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04 April 2011

Clip proves man in sex video not Anwar, says PKR


PKR said today that the emergence of a two-minute snippet of the sex video exposed by “Datuk T” proves that its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is not the man in the recording.

Communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said that the man alleged to be Anwar clearly had a different body shape to the opposition leader and that the 107 second clip contradicted claims made by the Datuk T trio that had exposed the video two weeks ago.

“Umno supporters had asked me how I could be certain it was not Anwar when I had not watched the video. Today I watched the clip and I have been proven right seeing the shape of the main character and his prominent stomach do not match Anwar,” said Nik Nazmi, who was Anwar’s private secretary for two years.

This claim was also made by PKR’s Sungai Petani MP Datuk Johari Abdul, who had said that he was invited to watch the video two weeks ago by the trio.

The clip of the video purportedly showing Anwar having sex was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and shared on several pro-Umno blogs.

Former Malacca Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Perkasa treasurer-general had collectively claimed responsibility as “Datuk T,” stating that they exposed the 21-minute video to show “a man who wants to be prime minister is not qualified.”

Opposition Leader Anwar has denied he is the man in the video and accused Umno of a politically motivated “scurrilous attack” on him.

The clip has surfaced on the Internet just two days after police said the video they received was not doctored but Shazryl told The Malaysian Insider today that he had no idea how the clip was leaked and insisted the police had the only copy of the video.

Nik Nazmi said in a statement today that the clip raised questions including who the second man in the video was, as “he behaved like the video’s director, giving the impression that this was not a secret CCTV recording as claimed by Datuk T.”

“Datuk T claimed the video was recorded in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. But the Thai writing in the video says ‘Phaholyothin Road Bangkok, Thailand 10400, Copyright 2011.’ Is this video simply a Thai pornographic video that has nothing to do with Malaysia?” the Seri Setia assemblyman.

Nik Nazmi added today that it was clear that the video was a political attack.

A recent opinion poll found that 51 per cent of those surveyed did not believe Anwar was the man in the video, with 39 per cent saying Barisan Nasional had masterminded the video — more than twice as many as those who said the ruling coalition was not involved.


Haha, thanks to the umno troopers for letting us to see the video (non x-rated part). Now I'm more convinced that it's not Anwar in the sex video. Why I say so?

i) compare Anwar look-alike (let's call it A) and China girl (let's call it B) face. A's face blur from time to time while B's face clear, both was seen moving around.
ii) Anwar's look-alike belly is big and the breast as of a fat man's breast.
iii) Eskay said the sex tape was recorded in a hotel in KL but now looks like it's taped in Thailand.
iv) Using black and white camera instead of colored camera (easier for a person to disguise as someone under black and white than colored)
v) Datuk Trio hid identity when exposing the tape and blackmailed Anwar and his wife to quit politics.

Judge it yourself.

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