officer to locate an alternative site for the farm.

According to press reports the illegal landfill was closed by the state government last


Interesting. It only happen when PR takeover Selangor. All these did not take place before. I believe someone instigate the whole matter from Belakang. Guess who???

I think you all should go to Toyo's palace bcoz the illegal landfill was started by the previous state govt.

got to check on this so called Selangor Livestock Association. Is this a registered association? when was it registered? two days ago? Why are they resorting to dramatics to highlight the plight of two farmers?
something smells fishy.

Collapse of an illegal landfill. In first place, how can there be a such a huge illegal landfill?? Without the District officer notice? Why they didn't take any action? Yes, state government should be taking full responsibility.

And this can boil down to the negligence and possible curruption at the Selayang District local authority. The SELCAT should hold public investigation/inquiry into this case. This may be another case of gross malpractise

another series brought by UMNO. where is police? What if happen in perak i think super fast action will been taken. Next time if pig farmer got problem can they bring the pig to protect??

I know. U know. UMNO make don't know..!!!

Bank Bumiputra 3.2 Billion

Maminco attempt to corner the world  tin market in 1980's 1.6 Billion

Betting in Foreign Exchange cost Bank Negara in 1990's 30 Billion

Perwaja Steel resulted in losses 2.56 Billion

Valuecap Sdn Bhd - operation to shore up stock market with public funds 10 Billion

Bank Islam banking scandal - losses 700 Million

Sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton for One Euro making a loss of : 348 Million

Wang Ehsan from Trengganu Oil Royalty - 2004 -2007 ...7.4 Billion

Philharmonic Orchestra - since it  estabalished has swallowed: ...500 Million

Advisors Fees per year Mahathir...180,000.00


Abdul Hamid Othman (religious)..549,675.00

Teaching Maths and Science in English over the past five years...3.2 Billion

Of this money 2.21 Billion spent  on purchase of Information and  computer Technology - no breakdown.

Commission paid: Perimekar  and IMT Defence Sdn. Bhd 910,000.00

Compensation Gerbang Perdana for "Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge...1.1 Billion

CIQ Building - wasted building- cancellation of the above bridge...1.3 Billion

Renovation of Parliament building  and leaks...100 Million

National Astronaut Programme....40 Million

National Service Training. Yearly estimate is approximately...500 Million

Eye on Malaysia...30 Million

Free tickets - Eye on Malaysia...5.7 million.

Soft Loan to PKFZ...4.63 Billion

Indelible Ink - Election Commission...2.4 Million.

Compensation to 20 highway co....announced by Samy Velu in Sept 2006...38.5 Billion

Windfall for 9 toll concessionaries...soley from toll hikes in 2008 alone:..380 Million

Timber export kickbacks involving companies belonging to Sarawak Chief Minister & Family..32 Million

Bailout of Malaysian Airlines System ...7.9 Billion

MAS buying painting for Office (Munir)..1.55Million

Putra Transport system bailout...4.486Billion

Star LRT bailout....192.54 Million

National Sewerage System bailout ....192.54 Million

Seremban-Port Dickson Highway bailout...142 Million

Kuching Prison bailout..135 Million

Kajian Makanan &Gunaan Orang Islam...8.3 Million

Le Tour Langkawi bailout...3.5 Million


AP’s scandal have been going on year after year for more then thirty years involving a total mind boggling sum of tens of billions of Ringgits.

Alienation of tens of thousands of hectares of commercial land and forestry concessions to children and relatives of Barisan National leaders and Ministers worth tens of billions of Ringgits.

Travel around Malaysia and see for yourself how many white elephants like majestic arches, roads paved with fanciful bricks, designer lamp posts, clock towers, Municipal buildings that look like Istanas, extravagant places of worships, refurbishment of residences of VIP’s, abandoned or under-utilized government sports complexes and buildings etc etc. The combined costs of all these will easily amount to the hundreds of billions of Ringgits.

Since 1997, Petronas has handed out a staggering 30 Billion Ringgit in natural gas subsides to IPPs who are already making massive profits. In addition there were much wastages and forward trading of Petronas oil in the 1990’s based on the low price of oil then. The accounts of Petronas are for the eyes of the Prime Minster only we have absolutely no idea of the amount!


UMNO still make don't know & talk nonsense. The claim is we still got tons of reserves in US dollars. If not pump more oil & tax the rakyat more. Built more highways & more tolls, easy money. Then, put everything under OSA and live happily ever after. A huge waste of money project is the so call national service -- but some UMNO fellas are making good money from supplying food, uniforms etc.

The same ideals in this national service are easily achieve in the school education system. Wasting,losing & pocketing money is actually part of doing business UMNO style. To lose money is OK, then charge to govt. If make money, goes to pocket so whats the difference, semua jadi kaya. Ever heard of any heads rolling yet from the govt. in such lossess? Mana ada. So, korek lagi lah sebab semua OK. I am just sick of such bailouts, wanton lossess & mismanagement. Surely the overall picture tells us we don't have any capable ministers in this govt and this we need to address in any by-election & coming GE13 by putting in a new govt that is accountable.

Please add.

1. Repair of MRR2 cracked bridge
2. Bakun Dam Project - Compensation to Ekran
3. UEM/Renong bailout
4. Time dotCom bailout
5. Sime Bank Bailout
6. Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd bailout
7. KUB bailout

NST drops defamation suit against Kit Siang

The New Straits Times Press (NSTP), which filed a defamation suit against DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang eight years ago for calling one of its reporters a racist, withdrew the legal action today.

Lawyers representing the group gave no reasons for the withdrawal.

The suit was filed against Lim after he was accused of labelling the publication group "unpatriotic" in a press conference held at the Parliament lobby in 2001.

A female reporter from the NSTP's Bahasa Malaysia daily, Berita Harian, had asked him if his demand that students’ intake to public universities be based on merit and not racial quotas would create racial tension.

Lim retorted by saying that the reporter's question was racist and said she was "unfit to be a Malaysian".

The group subsequently filed a defamation suit against Lim at the Kuala Lumpur High Court


This showed that Utusan had no basis for the case. And that Utusan is racist.

Pas and partners are "best friends"

Papering over the cracks in Selangor, Pas yesterday reaffirmed its commitment to Pakatan Rakyat, calling the two other parties in the alliance its “best friends”.

It brushed aside talk of leaving Pakatan or being in dispute with Parti Keadilan Rakyat and DAP.

The man at the centre of a storm in the Selangor Pakatan government, Selangor Pas commissioner Datuk Hasan Ali, an executive councillor, denied any infighting between the three parties and said it was a “little mistake on my part or the others who did not understand the information I was trying to convey”.

He was speaking to reporters after a four-hour, closed-door meeting to discuss the open criticism made by Hasan and Pas state secretary Mohd Khairuddin Othman of the select committee on competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat).

The meeting, attended by the heads and secretaries of Selangor Pas’ 22 divisions, began with Hasan explaining his attack on Selcat.

After he was bombarded with questions, the meeting gave its support to the state commissioner, agreeing with him that Selcat should be improved and that the state government should foster a good relationship with civil servants.

This is based on the six resolutions that came out of the meeting.

“All I did as an exco member was to highlight the method of questioning by Selcat. Is it wrong for me to suggest ways to improve its effectiveness and efficiency?” Hasan said.

“Is it wrong for me to suggest ways to improve its image so that the method of questioning is accepted by the public?” he said after the fiery session with some 60 senior members of the state Pas.

He said he would have referred to the state liaison committee on policy “but it would be a mistake to think that I questioned policy matters”.

Refraining from responding to Pas officials who felt he was a loose cannon, Hasan said some of his Pakatan colleagues did not get the right information.

“I want Selcat to be looked upon as an important tool for the government and to be looked upon with respect. “I think that is the little misunderstanding there,” Hasan said, adding that he hoped to end the confusion at a meeting today with Selcat members, the Selangor menteri besar and district officers.

Asked whether it was right for him to speak in public on Selcat, he said the committee’s proceedings were widely reported online.

He further defended his actions after hearing about the Klang district officer’s wife, who was now embarrassed to step out from her home. Klang district officer Bakhtiar Husin was one of the officers questioned.

“Everyone read that the Klang district officer was not efficient and not the right person for the job. “When this became public knowledge, I felt as an exco member that it was apt for me to speak out.”

“How many hearts were broken during the questioning? I highlighted it because the image of Selcat was being tarnished.”

Hasan described the DAP and PKR as “the best of friends”.

On the perception that he did not get along with fellow executive councillor Ronnie Liu of the DAP, he said: “I have known him for 25 years. We are best friends.”

Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, who was at the closed door meeting, said Selangor Pas wanted Pakatan’s standing to be enhanced by procedural changes in Selcat.

“We do not want government officers to be our enemies and, at the same time, we want to improve the image of Selcat.”

Khalid said party members wanted future statements to be better coordinated, and in the spirit of strengthening Pakatan.

He said some had criticised the method of questioning as too harsh. “We are looking to make the method of questioning more professional.”

The six resolutions passed at the meeting were:
• Hasan’s position as state commissioner and state executive councillor should not be questioned as the post was appointed by the party president and the Selangor menteri besar;
• The state liaison members agreed that Selcat would not run smoothly if suggestions by Hasan were not followed;
•The Selangor state government should look at several principles, such as its responsibilities and integrity;
• The state government should take immediate steps to review Selcat so that it will be respected by all;
• The state Pas will stay with Pakatan and that no statements threatening to leave the alliance will be made;
• The state government must have good relations with its civil servants to further develop the state.


Best friend??? Hassan has not been upfront from the very first day when PR took over Selangor. You don't make deals with enemies behind your best friend, neither are you supposed to demean, and belittle your so-called best friend, I would say a bastard from flawed human species would behave thus to betray his best friend!!!

I would take what he utters with a grain of salt!!!

Wow it took Hasan Ali so many days to come out with a reason for his outburst. If he had did so properly in the beginning there wouldnt be an uproar. Time will tell whether the many days he had to prepare this statement was actually true or him just trying to cover his ass.

Also, I know how some rakyat can be stupid, because one of them is so weak minded he wouldn't be able to control drinking if alcohol was sold in his neighbourhood (you know who you are)

The image of Selcat has improved tremendously by 300%. Hasan ALi should attack MACC and ask MACC to follow the CAT adopted by SELCAT to hold OPEN inquiry investigations with CCTV for all to SEE and WATCH !

S'gor Umno backs Hassan over Selcat

Selangor Umno said it fully supported the calls by Hassan Ali, the state PAS commissioner, to stop the Pakatan Rakyat's public inquiry on misuse of state allocations by Barisan Nasional assemblymen.

Selangor Umno deputy chief Noh Omar said the inquiry conducted by the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency should be done behind closed doors as Hassan had urged.

It is as though Selcat is trying to take over the role of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission," he told reporters on Saturday.

"Open hearing will only embarrass the officers."

Selcat should not try to replace MACC

He warned that if the process was carried out openly, it could tarnish the image and dignity of those called in for questioning.

He said Selcat should not carry out "open trial" as it was not a court.

It was also not fair for the committee to call in officers to testify when it was the job of the MACC to do so, he added.

"This is like doing the job twice. The MACC should be the one taking action if there is an abuse of power or corruption," he said.

Hauled up by PAS central committee

Despite the Umno endorsement or perhaps because of it, Hassan has been hauled by his party's own central committee for publicly undermining his coalition colleagues.

The silver-haired commission is viewed by many within the Pakatan as being an Umno trojan horse and few would be surprised if he were to jump ship when the crunch came. Hassan has denied such speculation.

Said PAS CC member Dzulkefly Ahmad: "I’ve spoken to most of the other central committee members and we are of the view he has gone too far.”

Said PAS MP for Shah Alam Khalid Samad: "Hassan is a senior member of the Selangor cabinet and this is a coalition government. There must be team work, I cannot emphasis this enough."

“Otherwise, he will be subverting the whole process, destroy the image of the Pakatan Rakyat government and foil its ability to work and function effectively.“


another project brought to you by BN/UMNO!

Hassan Ali, as a rakyat of selangor, WE DON NEED U in PR Govt!

I wonder how much proof as the PAS national leaders need. Hassan Trojan Ali is an UMNO plant. If PAS do not get rid of the trojan horse, I hope the other members of PR request PAS to leave the Selangor State government.

UMNO would say that, wouldn't they 'cos they don't want the dirt to spill out thereby incriminating them. This also shows that Hassan Ali is indeed working for them. As to the remark that Selcat should not be a replacement for MACC, hey, maybe that's not such a bad idea if each state had its own Selcat thus making MACC redundant as it does not appear to be doing its job other than serving UMNO. Look, if the DOs have done nothing wrong why should they be afraid to appear before Selcat?

The Westminster version of a Selcat, in the form of public committees (note the word "public") have the power to summon anyone to answer questions on issues concerning the public and if this means summoning the Prime Minister, they will do it and they have done it. So what's so special about these DOs that they cannot be summoned to answer questions on how tax money is used? I hope the Selangor govt. will carry on with Selcat because this is one way of showing it is a transparent government. And that's what we have been clamouring for , haven't we?

PAS has come a long way to be in the National politics despite years of propangandas by the MSM to instil fear into the hearts of non-Malays/Muslims. March 08 was the turning point for PAS. Many, many non-Malay/Muslims Malaysian voted them in because of the "PAS for ALL, Welfare State". Yes, we still believe in PAS. But some so-called PAS leaders are proven trojans horses of AMNO. These are the scumbags that PAS must get rid off. They are destroying the PAS image and integrity. PAS Pusat........please act fast and effectively.

IF MACC does its job without fear or favour, why is Toyol freely walking about and Teoh dead over a 100 plus?Selcat is a body elected by the state legislature. What the fcuk are UMNO pukimaks questioning its function? Hasan Ali is a shame to islam.

We need Selcat cos MACC perceived as doing a lousy job when it comes to matter relating to BN! If Selcat can expose some information on wrongdoing of any party it will be of great help to MACC for them to act! Selcat can complement MACC for them to do a good job! MACC should be happy with Selcat and pay attention to the ongoing to get information to investigate wrong doing of any party! So Rakyat should express support for Selcat!

Whoever this noh omar is. He must be deaf, blind and dumb to think highly of macc No right thinking person has the slightest faith and trust in that organization.Period.

Another case under the OSA for the IGP to NFA

This means these two army officers were in the home of the then Deputy Prime Minister for about eight hours during the time Altantuya was supposed to have been murdered. Why they were there during those eight hours and who these two army officers are has not been revealed.

The Malaysian government says Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered between 10.00pm on October 19th and 1.00am on October 20th, 2006. That was the charge against Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar and that was what they were pronounced guilty of.

At 10.01pm on 19th October 2006, two unnamed army officers went to Najib Tun Razak’s house, according to log entry 6494 in the police guard book. (See log 1a and log 2a below). These same two unnamed army officers left Najib’s house at 6.05am on 20th October 2006, according to log entry 6498. (See log 1b and log 2b below).

The purpose of the visit was never clarified.

This means these two army officers were in the home of the then Deputy Prime Minister for about eight hours during the time Altantuya was supposed to have been murdered. Why they were there during those eight hours and who these two army officers are has not been revealed.

From 10.01pm the night Altantuya was murdered until 6.05am the following morning, two army officers visited the Deputy Prime Minister and/or his wife. This is certainly a most odd time to visit a Deputy Prime Minister and/or his wife in their home. And what does one do for eight hours in someone’s home during the time most people would be fast sleep?

According to Fauzi, a driver, Rosmah Mansor left the official residence of the Deputy Prime Minister in Putrajaya at 6.48am on 19th October 2006 using car registration number WLQ 11 to return to her private home in Taman Duta. The car odometer reading was 86,197. That same evening, Rosmah attended a function near the Tabung Haji building in Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur

She did not return home until 11.20pm later that night, according to Fauzi.

The next day, 20th October 2006, Rosmah left her official residence in Putrajaya at 6.32am using the same car bearing registration number WLQ 11 to, again, return to Taman Duta. She also ran a few errands and did not return to Putrajaya until 1.01am the following morning.

The odometer reading was 86,315.

On the third day, Rosmah repeated the itinerary. She left Putrajaya at 6.40am to return to her Taman Duta home and to run some errands and did not go back to Putrajaya until 9.34pm that night. The odometer reading was 86,550.

Over three days, Rosmah travelled more than 350 kilometres to shuttle from Putrajajaya to Taman Duta, plus to some other places in between, according to the records.

I suggest the IGP investigate how these 'officials secrets' managed to leak out and whether the Official Secrets Act (OSA) has been breached. Or maybe the IGP would rather bury the whole issue and file it under No Further Action (NFA) to save the Prime Minister and his wife from having to answer some very embarrassing questions.

Hmm...I wonder who these two unnamed army officers are and whether they were really at the Deputy Prime Minister's house those entire eight hours or whether they sneaked out and in again without any 'official record'.

Ooh, I just love the OSA that protects the wrongdoer and instead sends the whistleblower to jail.



Now that najibnomics and 1-Malaysia have been flourishing and the whole world is hailing bravo, forgetting Altantuya who is who! IGP's extended service is to make sure NFA is cut and dried and before that burnt all the papers except one which leaked out here!

Until Najib and Rosmah clear their names from being associated with MURDER I will persist in calling him our CRIME MINISTER. He is NOT my Prime Minister until such time. I will also wear the justice for Altantuya t shirt as often as I can as a reminder to the Malaysian People. The Rakyat are not fools as our IGP thinks.

Looks like Rosmah was at the scene of the murder after all. What a bitch. Not only does she order a mother of 2 to be brutally killed, but she watches it also. Hmmm, would be interesting/disgusting to watch what this bitch does in bed.

UMNO leaders so much to hide. But one day, when it comes to boiling point no pressure needed will explode.
it means lots of normal people already pisst off, and want to help telling the truth. In my view
all reasonable and senesible citizens sould help build a decent society by talking straight and no more needed than today.

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