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21 January 2011

Najib praises Zaid’s Kita

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak welcomed today the formation of Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (Kita) and said that the new political party showed that democracy in the country remains vibrant.

Kita was launched on Wednesday by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim who promised the party would bring political transformation to Malaysia and revive the spirit of Merdeka as envisioned by the nation’s founding father, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Zaid (picture), a former Cabinet member, had left Umno to join PKR and was touted by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) as a reformist.

But political differences led to Zaid quitting PKR recently to form his own party. He is now seen by PR as a potential spoiler in its rivalry with Barisan Nasional (BN).

Najib said today that he had no problems with Kita contesting the next general election.

“If there is a new political party, then it shows that democracy in this country is active and fresh.

“Anybody can form a new political party as long as it is in accordance with the law, then they stand during elections. There is no problem,” he told reporters at a press conference here.

He said it was not a problem for PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas to have attended Kita’s launching.

“It’s okay, we don’t fight with everybody. Sometimes we can be civil with one another,” he said.

Zaid, whose political career saw him leapfrog from Umno to PKR and now Kita, a rebranding of Kelantan-based Akim, pledged to use his new platform to restore national unity while leaving his political equivalents in BN and PR to their own machinations.

The maverick politician claimed that Kita would stay on the middle ground in politics and only pay attention to pertinent issues that plague the community, instead of engaging in heated political debates with its foes.

Zaid had also said that Najib was the best person in Umno to lead the nation but was being held back by extremists within his own ranks.


Najid when are you inviting Zaid's Kita to join Umno-BN, as you have no hope in ong tiong lai, chua soi lek with the Mca and the palanival Mic to help Umno in the next general eleciton. Anyway, other than Zaid, the party has no outstanding people to pose any challenge to Pakatan Rakyat, so how are you going to depend on Kita to help Umno.

Behind najib's 'praise' is the sinister hope that some PR votes will be channelled to Kita.

For one, Kita will open up the umno malay supporters' mind that they are capable.
And that umno has been brain-washing them for umno's political and financial self-gains.
Such umno actions like dividing the rakyat by race and religion will come to light better.

The final result will be umno losing more votes.

Show your sincerity PM – Teoh’s sister

Teoh Lee Lan, the sister of the late political aide Teoh Beng Hock has written an open letter to the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to udge him to prove that he is sincere in getting to the bottom of Teoh’s death by setting up an RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry) to investigate how her brother died when his body was found in the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission)’s headquarters in Plaza Massalam in Shah Alam.

Since the conclusion of the inquest , the coroner ruled an open verdict where Teoh’s death was netierh suicide nor homicide. In the open letter, Lee Lan said “You said that the government would conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that no stone would be left unturned. We do hope the PM could hold on before submitting the name list to Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, please listen to us, let our family and the people of this country have confidence in the royal commission established by you.”


Now,they have to hand pick those that can toe the govt line,those who still can make sure the dirty hands go un punished and free to roam the streets. The best is to get the MACC to make a open public apology and admit their guilt . Next,they compensate the victim 100million in damages. RCI or world court isnt going to achieve anything in the end. The sooner the case is close is giving the family less stress and grieve !!!

Death threat and dead chicken at Serdang MP’s office

Teo Nie Ching, the Member of Parliament of DAP of Serdang has reportedly received a death threat at her office yesterday morning. Chen Fan Dao, her assistant said that when he arrived at the office, there was a dead chicken hung on the grill door of the office of the Sungai Chua branch office after he was informed by the local residents there earlier. The carcass of the dead chicken’s blood was still dripping and its throat was slashed. Apart from that, there was also a poster there which wrote "Ingat! Ini satu Peringatan Teo Nie Ching, Tentera Jihad" which means Be Informed! This is a reminder Teo Nie Ching, from the Jihad Army.

Chen said that this will not affect Teo’s schedule but she will be more careful and will allow the police to investigate. Teo then proceeded to lodge a police report at the Kajang Police Station who said that it took about an hour to give her statement where she said that a CCTV belonging to the shop next door showed 2 male approaching the office late last night. She said “The duo's ethnicity could not be determined. One of them who was wearing a cap was seen placing the carcass and poster. Before leaving, they took pictures of their act,"


Tentera 'Jahad'

You show your 'prowess' to a female ?? Tak malu ke??
If you really are indeed concerned about Islam and Jihad, go and fight in Afghanistan or Iraq mah and don't sneak in at night and hang a dead chicken.

Hang lah a dead wild boar or a tiger - kalau betul betul Jantan Umno. Next time catch a few mosquitoes and put them up in a plastic bag with your 'Peringatan' poster.
Bikin malu aje...

Merlimau state assemblyman passes away, 15th by-election on the cards


Datuk Mohamad Hidhir Abu Hassan, the state assemblyperson of Merlimau in Malacca passed away on Thursday night thereby looming the 15th by-election since the 2008 General Election. Datuk Wira Ahmad Hamzah, the Member of Parliament of Jasin confirmed the news.

Hidhir, 54 suffered a heart attack where he was then placed on a life support system. Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, the Malacca Chief Minister said “I visited him just now together with other state executive councillors, he is in coma and breathing with the aid of a ventilator," He won the Merlimau seat in the last general election, defeating Jasme Tompang of PAS with a majority of 2154 votes. This is the second time he won the seat where he also won the seat in the 2004 election with a 5087 majority vote.


I for one strongly believe that all those candidates eyeing for either state or Parliamentary seats should under go a thorough medical checkup prior to their being accepted as candidates, just like any young man/woman who first enter the civil service. The BN as well as the opposition MPs in the Parliament should pass a law to make this a MUST for all future candidates. This also should applt to those 'back doors' deputies and ministers. Go for a medical check ups if you are sincere in wanting to serve the state or the country. What say you guys out there?

20 January 2011

Selangor accuses Khir Toyo of giving RM244m projects to co-accused

Selangor accused Dr Mohd Khir Toyo today of awarding five direct tenders worth RM244 million to Ditamas director Shamsuddin Haryoni when the Umno leader was the state mentri besar.

The duo are defendants in a graft trial where Dr Mohd Khir has been accused of accepting two lots of land from Shamsuddin worth RM3.5 million in 2007.

The Selangor Mentri Besar’s political secretary Faekah Husin said details of the direct tenders were being made public to “avoid speculation and negative assumptions” towards the state government during Dr Mohd Khir’s trial which is scheduled for June.

“The state government believes that this information will help the authorities with their investigations,” she said in a statement tonight.

Faekah added that Dr Mohd Khir’s administration also awarded two projects to companies owned by Shamsuddin worth RM30 million although one, worth RM14 million, was revoked by the state last year.

She said that the disclosure of this information was to ensure that the Selangor government and its staff did not become implicated in Dr Mohd Khir’s draft trial.

Dr Mohd Khir, who is Sungai Panjang assemblyman and Selangor opposition leader, has been the subject of repeated claims of abuse of power by the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government.

The current administration has claimed that he used public money amounting to RM1.8 million to fund a trip for his family to Disneyland and that his palatial home is worth RM24 million.

The former Selangor mentri besar was charged with accepting two land lots for RM3.5mil – said to have been bought by Shamsuddin for RM6.5mil.

Dr Khir is alleged to have accepted the two lots from Shamsuddin in May 29, 2007. The lots were bought by Shamsuddin in 2004.

Shamsuddin is charged with abetting Dr Khir in the deal.

The charge under Section 165 of the Penal Code carries a two-year jail term, fine or both.


No wonder UMNO is trying to recapture, by hook or by crook, Selangor from the Pakatan State Government because Selangor has become their goldmine. Now the cat is out of the bag. Luckily, Selangor is now under Pakatan's rule, otherwise Selangor would have become bangkrupt!

Malays given enough privileges to excel, says Zaid

Kita president Datuk Zaid Ibrahim claimed today that his party would help save the Malays from complacency, pointing out that the community already has sufficient rights and privileges to excel.

The former Umno politician said in his keynote address at Kita’s grand launch this morning that the party would not condone the belief that the community deserved more rights than other races simply because of its constitutional position.

“For the Malays, Kita will not mislead you with a false sense of security by making you believe that you have more rights than the other races.

“We will tell you that you already have enough rights and privileges to excel; what you need is to improve your skills and competitiveness to face this 21st century,” he said when outlining Kita’s ideals during the launch.

He pledged that Kita would adhere to Article 153 of the Federal Constitution which underscores the special positions of the Malays but warned that the provision should not be used as a tool to discriminate against others.

“There is no country in this modern world that can survive if its people are segregated and broken into classes like what we are practising today.

“Kita will not allow the provision to be abused and steps needed to achieve the objective of the provision will be presented to Parliament,” he said.

Zaid, who recently quit PKR, added that Kita could help the Malays protect the community’s name by granting equal education opportunities to all and offering the best teachers to help them hone their skills.

“You will become successful individuals in the true meaning of the word. You will not need to unsheathe your keris so that others fear you or champion your origins in order to seem special.

“You will no longer be a mere definition in the Federal Constitution. You will be a true Malay in the Malaysian community at large,” he said.

Zaid also claimed Kita would ensure that Muslims achieved spiritual excellence as promised in Islam, pointing out that no one could strip a person of his or her religion.

“Islam must be led and nurtured by Islamic intellectuals and scholars with honest hearts and are merciful and compassionate as Islam is a caring religion.

“Bureaucrats, those who merely work for salaries and politicians are only able to pollute the good name of Islam by implementing regulations that curb and confuse and bring harm to religious harmony and tolerance in the country,” he said.

Zaid added that if the nation truly accepted the sovereignty of the Federal Constitution as its driving principle, it would be easier to find solutions to the many racial and religious conflicts faced by the country.

“Issues involving houses of worship, conflict over the jurisdictions of the civil and Syariah courts and many other matters continue to remain unresolved today.

“Islam, as the official religion, will continue to be respected and be restored to its rightful position if it is no longer politicised,” he said.


What the majority of the Malays don't realize is that their leaders in UMNO are retarding their growth for example doing away with English but they on the other hand send their children to private schools and oversea schools so that they will be well versed in the International language English in order that their children will continue their legacy of leading UMNO and the Malays. In the meantime knowing that Malays have 65% of the population they continue to spoon fed them to make them happy and once awhile resort to using others like Utusan to drum up racist and religious rhetorics to divert their attention from other matters which concerned the country like corruption.

Badrul says he’s victim of PKR revenge

Badrul Hisham Abdullah acknowledges members of the press gathered outside his home in Kampung Raja Uda in Klang today, January 19, 2011.

Badrul Hisham Abdullah says the declaration that his Port Klang state seat is vacant is an act of revenge by his former party PKR.

Umno Online reported that he has contacted Umno Selangor to see how they would respond and was confident that the Election Commission (EC) will investigate the matter.

“I have faith in the fairness of the EC. I have really been abused.

“I am the victim of PKR’s vengeance,” he said.

Selangor Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Khim had declared the Port Klang state seat vacant effective January 16 after deciding that Badrul had been absent from assembly sittings for six months without leave.

Badrul claims to have sent a letter asking for leave in November when the last sitting was held due to health reasons.

“I have sent the letter asking for leave to receive traditional treatment. I don’t understand how they can count that I did not attend for six months,” he said.

He added that his assistant had recorded his attendance.

“You can check and see whether it is true or false that I did not attend for six months,” he said.

Badrul had claimed a few days ago that he attended the first day of the November sitting.

However, Teng today replied that he only received Badrul’s application for leave in December rather than before or during the sitting from November 8-15 and that his reasons were not concrete.

He also showed The Malaysian Insider the letter that Badrul sent, admitting that he had been absent for the entire duration of the November sitting.

Badrul had won the Port Klang seat as a PKR member in 2008 but left the following year before joining Umno in 2010.

Bernama reported that EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said that Teng should have informed the EC before declaring the vacancy.

He said that the EC would study the laws of Selangor and the Federal Constitution before deciding if there was a vacancy or not.

This follows from the constitutional crisis in Perak that began in 2009 due to Barisan Nasional’s takeover where the Federal Court ruled that the EC was the body that decided whether a seat was vacant.

However, the judgment also said that this did not apply in Johor, Negri Sembilan, Selangor and Terengganu as their constitutions provided that “a casual vacancy shall be filled within 60 days from the date on which it occurs.”

The apex court said the constitutions of these four states had intentionally omitted the establishment by the commission of a casual vacancy.


An elected ADUN has been away from the assembly for the last 6 months!!!!!!!
what kind of rep is this??????

if you got health problems & unable to do your duties to the rakyats better dont talk much! Dont said that PKR take vengeance on you... YOU maybe already "bought" by UMNO warlords to be "independent". Port Klang people more happy that you're no more as their unworthy representative!

you is a disgrace to all Malaysians. Other then getting paid monthly without doing anything (gaji putih) - which is the people's hard-earned money, you are basically useless, 废材 in cantonese.

Whether u r sick or not sick (6 month treatment, u r better off declare terminal), u r of no use to the people of Port Klang.

Don't blame this on PKR, with revenge nonsense. The people wants u to go, period.

I am not afraid of debating Anwar - PM

The prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has dismissed claims that the reason why he did not want to debate with opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was because he was afraid of him. Instead, he said that there is nothing to be afraid of and that Anwar should solve all his ‘personal problems’ which include the currently on-going Sodomy II trial first.

Najib said "Why should I afraid of debating with him? I'm prime minister, I have all information. If I expose them... adoi... he will get a fever. Do I need to debate with him? It was not the government that lodged the police report. It was Saiful who lodged the report. Anwar said Saiful was his tea-boy. I don't know what tea that was. Maybe it was some kind of special tea. This is a personal problem. His personal problem. Please solve your personal problem before doing other things. Now it is already 2011 but it (Pakatan’s previous claim to take over the federal government) has not happened, yet. He said 30 BN MPs would jump to him so that he could form a new government. We waited and waited but nothing happened. Instead, five MPs of his own party turned Independents!"

He also said that “We have allocated RM1.6 billion for the development of Felda this year. Currently Felda has RM15 billion in assets and over RM5 billion of solvent shares. That's why we are not afraid. They said we will be bankrupt, and we sued them in court! It is the opposition that would make Felda bankrupt by going ahead with its plans for the land development scheme.”


Who say you are not afraid ? If you have that much of a confidence,just stay put in your office. Dont have to come to Sarawak and giving out candy and promising aids in the billions ! It is here that determine your future and that of BN too. When DSAI debate with you,he is not touching on just one topic ,so whats your problem ? Scare of the truth that will arise where you have no where to hide nor rebuke ? Yes,you are very very scare Mr Prime Minister !!!

Khir Toyo awarded 5 projets worth RM244m to Shamsuddin when he was MB – S’gor Govt

Faekah Husin, the political secretary of the Mentri Besar of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has accused Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, the state’s Mentri Besar when BN (Barisan Nasional) was ruling the state of awarding 5 projects through direct tenders to Shamsuddin Haryoni, the director of Ditamas worth a whooping RM244million. She said that she made the details of the tenders public so that there would not be any ‘speculation and negative assumptions’ when Khir Toyo stands trial for land fraud this coming June where he is being accused together with Shamusiddin.

She said “The state government believes that this information will help the authorities in their investigations. Dr Mohd Khir's administration also awarded two projects to companies owned by Shamsuddin worth RM30 million although one, worth RM14 million, has been revoked by the state last year. The disclosure of this information was to ensure that the Selangor government and its staff did not become implicated in Dr Mohd Khir’s graft trial.”


Khinzir Toyol, can expect to walk away a free man, or at most, a fine of RM1999/=.


18 January 2011

S’gor MB claims no ban on Muslims working in alcohol serving outlets, merely a guideline

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Mentri Besar of Selangor has dismissed the recent ‘ban’ on Muslims working in alcohol serving outlets in the state saying that MPSJ (Subang Jaya Municipal Council) had put out a guideline and there was no ban. He said “There is no ban. No by-law was enacted. It was only a guideline on business licenses... to reduce the number of Muslim workers at premises selling alcohol,”

This came in the wake of the recent report that Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir, the MPSJ councillor who said that the ruling started on January 1 this year and that “The enactment, only affected entertainment outlets like pubs, nightclubs and karaoke bars, and not restaurants, hotels or even convenience stores.” To this, Khalid said that “Such decisions by local councils required approval from the state executive council before they could be enforced. Each time a guideline is passed, they must get approval and discuss with the state exco. But Jais has the right... to enforce the law on workers. I am speaking on the part of local government,”


Muslims in UMNO are the greatest pretenders !
The majority of these UMNO ministers booze like nobody's business when overseas while the simple malay folks does not indulge in such.
Look at the home minister with a can of beer in his hands !!!

Transfer of Tenang PAS candidate’s husband not politically motivated

Markom Giran, the director of the Johor Education Department has defended the decision by the department to transfer Makrof Abd Mutalib, the husband of Normala Sudirman, who is the Wanita chief of opposition party PAS’ Labis branch. Normala, who was also a teacher herself was selected by the party to contest in the up-coming by-election of Tenang and reports claimed that the department had transferred Makrof from SK Tenang Stesyen to a school some 200 kilometers away in Pasir Gudang.

Markom, who confirmed the transfer denied that the move was politically motivated saying that "At the time we were not aware that his wife would be chosen as the PAS candidate. But after we heard about her candidacy, we decided to cancel the transfer notice temporarily. We don't want it to become a political issue," the Headmaster of SK Tenang Stesyen told Makrof that he was transferred for failing to ‘control his wife’ from being involved with the opposition party.


The proposed action to transfer Makrof Abd Mutalib 200 km away from his wife Normala who is the candidate for PAS in the coming state by-election in Tenang is, to many ordinary rakyat like me an act of 'revenge' by the Johore Education Dept. No matter what the director Markom Giran may say, I consider this proposed action of transfer is an act of 'punishment' by the authority. Can't you people in authority do something right for once?

Usually husband and wife do work nearby each other to save cost, to bring up the family etc.. But here we see the hand of evil trying to create separation and hardship. What sort of a mental attitude these education people possess! Is this the policy of BN politics? Think by this action, you are indirectly turning Malaysians away from giving their support to the ruling party. What a lousy foolish no-brains bunch of civil servants BN has in this EDUCATION DEPARTMENT!

MCA has no plans to punish member in ‘azan’ complain row

The president of MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said that the party has no plans whatsoever to ‘punish’ the youth member who was the center of controversy when he ‘complained’ to the prime minister’s office of being awoken in his sleep by some loud ‘azan’ broadcast from a mosque nearby his Pantai Hillpark home. The lawyer has since reportedly move away from his home and the matter is considered to be resolved. To this, Dr Chua said that the matter would be put to rest and no further action will be taken against him or anyone else.

He said “In no way does it represent the MCA’s stand. We have one million members so the view of one member does not represent the view of the party. Similarly, Umno has over three million members and this does not mean that what one member says is what the prime minister is going to say. No formal complaint had been lodged against the member since the controversy exploded last week, and as such, the party had no plans to cite the man for indiscipline. If a person says something wrong, he needs to face the music. But we do not force discipline on one million people. I have not received any complaint so far. I do not think it is wrong. He is entitled to his own view and freedom of expression within certain limits. I am sure that he is responsible enough to know the sensitivities of all religions, not just Islam. The issue would not have been blown out of proportion like this... it is you (the media) who want it to be. These days Malaysians protest over everything,”


The MCA president and members are excellent apple polishers I see. Soi Lek should punish the member and see what happens to MCA's membership.

I’m sorry, I did not know difference between azan and kuliah subuh, MCA's Ng Kian Nam

The ‘azan’ controversy MCA laywer is Ng Kian Nam and he has since apologized over the ‘misunderstanding’ over his complain to the Prime Minister’s office for being awoken by the ‘azan’ in his home in Pantai Hillpark. He said that the whole matter was just a ‘misunderstanding’ as he could not differentiate between the Kuliah Subuh and the azan.

He said “I want to apologise to all Muslims for the confusion that I may have caused... actually I did not know how to differentiate between the azan (Muslim call to prayer) and kuliah Subuh (pre-dawn sermon). Everyone has their own weaknesses. As a non-Muslims, when I sent the letter I did not know the difference between the azan and the kuliah,”

Ng made his apology at a press conference together with Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, the Umno division chief of Lembah Pantai who said that “Datuk Jamil Khir has said, Jawi said that no such action has been taken regarding the azan volume... so I urge people to not sensationalise this for whatever purposes. This is a small issue, from a misunderstanding,”


Islam is a highly respectable religion, but too bad many half past six muslims in BolehLand are trying to mend or bend the holy ayat . Worst still, many of our half past six muslim are being used as pawn by a Apco linked political party.

Example about this azan prayer, this MCA fellow wrote a letter explaining about the 'loud prayer' did disturbed his sleep, he didn't ask to turn off the amplifier, all he did was, he politely requested for lowering down the volume but those Umno/Perkasa goons twisted the issue by saying " Chinese are against the Islam religion". If by requesting lowering the volume of azan means it is against the Islam religion then Prophet Mohammad also against the Islam too (refer to the 1st paragraph), betul tak ?

Because our nation is full of no brainer, they didn't know Prophet did not agreed to loud azan and they (no brainer) thought ' the louder the better '. Bigger amplifier means better 'results'.

* According to psychologists; intelligent, smart, cool and competent people speaks with normal or lower tone, those uncivilized, uneducated, obtuse, stubborn and incompetent people will shouts instead of speaks, will yell instead of call.

Another example, majority of the past & present Umno MPs, see how they shout ( i mean talk ), it seems like they have forgotten the art of talking. They not only shout they move/swing their hands in all directions and some even make 'sign language' with their 'open palm & clench fist '. Some even hold keris while ' talking '.in the note.

17 January 2011

BN goes to a new low by ‘introducing’ Ummi Hafilda’s – PKR

N Surendran, the newly appointed Vice-President of opposition party PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) has hit out at the BN (Barisan Nasional), accusing it for going lower than it had ever done when they used ‘Ummi Hafilda Ali, in their bid to tarnish the opposition in preparing for the next general election. Ummi was the first witness in the first sodomy trial involving opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Surendran said that the move by BN looked ‘increasingly desperate’ by using a ‘faded and vaguely sinister figure’. It has been 13 years since the trial and the sister of Azmin Ali, the deputy president of PKR recently ‘emerged’ and claimed that the 2008 political tsunami enjoyed by the Pakatan Rakyat was due to her absence.

Surendran said “Bringing out Ummi Hafilda and having her “dusted off” is significant given Anwar's challenge recently to debate Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak over matters of national economic policy-making. Instead of engaging in an open and free discussion of national issues with the leader of the opposition, the BN chooses to respond by digging up the mouldering bones of an old and discredited slander. Oppressive and dishonest, the BN advances its political agenda by engaging in sordid conspiracies against its political opponents. Unable and unwilling to engage in free political discourse, the BN constantly seeks to use state powers to criminalise and destroy its opponents. Trotting out this foolish woman just as the general election looms closer is surely a new low even for the BN government. But like so many other tyrannies, this one too shall come to an end, and our nation will shake off the restraints imposed by BN and stride forward to meet its great destiny.”


This stupid woman can do anything as long as UMNO shove a couple of thousand down her sarung....she is even willing to kill her own family members.

She is totally shameless and can commit anything for money...

ETP’s RM67b to create 35,000 new jobs too few, that’s RM2m per job

Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang hit out at the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) as proposed by the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s administration and criticized it for its exorbitant investment of RM67 billion which can only create some 35,000 new job opportunities. He claimed that on the contrary, the100-day reform plan as proposed by the Pakatan Rakyat, through careful and more prudent spending would be able to create more jobs.

He said “In other words, RM67 billion is needed to create 35,000 new jobs … that is almost RM2 million for one new job. The huge amount of RM2 million for each new job shows leakages in Najib’s plans – in the form of corruption and mismanagement which can only be solved with PR’s victory in the coming elections. It was the Barisan Nasional (BN)’s spendthrift ways which would cause the country to suffer huge financial debts, and added that a vote for PR was the only solution to the country’s economical woes. BN’s mega projects have nothing to do with low income earners ... Malaysia has the highest income gap between the rich and the poor in the whole of Southeast Asia,”

He added that “With Penang’s surplus budget totalling RM88 million in 2008 and RM77 million in 2009, the state government was able to help combat poverty by making sure each family in the state earned a monthly income of RM500. We have allocated RM20 million as part of our senior citizen’s programme annually, with RM100 payments to those above the age of 60 ... this programme will be extended to single mothers as well as the physically-challenged by this year. RM11.3 million had been allocated to religious as well as Chinese and Tamil schools in the island state. All these people-friendly programmes have never been implemented during BN’s 51 year-rule but could be done within three years of PR’s rule in Penang,”


"RM67 billion is needed to create 35,000 new jobs … that is almost RM2 million for one new job."

Najib - just distribute this RM67 billion to the 67,000 voters in Tenang and you will have 67,000 instant millionaires overnight - who will then employ more as drivers, maids, peons and security guards (multiplier effect mah) and all could take turns to main Ummi H kaw kaw - Pareto Equilibrium - win win situation (everybody wins and Ummi will be satisfied and REALLY occupied).

Wish the Education Ministry could transfer me to Tenang!

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