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24 February 2011

RCI wants CCTV tapes of Teoh’s time in MACC office

acting only....dont worry...he he he.!!!!

The royal panel investigating Teoh Beng Hock’s death has asked for the CCTV recordings of the DAP aide’s entire stay at the then Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters in Shah Alam two years ago.

Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) chairman Tan Sri James Foong also ordered the MACC to provide a list of its officers who were present in its office in Plaza Masalam when Teoh was there before his fatal plunge from the building on July 16, 2009.

Investigating officer (IO) ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal said today that Anuar Ismail, the MACC investigator in its probe against Teoh’s boss Ean Yong Hian Wah, had said there were three or four unidentified anti-graft officers involved in Teoh’s overnight interrogation.

Ahmad Nazri said, however, that Anuar claimed he could not remember who those officers were.

“As I said, (I only know that) two officers interrogated Teoh,” said Ahmad Nazri.

“The first is Ashraf Yunus from MACC in Shah Alam and (the second is) Arman Alias from Putrajaya,” he added.

Teoh, 30, had been the political secretary to Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong and a witness in MACC investigations into his employer for suspected abuse of state funds.

The young man was found dead on the fifth floor corridor of Plaza Masalam after an overnight interrogation by MACC officers in their office on the 14th floor of the same building.

Foong ordered MACC to obtain a list of its officers who were in Plaza Masalam from 6 pm on July 15 2009 to 2 pm the next day.

Ahmad Nazri said Teoh had entered Plaza Masalam at about 6 pm on July 15 2009 and that the latter’s body was found between 1 to 2 pm on July 16 2009.

The Federal Court judge also told Ahmad Nazri to get a copy of CCTV recordings of the building from 8 am on July 15 2009 to 2 pm the next day.

Ahmad Nazri said an MACC officer had given him a list of 67 anti-graft officers who were in their office during the time Teoh was there.

“I believe this list was done based on punch cards,” said Ahmad Nazri.

“But some punch cards were not punched out. So I can’t create an accurate list,” he added.

The IO also admitted that he did not compare all the punch cards, which he had confiscated from MACC officers there, to the name list.

“I compared it to several punch cards and they tallied,” said Ahmad Nazri.

He also admitted that he merely relied on the list supplied by the MACC and did not probe further to ascertain the identities of the officers present when Teoh was in the graft-buster’s office.

Ahmad Nazri has confessed to bungling twice in investigations up to now.

The RCI had ordered him yesterday to return to the site where Teoh’s body had been discovered to search for a missing watch almost two years after the political secretary’s death.

The instruction came after Ahmad Nazri admitted that he had not thoroughly searched a drainage hole near Teoh’s body for the watch which could have indicated the time of death.

Ahmad Nazri also said earlier today that he had made a mistake in identifying MACC officers in his testimony during the 17-month long coroner’s inquest, which had returned an “open verdict” ruling out both suicide and homicide.

Foong said it was pointless for the commission to examine the punch cards or access cards of MACC officers to determine their presence in their office as not all of them had punched out.

“No point suggesting something that is not practical,” said Foong in response to Bar Council lawyer Christopher Leong’s suggestion for the commission to do so.

The inquiry resumes tomorrow. It has three months up to April 25 to compile its report to the King.


Believe it or the end of the sandiwara NFA

PKR claims Umno bid to lure its members

PKR claimed today that Umno was attempting to entice its members to join the Barisan Nasional (BN) party ahead of next week’s Kerdau by-election.

The party said it was investigating the allegations that several division leaders and up to 500 members were planning to defect.

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, PKR’s communication director, claimed that the party had received reports alleging Umno Pahang had offered cash and projects to five division leaders to defect in time for the by-election.

He declined to identify the leaders as investigation were still pending.

“The PKR headquarters had and is still collecting evidence. PKR will reveal from time to time evidence and documents to show how this party continues to be Umno and Barisan Nasional’s main target in the form of attempting to bribe our grassroots leaders,” he told reporters on behalf of the secretary-general, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, at the PKR headquarters today.

“PKR vows to take stern action against any party member proven to be involved in the attempt to be bribed from Umno and Barisan Nasional. The political bureau had decided during last night’s meeting that any member who is involved will be suspended immediately, until the investigation is completed.

“Once we have sufficient evidence, we will immediately suspend the member pending investigation, that is up to the secretary-general,” he said.

Nik Nazmi however, emphasised that the party was not unnerved.

He said PKR is also investigating division leaders from Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, and the Federal Territory.

“We don’t have numbers yet, but once we have details and when we can suspend, then we will suspend if the details are sufficient.

When asked if PKR will lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), he said they will see that as an option if they have sufficient evidence.


It is not a claim, it is a fact! UMNO is out to wreck PKR at any costs, as PKR is the greatest threats to them, but, PKR let themselves down. Stop the politickings and get down to serious works and serve the people!

PKR will do their reputations a lot of good, if the leaders do not contradict each other!

23 February 2011

Anwar says Najib’s Turkey visit not a threat

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim scoffed at Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s current visit to Turkey today, claiming the Prime Minister would not succeed in undercutting his support from the Muslim nation’s government.

The Opposition Leader told a press conference at PKR’s headquarters this evening that despite Najib’s presence in Turkey, the country’s top politicians still sent him personal messages, proving that his relationship with the government was still intact.

“I just received a message ... so there is no problem at all,” he said.

Anwar was responding to speculation that Najib was attempting to poach his international support during his ongoing three-day visit to Turkey.

The prime minister, accompanied by his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and other senior ministers, touched down in Istanbul yesterday for an official visit to enhance existing bilateral relations between Malaysia and Turkey.

“If their intention is to forge better relations, I am very supportive but I maintain extremely close relations.

“Personal messages continue to be received from the Turkish leadership and I do not have that problem ... and I am very pleased with the meetings the leaders have had and the messages given to our leaders. You understand what I mean?” a smiling Anwar told the press conference.

When asked if he was still confident of support from Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is known to be his close ally, Anwar nodded and pointed out that the leader was not a “Mr 10 per cent”.

He was referring to a term often used to describe corrupt individuals who seek commissions or incentives when negotiating for a contract.


He will be treated like a cold turkey. Hehehehe

In Turkey, a window for Najib to supplant Anwar

With the Sodomy II trial now in full swing, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak landed in Istanbul yesterday to continue his efforts to undercut Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s international support.

Najib’s first official visit to Turkey includes a meeting with its Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who is known to be a close ally of Opposition Leader Anwar.

His large delegation of ministers, Barisan Nasional (BN) lawmakers and senior government officials is a clear sign that the Umno president hopes to take full advantage of this opportunity.

“Erdoğan doesn’t have to meet Najib but that he wants to means that even Anwar’s closest ally is worried about supporting him,” Umno’s Pulai MP Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed claimed.

Anwar has travelled extensively since a second round of sodomy allegations were levelled at him in 2008, claiming they are trumped up and politically motivated.

But Najib has sought to match his rival’s international profile since taking power in April 2009.

He has spent much of the two years since then courting the US, whose then-Vice-President Al Gore had publicly denounced Anwar’s first sodomy trial in 2000 as a “mockery.”

The fact that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not meet with the Permatang Pauh MP in a visit late last year will be seen as a sign that Najib’s efforts have not been in vain.

Next month, Najib will visit Australia where a year ago over 50 MPs had lodged a formal protest over the ongoing sodomy trial of the former deputy prime minister.

Political analyst Professor Agus Yusoff said that while Najib’s main objective will be to establish closer trade relationships that are crucial for him to boost Malaysia’s economy and support for BN, he must also counter Anwar’s narrative when meeting other heads of government.

“Both are taking their chances to meet world leaders and state their case but it is up to these leaders to decide who to support. I don’t think Najib will speak about the sodomy case specifically but he will try to convince them that Malaysia follows proper democratic procedure according to the laws and constitution of the country,” said the political scientist from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Although the prime minister has insisted that his conversations with leaders such as US President Barack Obama have not touched on Anwar’s trial, PKR has claimed otherwise.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution told The Malaysian Insider that Anwar had told the party leadership that Erdogan was firmly against the sodomy trial after visiting Turkey in December last year.

The Machang MP added that Anwar has also met White House officials when visiting the US recently to update them on developments politically and with the trial.

He also stressed that the US had no choice but to take a warmer stance to the governments of the day in the region as it was currently tussling with China for influence in the South China Sea.

“In fact, the difference with the first sodomy trial is that Middle East leaders are no longer afraid to keep in contact with Anwar. They were intimidated by (Tun Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) back then,” Saifuddin said, referring to the then-prime minister who had sacked Anwar as his deputy.

But with world leaders still happy to receive both rivals, it is difficult to pick a winner just yet. As Nur Jazlan observes, “they are hedging their bets.”


The propaganda spin driven by Najib's visit to Turkey is only suitable for the front pages of Utusan Malaysia, and on TV 1 & TV 3.

Zairil named Guan Eng aide in DAP bid to lose anti-Malay tag

Lim Guan Eng has named newcomer Zairil Khir Johari, the son of the prominent Umno stalwart, as his political secretary in what appears to be the DAP’s latest attempt to shake off its anti-Malay stigma.

The son of the late Tan Sri Mohd Khir Johari is the first Malay to be appointed political secretary to the secretary-general in the history of DAP, which was founded in 1966. He joined DAP last year.

The Penang chief minister, however, stressed that Zairil’s appointment, effective today, had been based on the latter’s attributes and qualifications and not on his race.

The fact that Zairil is a Malay, he added, was “purely coincidence”.

“It is not because he is a Malay but because he is a leaned individual. He can probably even teach me things that I do not know,” he told a press conference today.

The Bagan MP added that a person’s level of competency is “race-blind” and not “race-specific”.

“Zairil is an entrepreneur, an idealist and a reformist — a truly dangerous combination. The fact that he is all that makes him fit the bill for our requirements... it is by coincidence that he is a Malay.

“With his extensive experience and positive contributions to the party, we feel that he can help us to bring real change,” he said.

Lim however admitted that DAP’s popularity among the Malays could improve with Zairil’s involvement in the party, but stressed that support should be attracted based on a community’s needs.

“We do not want to attract support based on race but on needs. And if the Malays have the greatest needs, then they should be the main beneficiaries.

“Zairil happens to be a Malay but it is about his attributes and qualifications first and only then, as a coincidence, our Malay votes may improve,” he reasoned.

Lim said that the “anti-Malay” tag on DAP had been created due to the success of Barisan Nasional’s political propaganda.

“We have never been so... it has always been the success of the propaganda of BN that we are anti-Malay or anti-Muslim so we have to break and fight this.

“I do not want to concede that we are a racist party like Umno. No, we are open to all Malaysians and of course if Zairil or anyone else can help us to breach the gap, then that would be a step in the right direction,” he said.

Lim however admitted that Zairil has only been a DAP memnber for about six months, but insisted that the youth, with his qualifications could assist the party well.

“We want to reach out to all, including the Ibans, Kadazans, Chinese, Indians, Malays. It is not about race or ethnicities.

“We talk about the lowest 40 per cent of household income earners, most of whom are Malays. We want to focus on this group,” he said.

Lim added that DAP’s Malay support had improved since Elections 2008 but noted that it was difficult to ascertain if this could help Pakatan Rakyat affect significant changes in the government.

“But if you look at our support, it is much more now than before 2008. In Penang where I am CM, the Malays can see how we have made Penang cleaner and greener,” he said.

Zairil later told the media that he chose to join DAP as he had wanted to be on the side of “what I feel is right”.

“When I first wanted to get involved in politics, I spoke to many people. I made up my mind that I want to be with what I feel is right which is PR,” he said.

He added that Lim had already given him many duties and pledged that he would work “25 hours a day” for the party.

“Any work that YAB Lim gives out is not easy because he is a very hardworking boss who works 24 hours a day. So we have to work 25 hours a day,” he said.

Zairil will serve Lim as political secretary in the latter’s position as DAP secretary-general and will be based at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

The 28-year-old is a Master of Arts graduate in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies in the University of London.

He also has a degree in Information Systems Engineering and was an entrepreneur in the chocolate industry, where he introduced the first full-coloured chocolate printing technology in Malaysia.

The father of one comes from a family of nine siblings including himself and his father was formerly the education minister who served three prime ministers including the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, the country’s first prime minister.


Well done LGE....continue keeping up with a right track. Dont worry, we would support you behind.We dont want any racialist party in our nation.Not like UMNO repsent only one race. If posible, need only 2 parties......Ruling &.Opposition, inorder not to waste money so much during election time taking place..........

20 February 2011

Najib warns Muslims against religious pluralism

Datuk Seri Najib Razak warned Muslims against religious pluralism, saying today putting Islam on an equal footing with other faiths is unIslamic.

The prime minister also asked government Islamic agencies and religious teachers to explain the issue to the Muslim community.

“To say all religions are equal before Allah is against the Islamic belief,” said Najib when addressing some 800 religious teachers at a gathering here.

“We respect other religions, we must not insult other religions, but they cannot be said to be as similar to Islam,” he added.

Religious pluralism is sometimes used as a synonym for interfaith dialogue or promotes understanding of different faiths with the objective of reducing conflicts.

Critics of religious pluralism however see the concept as a threat to the supremacy of Islam and claim that it would result in the religion to be equated with other beliefs.

Najib has initiated an interfaith council and told the members at a luncheon last week that some discussions must be held behind closed doors due to sensitivities in the multi-racial and multi-religious country.

Najib said today that religious leaders must come forward to explain the issue of religious pluralism to Muslims.

“It is the responsibility of preachers, religious teachers, muftis and imams to explain the truth,” Najib told reporters after the gathering.

“Do not misunderstand my statement, I am not insulting other religions but this has to do with the Islamic akidah (theology),” he said.

Najib, however, admitted that the influence of religious pluralism is still limited, but said it has to be controlled.

“If we don’t do something, it will be promoted to more people, but currently it is only limited to certain groups,” said Najib when asked about how serious is the threat of religious pluralism to Muslims.

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was previously accused of equating Islam with other religions for political mileage by Umno-linked religious scholars at a forum last November.

The forum on religious pluralism was supported by several government agencies — the Selangor Religious Department, Federal Territory Mufti Department, federal Islamic Missionary Foundation (Yadim) and Information Ministry’s Special Affairs Department (Jasa).


The problem is he does not have a backbone. He says one thing to one group and another thing to another group.

This is where on one hand the government talks of 1Malaysia, but then supports the 'cow-head stompers'. Boleh! Where the government talks of the evils of Western influence, but fails to see it's own evils (which are systemic & far worse). Boleh! Where the government talks of growing 'the pie', but really is just trying to eat the pie and have it too..

it's not his first time that his action have been viewed as opportunist becasue until today we can't take his word for truth his backpedaling decisions about policies and undertakings.

His words have never been accurate with the actions that he have either allowed or kept mum over ...but always to the contrary .
Asking people to compromise whereas he won't

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