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10 June 2010

Proposed GST to stay at 4%

Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin, the Deputy Minister of Finance said that the government will not be changing the proposed plan of 4% as the rate for GST (Goods and Services Tax) and denied claims that it might be raised to 10%. He said “The government believes that although the GST has been set at four per cent, it will have a neutral impact on inflation and on the overall government revenue. Tax collection can also increase through efficient GST collection and higher tax collection compliance level”

Speaking to the Dewan Rakyat, he added that “What’s important is to ensure the information on tax collection mechanism and GST implementation trickle down to the people from all strata of society. The GST’s main objective was to restructure the country’s taxation system to be more comprehensive, efficient, transparent and business-friendly. There are lots of advantages to address the weaknesses in the present taxation system. This is because the GST paid by traders for business inputs like raw materials, telephone bills and office equipment can be claimed as credit from the government,” He also said “This is because many countries have implemented the GST even though their per capita income was much lower than Malaysia. Venezuela, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Sudan have already enforced GST. This clearly showed the per capita income level is not the yardstick to implement GST,


Malaysia doesn't need GST if the corruption is eradicated or minimized. How many billion wasted by the government officials in mega projects? But nothing is being done .

Those money wasted or may be siphoned by the government officials can easily pay for all the subsidies. so no need for GST.

We keep hearing the reason because OIL PRICE has gone up. It is true, but isn't Petronas own by the government? Isn't Petronas been making more profit than before? How come these profit were not used to compensate the people? Why gave so much bonuses to Petronas staff? Is Petronas staffs the only one can benefit from the high oil price? Is Petronas staff the only Malaysian citizens?

Malaysia is governed by bunch of incompetent and corrupt officials. It is very sad for the people because we have to entrust our fate and future onto these corrupt officilas, not to mention, very stupid.

Our only hope is for the next generation to be better than the current one. Let's hope that today's parents will guide and teach their off springs good values and morale. These children are our hope to eradicate corrupt government since these children will be our future leaders.

We cannot trust the current leaders, either from the ruling government or the oppositions. Both are corrupt.

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