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26 December 2009

Stop the Daylight Robberies in Malaysian Households

The compulsory billing to households in Malaysia by Indah Water Consortium, the so-called sanitary disposal services of household wastes, is indeed the most ridiculous daylight robberies that exist in this county.

Firstly, this so-called service has never been provided to households till today. I have been the owner of my house in Petaling Jaya for the last ten years and never have I ever seen any such service provided to my household. Let me make it clear here. By right nobody, and I mean nobody, not the Prime Minister, nor the police nor the Agong nor the Judiciary, has the right to compel any household to pay for a service that has not been provided to the household. When I say household, I mean the rights to the home. What anybody does outside our home is not our business and they are free to do what they want as long as they are not a threat to a household’s safety and security.

Yet, a so-called company by the name of Indah Water has been billing households a monthly bill of RM50.00 which they are not entitled to do so. Are households provided with a service which they have utilized, or received or by which they have enjoyed this service? If human faeces is a precious commodity then it is their right to decide what should be done with this precious commodity. Who gave anybody the right to utilize our faeces and make a business out of it without our permission? Who gave anybody the right to make a commercial enterprise of our own faeces and then send a bill to our homes without our permission? May I know who is this idiot who allow these thieves to capitalize on our faeces and in turn send monthly payment bills to our households without even our permission?

This is unlawful and daylight robbery!!

Will our state government put a stop to this immediately? Will our Prime Minister put a stop to this most outrageous and cunning businessmen out of our privacy and stop this illegal plunderers of our money?

If there is anyone out there who wants to condone these daylight robbers then let them do so but not those who do not give their consent to do so.

Can anyone drop a bill of payment into our letter boxes and say they have cleaned the roads and therefore the households are forced to pay? Can anyone say they have planted some flowers on the road side and therefore the households must be forced to pay? Can anyone say they have installed some playthings at the playground and therefore the households must be forced to pay? Can anyone say they have sprayed some insecticide into the drains in front of our houses and therefore our households must be forced to pay? Can any policeman simply stop by our front gates and demand that a payment must be paid simply because someone has demanded for money?

Does our government allow these despicable conniving gangsters to extort money from innocent and helpless households? This is sheer extortion and is a crime and immediate action must be taken against these criminals. The billings imposed by Indah Water Consortium on households is a replica of these criminal gangsters who are looting households for services not provided to households.

May I know who is the grand idiot who masterminded this daylight conniving robbery and with sleight of hands forced millions and millions of Malaysian consumers to pay without their permission or consent? Now the shameless conniving thieves have amassed a fortune and now even have the nerve and audacity to drag consumers who refuse to be a part of this criminal activity to court hoping the fear-struck consumers would pay up so as to further increase their fortune.

My question here to the BN government is this. What is the service they have provided to the households that warrants a payment? Yes, water, electricity, telephone, internets are provided right into the homes and it is fair to demand for payment failing which the services would be terminated. Yet in the Indah Water billing there are no such services provided and therefore this compulsory billing ought not to have been allowed by the law. Any consumer who refuses to pay should have their services terminated. However, in the case of Indah Water, there is no such termination of services but forced and compelled billings failing which they are threatened by court action.

The logic here is simple and plain. There are no termination of services simply because there is no service provided to households. Can people in the government understand this? Are our courts being used as bill collectors for a non-existent service? Can someone explain this ridiculous situation to consumers in Malaysia? Our State Governments must take firm action and stop these mafia operators from terrorizing our citizens in this state.

But our Federal Government must also take immediate action to stop these bandits and thieves who terrorize and bully us. Ordinary citizens are being bullied by these silent criminals who feed on the silent and helpless citizens. No household has received any service into the house as far as waste disposal is concerned and therefore this must be stopped immediately before a host of other criminals come up with new sounding thievery programs to milk and extort the innocent and helpless citizens of their hard earned money. What is even more disgusting is that there are some lawyers who have the nerve and the illogical minds to even send out demand letters for these non-existent household services to helpless citizens.

Will the Government of the day please step forward and put a stop to this daylight robbery?


Let me tellyou the real story regarding indah water. This so call indah water project is given to Dr M crony company. The bill to approve waste water collection project was introduce by Dr Ting chew Peh of MCA in the parliment. BN approve this waste water collection bill in Parliment with DAP against such bill. LKS oppose such bill but because of their number of MPs in Parliment, they could not oppose this daylight robbery bill. Finally this severage water bill was approve by BN robbers. You can verify all these happenings in parliment from all BN robbers and DAP as well.That company in fact receive a soft loan from Govt and started to take over the severage system from all the state govt in Malaysia.

All these so call Indah waste water started from Dr. M. He should be blame fro all these daylight robbery and all of you can verify from him. In fact in the next GE, PR should address this issue and cancell away this daylight robbery issue should they be able to form the next federal govt.

The Chi Bye who hetched this idea to rob the people was of course Maha Tahi and his crony Vincet Tan. You see Maha Tahi got this idea from the "Tahi" itself. His shit head was thinking how to turn shit into money at the peoples' expense. . .! And voila! We have Indahwater vis a vis, the shit and gambling company which topples the rightfully elected Perak state government!

I think we have had enough of this Maha Tahi?

The crony was none other then the BERJAYA GROUP controlled by Vincent Tan and this company started
sending out the monthly invoices for service not provided and the public just refused to pay. After a couple of years the amount due was close to RM1billion so Vincent told Mahatahi about it and the government
bought it back just like how it bought over MAS.

Last time I checked, IW informed that we can have our styptic tank pumped out every month, regardless of whether that's required to do so or not. We have to make an appointment for the monthly service, and if we do not use they service, we get bill for the service regardless.

This is exactly like charging us for lunch regardless of whether we eat lunch or not. It's there for us, "kindly" provided by our fuked-up government, and if we do not eat that lunch, it doesn't matter because we have to pay for it anywhere.

Our fuked-up government is so cleaver!....Want "toll free" roads? Sure no problem! Our fuked-up government will simple add a bill to every citizen for use of toll roads regardless of whether we use it or not.
Free medicare? Sure, why not! Out comes another compulsory payment bill.
Free transportation? Sure, no problem!
So, what else "free" stuffs do we want from our fuked-up government?

25 December 2009

Missing jet fighter engines - Attorney-General returns papers as they are not thorough enough

Tan Sri Musa Hasan, the Inspector-General Police said today that the AG (Attorney-General)’s Chambers have returned the investigation papers sent by the police on the missing RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) fighter jet engines and has called for a more thorough investigation to be carried out.

He said "We had investigated and sent the investigation papers to the Attorney-General for his evaluation and follow-up action. But the Attorney-General returned them and asked us to investigate further, get important documents and find out how the engines were taken abroad," It was reported that Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, the AG said that this is a serious case and has called for those who are involved to be detained. He said “The case was complicated as it involves various agencies including transportation and courier, ministries, security network and the company entrusted with overhauling the engines.”



Dn't attach too much hope on the outcome of the case.History will repeat All these scums or cum are abang adik .If the PM could give RM100 million to his whatsoever ,what is there to cry about for RM50 million ? Yet is shared by So......many people. They took cue from OUR PM. These people get sacked for RM50 million,I would and every one would want to get sacked as well! Malaysia Boleh or 1malaysia Boleh?

When C4 declares no cover-up, there will be 200% COVER-UP. Can't imagine the AG can throw back the Police's investigation papers saying they are not thorough. Either the Police are stupid or the AG, or they are playing Tai Chi. Will the Internal investigators get into trouble for sacking the "guilty parties" ?
After all, the internal inquiry was completed with punishment being metted out. Musang you are right, it is very complicating. Won't be surprise if the final outcome will end with the Federal Court upholding the judgement in favour of the guilty ones especially the BIG fishe

Groups want swift and thorough probe into missing engines

Datuk Paul Liow, the president of Transparency International of Malaysia (TI-M) has joined the various parties and organizations in calling the government to carry out a thorough and swift investigation into the 2 missing jet fighter engines belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

Most of the quarters though do not see a need to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into this matter but would want those responsible be charged. Paul Liow said “A commission was not necessary as it would require the Government to fork out a lot of money. What is important is that the Defence Ministry and the police fully investigate the case. The Government also need to be open and transparent on how it plans to ensure such an incident will not recur. Also, I believe the public wants to see stern action against the culprits who have committed a serious offence against the country,”

Datuk N Marimuthu, the president of FOMCA said “The Government needed to act fast to restore public confidence in the armed forces. We are talking about taxpayers money which has gone missing and certain people have benefited,”


here will be swift action, a swift cover up and scape goat to replace all done by the greedy corrupt UMNO machine.

Malaysia will be the top on the most corrupted country next year!!!!!!!!!!
1malaysia Boleh, NAJIS lagi boleh

Sue me! – Kit Siang tells Dr M

In light of the recent ‘threat’ sent out by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on suing DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang, Barry Wain and MKini, Kit Siang has replied with a challenge. He has called on Dr Mahathir to sue him with immediate effect. Writing on his Twitter page as he is currently in Tokyo, Kit Siang said that he is not afraid and that he will be ‘updating’ more details on his blog pretty soon. He said "Why Mahathir don't sue me now if I had libelled him calling for a RCI (royal commission of inquiry) into Barry Wain's RM100 billion allegation in his book? Why is his suit conditional on the outcome of the RCI into Wain's allegation when M (Mahathir) will do his utmost to block the RCI though claiming to support it publicly,"

Dr Mahathir has threatened to sue Kit Siang, MKini and Barry Wain, the author of the book 'Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times' which accounted how Mahathir developed Malaysia as well as ‘wasted’ some RM100billion grandiose projects during his 22 years in office. Mahathir also reportedly said that he would want the book to be published as it is currently being held by the government. Lim commented and said "Mahathir wants Wain's book to be released. Who really believes Mahathir? Or is (Prime Minister) Najib (Abdul Razak) or Hisham (Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein) the culprit blocking Maverick M's release?"


Old mamak dick has not the brain of Lee Kuan Yew but, try to immediate his sue his opponents is
one of the wasys. This senile old fart is finally have the chicken to come home to roost. This most corrupted bastard in this bolehland has finally met his match...the "invinsible unaccountable" wrong doings of his past!!
There is a God, so they say.........

Dr M will forget all the money laundering he did very coveniently and deny everything, the king of crooks is so predictable and those who believe him are the most guillable people in the world, or the most to benefit!

Now we will know whether Tun is a man of his own words "He said, i will sue LKS" and today LKS reply "sue me ". Now will Tun sue LKS or not. My answer is 100% NO !. If he sue LKS, then all Tun beans and all the Umnoputeras beans will be spilled. So finally Tun will just retrieve back his own word ... and just pretend he never mention " to sue LKS ".

If, i mean if one day Tun should be questioned by our court of a royal commission panel over this rm100 billion wastage is of no use at all because during the recent 'Lingam yes yes yes ' royal commission, when Tun take the stand, most of his answers are 1) I can't recall 2) I don't remember 3) I have forget .... this is the kind of answers that came out from our 'most' brillient PM's mouth and the most surprising is, all the Royal Commission Panalist agreeded with him and he got off scott free. So what's is the point of asking Tun to stand trial, after all when ever he is cornered he will use the " i dont recall, i dont remember, i forget " strategy and later the judge/panalist will let him off..... tak payah lah ... in our court there are too many kangaroos.

Malaysian Maverick book : Home Ministry withholding it, not Customs

For those who are still speculating, the book ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’ written by Barry Wain which drew nationwide controversy is currently being withheld by the Home Ministry’s Quran Publication Control and Text Division at its Port Klang branch. This was confirmed by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department headquarters where they also clarified that it was not the Custom’s Department who are withholding it. According to the department’s public communications section senior assistant director of customs 1 Zazuli Johan “Following investigations, it was found that the book was actually withheld by the Port Klang branch of the Home Ministry’s’ Quran Publication Control and Text Division,”

It was reported that Wain has given account on how former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has successfully developed Malaysia while wasting some RM100billion on projects as well. Datuk Paul Liow, the president of TI-M (Transparency International Malaysia), the book should be released. He said “Why should it be withheld? It can always be made available across the border. It doesn’t make sense. When you withhold something, it is because it is harmful the society especially children, but in this case it’s an issue of information or research by somebody. We should defend it with the truth. We need to be much more open about it,”


The more they are going to ban, the more people would love to sure the book is avaible in the neibouring countries,,,so can the Govt impose ban there as well????

another truth trying to be covered up, but we can thank UMNO for being corrupt, because im sure given time diue to corruption and the thriving black market in Malaysia, we can get this book afterall, thank you UMNO for being the corrupt lazy greedy basatards you are, that its now gonna come back and bite you, malaysia boleh!!

It does not matter which dog they let out, the top dog has the final say. To keep it under wraps or not?
Universally, the truth will prevail but in 1Malaysia it will not prevail unless BN is brought down to its knees by the 2nd tsunami.
We pray that God will bring down the corrupted crooks.

Missing jet engines have already reached Argentina

According to the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hasan, the missing F-5E and RF-5E jet fighter engines have been ‘found’ but not recovered as they are traced all the way to South America in Argentina. Apparently, the General Eletric J85-221A Afterburner engines were shipped off to an intermediary country before landing in Argentina through Pork Klang with original documents of sale and shipping.

Tan Sri Musa said “The police would question the generals although four people, including three low-ranking RMAF personnel, had been arrested and released on bail for their alleged role in the theft. We need to question all of them as it is not easy to just cart away the engines without authorisation and proper documents. Our investigators have so far seized and recovered several documents pertaining to the sale and shipping of the engines,’’


You mean the jet engines flew by themselves to ARGENTINA? ....ha ha ha....

look at this bunch of parasitic scums !! call themselves patriotic ?? what the biggest fcuk of all human history !!! puiiii.. these scums are the biggest thieves on earth ! first they stole this land from the orang asli, then from the kadazan and iban of sabah and sarawak ! then they stole people's culture, language, even alphabets and vowels !! income taxes, resources and whatever there is available !! gosh, and what now ?? as if all these not enough until have to create such act of treason by stealing our country's defense property !! bloody hell, really dont understand why God created these scumbags in the first place ! i will be absolutely ashamed of myself if i were a malay !! and luckily i am not one...

WHO signed all the papers to EXPORT it????

Last time the world accused malaysia of sending nuclear centrifuge to middle east, weapons to moro, terrorist to indonesia, fighters to afghanistan, suicide soldiers to somalia, funding of extremist to other countries. Now, is the jet engine for FARC or medellin?. They are the traiters who should be stripped of citizenship and not the country political fighters as suggested by some BN members. Billions of rakyat money has been drained out but BN members has been very tolerant of them because of certain reason like SPECIAL RIGHTS. What happen if one day war is declared on malaysia. With these type of traitors and foreign spy among our arm forces, malaysia defence will crumble in less than 24 hours. The generals will be among the first batch of exile in England and US (the country whom our rakyat cursed and condemned).

A case like this should be easily solved. Why taking so long??? With papers and documents, signatures for approval, release, delivered and all these could be stream down. A strong hunch that they are just not ready to release the name of the culprit(s). Probably a very important person.

Jet engines and spare parts cannot be recovered BUT documents saja can be seized. Since the 1st day, the missing jet engine were exposed, and each day we are fed with flip flop comments from our ministers and army spoke person.

1) Hamid said " the general was sacked and his pension was terminated " and two days later he said " the general was sacked on other case and his pension was not terminated ".

2) One said " the engine was missing for about 1 1/2 years and the next fellow said it had been missing for 3 years.

3) One said " only one jet engine was missing ", two days later... " two engine were missing and some other engines' component were being stripped ".

4) 0ne said " the jet engines were sold to a middle east country" and today ... " jet engine had reach Argentina "

5) From the defend ministry " this issue is complicated because foreignal were involved ". When asked who are the foreignal ... reply " this is secret " ??????? Apa ini, why secret ?????? Why so special about this foreignal ?

All the above comments came from our BN ministers ... until today, they still don't know what had actually taken place .... all of them are just blank, put on their idiot faces ..... all sleeping on the jobs, spend most of their time playing politics (touring the whole country and already started the GE13 election campaign ... what the fark ! ) and the remaining time ... all spend on playing golf.

Till today, nothing has been traced (yesterday cakap .. engine were in middle east , today engine were in Argentina ... besok engine are in the metal junk yard ) ... no engine, no engine spare parts has been seized except the farking * sale document of these engines.

* Sale document of these engines :- Only a MORON will believe this *sale documents is a genuine document ... only the most stupid con man/thief will ever draft a *sale document/agreement ( the reason: why leave an evidence (sale document) for the authority to trace .... only our those MORONS from our FG will believed this document is genuine). Changes are it is our FG who drafted this "fake sale document" ... a kind of diversion "to not to reveal the real thieves and real buyers"

Who was the former defend minister ?Who pocket the sale money? Why so difficult to investigate ?What really this fcuking Umnooooo goons good for this country ? We had all the most urgly crime created by the UMnoooo goons from Murder Mongolian ,BN Perak is unlawfully install ,PKFZ , dead of TBH by MACC , Corruptions, now engine sold and who took the money ? Look at all this big fat stupid and arogant Umnoooo goons who eaten up our rakyat blood and sweat woth no shame on their behaviour.........who's fault ? It is all those rakyat who voted this group of sucking blood vampire.

We must make a change for nothing worse then now..

23 December 2009

Release book that accounts how I waster RM100bil – Dr M

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called for the release of the book ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamed in Turbulent Times’ written by Barry Wain, a veteran Australian journalist and has been widely regarded as the first independent and elaborated account of Dr Mahathir’s time in office as the prime minister where he wrote on how Dr Mahathir had developed the country’s economy but also wasted some RM100billion in grandiose projects in his 22 years in office.

Lim Kit Siang, the DAP advisor has called on the prime minister to launch a royal inquiry into the claims but the book has yet to be released. Dr Mahathir said “If the Government is withholding the book, I would request that the book be released forthwith.” On the Royal commission of Inquiry suggested by Kit Siang, Dr Mahathir said “The commission should not be confined to one prime minister alone but should also look into Tun Abdullah Badawi’s years in charge.”


Tun M must be all shaken up and embarrassed by being the latest highlight as the ex PM whom wasted rm100 bil.I suppose it all came in time to keep his mouth shut and feel guilty about his wrong doings.



I can sue Kit Siang, Barry Wain and MKini if I want to - Dr M

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in response to the claims made by Barry Wain in his book ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamed in Turbulent Times’ and the calls by Lim Kit Siang for the government to launch a Royal Commisison of Inquiry to look into how he ‘wasted’ RM100billion in projects during his 22 years in office said that he ‘reserved the right’ to sue both the parties as well as local news portal Mkini for defamation although he did welcomed the suggestion made by Kit Siang.

Writing in his blog, Dr Mahathir said "Depending upon the result of the commission, I reserve the right to sue Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and for libel for a sum to be disclosed later. The royal commission should include how RM270 billion of Petronas money paid during Abdullah's five-year term was spent, what projects were financed by this huge fund and the cost of all these projects. It should include how much money was lost due to the cancellation of the crooked bridge (to Singapore) and the Johor Bahru to Padang Besar (double-track) railway."

He added that "Such a commission should not be made up of government nominees but should have as members impeccable people including foreigners and members of Transparency International. I will cooperate fully with the commission. In order for the inquiry by the commission to be successful, the government must give the undertaking to give full access to the commission to all the documents and accounts of the government over the period 1981-2009,"


hahaha i agree, for what talk and talk , sue la , just sue , what i am interesting at now is , Lim kit siang will not just talk about one thing . that 100b can be break down to many things , could be for more then hundred , well , let see, how far this tupai can jump. as melay say, one day the tupai will meet the ground. its you call Tun . i just hope, Tun will over come this in a good maner

Tun M had being pointing fingers at his successer and others but now finally Kit Siang,Barry Wayne and M.Kini got back all the attention of the media and the people back at Tun and they should be applauded for that.

i hope this sick mamak cunt will get the karma he deserves, he is the most despicable animal this country has ever produced !! yet many of these dumb malays still keep falling into this old scumbag's trickery !! how sad ?

its easy to sue kit siang because he has no title TUN yet, whereas you are hiding behind the title.
I believe before the case can be settle, at your age, both of you are nearing 6pm. Do something good for the rakyat.

T'ganu rejected RM1.6b oil royalty offer by MoF, demanded for RM2.79b, talks ongoing

Datuk Ahmad Said, the Menteri Besar of Terengganu claims that the state government is currently in the process of discussing with the Federal Government on the issue of oil royalty payment which is long overdue where they have rejected the initial offer of RM1.686billion by the Finance Ministry. Instead, they are demanding that the Federal Government pay the state RM2.792billion for the period starting 2000 to 2009. he said "Both parties had yet to reach a consensus on the matter.

Although the state government is hoping to resolve the oil royalty issue as soon as possible, there are several matters in the agreement which have yet to be agreed upon by both parties. I cannot explain the issues or new matters involved in detail as the discussion is still ongoing and it could jeopardise the outcome. The series of discussions on the oil royalty between the Federal Government, the state government and Petronas began on Sept 16 last year. I had explained in great detail to the then prime minister on how important it is for the Federal Government to return the oil royalty rights to the people of Terengganu as stipulated in the original agreement,”


Federal Govt, also bankrupted already. You consider yourself lucky, if you can still get a cent. what is the point Terenganu ? why you need money ?
useless, cannot do anything properly! what ever you build will collapse! you want the money fro project ??
give a break , after wasting so much of money .

Becareful with what you demand for ahmad said, you are only a duplicate MB.

22 December 2009

Stolen engines case was covered up from the start

The fact that not one but two fighter aircraft engines could go missing from the Royal Malaysian Air Force's (RMAF) inventory is not just a normal case of theft. It involves national security. And not only must heads roll, those involved must be tried for nothing less than treason.

The government's response and the manner in which the case has been handled so far have been appalling to say the least. We are now being told that the theft was discovered last May. And a police report was lodged only last August. So what was the Defence Ministry and RMAF doing in those three months? Were they looking under mattresses for the engines?

But yet Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak claims there is no cover up. He was then Defence Minister in Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Cabinet. He should have recommended then for the theft to be announced to the public.

We are now told that a top general was sacked. Who is this man? If he is found to be liable for the theft he should perhaps face more severe action.

Najib has allowed the issue to be kept under wraps for more than a year. In the eyes of the public that sounds like a cover up. The fact that a police report was lodged does not mean there was no cover up.

According to Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail, his office only received the investigations papers from the police last month. And now, he has sent the papers back to the police with further directives.

Meanwhile, the public has still not been given wider assurances that the country's defence inventory is in place.

Has any official from Mindef even bothered to issue a statement to say that Malaysia's inventory of defence equipment is safe and sound? Or are Malaysians to assume everything is fine? Just like the public assumed two fighter engines could not have been stolen.


Hey, anybody out there want to buy a submarine or two???. Its easy to sell. Submarine always under water, so go missing, no one will know. Worse come to the worse, we will tell the M'sian public that it sank in very deep waters, and cannot be recovered. Interested? Please submit all quotations to the Def Ministry.

The ultimate head to role is that of the current Prime Minister who was then the Defence Minister! Umno talks about "Ketuanan Melayu" and defending Islam and the rights of the Malays.

But on the issue of national security, it has erred. How can you defend "Ketuanan Melayu", Islam and Malay rights and bungle on national security. Those involved should be tried for treason and jailed without pension to their families. It is that serious.

It is time Malaysians hold their leaders accountable for things under their watch. No more sweeping everything under the carpet. Those elected into power must know they work for "the RAKYAT" and can be penalise under the same rule of law applied to the rakyat

2 engines and that will be 100million and why is the PM and that General said it is ONE..SATU....huh? Now I am thinking it maybe the tip of the iceberg. Maybe it is a WHOLE damn jet plane. How the heck did they smuggle it out? It is a BIG and HEAVY machine? How did they passed through Custom? oh, silly me, they must have used one of those C130 to carry them there on one of the planned training session?

I got a question, so where is the 100 million?

this is ONLY RM100 millions! But what about the BILLIONS of MONEY BELONGING THE SARAWAK PEOPLE being PLUNDERED BY .... previous and present BN govenrment?

Resign lah or the rakyat will "resigns" you. Enough our the BN twist, drama and cover-up.

Oh by the way, in Sarawak, YB Wong Ho Leng (DAP) was suspended and still is, by the Sarawak August House because he uttered the word "camouflage" to one or two BN minister.

COVER-UP means CAMOUFLAGE! This is the BN government and the Rakyat has ENOUGH of it!

Kelantan Pas Youth information chief resigns to protect party's image

A day after being ordered by the court to live separately from his second wife as their marriage was in doubt, Kelantan Pas Youth information head Dr Rosli Allani Abdull Kadir, today announced his decision to resign from all party posts with immediate effect.

Dr Rosli Allani, 35, a former special officer to Kelantan State Executive Councillor Datuk Husam Musa, who had called for the immediate resignation of Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s son-in-law as the chief executive officer of the Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporated, said, however, that he would continue to be a Pas member.

“Although I’m convinced I have done no wrong, for the sake of protecting the image, integrity and public perception of Pas, particularly to avoid the party from being linked to my personal problem, I will resign from all posts in the party with immediate effect,” he said at a press conference.

He said his resignation letter would be sent to the Kelantan Pas Youth movement soon.

Yesterday, Dr Rosli Allani was ordered by the Syariah High Court here to live separately (murafakah) from his second wife, Ilyani Mohd Nor, 30, temporarily as their marriage was in doubt because it had engaged the services of a syndicate in Subang, Selangor, in December last year.

He said he had informed Kelantan Pas Youth head, Abdul Latiff Abdul Rahman, of his intention.

He also asked the newspapers that had carried news about his personal problems to make a public apology within three days to avoid legal action being taken against them.

Dr Rosli Allani said he had not decided whether to continue his career as a medical practitioner or to venture into other fields.


Good move. If the cabinet members in Najib's administration resigned to protect their party's image, there would be no Najib administration.

Dr M agrees to probe on whether he ‘burned’ RM100b

A combative Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today he welcomed Lim Kit Siang’s call for the government to set up a royal commission to probe whether he “burned” RM100 billion on grandiose projects and corruption.

The former prime minister added, however, that Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration should also ask the same commission to investigate Tun Abdullah Badawi.

“I will cooperate fully with the commission.

“Depending upon the results of the commission I reserve the right to sue Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and for libel for a sum to be disclosed later,” he wrote on his popular blog today.

Dr Mahathir was referring to the recent publication of the book “Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times,” written by former Asian Wall Street Journal managing editor Barry Wain.

In the book, Dr Mahathir is alleged to have been blamed for “wasting” or “burning up” RM100 billion in his tenure as the fourth prime minister. published excerpts from the book.

Yesterday, the DAP’s Lim urged the Najib government to investigate the allegations.

“I welcome Lim Kit Siang’s proposal for Najib to set up a royal commission on whether I burned RM100 billion...during my 22-year reign,” said Dr Mahathir.

Such a commission, he said, should not be made up of government nominees, but should instead have as members “impeccable people including foreigners and members of Transparency International.”

He said the probe’s terms of reference should also include how RM270 billion of Petronas money, paid during Abdullah’s five-year term, was spent.

“It should include how much money was lost due to the cancellation of the crooked bridge and the Johore Baru to Padang Besar railway.”

He cited other projects during the Abdullah era which he said should be investigated.

They include the cost over-runs in the construction of the Bakun Hydroelectric project, and also the financing of the second Penang Bridge and the procedure followed when giving out the contract.

“I also agree with Lim Kit Siang that the investigation would reflect Najib’s commitment to ‘combating corruption’.

“In order that the enquiry by the commission is successful, the government must give an undertaking to give full access to the commission to all the documents and accounts of the government over the period 1981-2009. There should be no cover-up of any kind.”

He also suggested that Wain, the writer of the book that has sparked the controversy, should provide “documentary proof of any sum that he alleged I had burned.”

Dr Mahathir also urged the government not to ban the book for distribution in Malaysia. “I am not in need of protection,” he added.


A warrior till the very last, TDM! It is interesting to note that he had also wanted the Commission of Inquiry to also include TAB in the probe. Seems that this man has strong evidence against the TAB administration, but the Najib adminstration will not have the guts to call the inquiry, because he is just so weak!

With all the scandals unfolding at such a rapid pace, he just does not know what to do, and the problem is with his baggages he just cannot do what he wants to do. This is dragging him and his administration down and the only way forward is to continue the way it is and and continue to bring Malaysia further down the international arena.

TDM, controversial to the end, why don't you just retire gracefully and enjoy your old age with your grandchildren?

Dr. M, you are 80+ years old already. Why bother suing for defamation? This cause of action will follow you to your grave.

Its not RM 100 Billion, its USD 100 Billion, read further at Asia Sentinel website -Grand Theft of Malaysia

School buses can now be used for 30 years

Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique, the chairman of the CVLB (Commercial Vehicle Licencing Board) said that starting next year, the age limit of school buses have been extended to 30 years. Previously, school buses could only operate at a maximum of 20 years and the decision was made after consideration made among the CVLB of all quarters involved in both West and East Malaysian states.

She said “However, for applications of new licences and the replacement of vehicles, the age limit for vehicles must not be over 20 years old from the date of the vehicle registration. These vehicles must also get the approval from Puspakom. The extension of the age limit will allow school bus operators to continue operating their vehicles that are over 20 years and ensure that bus services to students are provided. In order to ensure the buses are in good physical condition and the safety of their passengers, it is compulsory for all school bus operators to send their buses for Puspakom examination periodically,”


With the vehicle maintenance records of M'sia I doubt that will be a good decision...too many kids and bus drivers will be killed

In civilized and developed countries school buses keeps the same standard as commercial buses, but in M'sia that wouldn't help...considering the low standard or cmmercial buses here...only 30% of them have brakes!!!

Tan Boon Wah appeals against ruling for MACC to interrogate beyond office hours

Tan Boon Wah, the Kajang municipal councillor has filed a motion for leave to appeal on the recent ruling made by the Court of Appeal which allow the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) to interrogate witnesses until after working hours. He filed his motion through Karpal Singh, his counsel at the Federal Court. Tan said “The intended appeal was important as it involved novel questions and issues arising for the first time in the country and the Federal Court decision would be an advantage to the public.”

His counsel said “This is a very serious matter, therefore it is important for the Federal Court as the highest court to decide on this issue once and for all. There are far-reaching consequences of the Appeal Court decision. If the decision is right, it means that the MACC officers can come to your house at 3am and you are required to go to MACC office to be questioned. That situation is unacceptable. Witnesses will also be reluctant to come forward to give evidence knowing that they will be harassed and questioned round-the-clock continuously,”











Stupid umno corrupted appeal crooks court judges. Your verdicts clearly encourage witnesses to turn away from reporting umno corrupted activities. You malay judges are creating sins in your blood for practising corruptions for umno regime by taking rakyat's monies and betrayed your truthful religion. May curse fall on you for generations. Go to hell.

Lawyer for former top cop in the dock

The Sessions Court here today finally heard the trial of lawyer Rosli Dahlan, who is implicated in an ongoing corruption case against former senior cop, Datuk Ramli Yusuff.

Rosli, 48, a partner in Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill, is accused of hiding information on his assets under Section 32 (1) (b) of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997. His trial was originally fixed to begin in April last year.

Under the law, Rosli was required to fully disclose all his assets in a sworn statement to the national anti-graft body, then known as the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) within a certain time period.

The ACA was at the time investigating claims that former Commercial Crimes Department (CCD) chief, Datuk Ramli Yusuff, had secretly stashed a fortune worth RM27 million.

Ramli was charged in September 2007 on three counts of failing to disclose his assets, including shares worth RM154,000 in public-listed company Pemaju Industries Berhad, and Telekom.

Rosli, who was then acting for the high-ranking police officer, was brought to book in October that same year.

Ramli’s trial, in its penultimate stage, also took place today but in a separate courtroom and before a different Sessions Court judge, M. Gunalan. He is now represented by veteran lawyer Datuk Shafee Abdullah.

Ramli’s trial started on Jan 15 last year.

Justice Gunalan today fixed submissions for Feb 9 after hearing the testimony from the prosecution’s 35th witness, deputy public prosecutor Anthony Kevin Morais.

Earlier, the bespectacled Rosli stood in the dock before Sessions Court judge Abu Bakar Katar while his wife and children looked on from the public gallery.

The MACC, represented by DPP Zulqarnain Hassan, produced the first of six witnesses, Azmi Ismail, who was at the time of the charge, the ACA director.

Azmi had hand-delivered a notice issued and signed by DPP Morais on behalf of the ACA and dated Aug 24, 2007 which ordered Rosli to reveal all his assets.

But under questioning from Rosli’s lawyer, Datuk K. Kumaraendran, Azmi admitted he did not tell Rosli he was being investigated.

Upon further prodding, the graft buster testified that Ramli was regarded as a suspect in the ACA investigation. Azmi added he did not know how the investigation then was linked Rosli.

At this point, Zulqarnain objected to Kumaraendran’s line of questioning, pointing out that the law does not need the prosecution to state where the information to act came from.

But the defence lawyer countered that it was necessary.

“I’m trying to establish that they do not have any evidence to start with to confirm that Ramli Yusuff is involved in any corrupt practice.

“We’re contending that the DPP has no grounds to believe that any offences have been committed. The report did not mention Ramli Yusuff or anyone for that matter,” Kumaraendran stressed.

The judge then allowed him to continue.

Azmi admitted that Ramli’s name was never stated anywhere and action was taken based on information received from some other source.

Kumaraendran later told The Malaysian Insider that the ACA must have “reasonable grounds” to believe that Ramli could be prosecuted for an offence before they could order Rosli to disclose sensitive information because “lawyers hold other people’s property in trust”.

The trial will resume tomorrow at 9am.


Datuk Ramli Yusuff, had secretly stashed a fortune worth RM27 million.

Gosh! Even a senior police officer has RM27m stashed away! How many senior officers are there in the country? This is mind blogging figure! Still want to raise more taxes so that you can feed your running dogs?

What a sham, what a shame. The corrupt in Msia gets away while those who dare challenge them ends up being investigated, killed or put in jail. Msia is truly a banana republic after 52 yrs of independence. Perhaps the British were right to colonise Msia.

At least they brought good administration, infrastructure and first class education to Msia while Msians under UMNO roll back the clock. The good are persecuted and forced to run while the monkeys rule with a vengence. Vengence? Well, insecure people and those with low confidence and inferiority complex see ghosts everywhere and its always everyone's (the white man, the Chinese, the Jews, the superpower) fault except their own.

What about a former MB of Selangor who tried to smuggle millions of dollars in cash into Australia? What about the current Negri Sembilan MB who has been using money changers to transfer funds into UK? I am sure there are a lot more cases where the ACA (and MACC) has not acted, when they should be doing their job. Why go after someone like Rosli Dahlan who was representing a senior police officer in a case which could have implicated the current IGP and current AG? The reasons are obvious isn't it?

BN state assemblymen turn screws on Terengganu MB

The sombre atmosphere of the Terengganu state legislative assembly for more than a year became heated today with seemingly endless questions from the Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblymen.

During the one-hour question time on the first day of the sitting, several questions posed to Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said also resulted in a tense atmosphere and a war of words between the BN assemblymen and Ahmad.

The session began with Din Adam (BN-Bukit Besi) asking for the name of contractors involved in the iron ore mining operation in Bukit Besi, Dungun, and its social benefits to the local residents.

Ahmad replied that the government had given its consent for the appointment of three companies to undertake mining in Bukit Besi.

He said the reopening of the mining area was expected to provide jobs for the local residents as the companies were required to ensure that 50 per cent of their workers were locals.

Dissatisfied with the answer, Din stood up and asked for the names of the companies and their capability, besides questioning whether the companies had really hired local residents as their workers.

“I only know about the opening of the mining area from a worker there. I am from Bukit Besi, live in Bukit Besi and am an elected representative for Bukit Besi. Yet, I know nothing about the matter,” said Din.

Ahmad explained that the Terengganu government was planning to reopen the mining area after the appointed consultant verified that the area held five million tonnes of iron ore.

Hence, the state government had appointed three companies on a five-year lease, he said, and named the companies as TBM Minerals Sdn Bhd, Cahaya Ikhtiar Sdn Bhd and Wahaba Wangi Shd Bhd.

Ahmad insinuated that Din was constantly absent from the sitting and hardly came to the State Secretariat and, thus, was unaware of developments in his own constituency.

A war of words also occurred between Alias Abdullah (BN-Alur Limbat) and Ahmad when the former disputed Ahmad’s answers on the financial allocation approved by the government to implement the Baruh Muring Tasek-Padang Leban-Sungai Bukit Payong monsoon drain project.

Meanwhile, when met outside the assembly hall, Ahmad said he saw the changes during the sitting as a positive sign.

“This is a good sign even though sometimes the questions should not be asked by the government representatives ... like they are the opposition ... but we don’t mind.

“We can also see the maturity in the elected representatives and the wisdom of the government in answering the questions. I have no problem with that,” he said.

The Terengganu legislative assembly has 24 BN assemblymen and eight PAS representatives


dissolve the assembly and start a fresh election is the bestsolution.i believe the bn will chickenout.

The message is very clear that UMNO terengganu cannot work as a team. The end result, rakyat will suffer from their internal bickering. All figthing for their own gains but not for the people. Hopefully Terengganu people intelligent enough to sort the matter during the next election.

DO a search on the company and the directors and we will find if they have the capabilities or the capacities to undertake a mining operation? Will NOT be shock if they turned out to be farmers or fisherman. So th MB might as well give them the benefits of the farmers or the fisherman huh?

Have we not heard enough? Projects given to cronies? MACC should investigate this.

Anwar claims Hadi was misunderstood

Anwar (centre) says Hadi’s (right) comments yesterday were not taken in context.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was forced today to play down Datuk Seri Hadi Awang’s remarks yesterday which suggested PAS was not in a hurry to have Pakatan Rakyat registered, claiming his opposition colleague had been misunderstood.

“We have to read his statement in the appropriate context because the decision to register Pakatan Rakyat was in our agreement,” said Anwar, who is also MP for Permatang Pauh.

The PKR de facto leader went through great pains to explain that a misunderstanding had happened, and that Hadi, himself and DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang had already consented to apply to the Registrar of Societies (RoS) for formal registration of the opposition coalition.

Anwar claimed that Hadi’s contention was that the detailed plans of the formalisation had not been agreed to yet and would take time.

Yesterday, Hadi had suggested that the PR coalition was in no hurry to be formally registered, in remarks that appear to indicate PAS’ ideological differences with its political partners remained an obstacle.

“We do not want to act in a hurry to register Pakatan,” Hadi said.

“Pakatan does not necessarily have to become a single party. What is important is for us to bring out what we have in common, and to put off things which we do not agree on,” he was quoted as saying after a special meeting with political bloggers yesterday.

Hadi’s remarks came just a day after the PR coalition held its first ever convention. A common policy framework was also tabled at the convention.

His comments suggested PAS may still have doubts about joining a formal coalition.

This prompted Anwar to go into damage control today.

“There was a misunderstanding here. It is not that it is to be formalised based on the preliminary terms of reference and constitution, which have not been resolved.

“So I think there’s no problem with that, because as far as we are concerned, we are committed to register,” said Anwar.

“What Hadi has said is that because whenever we try to hasten it (the registering process) the RoS will slow it down,” he said.

Anwar also added that, for the time being, PR’s focus would be to concentrate on its policies, and not the formalising of the coalition.


Misunderstood? Huh! It's like Shamemuddin defending the cowhead protesters.

Thanks DSAI for trying! But sorry, we won't buy it this time. I agree with Steppenwolf. PAS should have listened to Tok Guru and got rid of that problemetic rubbish - Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin. These two must be waiting for the Big Draw, and will continue to give PR niggling headaches.

Why Hadi wants to spoil the party? UMNO is already pressing their panic button especially after the debacle in the budget voting. Next time get Nik Aziz to sign the agreement and surely he will be more committed to jointly topple the BN government at all levels.

21 December 2009

People want MACC to catch big fish, not small fry

The time has come for real action from the Government to fight corruption instead of pussy-footing around, said Transparency International Malaysia president Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam.
He said if the Government continued talking without real action, people would get frustrated and disillusioned and eventually they would lash back via the ballot box.

“Don’t pussy-foot,” he said when commenting on recommendations in fighting graft at the two-day Government Transformation Pro gramme open day last week.

Many members of the public who attended the programme had questioned why the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was only interested in catching the “small fry” and did not seemed to be interested in catching the jerung (sharks).

Corruption Lab leader Datuk Hashim Nordin, who is special officer to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, in his reply had said it was a lot harder to catch the big fish as they tended to be more sophisticated and more professional in their acts.

Ramon said the programme had generated some good recommendations, including calls for the MACC to investigate politicians and businessmen and those who were living beyond their means without waiting for public complaints and for it to report directly to Parliament.

He said the law would have to be amended quickly to reflect the Government’s urgency in fighting corruption.

He said until the “big fish” were taken to court and punished, people would continue to doubt the commission’s sincerity.

Ramon, who is MACC panel of presentation and consultation chairman, said so far no top political leaders have been charged and convicted for corruption.

Citing the Port Klang Free Zone scandal as an example, he said although former Port Klang Authority general manager Datin Paduka O.C. Phang was charged in court, she was not the real “big fish” as there were people in higher levels.

Social Care Foundation chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang concurred that in the PKFZ scandal, bigwigs were named by the Public Account Committee but none of them were brought to court.

“Those implicated must be given a chance to explain in the court, not in Parliament. The rakyat want to know the whole truth.”

He said the PKFZ scandal was an acid test for the Government and there was a need for political will to be executed without fear and favour.

Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye also said that despite many Government announcements to fight corruption, the people have yet to see real results.


Hello Hashim...

American President also get caught lah! Remember watergate?

How come MACC cannot even catch a Tengirri? Only ikan bilis most of the time eh?

No shame kah? You also attended the Interpol training mah!

If MACC cannot catch the big fish, then resign, I can take over. There are many out there who are willing to work for free lah?


no doubt we have not heard about you before but we know you buggers don't have the guts to do so. why not just sub-contract these sophisticated jobs to the ICAC of Hong Kong and learn from them HOW to catch BIG fishes.

i guess you guys are NOT qualified at all to hold whatever position you're having now in this highly IMPORTANT agencies here in Malaysia. you guys are just good to "cari makan" saja. like you have admitted the BIG fishes are more professional in their acts than you.

Cops will extradite RPK if he is in London

nspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan says the government will seek an extradition order for Raja Petra Kamarudin if the fugitive blogger is found to be living in London.

Utusan Malaysia reported the IGP as saying that the police would seek more information from their British counterparts on the matter.

The daily had reported that Raja Petra is currently taking refuge at Trinity Court apartment in Gloucester, Bayswater in London but did reveal how it got the information.

''We are going to investigate the reports by Mingguan Malaysia and ask for help from Interpol and the British government.

''If he (Raja Petra) is there, we will ask the help of the British government to get an extradition order because he must attend his court hearing,'' Musa told Utusan.

The controversial blogger disappeared when he failed to turn up in court for his sedition trial on April 23 because of what he says on his blog was his "self-imposed exile" from Selangor.

However, the police have not been able to track Raja Petra since and the blogger has been said to be in neighbouring countries including Melbourne, Australia.

Raja Petra has been a thorn in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration, especially after the recent allegations made by P. Balasubramaniam.

In an interview on his news portal, the missing private investigator claimed that Najib’s architect brother was allegedly involved in the private investigator’s disappearance and a claimed payoff for his silence in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case.

Raja Petra has used his blog to make unrelenting attacks against Najib and his wife, accusing them of involvement in the murder of Altantuya, the Mongolian lover of the PM’s associate Abdul Razak Baginda.

He is accused of publishing the article “Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell” on his website.

Raja Petra was detained under the Internal Security Act last year but a court subsequently freed him.

The influential blogger also claimed he would not get a fair trial.


actually he is staying in London Hotel, in Ipoh... but our utusan ppl think since the word London is there, so he must be in London itself... he he he

Instead of getting to the truth in Bala's SD, or to investigate the death of TBH, resources are being used to arrest RPK who have not stolen a single cent, link to murder or even hurt a fly. Just goes to show the length certain quarter will do to protect the elite and themselves

Hey Musang,

Raja Petra Kamaruddin is not in hiding, you fool. He is taking refuge from the corrupt system in the country which you happen to lead. Again, Raja Petra Kamaruddin is taking refuge while planning to overthrow the entire corrupt and now rotting machinery of BN. You and the crooks would soon be the hunted and thats when we will see you HIDING like all the other thieves. Raja Petra Kamaruddin is a brave, honest and dignified human unlike the police who have now become the thieves.

Already married Bung Moktar IS marrying actress Zizie

Datuk Bung Moktar Radin, the controversial MP from Kinabatangan has finally admitted that he is going to get married with Zizie Ezette, the local actress whom he denied to proposing after rumours surfaced. He has since been denying all the rumours and today he finally admitted that he and the 31 year old actress will be married.

Zizie said “If Datuk says we are married, then yes, we are married.” And added that “Please understand that I am in a difficult situation. I have to take care of the feelings of many parties. Insya-Allah (God willing), I promise I will elaborate more on the matter when the time is right. And if it is true that I am married, I am not guilty in the eyes of Allah, although I may be guilty based on man-made laws. But if that is what the fate has in store for me, so be it. However hard I try, I cannot run away from it. All those men that I have dated before were bachelors, but if this my fate, I cannot avoid it any longer,”

Bung Moktar, who has been denying the rumours all along is believed to be currently overseas and when asked about details of the ‘akad nikah’, he changed the subject and stressed that he did not want to hurt the feelings of ‘others’ supposedly referring to his wife, Datin Nor Asidah Alimuddin.




So i bet this kinabatangan minister will spent 1 whole year in the room instead of serving the community and attending parliament and Zizie will enjoy lots of his corrupted resources as well..

We all understand lah very very much. For money money money money money money. more money money as being an actress
do not get pay as much as your dream that you will get.. Just look at Siti we all know.... Money money money

My sympathy is with his wife. This rotten husband loaded with money is marrying a gold digger who said she had dated many bachelors before but I guess they were not wealthy like the old man Bung Mohtar. Perhaps Bung Moktar wanted to have some fun before putting his foot in the grave.

This old man made a sexist remark "bocor" in Parliament. He always dream about it and cannot tahan anymore coz he want someone can still "bocor" every month.

This noisy cibai mouth bigfoot from Sabah now had find equally big cibai to deal with. That could keep his stupid mouth shut for a while, at least until his wife bocor every month.

Bong Moktar better feed your wife kaw-kaw, if not she will explore your corruption shit when she feel lonely.!!

Man claimed he was beaten by auxiliary policemen

A 37-year-old man claimed that he was beaten by auxiliary policemen after attending a company dinner at Centro Club in KL Sentral recently, reported Malay Mail. Krishna Kumar left the club around 1.30 am and walked to his car.

He then realized that his car was clamped since it was parked in a clamping zone. Krishna said he seek help from an auxiliary policeman but was directed to office located on the second floor.

When he reached the office, Krishna raised his voice as the first auxiliary policeman was being rude. He asked them to remove the clamp from his car. However, the auxiliary policeman accused Krishna of being drunk and told him not to raise his voice.

Matters turned ugly when the auxiliary policeman pushed Krishna against a cupboard. He hit his head. Therefore, Krishna shouted towards the auxiliary policeman whether he was a ‘polis bantuan’ or a thug.
It proved to be a mistake as three other uniformed auxiliary policemen approached them and took Krishna down. He was tasered twice on thighs before being handcuffed.

Krishna sustained injuries on his thighs as well as rough handling when the auxiliary policemen handcuffed him. He was sent to Brickfields police station and later on to Bukit Jalil police lockup.

He was released on bail the following day before lodging a complaint against the auxiliary police. Since Krishna sustained injuries, he was unable to work for two days. He intended to find out if the auxiliary policemen are allowed to taser him.

Meanwhile, a KL Sentral spokesperson said they would look into the matter and check CCTV footage before handing it over to the police. Brickfields district deputy police chief Supt Azri Abd Rahman pointed out that the authorities are currently investigating the matter.

Only KL Sentral is allowed to hire auxiliary police to patrol their premises.


all the POLIS boleh!!! same like their big boss NAJIS... do anything what they like!

Malaysian police are only good at bullying the innocent and weak.When comes to facing the criminal they become cowards just like the incident in chow kit road.

I have some questions for you:
1. are you a registered voter?
2. did you vote for the opposition last election?

or did you say:

3. "what the hack, one vote will not make a difference" and stayed home watching TV, sleeping or doing nothing?

If you did NOT vote, then you gave your vote freely to the government of the day and so, this one vote made a big difference!

So, stop complaining! Get out of your cozy ignorance, get registered as a voter and use your Right to vote for the opposition! And if you think one vote is not enough, then I have a math test for you.

If you convince 10 friends or family members to vote for the opposition and make them to convince ten of their friends to do the same and so on, just calculate how many votes YOU can create for the opposition in the next GE.

But if you still stay home and do nothing, then you HAVE LOST YOUR RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!

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