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20 November 2009

MACC Had Acted Illegally, What Now?

The high court has made an important verdict:

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) has no right to question witnesses in an investigation beyond normal office hours, namely from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Judicial Commissioner (JC) Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof stressed that the meaning of the phrase “day to day” as laid down in Section 30(3)(a) of the MACC Act – which is at the core of the dispute between Tan and the MACC – “cannot mean round the clock” investigation, which includes recording statements from the witness.

Mohamad Ariff explained that to do so would “offend the legislative purpose” and limit the fundamental liberties of a person, which are clearly laid down in the Federal Constitution, under Article 5, and which the Federal Court had recently upheld must be interpreted in the “widest sense” possible.

Asked to comment on the impact the High Court’s decision in relation to the dead political secretary, Karpal said: “In the case of Teoh Beng Hock, death was involved. The MACC has to be sued in a wider range and not limited to just the questioning.”

Yes, the MACC must be held responsible for a breach of its own investigative procedures. This ruling is not only significant for future suspects and witnesses but it is also a wake up call for other government agencies, departments and institutions which have been operating without observing proper procedures.

Just days ago, I went a department of a federal ministry to assist a client. I was shocked to find out that officers in the department do not even have a simple guideline and policy to deal with common requests and applications. The result is a lengthy wait for a simple response from the department.

I would like to advice the government to focus on real issues and weaknesses instead of wasting much of its efforts on PR spins and wasteful slogans and advertisements.

Back to the MACC, Lim Kit Siang lamented that political aide Teoh Beng Hock would still be alive if the MACC had followed the law. It is difficult to disagree with Lim.

I would like to urge MACC chief commissioner Ahmad Said Hamdan to suspend the officers involved in the Teoh's case and call an immediate internal investigation on the breach of conduct. Top officers in MACC who insisted that their officers can conduct investigation and interrogation beyond officer hours and round-the-clock should be send back for retraining or demoted.

It is time to focus on real issues, cut the crap slogans, PR spins and ceremonies. Something is not right in Malaysia.


our top boss use C4 to inefficiently blast a pregnant, albeit mongolian kafir, why can't we just push our witness off the 14th floor, isn't that much cleaner and more efficient? Legality and law doesn't apply to our boss, so obviously, we are also above the law. Corruption i$ $till our middle name. $o $emua-nya OK!

MACC is illegal, Perak state govt is illegal. BN govt is illegal too. They are just held up by corrupt judges, corrupt policemen and corrupt elections commission, not to mention a whole host of other corrupt heads of depts.

it makes one wonder how come no reporter or journalist takes the initiative to investigate on the allegations by the MACC staff themselves that their Deputy Commissioner has colluded with the ex-MB of Selangor thru' corruption in owning a piece of land next to the petrol station in Shah Alam or was it the petrol kiosk itself? Why don't we have a ' Watergate' style of investigative reporting?


What are they going to do with the kepala without otak and cannot interpret such simple wordings?
Even a murder or drug case suspect cannot be interrogated beyond certain hours. And they claim they can do it for mere ikan bilis cases.

Kit Siang demands Najib guarantee PI Bala’s safety

The DAP’s Lim Kit Siang wants Datuk Seri Najib Razak to guarantee the safety of P. Balasubramaniam to return home, following the latest allegation by the private investigator that he had met Najib’s brother Nazim as part of the deal to leave the country and retract accusations linking the prime minister with the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

“There is no other option for Najib to ensure national and international legitimacy as Malaysian Prime Minister, following the five-part publication of Balasubramaniam’s interview,” Lim said in a statement today.

In the latest installment today of an interview with Balasubramaniam carried in fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin’s, the private investigator claimed he had met Nazim, who is the younger brother of Najib, last year.

Balasubramaniam claimed the meeting had been arranged by the mysterious businessman, Deepak Jaikishan, whom the investigator claimed was a close associate of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the PM’s wife.

So far, the private investigator has also claimed returning three times to Malaysia this year since fleeing in July 2008 after issuing contradictory statutory declarations that linked Najib Razak to the murdered Mongolian.

The former policeman claimed he stayed in Nepal and India while being on the run from authorities but managed to sneak into Malaysia without using his passport through the Thai-Malaysia border.

He also claimed he only recited what he was told to say to the police in his Bangkok statement when asked which statutory declaration (SD) was the truth.

In today’s installment, Balasubramaniam said he had only been paid RM750,000 of the RM5 million promised to him for leaving the country.

“Left contradicted and unchallenged, Balasubramaniam’s latest five-part interview will stand as an indictment not only on the prime minister, but the system of government as well as all key institutions in Malaysia,” said the DAP’s Lim today.

The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan had on Wednesday appealed for information on Balasubramaniam’s whereabouts despite the private detective claiming he gave a statement to the police in July 2008.

Yesterday, PKR MPs had slammed the government in Parliament for saying they did not know the whereabouts of the private investigator.


This 1Malaysia liar or Najis C4 can only guarantee that Bala somehow committed suicide after coming back !

It was obvious that Bala was forced to retract his 1st SD and forced to leave the country under extreme fear and threats.

The issue of Bala claiming that Deepak did not fulfill his part of the bargain might only be important to Bala himself. What's important to us is the truth and the people involved in Altantuya's murder. Whether the main motivation for Bala's reappearance is to reveal the truth or for money, only he himself knows. But I would venture to say that if the main motivation was money, Bala would more easily have gotten his without the need to come to this extent of re-exposing the most powerful family in Malaysia. Other than for exposing the truth, I don't think anyone would dare to go to this extent of openly blackmailing this family for money.

Like LKS says, Najib has to guarantee Bala's safety and, may I add, face these incriminating accusations head-on to ensure national and international legitimacy as Malaysian Prime Minister. Disallowing proper investigations and avoiding this national and international issue is not the hallmark of a leader. It connotes unworthiness and distrust.

"The truth hurts and the truth will always prevail. And the truth of what's to come will not go away."

The only sensible recourse is for Najib to go on national TV and confess that he has been lying all the while. He must apologize to the nation for having brought dishonor and disrepute upon all of us. Then, to avoid being charged with corruption, abuse of power and complicity in first-degree murder, he must return to the nation 90% of his ill-gotten gains, resign from politics, and enter into voluntary exile from Malaysia for at least 10 years. Either that or him and his wife must face the hangman or a life sentence. Fair's fair. You've had a damn good run and the tide has turned. There is no escape the court of public opinion - nationally as well as internationally. No decent Malaysian can tolerate having a man of such dubious character lead the nation.

Segambut MP cries foul over alleged ‘double-paid’ DBKL job

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng lodged a complaint with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) about an alleged double-paid job worth about RM200,000 by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) contractors.

He told reporters that he was sent two documents pertaining to the case anonymously last Thursday.

"An anonymous person passed these two documents to my office while I was in Parliament on Thursday. After carefully looking through the documents, I suspected there was some hanky-panky going on in this DBKL project."

It is understood that the project involved construction work to repair a collapsed drain at Jalan Gallagher in Bukit Tunku.

The same project was given to two different contractors at the same time.

One was given a contract for Phase 1 while the other was given a contract for Phase 3 of the same project.

"Everything, from the time frame of the job (Jan 15 to March 5, 2009), how many units, the material needed to complete the job, the amended claims... are all exactly the same except the name of the contractor and the phase," said Lim (picture).

He said it appears that one job is being carried out by two different contractors, and payment is being made two times, with each contractor earning RM92, 670.96.

The documents, which certified payments to both contractors, were signed by the deputy director of the Public Works Department (JKA) of DBKL.

When asked whether he had called up DBKL to comment, Lim said he did not do so because he could not rule out foul play by DBKL.

"I don't want to enquire with DBKL; this might alert them to do 'housekeeping' and they might tamper with documents."

Lim also claimed that he had personally inspected the entire stretch of Jalan Gallagher, and could not locate the supposed "newly fixed longkang (drain)".

"I did not see a new longkang, but what I did see was a collapsed longkang. I don't know whether this is the same (drain)," said Lim.

A complaint has now been lodged with the MACC and an Encik Saiful, the officer-in-charge, has promised to investigate the matter.

"I will give MACC two months. If there is no reply on their part by then, I will take further action," said Lim.

Later, when contacted by The Malaysian Insider, Saiful declined to comment on the case as he claimed to have no "authority" over the matter.

"I have no comment on the case. Even my superior officer cannot comment because this case is still new, he has no knowledge of it," said the MACC officer.


If it involves PR, see how the MACC will come rushing to investigate and interrogate throughout the night and charge the "culprits" within 24 hours.

Trouble in Iskandar

All is not well in Iskandar Malaysia, the country's showpiece economic corridor project.

Two chief executive officers of the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) have not lasted two years on the job and there are now rumblings over the slow pace of progress from Middle East investors.

Apart from that, the relationship between some of the main players — the Johor Civil Service (JCS), Khazanah Nasional, Iskandar Investment Board (IIB) — leaves much to be desired.

Unwilling for the situation to unravel further, Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman is signalling his intention to Putrajaya for the state government to take more control of the mammoth project billed as Malaysia's Shenzen to the developed Singapore across the Johor Straits.

He wants IRDA to come directly under the purview of the state government, and rely less on instructions from Khazanah Nasional, the federal sovereign wealth fund tasked with developing the economic zone named after the state Ruler.

The IRDA board is now jointly chaired by the Prime Minister and the MB but The Malaysian Insider understands that the Johor MB could be assigned full chairmanship, giving him control of the regional authority.

Ghani has already started exerting his authority, much to the chagrin of the top brass in Khazanah Nasional. Late last month, he demanded the resignation of the incumbent CEO Harun Johari.

Officials at Khazanah Nasional wanted Harun to be given six more months on the job but last week, the IRDA board quickly accepted Harun's resignation. He will leave in January 2010 for IRDA to have another fresh start.

Harun, an ex-Shell stalwart, was hand-picked by Khazanah Nasional for the top position. He quickly brought in several of his former Shell colleagues to fill senior executive positions, and the organisation ballooned to over 150 staff under his charge.

His critics charged that he lacked charisma but his supporters argued that he is a process-driven individual who was effective behind the scenes. Harun replaced Datuk Ikmal Hijaz, the former Pos Malaysia CEO.

The latter was also hand-picked by Khazanah Nasional to drive IRDA and make it a world-class, one-stop centre for investors.

After being appointed, Ikmal also surrounded himself with several former colleagues from Pos Malaysia or the now defunct Renong Group, in which he oversaw the construction of the Gelang Patah crossing and massive land acquisition in Nusajaya.

The Malaysian Insider has learnt the new CEO of IRDA is Ismail Ibrahim. He is currently director of the National Physical Planning Division under the Urban and Rural Planning Department.

The Muar-born career public servant, who is a British-trained town planner, was among the pioneers assembled by Khazanah Nasional back in 2006 to draw up the Comprehensive Development Plan for the south Johor Economic Region (now known as Iskandar).

He later served as senior vice-president (Planning & Compliance) and became Johor's Federal Commissioner, but quit suddenly to return to the Housing and Local Government Ministry.
Ghani has already told Ismail that he expects an overhaul of the top management of IRDA, wanting him to rid the authority of deadwood.

At least four senior personnel are expected to be removed.

The JCS — a body whose support is necessary if any project is to take off in the southern state — has welcomed the appointment of Ismail.

Relations between the JCS and Khazanah Nasional have been uneasy since the inception of the project in 2006, with Johor civil servants complaining of being sidelined from the decision-making process. They have resented the fact that important decisions regarding Iskandar were being made in Kuala Lumpur.

The shortcomings in IRDA, and to a lesser extend IIB, come at a time when several of the Middle East investors are exhibiting signs of restlessness at the pace of the project.

Government officials told The Malaysian Insider that Khazanah Nasional was forced to buy back some land in Node 1 of Iskandar which it sold to a consortium of Middle East investors. This happened after some disagreement over responsibilities and obligations.


is this another PKFZ in the making?

Najib you gotta put your foot down and stop all these squabbling. You want to step into MCA to clear Chinese opera mess but I think it is better to you to step into the Iskandar project to sort things out before the foreign investors pull out just like in PKFZ.

well,well, most of the jcs people are umno local leaders
they just cant accept that they are in no posttion
to partake in the spoils and largesse;they have been ignored
the still wet khazana boys are only about monies and profits and loss
they know nothing about ketuanan melayu

and besides they are very worried that the goodearth of johor will
be occupied by economic neocolonialist and bumis will
be again pushed and forced to live in the jungle fringes eking out their existence
with only ikan bilis and kachang puteh for food
with the lands sold to jews and spore chinese
who will become richer and richer and buy up tanah melayu eventually
{thats what madhatter had been telling them]
then they will become orang laut without a home

Whatever projects and schemes dreamt up and imposed on the country, the end result is always the same -the taxpayers are robbed of billions while the "right" people pocket them. Merely a transfer of the funds under the cover of "national development and transformation". The people have already lost hope

19 November 2009

Malaysia falls to lowest in Corruption Ranking

Malaysia has fallen further down the corruption index where it is reported that it is now at its worst ranking. The ranking, posted by Transparency International reported that Malaysia has fallen another 9 places to 56. Last year, Malaysia was ranked 47th in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI). The CPI score also dropped to its lowest in 15 years. This year it is at 4.5 while in 2000, it was at 4.8 and 4.9 in 2002. In 2002, Malaysia scored it highest ranking when it was at 33. Malaysia then dropped to 37 when Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over as prime minister. Subsequent years saw the country drop more to 39 and 43 in 205 and 2007 respectively.

Lim Kit Siang, the advisor of DAP said that he expected a poor result but did not expect to see such a ‘grave fall’. He said "This is a national shame and major blow for Najib's premiership. I have no doubt that the mysterious death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock on July 16 and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's role as Umno's catspaw to declare war on Pakatan Rakyat instead of declaring war on corruption were major factors for Malaysia's worst-ever TI CPI ranking and score," Transparency International is a Berlin-based organization that looks into the fight against corruption. According to the Malaysian chapter’s president Paul Low “Najib's moves to initiate reforms in some institutions, especially the judiciary, and the setting up of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, to make them more independent, transparent and accountable, was the way forward for the country. Transparency International Malaysia believed that the way forward for the country was to seriously combat corruption and to make government decisions and transactions more visible and transparent.”


all within expectation, when you have a government of this caliber dropping 9 places is already considered a major breakthrough..

No CORRUPTIONS no MALAYSIA. Can anyone please name a minister in Najib cabinet line-up is clean of corruptions including our PM? I'll give you my last month end RM50.00. We're only above Somalia.

Below it the three major corruption scandals/reports.

1) AG report of 2008 : rm28 billions of mismanagement and it has been going on for years.

2) PKFZ scandlal.

3) Submarine deals ... which resulted in the death of Altantuya.

Don't worry Malaysia. The ranking will go up to top 10 come 2012 because just before 13GE, BN will want to do the damage control by pumping more money to Transparency International. That's the way it should be. 1MALAYSIA BOLEH CORRUPT anybody.

Dropping to a dismal 56th placing is not complimentary at all to
the 1Malaysia euphoria.The whole world knows about Malaysia- being one of the most corrupted nation today.

Next year we should drop even further - maybe well below 60th. The reason - the No.1 Corrupted Mamak maybe made a
Senior Minister. More scandals and corruptions eclipsing even
the PKFZ and the Rawang Dual Railway.

SYABAS. This is really 1MALAYSIA -1 man SAPU all.

As long as UMNO/bn still exist in this land,the index will shoot up continuosly because of the extensive and overflow of corruption and manipulation especially worst now that Najis being the PM. But anyway,we can bring the index down if we all unite to expell UMNO/bn out in the next G.E.

Umno might have to help MCA in maintaining Chinese support for BN

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the deputy president of Umno gave indication that the party might have to help the Chinese community component party MCA to help them get out of their current crisis. He said that while Umno might not be the right channel to play the role for MCA to try to bring support from the Chinese community towards BN (Barisan Nasional), MCA too cannot lose its focus in doing so. If that is the case, Umno might have to help so that the Chinese voters do not abandon BN. He said “It would not be right for Umno to play the role of the MCA in trying to bring in the support of the Chinese community to Barisan Nasional, but that the coalition could not afford to lose its link with the Chinese. But if MCA is in such a state, obviously the Chinese community would not be happy and we don’t want them to abandon the Barisan. So, maybe there is no other recourse but for Umno to play that role for the time being to assist them,”

Disappointed with the current crisis in the party, he added that “It would be difficult for Barisan to win the support of the Chinese if the party continued to face a political crisis. If I were a Chinese, I would also not support the MCA. Let’s face the facts,”




Only those political Chinese beggars who are the outcasts of the Chinese community need to lick the pricks of these "Brown skin UMNO cunts"
Hey UMNO, if not for your depiscable low down acts and supported by Kangaroo courts stuffed with tainted, shameless under qualified judges, where will UMNO be?
This was once a beautiful and an acceptable managed country, it has since sunk to the bottom of the pit....thanks to you UMNO bastards!

As what some of you UMNO bast-ards so often commented that the chinese are 'Pendatangs' and should 'balik china' why want to help now ?
So now you are saying that without the chinese, there is no UMNO ????
The chinese dont need your meddling into their affairs now, the chinese want MCA to rot because MCA is only run by some chinese running dogs who are only interested in sucking UMNO's balls and who are only interested in power and greed.
So...with or without MCA, it is all the same to the chinese !!!

The MCA was destined for self-destruction ever since the Presidency was helmed by the biggest Chinese shark- Dr Ling.

Together with Maha Mamak,they plundered this country dry.
This Chinese doctor who also suffered from the 'selective dementia' disease also forgot that he had an obligation to serve and help the Chinese. He conveniently forgot about that and
fattened his own pocket. The only respectable deed he had done for the Chinese community was to beg from UMNO for some crumps.

Today, most Chinese had deserted the party- they would even
spit at the mention of MCA. But there are many goons and clowns fighting and backstabbing each other for position-not
knowing that they can NEVER get the support of the Chinese,
back,not even Johor, the strong hold of MCA.

So,big brother UMNO,even if you can stop the infighting of
MCA it will not guarantee the Chinese will support it. They will
by logic support DAP!!!!!!!

Appointing Anwar as economic advisor makes him the de facto MB of S’gor – Khir Toyo

The former Menteri Besar of Selangor Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo who is now the opposition leader of the state has slammed the appointment of PKR advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as Selangor’s Economic Advisor. He said that with the appointment, Anwas is now the de facto Menteri Besar of the state. Khir Toyo said “Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is now the de facto mentri besar of Selangor. This is because Anwar, who has been appointed economic advisor to the state, would also be co-chairing the high-powered Selangor Eco¬nomic Action Council (MTES). Being a co-chairman of MTES is as good as being mentri besar, as whatever the council decides the executive council will approve. The executive council will be reduced to a rubber stamp,’’

He also claims that the MTES is a vehicle which facilitates fast track approval for projects and investments in Selangor. He added that “Anwar needs this advisor post as his previous attempts to meddle in the affairs of GLCs in Selangor had been in vain although he appointed his right-hand man Azmin Ali as the chairman of GLCs. There is a possibility he may be trying to plant economic ‘time bombs’ in case Pakatan Rakyat fails to defend Selangor in future general elections,”


ooi! corrupted Indo migrant, go back to your 24mil. shithole. and take your maids for a good screw...curi, curi makan is your trade mark lah!!!
Selangor is faring much better without an Indo cunt like shameless racist bastard, you should be thrown behind bars long time ago. f**king fake muslim!



who cares who is mb as long as the govt is working for the people and not for their own pockets like u and umno dogs

IGP: To question police action is to support criminals

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan today said those who questioned police action in shooting suspects should consider whether they wanted to support those who upheld the law or the criminals.

He said this when asked to comment on claims that the police had used excessive force in a recent shooting in Klang, where five suspected robbers were gunned down

“The duty of the police is to protect the people. We do not protect criminals,” Musa was quoted as saying by state news agency Bernama.

He said the police did not act indiscriminately but considered public order and shot criminals as the last resort.

He also said that the police also had the fundamental right to self-defence.

“If they (criminals) become aggressive, we are forced to act. They should surrender if they do not want to die. We do not want our personnel to be shot first,” he said.

Meanwhile, Musa appealed for assistance from anyone who had information on the location of private investigator P. Balasubramaniam.

The authorities, including the Immigration Department, constantly monitored the movement of individuals they were looking for at every entry-exit point of the country, he said when asked to comment on a news portal report that Balasubramaniam was back in the country after having “disappeared” since July last year.

Balasubramaniam and his family reportedly went abroad for fear of their safety after he had made a statutory declaration in relation to the murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.

The police also want to record a statement from the private investigator over a break-in at his house in Taman Pelangi, Rawang, last year.


You mean to say " Polis Is Raja " is true ?!! In Hong Kong, the phrase is "Chai Yan tai sai ??!! "
Polis DiRaja CANNOT be questioned ??!!
I fully agree with you that Policemen have a right to self defence. But I DO NOT agree with you that they cannot be questioned. They too come under the law of the country. So don't talk rubbish Mr. IGP. You sound so stupid when you talk like this. Unbefitting of an IGP and a Tan Sri

To criticise police is to support criminals? Since when are police infallible when there have been so many reports and personally experienced stories about their failings? What about the cases of rape, abuse and murder that are dragged on or unsolved? What about deaths in detention? What about the violence committed to peaceful candlelight vigilers?

This is the reason we want a new IGP. What if you are wrong? What if your corrupt portion of the team frame an innocent person? You mean you are the new Judge and Executioner now?

Upholding the law means no extra judicial killings. Police have the duty to apprehend law breakers. It is a sad day for Malaysia when we have an IGP who says all who are killed by the Police must be criminals. Is it that there is one law for the police and another for those killed by the police?

Such arrogance is what bn has spawned. To them kill first talk later policy. I wonder if any of his family were killed he will talk like that.. remember, there is always devine justice. U may feel u are doing right because u have the weapons, but remember too the weapons given is with the condition to use it with caution. Other wise what is the difference between you and the criminal - shoot to kill??? And the reason u want to know the whereabout of Bala - to kill first and then tell the press he committed umpteen crimes and is wanted for umpteen crimes including the crime of the first SD. hehehe. Keep it up malaysian police. I once had high opinion of u. but such arrogance!!! unbelievable coming from the head. Irrespective of age, sex, innocence, kill all who happen to b around criminals - collatoral damage.

police are trigger happy and also plant guns and drugs to the dead. what things are new to them. They killed suspect in custody and also protect criminal warlords in the illegal business like gambling and gangsterism.
They used criminals to do their dirty work, hang them when they need a scapegoat. what tricks that we all don't know. If they want to be clean like hong kong police or like any good police force, first thing they must do is stop hiding behind the pillar or trees during the road block. These show how low or cheap they are willing to go. Police car Siren Light is meant to be switch on at night and not to be close and sneak from drivers back .
Malaysian police can't even the see the light and see in the eye directly. They are just a nocturnal bat lurking to suck money from the poor indon, public places where couples are talking etc.

That's why I don't want my kids to be in the Police Force. The pay is meagre but the life is on the line. If he defends himself at the wrong time, he gets killed. If the opponent got killed the public accused him of abused of power. So, its better for him to do business... like selling fake DVDs. He makes more money lor...

The IGP should take a leaf out of the many police stories we see on the TV. Whenever someone is shot dead by the police, an investigation is immediately launched to determine whether the shooting is justified. Meanwhile, the policeman involved is also investigated by the IRS and can even be suspended from duties. Dont tell me all shootings of criminals are justified and the police is infallible.
Weren't the police trained to shoot to maim. Out of 5 who were shot, not even one as maimed. Truly dead men tell no tales.

In the futuristic movie Judge Dredd, Sylvester Stallone stops a person committing what he determines is a crime on the street, reads out the relevant regulation from a small book, declares "I am the Law", and executes him with a weapon that looks suspiciously like a chrome-plated Colt 45.

High Court upholds Kedah Constitution

Aliran welcomes the Kuala Lumpur High Court decision declaring that the Kota Siputeh seat has been vacated. In doing so, the High Court has upheld the interpretation of the speaker of the Kedah state assembly that under Article 51 of the Kedah Constitution the incumbent assemblyman for Kota Siputeh Abu Hassan Sarif was no longer an assemblyman.

Abu Hassan had inevitably forfeited his seat by being absent from two consecutive sittings of the assembly without the permission of the speaker.

This simple fact was very obvious from the outset but the Election Commission (EC) took a position that not only differed from the speaker’s interpretation but it totally ignored Article 51 of the Kedah Constitution with regard to the definition of “two consecutive sittings”.

The EC’s decision was glaringly apparent that its position was perceived to be blatantly pro-BN, confirming the accusation that the EC is incapable of being a neutral body in discharging its duties without fear or favour.

Justice Datuk Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin was absolutely correct in stating: “In my view, Article 51 sets out the conditions which render the seat to be vacant.”

She further emphasised: “… I do not think the EC can override the power of the speaker under Article 51 of the Kedah Constitution.”

This is the legal position as far as the Kedah Constitution is concerned. It is quite plain and simple and easily understood by the layman himself.

But in spite of this, the EC tried to bring in issues that were not catered for in the Kedah Constitution. It is ridiculous for the EC to insist that Abu Hassan should have been referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee before he could be disqualified. This position is not supported or justified by the provisions of the Kedah Constitution. Justice Alizatul rightly and appropriately dismissed the EC’s stand that Abu Hassan was still the assemblyman for Kota Siputeh as “an irrational decision.”

Justice Alizatul was correct in concluding that the speaker “did not act unreasonably in rejecting the medical certificate dated Aug 10 after knowing that the assemblyman had also attended a function on the same day.”

The last-minute attempt to convince the speaker that he was sick and therefore could not attend the assembly sitting did not hold water. The veracity of he being sick on that day is questionable because he had attended another function on the same day, nullifying the sick medical certificate.

What this means is that he had tried to deceive the speaker by claiming to be sick by producing a sick medical certificate. This brings into disrepute his integrity which is very unbecoming of him as an elected representative of the people.

This raises the question: was he genuinely diagnosed as being sick or was the sick certificate dished out by a friendly doctor to cover him? Would the MAAC care or dare to find out the truth?

Now the next question is how would this case fare in Round 2? Aliran had observed that the opposition could win Round 1 quite convincingly based on the legality of the matter but in Round 2 it inevitably would lose notwithstanding the fact that the law was on its side.

Will this pattern be repeated? From what we have observed and commented on Nov 7 – “Is justice all about technicalities?” — it appears that this pattern is waiting to be repeated. We witnessed this in the Kampung Buah Pala case, in the Perak crisis concerning Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin, the people’s mentri besar, and in the application by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for evidence that he was entitled to but denied.

Not only the credibility and integrity of the EC is at stake but more importantly the judges in the higher hierarchy must convince the public that they are capable of living up to their oath of office and render justice impartially


This is the legal position as far as the Kedah Constitution is concerned. It is quite plain and simple and easily understood by the layman himself. Except the stupid EC of course, yet another stooge willing to sell their integrity and soul!

your action reveal your true self. EC were never seen to be neutral. the perception is that it is being used bu the people in power.the same goes for macc and the judiciary. i don't know these crowns are trained in which universities/instituition.The oaths they take to be professional and act in integrity are just for show.I wonder how they can sleep and die in peace by committing so many injustice to the people

Nazri insists Kelantan not entitled to oil royalty

The Parliament was in uproar this afternoon when Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz (pic, left) poured oil on the fire raging over the Kelantan oil royalty issue by insisting that the PAS-governed state has no legal right to demand the payment.

While winding up the Supply Bill debate, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department explained that former prime minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein had not specifically used the term “royalty” when debating the Petroleum Development Bill in 1974 that established Petronas and agreements with the various oil-producing states to receive 5 per cent of the oil revenues.

“The agreement was made as a promise so that future administrations will respect it. It is a promise but not a right and his son, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, is respecting this promise by giving goodwill payment to Kelantan,” Nazri told the Dewan Rakyat.

The statement made by Najib’s father was recorded by the Parliament Hansard and has been used by the opposition as proof to their claims that the government had recognised the rights of Kelantan to receive royalty.

Apart from the Act, the agreement between then Petronas chairman Tun Salleh Abbas and its founder, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, that oil-producing states be given royalty, have also been used as opposition fodder to demand payment of royalty.

However, PAS lawmakers and their allies in the Pakatan Rakyat have been frustrated for weeks now by the government’s argument that oil extracted beyond three nautical miles of state waters don’t belong to the state as the territorial definition cannot be found in laws dictating state-federal government agreement on oil royalties.

The state waters definition was first mentioned by Najib in Parliament two weeks ago when he announced that the federal government will be giving “goodwill payment” to Kelantan instead of oil royalty.

It was again used by Nazri as the government’s defence on the matter but Ipoh Timur Lim Kit Siang blasted the reply a “a distortion of facts” and a desecration of the spirit that drafted the oil regulations.

Lim and other opposition lawmakers argued that the state waters definition given by the prime minister was nowhere to be found in any of the laws governing state-federal governments agreement on the matter.

“If you want to think it’s a distortion of facts, it’s up to you. The PDA does not mention royalty,” Nazri said in his reply to Lim’s outbust.

At this point, the House had already erupted into a warzone with several opposition MPs simultaneously blasting Nazri’s reply as absurd and inconsistent.

The House later calmed after opposition MPs felt it was no longer useful to argue with the minister who in his closing remark said, “whatever it is, I insist that Kelantan will not get royalty as oil is extracted beyond its waters.”


This Nazri guy is a real snake oil salesman. First he try to hoodwink us that there is no case for Lingam and his co-conspirators to answer in court despite all the evidence to the contrary. Now he is trying to hoodwink us on what morally and legally should be royalty money to the Kelantan state for its oil. Mr Nazri, you are the 1Biggest Malaysian Joke!!!

this man is really a shame to his profession and to lincoln inn!
really slimy slippery scum..certainly no idiot

he surely knows know that a promise is a contract and therefore a moral and legal obligation/entitlement
in fact and in law and if there is no contention, of which the facts are not disputed
then it is a right and the question of goodwill and privilegedo not arise

Its not BN don't want to give the royalty - Wang ehsan will be directed to their UMNO cronies in Kelantan and the people in Kelantan will think its BN which is helping the people. They don't want to give royality directly to PAS goverment as they will become more popular and difficult to capture Kelantan in the future. Same good example happen in Terengganu. Morever if the UMNO division head doesn't get any RM xxxxx they will not support the top leadership. So where to get money to take care of this clowns. So only choice "wang ehsan" will flow through. Simple politics. Again the people today are not stupid and they will know how to reflect back when the time come. Money support doesn't last long its the party struggle that will be stronger eventually.

How come the MP's from Sabah and Sarawak is silent about this? Doesn't this affects Sabah and Sarawak also? You guys are a bunch of sissies with no balls to stand up for what is right. The Feds are saying that oil extracted beyond three nautical miles of state waters don’t belong to the state. Most of "our" oil wells are situated much further than that. In other words this Nazri fool is saying Sabah and Sarwak also don't deserve oil royalty. Apa punya Menteri!!! Lagi teruk.... all the MP's from Sabah and Sarawak. By keeping quiet, you are saying you agree with that idiot of a minister. That makes you people dumber than that clown.

MCA crisis: Najib to step in

The prime minister, who has so far resisted openly intervening in the MCA leadership tussle, said today he will meet party leaders individually after describing the crisis as getting “worse” and “more serious”.

"For there to be a unity plan, it must be reflected in actions," said Datuk Seri Najib Razak, adding that many people were upset with what was going on in the MCA.

MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat yesterday dropped Youth chief Datuk Wee Ka Siong, Wanita chief Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun and seven others aligned to vice-president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai from the party’s presidential council.

Ong's decision to drop Liow's supporters has plunged the party deeper into crisis with a disputed EGM looming.

The party president replaced Liow's men on the presidential council with supporters of Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, reflecting a deal between the two men to fill party appointments with leaders aligned either with Ong or Dr Chua.

“I will find the time to meet them separately," said Najib today, in remarks reflecting Umno's growing unease with developments in the MCA.

When asked how he intends to resolve the crisis, Najib said: “Leave it to me," while adding that he would issue a statement when he was ready.

He said unlike Umno which was now stable, the MCA crisis did not instil confidence and was hampering Barisan Nasional's (BN) efforts to resuscitate the coalition and to reforms its image in the eyes of the public.

"The people now see Umno as stable as it has gone through a process of reforming itself. Umno is now stable and we hope other parties will come together to put up a new image of Barisan Nasional."


Finally, the master of the puppet has shown his true colour. There goes all the efforts in exposing the scandals in port Klang graft. All would be covered up and everything would be back to "normal". Everyone would continue to such the hard-earn money of ordinary citizen in the name of national development.

till today, I still don't understand why people still vote for BN. Why?

MCA worse than MIC, always invite external interference to solve its problems. Do you think whoever the President installed by these external influences have the backbone to fight for the community's interest ??

If Malaysia really want to reform and change into a better life for these people just kicked out these defectors and self important fellow to served them a lesson. How can they manage to do good for the people since they has so many interior problem. How are they going to concentrate well to work for the people especially come to LTL since he were holing an important post as a Health. We want more work like how to solve the H1N1 and not day after day keep growing crisis.

18 November 2009

Kit Siang asks whether Najib or Tun Razak lying over oil royalty

DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang (pic, left) challenged Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak over the raging issue of oil royalty for Kelantan, asking whether the prime minister or his father, the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, had lied over a state’s entitlement to oil royalties.

“I asked in Parliament  – ‘Who is lying, father (second Prime Minister Tun Razak) or son (sixth Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak?’,” the Ipoh Timur MP said in a statement.

Lim is the latest politician to push the federal government to pay Kelantan oil royalty from oil and gas found in a Thai-Malaysian joint development area off the state’s waters.

Najib had told Parliament on Nov 3 that Kelantan was not entitled to the oil royalties because it was produced off-shore, more than three nautical miles from its coastline but the government would provide “compassionate payment” through the Federal Department as was being done previously in Terengganu when it was ruled by PAS.

“The offshore oil operations in their waters are defined as an area not more than three nautical miles, which is measured starting from the low watermark or the shoreline of the state.

“Currently, there is no oil production in the waters of Kelantan or Terengganu. Because of that, from the legal standpoint, Kelantan does not have a right to demand oil royalties, the same as Terengganu,” Najib was quoted as saying by the parliament Hansard.

“We have decided to give goodwill payment to Kelantan. This decision is made considering the need to develop Kelantan in line with the federal development programme,” Najib told the Dewan Rakyat, adding that the state will be receiving the allocation beginning next year.

Najib ... ‘no oil production in the waters of Kelantan’

The prime minister’s statement contradicts the Statistics Department’s State/District Data Bank, which lists Kelantan as one of the nation’s four oil- and gas-producing states. The other three are Sabah, Sarawak and Terengganu.

Najib’s statement on the goodwill payment was immediately disputed by PAS lawmakers who said it is akin to receiving alms instead of the state’s rightful oil royalty.

Lim said this clearly contradicted the answer given 24 years ago by Najib’s father, Tun Razak when he replied to the opposition leader’s question as the second Prime Minister in Parliament on the same issue in 1975.

According to the Parliament Hansard of Nov 12, 1975, Lim had asked the prime minister then whether all states in Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah had signed agreements with Petronas for oil exploration along the coastline and what were the joint profits for the states.

Tun Razak had said then: “All states in Malaysia, except Sabah and Selangor, have signed the agreement with Petronas under the Petroleum Development Act 1974. I have been informed that Selangor have agreed to sign the agreement.

“Under the agreement, each state will receive 5 per cent of the value of petroleum found and extracted from each of the states, whether onshore or offshore, that is sold by Petronas or agencies or contractors.”

“I called on the son and the sixth Prime Minister to keep to the commitment by the father and the second Prime Minister that Kelantan and Trengganu are entitled to 5 per cent oil royalty for petroleum ‘whether onshore or offshore’ as stipulated in the Petroleum Development Act 1974,” Lim said.

He noted that one of the Act’s architects is Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who had spoken up on the legal rights of Kelantan and Terengganu to 5 per cent oil royalty for petroleum produced offshore and not as “wang ehsan” or compassionate payment.

“Otherwise, Najib’s 1Malaysia would be sheer mockery if the legal rights and status of states to oil royalty is politicised to depend on whether Umno/Barisan Nasional controls the state government, as happened to Terengganu and Kelantan,” he added.

The federal government has argued that oil and gas extraction activities are located about 150km off Kelantan’s shores and is jointly developed with Thailand, and thus beyond the legal limit of state/national boundaries. Also, the territory is being disputed by Thailand and Malaysia.

Kelantan, ruled by PAS since 1990, began seeking the oil royalty recently although the Cakerawala gas field began production in January 2005.

The entire 7,250-sq-km area in the Gulf of Thailand, in the oil-rich South China Sea, is called the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (JDA).

The JDA was created as an interim measure to exploit the natural resources in the seabed or continental shelf claimed by the two countries, with the proceeds shared equally.

The arrangement does not extinguish the legal right to claims by both countries over the area. This is one of the first applications of the joint development principle in territorial disputes in the world.

The two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on Feb 21, 1979 in Chiang Mai for joint development and later on May 30, 1990 in Kuala Lumpur to constitute the joint development authority.

As at the end of 2007, approximately 8.5 trillion standard cubic feet of gas reserves (proved and probable) from 22 fields in the area have been discovered.


Anything comes out from PM will be treated as true by the forever dump Malays in Umno as along as they got "payyed" by the Goverment. RM is the most important to all these thieves, they don't care about Malaysian...........

If Najib can doesn't care what the whole world is saying about:-

1) him & his alleged involvement in the Mongolian murder mystery
2) him & the Perak fiasco,
3) him & the Scorpene commission
4) him & the no further action on the VK Lingam case
5) him & his endorsement of a corrupt candidate in B Pinang

then, what does he care about what his father said 24 years ago in P'ment?

Zaid clears air over Pakatan chief controversy

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has cleared the air over his choice of Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat as Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia chief, stressing he still believed no one in the coalition was more suited than Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to become prime minister.

The former Umno minister said his suggestion made on Nov 13 was to appoint a spiritual leader, similar to India’s Mahatma Gandhi, who would not have any ambitions to be prime minister but would instead unite the party to fight for its cause.

His comments drew both positive and negative responses, with Anwar himself noting it was just a personal suggestion from Zaid and that the Pakatan leadership would eventually decide on the chairman.

“An ordinary politician no matter how great or skilled, is not strong enough to fight the Barisan Nasional giant,” Zaid wrote in his myzaidibrahim. weblog today.

“So when I looked to the left and right, I only see Tok Guru Nik Aziz is qualified. He is acceptable to all races and faiths. I then suggested him because I believe only when we put the fight between Pakatan and BN as a spiritual struggle against a corrupt and greedy power, then the people will stand up to side with us,” he explained.

He noted there were other political formulas but he felt it was not enough or appropriate to push a great effort to replace BN as the people’s choice of government.

“The issue of prime minister is up to the Pakatan lawmakers when there are enough seats to form the new government. That is easy as Tok Guru knows and is ready to accept others more suitable to be PM,” said Zaid, who heads the coalition's Common Police Framework group.

The maverick politician said his suggestion was similar to the role of the Labour or Conservative Party chairmen in the UK who never become prime ministers as their role is to care for the unity and stability of their respective parties.

Zaid says his suggestion to make Nik Aziz Pakatan’s head was to strengthen the coalition.

“I want to stress here that at this point in time there are no better lawmakers than Anwar Ibrahim to hold the prime minister’s post when Pakatan gets the majority. So Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters and fans need not worry,” added the politician who is the pro-tem chairman of the Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia.

The opposition bloc sent its registration forms for the coalition last Nov 3.

The former corporate lawyer reiterated that the important thing is to ensure Anwar and Pakatan’s victory in the future.

“What will move a new political tsunami to give people the power through Pakatan?

“After March 8, 2008, people say that Pakatan has lost steam. According to the Merdeka Centre in its recent survey, BN can still win if general elections are called today. In fact, BN is said to be able to regain its two-thirds parliamentary majority. That is how worrying the perception towards Pakatan,” he said.

Zaid said he wanted all Pakatan supporters to think of ways to strengthen the coalition and find new methods and approaches to win support.

“We cannot quickly panic or fear small and trivial issues as that is just political culture. What is important is Pakatan does not run from its main aim by allowing BN some breathing room, of getting the people to enjoy justice, democracy and true freedom without being throttled by power abuse, corruption and discrimination,” he added.

“What is important is Pakatan’s victory as that means success for the people,” he said, adding his advice was for the people and leadership of Pakatan allies to make sacrifices by being honest and sincere to serve.

Zaid hoped the entire matter can be clarified honestly and sincerely at the Pakatan Rakyat convention scheduled for Dec 19.


Yes, Nik Aziz can be the leader of PR. Anwar can be PM. Leader of PR may not be PM. PM may not be Leader of PR.

Kit Siang wants MACC head to quit over fall in graft rank

The DAP’s Lim Kit Siang demanded today the resignation of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan for Malaysia’s worst plunge in ranking in anti-graft watchdog Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Index.

“This is the worse drop both in CPI ranking and score for Malaysia for any single year since the introduction of annual CPI by TI in 1995, when Malaysia was ranked No. 23 out of 41 countries, with a score of 5.28.

“This is a national shame, an indictment of the newly-formed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and a major blow for the new premiership of YAB MP for Pekan who had declared that the fight against corruption was one of the six KPI priorities of his administration,’’ Lim said in a statement today.

Transparency International said yesterday that Malaysia is now seen to be more corrupt than ever.

Malaysia now ranks 56 out of 180 countries in the world with a corruption index score of 4.5 out of 10, with 10 being the least corrupt, said the world corruption watchdog. Last year, it placed 47 with a CPI score of 5.1.

The annual TI CPI measures how corrupt a country is in the public sector based on data sourced from 13 different polls and surveys from 10 independent institutions over a period of two years. The three least corrupt countries in the world are, in order, New Zealand, Denmark and Singapore.

The decline in Malaysia’s score, from 5.1 to 4.5, may be attributed to the perception that there has been little political will or progress in combating corruption, said Transparency International.

The MACC also appears to focus on “small fish” and opposition politicians, the report noted.

Lim said today that heads should roll starting with the MACC boss’s resignation.

“The mysterious death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock on July 16 at MACC headquarters and the failure of MACC to prosecute and convict offenders in the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone and the Lingam videotape scandals are major factors for Malaysia’s worst-ever TI CPI ranking and score.

“This is confirmed by the TI statement accompanying its CPI 2009 report on the perception of ‘little progress combating corruption and a lack of political will to implement effective anti-corruption measures’ as well as the MACC’s focus on ‘small fish’ and opposition politicians.“

The veteran DAP man said Parliament should urgently debate the TI CPI 2009 ranking and score for Malaysia to take urgent and remedial measures to check the country going down the road of a failed state


Ahmaid Said must resign. This is the last straw. This useless fella is no good.

KPI failed. So either MACC chief quit or face the sack. No such thing as chief operating officer lead by bad example and poor performance

Malaysia's poor performance in TI CPI 2009 ranking is not mentioned by RTM or TV# int he news bulettin.

How can TV1 claim to be true to its own tagline?

It goes to show that this UMNO mouthpiece will only selectively filter news to project the BN image to the Malay population.

In the end, everything is about money. All the politicking, the in fighting, the back stabbing, the false accusations, the violence, the lies, the racism, the religious tension, the red herrings, the cover ups, the bailouts, the mergers, the takeovers, the street crimes, the brain drain and so on - all come down to corruption and embezzlement of the hundreds of billions evey year. All other factors are irrelevant. When the very people who were supposed to be the corruption enforcers are themselves manipulated by the very same corrupted people, this is the outcome.

Asri: I will continue preaching

Former Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said he will continue preaching and campaign to abolish the law that requires preachers to get certification from the state.

“Times have changed, if I cannot teach the usual way, I can go to the Internet or I can go to the newspapers,” said Asri, who was charged this morning in a syariah court for preaching without a permit.

“Whenever I have the chance to speak on Islam I will do so, if they stop me then maybe I won't mention the word Islam,” he said.

Earlier, he pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was charged under Section 119 of the Islamic Administration of Selangor which carries a fine of up to RM3,000 and imprisonment of up to two years.

“This will not stop me from delivering the message... they think this is a small matter, they think they can just stop people from teaching, but for me this case is very significant,” Asri told reporters outside the court.

The controversial scholar was arrested by the Selangor Islamic authority (Jais) some two weeks ago while giving a private lecture at a friend’s residence in Ukay Heights.

Asri, who was a university lecturer until his appointment as Perlis mufti in 2006, is noted for his unconventional interpretation of Islamic principles which often contradict government-endorsed doctrines.

He continued to be an influential Islamic scholar after ending his service as the Perlis mufti late last year.

Various leaders from both sides of the political divide, including former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a known supporter of Asri's, have condemned the arrest.

Several Selangor Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers also attempted to condemn Asri's arrest at the state legislative assembly but the Selangor executive councillor in charge of Islamic affairs Datuk Dr Hasan Ali defended the action taken by Jais.

This morning, dozens of people accompanied Asri to the courtroom. Former Perlis Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim was also present.

Graft rankings: Singapore 3rd least, Malaysia focused on ‘small fish’

Singapore has moved up a notch to be ranked third least-corrupt nation in the world, after New Zealand and Denmark, according to an annual global corruption survey.

The Republic shares third spot with Sweden, which last year tied with New Zealand and Denmark for top position. Switzerland completed the top five in the list released by Berlin-based non-governmental corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) yesterday.

TI attributed the strong performance of the five high-scorers to the “political stability, long-established conflict of interest regulations and solid, functioning public institutions” in these nations.

In contrast, the bottom five — Somalia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan and Iraq — show that “countries which are perceived as the most corrupt are also those plagued by longstanding conflicts, which have torn apart their governance infrastructure,” TI said.

Pascal Fabie, TI’s regional director for Asia-Pacific, told The Straits Times: “Singapore remains a model of effective and strong political will that has made sure the public sector is clean.”?But he added that as a major trade and financial centre, “Singapore should do more to ensure transparency and due diligence in its banking sector. Its financial institutions should know who they lend to and who they take money from”.

Singapore has been doing more to improve transparency. This month, it was taken off the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) “grey list” of countries considered lax in sharing tax information.

This came after Singapore signed its 12th Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement, which meets the OECD standard requiring governments to disclose financial information when foreign requests are made regarding tax evaders.

The TI’s annual rankings, known as the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), define corruption as the abuse of public office for private gain. They measure the perceived levels of public sector corruption, for example the frequency of bribes, in 180 countries and territories.

Overall, this year’s list is “of great concern”, the TI said, pointing out that most of those ranked scored under five points out of a possible 10.

What is more, shedding light on shady practices and tightening oversight have become even more critical when governments are pumping in large sums of public money to keep the world economic recovery going, TI chairman Huguette Labelle noted in a statement.

“Corruption continues to lurk where opacity rules, where institutions still need strengthening and where governments have not implemented anti-corruption legal frameworks,” the TI statement said.

The United States, for one, slipped a notch, to 19th place. TI cited “widespread concerns” about American oversight of its financial sector in areas such as executive pay and derivatives trading.

Turning to Asia, the watchdog noted that the global financial crisis and political transformation in many Asian countries last year “exposed fundamental weaknesses in both the financial and political systems and demonstrated the failures in policy, regulations, oversight, and enforcement mechanisms”.

These factors contributed to a drop in the scores of 13 countries, and a reduction in the number of nations that scored above 5 in this year’s index.

The decline in Malaysia’s score, from 5.1 to 4.5, may be attributed to the perception that there has been little political will or progress in combating corruption, the TI said.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission appears to focus on “small fish” and opposition politicians, the report added.

Indonesia, ranked 111, still has a long way to go, but the recent tough approach by the Corruption Eradication Commission contributed to a rise in its score from 2.6 last year to 2.8, TI said.


Let's start with all our cabinet ministers declare their personal assets first. That itself would give Malaysia a leapfrog into better ranking.

malaysia corrupted from top to bottom la. the majority just does not have the mental strength and will to change for fear of competition

Fellow Malaysians, I know that we have always been good, honest people, until our elected leaders 'teach' us shamelessly to be corrupt. It's all over the place and annual corruption survey has caught up with us, again and again. And yet, the government of this day is in the STATE OF DENIAL.

We all are paying for the price of being living in a corrupt country. But Fellow Malaysians, let's put a STOP to this MENACE and elect a totally new government. Then take ALL of these CORRUPT LEADERS, both in the politic and government. We CANNOT let them SCOTS FREE! May we can start charging Mahathir who had first allowed the politic of corruption and created an atmosphere for corruption to breed in an ustoppable manner. CORRUPTION IS ALMOST EVERYWHERE!

Now our country is NOT the PREFERRED country to invest in! Isn't that the ultimate price we, the ordinary people, have to pay?

This is what Dr. M's and UMNO's concept of Malaysia as an Islamic nation amounts to.

17 November 2009

Najib: We’ll respect court decision

Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak says that Umno will respect the High Court decision declaring the Kota Siputeh state seat in Kedah vacant and await the outcome of an expected appeal.

The seat was declared vacant yesterday after the court decided in favour of the state assembly Speaker that Datuk Abu Hassan Sarif was absent without leave for two consecutive state assemblies.

“We’ll respect the court’s decision. We’ll work according to the system. If we can appeal, we will appeal and take it from there. Whatever the court decides, we have to abide by it,” Najib told reporters today in a press conference at the BioMalaysia biotechnology convention here.

High Court judge Datuk Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin ruled yesterday that the Election Commission had encroached on the Speaker’s powers when it decided that Abu Hassan was still the state representative despite being told by the Speaker that the seat had been ruled vacant.

Umno lawyer Datuk Hafarizam Harun said he plans to file an appeal against the decision today.

If a by-election is held, it will be the eighth this year, of which Barisan Nasional has won only two, including the Bagan Pinang by-election last month.


Who is who and what is what.

There is the Kedah speaker fighting to protect the constitution. Then, there is UMNO whose member is the subject matter. There is the EC a supposedly independent institution of malaysia.

I understand the role of the speaker. I can understand the role of UMNO, a politicial party which stand to lose the seat if the court rule against the EC .

But I am confused over the role of th EC,. Was the EC fighting to protect the its role or was it to defend UMNO?

Mr PM are you to talking to UMNO members or the rakyat?
In general I don't trust your words and it is even more with the Malaysian Judiciary.

PI Bala claims second SD made under threat to family

Missing private investigator P. Balasubramaniam is now saying he rescinded a statutory declaration (SD) linking Datuk Seri Najib Razak to a murdered Mongolian model after his family was threatened within a day of his statement in July 2008.

Bala also related in an interview carried by the news portal today that he left the country for Singapore the same day of his second SD and later for Bangkok.

He stressed that he signed the second SD without even reading it.

The former policeman also claimed he was given the equivalent of RM20,000 in Hong Kong dollars for expenses as he and his family were due to go to the Chinese city. However, they switched destinations to Chennai.

In the second part of an interview filed under the column of fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, Bala said the entire process of repudiating the first SD was coordinated by a businessman named Deepak, whom Raja Petra claims is a close associate of Najib’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

The first part of the interview was carried last week and included an 88-second video clip. Bala’s confession came about as he was a witness in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial by virtue of being a private detective hired to keep watch over her by political strategist Abdul Razak Baginda, who was acquitted of plotting his former lover’s death.

“I was concerned for the safety of my family. Deepak had informed me he wanted me to retract my first statutory declaration and then to immediately leave the country with my family,” said Bala in reply to questions in the interview.

“I was in a state of shock as to what was happening. I had anticipated that I would be arrested and interrogated after releasing my first statutory declaration but I did not anticipate my family would be threatened so I was not prepared for this.

“As this VIP Datuk was also involved, I realised the situation was very serious,” he said without naming the person.

Bala then related how he went home and explained to his wife that they were leaving Malaysia immediately, instructing her to apply for passports for their children and to renew her own passport.

He added he arranged for them to also take their luggage along so that they could leave soon after the passports were issued.

Bala then followed a police officer friend, who was suspended from duty, to the Hilton KL to meet Deepak and the businessman’s brother, Dinesh, were he told them he preferred going to Chennai rather than Hong Kong.

“Deepak agreed to this. He then tried to arrange a private jet for us. This had to be cancelled when it was realised we would have to go through immigration at the airport.

“Deepak then suggested we go through Singapore by road, and then fly to Bangkok en route to Chennai. I agreed,” he added.

Bala said the conversation then turned to the seriousness of the first SD and that he had to retract it or “otherwise they could not guarantee anything if the deal failed”.

He also claimed that Deepak bragged about being close to Rosmah as she frequented the businessman’s carpet shop in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Kuala Lumpur.

Bala said at 7.45am on July 3, someone delivered a draft copy of the second statutory declaration to the hotel, which Deepak picked up.

He said he was then asked sign the new statutory declaration in front of a Malay man who was said to be a commissioner for oaths and who attested his signature. Once this was done, Deepak left in a separate car.

“I was never given an opportunity to read the contents of this statutory (declaration),” Bala stressed.

Bala explained he and Dinesh then went to the Prince Hotel in Kuala Lumpur where they met with Deepak again, who introduced him to “Mr Arunampalam”, a lawyer.

“This lawyer spoke to me and told me to just keep quiet in the press conference arranged for us in the main lobby. He told me not to talk to any of the reporters under any circumstances and that he would do all the talking,” he added.

He claimed Deepak then told Arunampalam to answer not more than three questions from the reporters waiting downstairs and handed him a few copies of the second statutory declaration to distribute.

Bala said both Arunampalam and he took the lift down to the main lobby, where they met four or five reporters.

“Mr. Arunampalam talked to them and gave each of them a copy second statutory declaration. He told the reporters that I had been forced to sign the first statutory declaration under duress and that I now wanted to retract the contents,” he claimed, adding the lawyer refused to answer questions asked by the reporters.

Bala said the lawyer then drove him back to the Hilton KL and that he never saw the man again.

Asked if he had engaged the lawyer, Bala said, “No. I have never met this lawyer before. Deepak was the one who arranged for him to represent me at the press conference. I never told him what to say. All this was arranged by Deepak and not myself.”

He said he then went back to a hotel room where Deepak gave him RM20,000 worth of Hong Kong dollars for expenses.

“He told me he had arranged a tourist van to drive me and my family to Singapore where we were to catch a flight to Bangkok,” said Bala, who then went to pick up his family at the Pusat Bandar Damansara immigration office and left immediately for Singapore by road.

“The driver stopped at the Malaysian immigration at the causeway and we all had to get out of the van to present our passports at the counter. None of our passports were stamped,” he said, adding they then cleared Singapore immigration and headed for the Changi international airport.

He said he then changed some money to call Deepak about their Bangkok flight and was told the tickets were at the Silkair counter.

“We all caught the evening flight to Bangkok, which left Singapore at about 8.00pm,” Bala said.

The news portal is to publish more of the interview in the coming weeks.

There has been no official reaction from Najib and family over Bala’s claims but some pro-Umno bloggers have poured scorn over the latest allegations as an opposition smear campaign to unseat the prime minister.


So what now? Knowing how competently our court carried out their work incompetently, what is the point of bringing up this issue when there would not be a re-open of the case.

One had fled to UK, while the other a PM now, another two were made the scapegoats and I'm pretty sure they won't be hang and would see them walking around somewhere at some wulu kampung.

If you had just come forward and say... so and so had threathened me at the climax, this would turn it around and prove to be a solid point, but one year later, everything has vanished.

You should just stay low and enjoy the money you had received. I bet Bala would go missing again when somene give him another 20k.

16 November 2009

UMNO Youth Hands Over Memo To MACC To Probe Nik Aziz

The Kelantan Umno Youth handed over a memorandum to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) calling on the agency to speed up the investigation on Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and his son-in-law, Ir Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman, who is also the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporated (PBMK).

The memorandum was handed over by Kelantan Umno Youth head Anuar Sapian to Kelantan MACC Assistant Director Muhamad Hafiz Hamzah at about 11.30am at the MACC office at Wisma Persektuan, here on Sunday.

Among other things, the eight-page memorandum asked the MACC to investigate immediately the admission by the PAS spiritual leader that a certain group was sponsoring his trip to perform the haj on a VVIP package worth RM65,000.

Two days ago, Nik Abdul Aziz announced that he had decided to cancel his haj pilgrimage this year following the wide media coverage on the sponsorship of his trip.

Anuar, when met by reporters later, said the movement also asked the MACC to investigate the appointment of Ir Abdul Ariffahmi as the CEO of PBMK.

"Kelantan Umno Youth feels that there is reasonable doubt on the appointment," he said.


Hello UMNO Youth! You should hand over a memorandum to MACC to investigate your own youth leader who was found guilty of corruption by UMNO people themselves! And a memorandum for Khir Toyo too. And Mahyuddin and Isa Samad and Najib and Rosmah and.....(Just insert any name from UMNO, MCA and MIC and you won't go wrong)!

I know corruption is corruption but why is it that when Pakatan is in 'hot soup', it is always for piddling $$$ while BN crooks get scot-free with huge loot? Anyway, the police report is only an ALLEGATION, or maybe the super 'boleh' force can manufacture some credible evidence!

OK ... time for PAS and PKR and DAP youth to submit memorandum to MACC to investigate Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan.

Let's see if MACC will investigate which case. Menteri Besar Kelantan or Negeri Sembilan?
From their (MACC) action we will know what the outcome will be.

Its normal for people with faith to sponsor pious personalities for a good deed such as pilgrimage. Many others who are worthy of their piousness (not just TGNA) are known to have been and will be sponsored by those who are capable (who can afford the cost).

Compare to this; Many cronies love to sponsor UMNO's MB or CM or UMNO leaders to Las Vegas, Macau, Gold Coast, Casablanca, Disneyland etc etc .... but not to Mecca. Many examples already available. You see the glaring contrast???

So, it is jealousy or politically motivated that is the cause for this action by UMNO through thier running dogs and agencies. This action by UMNO especially Umno Kelantan is not really for the benefit of the state or nations if compared with reports or memorandums made by PR people to the authorities.

PRs' complaints are for the betterment of the nation, whereas BNs' complaints are to hinder the process for the rakyat of this country to get a better government. So people be a little bit smart please...

Comes next GE, let us....



Court orders EC to call for Kota Siputeh by-election

The High Court has ordered the Election Commission to call a by-election for the Kota Siputeh state seat in Kedah.

The KL High Court (Appellate and Special Powers) ruled that Datuk Abu Hassan Sarif is not the assemblyman for the constituency and declared his seat vacant because he was absent for two consecutive assembly meetings this year.

Kedah Speaker Abdul Isa Ismail sought a judicial review of the Election Commission’s decision to retain Abu Hassan as the assemblyman.

Abdul Isa wants the court to declare that Abu Hassan was no longer the assemblyman following his failure to attend two consecutive sittings of the state assembly on April 19 and Aug 9 and that the seat was vacant. He is also seeking an order for the commission to call for a by-election.

Abdul Isa filed for judicial review on Sept 1, after the Commission decided that there was no vacancy in the Kota Siputeh seat and that Abu Hassan was still the assemblyman.

The High Court on Monday described the Commission decision that the seat was not vacant and that Abu Hassan was still its assemblyman as "irrational."

It set Nov 20 to hear a stay application.


Decision will be reversed on appeal!!! Any one dare wager a bet?? This is typical Malaysian judiciary at work here!!!

UMNo always win on appeal...shit!! Malaysia boleh at it's worse!!

now the court rules that EC has no power after all. But hey, in Perak, EC also rules that Siva has no power to declare the seats vacant and the high court agreed. How come?

How come these two scenarios differ?

This is what the people want to hear. The EC clearly erred in law and refuse to admit it. It makes the people perceive they are beholden to the ruling party. Perhaps the post of EC Commissioner should not be appointed by govt but by parliament and acceptable to all.

Azmin Ali to sue Vigneswaran for tarnishing his image

Azmin Ali, the vice-president of the PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) said that he is suing S A Vigneswaran, the former youth chief of MIC for tarnishing his image where he claimed that Azmin have shares amounting to RM8.5million in the early 90s. Azmin said “Nonsense that is what the allegations are. On this Wednesday, a notice would be served on Vigneswaran for making this baseless allegation that is malicious and libelous,” He also slammed Vigneswaran for not finding out more about the issue where he said “Reasonable people would understand that Vigneswaran has resorted to such a desperate act with the aim to keep himself alive in the political scene and has stooped so low to create something from nothing,”


yes , you should sue him Azmin so the public will get a clear picture

This I have to say. Certainly Vignes have nit championed his Indian community's backlog of pending issues. Why in the hell did he take up this issue so assist naji and g=his gang to seize Selangor back from Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim? Pohhhh Dah, pariah!

vickneswaran cannot suck samy punya kote and now he is yearning to suck kote Azmin Ali!

everybody knows vickneswaran is very good sucking kote vip!

Nik Aziz to perform Haj next year, with or without sponsors

The controversy surrounding Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the Kelantan Menteri Besar for accepting a sponsored Haj Pilgrimage trip is set to go on further as he announced that he will be accepting sponsorship for next year. Nik Aziz came under fire for accepting the trip in the first place but has since rejected it. After cancelling this year’s trip, he said that he will proceed with next year’s trip with or without sponsorship. The original trip was to cost some RM65,000 that including VVIP treatment and services. He acknowledged that he did in fact accepted the trip which prompted the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) to launch an investigation into the issue. He then cancelled his trip but the Umno Youth of Kelantan had rallied for MACC to continue its investigations and called on Nik Aziz to resign as the Menteri Besar.


Tok Guru being sponsor to Mekah, well it's someone volunteering to sponsor. However is better than the KHIL TOYOL curi wang government and travel to few Disneyland!!!

Dr M: Anwar right person to bankrupt Selangor

Proving there is still no love lost between him and his erstwhile political protege, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad believes that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim does not know anything about the economy.

“He is a good speaker but not about economics. If you want to bankrupt Selangor, that’s the good advisor.

“Of course, you pay him RM1, you’ll get RM1 worth,” Dr Mahathir was quoted as saying by Bernama after a special lecture on ‘Asia and the 21st Century’ at the Asia-Europe Eminent Persons Lecture Series here Monday.

Dr Mahathir said that Anwar, when he was in the Cabinet as finance minister, almost brought Malaysia to its knees during the financial crisis.

“He adopted the International Monetary Fund and made the matter worse. I don’t think he knows anything about (the) economy,” he said when commenting on Anwar’s appointment as economic advisor to the Selangor Government.

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim announced that Anwar was appointed economic advisor to the state government, with a fixed monthly allowance of RM1, when wrapping up the debate on the state’s 2010 Budget last Friday.


Dr. M, do you really think you did the right thing for Malaysia during the 1997 crisis? You keep saying that your policy save Malaysia, but do you realize that it is your policy that bring Malaysia's economy almost to a halt for the next 10 years? Our currency is depreciated and shows no signs of bounding, our growth is also limited now, our national debt is increased. Look at South Korea who adopted the IMF policy, since 1997, south korea has been booming, before 1997 no one buys south korea products, after 1997, everyone like to buy south korea products.

Before 1997, Malaysia is still regarded as one of the international financial center and our currency is recognized, today, no one think of Malaysia highly, our currency is not recognized. Sighs. Tell me who don't know about economy. Dr M, you are the one that make us so poor today.

At least its ANWAR who save lots of reserved Gold for Malaysia during his tenure as Finance Minister...So Mahatdir, do u think how much reserved Gold do we have currently or during your tenure???

Old Goat, you and your UMNO goons are the ones who are bankrupting and plundering the country.
Once the oil wells dry up in Petronas in about 15 yrs will have nothing left to plunder and who suffers? The Rakyat.

Mahathir didn't train in economics as well, in fact he made plenty of blunders, i'll mention only 2 at the moment. The first one was the inception of a national car -proton, it's always been a failure in fact it has eaten into the national reserves just to maintain it's name all because it's associated with TDM. It should have been sold off long time ago. The more recent blunder is the twin towers. It has put malaysia on the map, but not necessary boosted tourism, in fact the oweings on it is mind boggling. It was another one of mahatirs personal need for self glorification but not beneficial to the society. With the savings from this colossal projects we could have improved the level of poverty in the country and made sure we had a quality society that can help improve the country's economy.

MB vs MB: Federal Court of judicial pillars or political stooges?

There was deep disappointment and angry resignation when the Federal Court panel of five sat on Nov 5 to hear the Nizar vs Zambry appeal immediately after rejecting ousted Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin’s request for a full panel to hear the case.

The appearance of the five judges alone was sufficient to impart the sense of foregone conclusion, for these are familiar faces that appeared in the series of hearings of the Federal Court held in respect of the current Perak constitutional crisis, and they all seemed to lean towards the Barisan Nasional.

The first three — Alauddin Sheriff, Arifin Zakaria and Zulkefli Makinudin — are virtually permanent fixture in the “Perak cases”, while the remaining two — Ghazali Yusoff and Hamid Embong — have also been involved. One cannot help but wonder: what happened to the rest? Why can’t we have fresh faces to also impart their wisdom over such a grave constitutional crisis?

What about the eminent Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Richard Malanjum, whose seniority was only next to Alauddin (President of the Court of Appeal), and whose judgments often won admiration of the legal fraternity and the general public alike. He has not sat in a single case. Why should the country be deprived of the opportunity of tapping into his rich experience and much valued judgment?

Then, what about our very senior Justice Gopal Sri Ram — an appellate court judge since 1994 — who is distinguished by his deep legal knowledge and sound judgment delivered without fear or favour.

Surely, the participation of Malanjum and Sri Ram will restore some credibility to a judicial system already teetering on total mistrust, thanks to the long string of judicial decisions which have been perceived as blatantly biased and politically partisan since the crisis started in March this year.


This is the third time that the Federal Court rejected Nizar’s request for a full panel. And what irked the public is the court’s arrogance in rejecting the lawyers’ earnest, compelling and unassailable plea without bothering to offer the reasons for the rejection.

That the coming court decision will be of paramount importance is underlined by the fact that it is expected to define the power limits and the inter-relationships of the triangle of King-Prime Minister-Parliament, though the case is over the Perak constitutional crisis. This is because the state constitution and the federal constitution are similar in these aspects of the law.

An affirmative decision in favour of Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir will mean that in future the King is vested with the power to sack a prime minister. More than that, he can do so without the involvement of Parliament. This, of course, will mean the negation of the fundamental principles of democracy upon which this nation was founded.

Facing such a momentous decision, is it too much to ask for a full panel, or at least as wide a spectrum of judges as possible, to deliberate on an issue which may make or break our democratic system of government?

Since the Federal Court has convened panels of seven judges to hear drug-related cases in the past, why can’t it convene an even bigger panel for the current case, since the issues involved are many times more important?

And why make the “Perak cases” the exclusive domain of the few judges who are already looked upon with increasing dismay by the public for their perceived political partisanship? Why meticulously keep these cases out of bound to the well regarded judges?

Doesn’t Chief Justice Zaki Azmi, who only a short while ago was an Umno stalwart, owe the nation answers to these perplexing questions?


The court completed hearing in one single day of Nov 5 the submissions from the lawyers of both the Appellant (Nizar) and the Respondent (Zambry) as well as from Attorney-General Gani Patail. The latter appeared as intervener to help interpret the Perak and federal constitutions, though in actual fact he acted more like an attorney for the Respondent.

The arguments from both sides are largely repetitions of those presented in May in the lower courts, with the exception of the Appellant putting in some fresh arguments. A new input was that the Sultan should not have taken upon himself to interpret the constitution like what he did in his press statement of Feb 5 that considered the posts of mentri besar and his exco vacant if they refused to resign. Interpretation of the constitution should be left to the court. Another point was that as a constitutional monarch, the Ruler was duty bound to take advice only from his mentri besar — not any other including then Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The bulwark of the Appellant’s case, as submitted in the lower courts, remains that the Sultan is not empowered under the constitution to dismiss a mentri besar, and that only the assembly, through a vote of confidence, can dismiss him. The Appellant also hammered home the point that the Court of Appeal’s rejection of Nizar as the rightful MB was flawed in that it had failed to take cognizance of the fundamental findings of High Court judge Aziz Rahim.

And the Respondent continues to maintain its contention that BN had the support of the majority of assemblymen and that the Sultan is entitled to determine which party had the majority support, stressing that nothing in the Perak constitution stipulates that such determination of support must be made on the assembly floor.

Gani said the Ruler had taken upon himself to determine who had the majority support. He said: “A press statement issued by the Perak Ruler revealed this, where he was satisfied that BN had the majority, and therefore, Nizar’s post — despite his refusal to resign — was deemed vacant”.

Note how Gani avoided using the word “dismiss” on Nizar. In fact, none of Zambry’s lawyers or appellate court judges had claimed that the Ruler had the power to dismiss Nizar. They only claimed that Nizar’s post had become vacant.

But without Nizar resigning, how could the post become vacant, and how could the Ruler appoint another mentri besar? This is the mother of all questions that the judges must answer before anyone can rule that Nizar has lost his post.


On reflection of the Respondent’s case, perhaps we should explore a new perspective. Let us ask: what has Nizar done to deserve such extraordinary treatment — his support being ascertained by the Ruler personally, ordered to resign immediately, failing which his post was “deemed vacant”? Had Nizar caused our democratic system of government to come to a dead end, which would have been the case if he had lost the majority support and yet cling on to power by

a) failing to advise the Ruler to dissolve the assembly, and

b) refusing to subject himself to a vote of no confidence?

Did Nizar do any of these? No! In fact, he did the opposite. He repeatedly advised the Ruler to dissolve the assembly due to a stalemate, but was turned down. He wanted an emergency session of the legislature to resolve the stalemate; that was also turned down.

Since Nizar had committed none of the sins against the principles of democracy as enshrined in our constitution so to speak, what justification was there to subject him and his Cabinet to such extreme treatment as described?

That begs these further questions: Why was the Ruler in such a hurry that he couldn’t wait for a short while longer to let the assembly meet to resolve the impasse? And why did he reject his mentri besar’s advice to dissolve the assembly when it was apparent that there was a political impasse — a classic case of instability which is always resolved by returning the mandate to the electorate? Granted that the Ruler has the discretionary power to withhold consent to a dissolution of legislature, but should a constitutional monarch exercise that power without accountability?

The time has come for our highest court to put things right. This is a rare opportunity for our judiciary to redeem its tattered image and for the judges to shine with their judicial integrity.

The stakes involved are so grave that whatever decisions they make, each and every one of the panel should have the courage and dignity to stand up for their views for which they must write their individual judgments, unlike the recent practice of hiding under a single judgment, claiming it to be an unanimous decision.


How the Federal court decides will either help to germinate the seed that has been planted or it could kill that seed. That seed is not just the seed of doubt over our judiciary's impartiality but also the seed of relevance of the Royalty. At no time in the past has ever been an occasion when the people may have had such a sense of disappointment, rightly or wrongly.

It is either we honour them or damn them. If they are good, we honour them n if they are bad, they must be dishonoured.

If they have no shame, which they most probably are, they must be shamed when the opportune time arises.

It is most unfortunate that a full bench of seven senior judges was disallowed to hear this important constitutional appeal.Its resulting decision would certainly have serious consequences, positive or otherwise on constitutional monarchy as practised now and the right of citizens to elect their representatives and to be governed by the elected.As such, a full bench one would have thought would be a natural choice to resolve this legal laguna. Malaysian politics and now its judicial seem to work in mysterious means

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