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23 February 2013

Armed invaders no deterrent to Sabah tourism....Of course does not affect the tourism because those invaders are also consider as "Armed with heavy weapon Tourists"

Tourism in the east coast of Sabah has not been affected despite an incursion of a Filipino militia group through Kampung Tanduo, situated about 130 kilometres from Lahad Datu town.
Borneo Paradise Eco-Farm Resort owner Jeffrey Sho said they continued their operations as usual and the incident did not stop guests from visiting the resort located 39km from town.

“Visitors still come to our resort, including three schools which have made reservations to organise activities here,” he said at his office here today.

He said the resort not only offers the natural beauty of Sungai Sabahan, but also provides other programmes such as motivational camps, courses and facilities for sports activities as well as fishing.

The resort which began operating in 2001 provides attractive packages for tourists including camping packages for school students and government agencies, said Sho who was confident that the authorities would be able to resolve the case amicably.

Meanwhile, Anthony Gipson, 60, a tourist from the United Kingdom, said the incident did not hinder him from enjoying his holiday destination.

“I’m enjoying my stay here and move around from one place to another. I understand the situation and I am not worried about it,” said the former soldier who was on a trip with his wife, Iris Gipson, 55.

Gipson said they have been in Sabah for four weeks and visited many interesting destinations including Lembah Danum, near here, Pulau Mabul in Semporna and plan to go to Pulau Banggi, Kudat, before visiting relatives in the Philippines.

Police have identified the Filipino group who have laid siege to Kampung Tanduo since February 12 as descendants of the Raja Sulu from the southern Philippines






Who needs tourist when we can have armed invaders?
Who needs polis when these armed invaders pose no threat to Sabah, but one Xenophon poses a threat to our whole country? is not logical

when a gang of thievess try to fool people....BN not driving country broke, says Muhyiddin

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has lashed out at Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for misleading the people into believing that the Barisan Nasional (BN)-led federal government was going bankrupt.
“Opposition Leader Anwar said the BN government is going bankrupt, and when the prime minister decided on the 1 Malaysia People’s Assistance (BR1M), he said the government would definitely be bankrupt.

“On the contrary, the country is financially solid and recorded an economic growth of 5.6 per cent last year. Hence, don’t be swayed by such fickle claims,” Muhyiddin said in his address at meet-the-people session at Dewan Sri Antanom, here today, which was also attended by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman and other state leaders.

He noted that Anwar’s ‘bankrupt’ statement had been posted on YouTube, complete with “data”.

“We scrutinised the data and found them to be lies and fabrications,” he said.

Muhyiddin said the people should not support or leave any room for the opposition to manoeuvre in their power bid through the 13th general election.

“We want to ensure that the government’s efforts including the transformation initiatives introduced by the prime minister for the people would not be in vain,” he said.

The deputy prime minister expressed confidence that Sabah would be instrumental in BN’s victory in the election.






If the country is not broke, how could the government debt balloon to over RM570 billion. And why should BR1M be paid to the people to help them tied over the difficult times we are facing today.It is obvious that the government is borrowing to appease the people, to bribe them with goodies for this coming election. What happen after the general election will be an entire story. The business circles are complaining about the shortage of cash in the financial market, and they are the forerunners to understand the economic situations. Ask them whether they agree with Muhyiddin`s views and you will have a big NO.

We shall see if the country is going bankrupt. But giving out money in exchange for votes will seriously hurt the country's finance. The rakyat should expect the implementation of GST and the total removal of subsidies of goods if BN wins GE13. BN has to get money from somewhere to fund this BR1M stuff. Money does not just drop from the sky. Those who vote for BN should expect to bear the hardship after GE13. Be warned!

If WE ARE NOT BROKE? Why do we need to BORROW to a tune of more 55% Debt Ratio??Its like saying, we have money but we like to borrow FOR FUN??? Come on! You think the Rakyat ARE FOOLS!!

What a bug joke....try to cover for Dr M by making this story.....Syndicate led by NRD men made RM11m selling ICs, Sabah RCI told

A syndicate involving then-Sabah National Registration Department (NRD) directors had made at least RM11 million from selling identity cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah, the royal inquiry on illegal immigrants heard today.

Senior Special Branch (SB) officer Supt Ahmad Fauzan Mohamad testified today that none of the 94 people, who were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) from 1995 to 2001 for their involvement in the syndicate, were ever charged in court.

A syndicate was selling identity cards in Sabah for profit.
“An estimate of RM11 million was accumulated throughout these actions,” Ahmad Fauzan told the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) here.

Ahmad Fauzan, who is based in the security and human trafficking syndicate police division in Kuala Lumpur, stressed that the syndicate was only motivated by monetary gain, and not for political reasons.

“I’ve no reason to look at other motives because monetary gain is already there,” he said.

Then-Sabah NRD director Ramli Kamarudin, however, told the RCI last month that then-Deputy Home Minister, the late Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayub, had ordered him to issue NRD receipts, which matched the names and IC numbers of registered voters, to immigrants.

Ramli had said that about 200 NRD receipts each were issued in five or six state constituencies, which the government considered difficult to win, before the 1994 Sabah state election.

The state election saw Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) winning just 25 out of 48 state assembly seats.

But several PBS assemblymens defected to Barisan Nasional (BN) shortly after, causing the collapse of the PBS government.

Ahmad Fauzan said today that Ramli was detained for two years under the ISA from 1996 to 1998, while another then-Sabah NRD director, Datuk Abdul Rauf Sani, was put under restricted residence for about six months in 1996.

SB officer DSP Badaruddin Ismail testified last month that Ramli had sold 16,000 NRD receipts for more than RM1 million that enabled immigrants in Sabah to vote.

Ramli had sold each receipt for RM250 between 1993 and 1995 to illegal immigrants from the Philippines, India, Pakistan and other countries, according to Badaruddin.

Badaruddin had also said that Abdul Rauf had sold 6,305 identity cards to Filipino and Indonesian immigrants, as well as locals, for RM167,300.

Abdul Rauf told the RCI last month that blue identity cards were also issued to increase the number of Muslim voters in Sabah.

He had said he was aware that immigrants in Sabah were taught how to vote in elections, otherwise their identity cards would be cancelled.

Ahmad Fauzan said today that each IC was sold for between RM50 and RM1,400, adding that he did not know the identity of the recipients.

He noted that the syndicate’s operations had threatened national security.

“With the incursion of all these foreigners, it encourages activities of people smuggling,” he said.

“This (syndicate) is well-prepared and well-arranged. Besides JPN officers, there were also agents from the general public and sub-agents involved in issuing ICs,” added Ahmad Fauzan. (JPN is the Malay acronym for the National Registration Department.)

He pointed out that Megat Junid had signed the detention order for 80 of the 94 arrested under the ISA.

Ahmad Fauzan, who has done research and assessment on the syndicate, said a further 3,035 people in Sabah were charged in court by other enforcement agencies for forging identity cards and possessing fake identity cards.

Former Sabah NRD assistant registrar Kee Dzulkifly Kee Abd Jalil testified last month that 100,000 blue identity cards were given to Filipino, Indonesian and Pakistani immigrants in Sabah in 1993.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister who was in power from 1981 to 2003, has been accused of spearheading the so-called “Project IC”, in which citizenship was allegedly given to immigrants for their votes.

But former Sabah Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh, who administered the state from 1976 to 1985, has denied at the RCI of the existence of “Project IC”.

Dr Mahathir told a recent press last month that foreigners in Sabah had indeed received citizenship, but stressed that it was “within the law”.

The inquiry before former Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Tan Sri Steve Shim Lip Kiong resumes later in the afternoon.






If the people of Sabah still want to vote in BN at next GE-13 after all these revelations, then I would say that Sabahans are just are a contended and naive lot. Only God can save them in the future.

Remember, 20-30% of Sabah population are tempered with 'Project IC' , these 20-30% immigrants coupled with army personnel, police force, postal votes , cheats and with 10-20% ignorant and naive sabahan that put BN in governing the state. Real Sabahan are the die-hard vote bank for opposition. BN knows it very well.

Problem is, how many Sabahans know about all this? I don't read our newspapers nor watch local news so I'm only guessing here - that this isn't exactly making the headlines in our local papers or TV1,2,3,7,8 or 9 right? or even Bernama and Awani news?

With such damaging evidences coming out of this RCI,yet the so-called Christian leaders like pairin,dompok etc continue to sing praises to the evil-devil umnoputras/bn govt over Rm4.5 millions given to the churches..Sabah needs DIVINE intervention to kick out those evil-devils.

This country was already heading towards lawlessness during the 4th pm's time and the speed was increased by his successors and we are now just one stop short of reaching there. If we don't vote for change in the coming GE then what awaits us at the 'destination' is doomsday for this nation.

21 February 2013

war zone, but all kinds of cowards ...from the prime minister until his dog....Sabah police chief confirms arrest of seven at Tanjung Labian

Three Al-Jazeera journalists were among seven people detained by police off waters at Tanjung Labian, near here this morning in an apparent bid to attempt a landing at Kampung Tanduo, the hideout of hundreds of followers of the Sulu Sultanate.

The others caught early this morning were three Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) youths as well as the boatmen.

The news was first broken by SAPP Tungku Central Liaison Committee (CLC) chairman Suaib Mutalib, who in a statement disclosed the arrests.

Later in the afternoon Sabah police chief, Datuk Hamza Taib (picture) confirmed the arrests saying the seven were spotted in a boat by a General Operations Force (GOF) team at about 8am.

Six were later released by police after their particulars were taken down and given a stern warning not to repeat their “ill-planned” adventure.

The seventh person, presumably the boatman was detained further as his travel documents were not in order.

Hamza said the three journalists and the youths had earlier tried to enter Tanduo by a land route but had failed.

Hamza reminded all journalists, local and foreign, as well as all other parties, not to even try and enter the said area for security reasons.

“Please let us do our jobs. Our focus is to ensure the safety of the people and we do not wish to see any unforeseen incidences happening,” he said.

Police have cordoned off the area in the vicinity of Tanduo since last Tuesday after several hundred people said to be the Royal Army of Sulu and the Sultan’s followers had intruded into the area.

Suaib in his statement to the media said the three youths, including SAPP Tungku Youth Chief Mohd Ahsraf Amir were accompanying the foreign journalists who wanted to cover the stand-off.

“They were taken to the Chenderawasih Police Station at Tungku and only released seven and half hours later at about 3.30pm after police took their statements,” Suaib said.

Suaib who is also SAPP Assistant Secretary General added that situation in and around Lahad Datu at present was now different.

He said many parents were reluctant to send their children to school while most shops also closed early.

He added it seems that the stand-off between Malaysian security forces and the Filipino armed group scared the people.

The stand-off started when the Filipino armed group intruded into Malaysian waters and gathered at Kampung Tanduo about 130km from here.

Meanwhile, SAPP information chief Chong Pit Fah said the government should allowed foreign journalists to enter the area and cover the incident.

He said international and neutral coverage would enable the people to get a true picture of what is really happening.

“All this while we are fed with BN government controlled media, which reports might not be fully accurate,” he said.

He added that local or international journalists should be allowed to enter certain areas near where the stand-off is taking place.






Journalists and Public are arrested but Philippines terrorists are not. Malaysian Arm Forces under Najib really no ba**s, only dare to bully innocent public.

Militants get to have a free and easy way in Sabah. While journalists and locals are arrested? Oh well PDRM as usuall would give the cock n bull story of "I am arresting you for your own safety" - perhaps they were busy packing the 1billion cash Musa's relative stole from people of Philippines. Good job, Najib n Hisham. You will face the wrath of sabahan.

Let's see who will be the APRIL FOOLS....Mid-April polls after PM winds up national tour

The 13th general election is expected by the second week of April, a month after Datuk Seri Najib Razak ends his “Janji Ditepati” (Promises Fulfilled) national tour and his Barisan Nasional (BN) completes its candidates list and manifestos, sources say.

It understands the prime minister’s last stop of the tour is in his Pekan parliamentary constituency on March 16, after which he is expected to meet the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and seek a dissolution of Parliament.

“The Election Commission (EC) normally sets polling day about three weeks after Parliament is dissolved, so we expect the earliest is mid-April,” a BN source told The Malaysian Insider.

There has been speculation that Parliament will be dissolved this week and a general election will be held by the end of March, more than five years after the last general election on March 8, 2008.

But the BN source dismissed the speculation, saying the only event related to elections this week is the EC gazetting the latest electoral rolls tomorrow.

The EC will set the polling date with a minimum 10-day campaign period and is expected to do so after Parliament and all state assemblies except Sarawak are dissolved. Sarawak had its state elections in 2011.

“The PM has up to April 28 to call elections. He will take his time,” the source said, adding that BN leaders are going through the manifesto and candidates lists carefully to ensure a winning combination.

The Malaysian Insider has previously reported that the BN manifesto will be ready by the end of this month while activists from the component parties have already started their ground work.

The Star reported yesterday Najib was “keen to have everything “done and dusted” by the end of March”, referring to the manifesto, candidates list and general preparations.

The MCA-owned English daily also said Najib’s headache seems to be the choice of the proposed mentris besar for Kedah and Selangor which BN is keen to capture.

“Without the proposed MB named in advance of the elections, Najib will find it difficult to convince voters that the BN was serious about recapturing the states,” one senior aide told The Star.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the mentris besar list will be ready by end of the month, just after the Rulers Conference on February 26.

Several BN mentris besar are expected to be dropped or promoted to the federal level as they have served more than three terms in their states.

“Najib is serious about transformation, about party renewal so there is a need to reshuffle the mentris besar list just like what Dr Mahathir did in 1982,” an Umno warlord told The Malaysian Insider, referring to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s reshuffle of state leaders when seeking his first mandate as prime minister in the 1982 elections.

Among the mentris besar that could be changed are those from Johor, Malacca and Pahang apart from new faces for Kedah and Selangor.

The Star also reported that BN leaders have claimed that Najib would want to avoid the period from March 29 to April 4 for polling.

This, they say, is because Good Friday falls on March 29 and Easter on March 31 while the Chinese grave-sweeping custom of Qing Ming falls on April 4 but many Chinese families will choose their ancestral grave cleaning rituals over the weekend of April 6 and 7.

“Many Chinese travel back to their hometown to do this and polling on this weekend would prove to be unpopular,” the paper said.






Never believe in any poll day predictions until it is announced. This is just a trick to catch the oppositions off guard, and I am sure they already knew this.

This is the only time Najib is making an effort. Yes, effort to mske sure thst he is not the shortest term PM.

BUT the writing on d wall already written so together with:
- the last BN PM;
- fulfill the BN Prophesy on R.A.H.M.A.N,
- only non-elected BN appointed PM,

Last but not least Rakyat Pekan is preparing for Najib to suffer humiliating defeat.
Bye-bye happines & hello loneliness for such a destructive PM ever!....

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