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22 August 2009

Nik Aziz slams Umno’s ‘false Islam’

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat slammed Umno today for practicing “a secular and false Islam” and expressed confidence his party would maintain at least a 5,000 vote majority to win next week’s Permatang Pasir vote.

In his election message issued today, the influential and folksy PAS leader likened Umno’s brand of Islam to plastic flowers, counterfeit money and fake identity cards.

“As there is counterfeit money, fake hair or even fake identity cards, there is also false Islam.

“For Muslim voters of all races they will want to record their thanks to a real Islamic movement. They will not vote for an Umno that practices secular Islam,” the Kelantan mentri besar said.

Nik Aziz’s attacks comes just a day after Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muyhiddin Yassin slammed Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for its campaign to “smear” Barisan Nasional (BN), saying he was surprised they would do it with the Muslim fasting month just around the corner.

Muslims began fasting for the holy month of Ramadan today, during which they are also expected to focus on pious thoughts.

Umno has claimed that Pakatan Rakyat is trying to assassinate the character of its Permatang Pasir by-election candidate Rohaizat Othman, a lawyer who was disbarred after he was found guilty of misconduct by the Bar Council.

Rohaizat is facing PAS Penang state commissioner Mohd Salleh Man in a straight fight for the state seat in the by-election on Aug 25.

Nik Aziz’s remarks today also comes amid intense attacks from Umno over his party’s Islamic credentials.

Umno has hit out at PAS for working closely with the Chinese-dominated and secular DAP.

In the Permatang Pasir campaign, Umno has been telling voters that PAS were mere puppets of the DAP and had abandoned its Islamic values.

But Nik Aziz was unrelenting today in his criticism of Umno and BN.

“To the non-Muslims I can understand the restlessness in your hearts.

“There are allegations of bribes of RM10 million involving the MCA and then there is the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock.”

He also listed down the recent stadium collapse in Terengganu, major cracks on the Middle Ring Road here and the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal as examples of corruption involving the BN/Umno administration.

Nik Aziz described the by-election in Penang as preparation for PR to eventually take over the helm in Putrajaya.


Once again, wise thoughts from the wise old man. PR is definitely ready to take over. Any doubts remain only in the minds of those too fearful to contemplate change. Yes, change we can !

A wise man talking. I believe in what this man is talking. He will make sure that PR takes over Putrajaya soon. The people just love him. He is a man of substance, talking facts and religion in a way all the people like him. He is no match to any UMNO leaders. NO. Nik Aziz is ONE OF HIS KIND. Hidup Tok Guru. We love you.

Not one but three charges against Rohaizat

Barisan Nasional and Umno candidate for Permatang Pasir, Rohaizat Othman was actually facing not one but three charges of misconduct.

It is learnt that the two pending cases however, may not be heard, as Rohaizat (right) had already been found guilty and struck off the rolls on the first case.

A source confirmed that the two cases had been adjourned 'sine die' (adjourned without a date to be fixed).

"I can confirm there are three complaints lodged against Rohaizat including the allegations on the cooperatives fiasco involving RM161,000 owed to Koperasi Pekebun Getah Negeri Pulau Pinang Bhd."

"However, no action has been taken on the two other complaints as Rohaizat had been disbarred for the first allegations. The two complaints maybe valid or it may not be," said the source when contacted by Malaysiakini.

It is not immediately known what the two remaining cases are or whether they involved monetary matters as with the first case.

It is also reliably learnt that Rohaizat had also been fined twice for being allegedly late in renewing his practising certificate.

Malaysiakini contacted the Disciplinary Board, but it refused to divulge details on the two charges against Rohaizat.

"It is private and confidential," a spokesperson from the board said.


This tak malu fella is UMNO's trademark. Imagine even the DPM crows on his behalf. I sure know who to give my vote. Wah, looks like UMNO is loaded with racists, rapists, C4 experts, thieves, liars & promoters of all bad things for the rakyat & nation. My gosh. Are we heading the Zimbawe way ?? We need Pakatan to check the slide even if they lack administrative experience. An ounce of Pakatan goodness is better than what we have for over 50 years.

He is the Best candidate for BN, and if he lose because he is going to lose, UMNO will not be responsible, and if he win, UMNO will gain everything, UMNO is using a Condemn Man to strike Jackpot!

Speak Malay or else get the fuck out of Malaysia

You are the Menteri Kebudayaan but you don't have 'budaya' at all. Don't call yourself a Melayu if that is your attitude. No 'hikmah' or 'adab' whatsoever. You are so rude, like a cocky bastard. Why are you mocking the journalist? He was just doing his job asking you question in English because it will be easier for him to report your answer verbatim. You don't want him to misquote you, right?

This is the best UMNO can produce...ptui

I malu-lah. Just imagine Obama speaks that way, he will be out of the office in two weeks. Unless he apologized profusely. Just like he misspoke about a police officer of being stupid in apprehending a black Harvard professor.

Yes, Rais, your parents never taught you manners. I don't think you instill manners into your kids as well. If there are more Malaysians like you, Myanmar is a better country to live in.

During his Semangat 46 era, he was so polished, so dead against UMNO.

Now this is the new Rais Re-cond.

Never imagine how a person can change his personality and character overnight.

He was even seen to be kissing the hand of the former PM. So sycophantic!!!!

So foreign investors in Malaysia, if you don't speak malay get the hell out of here! Tourists too if you don't speak that language don't come here to spend your $$$$$. This minister has spoken on behalf of the government's cabinet. So much for spending millions in promoting tourism to malaysia. F*ck off!

rais,this piece of hav jus shown the world on umno budaya!pathetic,malaysian are being served by such a so called culture minister!!memang boleh,malaysia boleh.
was english banned from his sh,it conference??he should then serve the press with prior notice!!what the fu.cking big fuss for other to ask this p.o.s in english??is english illegal???total shame for malaysian to hav such cultured leader,umno is definitely heading towards self destruction with as.shole like rais at helm!!!!!

The man has no manners to belittle a journalist who was only doing his job. He should have told reporters that questions should only be fielded in Malay before the start of the session. I suggest that all journalists attending BN/UMNO press conferences should clarify beforehand if questions are to be asked in Malay only. That way poor journalists do not have to be humiliated. Rais Yatim thought he scored points there but he has, in belittling the journalist, belittled himself in the eyes of the rakyat.

RAIS has become an assh*** of lately. He defended ISA, non-freedom of speech, sensorship, etc etc like his life depended on it. Old man, you are but a few years away from your grave, why don't you just consider doing some good deeds for the sake of your own karma? Many BN fellas know well that they are going to loose GE13 and therefore has resorted to cool down a bit. You, on the other hand, are still fighting fire with gasoline? WAKE UP GRANDPA!

Rubbish from a Msian Minister. Look at that kind of arrogance. If not for his knowledge of English he would be washing jambans and even then cannot do a good job. Certainly his tirade exposes his depth. With such minister mentality, no wonder malays progress have been retarded. This is one of the key trademarks of UMNO leaders -- portraying patriotism to further control mind sets so that their leaders can continue to rape the nation's wealth for themselves.

Fucckk you Atim !

A ghostly letter on a plot to crush the Selangor government

A letter circulating in cyberspace has accused a key Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission official and a prominent Barisan Nasional politician of conspiring to topple the Selangor government by conducting a witch-hunt that has indirectly resulted in the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

However, MACC deputy director Abu Kassim (pic) said the commission would have to determine if the letter, which has been published on numerous portals and blogs, is authentic and the same one presented on Thursday at the inquest into Teoh’s death.

He said the commission, which has yet to get a copy of the letter presented at the inquest, wants to know if it is one and the same as the version which has been published online.

“If they match, we will let the police and our internal complaints board to investigate,” he said Friday.

Lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, who is holding a watching brief for Teoh’s family at the inquest, had produced the letter at the court before coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas.

The coroner has since instructed the police to investigate the contents of the letter.

Police has started probe

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Khalid Abu Bakar (pic) said that he could not elaborate but added that the police have started their probe.

He said the results of the investigation would be sent to the court for the inquest.

On July 15, Teoh was taken in for questioning by the MACC as a witness in its investigation into the alleged abuse of constituency funds by certain elected representatives in the state.

Teoh, 30, was the political secretary to state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah.

Teoh’s body was found on the fifth floor of the Plaza Masalam building, nine levels below the Selangor office of the MACC, on July 16.

The inquest is being carried out at the directive of the Cabinet, which has also agreed to the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the interrogation methods of the MACC.

Masterminds behind alleged plot

The mysterious letter signed by writers claiming to be MACC officers, named a high-ranking commission officer in Selangor and a state Barisan leader as being the masterminds of a plot to topple the state government.

The letter said the anti-corruption official concerned is a powerful person who makes decisions that allegedly benefit only him and his cronies.

So, it added, after years of holding a key post it was not surprising that the official is now working in cahoots with the politician, whose interests he was obliged to take care of.

The letter gave instances of corrupt practices allegedly committed by the official, as follows:

- Closing a case involving the construction of a 20.5km stretch of road across a padi field in Sekinchan that cost RM92.5mil and which subsequently benefited several people close to the politician

- Owns a) several houses that were each bought at a special price offered by a developer whose case he closed b) a petrol station along the Federal Highway that was registered under a relative’s name and c) several plots of land, including a plot

close to the SACC mall in Shah Alam that is registered under his wife’s name

- Evaded arrest by showing his authority card when policemen caught him for khalwat (close proximity) with a woman subordinate. The woman was subsequently transferred out of the Selangor office though her affair with the official is said to be continuing.

Calls for independent probe

The writers said they had grown fed up of the antics of the official, who has the support of some ‘higher-ups’, and who could only be stopped if there is an ‘independent investigation’ against him that has the approval of the Cabinet.

They added that the official would try every means to find fault with the current state government and to eventually see it collapse so that his ‘secrets’ will not be leaked.


If the PDRM is under the instruction to switch the DNA collected again just like the last one; it will clear him. Malysia is boleh land, do not forget! Immigration record can be erased! Still remember?

Not surprise to hear again DNA dose not match! BN has been using PDRM and MACC to target PR.

to get the criminals into jail, can be achieved only by removing UMNO/BN from holding the power. Also to remove those dept he*** who are their running dogs lest they can be a sabotuers of changes intended by the new gov. eg as what has happend in perak where the suk and DUN sec are part of the culprits.

PDRM is fully aware of who involved after their investigation but had to listen to their boss. When a person chose to give his DNA privately that will trigger suspicion already. PDRM is playing dumb under the instructions.

MACC should explain why it has not started investigations into the corrupt practice of DPM Muhyiddin using RMAF Nuri helicopter to officiate Umno division meetings in Sabah

On Monday, July 27 last month, the former third-highest ranking policeman in the nation, former Commercial Crime Investigation Department Director Datuk Ramli Yussoff was acquitted by the Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court on a charge of corruptly misusing his position in having used a police Cessna Caravan aircraft in June 2007 to survey two plots of land in Lahad Datuk unrelated to his official duties.

If convicted, Ramli is liable to be jailed between 14 days and 20 years and fined a minimum of RM10,000.

The very next day, officials from the Deputy Public Prosecutors office in Kota Kinabalu filed notice of appeal in the High Court against the ruling of the Sessions Court judge Supang Lian that Ramli had no case to answer as the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against him.

I want to ask the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) why it is practicing double standards as it has not even started investigations into the allegation that Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin had corruptly misused his position in having used RMAF Nuri helicopter to officiate Umno division meetings in Sabah last weekend totally unrelated to his official duties.

This came to light when Muhyiddin was involved in an emergency forced landing of a RMAF Nuri helicopter in Tuaran due to bad weather when flying between Kudat and Penampang.

As reported by Star online last Sunday 16th August 2009, Muhyiddin’s entourage took off at about 1.45pm Sunday on the RMAF Nuri from Kudat after officially opening the Umno division meeting there and were heading back to Kota Kinabalu for the Penampang Umno division meeting when the forced landing took place.

If Ramli is indicted for corruptly misusing a police Cessna Caravan aircraft for a purpose totally unrelated to his police duties, why is Muhyiddin spared for similarly misusing a RMAF Nuri helicopter for a purpose totally related to his DPM or even Education Minister’s duties?

Is there one law for the Umno Cabinet Ministers and another law for ordinary people, especially those whom the MACC’s masters in the Umno/Barisan Nasional government want to persecute and victimize?

In the case of Muhyiddin’s abuse of his position in using RMAF Nuri helicopter for Umno party purposes, an official report had already been lodged.

MACC should explain why it has not started investigations into the corrupt practice of DPM Muhyiddin using RMAF Nuri helicopter to officiate Umno division meetings in Sabah last weekend totally unrelated to his official duties.-


Since before Day ONE of MACC, we already know they are double standard......

NO one will expect they will be different, when they are answering to the UMNO Top Gay... THe You know who case, body blew up by you know what. HAD and HAD been silent.

We will see more mysterious death in MACC and police Q&A room.

UMNO believes and practices POWER-Crazy at all cost.
POWER-crazy says:
"Get STUFF with you rakyat. We will do what we want to stay in power!"

UMNO does not believe nor practice democracy.
See what they have done in Perak!
See what they doing in Selangor.

Dr M likens Rohaizat candidacy to BN self-sabotage

The woes of BN candidate for Permatang Pasir have given Tun Mahathir Mohamad (caricature, right) something new to laugh about

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed took a dig today at Barisan National’s (BN) choice of candidate for the Permatang Pasir by-election by pointing out that he was not sure if Rohaizat Othman — a disbarred lawyer — was qualified to run for office.

The former prime minister said that he was also informed Rohaizat was accused of having two wives.

“If you give someone a good reason to sabotage you, then it will be easy to be sabotaged and it will be your fault,” quipped Dr. Mahathir.

Umno has come under fire recently since its chosen candidate Rohaizat Othman was discovered to have been found guilty of misconduct by the Bar Council after failing to return RM161,000 belonging to the Penang Rubber Smallholders Cooperation.

The former lawyer has been on the defensive ever since the discovery was made public, blaming Pakatan Rakyat for attempting to discredit him personally.

However, Rohaizat has yet to respond to allegations made by his former partner Yusri Ishak against him.

Umno maintains that Pakatan Rakyat is trying to “assassinate” the character of their chosen candidate.

Rohaizat is facing Penang PAS state commissioner Mohd. Salleh Man in a straight fight for the state seat in the by-election on August 25.


UMNO should repent !! don't blaim PR, not PR ask you to con people's money !! is a national duty for PR to disclosed the misconduct of the Rohaizat and UMNO's lie !! people need to know what kind of people will be elected to represent them, of course not a con or a liar !!

Rohaizat Othman.....!!!!!!! Why do you keep blaming Pakatan Rakyat for attempting to discredit you when you alone "swallowed" RM161,000 belonging to the Penang Rubber Smallholders Cooperation (again, some poor smallholders were screwed big time)? You cannot blame others for shooting you when you are the one who provide the gun and ammunition to the other party... and said "I dare you to shoot me!"

This episode involving the tainted BN candidate Rohaizat exposes to the rakyat that Umno is a rotten, shameless party led by inept leaders like DPM Muhyyiddin who resorted to lies and threat to defend their candidate. Keep up the 'good work' BN, you will open up the eyes & mind of more rakyat.

Tell me Dr.M are you qualified to remain a human being after despicably crushing down the house of justice? Is the present PM qualified? So many satutuary declarations ignored. Rohasiat's case is neglible as compared to some others in BN. In BN no one is qualified to even being a decent human being.

The identity of a thief is revealed, is it considered a sabotage?
One must read Mahathir's line with a pinch of salt.

What does he actually mean?
Let me tell you.
Mahathir is saying although Rohaizat has breached the code of conduct and for that, he might not be suitable to stand for election, what he was really suggesting is that Pakatan is sabotaging UMNO's candidate. The daemon is not Rohaizat, it is not UMNO, the suggested daemon is Pakatan.

Toon Mahathir is a master of insidious envenoming. What he is saying is essentially no different from Muhyiddin, the difference is Mahathir camouflage it with a smoke screen of ambiguity.

Naa! mahathir. I know what you did last summer.

You are the most poisonous viper in the world.

Mahathir says Nik Aziz sinful for infidel remark

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today it was sinful of PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to have labelled fellow Malay Muslims as infidels because the whole world recognises Malays as Muslims.

“The whole world, I believe, recognises Malays as Muslims. This is one race which has race associated with religion. An individual is not Malay if he or she is not a Muslim,” he told reporters after launching an exhibition at the National Art Gallery, here.

Mahathir said: “If we accuse a Muslim of being an infidel, the accuser himself becomes the infidel.”

He was commenting on a recent statement by Nik Aziz, who is Kelantan mentri besar, that the Islamic teachings of Umno would not enable the party’s supporters to go to heaven.

Mahathir said Malays should strive to raise their values and capability to compete with the other people of the world instead of remaining complacent by thinking that Malays, as Hang Tuah said, would not become extinct in this world.

“Going by what Hang Tuah said, if we think that we will not become extinct, we do not have to strive at all. In the end, we will deteriorate and become the slaves of others. “If we do not strive, what type of Malay will not become extinct?” he asked.


Which is more sinful? To UMNOputras are infidels or to steal from the rakyat? Nik Aziz may have condemned UMNO but he has done so on grounds of principle and moral values. UMNOputras, on the other hand, have stolen from the rakyat and have no concern for justice and truth. The DPM recently remarked that it is not a crime for UMNO's Permatang Pasir candidate to take money illegally from his clients. The DPM has also remarked recently that corruption in the PKFZ can be resolved amicably without any criminal charges. Which is a sinful? To condemn UMNOputras for their abuse of power and corrupt practices or to condone the behaviour of those who have obviously been involved in criminal acts?

Another silly remark from a senile ex-prime minister. Since when Malays are all muslims? By birth perhaps, but it's not a birthright. Islam does not associate itself with any race. Muslims can be Malays but not all Malays are true Muslims

For a man ashame of his half Indian parentage isn't that sinful to deny what God made him to be? Worse sin is he who sins against himself!

21 August 2009

Mysterious MACC letter: Police asked to investigate

Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas has instructed the police to investigate the contents of the mysterious letter that was presented at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest on Wednesday.

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said that he could not elaborate but added that the police have began an investigation.

The results of the investigation would be sent to the court for the inquest, he said on Friday.

The letter accuses a top-ranking Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officer and a state Barisan Nasional leader of having conspired to topple the Selangor government by conducting a witch-hunt of its leaders, which indirectly resulted in Teoh’s tragic death.

On July 15, Teoh was taken in for questioning by the MACC as a witness in its investigation into the alleged abuse of constituency funds by certain elected representatives in the state.

Teoh, 30, was the political secretary of state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah.

Teoh’s body was found the next day on the fifth floor of the Plaza Masalam building the next day. The MACC has its office on the 14th floor of the building.

The Cabinet agreed to the inquest into the death after a public outcry.

In KUALA LUMPUR earlier Friday, MACC deputy director Datuk Abu Kassim said the Commission would have to determine if the mysterious letter presented at the inquest on Wednesday is the same as the one which has been published on numerous portals and blogs.

He said the MACC, which has yet to get a copy of the letter presented at the inquest, has to see if it is one and the same as the version which has been published online.

“If they match, we will let the police and our internal complaints board investigate,” he said.


Literally translates; “the elephant carcass cannot be covered”!
Meaning; no police or MACC will be able to cover it up. No matter how much they try to cover it, the stench is too much and unbearable!

Also, Muslims believe that if a person had done bad deeds, in Makkah if God willing, He will punish the bad person on “immediate” basis without waiting for his afterlife. Toyol is now in Makkah. . ., you figure that out!

Mysterious MACC letter: Police asked to investigate Huh? The polis to investigate? Surely you jest... how many chickens have the Musa-ng already eaten, and if we are still stupid enough to ask the Musa-ng to investigate the plumb chicken we deserve to lose our country. This is a job for no less than an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry, if such an entity still exists in our hapless nation.

I think without a doubt, some of the evidence have already been disappeared!
But the TP of MACC selangor has been named.
Let's see what sort of disappearing act he can pull off!
The MACC must be brought to account.
Justice for Beng Hock!!

Khairy claims PAS insulted by DAP

Khairy Jamaluddin addressing a less-than-full-house ceramah in Permatang Pasir yesterday

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin claims PAS in Penang has been ostracised and insulted by DAP because there is no PAS representation on the state exco.

The accusation was made in apparent attempt to drive a wedge between the two which have been experiencing less than a smooth relationship recently.

“Despite being the sole representative in the Penang government, PAS has not been given the exco post which shows that it is not appreciated by the DAP. This is an insult to them,” said Khairy at a ceramah before some 400 people here.

“I dare Lim Guan Eng to appoint the PAS candidate as an exco if he wins,” he added followed by a loud roar from the audience.

DAP has been the target of Umno’s ongoing campaign to portray the party as anti-Islam and the open squabbling between them and PAS, often on issues PR claimed have been maliciously manipulated into racial and Islamic ones like the beer sale in Selangor, have provided Umno with much ammunition.

The race card appears to be a favoured weapon in Umno’s bid to regain lost Malay support and has been used throughout their campaign in the predominantly Malay Permatang Pasir.

[Khairy says he vouches for Rohaizat (right), whom he has known for a decade.]

But Umno’s campaign have been marred by the scandal of its candidate, Rohaizat Othman, a former lawyer disbarred by the Bar Council after he was found guilty of misconduct after he allegedly failed to return RM161,000 of his client’s money.

Umno leaders have maintained and insisted on his innocence, putting all the blame on Rohaizat’s former legal firm partner,Yusri Ishak who surfaced yesterday to deny the allegations and revealed that the Umno politician had used his client’s money to aid his friends in a land purchase which went wrong.

Khairy made no comments about Yusri’s allegations but stuck to the party line that the attack on Rohaizat was nothing but a character assassination by PAS.

“I have known him for 10 years and I vouch for him. He is an accountable man,” said Khairy said.

He also claimed that the attack on the party’s candidate was an attempt to divert voters’ attention from allegations that PAS has planted some 3,000 phantom voters here.

A formal complaint has been lodged with the Elections Commission said Khairy, but ironically, the Umno Youth chief has expressed scepticism towards the electoral authority, claiming that some of its officers are agents of the opposition and have assisted them in moving the phantom voters to Permatang Pasir.

“I have no doubt that the top leadership of the EC can operate transparently but there are some of their officers who are assisting the opposition,” he said.


khairy...if pas is made a fool by dap, all non malay components of bn are too by your umno!!!

talking about pas giving second thoughts on alchohol, the rakyat especially the muslims working in that field depends them!! if you dare , make it a compulsory for muslims to dis-engage working in places like hotels which serve alchohol , factories which manufacture and transporters who help to deliver to see what is the reaction or effect will be . also, since bn has the majority, you morons can easily gain votes to parliament for that and also to make malaysia a NON-ALCHOHOL country !!!

just mind your own 'crooked doings' and stop creating hatred among MALAYSIANS !!!

What Khairy said: “I have no doubt that the top leadership of the EC can operate transparently but there are some of their officers who are assisting the opposition.”

What Khairy means: "While the top guns are all our Umno cronies and a*** lickers, there are some honest traitors to the Malay race who work according to their conscience, and you should not trust them. Ungrateful fellows."

The lust for power is turning all these UMNO members into full blown liars!

Khairy can say anything he wants but he has no credibility left when he supports and vouched for tainted people.

Khairy is a good example that wisdom does not necessarily come with opportunity, knowledge and intelligence.

This loser has nothing better to bark about. He himself get insulted by his party but he can't even admit it. Seriously, wtf is wrong with all these UMNO losers?

Look at the faces of those two clowns. Omg, do we really want to have these ppl leading the country?? One a flip-flop snake and another, a disgraced lawyer. Put one and the other, you get one big cosmic joke.

Lies, all lies, cries embattled Rohaizat

With Pakatan Rakyat applying pressure on BN candidate Rohaizat Othman to withdraw from the Permatang Pasir by-election because his disbarment makes him “tainted”, he has been forced to go on the campaign trail to clear his name.

Last night, at a ceramah alongside other BN youth leaders, the disbarred lawyer begged the people there not to pay attention to the attacks on his professional past, dismissing them mere attempts to discredit him personally.

“This is the culture of Pakatan Rakyat (PR). They attack my private life, it’s character assassination,” said Rohaizat.

“I have already explained myself but the attacks on me continue. They are lies. Now they have come up with a new lie. Now, they say I have a second wife who is not receiving alimony from me,” said the Umno man.

Rohaizat said he was shocked when a reporter asked him about it.

“It has come down to this. More personal attacks against me. This is the culture of PR. First, they attack my past and after I have explained myself, they come up with another lie and even if I defend myself on the second accusation, they would come up with another lie,” lamented the Umno man.

But Rohaizat has yet to respond to the allegations made by his former legal firm partner, Yusri Ishak, who appeared yesterday to deny allegations made by Umno leaders that he had caused Rohaizat’s disbarment.

Rohaizat was disbarred last year after he was found guilty by the Bar Council’s disciplinary board of misconduct after failing to return money belonging to the Penang Rubber Smallholders Cooperative intended for land purchase.

Umno leaders, however, insist that their man is innocent, saying that Rohaizat was a “victim of circumstances” as Yusri was the one that ran away with the money.

The Bar Council has clarified that lawyers are not liable for their partner’s misconduct.


Are you going to say that the Bar Council is bias?
If it is (Of course not), what about the decisions by the High Court? Are you going to say that decisions are bias too?
If you have taken money from a firm for your personal use, will you guarantee that you will not use the state funds for your personal use in future? Are the citizens going to trust you all your promises?

commonlah bn. do you mean to say that i can steal your car and go for a stroll and return it to you the next day and i will not be charged as 'stealing your car ?' .

too many excuses by bn morons when oppositions cricticised them. these excuses are poorly made by brainless morons. give better and acceptable excuses next time .... you can fool the rakyat with 'dirty money' and 'sweet promises' but there will be a day when the rakyat says that what you give is not enough and will vote against you.

What is UMNO culture? Deny,deny,deny, when facts have proven them wrong.Worse the stupid DPM thinks the a SD will clear him.RPK the Malaysian creator of SD,was charged for sedition & defamation. What makes Rohaizat's is the truth? DPM is completely out of ideas to counter this fact that Rohaizat is disbarred.Better quit than to lose badly.Yusri will be watching & laughing at how the clowns manupilate the case.

The truth does not tell lies...Mr disbarred lawyer. You accepted to put yourself for public services...even with your tainted past, you no loner has the luxury of your private life....especially a criminal ex-lawyer!!
Don't blame others for your actions!

Witness says vital part of transcript 'missing'

A transcript of Karpal Singh's press conference was made for his trial but an important part is missing, the High Court heard yesterday.

One of the authors of the transcript, Radio Televisyen Malaysia reporter Aishah Ahmad Azam, said she was sure she had transcribed everything she heard in the recording of the press conference held on Feb 6.

"But a part of the transcript is not here," she said when shown the transcript which had been tendered as a court exhibit by the prosecution. "I do not how it went missing."

To a question by deputy public prosecutor Melissa Mohd Akhir how that could have happened, Aishah said: "It could be due to a technical glitch."

The missing paragraph was on Karpal's statement saying: "I got nothing personal in this matter. It is a constitutional point and I think one which should be respected by all, including the ruler."

Aishah, 25, the fourth prosecution witness, was testifying at the trial of Karpal who is alleged to have uttered seditious words against the sultan of Perak at his legal firm in Jalan Pudu Lama here between noon and 12.30pm on Feb 6.

Karpal is alleged to have said that the removal of Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin as menteri besar by the sultan could be questioned in a court of law.

Karpal's statement was aired over the electronic media about 8pm that evening, while several newspapers carried the article the following day.

Earlier, to a question by counsel Jagdeep Singh Deo, Aishah said that she had typed everything that was said in the video recording.

Jagdeep also pointed out that the numbering at the right side of page seven was not in the same position as the other pages.

Jagdeep: Do you agree that the page looks as though a paragraph has been omitted?

Aishah: Yes. I think a paragraph is missing. By right, the page numbering should be at the bottom right like the other nine pages.

Jagdeep: Do you agree that the missing statement was important because it shows that Karpal had said he had nothing personal in the matter?

Aishah: Yes.

However, during re-examination by Melissa, Aishah said nobody could have deleted the paragraph, adding that it could be due to a technical problem.

Aishah, who had started working with RTM two months before she did the transcript, admitted it was her first attempt in transcribing from a video recording.

She also said that her fluency in English was only moderate and that she did not understand the legal terms.

On another matter, Aishah also agreed with Jagdeep when he pointed out a mistake in the transcript.

She had typed the word rombakan (reshuffle), when the actual word used by Karpal was peruntukan (provision).

She also agreed that there might be other possible mistakes.

Asked if she had referred to the notes taken by the reporter who attended the press conference, Aishah answered in the negative.

"The reporter was not around for me to check with her."

She said the mistake could be due to her lack of knowledge of legal terms and also because she could have heard the word wrongly.

Aishah, who did the transcript together with a colleague, Afzan Sakina Sulaiman, said she was not sure if there were differences between what she had transcribed and what she heard in the video recording.

The first prosecution witness, Utusan Malaysia reporter Mohd Nizam Yatim, who was recalled for cross-examination, said he had used the word rombakan and not peruntukan in his news report, which was based on his tape recording.

Hearing continues.


In any other countries, the Judge would have thrown out this case for wasting the courts time. In Bolehland it's a different story........what a joke !

just like the hongkie famous phrase - its wasting the taxpayor money

These are the UMNO biased new graduates who do not understand English, do not understand Malay legal terms and lack basic intelligence. They only understand that they have to bring down some opposition people and may not even know from which party these opposition people are from.

What a pathetic and sad Malaysia we are in.

Death at MACC: My CSI XIII – Letter from MACC Officers

1. When Gobind raised the matter for the first time during the inquest that he had received a letter “purportedly” written by MACC officers, I had a gut feeling that some good and decent MACC officers, despite living in fear could no longer tolerate the abuse the public has given to MACC as whole. These are honest people and have the best interest of MACC at heart but they have to be careful in their actions as there are bigger forces at play.

2. The moment it was announced, I asked a few friends whether they could assist me in getting a copy of the letter. By the time I sighted the copy, RPK has done all of us a favor by publishing it in his blog. Prior to that I was not sure whether I should do it. I am glad RPK did it and spare me the trouble of bringing it out.

3. Being a former government servant, the first thing that came to my mind is the authenticity of the letter. Based on what was shown on RPK website and what was mentioned by Gobind, the following points basically points to the fact that it is indeed authentic

a. It carries the official letterhead of MACC
b. The format of writing is a standard government format in terms of heading and numbering system.
c. The language of the letter is very much official is usually used by officers in government service
d. The letter states the in a correct manner, the post of the person, his position acronym
e. The way the writer address the reader is also in a typical government writing (Y.Bhg.Tan Sri/Dato/Tuan/Puan)
f. The slogan at the end of the letter is a standard practice of writing.

4. In my mind, it goes beyond reasonable doubt that the letter is authentic. The sad thing though, none of the mainstream paid any emphasis on this letter. What was highlighted is that the case of burning their official X-trail in Klang. The timing of the burning also coincides with the timing of the letter was released to the public. It made wonder whether it was intentionally done to divert public attention over the matter.

5. While Khir Toyo has denied any involvement in the scheme of things to bring the downfall of the Selangor government as indicated in the letter, it certainly cast serious shadow over the matter. It is not too long ago, when the issue of Khir Toyo bungalow was raised and based on the letter that was released, it explains quite well why there is no further action taken on this case.

6. There were two parts of the letter that in my mind that is relevant. The first being the way the author described the Hishamuddin Hashim method in interrogating people. From what I know, it is expected that suspects or witnesses will not be treated gently in order to extract information and everyone has their own favorite method. In this case the author describe in a very clear manner on Hishamuddin tactics and the possibility that it was his DNA that was found on the belt. The author has cast a doubt on the authenticity of the DNA test that has been done.

7. If it is not his DNA sample, then whose sample is it? Did the police officer actually take his sample? If he did not then, it means that the police are a collaborator. This doubt can easily be cleared by getting Hishamuddin to volunteer his DNA sample in the presence of the lawyers representing TBH family. He should without any hesitation do just that as that is the easiest way to clear his name.

8. The second part of the letter implied that there are special teams in MACC Selangor that works with Khir Toyo in setting up the stage to topple the PR Selangor government. If indeed this is true, it is quite certain that Khir Toyo is not acting alone. He must have a bigger umbrella protecting him from the rain and the sun. This is just too sad… all in the name of power.


I do not have confident in the way the police and MACC conduct investigation on TBH murder. Before the surface of this letter, the authority clearly in my opinion try to sell a spin to the Rakyat that TBH committed suicide. I have totally lost faith with the present government.

KHIR, UMNO & MACC can deny till the end of the world, BUT it will not change the fact of the events as stated in the letter, which we suspected from day 1 was a conspiracy, cannot and no basis for suicide.

Looks like the tables have turned.
Just like what anwar ibrahim has gone through, MACC bosses and Khir toyo is deemed guilty and will have to prove their innocence.
We should bring back the old malay punishment - Mati di-sula - death by impaling - to these ketuanan bastards. Poke their arese hole with a spear until it exits at the shoulder blade. In public. And their families will have to bear the cost of cleaning up the mess.

If Khir and MACC grabbed power the way they did in Perak the Selangor people will rise up in strong protest. We are happy with the way Pakatan is doing right now and we don't need tainted characters to come rule over us.

The Police really narrowed the scope of their investigations to record suicide only. What a bunch of sloppy bastards, just intented to shield their brothers from any implications to murder.

They totally have no integrity and conscience at all. How did they take DNA samples from the DD, let him do it himself?? What a bunch of criminals !!!

Ultimately, because it involves Khir Toyo and UMNO, all these facts will be covered up, like how Augustine Paul did it, all material facts are not to be mentioned if there is a trial.

All these bastards give me the shits

20 August 2009

Official website of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor aka perempuan puaka version imelda marcos



What LIES does she wants to publish? No time for such blog, never visited Che Det blog even once, other than LIES, half truth and spin, we cannot expecct much from these crooks.

The address is
She is using government server for her web site.

Base on the contents, visting here, visiting there. For me, these are not what government affair. I don’t see anything is government related. All are her personal staff.

She is abusing the government property for sure.

Everything is XXTRA LArge here in her blog.

Funny as*holes you guys. Yea that guy actually look BETTER than the real thing.

The final nail in Rohaizat’s political coffin

usri Ishak, Rohaizat’s former partner in legal practice, and who Rohaizat completely blames for the breach of trust that got him disbarred, held a ‘tell all’ press conference this morning in Penanti.

Malaysianinsider has the report HERE.

Unfortunately, the Malaysianinsider report does not have as much detail as that in Malaysiakini.

Ordinarily, I would not do this, as I think you people ought to subscribe to Malaysiakini to keep them going, but I’m going to make an exception today for the benefit of those who still have not subscribed and do a cut and paste of Yusri’s full bersion from Malaysiakini of what really happened.

From Yusri, as reported in Malaysiakini :

“It’s a blatant lie to say that he never knew anything about the cooperative land and money transactions. Apart from me, he was also the legitimate signatory of the company accounts. To suggest that he was implicated by my wrongdoing is a lie…He was also responsible for the misappropriation of the cooperative funds. It is unethical in the legal profession .. . Rohaizat was guilty of it”.

Malaysiakini reports that Yusri said that he had quit as a lawyer in 2003 and went into agriculture.

Quoting Yusri again from Malaysiakini :

“I was never charged by the Bar Council or had my licence revoked. I did not renew my legal practicing licence because I thought I was not suitable for the profession”.

What follows below is Malaysiakini’s narration of the elaboration given by Yusri at the PC, and not verbatim excerps of what Yusri is supposed to have said.

“He recalled that in 2002, the Penang Small Rubber Plantation Holders Cooperative Society had appointed the legal firm to manage a land deal.

Yusri, who prepared the land sales and purchase agreement, said the cooperative had successfully applied for a RM320,000 loan and the money was deposited into the firm’s Butterworth branch account.

Yusri and Rohaizat were signatories to the account.

Yusri said when the land deal was cancelled after a communication breakdown with the Acheh-based land owner, he had signed and issued a cheque for the sum of RM100,000 to the cooperative.

The remaining RM220,000 had remained in the firm’s accounts.

In the meantime, said Yusri, a friend of Rohaizat borrowed RM100,000 of the cooperative money deposited with the law firm to finance a land deal.

When the friend failed to repay the money, Rohaizat then took over ownership of the land and attempted to sell it.

However, he failed to sell it off and subsequently could not reimburse the cooperative from the firm’s accounts.

Yusri alleged that part of the remaining RM120,000 in the cooperative account was loaned out to yet another of Rohaizat’s friend, who again faced financial constraints.Part of the co-op’ money was also used to manage the firm’s new office in Ipoh.

Yusri said he then took charge of the management of the Ipoh office while Rohaizat remained in charge of the Butterworth office”.


Rohizat, the only people who beleives you are Nauhyddin and Zahid because both are idiots of highest degree. What I heard a comment from the PM (from KL circle) is that whay the hell Muhyddin and Zahid recommended this SOB. With this UMNO wants to show it popularity with the Rakyat! Orang Permatang Pasir is not fools like UMNO members but wiser everyday.

Let them keep going it's wonderful to watch it all falling apart for them, I only hope that PR is able to prosecute all the wrong doers that run with their pockets full of the countries money.

99% of UMNO politicians belong to Rohizat type.

Khir Toyo denies allegations in mystery letter

Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has denied allegations contained in a mystery letter purportedly written by unnamed MACC officers that implicates him in a conspiracy with a senior anti-graft officer to bring down the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Selangor government.

“The allegations are not true,” the former Selangor mentri besar told The Malaysian Insider from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, when told about the letter. “I do not know this MACC officer.”

He added that he was not aware of the letter but would take legal action against any website for publishing it.

The letter was delivered two days ago to Gobind Singh Deo, the lawyer for Teoh Beng Hock’s family, and was sent by anonymous parties claiming to be “MACC officers” who urged the authorities to probe a senior anti-graft officer for corruption and involvement in the DAP political aide’s death.

The letter, written in Bahasa Malaysia on an MACC letterhead, appears to give lawyers for the family ammunition and a roadmap to investigate Teoh's death.

A senior official of the MACC was named as someone who was personally involved in questioning Teoh in the final hours before he died.

An account of what happened during questioning was also suggested.

The letter accuses the senior official of widespread corruption involving previous investigations.

It also accuses the senior officer of acting on the instruction of Dr Mohd Khir from the time he was the Selangor mentri besar to initiate investigations into possible corruption involving the current government.

In the letter, a number of previous investigations purportedly involving Dr Mohd Khir’s administration are listed, and the senior officer was said to have covered up those cases.

Yesterday, magistrate Azmil Muntapha Abas, who is acting as coroner in the inquest into Teoh’s death, ordered the police investigating officer, ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal, to immediately look into the contents of the letter and check all its claims.

Azmil also told the lawyers involved not to disclose the details of the letter to anyone but did not issue a “gag order” as requested by Tan Hock Chuan, the lawyer heading the Attorney-General's team and assisting him in the inquest.

Tan asked for the “gag” to prevent putting the police follow-up at risk, as several notable people are said to be named in the controversial letter.

But Gobind, who is representing Teoh's family, said a gag would not necessarily prevent the details from leaking out.

Gobind said the letter was handed directly to him late Tuesday afternoon, just as he was leaving the court here.

The envelope it came in was not addressed to him, he said. He refused to say who it was directed to


If there is a hole, i wish these big monster could step into it. In order to bury them fast so that this could prevent from others victim suffer

How come snow-white knows the content of the purported letter from these informers?

If he does not know anything or has no dealings on the alleged cases, why the need to issue a denial from Mecca in such urgency and haste?

By the way, Mecca is a good spot now for snow-white since he cannot be "interviewed" by our police or investigators...may be he will not come back for some the name of GOD?

Cops grill PKA over RM500m claims

Officers from Bukit Aman’s commercial crime division has been interviewing Port Klang Authority (PKA) officers over alleged questionable claims made by Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) developer Kuala Dimensi Sdn BHD (KDSB).

PKA chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng had lodged a police report against KDSB last Tuesday.

The police have been talking to PKA officials since last Friday and had also taken Lee’s statement.

“I have instructed all staff to give their full cooperation to the police,” said Lee when he met with reporters at the PKA headquarters here today.

When asked about complaints from KDSB that the special task force probing PKFZ had not approached them for clarifications during their investigation, Lee told reporters that the task force had written letters to KDSB during the investigation but received no response.

He also said that he could not give a copy of the report to KDSB as requested because the information was still classified and that all information made public so far, such as the RM500 million in questionable claims, was released with the board’s consent.

Lee had met reporters during a break from a PKA board meeting that started this morning.

The meeting agenda includes discussion of the task force report and the legality of Lee’s appointment as PKA chairman, which was questioned recently by KDSB.

“We’re only about 30 per cent through,” said Lee pointing to the seven thick bound volumes that comprise the task force report.

He said he could not reveal more without the board completing its discussion of the report and added it could take more than one meeting.

He also said that the board would decide later whether or not to lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and that the MACC had requested a copy of the task force report but their request was turned down.

KDSB has been putting pressure on Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and Lee over the findings of the task force, asserting that they have not been independent in their investigations and that the questionable claims are contractual disputes.

Ong meanwhile said that KDSB is trying to divert attention from the findings and insists that investigations into the scandal hit PKFZ project will continue.


Since the Second-Hand Corrupted body not working. Now the BN First-Hand Terminator comes to "terminate" the story. That is our beloved Bee-Ant controling the pests' story in the country

Waste time. The case will be dragged on for next 5 years and when the public has forgotten it, it will just disappear. The big guns will never be revealed or convicted, in case they too expose the numerous others involved in the endless scandals.

korek! korek! Korek! Abu pun tak dak.

Race and religion dominate BN’s campaign

Race and religion seem to be the cornerstone of Umno’s by-election campaign here, beginning with the labelling of its rivals as enemies of the Malays.

Deputy Prime Minister and Umno No. 2 Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, in a ceramah held here last night, blasted Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders as arrogant, claiming that some have dared to question the rights of the Malays and Islam.

"They have questioned the social contract, the status of Islam and the Malays in this country which are enshrined in the Federal Constitution," he said before some 500 party supporters.

"Don't get me wrong, I am a deputy prime minister for all Malaysians. The rights of the non-Malays should be upheld but do not question the rights of the Malays," he added.

[Muhyiddin makes a point at the ceramah last night]

Muhyiddin makes a point at the ceramah last night. — Picture by Jack Ooi
Muhyiddin, Umno's most senior leader, claimed that throughout his career, he has never witnessed what he claimed as opposition disrespect towards Malay rights and believes that the March 8 victories have made them "bolder and more arrogant."

Just as in the past, Muhyiddin also chided PAS for defending DAP which has been painted as anti-Islam by Umno leaders.

Earlier, Umno and Barisan Nasional information chief Ahmad Mazlan made subtle hints that PAS was DAP's stooge, citing the beer sale issue in Selangor as an example.

"PAS say takbir, DAP say take beer," Ahmad said, drawing laughter from party supporters.

Despite being heavily criticised for its racial attacks, and even risking compromising Prime Minister and Umno-BN president Datuk Seri Najib Razak's all-encompassing 1 Malaysia concept, last night's ceramah indicated clearly that Umno will continue to use race and religion as fodder against its rivals.

Pakatan leaders, on the other hand, fully anticipating Umno's unrelenting racial offensive, have gone all out to deflect their attacks, blasting Umno as racists and said it was already expected that the ruling party would use the race card against them.

PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, speaking at a Pakatan ceramah, said Malaysians will no longer be fooled by the race tactics played by Umno and that governance in PR-run states acts as proof to his claims.

He added that the differences among the component parties in the opposition pact have been maliciously highlighted by government-linked media.


Umno has clearly given up hope on MCA/Gerakan/MIC for non-Malay support. Umno racial and religion campaign lie in getting as much Malay support away from PAS/PKR. Umno only hope on winning Malay majority seats and getting the rest of the numbers from Sabah and Sarawak.

Wow looks like Najib has no controle over Myuiddin mouth at this stage, i just cant see how MCA and MIC are taking this onslot of a so called DPM

It really doesnt look good for this country , really if we have any more of this its may just be a matter of time that we lose all that we Malaysians have woked so long.

Najib Wake up!!!!!!! -- i still see some light in you -- yuor DPM is killing this country

Surely UMNO will lost forever the support of non malay if they continue this tactic. If someone from chinese or indian still support UMNO, I will like to know they reason. Maybe MalaysianInsider can make a poll about this matter.

You have just giving up your 26%+1% total 27% of the voter's votes to PR, and they will very appreciate for what you have done, it is a wake up call to the local Chinese and Indian voters, the racist is coming to town. Unless Muhyidin wants to show his musang's tail in P. Pasir town.

Using military helicopter for personal and party usage and asking the rakyat to pay from their sweat money, is that the Malay right and righteous according to Islam? He is a Malay and he abuses the rakyat's money, is this the Malay right? Come on Muyiddin, good Malay don't do such thing. Don't fool the rakyat with such poor claims.

Muhiyddin has no better topic or issues to raise. Looks like UMNO is pushed to the corner already. Purports to defend Islam when Islam does not need defending. Islam can stand proud on its own and it have through the test of time. The rakyat knows you are defending your 'bottom-line', your cronies (Cina and Indian included), your UMNO putera's and above all else your own skin. We are so sick of UMNO playing the racial and religion card.

Umno Youth backs up phantom voter claims at P. Pasir

Penang Umno Youth today handed over proof of phantom voters in the Permatang Pasir state constituency to the Election Commission (EC).

Its chief, Norman Zahalan, accompanied by 30 members handed over an official letter as well as a list of such voters to assistant EC management officer, Masirah Che Ani, at the Seberang Perai Tengah district and land office here.

Norman said after doing census of 30 houses in Permatang Pasir, Permatang Janggus and Bukit Jelutong, they found nine unidentified voters registered in two addresses. Met by reporters, he said of the nine there were two Chinese voters registered in Malay houses and were unknown to the owners.

“Another address in the area had 14 voters where seven were unknown to the owner,” he said.

He said this was the first level of proof handed to the EC and he believed the number could reach 3,000. “We will continue to find such so-called voters,” Norman said.

Meanwhile, Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan who was also present at the office said all this while the opposition always raised the issue of phantom voters but could not provide proof as was done by the Barisan Nasional.

Ahmad hoped the EC will investigate the phantom voters quickly so that there would not be problems on polling day.

Masirah said the proof would be sent to the Penang EC office.


Needless to say, the EC will jump up and take "stern action" accordingly. All the usual dirty sandiwara. When it comes to phantom votes, who can beat this useless Youth wing and their masters ? They have been doing it for decades and have it down to a science.

haha...who has control of the electoral list? the EC.
so who created the phantom votes? the EC
hey, Youth...go after the EC.

This is a clear sign of Umno trying its darndest to divert attention away from the real issues in Permatang Pasir.

First Umno intentionally selected a tainted candidate. Then the DPM tries to downplay the Bar Council fines as 'paking fines'. And now Umno Youth plays this card. The desperation is now for all to see. Congratulations PAS/PR, you have won!!!

With the EC acting solely as UMNO's pawn, phantom voters have always been planted in to help boost ballot counts for UMNO.

If phantom voters are spotted by UMNO youth, it could only be for 1 reason:- UMNO is trying to frame Pakatan.

Save your smoke screen, UMNO young punks!

This is called pre-empt strategy: before others could accuse you of using phantom voters, you accuse others of doing so.

But the bottomline is: who control the Election Commission??

If UMNO thinks that Malaysians are that stupid then it is only fooling itself.

Rohaizat’s partner denies Umno’s accusation

The controversy surrounding Barisan Nasional candidate Rohaizat Othman’s disbarment took a new twist today when his partner, the one Umno accused of taking their client's money, appeared to deny the allegation.

Yusri Ishak alleged that the money was used by Rohaizat to open up a branch of the firm in Ipoh and said that the Umno politician cannot deny involvement in the case.

The 38-year-old lost an appeal on Aug 12 against being struck off the rolls of the Malaysian Bar after he blamed his partner for the matter which the Bar Council said involved RM161,000 in client's money.

Rohaizat is facing PAS's Mohd Salleh Man Mat Aji in a straight fight for the Permatang Pasir state seat on Aug 25, the country's eighth by-election since Election 2008.

Umno has dismissed the issue, saying Rohaizat has paid back the money and it is not a criminal case, accusing the opposition of playing up the issue.

Rohaizat was disbarred last year after he was found guilty by the Bar Council’s disciplinary board of misconduct of failing to return the money to the Penang Rubber Smallholders’ Cooperative.

[ Rohaizat has blamed his partner for the misconduct. ]

The Bar Council has clarified that Rohaizat had been found guilty of personal misconduct and had lost his appeal against the decision in the High Court last Wednesday, five days before Umno nominated him for the by-election.

The Bar Council’s statement contradicts Rohaizat’s version of the events. The candidate blames his partner in his law firm for committing the misconduct.

His candidacy has become a major embarrassment for Umno as it brings up questions about the party’s vetting process.

Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is in charge of Umno/BN’s campaign in the by-election, has been particularly embarrassed.

Asked yesterday about reports Rohaizat had been the subject of numerous complaints and how he had been fined twice by the Bar Council, the Deputy Prime Minister likened the fines to parking tickets.

He said the Umno campaign was considering having Rohaizat put out a statutory declaration to clear the air on the controversy.


This is getting interesting.

He only took $161k and he returned it later... maybe before nomination day? So he's very honest. The best that Umno can come up with.

Others will take more and not return the money. He's the hero! Yaay! Vote for hero!

Rohaizat knows that returning 161k is a small investment to the riches he will gain if he's elected. Imagine, the amount of deals he can have access too. Even more IF BN takes over.

Have you guys seen any poor BN politicians? I have not even seen a poor UMNO businessman member.

Now Umno will brand Rohaizat's former partner Yusri Ishak as a traitor to the Malay race.

Mr. DPM and BN, please salvage whatever dignity you have and abandon all efforts to win this battle.

You are trying your very best to twist the facts, lie blatantly to the Rakyat AND claim innocence on a guilty individual!

I hope Mr. Yusri Ishak, his ex-partner will come out publicly and clear his name, which has been clearly and utterly smeared by BN and its media!

19 August 2009

A different set of rules — Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

I don’t know Rohaizat Othman. He may be a fine upstanding citizen. However, his public record of dishonesty would long ago have disqualified him from being a candidate for public office in any normal political party.

Is Umno so short of people that we have to find a lawyer disbarred for financial dishonesty to stand? Has financial misconduct become so common among us that we no longer see it as a factor in a candidate’s suitability? The party leaders who select and screen candidates must have known of this impediment but considered financial misconduct a trivial matter.

Honesty is a minimal condition for public office. Whatever the other virtues of the candidate, he should not be considered if he fails this test. The candidates we field for election must have a clean record because we are asking the public to place their confidence in him as their leader, and democratic government breaks down without public confidence. We are also saying this candidate represents us. I’m sad to have to say such obvious things.

By fielding a disbarred lawyer, today’s Umno is projecting the image that it lives by a different moral code from the rest of Malaysia. One set of rules for Umno, and another for everyone else. Either that, or this is the best we can do. —


Umno is not afraid to display its moral decadence for all to see.

Just not too long ago the grand old man of Malaysian politics have said that politicians or aspiring politicians must be clean and have an impeccable record. Now can he say something on this Rohaizat's suitability as Umno candidate in this coming by election

The candidate and the UMNO selection committee ought to be brought up for disciplinary hearing. How callous to admit a dishonest guy to serve the public. Standards have indeed fallen and the slippery slope leads to perdition. God help us to get out of this sickening mould/template set by our so called leaders.

This proves that UMNO is in reality a party of thieves. So it is not surprising that the thieves have chosen a thief to stand for election. For the rakyat of Permatang Pasir, the choice of candidate is obvious unless the voter has a screw loose in his or her head.

PAS continues to hit out at BN’s tainted candidate

PAS leaders today continued to capitalise on the controversy surrounding Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Rohaizat Othman in the Permatang Pasir by-election by calling him “wet rice” or a devalued candidate.

Umno and BN information chief Ahmad Maslan, at a press conference here last night, said Rohaizat was a “victim of circumstances” and that it was his legal firm’s partner who had absconded with the RM161,000 belonging to the Penang Rubber Smallholders' Co-operative.

He further claimed that Rohaizat has already been exonerated after he repaid the co-operative with his own money, and should be praised for his "admirable" qualities instead of being chided.

Bar Council president K. Ragunath told The Malaysian Insider the reimbursement would not change the fact that Rohaizat had breached his professional ethics and committed a serious offence.

Salahuddin at the press conference. On the left is Kuala Selangor MP Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad, who is also a PAS central committee member.

"The point is he already committed the offence. Whether he paid them back or not is a non-issue," he said.

PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub said the issue was certain to impact the campaign efforts of the ruling coalition, saying that it would contradict Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak's 1 Malaysia concept.

"If they want to talk about integrity and 1 Malaysia, why don't they pick a better candidate. This has got nothing to do with Umno, this is about the people, about a representative who is going to serve the people," he said.

BN, which has been put under severe pressure over its “tainted” candidate, has been doubling up efforts to explain to the Permatang Pasir electorate that Rohaizat is innocent.


The fact is UMNO is bereft of candidates with integrity. Rohaizat is probably the best of the worst choices that UMNO has.

Umno must have thought the people of Permatang Pasir are simpletons, that they will accept anyone put up by it. They must have thought they have the oratory skill to explain their mistake, now it proves how wrong they have been.

The people can see that if they elect Rohaizat it is like 'inviting the devil to prescribe medicine for your sickness'. It turns out that Umno big-guns are the ones who have 'pea brains'!

Actually UMNO picked this candidate by design.They wanted someone dishonest whose profile will fit into the UMNOputra mold. Unfortunately, the records are with the Bar Council and the evidence is irrefutable! So now they end up defending the indefensible and not many want to be in their shoes now. UMNO is going to lose big time.

BN candidate should withdraw from contesting and give the PAs candidate a walk away. it is better than to continue to misled the people of Permatang PAsir..

Signs still point to suicide, says second pathologist

The suicide theory is still the most likely reason behind Teoh Beng Hock’s fall from a high place, a second pathologist who carried out the autopsy on the DAP political aide, maintained in the coroner’s court today.

Under vigorous questioning from lawyer, Tan Hock Chuan, who is leading the Attorney General’s team to help the coroner, Indian pathologist Dr Prashant Naresh Samberkar, had earlier given a highly-detailed and scientific explanation of the massive multiple injuries found on the 30-year-old.

The 42-year-old lecturer in forensic pathology at the Universiti Malaysia Medical Centre (UMMC) had been enlisted by the police investigation team to carry out the autopsy on Teoh with government pathologist Dr Khairul Aznam Ibrahim.

Tan: Now, I want to ask you specifically on this case, based on the post-mortem carried out, the injuries sustained by the deceased Mr Teoh and your site visits on July 16 and 22, in your opinion, what is the most likely manner of death in this present case?

Prashant: The most likely manner of death in the present case, in my opinion, would be suicidal or self-inflicted fall.

Tan: Why do you say that?

Prashant: First point, the injuries noted on the body are consistent with fall from height. Second point, the injuries to the lower ribs, to the right lower ribs especially, especially fractures on the long bones do show that there is a guarding effect. The tone of the muscle was well-maintained at the time of the fall, which resulted in the fracture of the long bones

Point three, the multiple tears on the trousers around the groin area and the lower back are vertical splits. And these splits, or tears, occur due to extensive extension, stretching, of the loin area because of the impact.

Point No.4, it is a common practice in cases of fall from height that one has to look for a barrier which can prevent such a fall. If the barrier is below the level of gravity or centre of gravity of an average human adult, there is a very good possibility for an accident to occur. However, in the present case, the level of the barrier is about the centre of gravity.

[Stands up to demonstrate what he means by centre of gravity]

For a normal adult, the centre of gravity is a point in the middle of the pelvis, which bears the weight of the upper torso and at the same time, provides for movement of the lower torso. Meaning, the balance or weight or equilibrium of a person can shift even if I raise my hand or feet in a standing position.

So the centre of gravity acts as a barrier preventing the fall, which rules out an accidental fall in this case.

Prashant had several more points to make to scientifically explain his suicide theory.

There were no signs of strangulation around Teoh’s neck to suggest he was stopped from breathing, no “cyanosis” or as he explained “no blue-ish discolouration of the fingertips which are normally found in asphyxial deaths”, no restraining marks, no tongue wounds to suggest Teoh may have bit his tongue while struggling or any other defence wounds.

He also noted that the results of a toxicology test had come back negative, showing no traces of alcohol or common drugs.

“It rules out the victim could have been drugged and maybe then thrown off the window and also rules out the eventuality of having an accidental fall,” the pathologist who had made national news here after his independent autopsy report on the controversial death of suspected car-thief A. Kugan revealed he died from injuries resulting from beating while under police custody.

But the most crucial evidence to support his suicide theory, it seemed, was found on the soles of Teoh’s shoes.

He asked for Teoh’s shoes and turning over the soles to face upwards, he direct magistrate Azmil Muntapha Abas who is acting as coroner, to a line across the middle section of both shoes, put together.

“The scratch ends here at almost a horizontal line is consistent with a person sitting or squatting on a 3millimetre window frame. This would not have occurred on impact at level five,” Prashant told the inquest.

The coroner and lawyers immediately perked up at this piece of news. The previous pathologist, Dr Khairul had earlier demonstrated how Teoh had climbed out the window and stood on an ledge outside before leaping down to his death on the 5th-floor landing at Plaza Masalam here.

But Prashant told the coroner that he did not share Dr Khairul’s view.

“I would say he was squatting. The window frame is not tall enough for him to stand,” he explained, pointing that the limited length of the window would not have been able to fit Teoh who stood close to 5-foot nine-inches.

“So he is not standing outside. He is not sitting here and his legs outside. Somebody is not making sense,” lawyer Gobind Singh Deo quipped, turning around to face the public gallery before waggling his eyebrows.

Turning back to Prashant, Gobind asked if it was possible for Teoh to have been held briefly by several people while squatting at the window.

“It is possible, sir,” the boyish pathologist replied.

The lawyer then quizzed Prashant on his earlier observation of smudged marks and some “vertical stripes” on the dusty glass pane of the 14th-floor window and suggested that those marks could come from Teoh as he was falling.

Gobind: You say finger drag marks. Wouldn’t that be a form of resistance as well?

Prashant: Yes, sir.

Gobind: So, it would show the person sitting there was trying to resist?

Prashant: Possible, sir.

Further questioning from Gobind revealed that Dr Prashant had not taken part in the interview with Teoh’s family or fiancee to determine his state of mind and had only second-hand information that Teoh was due to register his marriage or be a father in under seven months.

The Indian expert admitted it was crucial to know the psychological history of the deceased to decide if he had suicidal tendencies.


here's the question, did Teoh in conscious state of mind, and physically & mentally healthy before he fall down ? did any of the MACC "invitigation process" cause Teoh emotionally, mentally, and physically exhaused, and led to him lost of conscious state of mind ?

I like his evidence based approach but that should not be conclusive on suicide. How does he squat at the narrow window and jump without leaving any trace?

18 August 2009

Selangor MB wants MACC to adhere to acceptable investigation methods

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said today he is not questioning the powers and freedom accorded to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate but only wants proper method to be taken in their treatment of witnesses.

He said the overall process of investigation adopted by the anti-graft agency must be reasonable and civilised in such a manner that parties being investigated, especially witnesses, were well-protected.

“The MACC’s power of enforcement must not be excessive that they could ignore and jeopardise the rights of individuals protected under the constitution of the country,” Khalid told reporters after attending the Selangor government department’s monthly assembly at the State Secretariat building, near here.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail yesterday said that the Selangor government’s circular prohibiting state officials from giving statements to the MACC after office hours was null and void.

He said he would file an application in court within this week to nullify the directive.

Khalid said the Attorney-General had every right to take whatever action he wanted and the state government would provide its inputs and suggestions to improve the mode of investigations employed by the MACC.

He also said the Selangor government was willing to participate in the Royal Commission of Inquiry set up to study the standard operating procedures of the MACC in questioning witnesses. “We are willing to present papers at the royal commission level and conduct a comparison study on the mode of investigations being employed by anti-corruption agencies in Malaysia, New Zealand, Finland and Hong Kong,” he said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had on July 22 stated that a Royal Commission of Inquiry would be set up to investigate the interrogation method used by the MACC when they interrogated political aide Teoh Beng Hock. Teoh, 30, was found dead on the 5th floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam after he gave his statement as a witness to the Selangor MACC on the 14th floor of the building.

The investigation by MACC was into the alleged misuse of state allocations by a number of Selangor state executive councillors and assemblymen. On the statement made by MACC saying that they could arrest Khalid for stopping them from doing their duties by issuing a circular, Khalid said: “The decision (to issue the circular) was made at the state executive council level. As such, they may have to arrest the whole state government (if they want to).”

Nik Aziz explains misconstrued speech

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat today denied having said Umno members would not go to heaven.

The Kelantan Menteri Besar also denied saying yesterday that they could not go to heaven as they practised a form of “false Islam” brought from Palestine and not the Islam as preached by PAS.

He claimed the misquoted statements were an attempt by certain quarters to cause friction between him and the Palestine authority and create a new issue in the run-up to the upcoming Permatang Pasir by-election. “I read two mainstream newspapers where I saw the word, Palestine. I strongly deny this (mentioning Palestine). I also don’t always use the words, Umno members and Umno supporters,” he told reporters, here, today.

Nik Aziz was reported to have made the statement in Bukit Mertajam yesterday in which he was also quoted saying that the Islam preached by PAS was different from that practised by Umno members.

He explained that what he meant was that Muslims who separated “iman” (faith) from Islam would not go to heaven. “The two are inseparable, just like the body and soul. They must be together or one. “What I’m saying here is not new. It (separation of faith from Islam) had caused the ulama to leave Umno and form PAS in 1951.

“Umno’s efforts for Islam alone without ‘iman’ will not be accepted by Allah,” he said. Nik Aziz said he would discuss with his lawyers to see what action could be taken against the media over their controversial reports on his statement.

On Perak Mufti Datuk Harussani Zakaria hitting out at his statement, he said the mufti should have checked with him before making his comment, as reports from the mainstream media could confuse people. — Bernama

Muhyiddin: Corruption allegations don’t scare me

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin does not deny allegations of having used a military helicopter to fly from one Umno function to another.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dismissed a corruption complaint filed by PKR over his use of a military helicopter to attend Umno meetings in Sabah.

The deputy Umno president did not, however, offer any explanation as to why he used a military helicopter to fulfill his party duties.

“It (the allegations) does not scare me at all. It is a blatant example of how short on ideas Pakatan (Rakyat) are that they have to start coming up with something like this,” he told reporters here today when asked to comment on PKR’s recent allegations of corruption against him.

Yesterday, PKR Youth leaders lodged a complaint against Muhyiddin with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over his alleged abuse of government property for personal use.

This was first highlighted by the news agency Bernama when the DPM flew on a military helicopter to attend the Penampang UMNO division meeting in Sabah after he officiated another division party meeting in Kudat.

PKR Pantai Jerjak assemblyman Sim Tze Min, who lodged the report, said that the news coverage had clearly shown that Muhyiddin was abusing government property for a non-governmental purpose, which was tantamount to corruption.

However, the No.2 leader in the government appeared unfazed by the accusation.

“These are views that they should just keep to themselves as they are purposely creating a lot of problems for people,” stated Muhyiddin.


What do you expect the No 2 Man to make such high handed remarks when a Senior Police Officer can be charged for abuse of power when he used the Police helicopter. Who say they are not above Law? BeeEng still in the stage of denial and wait till the days will come to an end for you.

Of cos la, UMNO is controlling MACC, so nothing will happen.

MACC only takes command from UMNO, more precise, few top UMNO guns.

It doesn't scare him because the police, the MACC, the AG, the judiciary are all under Umno's control. Wait until Pakatan Rakyat kicks BN out of the Federal Govt, and we shall see whether he's scared or not.

Muhyiddin didn't study then how can he understand the holy word "Corruption"? Look at his froggy face, fooling the Malays not to become more intelligent than he is. Banding the English medium of subjects. No wonder Malay youngsters like to stay in CyberCafe to learn from Dota laa.

This sly guy must tell us why he used government facility for a party function. Don't beat round the bush even though the MACC has no balls to investigate you, Mr DPM.
The people know who you are.

Umno represented by disbarred lawyer

Nearly as soon as he filed his papers to contest the Permatang Pasir by-election yesterday, Umno candidate Rohaizat Othman ran into controversy.

Rohaizat, 38, was bombarded with questions from reporters after it became known that he was disbarred as a lawyer last year over allegations of fraud that implicated his law firm.

According to the Malaysian Bar website, he was disbarred on March 7 last year. This means that he cannot practise as a lawyer or appear before a court, but he is allowed practise syariah law.

It also does not preclude him from standing as an election candidate, but it is certainly not an advantage.

He and Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) Penang commissioner Mohd Salleh Man,

52, were the only two who registered as candidates for the by-election on Aug 25.

The by-election for this state seat on mainland Penang was called after the previous PAS assemblyman died, making it the country’s eighth by-election since the general election took place in March last year.

The opposition will certainly capitalise on the controversy to illustrate their claim that Barisan Nasional (BN) is a patronage machine which disregards moral principles routinely.

Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is the party’s Penang state chief, insisted that Rohaizat was innocent of the alleged fraud in his firm.

“This is an issue of public perception. We will explain to the voters what really happened,” Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid said.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin told The Straits Times that it was Rohaizat’s business partner who was involved in the fraud and who dragged the entire firm into the mess.

He said Rohaizat had settled the problem after his partner disappeared.

Rohaizat, who graduated from the International Islamic University in 1995, has stopped practising law.

The controversy will be fodder for the opposition, which has the upper hand going into this contest.

This state seat is part of the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat held by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

But the opposition is also on the defensive after nearly losing the most recent by-election in Kelantan last month. The PAS candidate won the Manek Urai seat – also a stronghold – by a mere 65 votes.

“In the aftermath of the Manek Urai state by-election and the steps taken to reform and change the country, the winds of change are beginning to blow and I think it has reached Permatang Pasir,” Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday.

Political analysts are not as confident, although many believe that the BN may be able to slash the majority.

The Manek Urai by-election showed that internal bickering among parties can severely damage their electoral showing.

The opposition is also fending off accusations that it has sacrificed Malay interests to win support from the minority communities.

“It will be a test as to whether the attacks against the Pakatan will stick. It is significant as this is the power base of Anwar,” said law professor Abdul Aziz Bari.

Permatang Pasir is not as Malay-dominant as the Manek Urai. Of its 20,290 voters, about 72 per cent are Malays, 26 per cent Chinese and almost 2 per cent Indians. But the Malay votes are large enough to be visible, especially as the Chinese voters are expected to remain in favour of the opposition. The number of Indian voters is negligible.

The campaign kicked off yesterday with a noisy nomination process filled with the chanting of slogans, the waving of banners – and the wearing of face masks due to the Influenza A (H1N1) pandemic.

There was a brief scuffle when police tussled with opposition MP N. Gobalakrishnan outside the nomination centre. The Parti Keadilan Rakyat supreme council member had failed to heed two warnings by the police to stop using a loudspeaker to make provocative remarks. He was handcuffed and taken away. – The Straits Times


Let us see what other excuses Umno comes out with defending the good clean name of their candidate. I like that when KJ said it was all his ex partner doing as if Rohaizat didnt know what was happening in the partnership. What kind of a partnership was that?

Must be something akin to BN's concept of a partnership where one senior partner dominates the whole partnership and the other partners dont know what the dominating partner is doing or cant tell and stop what the dominating wants to do.

Maybe BN expect to loose the election and therefore brought on this tainted candidate. If he looses they will have an excuse and can claim that they have put a wrong candidate and that they were hoodwinked by the candidate that he has a clean slate.

Bar Council's president, Mr. Ragunath Kesavan said that the charge against Rohaizat was tantamount to criminal misconduct and Rohaizat, NOT HIS PARTNER, was named by the complainant over the sum of about RM 140,000.

I'd like to see how Zahid, DPM and KJ will be able spin this!

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin told The Straits Times that it was Rohaizat’s business partner who was involved in the fraud and who dragged the entire firm into the mess.

He said Rohaizat had settled the problem after his partner disappeared.

Rohaizat had settled the problem -
Excuse me, he is still disbarred and so he cannot practise as a lawyer.

That is not settling the problem lah.

Public perception -
that he was involved in a fraud -
the govt wants to clear his name.

If he is clean,
don't need govt to clear his name.
Let him do it, it is his problem in the first place.

If his partner was the guilty one,
then sue his partner.
File a police report, and go arrest him.

It not heroic to suffer in silence in this instance lah.
Want to join politics, make sure you are clean.
A good name is not easy to have,
A good reputation must be protected.

Why he does not want to clear his name,
Why he does not want to sue his partner for fraud,
Why he kept silence this past one year?????

It does not sound he is innocent lah.

Pas' candidate should whoop him in the election.

MACC insists no one gets special treatment

Everybody who is investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is treated the same, regardless of whether the individual is an ordinary person or a politician, its Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said yesterday.

He said politicians, whether they were from the opposition parties or the government, were also treated the same.

“Everybody is the same and no one is accorded special treatment. Even if he is a menteri besar, he has no power to stop our investigation,” he said when contacted by Bernama here last night.

He was commenting on a call by the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board for the MACC to continue its investigations into corruption cases regardless of the status or background of the individuals involved.

On remarks by MACC Investigation Director Datuk Shukri Abdull that the commission would stop investigating politicians indefinitely as the commission was being slammed by various parties, Ahmad Said said Mohd Shukri felt pressured by unfounded allegations hurled at the commission.

Mohd Shukri made the remarks after the MACC was accused of acting aggressively in the arrest of Wong Chuan How, an aide to Selangor state executive councillor Ronnie Liu, in Sungai Pelek on Friday


MACC, as good as it never been formed.

Not even a big fish being caught, semua just ikan bilis.

Multi Million such as toyol palace, no case. PKFZ, no case as dun dare. A RM 2,400 damn big case till TBH's death.

By-election marred by cries of police brutality

Padang Serai parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan is handcuffed and sitting on the ground after scuffling with police during nomination for the Permatang Pasir by-election this morning

Barely minutes before the by-election here officially kicks off with the nomination of candidates and it's already been marred by physical violence.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders are crying “police brutality” over manhandling and arrest of a PKR lawmaker just outside the nomination centre here.

Padang Serai parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan claimed he was doing what he was supposed to do – boost the morale of some
2,000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters as they endured the scorching heat while waiting behind the police barricade erected about 300 metres from the nomination centre.

Things turned ugly when the police ordered him to go behind the barricade and the Padang Serai MP argued, then ignored the order and continued to psyche up the crowd with chants of “Reformasi”.

The police then pushed him in an attempt to force him back behind the barricade and this prompted Gobalakrishnan to retaliate, causing a violent ruckus when several policemen tried to pin him down.

Overpowered, Gobalakrishnan was then handcuffed with his face to the road. The scuffle had ripped his pants, he was only in his underwear when the police carried him away on a stretcher.

He was later taken to the Bukit Mertajam Hospital where he is currently seeking treatment after suffering from injuries induced by the scuffle.

It is learnt that the police is planning to arrest the Padang Serai MP and charge him.

All this occurred while the nomination process was still underway. Many of the PR bigwigs inside the compound of the nomination centre were completely unaware of what had transpired outside.

Commenting on the matter, PKR youth chief Syamsul Iskandar who was present when the ruckus happened, blasted the aggression shown by the police was unwarranted.

“What did he (Gobalakrishnan) do? I asked the police what he is being arrested for and none answered. Shameful,” he said.

PKR information chief Latheefa Koya said the party will prepare a team of lawyers to try and resolve the matter.


Police Raja Di Malaysia, the big time gangster.

Don't play play with them, they will make your whole life suffer. We have seen enough since BMC thugs issues.

I think PDRM better join UMNO la together with MACC, so much protection and work so closely with them.

The Police acted like UMNO thugs on the Member of Parliment!

We clearly live in a Police State!!!

Yesterday was Teoh Beng Hock, tomorrow could be Ali and Muthu. Please vote wisely, my brothers and sisters in P. Pasir.

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