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13 April 2013

UMNO-BN undertakings produce a lot of porn videos ....latest the PAS secretary-general’s a victim of UMNO-BN dirty politics...!!!!

Datuk Mustafa Ali has denied he was caught on any sex video, the PAS secretary-general’s lawyer said today, adding that the clip that has gone viral on the Internet is the work of political foe, Umno.

“This is a pure slander campaign by Umno. We do not suspect anyone else but the work of Umno,” Asmuni Awi, who heads the Awi & Co law firm, was quoted saying by news portal Malaysiakini.

“My client denies it. The video suddenly appeared,” he reportedly said.

The Perak-based lawyer also said Mustafa (picture) would take legal action once the identity of its producer has been ascertained.

Mustafa has clammed up in the face of a sex video scandal that popped up online days ago and is worming its way onto pro-Umno websites and blogs out to discredit the politician and his Islamist party ahead of the May 5 polls.

The PAS secretary-general has not been named as a candidate for the 13th general elections.

“I will not answer any inquiry on the matter. I have passed everything to my lawyer at Awi & Co to manage,” he said in a one-line statement today.

He did not directly refer to any sexual allegations, but his reply is believed to be related to the ongoing furore that has put the opposition party on the defensive.

PAS leaders brushed aside the emergence of a sex video on the Internet of a prominent leader from the party as probably “fake” and the “dirty tactic” of political foes ahead of Election 2013.

The video has appeared on a number of mostly Umno websites and blogs, all of whom claim the footage was the work of PAS’s ally, PKR.

PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa suggested today that the video could be fabricated, while also questioning its timing this close to nomination day on April 20 and polling on May 5.

“The timing is political, most probably the motive is also political,” he said when met at Putrajaya today.

Husam is aiming to contest in the federal administrative capital now held by Barisan Nasional and Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor, in a further sign the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is taking the fight directly to its rivals.

He said the PR will focus on its bid to win Election 2013 instead and will ignore such side issues.

“I am confident PR will focus on this election. (For a) side-story that is made up, we put aside,” he said.

PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar claimed that the video was proof of Umno’s desperation, saying voters were already fed-up with sex videos that allegedly implicated opposition politicians.

“The people are already politically aware, (they) can think and judge for themselves... this is proof Umno is desperate by playing with this politics of hate and defamation,” the Pokok Sena MP told The Malaysian Insider today.

PAS Selangor commissioner Dr Abdul Rani Osman said he was not surprised by the new video at all, slamming it as an expected “dirty tactic” that independent studies have showed were ineffective.

“This is a dirty tactic, I don’t believe that sex video is an original video,” he remarked, having said that the people will be able to judge for themselves.

“Umno now has no issues, so they play issues like these... don’t have to worry about matters like these, even studies by independent bodies such as UMCEDEL and MAFREL have also said the issue of sex videos are not effective.”

He said that even if there were any effect at all, it would be minimal, while also urging PAS leaders to be diplomatic when commenting on the video.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, executive director of PAS’s research centre, called for a stop to such “disgusting” and “evil” politics, urging for healthy competition among political parties instead.

“I stress for a stop to all these disgusting and evil politics... because politics like these will only cause the anger of the Muslim community,” the Kuala Selangor MP said.

He criticised Umno for allegedly using political methods that strayed from Islamic teachings to bring down political opponents.

“This politics that is carried by Umno is contrary to the concept of politics that Islam endorses... we should be politicking about policies, not issues that go on a personal attack like this,” he said.

Dzulkefly said the effect from such a video would be minimal, noting that PAS’s rivals were using it to lower the credibility of PAS as an Islamist party.

The Star today reported that Terengganu police have confiscated 16 VCDs carrying the video that were distributed in the state by several unknown individuals, but no arrests have been made.








Not much care who in video..... WHAT WE CARES is WHO support disclosing such videos.....( UMNO blogs cohorts for BN and UMNO)

Even if the videos are true... so what!!! Which UMNO/BN politicians abstains from sex??? Someone's sex life is their personal matters. No matured person should interfere in another's preference in life as long as it does not directly effects your own life negatively.

Majority of Malaysians know it is none other than those evil minded politicians who are behind all these sex videos as they are bankrupted of ideas. Nowadays, any sex videos directed at opposition leaders will make peoples more determined to vote out the evil regime

Fabricated sex videos in this 13th General Election are outdated strategies who the rakyats are just tired of.
It is just like using outdated Second World War weapons for the battles in Third World War.

Umno and its allies in Barisan Nasional are so desperate and have ran out of ideas and all of them are reaching the end of dead end roads with no return.

mahathir...old senile man pest democracy....‘single, greatest threat’ to Malaysia’s nation-building


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is Malaysia’s single, greatest “enemy” bent on destroying the Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020 nation-building pillars he created during his 22 years in office, his DAP arch-foe Lim Kit Siang said today.

The DAP advisor has been on the receiving end of the former prime minister’s acid tongue ever since announcing his candidacy for the Gelang Patah seat, and returned fire in a tit-for-tat attack that has been raging for weeks in the run-up to Election 2013.

“Dr M (picture) in his post-PM decade has emerged as the greatest enemy of his own Bangsa Malaysia concept in Vision 2020 and the single greatest threat to Malaysian nation building,” Lim said in a statement, referring to his political nemesis by his popular handle.

He pointed to Dr Mahathir’s public praise last weekend of Malay right-winger, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, and endorsement of the Perkasa president as an “ideal” electoral candidate as one of two examples of the ex-PM’s “baleful and baneful influence” to Malaysian nation building.

The second example he ticked was Dr Mahathir’s “racist” entry on the latter’s blog yesterday, in which the 87-year-old had warned of a “race confrontation” should Lim win Gelang Patah in the May 5 polls.

“Mahathir is just continuing the demonisation campaign by Umno down through the decades painting the DAP as anti-Malay and anti-Islam when these are totally untrue, false and downright lies,” he said.

He said the DAP has championed the rights and interests of all Malaysians regardless of their race and religion since its founding in 1966.

As example, he listed his son and DAP secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng, whom the elder Lim said was jailed for 18 months for sticking up for the human rights and dignity of an underaged Malay girl, and asked which Umno leader had “sacrificed” his political career in a similar way.

The outgoing Ipoh Timor MP also said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak feared taking action against his former mentor as “Mahathir has proven that he could make and unmake Umno prime ministers”.

“[The] last thing Najib wants is to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor Tun Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi) of being toppled as Prime Minister after failing to secure an acceptable winning majority in Parliament in the 13GE,” Lim said.

He demanded Dr Mahathir show proof to support his allegations, failing which the Umno veteran must apologise and recant his “lies and falsehoods against me in his blog”.






There is no further doubt that Mahathir is the most treacherous Malaysian ever in the history of this country. He is even worst that a foreign spy. By trying to destroy the country from within, and while being a PM and thereafter, there cannot be a worse national crime than that. He has wrought upon this country more evil, more corruption and more lawlessness than even the Communist has ever been able to achieve. He deserve a faith worse than any drug pushers, any common criminal, rapist or even murderer. For his crime is one that is of a national scale.

Malaysians made the biggest mistake by letting TDM ruled for 22 yrs. Malaysians were disunited becoz of him. Now lets us all not make the same mistake again by letting corrupt racist UMNOputras and immoral Soiled Leg mislead us. Lets bury TDM legacies and make Malaysia a great nation by uniting against BN. ABU. ABU. ABU. Hidup Rakyat.

Until this senile 'ol grandpa is locked-up of whatever wrongdoings he has done, he will not stop from blabbering...but..never mind Mr LKS..we, Malaysians who just want justice for this beautiful country of all walks of life, race, creed and beliefs will vote you and PR...we are simply fedup with this senile old man and his team...go for it Mr LKS and Pakatan Rakyat!

11 April 2013

an abuse of power....Rais: OK to use state assets ahead of campaign

KUALA LUMPUR, April 10 — An interim government has the right to use government machinery as long as campaigning for an election has not started, said Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

According to him, when the Election Commission announces nomination day and the campaigning period, only then government machinery cannot be used for party purposes.

“However, government machinery for administration and executive functions remain as normal. Only for campaigning government machinery cannot be used,” he said.

Rais told this to reporters after making a walkabout together with street performers and members of Karyawan around Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Masjid India here yesterday.

He further explained that although the Dewan Rakyat had been dissolved, government departments and agencies could still function as normal as this was provided for by Articles 38 and 43 of the Federal Constitution, which cover the institution of the Malay rulers and functions of ministers

“Now we are in a situation of a caretaker government, the government is still in existence... all ministries and government departments continue to function as normal,” he said.

However, he said after nomination day, all government departments and agencies cannot take part in any programmes that involved political parties.

Rais also said that the 10 minutes’ airtime to be given to political parties to present their respective manifestos on Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) was a one-off offer.

He said no more airtime would be given to them during the campaigning period for the 13th General Election. He explained that based on discussions between the ministry and the Broadcasting Department, the time given (10 minutes) was enough, and in fact was longer than the five minutes given for this previously.

He said 10 minutes was enough to present five pages of text of single spacing.

“So in 10 minutes, the parties can forward their policies, contents of their manifestos and pledges,” he told reporters after making a walkabout together with street performers and members of Karyawan around Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Masjid India here today.

As such, Rais said he hoped the opposition parties, which had turned down the offer, would change their minds as the opportunity was being given fairly to all political parties.

On another matter, Rais said he supported caretaker deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s statement today calling on the National Fatwa Council to review all statements made by PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat relating to Islam.

“...this is a big matter...shocking and has never happened is only right that the deputy prime minister ask the council to clear the matter,” he said.

He was referring to the statement by Nik Aziz in which the Kelantan Menteri Besar had allegedly said that prayers by Umno members would not receive “pahala” (divine merits) and that the Barisan Nasional (BN) built mosques because of contracts.

During the walkabout, Rais also handed over a RM20,000 contribution to Karyawan and 80 1 Malaysia netbooks to street performers.

He also said the ministry planned to come up with a special insurance scheme to cover street performers as had been done for actors, artistes and other mainstream entertainers.

He added that the ministry and Kuala Lumpur City Hall were also working closely to ensure street performers gained the proper recognition and opportunities to raise their standard of living. — Bernama






Hello! Billions could steal from rakyat by BN's leaders, what is the big deal when they are taking advantage of government assets. Dumb Malaysians continued to re-elect them means they are given a green light to steal and rob the nation. If you don't want to see these plunderers continue to steal, please throw them out from Putrajaya into Kajang jail.

So much for integrity pledged by Jibby. They get so used to abusing the rakyat's money, can't tell the difference between right and wrong, so much so it is the truth to them. So sick of this gomen redy.

the caretaker officials can make use of state machinery only to perform official duties but their speeches cannot talk about "re-electing the government" - that is campaigning.

For example: can say the "building was made possible because of programs initiated by the government" with no mention of "please vote for BN".

I suggest that PR collect all examples of BN leaders using government machinery and when PR takes over Putrajaya, they should send the bill to BN leaders who can be charged with abuse of power.
Meanwhile, someone should record all the visits overseas and also official visitors who have given gifts to Najib's wife - these must all be returned to the state as it is government property.

Rakyat should oppose this in big scale by launching demo against abuse of government machinery for the purpose of party.

Pro-BN NGO alleges sabotage attempts on its April 20 charity concert


The 1Malaysia Welfare Club, that is organising a mega concert featuring about 10 local and international artistes on April 20, is alleging politically-motivated sabotage attempts against its event.

The little-known non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is now making headlines for its grand dinners, in Perai and at Han Chiang field two nights ago, alleged that anonymous online users had posted warnings on popular social network site, Facebook, to singers who were initially lined up to perform at the event.

"They had warned the artistes not to perform in the concert by saying that it was a political event and this had resulted in the singers withdrawing from the concert," said the club president Geh Choh Hun.

Rumours have been rife of a mega concert being held this April 20 at the Han Chiang school field in recent weeks and this is the first time that Geh confirms that his club is the organiser.

"This is a Superstar Charity Concert to raise funds for welfare organisations in Penang and has nothing to do with politics," he said.

The concert will be based on a 1Malaysia concept where artistes from Malaysia, United States, Hong Kong and possibly India will be performing a mix of English, Malay, Chinese and Indian songs.

"We are not selling tickets for the event but entrance is on a donation basis of minimum RM1 each," he told The Malaysian Insider in a phone interview.

Amongst the artistes that are lined up to perform at the concert are Swiss Beatz, Redfoo, Ning Baizura, Grasshoppers, George Lam and Eric Moo.

On Monday night, the club donated RM2.2 million to 106 Penang NGOs in a dinner it had jointly organised with another NGO.

"We hope to get the relevant approvals from both the state and federal government so that this concert will go on as planned," he said.

He added that the American artistes are performing for free while the Hong Kong artistes are only charging a minimal fee.

"The whole event are also supported by private corporations," Geh said.

He also denied that there were any political links to the concert, stressing that it is purely a charity event.

Just hours before, he issued a press release explaining that the club is not funded by the federal or state government or any political parties.

He also stated that the club works with other charitable NGOs to organise dinners, lucky draws and entertainment events to benefit the people and to "support 1Malaysia for peace and prosperity".

"We also encourage the affluent Penangites who have won the lucky draws to contribute these products or funds back to Penang through charity efforts for the benefit of all," he said.






Why must concert be base on 1Malaysia concept if it is not political. Concert can always be "Malaysia for Malaysians Charity Concert".".

if the organiser don't really know that 1Malaysia is the Najib slogan and tagline to dupe Malaysians into thinking he can bring genuine change despite Muyiddin, Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali and most of UMNOs telling him to fly kite, then this organiser is too stupid and does not really deserve any support and pity. come on

"The 1Malaysia Welfare Club " This is already affiliated to the BN Devils.....Isn't it a Political Avenue for BN.....??? Please don't treat us like KIDS.......!!!

Of late many 1Malaysia stuff and events are mushrooming around the country. Surely there must be some big fish behind them because millions of Ringgit are given away or exchanged hands. It is obvious who the masterminds are linked to.

All the events are held to belittle and put the opposition in a bad light. The MACC, TI-Malaysia and other election watchdogs must prove their worth to monitor and combat such below-the-belt tactics and abuse of power and positions. NGOs are fast becoming fronts for such shameful and abhorrent acts.

And they pride themselves signing a pledge to be fair and accountable!

Umno led Bn had since 2008 outsourced many of its vote buying activities to several special purpose pro BN NGO groups. These so called 1malaysia NGOs will be tasked with organising free dinners and distributing goodies for certain target groups and the events would usually be near to PR's ceramah or coincide with PR events with the hope of drawing away the crowds or creating disturbance, for eg a singing or karaoke event next to PR ceramah. Previously these tasks were carried out by Umno youths and Puteri Umno. To avoid incurring the wrath of Malaysian voters, Umno outsourced the tasks to a group of 1malaysia NGOs.

After much criticism from the public , they are now reinventing themselves as 1malaysia charities but their charitable activities only become active during an election or by election. It is sad that these self serving NGOs still think Malaysians from all walks of life are gullible lots and vulnerable to bribes and prone to selling their votes.

gabby rapist minister to flatter Najib....Rais says ten minutes airtime is what Pakatan manifesto deserves



KUALA LUMPUR, April 10 — Datuk Seri Rais Yatim said today the 10-minute airtime given to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties to explain their polls manifesto was “suitable”.

The interim information, communications and culture minister also said the short time offered to PR was more than enough to showcase PR’s pledges.

“It was more than enough because we are only explaining the principles of a party’s struggle. So for BN and the opposition, they deserve to receive the respective airtime after we consider how important it is to explain their manifestos.

“For BN, its more than that, it is a commitment and a vow just as announced by the prime minister,” Rais (picture) told reporters after attending a closed door meeting between BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak and the coalition’s division leaders at PWTC here.

PR had snubbed the offer, calling it a “joke” and a mockery to the freedom of press.

Leaders from the opposition pact said it had wanted the right of reply, not only during the general elections, but at all times in all of the mainstream media and TV stations, almost all of which are BN-controlled.

Free access to media was among the key eight demands made by the opposition and poll reform group Bersih 2.0. It was also one of the recommendations made by a parliamentary select committee for free and fair elections.

Rais, who told state news agency Bernama it was “ok” to use state assets to campaign ahead of the official campaigning period, said the opportunity was provided in respect of the democratic system of the country and described the snub as “arrogant”.

Meanwhile, the Elections Commission (EC) claimed the offer was to be serial and not one-off and said the opposition had misunderstood government’s intention






Ten minutes! I need at least fifteen minutes to do the big one in the toilet! Shame on you rais yatim!

And rais you deserve no respect from me the rakyat!
This GE13, we rakyat will put you as the opposition party, then lets see whether you like 10 minutes to present your manifesto in GE14!

It's ok Rais, you are now holding the baton but not for long. When the baton is passed over, your scandalous case will be re-open for investigation. And you will then know where you'll be.

This is the attitude that will bring the downfall of BN - arrogance and despotic. Despite all that Najib has done, there're too many deadwoods and pre-historic ministers within the ranks. Advertisement, subtle message of BN now pervade the whole airtime in all channels. And you compare this to 10 minutes as 'enough to explain the principle'. Just how stupid can you be?

Internet exposure much more better than your media. Get lost.

Najib uses 2 hours to report his fake BN report card results. You can give him 2 hours to talk rubbish, then why not give PR the same airtime?

Rais, go find out the meaning of free access. BN manifesto is lifted from PR, so if PR only need 10 mins then BN only need 10 seconds. All they have to say is our manifesto is a ditto of Pakatan, thank you.

Let Najib and Anwsr debate live, stop being a chicken.

Only COWARDS act this this the democracy that your Najib preach......

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