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16 October 2010

Make your stand and demand action against the ‘racist’ civil servants – Kit Siang tells MCA

DAP Stalwart Lim Kit Siang has threw a challenge to the parliamentarians from the MCA to ‘get a backbone’ and make their stand clear to the government by demanding that action be taken against the ‘racist’ civil servants. He was referring to the 2 school principals and the Deputy Director of the FT’s BTN (National Civics Bureau) who made headlines when they got embroiled in their own controversies for uttering racist remarks.

Kit Siang said "Here you have the prime minister saying 'give space to MCA', and although he said that, you don't see any MCA minister daring to stand up to make a clear stand to demand that action must be taken against the two headmasters. Even after Umno gave space to MCA, they don't use the space. I call on MCA ministers to demand that action be taken against the headmasters and close down the BTN, which is a poisonous anti-Malaysia organisation."


Pigs from same family, lives in same sty,
Dogs from same bloodline, shares same kennel,
Bastards of BN ??????? WHAT TO EXPECT ???

as predicted... we dont expect actions to be taken against the two racist principals..!! As long as you are an umno supporter..!! You will get away with everything..!!
Got our government as a pillar to lean on ma.......!!

It shows very clearly to the public that anyone having links with UMNO will not be punished like Ibrahim Ali and the two school principals. Of late, we have not heard from the media that actions have been taken despite numerous demands from the public to those in authority to take further punishment except silence. What would have happened if the situation comes from other Malaysians who uttered such derogatory statement? We would presume more than one hundred police reports would have been taken by UMNO youth and Perkasa members and swift actions from the police without fail. Do we call that 1MALAYSIA concept as what our PM trumpeted recently?

MCA is lame duck !!!!Their two balls has been cut off !!!. They are balless. Able to imagine they are BN's pariahs !!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Another one said he was ‘forced’ to sign SD

New ArRasid Rosdi, one of the former aides of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim became the latest person who claimed to have been ‘forced’ to sign a SD (statutory declaration) in order to help Anwar in the currently on-going Sodomy II trial. He claimed that he was ‘detained’ for a few days and subsequently forced to sign the SD in 2008, similar to the statement given by Rahimi Osman last week.

He said “On the night of June, 28, 2008, after Saiful Bukhari Azlan lodged a police report against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, I was asked to come to Quality Hotel. There, I was detained for several days and placed under 24-hour surverillance. Detained along with me for Anwar’s former secretary, Rahimi Osman. I have never ordered or made that declaration myself. I also did not agree with the contents of the SD. Latheefa never explained to me about the SD and I did not understand it 100 per cent. I also never appointed Latheefa to be my lawyer. I feel she should have explained to me what the SD was about but since she did not do that, I feel cheated. As a lawyer, she should not have done this to me. Although I have a criminal record because of my past mistake, I am still a Malaysian citizen,”

He added that “I signed it because I feared for my safety and that of my family’s. After several nasty incidents in Quality Hotel, I was forced to abide by all of their demands. Finally, when my friend Rahimi came forward to correct this mistake, I began to feel more brave and confident in myself to right this wrong. I also signed a new SD to tell the true story. However, I cannot reveal its contents because I fear it may disturb the court process,”


Someone please get rid of those cartoons. PDRM, don't waste tax payer money to entertain those idiot who claim to being force to sign SD. So easy to force? Why only say now? These two idiots got no principle in life . Let them rot!!!!

Najib will never give up his filthy manipulations will he ? This bastard wants to hang on to power at any cost.Does he not know that Muhyiddin will oust him and put him behind bars for the murder of Altantuya ? The biggest threat to his Premiership is Muhyiddin and not Anwar Ibrahim. Very soon this man will lose everything.His present "supporters and instigators" will drop him for Muhyiddin because they are only loyal to who can enrichen them.
This man will face the same fate as Abdullah Badawi.

Farewell you fool !!!!!

Chief-Sec should be hauled up for inaction against the ‘racists’ – DAP

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang is calling for Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, the Chief Secretary to the Government to be hauled up for failing to take action against the ‘racists’ school principals and the BTN (National Civics Bureau)’s FT Deputy Director. He said “The Chief Secretary’s silence on the matter was a mockery to the Najib administration’s reform plans.”

He added that “This is an utter mockery of the government transformation programme when two months have elapsed but nothing has been done with regards to the principals. Perhaps the chief secretary does not understand the meaning of people first, performance now. The Chief Secretary must be hauled up in Parliament for failing to take action...has the Dewan Rakyat speaker been informed (about whether the principals have been disciplined)? The government’s failure to take action against the principals is more eloquent than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s speech at the MCA AGM,”


like Ku Li said UMNO will never change..!! Simply put it if our governement can change our country wont be in a mess..!!
Look at the issue on Namewee.. He is anti racism and yet kena again simply because he is a chinese..!! Even a child can see through this....
Dont expect our government to change..!! It is only the rakyat who can change this useless government..!!

BN will always control the events no matter what !

The Chief Sec has his hands tighted behind his back,yes Sir.

PM presents RM212 billion Budget 2011

The prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tabled Budget 2011 at the parliament where it totaled RM212 billion which is higher than 2010 by 2.8% higher. He said that achievement for 2011 is targeted at 6% coming in from the private sector. Income per capita will be RM28,000 at 6.1%. He presented the Budget themed "Transformation Towards a Developed and High-Income Nation" in 4 key strategies.

Private investments is expect to total RM12.5billion in 2011 under a few PPP projects that include the Ampang-Cheras-Pandan Elevated Highway, a 300-megawatt Combined-Cycle Gas Power Plant in Kimanis, Sabah, International Islamic University Malaysia Teaching Hospital in Kuantan; Women + Children’s Hospital and The Academic Medical Centre. 2011 will kick start the Greater KL MRT project and Warisan Merdeka.

Among the highlights and allocation to start next year are:
RM100million of soft loans to be disbursed as start up funds by the Malaysian Technology Development Corporation
A Private Pension Fund will be launched.
Income tax relief of up to RM6k for employees contributions to EPF will extend to Private Pension Fund contributions
Local E&E companies to be allocated RM857 million.
RM146 million for the oil, gas and energy inudstry
Import duty and excise duty exemption for hybrid cars until end of 2011.
Programme on Blending of Biofuels with Petroleum Diesel (B5 Programme) to be launched in June 2011
RM3.8 billion for the agriculture sector.
RM85 million to build hotels and resorts for remote areas.
RM3 billion eco-nature resort Nexus Karambunai, Sabah
RM100 million allocated for the tourism industry
RM127million for domestic oleo derivatives companies plus RM23.3m to expand downstream palm oil industries
RM119 million for Multimedia Development Corridor programme to stimulate the digital economy
Exemption of import duty and sales tax for broadband internet equipment extended until 2012.

RM339 million for Iskandar Malaysia
RM113 million for the Northern Corridor Economic Region
RM178million for the East Coast Economic Region
RM93million for Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy
RM411 million R&D&C activities
RM71 million for Special Innovation Unit UNIK
RM200m for the creative industry
RM29.3billion for the Ministry of Education
RM10.2biliion for the Ministry of Higher Education
RM627million for Ministry of Human Resource
Talent Corporation to be set up the Prime Minister’s Office
RM6.4 billion for schools, hostels, facilities and equipment
RM213 million to reward high-performance schools
RM250million for schools which are in the religious, Chinese-type, Tamil national, missionary, Government-assisted categories
RM576million for scholarships
RM213million to enhance proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia and English Language
RM50million to train ICT graduates by Multimedia Development Corporation (MdeC)
RM474million to enhance productivity and skills of non-graduates
RM599 million for the 1Malaysia Training Programme
RM200million for training centers to conduct part-time classes
RM200million for specific training programmes under the Human Resource Development Fund
Minimum wage for security guards set between RM500 and RM700
RM30million for the Single Mother Skill Incubator Programme and the Prime Entrepreneur and Women Activist
RM365 million for the Ministry of Youth and Sports
RM20 million to produce quality football players at the Football Academy in Pahang
RM1.2 billion for the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.
RM218 million to help 80,000 disabled individuals in assistance programme
Up to RM5,000 tax relief for parents who have to pay for daycare, caretakers, etc
RM6.9billion for basic infrastructure
RM2.1billion for Sabah and Sarawak to build and upgrade rural roads while for Peninsular Malaysia, RM696 million
Monthly allowance for Imams will be increased to RM750.
KAFA teachers will get increase of allowance to RM800
RM100million for programmes involving Orang Asli issues
No rise in toll rates from PLUS Expressway Berhad for 5 years
RM15.2 billion for new hospitals and more manpower and equipment
Build an additional 25 1Malaysia clinics on top of the 51 currently running
RM350 million for crime fighting programmes
RM1.9 billion for environmental friendly projects like River of Life and KL Greening
1MDB to supply multi-vitamins for primary school students.
RM20 million for the 1Malaysia Youth Fund


Whats the point having impressive figure just to lure votes. It is the smooth running of govt machinery and a jovial atmosphere that prevail in this country that really matter. First thing come first and for heaven sake,dont go around to tipu the rakyat ! Inevitably,the people will bear the brunt through higer taxation and higher price of food. More project mean giving more chance for the goons to fill their own pocket. Nothing to cheer about but rather a day of apprehension !

13 October 2010

Action against ‘Racist’ principals taken, no need to discuss further - Speaker

Tan Sri Pandikar Amin, the speaker claims that the 2 ‘racists’ school principals had already been disciplined and that there is no need for any emergency motion. This is provided under Standing Orders 18 (12) and called on all to stop harping on the issue. He however did not say what actions were taken and that there were also no official announcements on the issue.

He said “I have looked through matter and it is of public interest. However, I have been informed that the education ministry and the Public Service Department (PSD) have already taken action against these two individuals... so there is no necessity for a motion. I hereby reject this motion” The emergency motion was raised by Lim Kit Siang where he said “Two months have passed since the incidents have occurred... but no disciplinary actions have been taken against the two principals. This is a mockery towards this year’s national theme, ‘1 Malaysia menjana transformasi (driving transformation)’ and is a step back from the prime minister’s own declaration of zero tolerance towards racism,”


UMNO can always twist and turn , especially issues of racial interests, when malays say something wrong against other races, UMNO is always out to protect these racist.
Even the court of law in Malaysia has turn into a kangaroo court, just like the issue of the malaysian lawyer threatening the stupid lady judge named..PUAN NOOR AZLAN BTE SHAARI.

This stupid judge thought that she owns the court whenever she is in court because she will threaten everyone , from her translators to lawyers. Serves her right that she met a senior lawyer who knows where his right stands and showed her the middle finger instead.
This lady judge is not fit to be in chambers and I wonder how she was appointed one.
Any case that comes under her mention will be fcuked up !!!!
If she can be a judge, pigs eventually will have wings !

Rosmah asks Malaysians abroad to be colour-blind

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of the prime minister, has called on Malaysians abroad to maintain the good image and reputation of the country.

She said as little ambassadors of the country, they should know how to carry themselves and forge friendship with other nationalities.

“Just continue to make new friends from other countries and learn their customs, cultures and way of life as well as their cuisines,” she said at the luncheon with the members of the Malaysian Foreign Ministry Women’s Association at the Malaysian Permanent Representative Office to the United Nations here yesterday.

The foreign minister’s wife Datin Seri Siti Robiah Abdul Samad, the Malaysian ambassador to the United States’ wife Datin Seri Kalson Ismail, the Malaysian Permanent Representative to the UN’s wife Datin Amy Hamidon and the Malaysian consulate-general in New York’s wife Arfah Nadiah Ahmad were present.

Rosmah said Malaysians should also maintain cordial relations among them by not associating their ethnicity and racial background in efforts to help realise the 1 Malaysia concept.

She also urged Malaysians to take the opportunity to promote the country to the local communities by sharing stories on the country’s food and cuisines.

Rosmah also urged diplomats and their spouses to strive for self-improvement, including enhancing their working knowledge of English and learning French.

Earlier, Amy spoke of the activities organised by the association to promote Malaysia including holding food festivals.

Rosmah is accompanying Najib, who arrived here last Thursday to lead the Malaysian delegation to the UN General Assembly.


In reality, when Malaysians are abroad, we couldn't care less about our ethnicity because the countries most of us are in don't pay any attention to what ethnicity we belong to. It is only back in Malaysia that UMNO keeps harping on ethnic differences when in fact all of us consider ourselves Malaysians with a shared destiny in the world. It is UMNO that keeps playing on race and religion to divide the peoples, to cause uncertainty among the peoples in order to retain power. Rosmah, Rosmah, I couldn't care less whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazandusun, Dayak or whatever.

But I care when people go missing or resurface in fragments, I care when your husband and his UMNO cronies display their racist colours and wave their keris, I care when UMNO abuses power and pilfers from the national treasury even if through legal (but morally corrupt) means which denies money for the education of our children, I care when our children are denied the education they deserve just because UMNO prefers shortcuts than to work hard at giving our children the best education we can afford, I care when there is injustice done to our children!

Rosmah: Education key to future

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor said today that education, particularly at an early stage, is the most important tool to nurture children into responsible leaders and good citizens and shape the future for a better world.

The wife of the prime minister said that education would give children the capacity, capability and value system to be good leaders, as well as the social mobility to uplift themselves.

In her keynote address at the inaugural First Ladies Summit at the Palace of the Golden Horses near here, Rosmah said that children should be taught not only to strive for economic and technological advancement but also to foster and cultivate harmonious societies which care for the people.

“I have faith that education that begins early in the life of a child, through career and lifelong learning, is not only the keystone to knowledgeable and creative adults, but also fundamental to the inculcation of values, ethics and roles, which ultimately shape the nation’s character, growth and social cohesion,” she told a packed ballroom.

Fifteen first ladies are attending the summit themed, “A Child Today, A Leader Tomorrow”. Also attending are six representatives of first ladies and 20 ministers.

The First Ladies Summit 2010, initiated and hosted by Rosmah, focuses on ways in which families, communities and governments can work together to uncover the potential in every child.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak opened the summit at Seri Perdana last night.

Rosmah pointed out that history had shown that countries that neglected education, particularly early education, would eventually realise that they would lose out and would struggle to move their economies forward and create progress in their societies.

She also said that as investing in children helped to lay the much-needed foundation for nation building and global peace, education must not only transmit knowledge that was developed in the past but also anticipate future knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by youths when they assume adult roles.

“Education as well as social environments of the family and community are the major influences in empowering and enriching children with the necessary knowledge, positive values and skills towards these goals,” she stressed.

Rosmah said that given the large proportion of young people, especially in the developing world, they could form a significant demographic that could drive economic growth and contribute to global welfare if they were sufficiently educated and prepared for the future.

“If not they could be marginalised and radicalised, thus becoming easy recruits for subversive elements that can lead to domestic and international insecurity and instability. They may also stray and be lured into lives of vice and crime,” said Rosmah.

Saying that early childhood education and care, or ECEC, was a subject close to her heart, Rosmah said that it gave children below the age of four from underprivileged families an early start in life.

Beginning with five pilot centres in 2007, the ECEC is now implemented in 500 centres nationwide which benefits more than 20,000 children who are from rural areas and from among the urban poor.

She also told the audience that the building of schools for gifted children between the ages of 15 to 17 years, which is directly attached to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), was underway and that the first intake of about 150 academically gifted children would commence in January next year.

In her speech, Rosmah also stressed that the community and the state had an equally important role in nurturing children to be good leaders, and as such they should design policies that could stimulate intellectual, cultural and spiritual development among children.

Rosmah also said that the world faced “many intractable problems” such as poverty and malnutrition, gender inequality, environmental degradation, weak governance systems, economic crisis, armed conflicts, security threats and societal failures, all of which were still plaguing humankind.

“If we look around us today, we see a world with so many conflicts and so many problems, almost all of which are caused by mankind. Who are these people? Weren’t all these people once children? What happened in their lives that made them do these harmful acts with neither mercy nor remorse?” she asked.

“More than half of the world’s population, mainly in developing countries, live in abject poverty, without clean water, proper sanitation and enough food to eat.

“The poor include refugees fleeing conflict situations and more than one billion children, who are the most visible victims of malnutrition,” Rosmah said.

Citing Unicef’s “The State of the World’s Children” Report 2009, Rosmah said 24,000 children died each day due to poverty and 121 million children worldwide had no access to education and nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or even sign their names


May I know which countries were these first ladies came from? I read they are mostly from third world, how come I don't see Michelle Obama here?? Even Ho Ching (Spore) is not here??

Does the First Lady Khajidsuren Bolormaa of Mongolia attended this summit.. many children of Mongolia suffered from the same predicament especially.....

Education future of the country,doomed if lead by a 'powerless' Education Minister who condone to racialism and selling of sexual enchantment pills to their students.

Tell us why your husband buy 2 unsink submarines, dont know what name overexpensive helicopter? Are we under attack? Now in 2016 no need PMR. Is that the key to the future?

Perkasa to launch ‘Woodstock’ like event to draw younger votes

In the latest effort by Malay rights group Perkasa to shed off its so-called ‘racist’ efforts, they will be organizing an event to try and draw support from the younger crowd. The event is set to emulate a likes of ‘Woodstock’ and will be held at the end of the year to try and win the voters who are sitting on the fence. Arman Azha Abu Haniffah, the youth chief of Perkasa said that “This year end, we are going to organise something like Woodstock for youths that are still undecided. Fence-sitter that do not support the government or opposition and are free-minded. We plan to organise 24-hour concerts, racing competitions, street sports, extreme sports and many more. This is how we are planning to mobilise the youths,”

On top of that, Arman added that they are also targeting the social delinquents and outcasts to instill patriotism into them. He said “The government and the opposition only see problems when we talk about mat rempits, pregnant teenagers and extreme sports athletes, rockers and hip hoppers. They say that they have no future. What are they talking about? This is the new generation that is going to bring up the country. There are seven million of them but they don’t want them. Imagine if during the next general election, there will be seven million voters behind Perkasa. Both of them (PR and BN) only talk about student leaders but student leaders are only 25 people but there are another 3,000 students in schools. When they feel neglected they begin to dissociate with politics and won’t vote. The event will be held from December 10 to 13. I don’t care if you Malay, Chinese, or Indian. I want you to come and change your mind set to love this country. It shows that I am not a racist. My name is Arman, I am not a racist,”



hahahahahahahahahahahaha.....!!!!! kakakakakakakakakakakakaka...!!!!

hohohohohohohohohohohoh...!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!!!

WOODSTOCK..!!! (rolling on the ground) hahahahahahahahahaha......!!!!!

what does Perkosa really really know about woodstock..?? They know shit about woodstock and why so american.!! hahahahahahah...!!! Use something more "melayu" instead of woodstock lah!! ........................SOHAI lah..!!!!

thank you for making my day..!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!!

Few more STOCK that is suitable for Ibrahim
1) laughingSTOCK means :- tertawaan
2) STOCKY means :- gemuk, pendek dan degap
3) one more .... 'fatSTOCK'.


Kelantan palace revokes Ibrahim Ali’s datukship

The Sultan of Kelantan today stripped Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali of his datukship with immediate effect.

Palace comptroller Datuk Abdul Halim Hamad told The Malaysian Insider that Sultan Muhammad V also revoked the former state secretary Datuk Wan Hashim Wan Daud’s title.

Wan Hashim had claimed to be the private secretary to Muhammad’s predecessor and father Sultan Ismail Petra during the recent palace crisis which eventually led to the proclamation of a new Sultan.

I am not trying to protect PM and his wife - Rahimi

Rahimi Osman, the former aide of Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim claimed that he has no intention whatsoever to trying to ‘protect’ the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak or his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and that he is only assisting in the investigations that he was ‘forced’ to sign 2 SDs (statutory declarations) to implicate the prime minister and his wife.

He said “The police took down my statement on Friday. I was there for between two to three hours for the investigating officer to record my statement. Furthermore, as prime minister why is there a need for him to get into this as the police is investigating it. Let the police do their job. The people may understand that the PM has many things on his hand which he had to focus on like the economy. There is no need to trouble the PM with his important job. Furthermore, he is engaged in tabling the budget this Friday. My advice to the so-called leaders is to use your brain and not to gain cheap popularity from the top leaders. I know there are two or three higher echelon leaders in PKR who view them to be much lower than others. What is important is that I was not recruited by someone within PKR. I have been a party supporter from the very beginning,”


running dog..!!! Like as if we are stupid..!!

Rahimi you are letting the cat out of the bag. so stupid n foolish young man n bold to identifies as saifool buddy. Melayu like you are born stupid.

The more this news comes out the more I suspect its not alone money, its got to do with Saiful and his new found bonking partner.

You should go to the mosque and swear on the Kuran just like your back seller buddy Saiful then you dont have to face anything legal !

Ibrahim Ali did not stand up and talked on his phone during 1 minute silence for the late Chong

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the independent Pasir Mas Member of Parliament got himself into the limelight in the parliament yesterday after he ‘showed disrespect’ when the House stood in a one-minute silence respect for the late Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah, who is the Batu Sapi MP who died in a motorcycle accident last week. MPs from the opposition front slammed Ibrahim for disrespectful after he did not stand up when everyone else did and continued talking on his mobile phone.

Datuk Khalid Samad from PAS said “The Perkasa president was being disrespectful and "deliberately provocative", and warned that the opposition bench may move a motion to reprimand Ibrahim. Maybe we will move a motion. I think we should... this is his attitude, encouraging Malays to disrespect non-Malays. A fellow MP has died and it is just one minute of mourning as a show of respect, but he continued to sit and talk loudly over the phone, apparently to show his spirit as a Malay champion. It was clear to all the MPs that Ibrahim was on the phone, as only his voice was heard while everyone else was honouring the minute's silence. He said at the end he stood up, but that was only the last part, one or two seconds. How important is this phone call? We all have handsets. I personally turned around to see him sitting down and talking... he didn't stand up when he should have,"

Meanwhile the PKR MP of Sungai Petani, Johari Abdul said “Not only was Ibrahim disrespectful to Chong, who died in a motorcycle accident on Saturday, but the independent MP also did not heed the speaker's orders and went against House rules which prohibits the use of handphones. This shows he does not respect the speaker and our late colleague. Even if he is an Muslim and a Malay, it is our values as Malaysians to respect each other. He must remember, as Perkasa president his actions show as if he does not respect anyone who is not Malay and Muslim,"

This was echoed by Dr Hatta Ramli, the PAS MP of Kuala Krai who said “We want to distance ourselves from his behaviour, which clearly does not reflect the values and mannerisms of Malay culture... we do not want to be related in any way to the culture brough about by Ibrahim Ali (left) and Perkasa,"

To this, Ibrahim Ali defended his actions saying that "I stood up. I was a bit late. Not even one second (late). To say I didn't stand up to show respect is a big lie." Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong, the Deputy Education Minister added that "I'm disappointed with the controversial MP, neither from BN or Pakatan, who kept talking on the phone when the house was showing respect to the deceased MP. An MP must show respect to his deceased colleague without looking at one's skin colour,"


coming from this pigface who is ever suprised that he wont do what he did..!! He has no fuking respect for the living and we expect him to give respect to the dead..!!
What I will do after he dies. I will go and spit on his grave..!! He deserve what he deserve from been what he is..!!

11 October 2010

Perkasa won’t be campaigning with Umno at GalasUntitled

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the outspoken president of Malay rights group Perkasa said that they will not be getting involved in the upcoming by-election of Galas. They have yet to receive any acknowledgement by BN (Barisan Nasional) to be part of their campaign. Having said that, Ibrahim added that Perkasa will not be getting involved with the by-election but if any members would like to join the campaign, they can do so in their own accord.

He said “Perkasa will not be involved in any campaign whatsoever in Galas. Just like me, I will go there to monitor or to give my opinions, but as an independent MP and not under the name of Perkasa president. I stress here that Perkasa, as an organisation, will not be involved in any campaign, whatsoever,”


You dun have to. Nothing to do with you anyway. Then you dun get tired.
When your heart is not happy,mentally not right, you request is not fulfilled. You will get mentally tired. Ha...ha

"Perkasa main role is for championing for the malay" said Perkasa's president Ibrahim Ali.

In the past 2 years, Ibrahim Ali has been going around and challenging PAS, naming PAS as a failure malay party as a party that didn't do much for the malay. Now here is a by election at Kelantan, why Perkasa back off ? This is the perfect opportunity for Perkasa to voice out at the malay majority area, tell the malay at Galas, tell them that PAS has failed them and it is also the perfect timing to spread Perkasa ideologies. WHY BACK OFF? What happen to your three hundred plus thousand members ? Tidur ka or playing golf ?

If Pakatan wins, PAS will take over – Dr Chua

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, the president of MCA has warned that if the opposition front, PR (Pakatan Rakyat) wins the general election and takes over the federal government, it would be PAS who would be the captain. He said that despite PAS’ recent stand which is more moderate, they will never leave their ‘autocratic Islamic stand’ if the opposition takes over Putrajaya. He said “We feel if Pakatan comes to power, PAS would be in the captain's seat. PAS will not forget its autocratic Islamic stand and don't be surprised if PAS comes to power, it will turn back the clock,”

He added that “In the battle cry for change by the PR in the 2008 elections, we noticed that the only change DAP has brought about was to strengthen PAS and deliver Chinese support to them. We (BN) do not claim to be a perfect government but [we] hope that Malaysians will deliberate carefully if they think that PR will be a better choice.”

He also said “Do not forget that you are in the opposition-controlled states and behave like one. Go ahead and expose the shortcomings, scandals, abuse of power, malpractices and weaknesses of those governments. And I am sure there are many. MCA has already gone on an offensive to declare cyber war to effectively disseminate our message to the voters, there has been too many twisted information in the cyber world and the wrong perception given that of MCA and the government. Today’s political climate is different. It cannot be business as usual and the changing political landscape requires us to be on our toes. To do well in the next general election, we have to overcome the negative perception of the Chinese towards MCA. The people have spoken loud and clear. Other than developing the nation, the rakyat expects the government to reduce corruption, be accountable, transparent, democratic and fair. I have to be frank to say it is important not just the BN to win at the next general election, but the MCA as a party must also do well in order for us to be effective,”

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister concurred with Dr Chua when he spoke to the delegates of the MCA’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) where he said “Dr Chua is right to remind you that they (PAS) have not given up on their theocratic Islamic state. And I am sure that if it is implemented, it would change your way of life and affect the Chinese community. That is why DAP's Karpal Singh is saying 'over my dead body'. I don't agree with Karpal most of the time, but this time, he is right. Karpal's words showed that the leader, as well as the party he represented, did not trust PAS, their own coalition partner. He does not trust PAS. It is a revelation. They actually do not trust each other but they have to appear that they trust each other. This is a political sandiwara but we in the Barisan Nasional have always trusted each other. That is why we can work as a team,”


We IN THE PAST had always voted for BN, without a hinch. BUT look at what is happening. UMNO is playing the racial card for no reason, (Stating they are defending Malay rights. Yes but from whom? the rest of Malaysians?), projects, education, scholarships have been given only to one race, most to rich UMNO scums, and some for the non-malays maybe like 2%???? and that also to corrupted MCA MIC scums. These are all awarded without taking into account meritocracy. I have grown through our education system, and i can say that those who do well are not recognized by our government of the day.

Then now the government wants to prevent brain drain. And plan to have "BETTER" incentives to those who comes back to Malaysia. BUT if you look at it, what has the government actually done? Note that most capable Malaysians who left for foreign shores have had a high chance of getting married to a foreginer. So if we were to come back, what are our spouses going to do? They can't even get a PR or work permit easily for god's sake. Our Immigration officials always say tunggu 5 tahun, sedang diprocess, etc. You call this incentives for us to come back? I don't see ANYTHING great and that's why its failing. An incentive should be all Malaysians who are working professionals would have their spouses getting automatic PRs should be something.

ANd then our government bodies. Talk about them and most of us overseas will tell our foreign friends of how corrupted they are and often use to make fun out of them. It is clear as daylight everything from judiciary to the police are in a disfunctional state. And who is responsible? Yes you are right, BN.

So tell me Mr Chua. Why shouldn't we vote for PAS? WHy shouldn't we vote for any other party except BN? Things can only get better.

Unless something drastic happens (in a positive way), my future vote and all of my friend's vote will got to PKR, PAS, DAP.

So what soi lek, Let the Pas run the government instead of Umno. takut ka . UMNO is not going to be the next evil government tat has tortureD the chinese n indians for PAST 53 yrs. Enough Soi lek don't try to talk cock with us .Just look at your self n party behind you.We the raykat know who to vote.The power are till in our hand We are the Boss

We are tired of being the ‘punching bag’ – Perkasa

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the president of Malay rights group Perkasa said that they are unhappy to be the ‘punching bag’ of certain quarters over their efforts in defending the rights of Malay community and reinstated their stand that they are not racists as claimed by some. In fact, Perkasa is all about rejecting racism by anyone. He said “As far as we are concerned, we are only defending Article 153 of the Federal Constitution, besides speaking up on economic issues as this is part of the democratic process,”

Ibrahim was speaking at the launch of the Kuala Langat branch commented on the recent call by Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, the MCA youth chief who called on the BN (Barisan Nasional) to distant itself from extremist groups. To this Ibrahim said “He (Wee) also did not pressure the government to set up a royal commission of enquiry into claims that DAP leaders had benefited in terms of timber concessions when the opposition pact governed Perak. We were also called primitive which we don’t mind, as it can also mean ‘original’ and also because we are only defending Malay rights,”


ah lee katak, why croak, croak, croak all the way. What benefit did you get from' your own kind. The malay does not even supported you beside the chinese n indians too.all your shits, shits ,shits ideas does not works at all. .its tried give up n rest in peace near the cooling pond or the well.croak, croak ,

Just keep your mouth shut thats the best. What ever coming from your mouth are shit.
You wouldnt get tired. Be a good fellow.

MCA youth wants Sedition Act against those calling for abolishment of vernacular schools

Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, the MCA youth chief is calling for the federal government to take action on those who are calling for Chinese vernacular schools to be abolished under the Sedition Act as they are not the cause of racism as claimed. This is because, according to him those who are calling for the abolishment had gone against the Federal Constitution’s provision. He said “The status of the Chinese primary schools is enshrined under the Federal Constitution. As such, any call for the closure of Chinese primary schools is equivalent to challenging the constitution. MCA Youth will not compromise on this,” Dr Wee was saying this at the MCA Youth’s Annual General Meeting’s opening address where he was referring to the call by the MPM (Malays Consultative Council) recently.

He added that “In 1978, Sabah MP Mark Koding called for the closure of Chinese primary schools in Parliament. He was found guilty of sedition later. Thus, I urge the BN central leadership to accord similar punishment on those who utter such irresponsible statements. We want to see those who destroy the peace of our nation on purpose to be punished adequately. Besides, our country is a democratic one and it is up to the parents to decide which school to send their children to. The Chinese primary school is never a stumbling block for achieving national unity, and will not be one in the future. Chinese schools are not for your easy punching bag or scapegoat.

I want to remind these people that the curriculum for the Chinese and national primary schools come from the same organisation, with the same guiding principles of education. The talents from Chinese primary schools are equally patriotic and peace-loving; and they understand the importance of being caring and helpful Malaysians. Whenever racial sentiments are raised, Chinese schools are blamed for promoting racism. We have already embraced their existence since Merdeka so why keep harping on this now?”


Freedom of vernacular schools was part of our national constitution and was ENSHRINE by the U.K.

Before independent vernacular schools were the backbone of the country education and still are.

DAP has been voicing this since independence. Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong is just playing with this issue hoping to get more Chinese & Indian votes.

10 October 2010

New political culture needed to replace Umno’s ‘politics of fear’ – Nurul Izzah

Nurul Izzah Anwar, the PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) Member of Parliament of Lembah Pantai said that there is now a need for a new political culture to take the place of Umno’s tactic in ‘politics of fear’ in trying to maintain its power in the country and that ‘political contract’ which the Federal Constitution stipulates which considers the rights of all races in the country is urgently needed if the country is to move forward.

She said “At this present time the politics of fear, which includes threats of a civil war and chaos by Perkasa and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, is being used to defend Umno’s political interests and not the political rights of the Malays. The biggest lie in the fight for Malay rights is the assertion Umno is inseparable from the Malays and Malays are inseparable from Umno. What this country needs instead is the politics of hope and liberation to ensure fairness for all. The true future for not only Malays but also the whole of Malaysia lies in a cohesive political contract. This contract is an agreement which involves all citizens to achieve a common goal based on rules of the Federal Constitution. Political power without a political contract is akin to a game of football without rules or police enforcement without referring to proper laws,”


This country can go no way without the full participation of all races. What make anyone think that the Malays alone can run this nation and compete with the rest of the world ? Thats the reality the Malays must acknowledge . Thats the truth the leaders must accept. Theres nothing shameful nor making the Malays any less respected. Given a few more years and if nothing is done about it, Malaysia will be a failed state,no doubth about it !!!

I did not intend to disrupt Sodomy II trial - Rahimi

Rahimi Osman, the former aide of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who created headlines last week after he claimed that he was ‘forced’ to sign 2 SDs (Statutory Declarations) to implicated that the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor were conspiring against Anwar said that it is not in his intention to disrupt the currently on-going Sodomy II trial involving Anwar and the alleged victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhary Azlan.

He said “I have no intention of disrupting the on-going sodomy trial of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I also do not have the right to accuse Anwar of being guilty or Saiful of making false accusations. I am only making this report because I want to rectify my past mistakes. Whether the prime minister is good or bad, we cannot accuse him of something that he did not do. We cannot accuse a good person like an Imam of doing bad things. Even though if a person was a thief, we cannot accuse a thief of rape. I cannot reveal the contents of the new SD that I have made. I do not want to disrupt Anwar’s on-going sodomy trial,”


rahimi, your timming is just right to go in if saifool fail this time. How much are you paid for to play this game of sodomy against anwar. You do not want to disrupt the on going trial but you bring it on to the media tat you are force to sign tat 2 s.d. Wats your bad intention then?
are u not afraid of the Almighty ALLAH? Do not let $$$ tarnish your own image and your whole future be ruined. Repent while there still is chance. Or is this episode a part of framed strategy resulting from propoganda advice from UMNO's so-called Jewish advisers? Malaysians are matured enough to face all these BN SHIT.

Another photocopy of TBH's case, when the MACC is failing suddenly a 'suicide note' appear.

With a stupid fcuking shit Umno's act. Any retard can comes up with a better idea than Umno's think tank. Sorry not think tank but septic tank.

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