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05 November 2013

Najib hypocrite defend the word of Allah...his must defend hudud....but when he's pushing hudud...his talk like a Satan which cheat the Christians and moslem

defend the word of Allah  or  uphold altantuya...?????

Putrajaya has pledged to defend the use of the word Allah as the exclusive right of Muslims, even as the debate continued following the October 14 Court of Appeal ruling banning the use of the word in a Catholic weekly.

In his message marking the Islamic new year or Maal Hijrah today, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said while Malaysia upholds the Federal Constitution and the position of Islam, it also subscribed to the concept of moderation, or Wasatiyyah, saying it is the foundation of the country’s harmony.

“To appreciate the wider meaning of migration, we still uphold our religion and defend the name of Allah for religion, race and our beloved country.

“Malaysia which upholds the Constitution and Islam as the official religion of the country, will remain steadfast in defending the position of Islam in the country in line with Maqasid Syariah and the concept of Wasatiyyah,” Najib said in his message posted on his 1Malaysia blog today.

Several Muslim groups have insisted that the word Allah belonged exclusively to Muslim, although Christians and other faiths have argued otherwise.

This followed the recent Court of Appeal decision not to allow Catholic weekly Herald to use the word Allah in its Bahasa Malaysia section, after a long legal battle over the usage of the word.

The decision overturned an earlier ruling by the High Court in 2009, which said that Allah, the Arabic word for God, was not the exclusive right of Muslims, and allowed the Herald to use it.

The ruling was challenged by the Home Ministry in its appeal in January 2010.

The Court of Appeal noted the Home Ministry's prohibition on the Herald from using the word was justified, arguing that Allah was not integral to the Christian faith.

The church has 30 days to file the leave application to appeal against the Court of Appeal decision.

The decision sparked a debate on whether Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, who mostly use Bahasa Malaysia in their worship, were also bound by the ruling.

This led Najib assuring Christians in East Malaysia that they can continue using the word, as stated in Putrajaya's so-called 10-point solution announced in 2011.

The Allah ruling also got worldwide attention, including strong comments from American Muslim theologian Reza Aslan who said the decision made a mockery of Malaysia.

The debate on the matter continues, with the Bar Council reportedly considering to back the Catholic weekly in the appeal process. This raised the ire of Muslim Lawyers Association, who strongly opposed the move

This devil all right he said .....biased to win the party which he got blind salaried...Whatever corruption he said not corruption....nothing to the puzzled

Cheap sugar, rice? No element of bribery in Sungai Limau, says Election Commission chief


There was no element of bribery in the sale of rice and sugar at discounted prices by Barisan Nasional (BN) during the Sungai Limau by-election campaign period, said the Election Commission.

EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said that despite these household goods being offered cheaply to Sungai Limau residents, they still had the freedom to vote for the candidate of their choice.

"There are no election laws regarding this. They (BN) would have had to obtain permission from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives & Consumerism before selling the items at a discounted price," Abdul Aziz told .

"What I know is, the act is not an offence. I was not informed of this. If it was sold to the public, it shouldn't be a problem but what is not allowed is if they had called voters to buy the items at a cheap price and then insisted that they vote for a certain candidate."

On Sunday, the eve of polling day, BN organised a shopping-like carnival in Bukit Besar, located 19km from Alor Star. It was packed as word spread that household essentials were being sold well below market prices.

And while the BN government recently removed the sugar subsidy that caused the price to go up, a 1kg packet of sugar cost RM1.00 at the carnival. After the subsidy was removed the 1kg packet retailed at RM2.84.

A 5kg bag of rice, usually sold between RM18 and RM20, cost RM5 at the carnival.

Abdul Aziz said it was only considered bribery if voters were asked to vote for a particular candidate and the voters had to show proof that they had voted for the said candidate.

However, Abdul Aziz noted that PAS's victory proved that the cheap sale had not succeeded in influencing the voters.

"We don't know who came for the carnival and who they voted for. If there is any element of bribery, I myself will call the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

"This is similar to giving transport fare to voters. The voters are still free to make their own choice. The majority of the voters in Bukit Besar support PAS. This means that they were not swayed by the cheap sale.

"They bought the items but their vote is still a secret."

Abdul Aziz said voters will take whatever is given to them but it does not necessarily mean they will do what the giver wants them to do, in this case, vote for their candidate.

He said yesterday's by-election went smoothly although there were a few incidents which had made the situation tense.

The rowdy behaviour and abusive language of some supporters marred the otherwise peaceful atmosphere in Sungai Limau.

"Overall, the by-election went on well and small incidents are normal during elections. However, the campaigning was heated,” Abdul Aziz said.
"I will not mention which party but certain mean-spirited things that happened made me change my mind about visiting certain areas because I saw that the supporters had lost their minds. You can imagine the situation there."

PAS candidate Mohd Azam Abdul Samat defeated BN’s Dr Ahmad Sohaimi Lazim with a majority of 1,084 votes. Azam, 37, will be sworn in as the new Sungai Limau assemblyman at the Kedah legislative assembly on November 18.

Last May, the late Tan Sri Azizan Razak won the seat with a 2,774-vote majority in a four-cornered fight.

The EC pegged voter turnout at 85.5%. It was a drop from the 89.43% voter turnout in the general election on May 5. There are 27,222 voters in the constituency

03 November 2013

Beware of BN bearing gifts to Chinese voters in Sungai Limau

We called on Chinese voters in Sungai Limau not to be intimidated by the threats of revenge and discriminatory politics practised by the Barisan Nasional government.

We recalled a statement by Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir not long ago that the state government would not entertain requests from Chinese schools.

While we welcomes Putrajaya's change of heart on the issue of allocation for Chinese schools, it is obvious that the sudden U-turn is due to its political needs in Sungai Limau..

Mukhriz had said that he would not neglect those who had supported BN in the 13th general election. He had said the majority of Kedah's population were Malays and as such there was no need to entertain requests from Chinese schools.

The statement starks in contrast with the series of announcements by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in the run-up to the Sungai Limau by-election.

More than RM2 million has been announced by Putrajaya to help three Chinese primary schools in the area.

The move was to solicit support for BN from the 1,800 Chinese voters in Sungai Limau.

MCA president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek has meanwhile described the RM1 million allocation to SRJK (C) Aik Min, which only has 15 students, as a huge test for the Chinese community.

"If the Chinese voters accept the money from Barisan Nasional but do not support them, then they cannot expect to receive additional allocations in the future," Chua was quoted by China Press as saying.

Chua's statement showed the BN government was not committed to fair and equal treatment of Chinese schools.

If Putrajaya is committed to fair and equal treatment, then it should announce regular allocations to Chinese schools and not only during general and by-elections...

A fair government will not punish voters for their choices, what Chua has said is no different from what Mukhriz said earlier

We called on Chinese voters to vote for PAS candidate Mohd Azam Abd Samat, saying it could send a clear message to Putrajaya that the community would not be cowed by threats






Sungai Limau was once part of the then Kota Setar Selatan Parliamentary constituency in 1969 where, apa nama, Mukhriz's father lost to the late PMIP (now PAS) candidate, Haji Yusof Rawa. In the 1969 General Elections, his father told the Chinese electorates that he could easily win that seat without Chinese support. The rest, they say, is History. How come his son needs Chinese votes now with just over 1,800 which is considered as "chicken feed"?

UMNO thinks they can bribe the chinese community with peanuts and half baked that's sincere doesn't have to bribe and a government for all races will have fully support from the rakyat.....sadly UMNO or BN isn't what we need to govern especially their coalition partners who dare not fight for their religion or communities.

bankrupt one want to read...those advertise with it.......also to book bankrupt

Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia today blasted government-linked companies (GLCs) for not placing more advertisements in Malay-language newspapers.

In an opinion piece in its weekend edition, Mingguan Malaysia, it said many leading GLCs seemed to be losing their identities and forgetting the real reason for their existence.

The article, written by columnist Awang Selamat, the pseudonym for its collective editorial team, said GLCs left the advertising decisions to agencies which, it alleged, are mostly controlled by “expatriates, racist groups and liberals who are ignorant of the Constitution”.

“Often, the excuse for this was that it was due to commercial consideration. The question is how can we base the future and sovereignty of the national language to these expatriates and groups?” he asked.

Awang drew attention to a Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) lecturer, Associate Professor Mohamad Md Yusoff, who had made the call to create a National Advertising Policy (DPN) which, among others, advocates the control of the advertising industry to uphold the national language.

“If Awang is not mistaken, this is not the first time Mohamad made such a call but to date, there was no response from any parties,” he said.

He pointed to the latest study by AmResearch on advertising expenditure (Adex) for Malay dailies which recorded a drop of 1.8% as of September this year, although the overall industry registered a growth of 3.7%.

A study by RHB Research found that for September alone, the Adex for Malay newspapers decreased by 26% to RM116 million compared to RM154 million for the same month last year.

In contrast, the Chinese and English dailies registered an increase of between 8.8% and 7.2% respectively.

“Awang is worried thinking about the future of the national language in the advertising industry, including those in the mass media,” he said.

He said the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association had also questioned a few banks and telecommunications companies under GLCs that seldom advertise in Malay newspapers.

The association had singled out Celcom, CIMB, Malaysia’s second largest bank by assets, and state oil company Petronas, noting that although the majority of CIMB’s clients are Malay, the bank is more prone to advertise in vernacular and English dailies.

Because of that, Awang said, he was no longer a loyal Celcom customer.

"The choices are vast. Why support GLCs that do not place priority on the sovereignty of the national language and empowerment of the Bumiputera agenda?"

He said the association had come to a disturbing conclusion when it discovered that some GLCs gave more advertisements to anti-government media during the 13th general election.

Awang agreed with the association’s chief activist, Nadzim Johar, who had alleged that the anti-government media was passionate in promoting the aspirations and agenda of certain quarters aimed at bringing down the government.

Awang agreed with Nadzim, GLCs have been promoted by the wrong parties and allowed themselves to be trapped in a vicious cycle by the advertising industry. “It’s obvious we did not take any lessons from it.”

It just over a month after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak pitched for companies and government agencies to advertise in the Malay daily Utusan Malaysia, Putrajaya has now made a U-turn on the call.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, in a parliamentary written reply recently, said the federal government had never recommended that Utusan be given priority for advertisement purposes.

"The government only stressed that advertisements be placed in main newspapers in Malaysia so that the message can achieve its objective," he said in a written reply to Sim Tze Tzin (PKR-Bayan Baru) in Parliament.

When officially opening Utusan's new headquarters on September 13, Najib had said newspaper companies cannot rely solely on circulation to stay in business and that advertising was needed to keep the 75-year-old newspaper afloat.

"I hope all government agencies, GLCs and private companies, especially those owned by Bumiputeras, will show their support by giving more advertisements to Utusan. Only this will help keep Utusan on track," the prime minister was reported as saying.

His call was soundly criticised by the DAP, which said it was another example of Putrajaya wasting taxpayers’ money in an attempt to bail out the paper.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua said then that Najib’s call showed that the paper had lost readers due to its racist stand






Why not large cooperation wants to advertise in Utusan? -
The Main reason : Who want to be associated with a non-credible yet racist media?

Pui on you Awang , you are worse than a beggar! Nobody wants to waste money advertising in your useless toilet paper all thanks to your racists, lies and spinning of untrue stories.

One day this useless toilet paper will go bankrupt all because of Awang Selamat and Riduan Abdullah reportings. The only way this useless toilet paper will survive is due bailouts from UMNO using the hard-earned taxpayers money. Shame on you!!

Utusan is desperate! Even need PM to sell its papers. I for one won't buy anything that's advertise in the paper.

Advertising with Utusan is not cheap, but why waste money advertise on a paper which was rejected by all MALAYSIAN that have brains (Malays, Chinese, Indian, Others.....). I do believe the price for advertise in Utusan will be cost double or even more that other papers which was hot sellers......

that's right ...till doomsday there is no democracy in UMNO...except all diseases in this organisation must be eradicated

Democracy is more alive in Islamist party PAS than in Umno

Comparing the upcoming PAS elections at the end of this month with the recently concluded Umno polls, we noted that the top two leaders in the ruling Malay party were not elected by the grassroots.

Instead, they were “endorsed” by the party’s powerful supreme council and as such, their legitimacy is restricted to the council’s endorsement.

Now it’s PAS’s turn to vote for a new leadership. From the start, it is clear that democracy is more robust in PAS as compared to Umno ,  while the Umno election results were good for Najib and his supporters, time will decide whether it will be good for Umno.

In the Umno elections last month, president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin retained their posts unopposed.

The party also retained its incumbent vice-presidents as well as the Youth and Wanita chiefs for a second term.

Only the president’s post in PAS, currently held by Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, will not see any challenge.

Mohamad Sabu, who is currently the party’s deputy president, might have to fend off challenges from several leaders.

According to reports, four others have been nominated for the number two post.

They are vice-presidents Datuk Husam Musa and Salahuddin Ayub, information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and central committee member Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.

Mohamad has confirmed he will defend his post, while Salahuddin has said he will defend his vice-presidency.

To date, the three other candidates have yet to announce their intentions.

PAS will hold its elections and muktamar from November 22-24. Some 1,300 delegates are expected to attend the event to be held at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam






UMNO's disease is not confined to the party but spreading to Barisan Nasional and soon the whole nation. That is why we need to change. ABU.

if umno has no scruples about manipulating a general election then doing the same in umno election is peanuts.

Democracy and umno should never be used in the same sentence!

We know that in Umno nothing is ever real, where all is a big fat lie. Malaysia is a big fat lie, for crying out loud!

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