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28 July 2012

Proton does not commit to Rakyat we support the reduction in car tax....!!!


The Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) electoral pledge to cut car taxes will not adversely affect national carmaker Proton, saying that local cars will still be the cheapest under the proposal.

PR is offering a complete revamp of the National Automotive Policy (NAP), including slashing hefty excise duties and reducing the triple-tax burden imposed on cars here, should it come to power in the next general election.

The offer to voters will effectively boost the disposable incomes of Malaysians and reduce household debts, the federal opposition has said.

That excise duties are now imposed on all local or foreign makes.

If excise tax is abolished... what doesn’t change is the price advantage, what changes is the tax,..

Proton and Perodua will remain the cheapest cars in the market after the tax cut.

Malay rights group Perkasa had voiced its concern that PR’s move will cause Proton’s sales to drop and also cause Proton employees to lose their jobs.

Malaysians pay inordinately high prices for cars mainly because of the protection afforded to national carmaker Proton since 1984. 

The public pays import, excise and sales taxes that translate into some of the highest car prices in the region. 

A recent income survey found that a household earning RM3,000 a month could spend up to 50 per cent of its income on maintaining a car.

A cut in car duties — which currently run as high as 105 per cent — could help stimulate the economy by boosting disposable income and reducing household debt burden..

The high taxes now have resulted in about 20 per cent of the RM581 billion total household debt in the country last year being held in cars, an asset that depreciates over time






I think the used car and current car owners would be the biggest losers because they already committed so much while the value of their vehicles dropped so much all of a sudden. 

If PR really wants to ensure an orderly market adjustment of car prices, they should give subsidies for the current car owners (tiered of course which favoured those who bought relatively cheaper cars and those recently bought cars versus expensive cars and those already fully depreciated as it exceeds 10 years) to adjust to the sudden fall in prices.

Its time to put money back into consumer pocket and let them decide where and what to spend it on. Government triple tax on basic transportation need is inhumane. Why must a rakyat spend more than half of their debt on a vehicle?

Yes now with this revamp NAP,we can look forward for more and less burden on cars spare parts and aftermarkets products. These important car parts are seriously expensive..a gearbox usually the common in high price after the engine..locally or imported..

the proton preve should not cost more than 25K. if proton is afraid of going bankrupt, they have to wake up immediately, because PR will be going to Putrajaya very soon. and all the rakyat will be driving their favourite toyotas and hondas at half the price now. then we will see big FDIs from toyota and honda into this country, and the rakyat will have plenty of jobs. we want quality and affordable cars, NOT cars where we are afraid to even use the power windows when we are paying toll....just in case the window gets stuck, like it always does on my Waja...replace two times already also cannot use. now DARE NOT use

I'm thinking Proton's cars are getting more and more expensive. With RM75,000 for new Proton Preve, that is the price for one Toyota Avanza or Vios already. Which makes me think, Proton does not commit to Rakyat affordability too

Proton will survive if the right management is in charge. Slimmer profits won't kill a business but inefficiency will. It is for the better if Proton face up to the South Koreans, Japanese, Germans and China and learn how to survive. 

Champions are forged in the fire of competition while losers avoid the least challenge.

Very smart move to reduce our burden and safety of the rakyat by reducing the aging cars on the road. Proton has to stand on its own instead of being a jellyfish and hiding on national car status. How long must the nation bear supporting Proton, from vendors to sales are own by cronies of UMNO.

more more money into the pockets of the BN government ..... more money in waste to their cronies

Car tax adds RM7b yearly to public coffers, says Customs D-G


The Royal Malaysian Customs director-general today came out in support of maintaining car taxes, saying it added up to RM7 billion annually to the Treasury that was used to aid development projects nationwide, as controversy rages over its proposed abolition.
“About RM6 billion to RM7 billion are collected annually just from vehicle’s excise duty. Imagine how many schools and hospitals we can build with that amount of money,” Datuk Khazali Ahmad was reported as saying by English-language daily The Star today.

“This money is used for the country’s various sectors such as education, health and social development,” he was quoted further.

The civil servant had sought to appear impartial when commenting on Pakatan Rakyat (PR)’s electoral pledge to slash excise duties and reduce the triple-tax burden imposed on cars if it takes over Putrajaya in the upcoming general election.

But his remark suggested a leaning towards the establishment’s reasons for imposing car excise duties that result in Malaysians having to fork out hundreds of thousands in ringgit for foreign-made cars, nearly as much as — and often more than— it costs to own a home.

“That is their political opinion though and I cannot comment on it,” Khazali was reported saying.

Malaysians pay inordinately prices for cars mainly because of the protection afforded to national carmaker Proton since 1984.

Car buyers must pay import and excise duties as well as sales taxes that translate into some of the highest car prices in the region.

Excise duties, which form the bulk of car taxes, are imposed on foreign-made and local-made cars alike.

A recent income survey found that a household earning RM3,000 a month could spend up to 50 per cent of its income on maintaining a car.

A cut in car duties — which currently run as high as 105 per cent — could help stimulate the economy by boosting disposable income and reducing household debt burden, analysts have also told ...

The high taxes now have resulted in about 20 per cent of the RM581 billion total household debt in the country last year being held in cars, an asset that depreciates over time.







En Khazali, 

You are just a civil servant paid by the public, so make sure you collect EVERY SEN that is due to the govt. The RM 1 trillion illicit outflow over the last decade alone clearly shows you and your dept HAVE NOT done your job diligently. You are not the policy maker. If the people choose to elect a govt that wishes to abolish the excise duty as demanded by the people it is actually NONE of your business. If you aspire to be a law maker, just resign and stand as a candidate.

This Khazali bloke thinks he is in charge of disbursement of government funds & mentioned that the RM7 billion can be used to built schools & hospitals. He can't be sure where the fund goes & should be responsible to his remarks. If he had kept quiet, nobody is going to say that he is dumb! His statement is also leaning towards BN & he should be impartial on what PR intends to do. He should be removed if PR takes over Putrajaya as he is just a lapdog to BN. He doesn't know economics in taxes & disposable income & funny he's appointed as Customs DG. Empty tin!

It does not seem right that Malaysia tax payers have been subsidizing Proton for over 3 decades with no end in sight, and are rewarded with the most expensive car price tags and yet more taxes. Proton is an expensive ego trip by some past minister and a mistake.

RM7 billion is a whopping amount of money and Khazali Ahmad thought he is clever when he said it is used to build this and that. 

Khazali Ahmad, do you know the effect of car taxes on owners and the whole economy? You seems to think that reduced car taxes will have a very adverse impact on the finance of the country. You are a typical civil servants, who cannot think beyond what is in front of you. 

The savings of reduce car prices will allow owners to spend on other things and will add to the economy substantially. Besides, with more car sales, petrol tax, better economy from increased disposal income, the government will end up earning more in connection with the redu8ce car taxes. 

Herein lies the difference between Pakatan people and UMNO/BN leadership.

Listen Datuk Khazali. We are not disputing the amount collected & used to build schools & hospitals . However how much of the money is siphoned off to cronies as commission. So if RM7 billion collected and say RM2billion goes into pockets whats left for us. This is our bone of contention. We want to bring in a new govt because of all the commission paid from our tax money. Remember ths submarine buy and comission paid. I can go on and name many more

22 July 2012

heloo MR cin cin and beg beg....Protect local species before conserving pandas


Putrajaya’s “panda diplomacy” deal with China has angered an environmental group, which is now demanding that the government spend the same amount to protect Malaysia’s own endangered species.

Land Empowerment Animals People (LEAP) executive director Cynthia Ong told Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in an open letter yesterday that his reason for striking the panda deal with China was “dubious”, largely because funds channelled to help local species have been “pitiful”.

“It is a waste of money and resources at a time when Malaysia’s own native species are suffering from a range of threats,” she said in the letter.
Ong revealed that over past two decades, she had helped raise some RM50 million for local environmental conservation efforts.

The same sum, she claimed, would go to maintaining the two giant panda bears from China for the next 10 years.

“In one fell swoop, you (Najib) spent a chunk of funds equal to what I’ve spent half my life to raise,” she complained.

Ong said the funds she had raised had largely come from international sources as local funding, whether from public or private entities, has always come up short.

“Your actions with Projek Panda deeply confused, upset and angered me and many of my colleagues who are working tirelessly to protect the endangered species of Sabah and Malaysia,” she said.

“We go through soul-destroying fund application processes to receive (or not) what little funds your government allocates to manage and protect this natural capital fundamental to the economic, ecological, social and cultural health of the state,” she added.

Ong urged Najib to match “one for one” the funds meant for the panda project and place the money into a Sabah endangered species fund which will be administered by LEAP and non-governmental organisations in the east Malaysian state.

“I ask you to consider my request and show government leadership, at the same time modelling philanthropic leadership for the private sector,” she said.

In previous media reports, Najib had said that the giant panda project would boost Malaysia’s relationship with China and attract tourists.

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry has also claimed that the project will promote public awareness on China’s panda conservation efforts.

Malaysia is home to a number of charismatic endangered mammals including the sunbear, clouded leopard, Malay tapir, Bornean orangutan, pygmy elephant, Sumatran rhino and Malayan tiger.

Logging, poaching and conversion of habitat for rubber, timber and oil palm plantations are among the major threats to wildlife in Malaysia.






He must obviously have thought that the Panda can win him a few more Chinese votes comes GE 13. 

Malaysians are not as gullible as he believes. Malaysians have decided to kill UMNO for good. Better that UMNO perishes than Malaysians suffer.

Najib is an idiot. Better kick him out fast before he drains off the whole country's wealth. His leadership and management sucks and a liability to Malaysia.

Dunno why Najib want to bring in Panda. They are from a Communist country, a political system which they hate so much and from the race that he hate so much. What friendship is he talking about when he openly label his enemy communist?

Protect local species by all means but not that Katak from Kelantan.

Selangor wants Syabas chairman, CEO sacked

Selangor will recommend the sacking of Syabas' executive chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) to the water concessionaire's board, citing the duo's failure to brief the state's recently formed monitoring committee.

Several dailies today reported a statement from Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim last night saying that the dismissal could save the firm up to RM5.1 million annually from the duo's salaries.

"The state government is also ready to set an allocation to build new water treatment plants to raise output capacity and will immediately call for a tender of the Mitigation Project 2 worth RM225 million," The Star quoted Khalid as saying.

According to Sinar Harian, the mentri besar had also pledged the state's willingness to cooperate with the Putrajaya’s Special Cabinet Committee (SCC), which was formed on Thursday by the Energy, Green Technology and Water ministry.

The Malay daily quoted Khalid as saying that he will request that the panel hold a dialogue with Selangor residents to discuss the ongoing water issues in the state.

"If the committee... can resolve this impasse better, then that would be very good. But if it fails, then water management should be handed over to the state government," he was quoted as saying.

"What we see is that the time has come for Selangor's water management to be restructured... Syabas is not capable of resolving this problem well," he added.

Residents of Selangor and the nation's capital Kuala Lumpur got a rude shock last week when the state's sole water distribution company Syabas said that it might have to start water rationing due to near zero reserves at the state's water treatment plants.

Critics of Syabas and its parent company Puncak Niaga were quick to question whether the water crisis was "manufactured" and a ploy to hasten construction of the RM3.6 billion Langat 2 water treatment plant which they speculate Puncak Niaga would be eyeing to operate.

On Monday, Khalid announced that Selangor would invoke clause 32 of the concession agreement with Syabas to take over operations of the water supplier, accusing them of being incompetent for failing to lower non-revenue water (NRW) to below 20 per cent and owing RM 2.8 billion in arrears.






5.1 millions annually for two TOP executives that are ineffective, does not care about the production of the water treatment plant, holding the people and the state government at ransom; they deserve to be sacked immediately!! 

We definitely support Selangor government in taking over Syabas!!

Sack them all. Bunch of money-loving over-paid non-capables at the helm. We want our state water issues to be handled by impartial, trusted and capable hands, not by puppets and yes-men.

Syabas more interested in politickings than serving Selangorians? 

It had taken so much time to solve so little problem. 

Surely, we feel the MB is correct, sack the CEO of Syabas and save 6.1 million per annum. Just what does he do to deserve such renumerations? 

UMNO -BN propaganda to be the loser in 13 th election.....JI terrorist, communist threats must be monitored said home minister


Any allegation involving the infiltration of deviant religious teachings or communist elements into society must be closely monitored as it affects national security, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said today.

The home minister told a press conference that this does not only apply to the opposition but the ruling pact as well.

“We view this issue in the context of national security. Whether it involves religious ideologies or infiltration into parties, whether the opposition or the government, we will investigate,” he said after a working visit to the Dang Wangi district police headquarters here.

Hishammuddin (picture) added that if the matter involves national security, it was not merely important to uncover proof but police action must be taken.

“When it comes to national security threats, this is something we monitor daily whether through the Special Branch or the Special Action Force (UTK),” the minister said.

He was responding to Thursday’s claim by Special Branch chief assistant director of the E2(M) national social extremist threat division Datuk Mohd Sofian Md Makinuddin that Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorists and former communists have infiltrated the ranks of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties PAS and the DAP.

The minister had yesterday claimed ignorance over the matter, telling reporters that he could not confirm if Mohd Sofian’s allegation was true.

But DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang flayed Hishammuddin today for not being in the know, pointing out that the Special Branch unit under the police comes directly under the purview of the Home Ministry.

“It is the most cowardly, craven and irresponsible response from Hishammuddin... Is Hishammuddin admitting he is the lousiest home minister in the nation’s 54-year history?” Lim said in a statement.

Hishammuddin today appeared to dismiss his critics, however, but gave his assurance that matters of such national importance would not be hidden from the public.

“If it has to do with national security, I will inform the public and I view this in the context of national security,” he repeated.

In Thursday’s report by national news agency Bernama, Mohd Sofian had said that several leaders from PKR and the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM), a PR-friendly opposition party, are believed to have attended “secret meetings” with former Malayan Communist Party leaders in Bangkok and southern Thailand.

“The effect is new political ideas which have the potential of threatening the nation’s core values have spread.

“The movement receives support from foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which assist in terms of finance, training locally and abroad as well as exposure to specific expertise in facing the general election,” he was quoted as saying.

Mohd Sofian added that the movement’s aim was to create local NGOs which would always be hostile to the government and create chaos to weaken the ruling government.

“In this matter, we worry that the opposition parties and NGOs play up controversial issues to stir hatred among the public towards the government by the time the elections come.

“Or (it’s) to increase demonstrations and incidents which can divert police attention... demonstrations will continue to be a trend in our country,” he had said.





Pervention is better than cure. The people support police's effort in monitoring the situation. But to alledge that terrorists and communists have infiltrated the opposition parties is just a poliitical chicanery. The people know the police's motives. If the police have records and proofs of these 

people in the opposition parties, why not arrest them?

Hisham conveniently forgot about the aliens with voting rights who are the greatest threat to democracy in this country.

If the government really hate the communists so much,it should break off diplomatic relationship with China as it is most powerful (dangerous) communist nation in the world today.

Hishammuddin, are you going to monitor or spy on communist leaders while they are here?? 


What about Chinese Embassy? Did you send someone to spy on them?? 

By the way, why government laid down red carpet to welcome Communist leaders??? Why Najib and many government leaders went all the way to China to meet Communist leaders???

the only real threat in our motherland is actually from greedy politicains who taking lots of public fund,and also those that sell citizenships to the foreigners.Hi,Hisham pls look into the corrupted leaders first and ask your man to monitor their money movement and only worry about the threat from JI and Communist.Also please monitor those that always incite hatred among the generall public by giving false statements.

seemingly...He sleeps clutching his ill-begotten cash in his arms...........soundly since he does not care what the rest of the rakyat thinks!

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