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29 May 2010

BN, PR say subsidy cuts political suicide for Najib

Lawmakers from both Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) have agreed that an immediate implementation of any subsidy cuts would spell political suicide for the Najib administration with the next general elections within the next 34 months.

They believe that subsidy cuts will likely be implemented in stages, and that a full-fledged slashing would only be exercised in the future, or at least after the next general election. The last general election was in March 2008 where BN lost its two-thirds parliamentary majority.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala had disclosed proposed cuts that can save the government up to RM103 billion in the next five years but most critics say Datuk Seri Najib Razak must weed out corruption and leakages within his administration.

“With the elections coming soon, I don’t see the government cutting subsidies anytime soon. They are not going to implement it immediately,” said Selangor opposition leader Datuk Seri Dr. Mohamed Khir Toyo.

Khir told The Malaysian Insider that the the government will not risk angering the public by cutting off all subsidies.

“The word ‘cutting’ is in itself a negative connotation...The government is doing their best to get feedback from the public.”

The Umno man argued that instead of cutting subsidies the BN government should find alternative ways to “increase the country’s income”.

“For instance, education is important, (the government) must study carefully. They need to see implications of restructuring subsidy, not everyone will like this. The subsidies must go to target groups.

“Take fuel for instance. The government can cut off subsidies for RON97, but subsidise RON95,” said Khir.

Former Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Shahrir Abdul Samad echoed his Umno colleague’s points, and said that any implementation has to be in stages to be “political acceptable”.

“Even if it were to be implemented before the next general elections, it would be done in stages, It will be quite selective to be politically acceptable. I don’t think it will be implemented in total yet, there will be amendments,” he told The Malaysian Insider in a telephone interview.

The Johor Baru MP claimed that any immediate implementation would have no “redeeming feature” that would make it acceptable to Malaysians.

“If you were to implement it now, there will be no redeeming feature. It will still need some fine-tuning. That is why the government is still open on the issue. I don’t think the government will do it.”

He said that what was lacking right now was a comprehensive database to determine target groups who needed financial assistance.

“We must have a comprehensive database in order to determine targeted groups. There has to be a proper database which takes into consideration people’s income tax levels, KWSP (Employees’ Provident Fund), Welfare department and JPJ (Road Transport Department).

“As far as I know, we do not have a database which is compiled on income levels, that is comprehensive,” said Shahrir.

He stressed that slashing of subsidies would need to be done in many levels of restructuring, citing for example how the public transport system would need to be restructured so that the hardcore poor would be able to benefit from it.

The Umno MP agreed that wastage of money was also a reason why the country’s debts were at an all-time high, but claimed that the cost of subsidies were higher than wastage by the government.

“The RM28 billion figure, it was not announced in the Auditor-General’s report. While I do not deny that there is wastage of projects, the RM28 billion figure is not true. That figure was first reported in The Star newspaper some time ago,” he said.

Pulai MP Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said that ultimately it was up to Malaysians to decide on whether they were ready for subsidy cuts, as it was merely on a proposal stage.

“It is up to the people to decide. The lab was done in order to get feedback. If they are acceptable to slashing of subsidies, then the government will go ahead . If they are not agreeable, then the government won’t go ahead with it,” said Nur Jazlan.

Meanwhile, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders have agreed with their BN rivals that full-fledged subsidy cuts will not be executed anytime soon.

“Politically, I think it is suicidal for them,” PAS treasurer Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli told The Malaysian Insider today.

“If they do it (cut subsidies) in a hasty manner and in an amount that will not be tolerated by the people...people will be angry,” Dr Hatta added.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua agreed, saying that BN’s slim win of the Hulu Selangor by-election and their failure to retain the Sibu seat would likely stop the federal government from going all out in slashing subsidies.

“Because they only won marginally in Selangor and they lost Sibu, I think they may not cut as extensively as they would have liked,” said the first-term Petaling Jaya Utara MP

“I think there is no question that the vote bank of Barisan Nasional will be severely affected,” he answered when asked how subsidy cuts would affect public sentiment.

On whether BN would implement the drastic move before the next general elections are called, which may be held as early as next year, Kuala Selangor MP Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said that Najib would not risk going against public opinion.

“I don’t think he will dare go against (the) rakyat’s opinion...especially after Sibu,” said Dzulkefly.

“What they are doing now is public consultation to get feedback. Based on that, they will make their decision,” he added.

Najib had said that it is the public who will ultimately decides if expensive government subsidies should be cut after Idris revealed government proposals to cut subsidies for fuel, electricity and food or risk bankruptcy in the next nine years.

Idris, the CEO of Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), had said that 61 per cent out of nearly 200,000 Malaysians in the think tank’s SMS poll favoured subsidy reductions and supported the government implementing it within the next three to five years.

However, Pua disputed the validity of the results, pointing out that Pemandu’s poll question was a loaded one.

“That question is loaded –not properly contextualised,” he said.

“It is like asking the question should the government cut subsidies first or corruption first,” he added. “It is not reflective of what people are thinking.”

Pemandu’s poll text message had said that subsidising various consumer goods resulted in an annual expenditure of RM 74 billion. The poll then asked whether the respondent agrees subsidies reductions.

Areas which have been identified include fuel, food and infrastructure as well as tolls.


I think before removing the subsidies, the government should show a good example on wastage,eg, stadium collapse, sime darby lost,etc. Then only the rakyat will support the government move. is political suicide if the government goes ahead to implement the proposals.i think the government has to cut down on the military spending like buying of helicopters,submarines,tanks and war related accessories.Also got to cut down on the leekages of government departments.

The subsidies shld prevail as majority of the Malaysian citizens has less not reach per cap income US$15K. Subsidies can only b removed if our inhouse economy is well balanced. We shld not compare oursleve with Greece as stated in paper. We are in the process moving twds developing status hence we shld match with G7 or Singapore or HK or Taiwan for example. Lets be positive n citizens are the pillars of this nation.

What is RM3.0Billion saved from subsidies in 2010 when Billions are lost
through corruption and wastages..Eg.The 2 Scorpene Submarines cost
over RM1.0 Billion and in the process,Perimaker SB,a company owned by
Razak Baginda collected a commission of Euro114 million which is over
RM500 Million.Increased spending on defences,is it necessary,which country
is a threat to Malaysia.

The new Hospital being built in Shah Alam at a cost of RM420 million when
its cost cost of construction is RM325 million.Money fully dispensed but hospital
only half built, newly built stadium and taxi stand in K.Trenganu collapsing...just
cut of corruption,put the right person to sit on GLC companies,incorruptible ministers
answerable to the rakyat,all these measures implemented by UMNO will save more
than RM3 billion.Lastly reduced the bloated civil service in proportion to the population
it serves,failing which,please hand power to Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia lah..

Umno is out of touch

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Ismail said today that Umno no longer represents the aspirations of the people and is resorting to racism to keep Malay loyalty.

But, she said, Umno’s racial politics is irrelevant in the era of new politics.

“After March 2008, Umno realised the multi-racial party model which we bring is wanted by the public. Umno has rejected the importance of a multi-racial party for nearly a decade and said that it was would not be accepted by the people especially the Malay community.

“However, they themselves have lost touch and are separated from the real aspirations of the Malays because they are preoccupied with the riches from fraud. The 2008 general election has sent a clear signal that the political future of this country is multi-racial political parties,” she said in her policy speech at PKR's sixth congress here.

She said Umno’s failure to address Malay issues has forced it to attack PKR.

“After March 2008, the party’s (Umno) attack is focused to destroy our credibility with Malay voters. They falsely accuse us as being anti-Malay and many other allegations to tarnish our name in the eyes of the Malay community,” she said.

She added that future of the country is a multi-racial Malaysia.

“The future of Malaysia is multi-racialism which builds on the unique strengths of each race, so do not be shy to convince the rakyat that we are the party of the future!

Dr Wan Azizah making her address at the party’s 6th national congress in Kota Baru today, May 29, 2010. — Picture by Jack Ooi
“Umno’s racial polarisation is dangerous to the country. Malaysia urgently needs a political movement to value the contribution and involvement of all races.

“Unfortunately, Umno’s answer to this new political culture is to make seditious and racist sentiments to continue to divide the people and increase racial polarisation. In fact, the concept of 1 Malaysia or concept related to it is hypocrisy,” she said.

Dr Wan Azizah said Umno was using the New Economic Policy (NEP) to instil fear in the Malay community.

“Umno is telling the people that we are allegedly willing to forfeit the interests of the Malays when we said that the NEP should be abolished.

“We are confident that NEP has failed to achieve its objectives because many of the implementations have deviated from the policy and spirit of the NEP. NEP is just used by Umno to conceal their corruption,” she said.

She said Umno wants the NEP because it will force the Malays to be loyal to the government.

“The Malays and the Bumiputeras have long been deceived by Umno. They want the Malays to rely solely on the government alone because Umno is aware that when the Malays begin to believe in their capabilities then they will no longer require the support of Umno politicians,” she said.

She also stressed that PKR must not take March 2008 for granted and should strive to strengthen its support from the Malay community.

“The Malay electorate is concerned due to incitement and propaganda from the mainstream media. We need to explain issue per issue. In my opinion, the party is very clear on the position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras while our common platform with Pakatan Rakyat openly upholds the special position of the Malays and Bumiputeras as enshrined in the federal Constitution,” she said.

Vote BN for bankruptcy, warns Pakatan

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders used dire forecasts of a gloomy future if there are no subsidy cuts to warn that voting for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the next general election would lead the country to bankruptcy.

A government minister this week had predicted Malaysia could be bankrupt by 2019 if it does not begin to cut subsidies for petrol, electricity, food and other staples, which cost RM74 billion last year. But the Najib administration is waiting for public feedback before deciding on actual cuts.

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang said it was not subsidies but BN’s corruption and abuse of power that has led the country to current financial crisis.

“I cannot imagine if DAP, PKR or PAS had made the announcement that country will be bankrupt by 2019. If we did, Umno would have labelled us as anti-nationalist and traitors. We probably would have been locked up in ISA and given free food.

“Remember Vision 2020? We were supposed to become a developed nation by 2020 but unfortunately one year before 2020, we are already bankrupt,” he told a crowd last night in Tanah Merah, a two-hour drive from the Kelantan state capital.

Lim was one of many PR leaders in the state speaking at ceramahs ahead of the PKR convention this weekend.

Thousands of people had slowly filled the football field in Tanah Merah to hear the PR leaders, with supporters of all ages coming with families and straw mats sitting in between the two goal posts across the field.

Surrounding the field were stalls bustling with people buying goods, from traditional medicine to perfume. There were also children zigzagging through the crowd selling peanuts and refreshments.

The bustling night bazaar proved to be an ironic backdrop to arguments that the country’s economy is broken and needs reforms.

Lim declared that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s New Economic Model (NEM) is an admission that the country has been in an economic stagnation for the past 10 years.

“Yes, we do believe that we must gradually reduce the country’s subsidies but how can we be certain that the proposed formula will solve the problem because these are only the symptoms. The core problem is the years of corruption practised by the Barsian Nasional government.

“Therefore, the first step is not to abolish subsidies but abolish all forms of corruption!” he said.

The government also announced that slashing subsidies for petrol, diesel, gas, electricity, sugar and flour, among other staples, would save the government RM103 billion over the next five years.

Lim also dared Najib to a “dollar to dollar” challenge.

“I challenge the prime minister and BN government that the country can save RM103 billion if the government abolishes all forms of corruption and misuse of powers. This is because a study has shown that the country has been losing RM10 billion to RM28 billion every year through corruption. So does Najib have the political will?” asked Lim.

PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said Umno’s misuse of state funds has forced the government to legalise gambling.

“Back then, they said that they cannot legalise gambling because it was against but today they are legalising because Umno has no money. Their excuse is that they need to legalise betting to help curb illegal gambling. Something must be wrong with their heads.

“The world today is upside down, we have a Muslim government that wants to legalise betting but we have Chinese who are against it. They don’t understand that the poor people will suffer. This is why we are against Barisan Nasional. They have no principles,” he said.

Anwar also ridiculed Najib, saying that his political foe is misleading the public.

“Now they want to take back our subsidies because the country is heading towards bankruptcy. The prime minister had earlier announced that the economy was making a strong recovery but now our country is near bankrupt?

“They should fight against corruption but not take away the subsidies. They only know how to take. They take away land and seize oil away from Kelantan. They are just thieves,” he said.

He said the government must remove commissions and not subsidies.

“Every year the country loses RM20 billion from what? From commissions made from building houses, stadiums and buying submarines. Whose money is this? That is our money! We should eliminate commissions and not subsidies because subsidies affect the poor and not the rich,” he said.

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat condemned the government for sanctioning betting because it was against Islam.

“They say that they want to legalise betting so they can monitor gambling. How you can expect a man to supervise another man? It is like asking a cow to supervise another cow. Who can control man? Only Allah,” said the Kelantan mentri besar.

Don’t overstay your welcome, Samy – Dr M

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called on the president of MIC, Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu to step down from the presidency saying that he should not overstay his welcome. He said “I’m not representing Umno. But long ago I have said that one must not overstay his welcome. That was why I stepped down. He has served longer than me and he has set record. I think with that kind of record he should be satisfied,”

He also commented on reports that Umno is behind the GAS (Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu) where he said “He has to give convincing evidence that Umno is involved,”


The two of a kind! Mamak, continue to bloat the family haram wealth and the Indian emperor has lost his thing both have in common is to get their siblings up the peak of the BN political ladder.

In the eyes of Malaysians, they are better off, return to their Creator...these are dirty and rotten bastards of the Malasian society...good riddance if their hearts stop beating!






Gathering will continue anyhow, Samy Vellu’s house as last resort – GAS

K P Samy, the sacked member of the MIC’s CWC (Central Working Committee) said that the Anti-Samy Vellu Movement or GAS (Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu) will go ahead with its scheduled gathering this coming Sunday despite failing to use the PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre) as its venue. They are now looking for a new venue to hold its gathering and if all avenues are exhausted, they will resort to gathering in front of Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu’s house.

He said “We are disappointed as we already have the police permit and it happened too near the event. The venue changed because of political pressure. The new venue would be announced by V. Mugilan at a press conference Friday. Our last resort is to have it in front of Samy Vellu’s house but we want to abide by the law.”

V Mugilan who started the movement said “Samy Vellu should leave us alone and let us have a peaceful gathering. If he is not scared, why is he disturbing us? This just shows that GAS is successful in exerting pressure on Samy Vellu to resign.


MIC is a waste of time, they just want to get rid of semi, but they will only replace him with another uselss corrupt thug. True change can only happen with PKR.

Did Umno supported GAS ? First we have to look at all the recent incidents ......

A: Umno oppression towards its own coalition parties.

1) Umno MPs asking Ong Tee Kiat to resign.

2) Umno MPs openly supported Liow Tiong Lai to take over Ong's place.

3) Recently, Umno MPs openly supported Liow Tiong Lai to take over Chua's place.

4) Umno MPs asking Koh Ksu Koon to resign.

5) Penang Umno asking Gerakan to apologise.

B: Umno spreading lies toward Oppsition parties.

1) Spreading lies about PAS of joining with BN.

2) Spreading lies about Lim Guan Eng of side lining the Penang's malays, accusing LGE of chasing the malays out of Penang. Penang's last month report .... malay population had increased in Penang.

3) Spreading lies about Anwar Ibrahim of being a traitor. Accusing Anwar of joining up with non bumis .... ( joining up with non bumis - apa ini ??????) Umno itself had been joining with PPP, MIC, Gerakan, MCA for decades and now they are trying to team up with Hindraf and Makkal sakthi. ( Umno betul betul sudah gila).

C: Other incidents

1) Those who caught in the cow head incidents are not the residents from Section 23. They are Umno members.

2) Those who caught in the church burning are also Umno members.

By going to thru all the recent incidents .... every each one was somehow linked to Umno .... Umno had involved in creating chaos in every each one of its coalition parties EXCEPT Mic. Cannot be mah, how could Umno leave out Mic ? Now if Umno really want to help Mic, why must Umno let Mic rebels to rent Umno hall ??????

Some may argue, look ! Umno had withdrawn the hall rental to the Mic rebels. Now the question is, why in the first place must Umno rented the hall to the Mic rebels ?????? Another point .... rumour is spreading fast, it said Samy Vellu is the one who 'cancel' the rental . ( So now who is spreading the rumours ... who is adding fuel into the fire ?????? ). You know, i know who is the 'who'.

Rich are getting richer in Malaysia

Based on the latest Forbes Asia in its Malaysia Rich List 2010, the rich are getting richer as the country’s top 40 richest net worth increased from US$36bil (RM126bil) to US$51bil (RM178.5bil).

According to Forbes Asia, the combined wealth of the country’s richest has increased by 42 percent and this is largely due to Malaysia’s economic expansion in the past year.

Sugar trader Robert Kuok once again tops the list with his estimated worth of US$12 billion (RM42 billion). He has been listed as Malaysia’s richest since 2006. Meanwhile, other tycoons have also reported gains in their net worth.

Telecommunications tycoon Ananda Krishnan closes in on second place with net worth of US$8.1 billion (RM28.35 billion) followed by IOI Group Lee Shin Cheng with net worth of US$4.6bil (RM16.1bil).

Below is a list of country’s top 10 richest:

1) Tan Sri Robert Kuok; US$12bil (RM42bil)

2) T. Ananda Krishnan; US$$8.1bil (RM28.35bil)

3) Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng; US$4.6bil (RM16.1bil)

4) Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua; US$3.9bil (RM13.65bil)

5) Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan; US$3.85bil (RM13,47bil)

6) Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow; US$3.8bil (RM13.3bil)

7) Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay; US$2.5bil (RM8.75bil)

8) Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary; US$1.7bil (RM5.95bil)

9) Tan Sri Vincent Tan; US$1.6bil (RM5.6bil)

10) Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King; US$1.2bil (RM4.2bil)




28 May 2010

Khir dares Khalid to name BN lawmakers in housing scam

Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Khir Toyo today challenged Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to name the Barisan Nasional (BN) lawmakers allegedly involved in a low-cost housing fiasco.

The Selangor mentri besar had accused BN assemblymen and MPs of abusing quotas for low-cost homes in the state for personal use or for their families, yesterday.

The latest controversy to engulf the state involves some 500 Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) staff, including department heads and directors, who were accused of owning low-cost flats in Petaling Jaya meant for the poor.

“This is all a political game... by Khalid Ibrahim,” the former Selangor MB told The Malaysian Insider today.

“I want to know who they (BN lawmakers) are,” he added.

Khir pointed out that during his tenure as the state mentri besar, there were no low-cost housing quotas set aside for city council staff.

“Those who wanted to buy low-cost housing must register at the Lembaga Kerumahan (Selangor Housing and Property Board),” said Khir. “There were no quotas.”

When asked about the criteria for owning low-cost housing in the state, the Selangor opposition chief said an applicant’s household income must not exceed RM2,500 to be eligible.

However, Khir was evasive in explaining how that amount was derived, saying, “How to calculate (that figure) depends on the Lembaga Kerumahan.”

MBPJ’s planning director Sharipah Marhaini Syed Ali, one of the council’s high-ranking officials owning a low-cost house, had said those with a household income of more than RM2,500 were still eligible for low-cost units as long as their total household income amounts to RM2,500 or less after deducting household expenses.

The State Economic Planning Unit ordered a review yesterday of how state employees were allocated low-cost homes since 2004.

“(There were) no official reports to (my) office,” said Khir when asked whether there were such cases of policy abuse during his tenure.

The issue of ineligible MBPJ staff owning low-cost flats was first raised by MBPJ councillor Mak Khuin Weng in February this year, when he asked the State Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) to investigate two senior MBPJ officers for owning low-cost apartment units despite earning more than RM2,500 at the time of purchase.

Mak had also sent a second statement requesting MBPJ mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman to investigate the matter, with a copy of the request to Selcat on April 29 this year.

The councillor said he had received no official word that Selcat would pursue the matter since his first statement in February


Mr. Khir Toyo is really someone who just don't his work properly. Evidence > here:
"MBPJ’s planning director Sharipah Marhaini Syed Ali, one of the council’s high-ranking officials owning a low-cost house, had said those with a household income of more than RM2,500 were still eligible for low-cost units as long as their total household income amounts to RM2,500 or less after deducting household expenses." => what's your comment?

“(There were) no official reports to (my) office,” said Khir when asked whether there were such cases of policy abuse during his tenure. ==>> Hello? No official reports means you can overlook suck matters? What were you doing when you were in office?

It does not matter who were the one directly involved in the low cost housing scam. The fasct remained that it happened during BN's 52 years rule in the state, and Khir Toya was the last 'emperor' of the reign, he is definitely responsible morally and may be legally, for the mess and the scam.

It is indeed a great joke for all to see how the absolute power corrupt absolutely under years of rule by the coalition. Who knows what more to come?

Every time we thought, ok, this is the last scam to be unearthed of the previous ruling coalition, but, more keeps coming.

Mr. Khir Toyo has challenged MB Khalid to name the BN and MP lawmakers who are involved in the low-cost housing scam. I believe this is the right moment for MB Khalid to do so in exposing all those who are involved. MB Khalid should be brave enough to substantiate his allegation and seen to walk the talk in eradicating corruption in Selangor. It is pointless to make accusations without action and by doing so will enhance deterrence to future culprits and uphold transparency and credibility. On the other hand, when MB Khalid provides the names, is Mr. Khir Toyo ready to humbly resign? Or is he just blowing hot air all the time?

LGE has been fired upon from all directions by BN in Penang. He stood his ground and provided information and details of projects awarded to Malay contractors to silence his BN critics. He even
showed no favouritism to his own law makers when they pressured him as seen in the case of the 2 dollar company trying to vie for a 40 million project. Therefore, MB Khalid, do what is necessary to ensure good governance in Selangor and this is your duty and responsibility to the voters.

Kit Siang pans PM over downplaying subsidy warning

Lim Kit Siang today slammed Datuk Seri Najib Razak for making light of a minister’s warning that Malaysia could go bankrupt by 2019 unless it saved RM103 billion in the next five years.

Lim claimed that the prime minister had distanced himself from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala’s proposals that the government slash spending in outlined areas to increase the country’s per capita income.

“In less than 12 hours of Idris’ apocalyptic speech that Malaysia can go bankrupt by 2019 if the government fails to cut its burgeoning subsidy bills, the prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak played down and distanced himself from Idris’ warning.

“Najib said after the Umno Supreme Council meeting last night that the figures quoted by Idris were merely based on Pemandu’s studies and there is no firm decision by the government.

“He said more studies were needed before subsidy cuts could be introduced,” said Lim in a statement today.

The DAP advisor claimed the PM’s response was “proof of the lack of political will of the Najib administration to address subsidy syndrome.”

Idris, who is CEO of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), made a presentation yesterday on the country’s proposed five-year subsidy rationalisation roadmap.

According to Lim, Idris had failed to address the “root causes of the national economic crisis” and had merely dealt with its symptoms.

Lim echoed fellow DAP member Tony Pua’s concerns that the government had been unable to solve the problems of graft and mismanagement of money.

“Although Idris said the government would focus on big ticket items such as fuel, electricity and toll to achieve the savings, he failed to focus on the biggest ticket items — corruption, mismanagement, extravagance and lack and accountability.

“When corruption, mismanagement, extravagance and lack of accountability cost the government from RM10 billion to RM28 billion a year, what credibility has the government to talk about slashing subsidies affecting the rakyat when it has nothing to show to end the rampant and worsening state of corruption, the gross abuses of power and public funds like indiscriminate issue of APs and various forms of ‘piratisation’ in the name of privatisation?” said Lim.

He pointed out that the government had yet to provide an answer on whether government-linked conglomerate Sime Darby had incurred cost overruns for the Bakun Dam project amounting to RM1.7 billion, and that the government has agreed to reimburse around RM700 million to Sime Darby.

“The coincidence of the release of GLC conglomerate Sime Darby’s third quarter results, ending March 31, 2010, recording a net loss of RM309 million mainly due to its energy and utilities division; [there was] admission that for the nine months ended March 31, 2010, the total provision for four projects namely Qatar Petroleum project, the Maersk Oil Qatar project, the MOQ Marine project and Bakun dam amounted to RM1.3 billion.

“But no answer [were given] as to whether Sime Darby had incurred cost overruns for the Bakun contract amounting to RM1.7 billion and that the government has agreed to reimburse around RM700 million to Sime Darby, leaving the GLC with around RM1 billion [in losses] to deal with,” said Lim.

The Ipoh Timur MP said he was doubtful the government could convince Malaysians that it had the “political will” to slash subsidies when the country’s GLCs were riddled with billions of ringgit in losses.

The government had said that it will save RM103 billion over the next five years if it starts to cut subsidies now.

Idris had said yesterday that Malaysia had a whopping RM362 billion debt and must start reducing subsidies, which amounted to RM74 billion last year, to avoid becoming a bankrupt nation by 2019.

The minister outlined areas in which the government could slash its spending on in order to increase the country’s per capita income.

Areas which have been identified include fuel, food and infrastructure as well as tolls.


The biggest problem this country faces is not subsidies. The biggest problem that is leading this country to become like Zimbabwe is corruption and pillage by the rent seeking and greedy UMNOputras and their cronies. Clean up corruption and there will be no need for the removal of subsidies.

Penang CM says Ascot Sports not welcome

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has barred sports betting licensees from operating in Penang, saying they are not right for responsible living.

“The Penang state government has decided to reject the application of the new sports betting licensee, Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, or other related parties to conduct the sports betting business in Penang,” he said in his second Wesak Day message.

He said this was in line with the state government’s goal to promote a healthier social fabric and to reduce the number of special draws.

Lim (picture) cited the 12 draws and special draws conducted weekly by three gaming companies approved by the Barisan Nasional government.

“We are concerned as the excessive number of draws and special draws being conducted by these licensed operators have placed a very heavy burden on many families.

“Many of the breadwinners feel obliged to ‘chase’ after each draw with all three operators, resulting in substantial loss of income to the family and their children.”

Lim said the two local councils of (MPPP) and (MPSP) were empowered to enforce the ban under section 101(v) of the Local Government Act, which allows local government “to deal with issues concerning the municipality’s safety, health and convenience”.

He added that while the state government will not ban gaming outlets, it feels that their number should be reduced to limit their destructive impact on people’s lifestyles.

27 May 2010

DAP says cuts cannot be limited to subsidies

DAP’s Tony Pua grudgingly admitted today that cutting subsidies could lower Malaysia’s debts, but he said the cuts will only be successful if leakages from graft and help for big corporations are plugged first.

“I feel that in general, the points raised were agreeable. But at the same time, these plans can only be put into motion if other conditions are first met.

“He (Datuk Seri Idris Jala) was quite naughty when he said that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) agreed with lowering subsidies. We agree to it but with conditions,” DAP National Publicity Secretary Tony Pua said shortly after he attended a government open day on rationalizing cutting subsidies.

The Petaling Jaya Utara MP told The Malaysian Insider that while the government has outlined ways in which to gradually lessen subsidies, other “main causes of debts” had not been carefully addressed.

According to Pua, the issue of subsidies was a small problem compared to the actual cause of Malaysia’s huge deficit problem.

“The focus right now is too restricted to subsidies to the man on the street. The focus is too much on dealing with subsidies to the man on the street. We need to look at two key aspects,” said Pua.

The DAP man claimed that the main cause of debts was due to huge government expenditure where major problems of wastage of funds and corruption remained unsolved.

“The main cause of debts is government expenditure... this has been admitted by the Auditor-General amounted to RM28 billion. This is the often quoted figure of waste by the government.

“(Besides that) we see things like the giving out of interest free loans to private companies like Syabas, those are examples which must be addressed. Subsidy is only one of the smaller factors,” said Pua.

He reiterated points that DAP and PR had brought up during the last Parliamentary session where there have been “gross leakages” in government procurement contracts. Malaysians were also not granted proper access to some government tenders.

The government said earlier today that it will save RM103 billion over the next five years if it starts to cut subsidies now.

Idris, who is in charge of the Government Transformation Plan (GTP), said Malaysia had a whopping RM362 billion debt and must start reducing subsidies amounting to RM74 billion last year to avoid becoming a bankrupt nation by 2019.

According to the minister, the government had spent a total of RM74 billion on subsidies last year.

Idris outlined areas in which the government could slash its spending on in order to increase the country’s per capita income.

Areas which have been identified include fuel, food and infrastructure as well as tolls.

“The government subsidy bill, it is not just about the amount of money to the man on the street, it is also amount of money given to big corporations, crony companies, if you like.”

“I think IPPs (Independent Power Producers) was highlighted quite well up there, they take about RM13 billion in gas subsidies per year. Compare that against food subsidy bill, RM3.4 billion. Where should the government be focusing their attention on?” said Pua.

Pua stressed that more money could be saved if the government stopped doling out cash to giant corporations.

“A lot of plans proposed today can only take place after certain benchmarks are achieved. You cannot increase electricity rates without first dealing with fat profits IPPs are making.

“If you increase the burden on the people but you maintain the billions of profits for IPPs that would be a very unfair policy, (then)you are creating an additional burden,” he said.


To all the rakyat, cutting subsidies on petrol hurts all level of society. If idris is honest in wanting to improve the countrys economy, he should be very honest to say that corruption, zerro interst for coronies to do business and what nots will only affect those who has suck dry the goverment coffers. If a sincere man, this if taken away will not hurt the people in return will spare us from paying those already with hugemongus bank account to rip us further.
So Idris, please do not be part of those suckers and play their game. Be honest and sincere if you really want to help to better Malaysian economy.

PKR fielded ‘Umno’ candidates in GE 2008, says Anwar

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has admitted that PKR’s hastiness in fielding candidates during Election 2008 resulted in the party choosing leaders who were still caught up with “the Umno mindset.”

Anwar said that back in 2008, the party was ill-prepared as they could not get enough people to contest for various seats and this was the reason why “mistakes” were made, resulting in the party taking in whoever it could find.

“When it comes to elections, at the time we were ill-prepared, you had to make do with whatever you had,” he told The Malaysian Insider in an interview this week.

Anwar said that during the March 2008 general elections which saw ruling federal coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) lose its traditional two-thirds majority in Parliament, PKR had trouble recruiting people to contest because it was considered a new party.

He said that prospective candidates declined offers to join PKR because they “were not sure they were going to win”, leading to Anwar having to approach more seasoned politicians from Umno to join PKR.

“It’s true. I accept that, the reason being because it’s a new party, people do not want to take the risk. All smart guys and professionals and intellectuals like you who give critical assessments (of PKR).

“At the time nobody wanted to participate in the elections and become our candidate. It’s a new party, you are not sure you are going to win.

“And I had to spend a lot of time persuading some people whom I considered (at the time) to have good potential,” said Anwar.

The PKR de facto leader claimed that some of PKR’s members who have since either left or who have been sacked from the party joined only because they thought they would be able to secure some “financial renumerations” or rewards later on.

“I cannot absolve (myself) from responsibilities... at the time there were potential candidates but they were not willing to contest, so we had to catch those that we felt could survive. During the early stages, we saw hope, we were strong, we could “bertahan” but September 16 came.

“At the time maybe some of them thought they could finally get a place in the Federal Government.

“When they did not get it they felt disappointed. And then came the issue of contracts like in Penang, corruption like in the case of Perak, over claims in Kedah,” quipped Anwar, in reference to the slew of reasons given by former party members who have since defected.

PKR has suffered from a string of defections — in under two years, ten of its lawmakers have left the party, citing dissatisfaction with the way in which PKR was run and its goals and ideals.

The five MPs who have exited PKR are Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim (Bayan Baru), Tan Tee Beng (Nibong Tebal), Zulkifli Noordin (Kulim-Bandar Baharu), Wee Choo Keong (Wangsa Maju) and Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri (Bagan Serai).

Besides the five, PKR also lost five state assemblymen — two from Kedah, two from Perak and one from Selangor.

Apart from Zulkifli, who was sacked from PKR for crossing swords with the party leadership, the four MPs had left citing their dissatisfaction with the party leadership and Pakatan Rakyat.

During a Parliamentary debate last month, Zahrain had taken the opportunity to reveal details on Anwar’s purported government takeover plan on September 16, 2008, while Zukifli divulged how he had been asked to link Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, to the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaaribuu four years ago

Following their stunning revelations, Najib himself said he had spoken with the duo on the party’s secrets during their trip to Washington recently.

“It’s true (that the defectors still had the Umno mentality.) That’s why I say good riddance... Mistakes were made,” added Anwar, who chose his words carefully before he answered questions regarding former party members.

But Anwar also came to the defence of PKR’s choice in fielding candidates.

He said that candidates had to have had some with prior party experience, arguing that inexperienced party members would have also been detrimental to PKR’s growth and progress.

“You know, there is also some advantage of those who have had previous experience being in the party, jemaah or societies They know how to work as a team, discipline, leadership. There is a problem because sometimes they are also tied to the old culture. But there is also a problem for those who have no experience working in the party.

“If you have no experience being exposed to any of these ‘cultures’ it’s also a problem. They are then not used to give-and-take or leadership discussions, just individual positions and concerns. Look at Tan Wei Shu,” explained Anwar.

Anwar reiterated PKR’s stand that the party was undergoing a “cleansing process.”

He noted that the public troubles of the party were a “tough experience’ but nevertheless something that PKR “had to go through” to mature as a party.

“(The) cleansing process should continue because you need to remind people that this is a party committed to the reform agenda. The party has to be mindful of the fact that we came in with these principles.

“So that’s why party needs to be reminded.”

Anwar also conceded that he had been too lenient in the past and claimed to have known beforehand of the possibility of defections.

“Yes, I’ve been criticised for being a bit too lenient. I am a consensus builder. In fact some of them who jumped I got wind a month before. You know and I know some of them were just waiting, but some of them were waiting to be sacked. Then they feel that they can get a better price,” quipped Anwar.

But the former deputy prime minister dismissed the notion that he was “close” to the members who had left PKR.

He said that while he was friends with them, he did not maintain close personal ties.

“Normally I avoid personal questions. Are we close? I meet [Zahrain] twice a year. Then from after 1998 to 2006, I never hear a word from [him].

“But then again I cannot say he’s not my friend. Zulkifli Noordin for example, he was in my backup (legal) team, (but he was) never committed to the party in its struggles. It’s a non-issue,” said Anwar.

The Permatang Pauh MP said that their reasons for leaving were “scripted.”

According to Anwar, leaders like Zahrain and Zulkifli knew what PKR stood for the moment they joined the party, and that the struggles have never changed.

Anwar was also cautious in stating that the defections would stop after this.

“I see it’s the end, but [then again] you must know people still approach PKR, offers become higher .. Najib [is] bent on getting two-thirds majority,” said Anwar.


The result of 2008 election was something beyond everyone imagination. No one really knew how the rakyat felt after so many years of false promises. Lopsided deals. Rent seeking. Cronyism and lots more. PKR was as AI said lack of strong candidates so much so that if a monkey has been allowed to stand for election. The monkey would be in parliament today.

Proposals for 15 sen hikes in petrol by year end to cut subsidies

Based on the current situation, the government might be increasing petrol prices by 15 sen by the end of this year. This was proposed under a plan which was presented by Pemandu, a body which is sanctioned to provide advise tot eh government on how subsidies could be cut. The government is currently undergoing a drive to get feedback from the people on how they could reduce subsidies which according to them is at RM74billion.

Currently, the RON95 petrol is sold at RM1.80 per liter and after the 15sen hike, they are proposing for a 10 sen hike every 6 months between next January and December 2012.


why blame solely on the subsidies alone ? cant they see the real problems stemmed from the corruption practised by these umno goons for over 50 odd years ? the money wasted and corrupted by them isnt the kind of figures you and i could ever imagine !!

IDRis JAla had mentioned that we could become NET oil importer next 2 year... THEN WHY Malaysia forgo so call BLOCK M and BLOCK L..... shouldn't it be our national source of income - why must continue building mega project that doesn't create income for the NATION.. that why Malaysia always in deficit when come to national budget........ build factory/mega plant had some share-option but not for MALAYSIA but to certain high-rank individual.........

thanks to this umno lead government, our country is on the verge of bankruptcy; especially when you all put those parasites, draculas and blood sucking scums to manage this country's finance, dont ever expect miracles.. we are doomed for sure !!

the cheap petrol is not due to gov is our money paid in advance through the exhorbitant car prices. If the cars here are the same price with US or Aust, we dont mind to pay higher fuel price.

There is no reason at all for this corrupted and almost bankrupt government to increased the fuel price. Imagine 114 millions euro was toped up to the submarine price tag as a commison to.... u know la...who. We the malaysian end up paying for the commision too. Now they have the balls to increase the fuel price. TO ALL MALAYSIAN... IF THEY DARE TO INCREASE BY 1 CENTS, WE MAKE SURE THEY WILL REGRET.

26 May 2010

PM, please help - Sacked MIC members

V Mugilan, the former deputy youth chief of MIC, KP Samy and G Kumar Amaan, the 2 former members of the CWC (Central Working Committee) have all called on the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to intervene on the ongoing crisis in the party. The three of them were sacked by the party president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu when they demanded that he resign from the post immediately. KP Samy said "The prime minister is doing his best for the community... it is not MIC president S Samy Vellu, as he (the latter) likes to claim, who is helping the Indian community,"

He added that "In what way the BN can get the support back? Despite Najib's best effort the obstacle that stands in the way is Samy Vellu, because everything the government has given goes to his cronies or his (personal) investments. The prime minister must decide now, if he wants assets like us or liabilities like Samy Vellu. The press carried the news that Vel Paari (right) was unanimously appointed. He should have been sacked from the party because it was he who did not tell the truth. The party president has the power to appoint whoever he wants - wife, daughter-in-law or son - but don't send the wrong message... because I know nothing is unanimously agreed in the CWC ever since I was elected CWC member. His son is in the CWC, his daughter-in-law is the Puteri deputy, his caste man is the Youth chief - this is proof that the MIC family runs the political party."


Hello thambi Mugilan, you go to the WRONG people to sack someone....this guy C4 only, they don't do sacking, understand? the way, do you have the money? Show him the money and he'll get it done for help me, i'll help you, understand!!!

If you are sacked or left BN you are nobody already.Nobody can help you. In BN even the deputy prime minister is an old rag is fired by the boss. Now you can have your own feel how sad and how unfair BN is ........since 1997.

Can't avoid money in politics - Dr M

The former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that there is no escaping the issue of money in politics. He said “There can be no escaping from the fact that politics is money. You see, without money you just cannot move. Because of the inherent link between politics and money, Umno has had to raise money from members of the public, resulting in rent-seeking behaviour. People in Malaysia don't need much persuasion. They believe if they contribute, they might get some leverage,”

He added that “So when election comes, people just come... and the money taken is sometimes without receipt. “So, it depends on whether you're going to be honest or not. Vote-buying has been prevalent during the party's triennial elections and accused “practically everyone” elected into the supreme council of using such means. So you can say that Umno central committee is actually made up of corrupt people,”

Referring to the incident in 2006 when he was not elected to be one of the 7 delegates of the Kubang Pasu division to attend Umno’s AGM, he said “I lost. Because Umno headquarters sent money to pay all those people not to vote for me. The division leader got RM2,000, each member RM200. I was disgusted, you know? RM200, I'm so cheap? How much can you buy with RM200, how much food, how many plates of mee? You sell the power to determine the leader for RM200?”






YOU worth nothing to me, you're a ROBBER....i'll give you HBB500,000,000,000.00 note if you kick the bucket right now and that's what you're worth and where you belong. in you're next life, you'll be the "jaga" in the front door of Hell Bank Berhad. (HBB) and your sons will be the "jaga kereta" boys.

Are you saying there is no way BN and the malay power will upkeep the power without using money?

We shall see in the next election. The truth shall prevail!

What goes around comes around. You were the king of money politics, why complain now? MACC knows how dirty you cock heads are during your AGMs but as usual close one eye. Just look at KJ and Ali Rustam. Tak malu ke?

I suggest you read this quote by Mahatma Gandhi over and over again now that you are retired:
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"

Subsidy cuts decision may take ‘months’

The Cabinet discussed proposals to cut costly subsidies today but did not talk about how and when cuts would be implemented and a firm decision is still some time away, a government source said.

“We still have to wait for the public feedback and further discuss how all these proposals can be adjusted and implemented. It may take some months,” said a government official who had been briefed on the cabinet’s subsidy discussions.

Malaysia’s government has mounted a publicity campaign to sway the public in favour of cutting subsidies for fuel, food, electricity and other staples.

According to government data, subsidies consumed 15.3 per cent of the federal government’s operating spending in 2009, hitting RM24.5 billion Malaysian as the country’s budget deficit soared to a 20-year high of 7 per cent of gross domestic product.

A government think tank charged with cutting subsidies has identified RM74 billion in subsidy payments annually, a figure that has been artificially boosted by including a wide range of social benefits, economists say.


Funny that when the Kuok Group owned the local sugar manufacturing operations the Govt refused to raise sugar prices inspite of numerous requests. "Controlled Pricing" was the reason given.

Barely a few months after UMNO cronies forced Kuok to sell their sugar business to them (Syed Bukhary), within a few weeks/months sugar prices were raised. "Subisidized and excessibe sugar consumption is suddenly bad for health and the economy!"

Have to get rid of all the UMNO goons / cronies ! They are driving legitimate and ethical investors like Kuok who benefit the economy and employ many regular hardworking "non-priviledged" M'sians out of the country - and chasing out potential new investments!

Musa must reveal all on Sime Darby, says Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang called on Sime Darby Chairman Tun Musa Hitam today to reveal the full report of the company’s task force on the cost overruns of its energies and utilities tomorrow.

The DAP veteran politician said that Sime Darby should fulfil its promise to reveal “all relevant disclosures”.

“Sime Darby Chairman Tun Musa Hitam should make public the full report of the Sime Darby Task Force on the cost overruns of its energies and utilities division tomorrow and should not withhold any information from the Malaysian public, as they are the ultimate shareholders of the GLC conglomerate.

“Sime Darby had earlier promised on its website that ‘all relevant disclosures’ will be made with the world’s biggest-listed palm oil producer’s third quarter results tomorrow but what Malaysians want is not a second-hand account but the full uncensored report of the Task Force on its energies and utilities division’s difficulties and challenges, especially with regard to operational efficiency and project management,” he said in a press statement.

He said that the public wants to know the reasons why the country’s second company by market value is in its current financial status.

“Malaysians want to know the bottom-line, in particular whether Sime Darby has a history totalling some RM3.5 billion write-offs; if so, why and what is being done about it; and whether Sime Darby has incurred more than RM1 billion in cost overruns from carrying out a civil works contract for the Bakun hydroelectric project, with one estimate putting the total cost overruns at RM1.7 billion; and whether it is true that the government has agreed to reimburse around RM700 million to Sime Darby, leaving the group with around RM1 billion to deal with,” he said.

Sime Darby president and group chief Datuk Seri Ahmad Zubir Murshid was asked by the board to take a leave of absence prior to the expiry of his contract in Nov 26, 2010, after the discovery of RM964 million in cost overruns from four energy and utilities projects — including the Bakun dam project — racked up by the company during his tenure.

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called for all of those involved in the growing scandal to be punished, and not just Ahmad Zubir.

Dr Mahathir alleged that the actual cost overruns from the four energy and utilities projects totals RM1.8 billion.

While offering to resign, Sime Darby chairman Tun Musa Hitam has launched an ongoing investigation into the troubled company as further speculation will affect its share price. He did not, however, provide greater details on the internal probe.

The probe, which was previously confined to the conglomerate’s energy and utilities division, is now expanded to five other business units — plantations, property, healthcare, automotive and industrial divisions.

He added that Musa’s credibility and reputation is at stake.

“Musa should know that for the first time in his public career, his reputation for credibility, accountability, transparency and integrity is on the line, with commentators castigating him and the Sime Darby Board members as having ‘zero integrity and zero credibility’.

“Musa should be able to understand not only shareholder, but public disgust and anger as one of the country’s bluechips have overnight transformed from a ‘overperform’ to ‘underperform’ stock, and the term GLC (Government-Linked Company) is fast gaining a new meaning – ‘Government-Losing Concern’ – thanks to Sime Darby!” he said.

Lim reiterated his calls for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to table a White Paper explaining the multi-billion ringgit cost overruns by conglomerate Sime Darby Berhad at the June 7 Parliament sitting.

”The responsibility on public accountability and transparency does not rest solely on Musa’s shoulders but also on that of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

”This is why Najib should present a preliminary White Paper on the Sime Darby fiasco when Parliament reconvenes on 7th June, explaining in particular what it meant to the ten-year GLC Transformation Plan since 2004,” he said.

Lim also pointed out that government link companies (GLCs) are “retarding” instead of steering the economy.

“Instead of growing GLCs to drive the country’s economic growth, the GLCs are becoming public burdens as ‘Government Losing Concerns’ retarding the country’s plan to become a high income country to escape the decade-old middle-income trap.

“The GLC Transformation Plan sets out a GLC Transformation Manual, KPIs or key performance indicators with 10 initiatives and multi-coloured books like the Red Book on procurement practices and the Purple Book on optimizing capital management practices,” he said.

25 May 2010

Make your stand on sports betting – DAP tells Umno and Perkasa

Lau Weng San, the DAP ADUN of Kampung Tunku has issued a challenge to Umno and the Malay rights wing group Perkasa on their stand on the issuing of sports betting license to Berjaya Group by the BN (Barisan Nasional). He issued a press statement which stated “I challenge members of Umno and Perkasa to make public their stand on whether they support the move to issue a betting licence to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, headed by (Berjaya Corporation chairman) Vincent Tan,”

He issued the challenge where he cited how BN and Umno has painted Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, the PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) candidate in the by-election of Hulu Selangor as a gambler and yet they have now advocated legal gambling. He added that “In that case, if Umno is truly a champion of Islam, then I challenge them to stand up against the decision of the BN government to allow for gambling licences,” Apart from Umno, he also called on Datuk Ibrahim ali, the president of Perkasa to make their stand as well. “Failing which, this only once again exposes the hypocrisy of Umno and BN, in that they only exploit such issues for their own political ends during the by-election, but are silent when the government which they lead does the same. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has until now been conspicuously silent on this issue, as if hoping that it will blow over. The BN obviously wants to collect the lucrative excise tax from the soccer gambling activities, under the pretext that issuing the licence will help to alleviate illegal betting.”


no need to ask perkasa lah. if umno say yes, they will say yes yes yes. If the betting licence is withdrawn, perkasa will blame the chinese again for not supporting the malays for issuing the licence.

The will support the licence becoz

1. More money into pockets.
2. One of them (UMNO or Perkasa) will be elected as Executive Director.
3. Another big donation for BN to use for election.
4. Bcoz the opposition says NO.
5. More Chinese will be gambling their money away.... weakening the race.

Umno denies backing Mugilan in MIC crisis

Vell Paari has accused Umno of helping those trying to oust his father, Samy Vellu.

Umno has denied sponsoring or supporting the Anti-Samy Vellu Movement (GAS) that wants to end the MIC president’s grip on power, warning the party not to drag it into a growing leadership crisis.

The dominant party in the ruling Barisan Nasional has been accused by Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu’s son, Vell Paari, of sponsoring the movement to topple his father.

“Don’t drag Umno into the MIC crisis,” party secretary-general Datuk Rauf Yusoh told The Malaysian Insider.

Rauf stressed that Umno was not partisan and would not go against Barisan Nasional’s (BN) interests to generate a following or increase its membership.

“MCA has also faced such problems and we have offered support to solve them,” he added.

He said Vell Paari’s accusation was unfair as they did not employ strategies and plans to end the party president’s time in Umno.

“No, no... it is just an accusation. We have our own issues that need solutions,” Rauf added.

Vell Paari, who was named central working committee (CWC) member, yesterday said Umno was using “political assassination” to get his father to step down under the movement started by sacked youth leader, V. Mugilan.

The chief executive officer for Maika Holdings Sdn Bhd said Umno was showing bad habits by quietly backing someone else when political ties cooled down between the allies.

The MIC Youth advisor claimed that Umno had been using party leaders to “kill” Samy Vellu’s political career since the latter took office in 1979.

“When you are not happy, you use those inside the party to run it. This affects the basis of democracy and Barisan Nasional’s spirit to determine leaders,” said Samy Vellu’s only soon.

Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, have urged MIC to solve the crisis so that it would not weaken the BN coalition in the next general election. MIC has been wary of Umno since the Hulu Selangor by-election, when both parties clashed over the choice of candidate.

Samy Vellu’s choice of his deputy, Datuk G. Palanivel, was not well received by his Umno peers, who later compromised on MIC publicity chief P. Kamalanathan.

Asked if Umno supported Mugilan due to the Hulu Selangor campaign, Rauf said the party had good relations with all its counterparts.

“Umno is not just friendly with Mugilan only... Umno is good with people, all BN component parties, we work together as a team,” he said, adding Umno had no need to explain itself to MIC

“I don’t care about the baseless claims,” he added.

MIC has been in crisis over the past two weeks as Samy Vellu used his wide presidential powers to expel four CWC leaders: Mugilan, V. Subramaniam, KP Samy dan G. Kumar Aamaan.

Both Samy and Kumar were sacked yesterday, three days after asking Samy Vellu to step down immediately rather than late next year.


Why not ? Umno is the lord and therefore they can do anything they like for their survival. If you are the boss wont you sack someone who is causing you to lose money? In this case its supports from the Malaysian Indians. Its makes sense.

The next to go is Taib Mahmud the CM of Sarawak.

There are too many skeletons in Vellu's closet. The rumour is that Vellu would leave after passing the baton to his son. Sigh. Malaysian politics too have become family enterprises like in our neighbouring countries.

for muligan to claim he has sponsor from umno to topple samy, samy did a very good and non-monkey business job to SACK him & who-ever tried. don't forget that this muligan is the same person who ( in hulu by-election ) also claimed that someone offer him $$$ not to stand as candidate !!!

is it so miracle that theer's always someone to offer him $$$$ or is it that he's talking bull-shit !!! if he has, he should dare to provide the name of the sponser instead of saying 'someone called to offer the $$$' !!!

of course the morons will come out & deny that umno is involved. if its not you but your associate who made the offer to muligan without your knowledge, of course you will say there's no such offer !!!

i hope samy will stay on to fight becuase he's most probably the last and only person besides de chua who dare to bite back at bn when things aren't done right !!! as for the rest of other bn component leaders, they are already considered as licking their master sss !!

Now son come to father's help. What is happening .Where is Human Resourse Minister Datuk Dr. Subramaniam, Datuk Saravan and Mr. Devamani doing .Aren't they helping Samy Velu .At one time all these people were backed by great Samy Velu, if not they will not be in politic. But however in politic there is no friend and no enemy. The only thing in politic we have is stabing the other peoson from the back when the hero like Samy Velu needs help.. So the 3 are waiting to stab Samy Velu at the back if not leaders don't die.

There is really nothing wrong for UMNO to back Mugilan. In fact, it is good strategy. UMNO must somehow junk Samy Vellu before the next election. This is an opportunity too good to miss. I would despise UMNO for not taking steps to get rid of Samy Vellu.

Zulkifli is MIA (Missing in Action) in his own constituency

N Gobalakrishnan, the Member of Parliament of Padang Serai claims that he had to oversee the Kulim-Bandar Baharu constituency where it is helmed by Zulkifli Mohd Noordin, the former PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) member who turned independent. Gobalakrishnan said that Zul (as he is known) has gone ‘missing in action’. Zul was sacked by the PKR for his outburst on the way PKR had handled the ‘Allah’ issued. Gobalakrishnan said “The Kulim constituents are unfazed about Zul's departure from the Pakatan fold, saying his absence has not made any dent in their lives. Whenever Zul is ever mentioned, the people in this area say 'good riddance', that it is good he leaves the party now, before he creates more trouble. Anyway, he is a very busy man now, so busy that he can accompany PM (Najib Abdul Razak) to the US Congress,"

Tan Show Kang, the assemblyman of Sidam who was among the 3 rumoured to be jumping ship also hit out at Zul saying that "Reporters called me to ask if I would quit PKR. They told me it was Zulkifli who said it, so I merely asked 'who is Zulkifli? I do not know which one you mean as this is a very common name'. Zulkifli had lied to many people, including former party leaders and members. He only met one person when he went to Kulim or Bandar Bahru, most of the time he called by telephone to ask about the area. Zulkifli can trick the leaders, but he cannot trick the rakyat,"


There are two possiblities that Zul gone missing. First, somewhere counting and placing his new fortune(RM) and the other might be training in taliban camp since he is so extreme. HA HA

or....He is negotiating his goodies with UMNO and then only will he be back after a nice long holiday!

You help me, I help you

am not surprised that he could make such a statement. It can only come from those who have done such "deals" before. You know like " I scratch your back, you scratch mine". Turned out he scratched the Sibuans backs and they kicked him out of Sibu

HOLY SHIT!! Bribing during elections in public and no less by the PM himself. This is blatant buying votes. What do you expect from a adulterous, lying and corrupted murderer. All together MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

truly shameful for a PM to talk like that!!!! He did it openly without blinking his eyelids which mean he believed in CORRUPTIONS!!!!!

Stealing billions and giving only a few paltry million back is not acceptable. The money belongs to the RAKYATS and the country's wealth had been stolen under broad daylight once too often. So much so even Mamak Kutty couldn't be bothered when a book has been written about him stealing Billions. Why didn't he institute legal proceedings to safeguard his "holier than thou" image???
His running Dog is now emulating his bad habits.
All I can say now is DON"T BE SO ARROGANT! If BN has any moral principle left, help the Rakyats without threatening them!

our tax payers money is tossed around like this, how do you expect us to trust him to manage the country. also the way najib put it, it is clear that he does not feel connected with people, he does not respect others as equal human beings, this only reinforces my suspicion he indeed is altantuya murderer.

This bugger is an OBSCENITY! Offering RM5 million to solve flooding problems...

How much did he offer Saiful to solve the Anwar problem?

24 May 2010

I am not behind anti-Samy Vellu movement – Subramaniam (former deputy president of MIC)

Datuk S Subramaniam (not to be confused with the current vice-president) the former deputy president of MIC said that apart from the recently sacked leaders of the party, the tens of thousands of members who have been thrown out by the president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu over the past 30 years will return to the party once he steps down. V Mugilan, the deputy head of the Youth wing and 2 members of the CWC (Central Working Committee) of MIC were sacked by Samy Vellu after they called on him to quit his presidency immediately. Subramaniam said “Over 100,000 members left the party after Samy Vellu closed down their branches in the last 30 years, and almost all Indian Progressive Front (IPF) members were originally MIC members. However, the atmosphere must be right and the party's successor has to win their support to lure them back to the party.”

He also denied having anything to do with the recent setting up of the Anti-Samy Vellu movement (GAS) by Mugilan. This was claimed by S Vell Parri, a member of the CWC who is also Samy Vellu’s son that Subramaniam was using Mugilan to architect Samy Vellu’s exit. He said “I have not spoken to Mugilan for about a year although I might have exchanged a friendly hello with him in a few functions. I have nothing to do with what Mugilan does or anybody else who asked Samy Vellu to go. I did not want to advise Samy Vellu because it will fall on deaf ears as he never takes good advice,”

"The accusation by newly appointed MIC Central Working Committee (CWC) member S. Vell Paari, who is also Samy Vellu's son, that we had cooperated in forming GAS, as reported by a Tamil newspaper today, is malicious. Not only the MIC grassroot leaders want Samy Vellu to leave now, but former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had also advised him to step down two years ago. The sooner the transfer of power is made, the better it is for MIC as the Indian community has been waiting for a dynamic transformation under a new party leadership,"


Datuk S Subramaniam, you are the most ballless(no balls) politician Malaysia have. When you are the deputy chief of MIC, you dare not take on Sammy Vellu. Now, whether you admit or not, doesn't matter as your time has passed. No one with a clear mind will elect you. YOU COWARD!!!!

No doubts, Sammi is bad but you are worst.

Three directors of The Star decline re-election

Three directors in The Star Publications (Malaysia) Bhd did not seek re-election at the company’s annual general meeting this morning.

They are executive director Ng Beng Lye, who was previously hand-picked by former MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, and non-executive directors Tan Sri Sak Cheng Lum and Raymond Tan Foong Luen.

When contacted, Ng confirmed that he, Sak and Tan did not seek re-election but he refused to give any reason except to say: “there is no particular reason”.

However, party sources said their decision not to seek re-election was to pave the way for new appointments under the new leadership of MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who took over the helm in the party’s fresh polls two months ago.

The position of another Ong appointee, Datuk Clement Hii, who is the executive deputy chairman, is not immediately known.

Rumours are rife that Editor-in-Chief of the The Edge Financial Daily Ho Kay Tat would join the board as executive director while Kuah Han Liang, a banker formerly with Deutsche Bank, was said to be joining the group as non-executive chairman.

Two other corporate figures tipped to be joining the board are former Arab-Malaysian Securities managing director Lee Siang Chin, 61, and Foetus International founder Datuk Vincent Lee, 56.

Lee was recently appointed board member of Huaren Holdings, the MCA investment arm. — Bernama


Who cares what happen to Stars Newspaper these days. They are just a BN propaganda machine. Sometime reading local newspaper esp. to local political and economic news, is really an insult to intelligence. Many working urban people will support this view.

DAP demands lawyers presence at MACC interrogation

The DAP today demanded the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) allow lawyers to be present with witnesses during interrogations.

DAP National Chairman Karpal Singh said that witnesses should have access to their lawyers since they could now be hauled up to be questioned beyond office hours.

“Witnesses should have a right to counsel when giving statements (to the MACC).

“Lawyers should be present... simply videoing is not enough,” Karpal told The Malaysian Insider.

The veteran lawyer was responding to a report earlier today which quoted the MACC complaints committee as saying that it had proposed installing CCTV cameras in interrogation areas as part of overhauls to investigation procedures following the death of Teoh Beng Hock last year.

Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah had said they also proposed for the commission to study and adopt interrogation procedures practised by foreign agencies, such as Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

But Karpal remained sceptical about MACC’s reform initiatives.

“It is a (step in the) right direction but whether there will be proper implementation is another question.

“They should definitely study other countries and use it as reference models, that is the way to stay in the right direction,” said the Bukit Gelugor MP.

Meanwhile, DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang dismissed the MACC’s efforts as not being enough to restore public faith in the law enforcement agency.

“This will not be sufficient in order to restore public confidence,” he told The Malaysian Insider via telephone.

The Ipoh Timur MP also demanded that the results of the Cabinet’s inquiry into interrogation techniques of MACC be made public.

“After the inquest was made to investigate Teoh Beng Hock’s death, an inquiry into interrogation techniques of the MACC by the Cabinet was supposedly done.

“What has happened to that?” asked Lim.

The Federal Court had on last Friday upheld an earlier court of appeal decision in allowing the MACC to conduct-round-the-clock investigations on witnesses.


i would not trust or have confidence in killers in uniform - such evil is perpetrated by filthy leadership.

Just because the court see the need to have investigation after office hours doen't mean that a person should be subjested to an overnight interrogation. Even a machine can breakdown after long hours; more so a human?

There shoud be a time limit with beak in between and the witness should be allowed to say when to stop and come back another day. There should be no harassment or use of force to coerce any information. That's why a lawyer shoud be allowed.

For all those people who object to these humane demands, maybe they should be subjected to such an ordeal before they voice thier objection from their high horses.

Policemen suspended, transferred for suspect’s escape

Two police officers have been suspended from duty while another transferred with immediate effect for letting a suspect escape at Pasir Tumboh yesterday.

Kelantan police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi said the two Sargeants and Asst Supt of Police (ASP) were hauled up for negligence.

“The two Sargeants and ASP have been placed at Kelantan police headquarters operation room. The ASP will be referred to the Inspector-General of Police for directive to suspend or other form of action,” he told reporters here today.

The police officers were investigated under Section 224 of Penal Code while investigation papers had been opened on the suspect.

Rahim believed that the 33 year-old suspect was still in Machang district where the stolen police Proton Waja was found at 3.30pm.

Members of the public with information can contact Kelantan police at 09-7470999 or Rakan Cop. Police also distributed photographs of the suspect.

The handcuffed suspect escaped in the police car after three police officers left the car to inspect the scene of the crime at Pasir Tumboh.

He drove about 40 kilometres to Pulai Chondong, Machang before abandoning the police car. — Bernama

Kamalanathan mastering ‘evading’ skills on prominent issues

The newly elected Member of Parliament of Hulu Selangor, P Kamalanathan has come under fire from various quarters for having mastered the art of dodging tough questions since he took office after winning the by-election where he defeated PKR’s (Parti Keadilan Rakyat)’s Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. Calling him a poster boy for the MIC and the BN (Barisan Nasional), he has been avoiding the more sensitive questions when they are thrown at him. On whether he won the by-election through ‘vote buying’ by the BN, he answered ‘No Comment’. On the Maika Holdings buy-out, he said “That’s a business decision. I am not involved.” On him giving a hug to Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the controversial president of Malay rights wing group Perkasa, he said “I am friendly with everybody... for me, everyone is Malaysian. What’s wrong with that? Is there anything wrong?”

He also said “I’ve got two years to work hard in the Hulu Selangor constituency and I’m just going to do that... There’s a lot of expectation, not only from the residents of Hulu Selangor for me to serve them but also expectation from my party, from Barisan Nasional, the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, from my friends in the component parties. It is not about me anymore. It is about me serving the constituents. It is about whether constituents are happy with my service, whether the party believes I’m working hard, [whether] the component leaders, the PM, DPM believe that Kamalanathan is working to the best of his ability. As long as it’s a promise made before the elections, during the elections, after the elections, it comes from the federal government. It is something we will deliver. The other thing is, the projects that have been identified are all needed by the people... It’s not that what we want to do because we feel good by doing it, no. That’s not how it works. We are only implementing projects which the people here need and it’s development, and that’s what we’re doing.”


Let's just see this Kamalanathan put the promises of BN to work as he is now MP for Ulu Selangor, by hook or by crook! If nothing materializes except for the few promises by Najis during the campaign, the people of Hulu Selangor who voted for him is going to bite dust! They should have opened their eyes and ears to what was before them then, not afterwards!









KL agrees to vacate historic Singapore train station

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong agreed today to relocate to Woodlands the 78-year-old Tanjong Pagar railway station operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB).

The relocation, to take place on July 1 next year, marks a major step in resolving a number of outstanding bilateral issues between the two countries, as first reported by The Malaysian Insider last September 29.

According to a statement released after a meeting between Najib and Lee here today, the two governments will also form a company to jointly develop parcels of land now owned by KTMB.

The two leaders agreed that Malaysia would co-locate its railway and Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex to the Woodlands train checkpoint.

Singapore would facilitate the relocation to the Woodlands train checkpoint, and ensure bus service connectivity from the KTMB station at Woodlands to a nearby MRT station for the convenience of train passengers.

Both countries also announced that a company, known as MS Pte Ltd, will be established no later than Dec 31 this year to jointly develop the parcels of land.

Malaysia is to hold a 60 per cent stake in this company under Khazanah Nasional Berhad, while Singapore will have a 40 per cent share held by Temasek Holdings.

The three parcels of land in Tanjong Pagar, Kranji and Woodlands, along with another three pieces of land in Bukit Timah, will be vested by MS Pte Ltd for joint development, which in turn could be swapped on the basis of equivalent value for pieces of land in Marina South and/or Ophir-Rochor.

The joint statement said both sides would conduct their respective valuations.

Lee will visit Kuala Lumpur within a month with a proposal for the land swap with Malaysia.

The transfer of the land parcel to MS Pte Ltd will take effect at the time when KTMB vacates the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Singapore’s land swap proposal involves valuable parcels near the island state’s first casino in Marina South, instead of scattered pieces across the tiny republic.

Singapore had submitted a proposal to Wisma Putra last year for the joint-venture company that will develop the new piece of land.

It is understood that Malaysia has already appointed private valuers to ascertain the exact land value of the site, which is in lieu of the 217 hectares that KTM now owns in Singapore.

The site is near the Marina Bay Sands, which was recently opened. It also overlooks the Singapore F1 race track comprising streets in the republic’s priciest commercial zones.

The land swap has been contentious since the Malaysia-Singapore Points of Agreement (POA) was signed in 1990 over the issue of the future of the railway land. The POA was signed between former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and former Malaysian Finance Minister Tun Daim Zanuddin.

Under the agreement, KTM was to vacate its historic station at Tanjong Pagar and move to Bukit Timah while all of KTM’s land between Bukit Timah and Tanjong Pagar would revert to Singapore. The land at Tanjong Pagar would be handed over to a private limited company for joint development — of which its equity would be split 60 per cent to Malaysia and 40 per cent to Singapore — as it is in the latest agreement.

But the key contention was the interpretation of the agreement as Singapore insisted the agreement meant KTM had to move its terminal from Tanjong Pagar to Bukit Timah within five years of its construction, when the republic moved its railway immigration in August 1998.

But Putrajaya said it would only be effective once it decided to move the station.

The railway land was acquired under a 1918 colonial ordinance specifically for use by Malayan Railway (Keretapi Tanah Melayu or KTM) for a period of 999 years. That same ordinance limits the use of this land. The land, which the main railway station is situated on, is considered prime land.

The 1990 POA states that the KTM railway station would be moved either to Bukit Timah first, or directly to Woodlands. In exchange, under the 1990 POA, three parcels of railway land — at Tanjong Pagar, Kranji, and Woodlands — would be jointly developed on a 60/40 basis with the Malaysian Government holding the larger share.

However, three years later, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad expressed his displeasure with the POA as it failed to include a piece of railway land in Bukit Timah for joint development.

In September 2001, both neighbours reached a comprehensive agreement with an understanding that the Malaysian immigration checkpoint on the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore railway line will be moved from Tanjong Pagar to Kranji.


another mile for Singaporeans to throw Malaysians out..

congrats PM najib,
now you have already given up the only leverage that we have when dealing with singapore. we got fooled by them before, and then brunei and then singapore again. dulu kini and selamanya..

Sometimes a copy of cctv footage is very useful in such talks

What is the basic to vest KTMB’s/Rakyat’s land into a 60/40 joint venture company called MS Pte Ltd presumably stand for Malaysia Singapore Pte Ltd ?

What had Singapore contributed to KTMB’s/Rakyat’s land vested in MS Pte Ltd to earn 40% in the company?

Is the management control by the best brain Malaysian regardless of color, creed, gender and religion or government nominees and croonies or worst still being a passive majority shareholder with management control by Singapore!

Why need to swap undeveloped KTMB’s prime railway land with already developed prime land in Marina Bay? The valuation will disadvantaged KTMB because of premium valuation of developed prime Marina Bay land while that of KTMB’s land is valued at current land use basis!

Who are the beficiaries of the swap deal of KTMB’s cheap land to be developed as prime land just like Marina Bay in the future? Why KTMB/Rakyat did not have a share in the future development of KTMB’s land!

Why need to swap undeveloped KTMB’s prime railway land with already developed prime land in Marina Bay? The valuation will disadvantaged KTMB because of premium valuation of developed prime Marina Bay land while that of KTMB’s land is valued at current land use basis!

Who are the beficiaries of the swap deal of KTMB’s cheap land to be developed as prime land just like Marina Bay in the future? Why KTMB/Rakyat did not have a share in the future development of KTMB’s land!

As for the new Railway Hub in Woodland instead of Tanjong Pagar, is it owned by KTMB/Rakyat or is it owned by Singapore at cut hroat lease/rental for KTMB/Rakyat to bear in the future? By increasing future lease/rental at the new Railway Hub KTMB could be forced out of business in Singapore forever!

Why need to change from being a property owner at Tanjong Pagar to that of a tenant at Woodland unless similar nominal water treaty rate could be agreed for Woodland Railway Hub!

What about other issues like CPF, use of air space, missing Pulau etc!

Najib should ask S'pore Gomen to release the hundred of million of dollars stuck in the CPF by Malaysian workers who no longer wish to work in S'pore in exchange for this deal.

Anyway, the railway station at Tanjung Pagar really look like an eyesore among the modern buildings around it.

TDM might want to turn his cannon to Najib this time instead of Abdullah Badawi.

MCA makes bold 10MP requests to win Chinese support

MCA today revealed bold requests of RM1 billion for Chinese education and more new Chinese schools under the 10th Malaysia Plan, as part of efforts to recapture significantly waning support from the community.

The new amount for the development of Chinese schools is over three times more than the RM320 million under the current Ninth Malaysia Plan. The MCA is also seeking 10 new schools and the relocation of a further 15.

“Today, I decided that we should share with the community what we have asked for from the government in the 10th Malaysia Plan,” party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek told a joint press interview at Wisma MCA here this afternoon.

He said that he had presented Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak with a 100-page memorandum comprising requests covering issues of economic liberalisation; education and human capital development; how to achieve 1 Malaysia through inclusive policies; environmental issues and the quality of life; and political sustainability including democratisation.

“The prime minister was very good in allowing us to sit down together for a dialogue, and we met for over an hour and a half,” Dr Chua said before revealing the requests made to Najib.

He said education was a major request, noting that constructing 10 new Chinese schools and relocating 15 more would only require a budget of RM125 million, at RM5 million for each new construction.

“About 20 per cent of the total student population in this country is from the Chinese community but yet, we only receive less than four per cent of the total development allocation for schools.

“This has been exploited by the opposition. This time, I told the prime minister that the government needs to give more. All this ‘mi segera (instant noodle)’ type allocations will not do — they are counter-productive,” he said.

He said efforts should also be taken remove the distinction between government and government-aided schools.

“Our belief is that the government should pay for all basic amenities like water and electricity and water-treatment bills. It is small money to the government to do this,” he said.

Dr Chua said the time had come for the government to start allocating funds for Chinese independent schools as a bid to recognise its contribution to education in the country.

“These schools produce between 6,000 to 7,000 high school graduates annually and they are usually good in maths and science. We should try to retain them,” he said.

He suggested an allocation of RM15 million a year for the graduates and an additional RM15 million for development of the schools.

“We have also suggested a formula for the government whereby in every Chinese densely populated area of about 3,000 home units, at least one piece of land should be reserved for the construction of one Chinese school. This should be made into a new policy for development,” he said.

Another request the MCA has made in its proposal for the 10MP is for the government to form a unified body to handle all licensing in the various sectors where proper guidelines are set in place for government officials to follow.

“We are talking about the 30 per cent bumiputra requirement here. Our biggest problem is that this is entrenched in the civil servants so although the Prime Minister has liberalised the various sectors, when it comes to permits or licences, there is nothing to stop the government servants from saying – here is the condition, there must be a 30 per cent bumiputra control.

“There should be one body to coordinate all departments handling licencing matters where these guidelines are prepared so that people have no choice but to follow them,” he said.

Dr Chua also called for an open tender system to all local SMEs for all government procurements in order to promote transparency.

“We want to establish a more business-friendly environment. Maybe the government can consider giving a preference to bumiputras so they can have some small margin of preference but at the same time, it should be open to all.

“One example is the Class F contractors. There are too many of them here... over 30,000, the most in the world. But it is presently all for bumiputras. It should be reserved 70 per cent for open tenders among the bumiputras and the remaining 30 per cent should be for all Malaysians,” he said.

Dr Chua also said that government-linked companies should be subjected to fair market competition in order to scrap the perception that they were only promoting the interests of one particular race.

“The agenda of the GLCs should be to promote national interest and not just one group. If GLCs are given preference, the impression is that the government is competing with the private sector and even the bumiputras are not happy with this,” he said.

The MCA is also seeking for the gradual reduction in subsidies, to be replaced with direct welfare payments, and proper media management to ensure the people understood its measures.

“The savings from this reduction should be given out to the poor in the form of direct government grants of between RM5,000 and RM8,000 per year, per family,” said Dr Chua.

He also called on the government to conduct a study on the sectorial requirement for foreign manpower in order to properly regulate the intake of foreign labour in the country.

Dr Chua said the MCA had taken full stock of the reasons behind the fleeing Chinese support, and had incorporated the community’s needs and requests in the party’s proposal for the plan.

He pointed out that the reasons behind the failing support were due to poor implementation of government policies and a lack of government allocation for the community’s needs.

“Often it is at the implementation level that there is red tape, bureaucracy, abuse of power, delay and corruption. Sometimes, (government) officers have too much power vested in them, too much discretionary power.

“This is why the Chinese often feel they are treated like second-class citizens. It is not the policies per se because we have plenty of that but it is the problem of implementation,” Dr Chua said.

The president also said that, traditionally, the MCA never revealed the contents of its proposal to the government when making its requests for allocations under the development plans.

“Only the requests we succeeded in obtaining are revealed to the Chinese community.

“The end result is that people think that MCA dare not ask. Or worse, they think we have lost touch with the Chinese community.

In its proposal, the MCA is also seeking a RM30 million allocation for the construction of non-Islamic religious prayer grounds, a change in the history syllabus in schools and institutions of higher learning to be more Malaysian-centric instead of Malay-centric, an avenue for university students to get involved in politics without holding political office and for a solution to religious conversion cases.


Do we have a deal? ....i help u...u help me....u understand or not what i mean...!!!!

By giving Chinese schools RM 1B u get our support? forget it, we are not prostitutes. MCA never learn, still with this 'wa tolong lu, lu tolong wa' mentality. Give this RM 1B to all schools, specially those in kampung/estate which are in dire state.

And there we go again. Trying to solicit a larger slice of the cake from UMNO. Every new MCA president has trodden down that path with varying degrees of failure. Wake up. Chinese Malaysians NO longer want to be represented, either in the government or in the opposition, by ethnic-based political parties that are merely pawns on the UMNO chessboard. This old formula where the MCA and MIC pawn off their peoples’ rights for a fistful of patronage from UMNO has expired. Look closely at the bottom of your can. This country needs good Malaysian schools that meet high international standards in terms of facilities, curriculum, teachers and teaching methods – not merely Malay schools, Chinese schools or Indian schools.

A PR gov. can do much better for all citizens not just the Chinese. If BN was to splash money on the Chinese, it need to repay at least 42 years of debts to the community. BN have the poor rakyat at heart only when the writing is on the wall.
Nothing will change for my family until BN is in the Opposition bench and prosecuted for the years of plundering, abuse of power and discrimination.

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