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28 August 2012

behavior similar his scoundrel master....where to admit...Police deny crime stats manipulation


The police today denied claims that statistics had been manipulated to paint a false picture of the crime rate, pointing out that their achievements are “real” while the allegations are inaccurate and misleading.

“All reported crimes, regardless of which Penal Code sections or category of crimes they come under, WILL contribute to the crime statistics. And this will be further enhanced by the Online Report Tracking System under Beta testing at the moment and due for launch late 2012.

File photo of policemen on duty to face protestors in Kuala Lumpur. The police have said there is no factual basis or evidence to the allegation that crime statistics is manipulated or ‘doctored’.

“The achievements of PDRM and improvements by way of the NKRA are real, as are its initiatives, such as Omnipresence, Safe City Programme, Investigation Enhancement, Frontline Servicing,” ACP Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf from Bukit Aman’s public relations department said in a statement.

On August 22, an anonymous letter, purportedly written by a policeman who penned his name as Sumun Osram, had alleged that crime cases were being methodically manipulated into “non-index” offences that were not registered as part of official statistics presented by PEMANDU.

In Malaysia, the police divide crime into two categories, index and non-index — the former defined as crime, which is reported with sufficient regularity and significance to be meaningful, indicates the crime situation while the latter is regarded as minor in nature.

Following the letter’s appearance, Pakatan Rakyat leaders had urged the federal government to rebut the allegation regarding the manipulation of crime data.

Despite repeated calls for clarification PEMANDU and the police have kept silent until now.

“Definitions of Index and Non-Index Crimes, as well as the Investigation and Prosecution processes have been instituted long before the introduction of the NKRA programme. There is no factual basis or evidence to the allegation that crime statistics is manipulated or ‘doctored’.

“The writer, if indeed a police personnel, has not been long in the force, has clearly no understanding on how policing processes and crime investigations are conducted. To avoid doubts and misunderstanding due to misrepresentation as demonstrated by the writer, PDRM would like to gracefully extend an invitation to any member of the public an opportunity to come forward and share their concerns with us,” Ramli said.

Last month, PEMANDU defended itself from public criticism after a spate of crime incidents that seem to contradict with the image painted by its crime statistics.

The agency, along with the police and Home Ministry, had continued to stand by its claim that the country’s crime rate has dipped considerably since initiatives under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) were put in place two years ago.

PEMANDU’s crime reduction NKRA (national key results areas) director Eugene Teh had in July released fresh statistics to show that index crime in Malaysia dropped by 10.1 per cent from January to May this year compared to the same period last year.

PEMANDU had earlier released figures to show that index crime had dropped by 11.1 per cent from 2010 to last year while street crime dipped 39.7 per cent in the same period.





They have never been admitting any wrong, ever. Did they?

They will, when snowflake can survive in hell and pigs start flying.

Even if what was revealed was 100 percent true, you do not expect the PDRM, PEMANDU or even the PM to admit, right? Have you ever in your life come across anytime when those in high authority admitted they were wrong, dishonest, liars, con-men, corrupt and so on? Will a corrupt person admit being corrupt? Even when there is evidence that clearly proves guilty, the corrupt person will still want to plead not guilty.

Denial! Denial, denial...Its no different from saying the statistics are Correct! Correct! Correct!

Show us the raw data (if its not an Official Secret) and we will make our own conclusions.

PDRM is a laughing stok supporting UMNO and BN

PAS and DAP will never work with malay kafir harbi ( UMNO )


Federal opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) today said its component parties will never work with Umno, the main party in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

DAPSY chief Anthony Loke said that both the DAP and PAS will never co-operate with Umno.

“But MCA president (Datuk Seri Dr) Chua Soi Lek said DAP will work together with Umno to replace MCA in BN,” Loke told reporters after a PR secretariat meeting.

“DAP will also not work with Umno,” he said.

He said the actual co-operation was between the DAP, PAS and PKR in the opposition pact, saying that none of them wants anything to do with Umno.

He said Umno “thinks it is irreplaceable and everyone wants to work together with it.”

PAS Treasurer Dr Hatta Ramli had earlier in the press conference said, “We (PAS) don’t see how we can cooperate with Umno”, adding that Umno plays with “racial and anti-religious issues.”

Two weeks ago, influential former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that PAS could realise its goal to set up an Islamic state and enforce hudud if it joined Umno, in a bid to woo the Islamist party to BN’s side.

His remarks came in the wake of a recent controversy after religious conservatives, including the state muftis of Pahang and Perak, dubbed the DAP “kafir harbi”, or belligerent infidels, for its consistent opposition to hudud, dragging PAS and PKR into a heated debate.

The controversy prompted PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang to rise to its ally’s defence, pointing out that while the DAP opposed hudud, Umno had already rejected its implementation.

Hudud and the Islamic state were two issues that tore asunder the fledgling Barisan Alternatif — the precursor to the present-day PR — following Election 1999, when DAP and PAS went their separate ways after failing to reach a compromise.

The BN-friendly media has been highlighting the disparate stances of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners DAP and PAS on the emotive issues: the former opposes the Islamic state and penal code that the latter aspires to realise.

But the focus on these issues has also put the spotlight on the mixed messages sent by BN. Umno has often courted PAS by offering to help it realise its Islamic state aim, while MCA openly rejects hudud and any form of Islamic rule.






Umno “thinks it is irreplaceable and everyone wants to work together with it.”

How arrogant! Let's kick these clowns out and teach them a lesson in humility.

PAS and DAP will only work with the Rakyat of Malaysia for the betterment of the people

Stupidity to the highest degree of rapist minister.....Corrupt Government aims to break Twitter world record on N-Day

A world record of one million tweets expressing patriotic feelings is sought from Twitter users in Malaysia in conjunction with the “Perhimpunan Janji Ditepati” (Promises Fulfilled Gathering) in celebration of the country’s 55th Merdeka Day, this Friday.

Information, Communications and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim said Twitter users in Malaysia could post their tweets within one hour between 8.15pm and 9.15pm using the hashtag #Merdeka55 while celebrations are going on that night at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

“On that (Friday) night, we will share the Merdeka spirit together by making up to one million tweets. We appeal to all Twitter users to do this as a symbol of love for Malaysia,” he said after watching the Merdeka Day parade rehearsal today.

Rais (picture) added to achieve the government’s target of Merdeka tweets, his ministry had appealed to all telecommunication companies in the country to be prepared in order to avoid any transmission disruption during that time to enable Twitter users to send their tweets.

He said free LRT services to Bukit Jalil from as early as 8am until the end of the celebration would also be provided, in line with the government’s aim of gathering as many people from all walks of life at the stadium.

“I urge people from the Klang Valley and other parts of the country to join this Merdeka celebration,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rais also hit out at the opposition for “only being good at politicising the Merdeka celebration this time” and he described their action as extreme.

“Instead, they should together celebrate this auspicious occasion and assist a little in organising the celebration. What can we do? To them, their job is to oppose, no matter what.

“But they should remember that since the country achieved its independence (in 1957), they (opposition) too have been enjoying the fruits of the ruling government’s efforts,” he said.

Rais also refuted claims by opposition portals that Merdeka Day this time would only be celebrated by those who were pro-government while some people have not been invited to the gathering on Friday night.

“This is not true as we invite all, regardless of their political affiliation or belief, to join this celebration,” he said.

The Merdeka Day parade rehearsal today saw the participation of more than 13,000 people from various government agencies, corporate bodies, security forces and non-governmental organisations.






Why only 1 million? I thought UMNO has 3 million members??? plus over million members from other BN components like MCA, MIC, Gerakan....etc???

Stupidity to the highest degree! What would the new tweet record achieve? Moreover this can be easily manipulated by the paid umno bloggers to make up the tweet.

Sack this uncultured minister of mis-information.

UMNO and their stooges wants desperately to show that the people support them, not realizing that "twits" means that we are loyal citizens, not necessarily UMNO's supporters. We want and demand acccountability, transparency and trust from our governing parties. Not by-the-way handouts, but responsible and fiduciary governance.

Rais should be planning his retirement instead of indulging in "Syiok Sendiri" campaigns. A good place to spend his retirement would be Sungai Buloh Paradise Resort. All expenses paid!

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