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09 June 2010

16-year-old boy alleged he was beaten by policeman

Following various media reports on police abuse of power, another report emerged when a construction worker alleged that he was beaten by a Serian policeman. Sixteen-year-old Sharil ak Baini had a swollen left eye, face and mouth following the incident that occurred last Thursday.
Initially, Sharil said he were together with several friends at a bus stop in Kampung Sarok when a police patrol car arrived. His friends managed to escape while Sharil was left alone there caught by the officers.

A policeman then slapped and punched him on the face. He was later chucked into the vehicle. Later on, the same officer who beat him pulled him out of the car. He was then questioned by the same officer who inquired his reasons for running away when they saw a patrol car. Again, Sharil was beaten by the policeman.

When his family members went to the police station around 6 in the morning, they were told to return at 11 am. Sharil was only released two hours later. When his father, Baini saw the bruises on his son's face, he took him to the hospital for medical treatment.

Baini later went off to the station with his brother, Jeliak. Both stumbled the same officer at the station. The policeman asked whey they lodged a complaint against him. The policeman then pushed Baini and Jeliak.

Jeliak fell flat on face. On the other hand, the angry policeman said Baini punched him. In the end, the brothers ran away while the officer chased them around the station. Subsequently thereafter, they lodged a police report at Simpang Tiga police station in Kuching.

Meanwhile, state assemblyman Violet Yong expressed that police abuse of power must stop immediately. Police have to behave with discipline and do their jobs with integrity instead of punching and kicking suspects. Yong hoped that Sharil's case would be investigated without fear or favour to any parties.


16-year-old boy alleged he was beaten by policeman ... This is what you get from UMNO/BN !!


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