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29 January 2012

dick head hassan ali...busy with the issue of apostasy, but the zakat money not reach to the supposed people and zakat money embezzlement by ministers did not dare to say anything ...

Hasan Ali: Christians going undercover to convert Muslims

Former Selangor Islamic affairs executive councillor Datuk Hasan Ali claimed today Christian ministers have resorted to handing out electronic gadgets and wearing kopiah (skullcaps) to mosques in their efforts to convert Muslims.

The Gombak Setia assemblyman, who was sacked from PAS and the state government earlier this month, told an anti-apostasy rally in Kepala Batas, Penang that Muslims in the country were vulnerable to these methods due to their lack of faith.

He said that when he was Selangor executive councillor, he received at least 60 reports of apostasy including how Muslims were enticed with money and given gifts of laptop computers, cameras, cars, monthly food provisions and gadgets like solar-powered bibles.

“There were reports of foreign Christian ministers wearing Muslim skullcaps and attending prayers at a certain mosque in Petaling Jaya to establish a communal relationship with Muslims before converting them.

“I was told these international Christian groups have unlimited funds,” he told a crowd of about 2,000, a tenth of Himpunan Sejuta Umat’s (Himpun) targeted 20,000 attendess.

The coalition of Muslim NGOs has organised several such gatherings in response to the “challenge of Christianisation”.

Himpun was mooted following last year’s controversial August 3 raid by Selangor Islamic authorities on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) in Petaling Jaya, where it was alleged that Christians were converting Muslims.

Hasan had backed the raid and said there “could be hundreds, maybe even thousands” of cases of Muslims being converted by Christians.

Last November, the former Selangor PAS chief told the Selangor Legislative Assembly that evangelical Christians are using high-tech devices such as solar-powered talking bibles to proselytise Muslims in the state.

Hasan was axed by PAS after urging opposition supporters to avoid the rally on January 9 in support of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on the day his sodomy trial verdict was handed down by the High Court here.

He had also repeatedly criticised PAS as having deviated from championing Islam






in your 3 years tenure as the State Exco what were you doing? Raiding Churches and arresting Christians for spreading their faith. Do you think the Christians will be scared by such actions? You should use your position to strengthen Muslims faith by strengthening the Islamic institutions instead. You had wasted the chances you had. What a disappointment, a 'motivator' like you could not do the right things.

Who else in this world would want to use solar powered bible. didn't this scum know that there is such thing as smartphone such as iphone or even ipad where you can download the bible anytime from the internet. I think this fella still leaving in stone age

in your own words, "Muslims in the country were vulnerable to these methods due to their lack of faith." there you go sir. that is your answer. not a christian conspiracy, but the lack of faith even though Islam is taught at every level of education, broadcast & telecast thru all govt channels and promoted through all govt departments. it is time you re-examined the implementation of the islamic policies of the govt and stop finding fault in others.

Talk without any proof is kopitiam conversation! This is not the style of any leader. If you are serious and committed to serve your God, go all the way, become undercover to trap these ministers and bring them to court. But if you are creating these stories and lied to your fellow Muslim for money & political power gain, watch out, your God is definitely after you. You can't lie to your own consciousness, it will hunt you forever.

This fellow is really a sick man lacking in his own faith. But he chooses to influence others n mindset others with hatred for fellow rakyat. He is evil n behaviour should not be emulated by any right thinking Malaysian。Please for sake of our future, please ignore him n dont give him the privilege of media exposure. Just shut him out

this cows croni attempt to save the mother cow's misconduct ...NFCorp on the hook for cattle project, says Noh Omar


Datuk Seri Noh Omar admitted today that the controversial National Feedlot Centre (NFC) and the company running it were separate entities, but insisted the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) was contractually responsible for the project.

“It needs the commitment from both sides,” the agricultural and agro-based industries minister told reporters when asked if NFCorp was responsible for the national cattle farming project’s weaknesses.
Noh clarified that there were two agreements signed: one for the RM250 million loan and a second detailing the project’s implementation, which was finalised in 2010.

The agreements leave NFCorp as the sole operator of the NFC, with the RM250 million loan available for the company to pursue the agreed targets — targets the Auditor-General’s report for 2010 said were not attained.

“Both must help each other, that’s why there’s a contract,” he added, saying the NFC and NFCorp needed one another to provide the best beef production service to the country.

Previously, the company owned by family of senior Umno minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the Auditor-General had confused the NFC project with its operators, NFCorp.

Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang had stated in his 2010 report that there were several weaknesses in the implementation of the feedlot centre project.

In his report, he highlighted that the project did not meet its production target of 38,600 head of cattle in 2010 because the Entrepreneur Development Programme involving 130 satellite farm entrepreneurs had not been implemented.

“Why else would the government have, in May 2009, postponed the implementation pending viability and business model studies on the centre?” he was reported saying again earlier this week.



Pressured to clarify what was meant by the word “mess”, Ambrin had explained the audit was to determine whether the centre had been carefully planned, prudently carried out and met its objective.

He also denied his audit department had mentioned misappropriation of funds, as alleged, saying, “Whether there are elements of misappropriation is for authorities like the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate.”

Noh said today he would apprise Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of the latest developments affecting NFC.

Several public interest groups have called on the prime minister to set up a royal inquiry on the scandal-tainted project but Muhyiddin has said the government will not support its establishment.

The publicly-funded NFCorp hit the headlines following last year’s Auditor-General’s Report, and has continued to hog the limelight after it was linked to Shahrizat’s family.

PKR has since made several revelations relating to the scandal, including NFCorp’s purchase of two luxury condominium units in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and another in Singapore as well as the alleged use of project funds to pay for Shahrizat and her family’s personal expenses.

The opposition party has also alleged that Shahrizat’s family used nearly RM600,000 from NFCorp’s funds to settle their credit card bills in 2009.

But the management of NFCorp has maintained that the credit card expenses were solely for business purposes.

It has also denied allegations that funds from the RM250 million government loan were channelled into its accounts before the loan agreement was signed.

Shahrizat applied for three weeks’ leave from her duties after new allegations of bribery surfaced. She is scheduled to resume her ministerial duties next week.


Noh, this is the only sensible thing you have said about the NFC. Whether it is NFC, OFC, OWC, the fact remains it is liable to justify the swindling of the 250 million tax payers money. Don't try to beat around the bush by trying to hoodwink the people. The world is watching your drama minggu ini.

If the NFCorp as the sole operator of the NFC, with the RM250 million loan available for the company to pursue the agreed targets, they are responsible regardless whether they are different entities or not.

Noh, if you say NFCorp is not responsible for mis-using the rakyat's money, you are basically throwing the responsibility back to the Agricultural Ministry. Which is yourself, or your predecessor Muhyiddin. Think carefully.

Perserverance is the key to sustain in business. Do you think selling "Kachang Kuda" is that easy today? Prove that these crooks can return us, the taxpayers' money, in full now and then have it fairly distributed to other deserving hundreds of smaller entreprenuers instead. This is then in line with the NEP.

No basic business etiquette! How these politcal cronies could easily robbed then on the run going against the company original interest daringly abused our loan. Isn't this no politic link?

The people are not stupid and are capable of knowing what is happening. This NFC debacle is like a lizard who got trap in a strong spider's web and the more it twist and turn the more it go tangled up and finally it could not move at all.

NFC= None Profit Company for Shalizard's family as charity just because they are BN cronies, well there goes this nation wealth to the hands of THIEFS .

Noh Omar is trying to justify the unjustifiable and rationalise something that cannot be rationalised.

What a sandiwara and attempt to pull wool over our eyes. Do not insult our intelligence lah.

Whatever he says, the funds could NOT and should NOT have been used for any purposes other than to raise the cows and come up with the beef. That cow-dominiums and Mercedes and overseas trips, etc., etc., were charged into the corp's account is already a breach of contract and a scandal that warrants deep investigation.

And what and how do you deal with such breaches?

after another law enforcement agency made ​​pigs ride ... now RELA is to make the dog ringworm by Najib altantuya...Rela will act against unruly demonstrators, says Najib


Datuk Seri Najib Razak today issued an open warning to would-be demonstrators, saying that the paramilitary People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) was ready to defend the country from turmoil.

Speaking in front of an estimated 20,000 Rela members here, the prime minister pledged his administration’s commitment to look after the interests and welfare of the corps.

“When the chips are down, Rela will be with this government to defend the country.

“Do not cause havoc in this country because the 2.8 million Rela members will not stand idly by and watch the country descend into chaos,” he said to a chorus of approval from the audience.

Najib pointed out that the government allowed peaceful demonstration in accordance with the recently-passed Peaceful Assembly Act, but maintained that the country’s peace and security was his administration’s utmost priority.

He acknowledged Rela’s past contributions to the country and said that the time had come to escalate its role and function in society.

“We are looking at the current Act, and a new Act will be tabled to Parliament soon,” said the PM.

“We want to see a cleaning up of Rela’s organisational structure, a new image...Rela has to become more professional, its image can be upgraded,” said Najib.

He told Rela members here that the country faced “new threats” like drugs and human trafficking, and that the corps will play a pivotal part in tackling these threats.

“Peace, national security, has to go back to the will of the people... the will of the people is seen through the chosen government, why it is chosen by the people, legitimate,” he added.

Najib’s administration came under widespread condemnation for its clampdown on the Bersih 2.0 rally for electoral reform in July last year, which saw nearly 2,000 arrested leading up to and during the march.

But authorities allowed opposition supporters to gather at the Kuala Lumpur High Court on January 9 in support of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ahead of the verdict for his sodomy charge.

Today, Najib also announced an additional allowance of RM2 per hour for Rela officers, and said that the government’s goal was to “strengthen” Rela as an organisation.





have no doubt. soon malaysia will be a police state then a communist one....Global movement of moderates my ass. Mr Najib, you your self is not a moderate, and here trying to fool the world. Poodah....

He seems to have lost his senses. RELA is a voluntary force made up of those who couldn't make into the army or police force for more than one reason. Many of them belong toruling party. Earlier he was quoted as saying martial exponents were going to defend our country from chaos. Now it is rela. Then what? Pensioners? Something clearly wrong here.

Rela is a corrupt group of volunteers and licensed gangsters. I saw them in action during a raid at a construction site in Ipoh. Many of these volunteers demanded RM50 from the illegal foreign workers for their release on the spot. This is a common practice. Wake up Najib, you are using tax payers' money to buy votes!

RELA has 2.8 million members. There's no way the govt can train them in the basics of law enforcement of civil defence. If it takes just ten man hours to train one, that will come up to 3,297 years to train the whole lot. No way, So RELA remains an untrained and indisciplined paid volunteer force.That's dangerously close to vigilante actions. And Najib wants them to keep the peace. How come RELA cannot contain any Umno-initiated acts of hooliganism?

And now Najib increase their pay by RM2 per hour, that's RM5.6million per hour The real reason for beefing up RELA with such big numbers of unemployed and untrained personnel is perhaps to add them to BN's vote bank. BN need less than an extra 2.8 million votes to win the GE13.

Why use only RELA then, how about the Tarik Kereta fellas, Ah Longs, Mat Rempits, just to name a few.

What democracy our beloved country is turning to now?

UMNO-BN government kept bandits cronies.....sugar subsidy hike fattens politically-linked firms


The DAP questioned today if the government is handing over RM198 million this year to politically-connected companies after nearly tripling sugar subsidies despite global prices diving over the past five months.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri lsmail Sabri Yaakob was reported as saying on Friday that Putrajaya has increased subsidies from 20 sen to 54 sen per kilogramme of sugar to maintain the price at RM2.30 because the “global price of sugar is skyrocketing.”

But DAP publicity chief Tony Pua said in a statement that after hitting a peak of US$29.47 (RM89.66) per hundred pounds in July 2011, the price of sugar has fallen every month to US$23.42 in December, a 20.5 per cent drop.

“The question then is whether the 170 per cent increase in sugar subsidy or approximately RM198 million a year payable to MSM Holdings and Tradewinds, is in fact a thinly disguised attempt to fatten the profits of these two politically-connected companies.

“The Minister must hence clarify why there was a need to increase subsidies when the global sugar price is falling while at the same time explain who are the real beneficiaries from the extra RM198 million of supposed ‘subsidy’,” the Petaling Jaya Utara MP said.

Ismail had said that 99 per cent of Malaysia’s raw sugar is imported but Pua added today the market is monopolised by two refineries.

Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Holdings is a 71 per cent subsidiary of Felda-related entities while Tradewinds Corporation is 43 per cent controlled by logistics tycoon Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary with another 20 per cent held by Felda Global Ventures Holdings.

Pua noted that even after taking into account the depreciation of the ringgit against the US Dollar by 7 per cent between July 2011 and December 2011, the global price of sugar would still have declined by 13.5 per cent in ringgit terms.

“Therefore by maintaining sugar prices at RM2.30, the government should in actual fact have to subsidise less,” he said.

But Ismail had said the Government would pay RM567mil for sugar subsidy this year compared to RM262.4mil last year.

Sugar futures fell by 27 per cent last year, the most in a decade after a glut emerged following three consecutive annual shortages.

But traders are expecting this year’s harvest to shrink, with prices rising as much as 12 per cent to US$27 per hundred pounds by the end of the year according to a poll of analyst and trader estimates by Bloomberg.

The government last increased the price of sugar by 20 sen in May 2011 in a series of price hikes to basic necessities it said were necessary to keep a subsidy bill from ballooning.

Since the Najib administration began cutting subsidies in January 2010, the price of sugar has increased by 58.6 per cent from RM1.45 per kg.

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