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21 October 2012

MCA....before you sack those who sabotage you to be first sack....MCA pledges to sack GE13 saboteurs

MCA has joined its Barisan Nasional (BN) partner Umno in pledging to weed out internal saboteurs, warning members today that they would be sacked if they were found guilty of sabotage in the coming general election.

Party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said MCA is “ready for war”, which he used as the acronym for “willing, able and ready”, and reminded members of the party’s uphill battle ahead as the country heads towards the most crucial polls yet.

“Dear comrades, from now onwards, we should only talk and think about defeating Pakatan Rakyat (PR) at breakfast time, lunch, dinner and supper.

“There is no room for sabotaging; our Central Committee (CC) has decided that whoever sabotaged the party during the GE (general election), he will be sacked,” the former minister said in his opening address at MCA’s 59th annual general meeting (AGM) this morning.

He urged members and supporters to focus on “strengthening MCA and defeating PR” as their daily mantra, and reminded them that the 13th general election would be a do-or-die battle for MCA.

At the MCA’s extraordinary general meeting (EGM), the party resolved that it will reject all government posts should it fare worse than it did in Election 2008






Chua Soi Lek, if you want to get the 13 GE saboteurs, look no further than UMNO. Yes, UMNO. UMNO has got the EC, NRD and other govt agencies to tilt the playing field towards BN. It happened in earlier GEs. It will happen in 13 GE. So don't beat round the bush. The real saboteurs are right before your very eyes. Dont waste your time looking for them elsewhere!!!!!

MCA is true Malaysia Chinese suppose disappeared long time ago...The rakyat will sack MCA first! Then it will not matter who you sack.

UMNO-BN dog from another planet.....Silent majority wants AES, says Kong

The silent majority supports the Automated Enforcement System (AES), Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said today, accusing Pakatan Rakyat (PR) of being the only detractors of the controversial nationwide camera system aimed at traffic offenders.

Kong also said he was puzzled by allegations that the AES targeted areas with low income earners.

“I think the silent majority is with us, we have also received a lot of good write ups and comments about the AES,” he told reporters after opening Wanita MCA’s 37th annual general meeting here today.

When asked about allegations that the system was rushed, Kong said the government has been looking at the AES proposal since 2003.

“Is it too rushed? It has been almost ten years ago today,” he said, adding that this was done before his time.

The minister added nine companies had submitted their tenders and took part in 2006, with seven companies even holding live demonstrations of their proposed systems.

“The selection committee, I am told, included the police, the treasury, members of the Attorney-General’s Chambers and also included representatives from the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC).

“In the end, these two companies got the tender,” he said.

The Lumut MP added that the system was conducive towards reducing road accidents and deaths, citing studies from countries that have implemented similar setups showing reductions between 50 and 60 per cent in the incidence of both occurrences.

“So why are people complaining? Are they not concerned with lives lost on the roads?” Kong said, adding that after two weeks implementation, the AES has managed to reduce traffic offences by up to 60 per cent in their areas of operation, with one traffic light recording zero offences.

The minister then urged Penang, the one state that has put a hold on the implementation of the AES, to set aside its opposition to the AES.

“The Penang government should care more about the lives of their people.

“This system saves lives and also inculcates a good safety culture among road users. That is what we want,” he said.

When asked if the system would sway voters in the upcoming general election, Kong rubbished the suggestion.

“I think we care more about the life of the people,” he said.

For the last two weeks, the AES has been lambasted in Parliament by both sides of the political divide, with PAS MPs pushing a motion for Kong’s salary be docked RM10 for implementing the system.

Kong has said that Putrajaya would not defer the implementation of the system, insisting that it would benefit road users in the long term through its ability to indirectly reduce road accidents by punishing speedsters and drivers who run red traffic lights.






Moron, if the majority are silent, how the hell did you know they support the AES?

Since they are the silent majority it means they did not speak out. How do you know they want it? Or is it because they did not speak out you just ram the AES down their throat?

all the cabinet ministers are clowns and day after day they try to outwit each other to become who is the biggest clown of all to be the champion of all clowns! Sheer nonsense, he is talking without any brains as usual with no evidence or proof?

Silent does not mean consent ! Mr. Kong, By the way, you said that this concept was around for almost ten years, how come no one thought about proper warning signs but purely focus on the punitive moves, the Cameras & their locations. You are definitely very brave to take on the majority Silent mass, and prepare the whole MCA to go to "Holland" in the GE13.

UMNO & MCA cronies laughing all the way to the bank! Whereas, the Rakyat will bear the brunt of ERRORS in the system which may spiral out of control. The lucrative income will clearly motivate the ROBBING & THIEVING instinct of UMNO warlords who most likely would own these companies DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY!

MCA increasingly sink....try the last lifeline support to spin the story ...Soi Lek agrees that PAS condones rape of non-Muslim women

this is  original star  and  MCA female infidelity  spin this story....!!!

Chua Soi Lek agreed today with a Wanita MCA leader’s view that PAS condones the raping of non-Muslim women, pointing out that the party’s spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat had made the opinion clear in a speech four years ago.

The MCA president  alleged that in the 2008 speech, Nik Aziz had said that women who do not “tutup aurat” (protect their modesty) “deserved to be raped”.

“And the reason he gave was that this is because the eye is connected to the genitalia so when you see… you get provoked.

“This is not what I am saying… this is what Nik Aziz said. I can get you a tape immediately if you are interesting in seeing (Nik Aziz’s speech),” he told reporters after chairing a special briefing with MCA delegates ahead of the party’s main annual general meeting (AGM) tomorrow.

Dr Chua was ask to comment on a Malaysiakini report quoting Wanita MCA vice-chairman Senator Heng Seai Kie as saying during the wing’s AGM earlier today that PAS condones the raping of women who do not conform to the Islamic dress code.

According to the news portal’s report, Heng, in trying to explain how the Islamic hudud law would affect both the Muslims and non-Muslims, had cited Nik Aziz’s 2008 speech, which can be found on YouTube (

“If you watch the YouTube clip, you would know that Nik Aziz had once said that a woman should ‘tutup aurat’ (protect their modesty), otherwise the woman should be raped.

“From Nik Aziz’s speech, we can conclude that Nik Aziz openly asked Muslim to rape non-Muslim, am I right?” Heng was quoted as saying on the portal.

Appearing to agree with Heng’s point, Dr Chua pointed out again that Nik Aziz’s speech had been recorded.

When asked, however, if Heng had twisted the matter out of context as Nik Aziz had purportedly been only speaking about Muslim women, Dr Chua said: “I think you missed the part where Nik Aziz explained why you need to tutup aurat… because if you do not tutup… then it provokes, you know, all these young men. You understand?

“When a Muslim man wants to rape, it does not mean he must rape only a Muslim, right? He can rape anybody… so do not spin it out of control,” Chua said




Maybe Pas did not say they condone Adultery that's why Chua Soi Lek is so furious. Sometime when this fella talks he should go and look in the mirror.

The tendency for Barisan parties to view all issues through racial and religious lenses is deplorable. Recent comments, like those of MCA leaders, clearly seek to destroy trust and cause division through twisted logic and conclusion. (Please get me a tape where Nik Aziz "openly asked Muslims to rape non-Muslims".) They have no place in the future of Malaysian politics, no matter how politically desperate one is.

Let us trust and care for each other, and prove these irresponsible leaders wrong!

Your mission is to win back the hearts of the Chinese, but instead you are making them hate you more than never

What are these low lifes in MCA trying to do? CSL better watch out what you say. Again MCA proves it is sinking.

Empty vessels make the most noise.. seems to be best exemplified by umNO's concubine's chief cheerleader, Soi Lek! This fella makes M'sia look like it has NO OTHER issues other than PAS' existence!

gabby from porn star....Greater fear of hudud among Chinese today said chua soi lek...

Chua Soi Lek appeared to suggest today that MCA’s anti-hudud campaign has been successful, saying that there is greater awareness and fear among the Chinese community today over the possibility of the Islamic law being being implemented should Pakatan Rakyat (PR) wrest federal power.

The MCA president (picture) said Chinese voters were now better aware that the issue is not just for “play-play” but would likely turn into reality should the federal opposition pact take Putrajaya in the coming polls.

“I would say that a lot of Chinese are better aware of the possible implementation of hudud. They are also aware that the DAP has been lying when it said that hudud will not affect the non-Muslims.

“More Chinese are now aware. That, I am very sure,” he told a press conference at Wisma MCA here after chairing a special briefing with party delegates ahead of tomorrow’s annual general meeting (AGM).

Dr Chua was responding to a question on how far he felt MCA’s anti-hudud campaign has reached the Chinese community.

MCA has repeatedly used the hudud issue in its bid to drive a wedge between PAS and DAP, two parties in the PR federal opposition pact.

PAS has expressed its support for the implementation of hudud law, but DAP has said it can only be done in an “Islamic state”, pointing

out that the Federal Constitution states that Malaysia is a secular country.

BN has often pointed to the differing views of PAS and DAP on hudud as proof that PR is not united.

The hudud issue again took centre stage today at the MCA Youth and Wanita AGMs, with Youth delegates even resolving to offer their full cooperation to ensure that Malaysia remains a secular state.

“We know that his affects everybody… affects the whole social fabric, the political, investment climate of the country,”  Chua said.

He revealed that during two recent closed-door meetings with Chinese community leaders, the issue was the “hottest” topic raised to him.

“The hottest questions asked – Whether there is likelihood that it will be implemented, and what is its impact on the non-Muslims.

“So I think more people are aware… it is not what we call a play-play issue… it could become reality if PR wins, with PAS said to be the dominant leader of the pact,” he said.

Hudud has remained a sensitive touch point in Southeast Asia’s third-largest economy, which has a 60 per cent Muslim population, with political parties continuing to spar over the subject in the run-up to the 13th general election.

The idea of an Islamic criminal code has been used to either scare away the minority Chinese voters, or shore up support among the majority Malay-Muslim community.

The Malay community is seen today as split three-ways among the ruling BN’s mainstay and the country’s biggest Malay party, Umno, the opposition’s Islamist PAS, and PKR, which is seen as an urban liberal party.

MCA had previously warned that Muslim MPs would unite to amend the Constitution in favour of hudud and the Islamic state if PR takes over, but DAP’s Lim Kit Siang had dismissed it as a “lie” to stop the Chinese community from voting for the opposition.

Lim had said that there were only 130 Muslim MPs in the country, while 148 MPs are needed to make up the two-thirds majority for a constitutional amendment.






MCA says if Pakatan wins, we will live under Islamic Hudud Law.
UMNO says if Pakatan wins, we will become Christians
MIC will then says if Pakatan wins, we will all carry kavadis.

The last thing I heard from mainstream media was that a vote for PAS or DAP was a vote for a Christian State Malaysia.

If it is Hudud, I bet the first to have their hands cut are your Malay conspirators in UMNO.

Hudud is for muslim only. Don't you have any other solid facts to use in your campaign against Pr. ??? You are just like a broken record repeating the same thing like a parrot does..

With just release Audit report out suddenly CSL and MCA's comes out barking with so much of crap talks.
No need to divert our attention, can you dare to comment something on Musa's RM40m?

I don't know what is the issue with hudud. The people that should fear would be the BN folks like CSL where they will chop off his you know what for doing we all know what he is doing. Hands of those BN thieves will be chopped off I hope. Only way to solve our corruption problem! So who is really fearing?

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