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09 January 2010

To stay in power, will Najib push Malaysia into terrorism?

Prime Minister Najib Razak and his Umno-BN government received a shelling on Friday for precipitating religious tensions in the country, resulting in three churches being attacked and set to fire by Muslim extremists angered over a court ruling that allowed Christians to use the word Allah.

““We condemn in the strongest way the attacks on the churches.This sort of action contradicts the teachings of Islam. It can only be done by people who do not understand their own religion,” said Abdul Hadi Awang, president of PAS, the largest Islamic-based political party in Malaysia.

"We had previously warned Umno against politicisng the Allah issue just to gain mileage with the Malay voters and we are now saddened to see the outcome," he added.

“At this testing time, the government needs to show leadership. Prime Minister Najib needs to show he will put the country first and not his party. He must not bow down to the extremists within his party,” said Ramon Navaratnam, chairman of Centre for Public Policy Studies.

Indeed, while Najib - who is also Umno president - has been quick to condemn the Molotov-cocktail attacks, he has refused to acknowledge that leaders within his party, including himself and his cousin Hishammuddin Hussein, had lit the fuse with their inflammatory racial rhetoric over the past few days.

“Don’t point the fingers at Umno or anyone else. We have always been very responsible. Don’t say this attack is motivated by Umno,” Najib snapped out at reporters.

Opening the door to terrorism

In fact, even as he spoke, Umno-backed protests were carried on at main mosques around Kuala Lumpur, including the government-funded National Mosque.

Huge banners flashing words like ‘Don't challenge Islam’ & ‘Allah is only for us’ were prominently placed, while NGOs and Muslim activists taking part shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Concern is growing that despite the torching of the churches, more religious politicking and consequently public unrest is set to take place.

Said Ramon : “Until the PM takes firm action in nipping all this in the bud by ensuring that the culprits are quickly captured and brought to justice, until Najib sets in motion dialogue between the various religious groups and makes it clear that this is the way forward for everyone including Umno, the Allah row will not just continue, but it may even escalate.

“We have to be careful now. Is our government opening the door to religious extremism and extremist acts? Are we going to deteriorate into a terrorism country? Not only are Malaysians watching but the world is curious to see how we handle this. Not just the West but the Islamic Middle East as well. Our country’s good name is on the line and all eyes are on Najib and how he steers us out of this situation.”

Violence may spread to other parts

The Allah row flared up after top Umno leaders, including Women’s Minister Shahrizat Jalil and Trade Minister Mukhriz Mahathir, openly condemned last week’s court ruling. Hardline Muslim activists and groups were angered as they believe the word Allah is exclusive to their community.

But after in-depth study and debate, PAS’s council of religious experts have reiterated their stand that the Quran allows Allah to be used by non-Muslims. The council also urged dialogue with leaders of other faiths so that guidelines could be drawn to prevent unscrupulous parties from misusing the word and creating situations like what has just happened.

“Umno has to take full responsibility for the worsening of relations between people of different faiths in this country in its handling of the use of the word Allah,” said Zaid Ibrahim, PKR leader and a prominent lawyer.

"The irresponsible conduct of fanning the emotions by Umno leaders has brought about this dangerous situation. What we see today confirms that this country is being governed not by engagement consultation, sophistication or persuasion but by brute and mob force,” he said in a press statement.”

The Metro Tabernacle church in Kuala Lumpur was firebombed at just past midnight and its 1st floor office completely gutted. Molotov cocktails were hurled The Live Chapel and the Church of Assumption in Petaling Jaya, damaging the facilities. There were no reports of injuries.

Although the police have tried to play down the attacks, saying they were perpetuated by amateurs, there is growing worry that the over-zealousness will spread to other parts of the country. In particular, the mood is gloomy in East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, where there are strong Christian followings.

“This sort of violence reflects low mentality. Even though Umno is in denial mode, they have lost all credibility with the people. They should just stop trying to hoodwink us. Just imagine if anyone should dare to do this in Sabah or Sarawak, there will be thunder and lightning,” said Ronnie Klassen, a Sabah PKR leader

Selangor MB appeals for calm, visits attacked churches

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim today appealed for calm after visiting two churches in the state which were attacked earlier in the day,

“We call on the people to remain calm while the police conduct their investigations.” the Selangor mentri besar said.

Khalid visited the Church of Assumption here and the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati.

He described the attacks as cowardly actions which can destroy the country’s harmony.

He said attacks on any religious places of worship are against the teachings of all religions and pointed out that mutual respect was the key to maintaining peace and stability.

The police are also urging for calm as they secure churches nationwide after the attacks which have been linked to protests against the recent “Allah” ruling.

They have confirmed three attacks; the third incident took place at the Life Chapel Church in Section 17, Petaling Jaya at 9am.

Khalid (songkok, second from right) getting a briefing from the police at the Assumption Church at midday today


Thank you YAB Khalid, thank you PKR, thank you to your namesake in Shah Alam, YB Khalid Samad, thank you PAS! Malaysians are proud to have amongst us right thinking and rakyat caring leaders like you.

To all right thinking Malays, thank you for not taking part in a stupid protest to promote the political agenda of certain evil people! May good sense prevail and today marked the beginning of the fall of racial politics, racism and exploitation of a fantastic religion by certain people. Together we will strive and work to rebuild this country to be one that is competitively globally, not competing amongst ourselves. Let us promote better leaders and put to pasture those past shelf life ones, like the ones who started this. Together we can make a huge difference!

Najib: New toll rates announcement soon

The government is at the final stage of restructuring the highway toll rates which will reflect consumer interests and satisfaction as well as a high level of highway quality, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.

“We are now in the final stage, and I will make an announcement (on the new toll rates),” he said when opening Persada Plus, the main headquarters of Plus Expressway Berhad, the country’s largest toll highway operator.

Najib said the new toll rates would be “reasonable”.

He suggested that Plus continue to make available quality and comfortable highway facilities for consumers, including upgrading the existing lanes.

“Additional lanes should be added to congested stretches immediately. As the cost, this can be negotiated with the government because we practise the principle of cost-sharing. The people will not mind if there is a slight increase in toll rates, provided traffic flow is smooth without any congestion,” he said.

The prime minister said highway development was an important catalyst for the growth of a locality and new industrial sites which could help the national economy.

“I believe our highway system can spur a high level of economic growth because the movement of people, goods and services depends on a sophisticated and quality highway network,” he said.

At the event, Najib’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, who is the patron of the Permata Pintar Negara programme, opened the Plus Child Development Centre (Plus CDC) which enables staff of the company to send their children for education at an early age.

The centre began operations in May last year and can accommodate 60 children at any one time.

Persada Plus, which occupies a 9.5-hectare site, houses a nine-storey corporate tower which has a Plus traffic control centre. It began operations at the end of 2008


Toll hike at this juncture will only bring more misery to all Rakyat irregardless of class. The toll concessionaires must realise that the population of cars are ever increasing each year. The additional car population increase has never been taken into consideration and The Government is force to subsidise each time when the toll rates is time for a review. A review upwards is always there but never not the other way round. How pathetic Malaysia is.

Mild protests after Friday prayers following church attacks

Small groups of Muslims rallied after Friday prayers today to protest against Christians using the word "Allah" for God after a spate of attacks on churches that threatened to stoke racial and religious tensions.

The groups proceeded with small protests after Friday prayers at a number of major mosques in the city amid strong police presence following the arson attacks earlier today.

In Kampung Baru, where organisers had wanted to hold a major protest against the recent High Court ruling allowing the word "Allah" to be used by a Catholic weekly in its Bahasa Malaysia section, about 200 members of Muslim NGOs held a brief demonstration.

The protesters carried banners with the words "Don't challenge Islam", "Do not test our patience" and "Allah is only for us" while some group leaders gave emotional speeches.

Zaim Shari, a leader from the Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia, in his speech, said the ruling was akin to an "invasion" by foreign forces. "Our soil has been invaded, our faith threatened, we must not let this happen," shouted Zaim in the middle of the protest which was held immediately after Friday prayers.

Later at a press conference, Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia leader Mohd Raimi Ab Rahim said the use of the world “Allah” by non-Muslims is a highly sensitive issue and many Muslims had grown uneasy.

Temperatures have soared and the country's security was tightened following the shocking arson attacks on three churches in the Klang Valley early this morning.

Leaders from both sides of the political divide have condemned the attacks, triggering a blame game with opposition leaders pointing fingers at their political rivals in Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) for nurturing the rising tension. BN leaders have vehemently denied any role in the fiasco.

Mohd Raimi and his peers from other Islamic NGOs, commenting on the attacks, said it was too early to conclude if the arson was done by Muslims.

"We do not condone the attacks but let the police do their investigation first before we come to any conclusion. We still do not know if the attacks were done by Muslims.

"There are also Christians who disagree with the usage of ‘Allah’," he said. "In the meantime, we will take the peaceful approach of engaging the Catholics to resolve this matter," he said.

Malaysian Muslims are divided over the issue, with some saying there was nothing wrong in allowing the church to use the word "Allah," as is the practice in other Muslim countries.

Even among the grassroots, Muslims are polarised in opposite groups. This was reflected at the protest in Kampung Baru when a group of Muslims had called on others to ignore the protest and blamed the group for the attacks on the churches.

"These people are fanatics and their teachings are wrong. Ignore them," said one unidentified man.

At the National Mosque, the Friday sermon today warned Muslims not let outsiders to insult and manipulate Islam and word “Allah”.

“We must see the true reasons behind the struggle by certain parties that want to use the sacred word of Allah to weaken the Islam.

“They are supported by concerning Muslims who are only liberals.

“Some of them would also like to use the Qur’an and word Allah to confuse Muslims and Islam,” he said.

He added that the word Allah is different from the Holy Trinity.

He also urged all Malaysian not bring up sensitive issues like the word “Allah.”

“They only want to weaken and taint Islam morality and way of life,” he said.

While the Imam was giving his fiery sermon, 50 uniformed police officers were waiting at mosque’s main compound.

Several banners were hanged around the mosques.

“Don’t insult Islam,” “We promise to defend Islam and Malay King,” and “Don’t sell out Islam because of politics,” were written on the banners.

After the prayers, a crowd of 300, mostly Perkasa members, gathered at the front entrance while 30 lined up at the balcony.

However people only walked pass them when leaving the mosque while bystanders stood around.

The crowd then began exclaiming “Allah is great” while raising their fists.

Selangor Perkasa chief Amran Azhar Abdul Hanafi began speaking through the speakerphone at the mosque balcony surrounded by his supporters.

“Today we stand as Muslims and Malays for Islam for the first time. Let this be a warning to them not to insult Islam because Allah is from Muslims and we will fight till the end.

“We warn them not to insult Islam because Allah is Muslims and we will fight till the end!” he said.

The crowd began repeating “Allah is great” and “We will die as Muslims.”

However he stressed that they are peace-loving Muslims and are represented several Islamic NGOs.

“We do not burn churches. This is a peaceful demonstration to show that we are peaceful Muslims.

“But do not test us because we will unite and fight till the end,” he said.

The speaker then attempted to cry and claimed that Muslims are scared that Islam is in jeopardy.

“We should not migrate because this is our land! Islam is the constitutional religion!

“They cannot use the word ‘Allah’ because Islam is protected by constitution as the country’s official religion,” he said.

Amran then pledged to the Masjid Negara with the crowd repeating after him.

“We call on the Catholics to use the word Tuhan for their God.

“We ask them to bring any matters related to Islam to the Syariah court and not the civil court.

“We also urge the council of rulers to be proactive in matters relating to Islam,” he said.

The crowd began shouting “Allah is great” again and soon left without further ado.

The police did not have to move in as the leaders of the various NGOs urged them to leave.

“Everybody, please leave. Even though you all are going to different places, we are all leaving with one heart,” he said.


Well everybody knows this burning of churches is done by UMNO boys. When most muslims are trying to tell non-muslims that Islam is a religion of peace, here comes UMNO to tell otherwise.

 As a non-muslim it is mind blogging for me to understand why would the "Islamic God" would want see his followers burn churches and declare war in his name! Can't the almighty defend HIMSELF, must he need Mohd Raimi a normal sinner to defend him?

Mohd Raimi must be another UMNO goon. He is insinuating that Christians who are unhappy that the Herald uses the word "Allah", burnt 3 churches.

OMG.....this idiot must be related to Our Moronic Minister Nazri.

Corruption is the biggest Sin to our country. If Umno members have read the Quran, Dr. M would not have to cried over corruption during Umno annual gathering. The problem is they do not understand or ever read the Quran.

That why they claim that Allah only belong to Islam. It is very sad they committed this kind of crime by burning the churches and illegal demonstration. Luckily, Christian people are tolerance and show what they have read. If not, it would be 3rd world war start from Malaysia. I salute to our Christian brothers. To the rest of Malaysian, please instill peace and harmony to our unique and lovely country and do not act hastily like Umno gangster

08 January 2010

IGP tells Dr Pornthip not to fear arrest

Tan Sri Musa Hassan, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) has called on Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand not to be afraid to testify in the inquest of the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock. He said that she should not be afraid of the police arresting her because she is not the subject in the police’s probe. Instead they are investigating the article published by Suara Keadilan, the publication owned by PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) which quoted that she has enough forensic evidence that the cause of death is murder.

Dr Pornthip is the Thai forensic pathologist employed by the Selangor state government to conduct a second autopsy on Teoh after she claimed that she could prove the cause of death by doing so. Musa said “She need not fear us. We are not going to arrest or intimidate her in any way. That much, I can assure. Dr Pornthip had the right to come up with the report as she was appointed by the Selangor government to observe the second post-mortem conducted at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.”

Karpal Singh, the counsel for the deceased family said “Dr Pornthip should be allowed to give evidence without threats. We called on her to come (before the inquest) and not bow to any threats. We’ll give her full protection,


If Dr Pornthip came with just assurance, can you assure that immigeresen staff will not delete her entry. than she may face another charges for illegal entry.

Dr Porntip, pls do not believe what Musa has said, he does not mean what he says, he speaks with a forked tongue, By now you must know that the current Malaysian govt practices double standards and they are unashamed about it, nobody can guarantee your safety. What you should do, is publish your findings on Teoh Beng Hock's second autopsy on the internet for the whole world to read. Any idea what the Dr from UK has to say about TBH, so far just silence, Should you decide to come to Malaysia and should anything happen to you, I doubt the Thai govt will do anything to protect you. Even the kangaroo courts will try to find ways and means to defer this murder case. I pity the family of TBH who continue to suffer because no culprits have been identified.

Please do not believe what our Police Chief says unless you get a written proof that he means so (to guarantee your safety and entry for the inquest and ensure you get protection) otherwise you get His Most Revered Majesty King Bhumiphon to talk to Najis (Khii) personally guarranteeing your well-being. Other wise you'll be blown up just like that Mongolian beauty with C4 (anything is possible in Malaysia today) and there'll be no post mortems or pathological investigations or proofs. Tong Rawang, Khun Moh Pornthip. Chok Dee Khrap. Phom wai mak mak ke pra Phom la Khun Moh Pornthip mai mee arai antatari ke Khun Moh! Sawasdee Khrap.

Based on contract in 1972, missing jet engines value is only RM303,570, not RM100m

RM303,570, that is the actual value of the 2 missing F5E fighter jet engines which were reportedly missing and not RM100million, causing a nationwide call for action to be taken against those responsible. That is what Datuk Seri dr Ahmad Zahidi Hamidi, the Defence Minister said. The recent 2 missing fighter jet engines owned by the RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) were said to be worth RM100million causing a major outcry among all quarters both Ahmad Zahid though has come out to clarify that this amount is based on the 1972 purchase contract which included the engines’ afterburner.

He said “An aircraft with two such engines at that time would be valued at between RM3.895mil and RM28.047mil. I would like to stress that the contract to purchase (the F5E engines) was made in 1972. At that time, the price of the engine, including the afterburner, was US$121,428 each and based on the dollar-ringgit exchange rate at that time, the price was RM303,570,” He added that “The ministry took a long time to clarify the price of the engine as the ministry needed to carry out internal investigations and time was needed to obtain all the related documents. There should not be any prejudice over the court process on the issue, saying it was wrong to assume that only “small fries” were prosecuted in the case.”


What kind of mentality does this Minister of Defence have? The rakyat is not so concerned with the actual value of the engines! They may cost RM1 for all we care, but the fact is this belongs to the RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA! And just how can a single sergeant dismantle such a huge engine from an aircraft, smuggle it out of the air base, and transport it to a foreign country without ANYONE NOTICING?

Based on contract in 1972 OR Year 1950 ---- Is Not Important!!!!
Missing jet engines From MALAYSIA ( RMAF ) ----Is Ridiculous, Impossible!!!!
Value is RM 303,570, OR $ 0.10 Cents Is Not the QUESTIONS!!!
How can this Happen in Malaysia
And is there any other things Happened Rakyat dont know???

Who is actual behind THIS???

This should involve custom dept. high rank military, ministers...Right????

If the 2 offices could get the 2 engine without anyone else involved, how are they able to remove and carry the 2 jets engine out of the country. Due to the sheer size and weight of the jet engine, they are unable to do that unless they have "Supermans ability".

It is really ridiculous to tell the media and public with 2 big difference in the engine price. At first, who assume the value of 2 engines to worth about 100 million? Now, after found out the actual price of each engine only Rm300k.............from here, we can see the defense department got problem to find out the actual cost for the jet engine; it is kind of slow to take about 2 to 3 weeks times to get the actual price. In addition, even though the cost of the engine is just about 300k, losing fighter jets' engines and spare parts still a big shame for the defense department and Malaysia.





Collapse of Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium due to design and materials used

The major cause for dramatic collapsed of the roof of RM292 million Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium has been identified – failure by design and materials used. Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said other contributing factors including rush for development as well as lack of supervision in the construction site.

The report was produced by 10 independent investigators appointed by the Ministry. It was discussed and reported during Cabinet Minister meeting while copies of the report have also been submitted to Terengganu state government and Attorney-General office.

Shaziman said the department hopes that Terengganu state government can utilize the report and take subsequent action to settle the matter.


The excuse givens are sheer stupidility. When any products fails perform, there 3 factors involved

a) poor materials used
b) poor engineering/design fault
c) poor skill workers/ poor workmanship (lack of staff trainings/supervision)

The excuse given are design failure, material failure, rush developement and under-supervised

Rush developement does not affect the material used. With the RM 292 millions, i believed the money are sufficient to but good materials. Unless corruptions are heavily involved and the developers are forced to used very cheap materials. Design failure and undersupervised are totally unacceptable. I wonder how did the civil engineer got their cert or is this BN policy by putting "nonsense people" who do not know their work.

You should start checking all the government's buildings.

WRONG POLICY OF UMNO ARE THE CAUSED. PLEASE ADMIT THAT : The job was given to UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE. if Mamak Bin Tak Malu was inside the stadium when the buillding is collapse,then perhaps Umno will change for better........agree ?

That is also the sign the uncapable BN government will collapse soon. I believed less than RM200k was spent on that project but where are the balance of money gone too. Check the instant rich YBs, government officer responsible for supervising the project, do you deny that your men are not at fault?
The malay proverbs "Lontar batu sembunyikan tangan". That is why the sultan did not consent to the reappointment of Idris jusoh as MB for he is farsighted and knew all along that something is not right during his tenure. Now BN leaders is trying to bring down Ahmad Said. The controversial ambulance driver appointed to head the GLC now is much wiser than Idris eventhough he may not have high education.

Sub standard construction by the government's main contractors are not a surprise at all in Malaysia. Poor management and construction by these contractors is the name of the game. Taxpayers money have been skimmed at many levels until the cost of materials used is low grade and poor quality. The underlying problem is always corruption and incompetence. What you get is a dangerous building waiting to fall on top of the people who use it. Why do you need to have 10 monkeys to investigate what we all know already.

07 January 2010

IGP warns against any ‘Allah’ protest

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan today warned the groups planning to stage protest rallies against the use of the word “Allah” to cancel their plans or face action.

He added that police would monitor the situation and would not compromise with anyone who tried to disrupt harmony and pose a threat to the safety of the country.

“Do not do anything that might aggravate the situation. We must practise caution when dealing with religious issues because they are very sensitive,” he told reporters after opening a Innovative and Quality Management seminar for police here today.

The IGP was commenting on reports that a number of non-governmental organisations were planning to stage peaceful protest rallies, in mosques throughout the city here, after the Friday prayers tomorrow.

He stressed that the police have not issued any permits, even for peaceful protest rallies.

“How can police issue a permit for a gathering at a mosque because it is a place of worship,” he said.

He urged all the people involved to be tolerant and let the court settle the issue and avoid issuing any statements that can raise the sensitivity of the people.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court yesterday granted a stay in favour of the Home Ministry to stop Catholic weekly magazine Herald, from using the word “Allah” pending an appeal.

The application was heard in chambers by High Court judge Datuk Lau Bee Lan while Attorney General Datuk Abdul Gani Patail appeared for the Home Ministry, while Derek Fernandez and Benjamin Dawson appeared for Herald.

On Dec 31, Lau ruled that pursuant to Articles 11 and 12 of the federal constitution, Herald had the constitutional right to use the word in respect of instruction and education of the congregation in the Christian religion.

She also said that, pursuant to Article11(4) of the federal constitution, it is an offence for non-Muslims to use the word “Allah” to Muslims to propagate the religion, but it is not an offence for non-Muslims to use the word to non-Muslims for the purpose of religion.

However, on Monday, the Home Ministry lodged an appeal at the Court of Appeal against the decision, and followed up with an application for the stay yesterday.

The Herald, which is printed in four languages, has been using the word “Allah” as a translation for “God” in its Malay-language section but the government argued that “Allah” should be used only by Muslims.


Spell it clearly Mr. IGP whether Demonstration can be held inside the mosque compound . The P.M. say so. Whom to believe. Will there be a charge on us. URGENT reply please don`t filp flop.

Who is right and who is wrong? IGP, Minister of Home Affairs or Najib. Both Hishamuddin and Najib must retract their words on the demonstration, so that IGP can do his job. This cannot be made a grey area.

Former Perak MB Nizar injured as car turns turtle

Former Perak mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin sustained light injuries after his car turned turtle at Jalan Dr Raja Nazrin Shah here.

His former political secretary Mohd Misbahul Munir Masduki said Nizar was well and had only sustained slight scratches on his face and a cut on his right elbow following the accident at 9.20am on Thursday.

”He was trying to avoid a car that was coming from behind, and his car swerved onto the middle divider before it turned turtle,” he told reporters at Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital where Nizar was seeking treatment.

Misbahul said Nizar had crawled out from the wreck by himself after the accident.

”A passer-by who saw the accident quickly rushed Nizar to the hospital for medical attention,” he added.

The front part of the roof and the windscreen of the car were crushed.

Misbahul said Nizar had an appointment with a dentist in the city and was driving there alone from his home in Sungai Rokam.

At 11am, Nizar was wheeled out smiling and waving to pressmen after receiving outpatient treatment at the hospital.

Also present at the hospital were Nizar’s wife Datin Seri Fatimah Taat and several Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

Misbahul said Nizar, however, was needed to be warded for a night after a test showed that he has high-blood pressure.

”His blood pressure probably shot up after the accident,” he added

Ministries and govt depts told to be prudent so as not to waste people’s money

Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, the Minister of Information Communication and Culture reported that at the Cabinet’s weekly meeting, it has been decided that all the departments of the government and the ministries and agencies should be prudent in their spending so that they would not waste any public funds and this is a call made by prime minister Datuk Seri Najib tun Razak.

Rais said “Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wanted all ministries, departments and agencies to be cautious when determining projects and construction costs. The prime minister felt that the huge cost of any project could be reduced to a reasonable sum, provided detailed calculations were made pertaining to the components and types of building to be constructed, he told reporters after a post-Cabinet meeting, here. It may be possible that we exclude materials which are extremely costly, such as imported stuff, or not be overly dependent on the advice of consultants who propose very high prices,"

He added that “There was no clear system to determine the cost of any project and that many government projects hinged on the advice of the project consultants. A system of determining cost should be established to serve as a guide to set the cost of development projects under the ministry. This would ensure that the ministry and its agencies did not overly depend on the advice of consultants in determining the cost of any project.”


As long as UMNO /bn exist,public funds will con't to be manipulated so Rais please don't give us another bullshit because we're well aware of your species.

The BN can't even pay Terengganu oil royalty. Then, they are trying to implement 4% GST. The BN are broke. They are trying to rob the peoples money in a legal way.

05 January 2010

Senior Air Force officers not involved in missing jet engines

Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, the Attorney-General has revealed that the 2 missing jet fighter engines belonging to the RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) was not done by high ranking officers and that it was done by only the rank-and-file officers of the force. He said “Only rank-and-file officers were behind the missing US-made jet fighter engines which Malaysia purchased in 1975 and the culprits will be prosecuted soon. The investigation papers show there are no senior military officers involved. Only what we can call rank and file personnel are involved. No officers."

He added that "We shall take action against the suspects in the very near future. You can mark my words. However, investigations are still ongoing.” Not revealing how many people are being questioned at the moment, he added that a few civilians and customs officers are also being involved. He added that “The engines were brought to USJ Subang Jaya, to undergo some repairs sometime on Oct 31, 2007. The military suspected that the engines were stolen on Dec 30, 2007 though it was only on May 22, 2008 that the military confirmed that the theft had occurred. The military then launched its own investigations into the matter and decided to lodge a police report on Aug 4, 2008. Based on military and police investigations, the container containing the jet engines was off-loaded in Argentina. From there, it boarded another vessel heading towards Uruguay,"


At the end of the day, the top brass should be held accountable. Stop bullshitting and shifting the blame. This principle of " all heads will roll before mine ins not a valid excuse.
A military base losing two jet engines...what a laugh when you think the small rank and file did the job so well that no top brass or senior officers are involved.
I say let the rank and file take over the top brass job. At least you can say it was well organised.

See how "SMART" from the NAJIS konco,

the first thing he tell u was no senior people involved!!! which actually tried to pushaway the problem far far away from Najis and team.

that mean all the SHIT been sucked to a SMALL BLACK GOAT, and u will saw the BLACK GOAT been sent to court and the head will be cover like Ninja, just like Altantuya case.

Congraculation to u Mr.Najis on your another SHIT attempt!!!


(1) Don't you think that you have gone a bit overboard trying to stress that only other rank officers were involved. WHY???

(2) To carry out a proper investigation which will be the basis of the Prosecution Papers (or brief), you need to ascertain where the engines really are. You first said they are in Argentina and now Uruguay. for all we know the engines could be in the backyard somebody's house at USJ or maybe even in Iran.
Can we know exactly where the engines are??? Or is this not relevant for you???

Present day Malaysia has a two main of mysteries.

Location of F5E engines -----Argentina--Uruguay--dUNNO?
Location of RPK--------------Thailand--Singapore--Australia--London--Poland--DUNNO??

Low ranked officers couldn't have just stolen and shipped the engines to 'Argentina' There must have been a Buyer at this so called 'Argentina'. Who was this buyer. This whole episode stinks of an international black market sale of weapons and or assesories.

Are you sure the privates, corporals and sargents of the RMAF have such links to the international market.

Surely something is amiss here!
Don't you think so???

04 January 2010

Zambry sues Suara Keadilan for claiming he was detained in US for terrorist suspicion

Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, the Mentri Beser of Perak has filed a defamation suit against Suara Keadilan, the publication belonging to opposition party Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) over an article which he said was devoid of journalistic ethics and of the extreme kind. Zambry said that he has since discussed the issue with his lawyers and decided to take legal action against the tabloid.

He said “The newspaper should be more responsible in its reporting to reflect the credibility of PKR, which was said to be fighting for justice and truth.” The article claimed that Zambry was detained at the San Francisco Airport in America for suspicion of being a terrorist. He said “This newspaper committed a big lie when it reported that I was hauled up at the San Francis¬co Airport in the United States on suspicion of being a terrorist and that I was forced to return to Malaysia. I don’t know who their sources are but the report is not true. It’s a total fabrication. Initially, I wanted to sue the newspaper for RM1 or five sen, but considering that the party leader loves to sue people for RM100mil, so why shouldn’t I sue them for RM100mil, too?”


this Mamak Zombie was not only US terrorist, but he is a Malaysia terrorist as well...

Zombie, u think u worth RM100million??

nah...give u 1ct, cos u even not worth 5 cents

A thief sueing?

Sure Ali Baba's kangaroo cage. middle finger for you. You won, Zombry.

Did you consult Samy & Fidah, your parents on this ?

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