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25 May 2012

UMNO pirate gangs cheat....Perak radioactive waste site ‘safe’, says Ongkili


The natural radioactive waste disposal project currently being carried out at the Long Term Storage Facility (LTSF) in Bukit Kledang, Perak is safe and complied with the scientific methods as well as the standard operating procedures set by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili said he was satisfied with the implementation of the project by Asian Rare Earth (ARE) Sdn Bhd, which was being monitored by several government agencies including the Atomic Energy Licensing Board, Public Works Department as well as the (IAEA).

“I think professionalism is in place in the project as far as how the decommissioning and decontamination was done. The only thing is we are about four months late. According to the contractor and consultant, the delay is due to cleaning-up work which required a longer period of time.

“Nonetheless, the overall project was carried out in compliance with the safety aspects and ensured all technical requirements were met,” he told reporters after attending a briefing session and visiting the project site here today.

Representatives of several government agencies including AELB, Chemistry Department as well as media personnel from Bernama and RTM participated in the two-hour visit.

Apart from the Bukit Kledang disposal site, the group of visitors was also brought to view the former Asian Rare Earth factory site in Lahat whose operations ended in 1994.

The waste disposal project for thorium and other contaminated materials from LTSF was the second phase which began in 2010 while the first involved transferring and disposing contaminated materials from the ARE factory site in Lahat, which was completed in 2005.

In this regard, Ongkili again stressed that the ARE project, which was carried out in the 1980s, was completely different from the Lynas Advance Materials Plant project in Gebeng, Pahang.

He said the level of thorium residue in the ARE project was 60 times higher compared to the Lynas project.

He added that the authorities in Malaysia had obtained useful experience from ARE to manage Lynas including from the policy perspective, legal, implementation and technical competency to ensure there were no untoward incidents in Lynas.

“Our experience since this project began is sufficient to ensure projects such as Lynas install basic scientific procedures, which can used to ensure Lynas is safe to Malaysians, especially the people in Gebeng,” he said.

Ongkili said phase two of the solid waste disposal project in Bukit Kledang was expected to be completed in 2016 before the site was handed over to the Perak state government.

The project is being carried out at a 5.9 hectare site where all workers have to comply with safety clothing as well as standard operating procedures set by IAEA





If this minister's assertion is right then perhaps Barisan cabinet should build their homes close by and live there...I hereby challenge you to say there for 1 month, is cheap...

What causes the increase in incidence of children's deformaties and other radioactive related defects? Are you going to deny that? Then build a bungalow in the location and put your own family there. Put your money where your mouth is, Sir! Talk is cheap, Rakyat have been SWEET TALKED more than 5 decades where politicians became billionaires at the expense of the Rakyat who are languishing in misery!

He said the level of thorium residue in the ARE project was 60 times higher compared to the Lynas project.

  • So its still dangerous to one's health but not so dangerous then? Why do we even need to have this kinda factory in our backyard?! Why take the risk?!

Stupid of the year ....UMNO dogs wear pig skin BERSIH 4.0. wanted to sue the chairman of the BERSIH 3.0....!!!!

UMNO pig skinned dog......


Anti-Bersih traders said today they will sue the organisers of last month’s Bersih 3.0 rally, claiming it caused them “extensive” financial losses.

A group of over 60 traders calling themselves “Bersih 4.0” told reporters today that over 100 lawyers have indicated their willingness to represent the traders in a suit against the electoral reforms group.

“More than a hundred lawyers have called me and stated their willingness to represent traders whose businesses have suffered because of the Bersih rally,” Bersih 4.0 leader Datuk Jamal Md Yunos said.

“These lawyers will represent the traders in demanding compensation for losses.”

Today, a handful of traders and a solitary lawyer were present at the news conference.

“We are currently collecting information of all the traders who have become victims of the Bersih rally,” lawyer Zahrin Ishak told reporters.

Zahrin was the sole lawyer present.
“We have been given orders to file a suit against the organisers of Bersih 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and to demand compensation for the losses... we are a group of lawyers giving free legal services to assist traders for what they lost.

“The suit will be similar to the one filed by the federal government against Bersih,” he added.

Earlier in the week, the federal government announced it is suing the steering committee of Bersih 2.0 for damages amounting to RM122,000 that it asserts was the result of the April 28 rally organised by the electoral reform movement.

The 10 Bersih leaders, spearheaded by Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, are the first people to be sued for damages under the Peaceful Assembly Act, less than a month after the new law aimed at allowing public gatherings “in accordance with international norms” was enforced.

“We don’t want to be taken hostage for other people’s agendas,” said Zahrin.

Jamal said the group of lawyers will be meeting with traders affected by the Bersih rally over the weekend.

He also said that they will be visiting Stadium Bukit Jalil on Monday to obtain clearance to set up stalls outside the stadium for the June 23 “Bersih 4.0” gathering.

“Chinese traders have said they will donate five Modenas motorcycles, as part of a lucky draw prize for whoever enters and supports our Facebook page.

“We currently have 500 ‘likes’,” Jamal added.

The April 28 rally that saw tens of thousands gather at six different locations before heading to Dataran Merdeka was peaceful until about 2.30pm when Ambiga asked the crowd to disperse.

But her announcement was not heard by most of the crowd who persisted to linger around the historic square which the court had already barred to the public over the weekend.

Just before 3pm, some protestors breached the barricade surrounding the landmark, leading police to disperse the crowd with tear gas and water cannons.

Police then continued to pursue rally-goers down several streets amid chaotic scenes which saw violence from both sides over the next four hours.

Several dozen demonstrators have claimed that they were assaulted by groups of over 10 policemen at a time and visual evidence appears to back their claim but police also point to violence from rally-goers who also attacked a police car.

The police car then crashed into a building before some protestors flipped it on its side.




UMNO's old dog tactics could not support from majority of the people....dignity of this dog can be bought with money

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