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05 September 2009

Cops, Muslims nabbed while drunk and high

Police who raided a karaoke cum mini discotheque in the city early this morning, found 37 revellers under the influence of drugs.

What was shocking was that more than half of the revellers inside the mini disco were Muslims who were either drunk or under the influence of drugs and showed no respect for the Holy month of Ramadan.

The raid, headed by ASP Mahani Mohamed from the Kuala Lumpur vice, gambling and secret society branch (D7) also found 14 police officers among the revellers at the New Universal KTB or more popularly known as Laiketong in Taman Maluri, Cheras at 7.30am.

During the raid which lasted until 1pm, 118 revellers at the three-storey entertainment outlet were screened and from the 37 who tested positive for Ketamin, Eramin 5 and syabu, were 21 women, including three Indonesians and one from Laos.

Police also found 10 rooms that had been turned into mini discotheques for revellers who were Muslims.

The owner of the premises would also be referred to the City Hall for operating well past the operation time allocated.


This is not a surprise, if the Govt bother to conduct more raid.

And is that surprising? Welcome to the world of today. You might also be surprised at the personal wealth our politicians have accumulated. RM100 million can go a long long way.

well, caught red handed. We demand nothing less but public caning.

Or our moral authority prefer to pick on vulnerable muslin single mother instead.

Husni says tactics of political opposition can destroy the country

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said the various tactics and political gimmicks used by the opposition to attack the Barisan Nasional (BN) can jeopardise efforts in developing the country's economy.

He said the actions by the opposition parties could destroy the country if the people were taken in by the opposition's gimmicks.

"They (the opposition) try to confuse the people by making various excuses to erode public confidence in the monarchy, judiciary, police force, military and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

"While the government is working very hard to boost the national economy and compete with the big powers, there are politicians and individuals who are still trying to influence the people to disagree with the government," he told reporters after a ceremony to hand over house keys and offer letters for a community housing programme, here today. He said the people must be more firm so that they would not be fooled by those who were attempting to find ways to reject the existing government.

Ahmad Husni said this when commenting on the action of the opposition members of the Perak State Assembly in holding a 'State Assembly sitting' at a hotel, here on Wednesday.


HUSNI.......... What about BN using MACC, PDRM monarchy & judiciary etc etc to destroy the country, have you ever think of that?

Correct correct correct.

We only believe MACC is under UMNO umbrella, same as PDRM, FRU, EC etc........

In order to restore the country, vote UMNO out of politics...bcoz of this.....

1. 1Malaysia by the PM but extreme racial tones by the Malay MSM and DPM.
2. Cow head episode that smacks of racist and religious overtones but no action taken against the perpetrators.
3. Arrests at peaceful candlelight vigils every time, all the time.
4. Lawyers visiting clients at the police stations are arrested.
5. Witness taken in for questioning but is found dead outside the premises of interrogation.
6. Duly elected speaker of the house is bundled out like so much laundry.
7. Favourite mo using chemically laced water and tear gas at peaceful activists.
8. IGP's tenure gets extended twice, implying lack of qualified 2nd liners in the police force.
9. Over 1,000 deaths whilst in police custody with equal number of NFAs.
10. Sodomee II

Temple relocation shelved after chaotic town hall meet

The town hall meeting on the temple relocation issue degenerated into a verbal free-for-all.

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has temporarily shelved the relocation of the 150-year-old Sri Mahamariamman Temple to Section 23, following protests from some residents who hijacked what was supposed to be a civil town hall meeting this morning.

The Selangor menteri besar said the state government would look for another location to shift the temple to and would even consider suggestions from local residents for the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) to purchase private land some distance from residential homes in Section 23 for the temple.

Khalid downplayed the thuggish behaviour earlier by some residents which disrupted the meeting.

“We expected the strong reaction from some of the residents today, because of their cow head protest last week, and will not be cowed by the group.”

“The problem had been festering for over two decades and we will take it as a challenge to solve the issue,” Khalid said.

He said PKNS has an obligation to find a new site for the temple and more town hall meetings will be held, despite the ruckus today, to allow people to voice their concerns.

Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, who faced the brunt of the criticism from residents, said the issue had been blown up because of the misinformation which had been fed to these residents.

The residents had claimed the idea to relocate the temple was cast in stone and construction had already begun because hoarding was put up around the site.

They believed the state had by-passed their concerns and felt if they did not voice their protest, the project would have gone ahead despite their objections.

However Khalid said the Selangor government only agreed for the proposal to be considered on August 5 and today’s meeting was held to seek the opinions of the residents there.

“I was hoping that the residents would have remained more calm, cool and objective.”

He said the protesters were encouraged to act as they did today by the slow action of the authorities who have yet to act against their earlier cow head protest.

“If today’s episode had happened during the previous Barisan National (BN) administration, they all would have already been arrested.”

From the word go it was clear that those who opposed the temple, many of whom were also involved in the cow head protest last week, were only interested in expressing their intolerance to the idea.

A total of 211 residents from Section 23 attended the meeting at the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) auditorium and more than one third noisily expressed their objections to the temple and refused to even listen to explanations from the mayor, representatives of the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) and the state government.

Khalid Samad also lashed out at Datuk Seri Khir Toyo for continuing to propose all temples in Shah Alam to be relocated to a cluster site in Section 18.

The previous state government had spent RM600,000 to prepare the site meant for seven temples but the idea failed to take off because the temple committees had rejected the idea.

Khir Toyo was castigated by Khalid Samad for the former’s “build first, tell them later” approach to temple relocation.

Khir Toyo was castigated by Khalid Samad for the former’s “build first, tell them later” approach to temple relocation. — Picture by Choo Choy May
Khalid said the previous state government had first prepared the site, then attempted to arm twist these temple committees to move.

“If I was Dr Khir, I would be ashamed to admit that I have spent so much money without solving the issue.”

Meanwhile Hindu residents of Section 23, which comprised of 48 families, said claims by the cow head protesters that they were against the temple were just not true.

Teacher M. Sekar said the community was unanimous in their support for the temple to be moved to Section 23.

“We want our rights, too,” he said. He added that were at least 28 other Chinese families who live in Section 28 who did not object.

“If they did, they would be here.”

He said many of his Muslim neighbours also did not have a problem but there are groups who are instigating the issue.

Malaysian Hindu Sangam advisor Datuk A. Vaithilingam told The Malaysian Insider they would wait to hear from the state government officially before issuing any statement about the decision to shelve the proposal to relocate the temple.

“Our only regret is that the people involved in the cow head protest, who we hear behaved like hooligans today, have yet to be arrested and charged by the police.”

He said the Hindu community is saddened by this episode and disappointed at the reluctance on the part of the police to take action.


The State Government is doing the right thing by not reacting to the boorish behaviour of SOME residents. However the fact remains that this is really a sensitive issue and clear and level heads with solutions must prevail. Trust your elected Government to make the right decision instead of turning it into a political circus.

What did you really expect? Where things would be discussed in a gentlemenly and civil fashion, with respect for the religious rights of a significant minority like the Indian Hindus of Malaysia?

Khalid should have anticipated that this Town-Hall meeting would be the very opportunity that UMNO is looking for to send in their agent-provocateurs! I can bet you that you can identify some of those faces in the pictures as belonging to UMNO members! Maybe even that Toyol's face might even be identified!

All these scenarios would already have been planned out and/or anticipated by UMNO! I do not believ that the majority of the ordinary Malay/Muslim can be so bigotted and racist as to behave in this rotten manner UNLESS their fire has been stoked up by UMNO agent-provocateurs! Exactly what UMNO wants from that planned cow's head - the Malay/Muslim and the Indian/Hindu residents of Section 23 are now at each other's throats and unsurprisingly who will they direct their fury at? Why, the MB Khalid and his Pakatan state government, of course!

It was just stupid of Khalid to have played right into the hands of UMNO which is all out to create discord and strife in any form, in the state of Selangor! Then they can smugly tell the voters of the state, "There, we told you so!

The police's inaction, or reluctant action, over the cow-head issue has resulted in protesters and instigators being more bold in voicing their anger and causing havoc as they know no action would be taken immediately - if any. Yup, from the very start, those who attended and who made noise didn't want to listen, and have no intention of resolving the issue amicable with the state government.

Pitiful - this is what religion has taught the young hooligans.

Tan Sri Khalid for awhile I thought it was a mistake to hold this dialogue. But you have done very well in this. You used the situation effectively. A good lashed at the protestors and not forgeting that 'plastic' looking face.

“If I was Dr Khir, I would be ashamed to admit that I have spent so much money without solving the issue.”

Temple relocation shelved after chaotic town hall meet

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said today the proposed relocation of a Hindu temple to the Section 23 neighbourhood here has been shelved for now, following a chaotic town hall meeting this morning with residents.

The state government’s dialogue following the recent cow-head protest controversy descended into chaos, with around 300 residents from Section 23 jeering and mocking the meeting.


Are these "so called" residents really from Section 23? I am not surprised if they are not. It is not new to us that certain quarter has been trying hard to sabotage whatever peace the PR controlled state is enjoying. And they never ask themselves "Why can't you accept the PR government and leave them carry out their duties?

just get 300 'mat lembu' from umno to wreck havoc. the indian population there is quite substantial. now, where are the turncoat makkal sakti & hindraf? since they were so eager to sabotage the kg buah pala issue, where are they to make some noise on this issue?

04 September 2009

Kampung Buah Pala: Demolition starts; 18 arrested

One of the Kampung Buah Pala residents tearing the DAP flag in anger when contractors move in today todemolish the houses in the village.

Among those arrested were lawyer Darshan Singh, former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) councillor A Thiruvenggadam, and several MIC youth members.
Only five – three women and two men – were villagers.

It is learnt they had started a hunger strike while at the George Town district police headquarters in Pattani Road here.

All 18 were released on police bail about 8.30pm tonight.

Things came to a head at about 12.30pm today when police made a V-shape formation to penetrate the crowd of mainly Hindraf and MIC members, who were shouting slogans, in order to break one of the houses.

“All those arrested but who were not villagers were there in a spirit of solidarity with the residents, which is alright,” George Town OCPD Azam Abd Hamid said later.

“But what they did in obstructing (the court bailiff and police) was against the law.”

Police arresting the villagers at  Kampung Buah Pala.

Azam said most were arrested for obstructing police in discharging their duty while some would be charged for causing a riot.

Demolition work started on four houses in Kampung Buah Pala today -- three days past the deadline to move out -- amid a violent skirmish between police and village supporters that ended with 18 arrests.

He said they would be released on bail after their statements were recorded.

Two policemen were injured in the skirmish. Four police reports were lodged by various individuals, including one by developer Nusmetro Ventures (P) Sdn Bhd on an alleged attack on its director Gary Ho.

Azam said five households had agreed to vacate and let Nusmetro demolish their houses. The remaining families asked for more time, and were given a week.

The day began on an ominous note at about 7.30am when several police trucks, including a Black Maria, were seen parked outside the village.

Residents were supported by a crowd of Hindraf and MIC youth members, lead by the party’s youth chief T Mohan.

The physical confrontation between the police and the supporters came as a surprise as the residents’ committee members were seen having negotiations with Nusmetro’s Ho and executive director Thomas Chan.

It is understood that Nusmetro wanted to demolish three vacant houses.

After lengthy discussions in the mobile police beat base, five members of the demolition team were allowed to enter the village, to break down the first house under the watch of the police, a court bailiff and the residents committee, at about 10am.

There were several tense situations between reporters and supporters who tried to block them, and between MIC members and youngsters in the demolition team.

After breaking three houses, Ho reached a compromise with residents’ association secretary J. Steven to break the store room of his house.

The crisis has its roots in the state government approving the village land for sale to the Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Pulau Pinang for a private commercial development project in 2004.

The residents, descendants of indentured labourers brought in during the British colonial period, have argued that the land transaction was fraudulent, and that their forefathers were beneficiaries of a housing trust under the Brown Estate, but have lost repeatedly in the courts.

A distraught association chairman M. Sugumaran: “We have no avenue already. The state government is not with us. The courts are not with us. How are we going to fight?” he said.


Bravo.The Police has done the right thing.The Indian is really a trouble maker.They cannot blame the DAP,The State Govertment and the developer.They lost all the court appeal.They have no right as squatter.What else they want.The developer had given them one double story house for free.

Ini semua akal keling.They created problem in Selangor,in Kedah,in Perak.They are trouble maker.

They pissed on LGE publicly, now they ask where is LGE? What, you expect him to come so you can insult him again? And where is Samy Vellu coming to your rescue on his white horse. Since Samy Vellu has hundred of millions stashed somewhere, stolen from the Indians, he sure could buy the whole land and give it back to you; but knowing Samy, he would more likely tell you to suck your cow dung.

And where's Muhyiddin and C4 and Krishamudin? Yeah, they would send you a severed cow head as a parting gift.

Somehow I do admire the Kg Pala squatters who know how to get the best deal from the developers.Well the ex gratia in between 100K-300K or a double storey house worth 600K is a good deal indeed

They were better off compare to the malay squatters who were evicted in Kampung Beremabang and many squatter areas in KL.MInd you they had been living there for many decades when KL suburbs were dense forests.They just tgot a humble low cost flats.

I know those Kg Pala residence are laughing all the way to the bank.The resistance are a pretence

More proof that Utusan is just a piece of crap

Ex-Chief Editor of Utusan Malaysia and ex-Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin gave the country an “interesting” piece of his mind in Utusan Malaysia On September 1, the day after Merdeka.

The article was certainly in poor taste for a Merdeka season message as it not only fails in building up a sense of Malaysian patriotism, the good Datuk also chooses to antagonise our closest neighbour and ex-member of Malaysia. His story that Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia for questioning the doctrine of Ketuanan Melayu practically paints them as an “enemy of the state”.

It is so reminiscent of the third rate propaganda shovelled out to be consumed by the citizens of countries such as USSR, North Korea, Burma and other propaganda heavy governments. Scare the citizens with stories of the foreign devils and they will run back to the arms of the ruling junta!

Please…that’s so last century!

That line of propaganda only works if the majority of the population is kept ignorant of the world at large, so that they can be easily scared with such stories.

But in case our ex-chief editor and ex-Information Minister has forgotten,
we are living in the INFORMATION AGE. Information is freely available at the click of a mouse button.

There are plenty of websites offering information on Singapore’s secession from Malaysia. Or one could do it the old fashioned way – go to a library and look it up. It’s not too difficult to verify whether the supposed political bogeyman exists or not!

But what takes the cake surely must be this line he penned:

“Singapore sticks to a Third World democracy despite having a developed world mentality, while Malaysia has a Third World mentality but a developed world democracy.”

When I read this, the first image that jumped to my mind was one of an
onion – it smells, it stings the eyes and it’s has so many layers (of stupid).

Just what is a “Third World democracy” as opposed to a “developed world democracy”? Was that meant to be an insult to our neighbours who have one of the cleanest governments in the world? Or is it meant to be a compliment to Malaysia – the country where thugs can be brought into a state assembly to throw the sitting Speaker out?

And just what is a “developed world mentality” as opposed to a “Third World mentality”?

Self development guru, Stephen Covey says that everything is created twice – first in the mind, then in the real world. Lawyers have to plan a case before it is argues in court. Architects have to draw plans before the building is constructed. The skill and quality of the planning directly affects the quality of the final results. Anyone with half a brain would know this!

Now wouldn’t it make sense that a “developed world mentality” can build a “developed world democracy” while a “Third World mentality” will develop a “Third World democracy”?

By proclaiming that Malaysia has a “Third World mentality” Datuk Zainuddin has shot himself in the foot and embarassed Malaysia once again. Already, we are in the world news for all the wrong reasons. The political manoeuvrings, the Teoh Beng Hock death, banning of Muslims from the Black Eyed Peas concert (and subsequent flip-flop on the ban), and the latest the cow head

Now THIS?!

Already the Singapore papers have picked up on this and I can just imagine our neighbours down south snickering at the top politicians’ “Minister-level intellect”.

All these news only shows the world that the BN under Najib’s administration has no idea how to manage the country. Once not too long ago we were one of the 5 tigers of Asia. Now, Malaysia is now rapidly losing credibility in the eyes of the world. Our world rankings in education, human rights, corruption, journalism, FDI and others are slipping year to year.

The international news and opinions about our country have been humiliating enough and we certainly do not need the likes of Datuk Zainuddin creating even more “news” for us, even if he’s been allowed to be loose in the editorial rooms of Utusan!


People, just sit back and enjoy the comedy show. They are all striving for Malaysia's Crappiest Personality Award. All trying to out do each other, and the competition is fierce. Amongst the leading contenders are Hishamunddin for defending the cow head bigots, Mukriz for agreeing with him, Rais for confusing AH1N1 with swine flu, Saiful for alleging sodomy by a 60 yr old man, Ridhuan Tee for trying to be more Malay, MACC Hamdan/officers for insinuating that TBH committed suicide over RM$112 bribe and so on....the list goes on. Now this Zam for trying to ridicule Spore. Podah!

This bugger thinks Malaysia is a developed world democracy??
There were some moronic people who nearly caused a riot in Shah Alam and our Home Minister condoned their actions, you call that developed world democracy. This man is an absolute embarassment to himself.

This hopeless Zam has already heard internal news that Najib will reshuffle some cabinet ministers after hari raya. He is trying to make a comeback by hantam chinese as these are the tactics of all mamaks in Malaysia. Remember those mamaks protest against LGE PR govt, the mamak Ismail provoking non malays as pendatang and then now this mamak use chinese as his hantam issue.
He is hoping to be appointed by Najib. No way and do,nt dream.

CCTVs for all MACC offices

Closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) will be installed at all Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission offices in a move to make it more transparent.

MACC Deputy Chief Commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed said CCTVs would also be installed in rooms used to question witnesses.

He said he had directed all MACC offices to have the CCTVs installed and record the questioning process, adding that this was to ensure MACC had evidence that a case was properly handled.

“The issue is not how we handle the witnesses but whether things are recorded properly. “We should take care or monitor whoever enters our offices. We are taking more precautions to ensure this,” he said during The Star Online Live Chat and interview at Studio V in One Utama Shopping Centre yesterday.

Abu Kassim said that any future complaints could be rebutted via recordings taken by MACC.

He was responding to questions on what preventive measures were being taken to assure witnesses were safe and to prevent another Teoh Beng Hock case from recurring.

(Teoh, the political secretary to Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, was summoned to the state MACC office located at the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam on July 15, to be questioned about alleged irregular disbursement of state funds.

He was found dead on the fifth floor the following day.)

Abu Kassim said they were also pushing for a ‘whistle blowers’ Act to protect those who lodge complaints against a government agency or department.

“Now we can only secure their safety by not revealing their details if they are giving information to us as an informant,” he noted.

On whether lawyers should be allowed to be present during questioning, Abu Kassim said studies were being done and comparisons being made with other countries and law enforcement agencies.

Abu Kassim said plans were underway to clear all misconceptions caused by improper dissemination of information.

He said it was not easy to get evidence in a corruption case which “is a victimless crime as both parties are happy.”

Investigations, he said, were kept low profile to prevent it from being compromised.

“So when you blast the case in public, you put fear in the witnesses,” he said.

Abu Kassim said Selangor MACC officers might have suffered some psychological impact following Teoh’s case as they too were saddened by what had happened and were now having to deal with the inquest.

“In view of the situation there, I have directed the Investigations director (Datuk Shukri Abdull) to take over some cases to allow the Selangor MACC officers to concentrate on the inquest and (upcoming) royal commission.”

On keeping the questioning time within office hours, Abu Kassim said they would be “more than happy to” but it would only be done at the witness’ request or after obtaining their consent.


What is there to say that the victims cannot be beaten up in a separate room that does not have CCTV? Are CCTVs available in every room including the toilets so that no one can be beaten up out of view?

More than one way to skin a chicken. Only way to prevent such incidents is to have the witness lawyer present in all interrogations

First of all please inform the ICAC in HK who said that MACC is good standard. Secondly, check the supplier of CCTV and make sure there is open tender for supply, else corruption involved. Third, make sure the CCTVs are linked to central control, else when things happened, CCTV ROZAK or forgot to switch on CCTV................Haha, believe me, this will happen! Are you fedup of this bunch of rubbish.....including the minister who give stern warning and meet with cow head poeple.

CCTV or not, they will go on with their merry way or shall I say murderous way. After all, CCTV footage can be "accidentally" erased.

Selangor under siege?

1. I was shock to read on Malaysiakini that Najib said that he wants Selangor back at all cost. Apparently he made such declaration during a recent UMNO meeting in Banting. It was reported in Malaysiakini few days ago that he said, “if you want to win it, you must do what is necessary”. I did not expect the PM to confirm that there are plans to overthrow the present Selangor government which has been under tremendous pressure since PR took over the state administration.

2. There are plenty of details in the MSM and cyberspace that Selangor Government has been kept busy with “issues” since they took office. They were being attacked from the political front and at the same time being constantly being monitored under the microscope by the MACC.

3. The continuous harassment is meant to destabilize the government. It is easy for BN when the Federal agencies are under their rule and by and the partisan State Government machinery. It would make it easy for BN/UMNO to run its covert operation under such circumstances. The Selangor government is being attacked from outside as well as from within.

4. It does not take much intelligence for people to analyze information in the public domain. For example, in the latest cow head incident, everyone can see how the police had acted sluggishly and in a very biased manner. In Ampang Jaya, despite having a smaller crowd and for merely carrying candles, they get thrown into the jail immediately. The argument has always been that there no police permit is given.

5. It does not take a genius to figure out UMNO/BN strategy in trying to get back the Selangor State government. The core of their short term strategy is not about winning the heart and minds of the people in Selangor but to recapture the government through the shortest route possible. This could only happen via controlling the Selangor State Assembly.

6. At the moment, PR has eight seats advantage. What UMNO need to do is to get at least 8 state assemblyman to either join them or become independent and at the same time support BN policies. This can be easily achieved by pitting each coalition member of PR which has strong ideologies against each other. The beer and cow head incident is such methodology to crack the members. It cannot be rule out that the glue that binds all members of PR (Anwar) will be neutralized in one way or other.

7. Simultaneously, suitable State Assemblyman will be monitored and study in great detail. Depending on the individual weakness either the carrot or the stick will be used. This also has been demonstrated in Perak that led to the recent downfall of the state government.

8. While all this takes place, the people will be fed various stories about the apparent weaknesses of the current state government via the mainstream media. This is one type of psych ops. Small force will attack the local populace with issues that will keep the State Government busy and looks as incompetent. This has been well executed by a group of people in Shah Alam in the temple/cow head incident.

9. Gradually sensitive issues will be raised to remind the people about their “wrong choice of state government that is in place”. The intensity of such issue will be raised gradually. Racial and religious issues would be the easiest to use for such purpose. It has been proven to be effective worldwide. People always fight about religion and skin color!

10. The populaces which in general are always busy with their own life will be made confused. In no time, with a typical Malaysian short memory, only recent events will be remembered. It is human nature for many Malaysian to forget quickly and takes whatever that appears on TV as the truth. We can see that the same thing in Perak. Slowly, the people is being reminded who is “right” and who is “wrong”

11. As mentioned earlier the strategy that is being deployed is a short term strategy. BN hoped that the people will forget everything by the next GE. This, to me is their greatest weakness. Their failure to win the heart of the people will actually cost them more in the long run. In my next writing I will write about PR weaknesses and the options available to them.


That's what 1Malaysia and Want-Malaysia mean. Without the current PR states, it's not a complete 1Malaysia. What do you think 1Malaysia means? It's about recapturing all the states by hook or by crook, when all the states(1Malaysia) are under UMNO. 1Malaysia=Racial unity? You guys are not so dumb to buy that kind of crap, I hope

This is UMNOputras type of politics and anybody from BN calling this democratic government is an idiot and moron, a home minister who wanted to creat chaos and a PM who wanted selangor at all cost and calling for 1 malaysia. 1Niamah or 1lancau is more like it.

It just proves that these UMNO goons do not respect our constitution, our democracy and our votes. They are all traitors and should be all locked up.

It is clear as crystal, that UMNO has been leading the effort to destabilize the S'gor gomen. We now live in fear, under a siege mentality and with so much penned up hate, all at the same time. Everywhere I go now, I could see anger in people's eyes and how the public easily gets agitated when politics become "menu of the day". It is almost the exact feeling of how Malayans under colonial rule must have felt at that time or even during Japanese rule. A situation where they rule, but the people under siege work subversively because of so much hate because we lost our freedom.

It cannot be more obvious that Najib confirms he wanted Selangor at all cost.
Look at the protestors in last Friday's cow head protest?
Instead of announcing that he wants to arrest the protestors, Hishamuddin called for a direct meeting with the demonstrators, even before police interrogation of the protestors. Why must a home minister meet a group of illegal demonstrators instead of getting the law to arrest them? the protestors?
Don't you think by pre empting the police investigations, Hishamuddin has his own agenda? He had shown his true colours!!! He has an interest in the demo as well. He even declared thus, " If I wanted to use the issue to create chaos in Selangor I can but we didn't take such action. "
This is a very glaring example that Selangor is under siege.
Pakatan must pull up their socks!!!! Lest you follow Perak. Was not Perak a coup de tat ? Taken over by force ? And also by money. Money from where ? from you and me, the regular taxpayers !!!!!!

Cops arrest villagers as four Kg Buah Pala houses demolished

At least 13 villagers, and their lawyer Darshan Singh, were detained by police in what has become the all too familiar scene at Kampung Buah Pala of residents facing off with demolition teams.

Those detained were hauled away after attempting to stop the police escorting a demolition team to tear down a house in the village.

Earlier yesterday morning, villagers had agreed to let the developer demolish three houses belonging to owners who had agreed to move out in return for double-storey houses.

Following talks, the developer agreed to tear down only two houses as the owner of the third house still had his belongings inside his home.

But prompted by Darshan and MIC Youth members, villagers tried to stop the demolition team after just one house was torn down.

Residents’ Association secretary J. Steven said: “They are here but we will resist them.”

However police had to intervene after a scuffle broke out between the developer and villagers as demolition workers tried to enter the village.

MIC Youth members were alleged to have also pushed Nusmetro Venture (P) Sdn Bhd director Gary Ho during an argument.

Villagers and their supporters attempted to form a human barricade to block further demolition works when the police moved in to make their arrests.

After the minor fracas, demolition workers went ahead with tearing down the houses, bringing down all three that were earlier earmarked for demolition. Police maintained a protective escort as the workers carried out their work.

A fourth house, which remains occupied, was also partially demolished, as workers tore down one room.

The developer subsequently stopped work, saying the rest of the houses would be brought down in stages across several weeks.

The residents have been locked in a battle with the developer and owners of the land, and have already lost all previous attempts to get the courts to prevent the demolition of their homes.

The villagers have turned to Umno and the prime minister to intervene in their plight and are hoping the injunction will buy time for a solution to be found.

Developer Nusmetro has had to abort two previous attempts to demolish the homes due to strong resistance by villagers.

In their last attempt on Aug 13, the developer moved in to demolish the homes after most of the residents rejected the offer of a double-storey house as compensation.


Hindraff heroes are nowhere to be seen now. MIC top guns are drooping their heads low. Only some MIC gangsters are there but are only there to create disturbances, more a hindrance than a help to the distressed people. It is really sad that Kampung Buah Pala folk are once again played out by Hindraff and MIC

Get it over with.

You cannot talk reasons with unreasonable people. The Court has said 'No" to them and they have said "No" to the developer's compensation. Let them defy the the Court's ruling and act in contrempt. Go to Umno, Gerakan and MIC to solve your predicament they put you in in the first place.

The Penang state govt cannot defy the court and can only place administrative obstacles to temporarily stop the developers from claiming what is rightfully and legally theirs.

Poor little guys. See is believing. No matter how you cry, call for help, no one can manage to solve out because these were the past motive from those B-end's bloodsucker. Keep it inside your mind what had happen to you M'sian Indian today. If the right time come, you should know what to do, how to do and who to vote.

The Kg Pala folks should be grateful that the developer is willing to give them a double storey house. They forget they are illegal squatters who don't deserve a thing. The land doesn't belong to them. Imagine everybody goes to your land and bulit a house there. When you want to use the land, they demand for compensation. Can you call this fair?

MIC people only know gangster method when it comes to solving problems

Mukhriz backs Hishammuddin, says charging protestors will lead to unrest

Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir threw his support today behind his Umno colleague Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein ‘s for defending the cow-head protestors of Section 23 in Shah Alam.

“The Home Ministry has taken some firm action and it is now up to the police to decide what to do next.

“Measures have to be taken in order to avoid things like this from happening again,” said the son of the former prime minister.

According to Mukhriz, the Home Minister made the right decision in suggesting the protestors should not be penalised.

“We have to avoid incidents that can possibly lead to or cause any racial tension. The issue of race and religion has always been a sensitive issue here in Malaysia,” Mukhriz said, suggesting that a move to charge the protestors would only cause more ‘public unrest.’

He also lashed out at Selangor Pakatan Rakyat and how they were handling the Section 23 issue.

“Barisan National has been handling sensitive issues for 52 years, and we have been handling it well. Selangor Pakatan government is only one year old, and for a new state not to be able to deal with problems that have cropped up in under one term of office, then that says it all.

“Everything that Pakatan Rakyat has said is propaganda in order to gain power. When power is given, they fall apart. Leadership is responsibility,” said Mukhriz.

Last Friday a group claiming to be Muslim residents of Section 23 in Shah Alam, the new site of a Hindu temple, held a demonstration outside the Selangor State Secretariat by dragging a severed cow-head, a sacred animal in Hinduism, which they stomped on and spat at under the presence who the riot police.

The police did not take any action.

The act was carried out by a group of 50 protestors who oppose the relocation of the Sri Mahamariamman Temple to Section 23 from Section 19, claiming that the housing area is predominantly Muslim.

A check last week has since shown that the neighbourhood is multi-racial, with Indians making up more than a quarter of those who live there.

The 150-year old temple was built on a plantation which over the years was developed into housing areas by the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS). No provisions were made to relocate the temple, which currently stands in a Muslim-majority area.

The Home Minister said yesterday that the residents of Section 23 should not be charged as they only wanted their voices to be heard but it was unfortunate that “the publicity they received was negative as it was linked with racial and religious sentiments.”

Hishamuddin’s stand on the matter has been criticized by many, most notably top Pakatan Rakyat leaders who have since called for Hishammuddin to be sacked from the Cabinet.


Unrest???? Mukriz!!!! By charging someone of their wrong doings can create unrest??? What are the police for??? Stop giving stupid excuses and don't treat the public as stupid as your colleagues. Both of you make me believe that you guys are the "dalang" to all these after observing the double standards that you dished out!!!

Mukhriz, you mean to say that those who uttered that blood will flow and there will be racial tension ( as we all saw in the video) if the temple is built SHOULD NOT be punished?

When there are these kind of protest which stoke racial sentiments, the police is suppose to take action to maintain peace and order. In this case, instead of stopping the "trouble" the police just stood by and did nothing. So it is very unfair to blame the present state government. The state administration come under Pakatan Rakyat and the security comes under the Police. The state is administered well.

"Barisan National has been handling sensitive issues for 52 years, and we have been handling it well".
Within this 52 years, there was the May 13, 1969 riot, the Memali incident and the Kampung Medan incident. So dont brag that BN has been handling sensitive issues well.

So he is implying those who shout the loudest, threatening blood and riots can get away scot free because the govt is afraid of them and the PDRM dare not touch them. Hmmmm...very interesting food for thought. Now PR can organize protests in front of his office, kicking a bull by his balls and fiercely demanding he step down or UMNO blood will flow. I laugh! Where did UMNO get all these dimwits?

It just shows how racist UMNO is. All the talk of 1Malaysia is just plain BS.

If UMNO starts it, it's ok. If the Opposition starts it, they'll be locked up with ISA. The AG is buying time now. No action, needs further investigation - for finding reasons NOT to charge the cowprits.

Racist is one slippery slope that cannot be maintained. And eventually falls.
It divides and creates enimity. Just imagine if all races are to be so protective...

UMNO is in denial. The writing on the wall is so clear, even the blind can read.

I salute the brave and truly caring PR for standing up to multi-racialism. This will be the true Malaysia that will sustain us all to be world-class.

Federal govt considers offering another site for temple

Both the Federal and Selangor governments are separately scrambling to contain the fallout from last Friday’s cow-head protest held by a group who oppose a plan to relocate a 150-year-old Hindu Temple to Section 23 here.

While the state government is hosting a dialogue session with all residents this Saturday, the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government is also considering holding an event to bring both Muslims and Hindus together to defuse racial tension.

The plan, which entailed roping in the assistance of Hindu Sangam, was proposed to the Cabinet by Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Noh Omar, who is also the Umno state deputy liaison chief.

According to sources, the Cabinet is also considering offering an alternative site to relocate the Hindu temple despite the fact that such matters fall under the jurisdiction of the state government.

The Malaysian Insider understands that Noh was forced to defend himself at the Cabinet meeting yesterday. He told the meeting that he did not instigate the Malay-Muslims of Section 23 to protest against the temple relocation.

He is understood to have also told the Cabinet that he would organise a sit-down with Hindus and Muslims in the neighbourhood.

However Hindu Sangam president RS Mohan Shahmugam today told The Malaysian Insider they have had no official invitation yet to meet the federal government about the issue.

Hindu Sangam also believes the proposed site in Section 23 is the best area to relocate the temple.

Mohan said the temple was not meant to cater only to the Hindus from Section 23 but also from Sections 19, 20, 21 and 22.

Together there are at least 3,000 Hindus in these areas, Mohan said, adding the issue of relocating the temple from its current site in Section 19, had been pending for the last two decades.

The current temple was once part of Sungai Garing Estate, but over the years the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) had developed the areas surrounding the site into a housing estate.

The temple now lies in the middle of a Muslim-majority area and there had been no concrete effort to relocate until recently.

“This is not a new problem and I don’t understand why the small group of residents needed to protest in such a manner,” Mohan said.

Mohan said that carrying the head of a cow which is scared to Hindus was insulting and called on the government to take action against the culprits.

He also denied claims made yesterday by Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein that residents of Section 23 had met Hindu Sangam to resolve the relocation issue.

“I have checked and there was no such meeting.”

However Mohan said he would welcome a meeting with the minister.

Meanwhile Hindu residents of Section 23 today also denied press reports that they also did not want the temple to be relocated to the area.

K. Raju said one third of all residents in Section 23 were Non-Malays and they have carried out a signature campaign to support the state government’s move to relocate the temple.

He also disputed claims in the press that the cow’s head used during the protest was brought to the scene by outsiders.

“The people who carried the head are Umno members, from Section 23, and they seem to be above the law.”

He added the protest was politically motivated.


umno lies after lies.

Yes, the protest was obviously planned and co-ordinated with the knowledge and blessings of some top UMNO guns. Just look at the chronology of events:
1. There was no Shah Alam yet, but the temple existed peacefully for almost 150 years.
2. After the development came about, no alternative site was allocated to the temple by UMNO-BN.
3. It was left to become a small 'time-bomb' and eventually UMNO-BN would have simply 'flattened' it.
4. The police apparently gave 'protection' to the illegal and seditious protesters.
5. The PM 'panicked' for his 1Malaysia and STRANGELY the IGP waited till the PM gave orders.
6. The Home Minister hurriedly listened to and sided with the protesters VERSION.
7. Now, Mukhriz unashamedly throws his support to defend the Home Minister.
Well, a 'great' PRECEDENT has been set for the doom of the Rule of Law in this country.

I pity the Indians of Malaysia with no warlords to care for them. Kg Pala. Hindraf. Now this. Where are all the Indian warlords? They (these Indians) are not asking for the moon. They are just asking for their basic rights. OK, the Kg Pala case was fine until some got greedy?

Still where are you Semi Value? You just fight your own private battles while your fellow Indians have to fight everybody else?

This is your opportunity to do something before you go out in a blaze of glory but you'd rather just fight to hold on to the MIC presidency... You will never be a Tun la... Tan Sri now also a long shot.

Do something while you still can. Make yourself relevant. Forget about MIC presidency... let someone sit on that throne.

The Federal government need not find another place for a temple. They should educate their members on racial and religious tolerance. One third of the residents are non Malays and the government condones the protest of a fanatic group. How many areas are the non Malays a minority? Is this useless government going to say that they should not pray near where they stay?Why can't they have a place of worship? What is the federal governments agenda?

The first thing the federal government should do is to bring charges against those who advocated violence and bloodshed. No one should be allowed to roam the streets insulting other religions and threatening to spill the blood of others. Only mobsters do that. It is unfortunate that the mobsters have received the blessing of Hishammuddin. Hishammuddin operates as if he does not think at all and that is precisely the problem with him. He would, like the mobsters, rather wave the keris than uphold the law. As a Minister in the federal government he should therefore be asked or leave or sacked. No one is above the law and no one should condone the behaviour of the mobsters.

The second thing to do is to leave the Selangor state government to resolve the issue without denying the Hindus their right to a place of worship worthy of the god they worship. The Federal Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to worship. It is therefore the responsibility of the federal government to ensure that Hindu Malaysians are not denied the right to construct their temple, but first, please sack the Minister of Home Affairs

Hishammuddin changes tune, wants action on cow-head protestors

Under fire from the public and opposition, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has changed his tune and is now asking for stern action against those involved in the cow-head protest in Shah Alam last week.

The Umno vice-president has told the police to proceed with investigations and bring to court those who brought the severed cow-head to protest a Hindu temple relocation. Cows are sacred in Hinduism.

“The police have identified the individuals involved," Hishammuddin said in a statement today.

The police have already wrapped up their investigations and have handed over the investigation papers to the Attorney-General's Chambers for further action.

The Home Minister said yesterday that the residents of Section 23 should not be charged as they only wanted their voices to be heard but it was unfortunate that “the publicity they received was negative as it was linked with racial and religious sentiments.”

Hishamuddin’s stand on the matter has been criticised by many, most notably top Pakatan Rakyat leaders who have since called for Hishammuddin to be sacked from the Cabinet.

International Trade and Industry deputy minister Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir today supported Hishammuddin's earlier views, almost a week after some 50 demonstrated against the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government’s decision to relocate the 150-year-old Sri Mahamariamman temple from Section 19 to Section 23 in Shah Alam. Two men brought the severed cow-head and stomped and spat on it, raising the ire of other Malaysians.

One of the protest leaders also threatened bloodshed if the Selangor government went ahead with its plans to relocate the temple.

In his statement today, Hishammuddin said although the residents were angry with the state government and had no intention of hurting the feeling of any other race, such action could not be tolerated.

“The Home Ministry view seriously all issues that could undermine the harmony, unity, national security and stability of this multiracial country,’’ he added.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had said that the police and Attorney-General’s Chambers would decide whether the protestors had violated any laws under the Sedition Act. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan had also said police had identified the main culprits involved and the Attorney-General had directed further investigations.


Double Standard Liar !!! It proves these DOGS never intended to act against UMNO Ultra Racist !!!
They managed to stop 50,000 strong ISA rally but can't manage to stop 50 cow butchers ?!!!!

When UMNO make racist remarks, the press get blamed & suffered !!!
When Ahmad Ismail made racist remark, an innocent reporter get arrested under ISA !!!
When idin made racist remark, the media get blame of mistranslation !!!

Just what can we expect from a regime ho relaid on Ultra Racist support to stay in power to act ?!!!
The incident was results of years of UMNO & UTUSAN Racist agenda !!!!

Where is the respect for religious freedom ?!!!!
Are we allow to reject a mosque in non-malay majority area ?!!!

Government machinery are all serving as a tool for UMNO BN !!!
From executive to judiciary's Zaki Azmi, AG, Police, MACC, EC and even exploiting the Monarchy, UMNO held it all from top to bottom & inside out!!!

We saw innocent opposition protestors arrested overnight under seditous act !!!
Others got arrested under ISA & send strict to Kamunting in the tainted name of "treat to national security" which included innocent journalist & opposition parliamentarian !!!

At another end, the priviledged ultra racist who had the honour sitting side-by-side with our Home Minister in a press conference without offering any apology & instead claiming they had been victimised even through hard evidence showing thier feet over the cow head !!!

Government machinery are all serving as a tool for UMNO BN !!!
From executive to judiciary's Zaki Azmi, AG, Police, MACC, EC and even exploiting the Monarchy, UMNO held it all from top to bottom & inside out!!!

Musa Hassan, AG Patail & Home Minister HiShame should held accountable & resign !!! resign !!! resign !!!

Anwar cites black-eye beating to argue prosecution's bias

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's application to disqualify the entire Sodomy II trial prosecution team began today with the opposition leader's lawyers presenting evidence pointing to the possibility of bias conduct by all seven prosecutors.

The government's team, led by senior federal counsel See Mee Chun, in their submission however, cited the application as an abuse of court process by Anwar and argued that the evidence showed by Anwar's lawyers were flimsy in proving their claims.

On Aug 11, the opposition leader filed an application to disqualify the entire prosecution team in his sodomy case, citing "a real danger of bias" as one of the grounds.

He named Solicitor-General I Datuk Idrus Harun, Solicitor-General II Datuk Mohamed Yusof Zainal Abiden, deputy public prosecutors Datuk Nordin Hassan, Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria, Wong Chiang Kiat, Shamsul Sulaiman and Noorin Badaruddin, the Public Prosecutor and the Government, as respondents.

A key piece of evidence used by PKR vice-president R Sivarasa, who is Anwar's lead counsel, to back their allegations was a letter of demand to the Solicitor-General made by Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, the police officer who investigated Anwar's "black-eye" assault in 1998.

The letter of demand, made public recently, accused Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Pattail, who was the lead prosecutor in Anwar's first sodomy trial ten years ago, of fabricating Anwar's medical report.

Mat Zain had concluded that the fabrication allegedly done by Gani was an attempt to "invite the conclusion that the injury sustained by Anwar was self-inflicted."

Anwar, who was just sacked as the deputy prime minister at the time, had been assaulted by then Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor while under police detention.

All the respondents were senior officers in the AG's office at the time and Sivarasa alleged that Mat Zain's letter showed that all of the respondents were well aware of the fabrication of evidence made by Gani at the time but did nothing.

"The behavior of the respondents can reasonably taken to be aiding and abetting the covering-up of of the crime of evidence fabrication of the AG," said Sivarasa in his submission.

One of the respondents have also been accused of willfully suppressing evidence in Anwar's sodomy II trial when he refused to disclose several documentary evidence, including the medical reports made by Dr Osman Abdul Hamid of Pusrawi which indicated that complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 24, had not been sodomised.

Under the Criminal Procedure Code, the prosecution in possession of evidence favourable to the defence must disclose them as a way to ensure a fair trial. If there is no such evidence, a certificate of declaration must be signed by the prosecution.

Sivarasa, however, alleged the respondents have deliberately breached the law by declaring that there were no such evidence despite possessing the medical reports, evidence clearly favourable to the defence.

He further alleged that they had only managed to obtain the evidence by applying for disclosure through court. All request made by Anwar directly to the prosecution were ignored.

Sivarasa's arguments, however, were dismissed by See, who argued that the leave application is non-justiciable and that Anwar could apply for the disqualification of the prosecution during his trial and not necessarily through a judicial review.

She also argued that the leave application "would create havoc" in Anwar's trial as it has to undergo more postponement to review the suitability of the prosecutors.

After hearing submissions from lawyers representing both sides, Justice Datuk Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin fixed Sept 15 for a decision on Anwar's application.


Double Standard & Bias !!! Why DSAI in court but not Chua Soi Lek ????? UMNO BN is above the law !!!!

Why no prosecution on ChuaSoiLek who publicly admitted his DVD act ?!!!
If DSAI prosecuted under sect.377, so should Dr Chua !!!

Nothing personal against Dr Chua.
In fact, this guy could hv been the good guy or at least the better among the corrupted BN clowns.

Independence medical reports from both a government hospital and a private one had stated clearly there was no anal penetration & there had not been no sodomization on Saiful !!!
So who believes the Judiciary is fair & independence ???

Government machinery are all serving as a tool for UMNO BN !!!
From executive to judiciary's Zaki Azmi, AG, Police, MACC, EC and even exploiting the Monarchy, UMNO held it all from top to bottom & inside out!!!

02 September 2009

Perak Police will act against any assembly near state building today

Stern action awaited those who gather near the Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan to watch a so-called state assembly sitting to be held today, warned state police chief Datuk Pahlawan Zulkifli Abdullah.

He said the police had obtained a court order under Section 98 of the Criminal Procedure Code to prohibit anyone from attending the ‘sitting’ or being within a 30-metre radius from the building, beginning 1am on Sept 2 till 11pm, the following day.

“The police have been informed by the state government that there is no state assembly sitting scheduled for Sept 2,” he said in a statement here today. Zulkfili said the matter had also been verified by Perak State Assembly Speaker Datuk R. Ganesan.

He said the police would not hesitate to take stern action against any illegal demonstrator on the said dates.

Meanwhile, Ipoh police chief ACP Azisman Alias said only civil servants working in the building would be allowed to enter the building tomorrow. Tronoh State Assemblyman V. Sivakumar, who is also former state assembly speaker, had last week, issued a notice on tomorrow’s meeting.
Ganesan three days ago, however, asked the state assemblymen to ignore the notice as it was issued by an illegal source. Assemblymen from PAS, DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) had tried to convene a state assembly sitting on March 3, but they were denied entrance, causing them to resort to an assembly under a tree.


What about the 50 rascals that carried a 'kepala lembu' to the State Government of Selangor? Any stern action? Why now the police blocking a proper elected government assembly?

Zulkifli Abdullah bear in mind the the people are watching your/the PDRM actions which are akin to being the UMNO/BN enforcers and NOT going by your oath of office as a neutral police officer/force.

Buah Pala folks turn to court again, to buy time

Residents of Kampung Buah Pala are again turning to the courts to prevent the impending demolition of their homes.

Residents Association secretary Joseph Steven Draviam said lawyers representing them will file an injunction at the Penang High Court tomorrow.

“We are all hoping the court will grant us an urgent order on the basis of human rights.”

Joseph said the residents have nowhere to go if their homes are demolished.

The residents have been locked in a battle with the developer and owners of the land and have already lost all previous attempts to get the courts to prevent the demolition of their homes.

The villagers have turned to Umno and the prime minister to intervene in their plight and are hoping the injunction will buy time for a solution to be found.

Developer Nusmetro Venture (P) Sdn Bhd has had to abort two previous attempts to demolish the homes due to strong resistance by villagers.

In their last attempted on Aug 13, the developer moved in to demolished the homes after most of the residents rejected the offer of a double-storey house as compensation.

After a tense standoff, a new dateline was set and the homes are scheduled to be demolished tomorrow.

Meanwhile Joseph, who is among three villagers who were arrested and released by police on Sunday, told the press he has also lodged a police report for what he claims were unlawful detentions.

He said they were arrested for threatening a Bangladeshi worker hired by the developer to demolish their homes on August 4.

However he denies the allegations.

“The state government had intervened on August 4 before the workers could move in to demolish our homes, so there was no reason for us to threaten anyone.”

He added villager M.Sugumaran who was arrested with him, was not even in Penang at the time of the incident but in Kuala Lumpur.

Joseph also questioned the timing of their arrests, pointing out the incident allegedly took place weeks ago.

“We were told to go to the police station to have our statements recorded and then the police decided to arrest us”.

Other residents who heard about the arrest rushed to the Jelutong police station in Georgetown and stopped a police van from taking the trio to city police headquarters in Jalan Patani.

The men were taken back into the police station before being released on police bail two hours later.


Talk on the streets and coffee shops in Penang are that you guys r getting greedy and being used by BN.should have taken the rm 350k house.u guys r shamefull to penangites.most pnangites dont feel sorry for you guys anymore....
and i totally agree with a penangite as well..

Still not satisfied with being given a double-storey house? Try asking for a semi-d then.

Squatters in Kg Buah Pala are a lucky lot. Just see what other squatters got - nothing.

kampong buah pala folks' future look bright as they turn to umno for help, with umno's resources and influence, it's just kacang putih matter, and i don't think they will like to let go of this opportunity to be a instant hero for the indian community in m'sia.

may be umno can give you 3.5million. you greedy people.

permatang pasir election over. you all have no more value to B N.

where is Semi Value? tot you all went to see MIC?

Kampung Buah Pala is not the first residential area to be sacrificed to make way for development. It won't be the last either. Everything that has progressed in any country has been at the cost of some demolishment of a once-cherished location to a certain number of people. Kuala Lumpur city itself was built over large settlements that were once the only home people ever knew. It's part of life; things change, and, most unfortunately, the old bows out to make way for the new.

For Kampung Buah Pala, it's time has come. That's it. You've got your 200 year history, yes, and that will not change. But in today's world, you have to accept change, or perish.

The BN govt has conveniently washed its hands off this mess of its own making. The Pakatan govt has done the noble thing in trying to pick up the pieces as best it can. But the people of Malaysia, in particular Penangites, have reached its saturation point with natural pity for the displacement of these villagers. I don't know how long they intend to stand out, but they should remember that in the real world, change is the only constant. That village is not going to be there forever. however sad this hard truth may be.

I have said it before and I said it again. The Kg Pala folks are just too greedy. You should have taken the RK350k D/S terrace house and go. Today the demolition team will come and demolish your houses. Once your houses are demolished , you will have no more bargaining power . You can form a human shield but that is nothing compared to demolition team 's arsenal.

You want to ask BN to help you all. BN has already help themselves to the proceeds from the sale. Maybe all the money is already spent in the karaoke and the like. Now you want them to help you by vomitting what they had already taken and digested ?? Think again. BN will never help you - not in your life time. If BN has your interest at heart, you would not have this problem .

LGE has been trying to help you and going out of the way to obtain the RM350k D/S house for each family. He and his government are the one who are your friends and concern about your welfare.

But it is too late now.

Always remember : those people who are with you during the time when you are down are your true friends. Those who stick around when you have money are your "friends" in inverted commas. LGE is your friend and a true one as such.

Kedah assemblyman relieved to keep Kota Siputeh

Datuk Abu Hassan Sarif of the Barisan Nasional (BN) today expressed relief over the Election Commission (EC) decision allowing him to remain as the state assemblyman for Kota Siputeh.

“I had left it to the EC to make a decision after Kedah State Assembly Speaker Datuk Dr Abdul Isa Ismail dismissed my appeal,” he said.

The speaker had notified the EC on Aug 17 that the seat had fallen vacant, as per Article 51 of the Kedah state constitution, after Abu Hassan failed to attend the assembly sitting on two consecutive meeting dates, April 19 and Aug 9. EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said today the EC unanimously ruled against a vacancy because the absences were over two different terms.

Speaking to reporters at the Kota Siputeh assemblyman’s service centre in Kampung Tenggiri near here, Abu Hassan said he would attend coming sittings of the state assembly as usual.

Abu Hassan, who is Jerlun Umno Division chief, said he hoped that the technical slip-up of his would serve as a lesson to all other elected representatives.

He said he would continue serving his constituents, adding that Jerlun Umno would distribute 500 bags of rice and cash to the poor in the area under its jurisdiction.


Another fiasco in the making? What exactly is the function of the EC? Can the EC overrides decision of the Speaker? If that be the case, would it not be a case of EC being the kingmaker?

Let say if it had been a PR man? Now the people know why BN lost in 7-1. No more tricks can make BN win back the support of the rakyat.

Najib battled unhappy Umno over Idris job

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has come off winning an argument within Umno, whose warlords are unhappy that rank outsider Datuk Seri Idris Jala has been made a Cabinet minister instead of any of them.

They had argued that as elected representatives of the people, Cabinet positions should be their reserve and not be given to outsiders. Umno has 79 federal lawmakers, out of the 139 within the ruling Barisan Nasional government.

Idris was sworn in as a senator in parliament this morning and will now work as a minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Department, focusing on implementing the administration’s Key Performance Index (KPIs) programme — seen as crucial to the prime minister’s efforts to win back sliding public support.

It is understood that the Umno president has also told party officials that where necessary and when certain skill sets are required, he will cast his net wider — and outside Umno.

In this instance, Najib believes Idris is the best man for the KPI job, apart from being the chief executive officer of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) that will drive the programme.

“He is goal-oriented and has shown the ability to get results. Also, because Idris is not a politician, he will be able to ensure that KPIs for ministers are carried out without fear or favour,” a government source told The Malaysian Insider.

The former Malaysia Airlines chief executive follows former Malayan Banking Berhad CEO Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz as those tapped to serve the government. Amirsham, who joined Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s government last year, is now chairman of the council of economic advisers to Najib.

Idris will report to Senator Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, who is minister in charge of national unity and performance management apart from reporting to Najib on other tasks. The new appointment makes Idris the 29th minister in Najib’s cabinet.

Najib took office on April 3 promising to cut down what was seen as Abdullah’s bloated cabinet of 32 ministers. The country’s sixth prime minister scrapped some ministries and moved some units and departments to other ministries, giving fewer Cabinet chances to his lawmakers.

Analysts say Najib will have to cull his overweight Cabinet and push the ministers to show results before the next general elections either in 2012 or early 2013, or risk a greater loss than Election 2008 where it lost four states and its customary two-thirds parliamentary majority. Since then, Barisan has lost all six by-elections it contested in West Malaysia. It sat out the Penanti by-election and only won Batang Ai in Sarawak.

It is also learnt that Najib made it clear that while elected representatives should be considered for high positions in the government, their first job should be to serve the people who had voted them in.

The Barisan Nasional chairman was concerned that some Umno representatives have a cavalier approach towards going to ground and serving the constituents. Their absence has been a gripe among voters, who say their representatives only show up for ministerial visits or elections.

“In short, he is saying being an Umno politician does not mean that you automatically qualify for a top job,” the source said.

Among high-profile Umno lawmakers out of the Cabinet is Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin and several Umno supreme council members such as Datuk Seri Jamaluddin Jarjis, who is, however, Malaysian ambassador to the United States with ministerial rank.


At first the UMNO warlords kicked off KTK to whip them, now they knew Idris is a tougher man to handle, so they finding all the excuses to kick him out, one of the excuse is that why appointed a non elected candidate to be their headmaster. me bowl of soIf najib appointed UMNO youth chief to hold the post, I think all the UMNO warlords will be very happy, because all are came from the same kuali.

It is a fact that the Warlords in UMNO goes into politics for power and riches for themselves and what they don't need will be thrown as crumbs to the ordinary members. For example they insist on education in the Malay language but they sent their children to the private schools and overseas to be educated in English so that they will always be education wise be on top of the ordinary citizen. Therefore, our PM will really have a tough job ahead to implement what he said for 1Malaysia.

With all due respect, appointing Idris was a mistake, now there will be unhappy lads within the parties that will go all out to prove that this appointment was wrong. In the Corporate sector, KPIs play a role, those who deliver are given goodies and those that don't are retrained or retrenched. With BN having so many under performers, how is Idris going to change things, there will be too many against him. To change the culture of UMNO/BN a strong /brave hand is needed to cull, cut and throw out the incompetent, punish the corrupt, conclusion it is an impossible task, Idris will be a made a lame duck.. time will tell if I am wrong.

When will they ever learn that the best man is best for the job. MAS would have gone bankrupt if appointment is based on skin qualification and not on competency. So many incompetent chiefs are sitting on high places earning fat salaries doing nothing. It's time we get rid of useless dead wood

31 August 2009

The Cow Head and the herd mentality.

The cow head incident.

This incident is the most talked about presently. A group of people, after performing Friday prayers, marched to the government secretariat building with a severed cow head. The object of their volatile outpouring is the relocation of a Hindu temple from section 19 to section 23. The cow head is severed. It was bloody. Protesters held it by the horns and carried the grisly object from the mosque to the secretariat building. Along the way, they shouted God is Great. Inflammatory speeches were made by the ring leaders of the cow head march. One Ibrahim Ismail gave a very incendiary speech. The sun was high. It was very hot. Some people kicked the cow head. It was shown on YouTube.

Section 23 is a part within the sprawling suburb of Shah Alam. The majority of people staying in section 23 as in Shah Alam are Malays. They are also Muslims. They are God Fearing people and good Muslims. If the protesters are residents of section 23, they have shown themselves as 'better' Muslims that their brethren in section 19. They are teaching the section 19 residents how to be good Muslims.

The temple in section 19 is very close to people's residence. You can open the doors of your house, and the Hindu temple is in front of your doorsteps. Yet the people of section 19 have shown uncharacteristic restraint and exemplary patience. Has that got anything to do with the fact, that the government in power during the time when people of sec 19 were being very patient and tolerant was the BN government? Now that the present government is no longer BN, all maters must be resolved instantly otherwise the government can be overthrown?

See the context? Section 19 temple= during BN rule. Section 23 temple= PR rule. So the cow head protest is not only aimed at creating a climate of fear for Hindu worshipers but also as reason perhaps to dispose of the PR government unconstitutionally. Indeed the ringleader of the cow head demonstrators said, the severed cow head wasn't meant to insult the Hindus religion. It was meant to show that leaders of the PR government in Selangor are stupid like cows. Ah ha- the object of his desire is to kick out the legitimately elected government! This cow head demo is therefore just cannon to the political fodder.

Ala Tuan, I think Malaysians have had enough of despatching of governments through contrived unconstitutional means. You take over and form governments through constitutional elections. As a direct threat to the sovereignty and supremacy of the law in Malaysia, this threat must be met directly in no uncertain terms. The police must enforce the law without any further delay. Arrest all those culprits and bring them to deal with the law. This action will only serve to increase the credibility deficit of the BN government especially that of UMNO's.

The severed cow head is symbolic of what? To the Hindus a cow is a sacred animal. Can we infer from the severed cow head, that this dismembered anatomy of a cow, is meant to send ominous signals to the Indian/Hindu community?

If that is so, there is only one option which the PM has. Instruct the police to arrest all those involved and placed them under ISA. All right thinking Malaysians cannot condone and tolerate such blatant racist superciliousness. I am shocked beyond disbelief that the OCPD of Shah Alam said; the situation was too volatile for them to interfere. If I am being wicked, can I take it to mean the police were scared?

Let us be clear yes- this is a relocation not building a new one. Even if it involves the building of a new one, if the request is reasonable, we can't unreasonably withhold our approval. I am sure the PR government of Selangor operates on a similar basis. Unless of course the temple at section 19 was built on illegal land or a TOL land of which permanent title has been refused. No permanent building can be built on TOL land anyway. Since the temple there which was built on titled land, is to be demolished, it is fair that a new location for building replacement be given. Hence an area in section 23. The trustees of the temple and Hindus can refuse relocation if they want and bring the matter to court. I think we must recognise and appreciate this giving spirit.

Isn't the relocation of the temple, the core request asked and hoped for by the majority of Malay Muslims there? I understand in section 19, the location of the Hindu kovil is vey near people's residences such that you can literally open your doors and you immediately face the kovil.

I urge all Muslims to examine the new location. I understand it is on industrial land quite a distance from houses. This distance should accord more comfort than if the temple is unmoved from section 19. I think this is a fair deal. Those in section 19 who don't feel comfortable about being so near a temple should find relief that now the temple will be moved to section 23 and a bit farther from houses.

Therefore if we were to approach this issue with a sense of level headedness, then the cow head incident should not have taken place at all.

That it has taken place, suggests that it is the work of saboteurs and provocateurs out to make political capital of simmering racial uneasiness and create social havoc. If PAS members were involved, the party should take action against them. If PKR members were involved, they will have to face the music too.


When UMNO leaders raised keris and punched the air shouting ” jangan cabar…” my fellow Malaysians shivered and squirmed. Years of dangerous propaganda mixing politics with religion and playing with racial sentiment had eventually culminated to this act of ultimate insensitivity. Its pay back time as the world is watching.

Now that these mobs stomped the cow head shouting “Jangan cabar…” the rest of the world looked on and made many business and other detrimental decisions on the future of our country.

This ultimate act of insensitivity and dangerous provocation will have heavy negative business impact. We can safely say goodbye to tourists and foreign capital from India and China. Export of non-commodity to these countries will also be affected.

But of course these “demonstrators” did not care about all these, as they have been brainwashed by years of dangerous racial and religious propaganda.

Now that these confused mobs can not be rationale anymore and our law enforcement agencies just stood still and equally confused and lost, the future of this land is simply misty.

I think the people who participated in and sponsored this shameful act are purely racists and religious bigots. They just cannot tolerate those other than them. Its a disease still common amongst many Malays and sadly those who call themselves Muslims. All they need is an excuse to show their hatred and intolerance towards those different than them. Sickos all of them and with these kind of monkeys still found in abundance in our beloved Malaysia, its a long and hard road ahead. Cheers to you all.

A 150 years old temple to give way to the "sensitivity" of the residents. No one held big demonstration. In exchange for a decent place to relocate, we have Mad Cows stepping on a poor dead cow. GOD is GREAT!

How about a Mad Cow Dance for Merdeka?

All sides slam cow head incident

Various groups and politicians from both sides of the political divide have expressed regret at the use of a severed cow head by 50 people in protesting against the relocation of a temple here.

The action will be investigated under Section 27 (5) of the Police Act for unlawful assembly and the 1948 Sedition Act as it involved racial sentiments, Shah Alam district police chief Assistant Commissioner Nor Azam Jamaluddin said yesterday.

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said such an act of religious intolerance was appalling and a step back in the efforts for mutual respect among the various races and religions in the country.

The group was protesting against the relocation of the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Section 19 to Section 23.

The demonstrators had marched from a nearby mosque after Friday prayers and placed the head of a cow, a sacred animal to Hindus, outside the state secretariat building here.

"The state calls on the police to act without fear or favour, and conduct a fair investigation into the incident, including the threats issued by the demonstrators against state leaders," said Khalid in a statement.

He added that a directive had been issued to the Shah Alam City Council to hold an open discussion on Sept 5 for Section 23 residents, which would be attended by the council officials and Selangor Economic Development Corporation representatives.

The meeting will not only allow those affected to express their views but also provide the state an opportunity to present facts and reasons surrounding its decision to relocate the current temple in Section 19 to Section 23, Khalid said.

The Section 19 temple is about 150 years old and was located in a plantation, which the Selangor Economic Development Corporation decided to develop into a housing estate. The temple was left untouched.

Initially, the temple was to be relocated to an industrial area in Section 22, but it was moved to Section 23 to make it more accessible to devotees.

Representatives from several non-governmental organisations, who gathered at the Shah Alam district police station yesterday to lodge reports on the incident, expressed regret over the treatment of the Hindus' sacred symbol. However, they urged all to remain calm.

The chairman of the Section 19 Sri Maha Mariamman temple committee, R. Selvakumaran, said the temple management was ready to participate in a dialogue to resolve the matter as they had fought to have the temple relocated for more than 20 years.

The Coalition of Malaysian Indian Non-governmental Organisations secretary Gunaraj George hoped such an incident would not happen again.

While the coalition members were upset with the police for failing to stop the demonstration, he said they trusted the force would take action against those responsible.

Nor Azam said at a press conference that police could not take drastic action as it would have worsened the situation.

"If we had taken action, it would have sparked more anger. It was not suitable to take action at the time. We have proof and witnesses and will take action against those involved.

"The witnesses include not only the public but also police officers who were there. We will also investigate the participation of certain parties."

Section 23 Residents' Association Action Committee chairman Ahmad Mahyuddin Abdul Manaf denied that they were responsible for bringing the cow head.

"It could have been brought by a resident who was upset with the way the state government was handling the temple relocation matter."

At the same time, he said the picture published in a news web portal, which showed two men carrying the cow head, was taken when they were removing the cow head as instructed by the police.

Mahyuddin said the residents' aim was to convey their dissatisfaction and not to stir racial sentiments.

In Kuala Lumpur, Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said he regretted the actions of the demonstrators, especially as they had resorted to such an act during the month of Ramadan.

"They should have known better than to resort to such actions. We must respect the culture and religion of other communities," he said yesterday.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said the demonstrators had committed a despicable and disrespectful act that could harm the country's peace and harmony.

"This is not acceptable in Islam, a religion that upholds moderation and respect for others' beliefs," he wrote in his blog yesterday.

"The Malay Muslims, who organised and were involved in the demonstration, should stop and think how they would feel if a proposal to build a mosque in a non-Malay area leads to non-Malays burning or stepping on the Al-Quran.

"Would the Malays not rise in anger? If the answer is yes, then isn't the parading of a severed cow head just as insulting?"

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said he regretted the incident and that his priority would always be the people's safety and peace among various races.

"What happened was insensitive, and I hope that it will not adversely affect the country's racial harmony."


First, PDRM didn't take action because no one lodged a report.
So "representatives from several non-governmental organisations, who gathered at the Shah Alam district police station yesterday to lodge reports"

PDRM "urged all to remain calm."

When "all sides slam cow head incident", why has the pols not done something. Contrast this with treatment of the peaceful protests that were cracked down harshly recently... whose instuctions are they waiting for semua-nya OK?

i can imagine khir toyol smiling from ear to ear at his tanah suci when he heard the news.surely there must be powerful instigators and supporters behind the illegal kepala lembu gang of idiots otherwise pdrm would have isa them.

UMNO use of race and religion to create disharmony among the various races never fails. With this move they have check-mated Pakatan Rakyat. To move the temple to S23 will anger the malays and to back down is to anger the indians and the chinese! Even PAS members have been sucked into the squabble and falling to the sides of UMNO.

Pakatan can never beat UMNO in this divide and rule game for they are the master in this game; they are without conscience and they don't care what happens to the country as long as they remain in power and grab the wealth.

The only way to ever neutralises UMNO's race card is for the muslim partners in the PR coalition is to explain and educate the malay masses on the true path of Islam which is peace, tolerance, justice and non-discrimination.

Islam do not teaches such intolerance.
All this 50 "talibans" should be ISAed and kept in kamunting for good.
The dark hands behind this incident should be 'exiled' to Afganistan.

Don’t turn N-Day celebrations into a 'Black Merdeka', public urged

To be able to celebrate National Day for the 52nd year is something all Malaysians should be proud of and it should not to be turned into a “black” day, said Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor.

The people should look at the nation’s achievements and successes positively and not be influenced by certain groups that have called on the public to show displeasure against the Government today, said the Barisan Nasional secretary-general.

“There were those who feel slighted or neglected because they did not get some things that they have wanted,” he said.

“But, that should not be a reason to participate in activities that will tarnish the image of the country, especially its National Day celebrations,” Tengku Adnan told reporters after handing out flags to a crowd at the Precinct 8 market, here, Sunday.

He was commenting on an SMS circulating in the country, urging people to show their displeasure towards the Government by wearing black on Monday.

Tengku Adnan said he was alerted of the message by some friends and had informed Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of it on Saturday.
He said he expected the matter to be discussed with Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein to see what action should be taken against the irresponsible parties.


what is this man talking about? wearing black doesn't tarnish the image of the country. fixing the judiciary tarnishes the image of the country.

well was not planning to wear black but now I'm going to. Maybe Kerismuddin will get Shah Alam police to catch all those wearing black

Correct, correct correct, your boss Mr Najis is eyeing the state of Selangor because this state is like a fattened cow before his eyees!
But the recent incident of the cow head in Shah Alam has definitely dampen any mood for Merdeka celeberation!
I will be wearing Black shirt/pants in rememberance of the dead Cow which was kicked/spat on by United Moronic Mad Organisation members!
Hope all the young generation will remember not only this incident but those to come!

Merdeka? What Merdeka are we talking about when Malaysia is being plundered by the Umnoputrid regime more than the British colonialists did many times over? And the British never taught us to murder Kugans and Beng Hocks and threatened bloodshed while provocatively stepping on a cow-head.

Only in 1BlackMalaysia!

At least when the British left, they helped us draw up an accomplished system of Parliamentary Democracy and, even before they left, they had also Kirby-trained and produced many of our dedicated teachers of old. All these are now on the verge of being destroyed.

Only in 1BlackMalaysia!

What type of Merdeka today are we talking about when we have totally corrupt, lying and murderous leaders who intentionally destroy our established system of governance, the separation of powers? And Merdeka certainly wasn't about replacing a fine education system with a retarded one that produced docile semi-educated students who had to turn to the government for jobs in return for their blind votes. Merdeka for Umno simply means continued instigation of one race against others to maintain power to steal, rob and plunder, disregarding and risking the nation's welfare and security.

Only in 1BlackMalaysia!

What Merdeka is it when as a very rich and nature-blessed country, we get teary-eyed seeing the innocent little children growing up in misery and lining up for food in Kapit, Sarawak? - yes, they even call it the land of Barisan's fixed-deposits! Umno can illegally send out soldiers to help in a by-election but not provide even a helicopter to the hard-to-reach famished children. How many more merdekas are the people there going to be kept poor and uneducated to retain them as fixed-deposits?! All this, definitely, wasn't the Merdeka that Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman had in mind.

Only in 1BlackMalaysia!

There can be no Merdeka for the rakyat unless there is real independence in the three branches of government and the important national institutions. Umno must go, or Malaysia will.

Wear Black it is!

Wear Black you are concern.....The Kaarabu Head...quiet quiet sweep under action No need to investigate...clearly shown here

Why did AMENO send out an idiot to make stupid statements again and give out small flags to the public like giving candies to little children? The other UMNO biggies are afraid to make idiotic statements and make themselves look stupid because they know they will fumble and have nothing to say.

By the way I wanted to show my grandchildren the true meaning of Merdeka and how it is celebrated every year at Dataran Merdeka on the eve and the parade in the morning where Malaysians of all walks of life dress up and look smart for the occassion. NO more ... gone are the days!!! The Federal government says they don't have the budget for it. BULLSHIT. The rakyat know where all the money has been siphoned. Merdeka is dead...gone...and finished!!!

Cow-head protest was end of tether for Sect 23 folk

Sect 23 resident Sukhani has resorted to flying Umno flags to show his anger.

For the residents of the middle class Taman Ixora neighbourhood in Section 23 here, the cow-head protest after Friday prayers underlined their anger and frustration against a government unwilling to heed their views.

While they have mixed feelings about brandishing a cow-head during the protest, they are adamant in not wanting the Section 19 Sri Mahamariamman Temple relocated to their predominantly Malay-Muslim neighbourhood, more so near the Surau Al-Jannah.

The faded graffiti on the zinc fence surrounding the disputed site reflected their feelings.

“We object to this temple”, “Pakatan Rakyat cannot be trusted” and “Rodziah babi” were written on the fence. Rodziah Ismail is the Batu Tiga state assemblywoman, which covers the area, and an executive councillor in the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government.

Graffiti near the proposed site of the temple makes it clear how residents here feel

Graffiti near the proposed site of the temple makes it clear how residents here feel. — Picture By Choo Choy May
On Friday, they went a step further to show that they were at the end of their tether by holding a noisy demonstration outside the Selangor state secretariat, dragging a severed cow-head which they stomped and spat on. The act is offensive to Hindus, who regard cows as sacred.

Although riot police stood by at the state secretariat, they are in full force at the neighbourhood multi-purpose hall beside the proposed temple site, which is now a lush green field.

Shah Alam OCPD ACP Noor Azam Jamaludin said they had been stationed there before the protest and will remain until Sept 3.

On a visit to the neighbourhood, the Malay residents expressed anger and felt it was unsuitable for the temple to be built in a predominantly Muslim community.

They also argued the location was not strategic because there is only one major exit from the neighbourhood to the main highway and the temple would likely create congestion in the area.

Others also felt that they have been cheated and abandoned by their Muslim PR leaders.

Having the temple so close to their playground will stop children from playing there, parents claim

Having the temple so close to their playground will stop children from playing there, parents claim. — Picture By Choo Choy May
“I attended yesterday’s demonstration because this is my neighbourhood and I must show support. That is what I want. I hung this Umno flag, but I voted one for Khalid Samad and Rodziah. I voted for PKR but I felt cheated. I have this Umno flag to show my anger,” Sukhani Mohd Jamil stressed, venting his anger at the state lawmakers.

Khalid Samad is the Shah Alam MP, which encompasses this neighbourhood in the predominantly Malay constituency.

The 30 year old father explained that neighbourhood had objected when they learned the temple was planned to built near their homes but they did not receive any response.

Sukhani felt cheated when he learned that the state government had not consulted the residents and approved the building of the temple.

“I’ve never felt this spirit. This is not about race hatred. Take whatever land but not near our housing areas. I am really disappointed,” he said.

The Section 23 action committee against the temple construction had sent a protest memorandum to Rodziah explaining that the temple was just 160 metres from the houses, 50 metres from a playground and 150 metres from Surau Al-Jannah. They demanded a public hearing but the Batu Tiga state assemblyman said it was unnecessary as the area was industrial land.

There was also fear in some of the residents as they are afraid that this issue might explode into a racial backlash

Some residents, like Mainora, fear the issue could turn into a powder keg.

Some residents, like Mainora, fear the issue could turn into a powder keg. — Picture By Choo Choy May
“Of course, nobody wants the temple. It is too near to the playground. This has become an issue. I am scared that this will lead to fighting. They are too sensitive on this issue. Can you ask Rodziah why she wants to build it there?” Mainora Muir Hassan explained.

The mother of four stressed that the temple was not in the plans when they bought the house and questioned if the state government can do this.

“If there is not any temple, then we won’t buy. The price of our houses will also fall. Khalid wants tolerance but how can there be tolerance when it is near to the surau?” she added.

Pakatan Rakyat politicians claimed that most of the protesters were not from Section 23 and the demonstration was orchestrated by Umno.

However, local residents refuted this claim and said it was unfair because they are fighting for their neighbourhood and not for any political party.

“It is not a question of Umno or not, we are all Muslims. I am disappointed that a Muslim leader has neglected the Muslim community. Our religion has been sidetracked,” Latiff Roslan said.

The businessman was confused why the state government had decided to build the temple near their homes when there was no objection to build the temple in Section 22 as originally planned.

“Playground is for our children, children won’t go there to play and parents won’t allow them to play. Why is this temple made into an issue? People have objected to this temple so the government should stop the project.

“I read in the papers, that they want to move the temple by 300 metres. There is no land for the temple to be relocated by 300 metres. They want to put in the temple in the factory? So they are trying to lie to us and we cannot accept it,” he said.

The predominantly Malay-Muslim residents feel a sense of betrayal by their elected representatives.

The predominantly Malay-Muslim residents feel a sense of betrayal by their elected representatives. — Picture By Choo Choy May
The residents feel that they are being neglected by their leaders and are fed-up with Khalid’s call for religious tolerance.

“Khalid Samad is a liar, he likes to tell lies. He is scared to face the people. If the temple can be relocated by 300 metres, why not five kilometres? They asked us to tolerant. We can be tolerant but they must find a suitable location,” Azman Abdul Majid said.

The Telekom Malaysia employee added that politicians are abandoning religion for votes.

There were mixed emotions on the severed cow-head being used in the demonstration but they agree that the protestors just wanted to show their anger.

The residents are planning to seek a court injunction if the state government continues its plans to build the temple there.


Lots of non-Muslims tolerate mosques being built in their areas. A multi racial society involves give and take. We should not encourage the creation of racial or religious enclaves. Further, I am puzzled how the presence of a temple affects the practice of their own faith. Some of these residents claim to be tolerant, but the lack of it is precisely what they seem to be exhibiting. Are they even aware of this fact, or have they been so brainwashed by UMNO, that they cannot see what the rest of the world sees : practitioners of a religion only in form, but not in substance.

So if the residents must have their way, let it be then . But what goes around may come around. Next month you may find non muslims objecting to suraus being built on playgrounds elsewhere. Non muslims may feel that a surau built on a playground just behind their homes affects the value of their homes. That when they bought the homes in the first place there was no mention of surau being built next to their homes on playgrounds. Some of them paid more for homes facing playgrounds. That is not safe to send non muslim children to play in a playground that has a surau built on it. It takes a bunch ignorant people to undo years of good.

What is happening now I blame the Umno govt for NOT allocating land for temples and churches to be built.

However in every housing estate land is always allocated for mosques and suraus to be built and why is this so if the Constitution guarantees freedom of worship and religion? Why this official blatant discrimination? Can anyone come up with an answer to this double standard?

The adherents of other religions have kept quiet all these years but that doesnt mean they are happy with this kind of treatment. As a consequence you find all sorts of illegal temples and shoplot churches springing up everywhere bcos they are denied a proper piece of land to build their house of worship. Now do we find illegal mosques and suraus springing up everywhere? Section 23 muslims feel a sense of betrayal by the Selangor state govt on this matter and may I ask them what do they think that not allocating land by the govt to the non muslims to build their house of worship a fair thing or a betrayal too?

In the pre 1970s you can see houses of worship of different religions coexisting without this kind of religious polarisation manifesting and threatening bloodshed and committing sacreligious acts. It is not that PR is insensitive to the Section 23 muslims as this problem of lack of land to build temples and churches is created by Umno for the last 40 years. Now are we going to object if the PR state govt decides to allocate land for the purpose of building churches and temples along with mosques and suraus in mixed housing estates?

If Muslim's feel that it is not a suitable location for a Hindu Temple, I think that it is ok. If the Muslim leaders and community tried to find an alternate location for the Hindu Temple, that would have been even better. It's about give and take. And in Malaysia it should be the majority race who should try to accommodate the needs of the minority races, trying to find solutions for them which does not infringe on your own. Swift and severe action should be taken against those who desecrated the cow head so that the minorities feel safe and that their rights are also being protected in a fair manner.

In America, most of the citizens are either Christian or atheist and they allowed Muslims to build mosque in their neighborhood. There were even Muslims that convert old Church building to Mosque. Sometimes, people criticized American for being racist but I sometimes I'm a little amazed that Malaysians are worse than American. Did you know some Church even invite Imams to give speech at their Church? In Malaysia, the Muslims population are the majority so can we be allowed to build other religious building in this country? I know there are a lot very rational and non-racist Malaysian unlike the demonstrators. I hope they can openly condemn these demonstrators. We're all fellow Malaysians that want to practice our religion freely. I hope fellow Malaysians can respect each other. Lastly, majority of us are Malaysians that respect others!

Is Section 23 people is some kind of jungle? That they need so much space to migle with their own kind only? That they scared that their children that the 'dark peope' will kidnap them? If like that, then start your own communal place la.

Why are there so many mosques in Penang, a place which is predominantly Chinese?

This shows UMNO Malays are fanatics.

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