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10 June 2011

Khairy tried to propping a minister......attacks PAS man on Twitter over Najib visit

Khairy Jamaluddin has attacked Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad on micro-blogging site Twitter for “lies” that claim the Umno Youth chief had confirmed that the prime minister was in Kazakhstan to attend his daughter’s engagement.

In a series of messages addressed to the PAS central working committee member, Khairy (picture) pointed out that he had never mentioned any engagement or that Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s official visit to the Central Asian state coincided with such an event.

“@DrDzul How is it I ‘confirmed your claims’? Have you lost it? Cheap, desperate & unbecoming of an intellect. Is this the best you got?” the Rembau MP said.

“I thought @DrDzul was a decent guy. Didn’t think he was capable of a desperate spin.”

He stressed that Najib’s Kazakhstan trip — planned to coincide with the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) being held there now — had been lined up as far back as a year ago.

Khairy, who was invited to speak at the WIEF, also taunted Dzulkefly for not being invited to the forum held in the Kazakh capital Astana despite his “great mind”.

“@DrDzul You weren’t even invited were you? Should have. Great mind like you Dzul. Could have lectured how to buy IBanks before the crash,” he said.

Dzulkefly earlier today urged Najib to disclose all expenses incurred from his official visit to Kazakhstan as it allegedly coincided with his daughter’s engagement.

The Prime Minister’s Office has not commented on the matter. Najib’s family has also not made any announcement of an engagement.

“Disclose how much of it was for personal matters and whether anyone on the entourage was not necessary for the WIEF,” the Kuala Selangor MP told The Malaysian Insider earlier today.

He also thanked Khairy “for confirming our claim that arrangements for a wedding were taking place during the trip”.

Khairy had earlier defended Najib on Twitter, pointing out that the prime minister was in Kazakhstan to deliver a speech at the WIEF and to return a visit made by Nursultan Nazarbayev during Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s tenure.

“PM’s Kazakh trip planned long before daughter’s engagement. In fact return visit for President Nazarbayev’s Msia trip DURING Pak Lah’s time,” Khairy posted yesterday.


Why fuss over such tweets? Pls focus energy on improving welfare and living condition of the rakyat pls...

Whaaaa trying so hard to get promoted to Minister.

Question is ,why on 2 separate occasions Najib could be so coincidently attending 2 personal affairs while on official duties? the other one in USA for convocation of another of his children? I agree with Dr Dzul that Najib is wrong on moral consideration.

Khir warns Umno against seat grab

Former Selangor mentri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has cautioned Umno members against being involved in a seat tussle with MCA, charging that such a move would only cause more harm than good.

“Think carefully before you do it; at this moment, any changing seat between the parties is very sensitive.

“The outcome might not be good,” he told reporters today.

The veteran Umno politician’s remarks come as a seat tussle rages on between his party and MCA over the Wangsa Maju parliamentary seat, traditionally contested by MCA.

Khir said Umno’s move to take over seats held by other Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties may reinforce the perception that the Malay party was trying to “control” everything in BN.

“There might be a (perception) that Umno is trying to control everything... the Chinese don’t like these things,” the former Selangor opposition leader said.

He said Umno should instead focus on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia concept, and work towards achieving the PM’s vision.

In a statement on Tuesday, MCA treasurer-general Datuk Seri Tan Chai Ho said he was upset Wangsa Maju Umno leaders had openly voiced their claim over Wangsa Maju, which MCA lost for the first time in 2008.

The seat is currently held by independent Member of Parliament Wee Choo Keong who won on a PKR ticket during Election 2008.

He scolded Umno for making its intentions public and urged all BN component parties to keep such matters internal.

“I would like to point out that all issues related to BN in the coming general election must be decided on by the BN supreme council and processed in the spirit of BN whereby the views of all party members are looked into so as to find the perfect balance,” said Tan.


What a shame, no need to tell us the party's internal problem and bickering. The rakyat is waiting anxiously for the road to Putrajaya.....

Whether there is a tussle or no tussle, the outcome is clear for MCA. it will meet its political death.

As far as UMNO is concerned, just count the number of seats it can retain. Just what has UMNO and its partners done for Malaysia since 2008? These people are just not interested or just do not have the sense of leadership to lead anymore. More often than not, they are thinking of how much they can grab from whatever that is left and available to them.

The welfare of Malaysians are never in their minds, the good and proper administration of the country is never on their agenda.

The outcome in Selangor is clear as crystal, educated Selangorians will opt for Pakatan Rakyat whatever their shortcomings, as corruptions and plunderings from the nation's wealthiest state is very much lessened.

BN will continue to offer Malaysians "politics of race" until after the next GE! They have gone too far and they cannot retrack now. And Malaysians tak mudah lupa for what they had dished out to us the past three years! Sex, sodomies, lies, racial insults, religious insults! Gutter politics at its best!

Malaysians for a more peaceful and progressive Malaysia, vote Pakatan Rakyat to save our children and future generations! Selamatkan Malaysia!

Khir Toyo paid landscape artist over RM6 million

A landscape artist told the High Court today that he was paid more than RM6 million to design Dr Mohd Khir Toyo’s Balinese-style mansion.

Nasir Ismail, who is the prosecution’s third witness in the corruption trial of the former Selangor mentri besar testified that the payments were in several instalments — five from Datuk Shamsuddin Hayroni, and eight from Dr Khir.

Each instalment amounted to RM500,000, said Nasir.

“I received payment of RM500,000 in cash from Datuk Shamsuddin (Hayroni) four to five times,” Nasir told the court today. “I said I needed payment and he said he would report it to Datuk Seri (Khir).”

The landscape artist said that Dr Khir had appointed Shamsuddin, who is Ditamas Sdn Bhd director, to handle all issues regarding the renovation of the mansion, because he (Dr Khir) “did not have the time” to handle it personally.

“I went to see Datuk Seri (Dr Khir) at his official residence for the rest of the fees,” Nasir said. “I received RM500,000 in payments in instalments for seven, eight times.”

Nasir said he received all the payments in cash because he was declared a bankrupt in 1998 and that there were no receipts for payments as Dr Khir wanted it that way.

“The master of the house did not want to make any documents,” said the 55-year old landscape artist in reference to the Sungai Panjang assemblyman.

Nasir said his first impression upon seeing the house was that it belonged to Dr Khir because he had met the former MB in March 2006 to discuss the designing of the mansion.

But Nasir explained that when he saw the renovation plan, it stated Ditamas Sdn Bhd as the owner of the mansion at the time.

Dr Khir was charged last December with accepting two land lots for RM3.5 million in Section 7 here in 2007, said to have been bought by Shamsuddin in 2004 for RM6.5 million.

Dr Khir’s Balinese-style mansion had come under fire when critics claimed it cost RM24 million, although the Umno politician had maintained it cost only RM3.5 million.

The former Selangor opposition leader was charged with obtaining the two land lots and the bungalow, which are located at No. 8 and 10, Jalan Suasa 7/1 L, Shah Alam, for himself and his wife Datin Seri Zahrah Kechik, 45.

If found guilty, the Sungai Panjang assemblyman faces two years’ jail, a fine, or both under section 165 of the Penal Code


Can a dentist salary plus salary of MB and allowances afford all this ???????????

Maybe he is owner of the franchise business of '1Malaysia dentist clinics', and sole distributor of dentistry equipments. as well the Umno govt tender contractor for all the Ministry of Health dental training schools and dental clinics.

IRB, what you have done to check his income sources ? did he under declared ? Any suspicion of money laundering here ? Police, what have u done ?

My god, just look at the extent of corruption by UMNO/BN politicians................

PKR lays out Selangor defence strategy

PKR beat its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners to the draw today and revealed details of a polls strategy aimed at defending Selangor, a frontline state that Barisan Nasional (BN) is growing confident of recapturing.

Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin talked up BN’s chances in Selangor for the coming polls, saying the coalition planned to recapture the state by securing at least 30 seats.

But Selangor PKR information chief Shuhaimi Shafiei claimed today that apart from retaining its eight parliamentary and 14 state seats, PKR was also gunning to boot BN from three parliamentary and seven state seats. PKR, he said, will concentrate all its campaign efforts in these areas during the run-up to the polls.

They are the Sabak Bernam, Pandan and Hulu Selangor parliamentary seats and Batang Kali, Permatang, Kuang, Semenyih, Dengkil, Sementa and Port Klang state seats.

PR currently has tenuous control over the country’s richest state and holds 36 seats in the 56-seat state assembly and 17 out of 22 parliamentary seats. A swing of seven state seats towards BN in the next general election, said likely to be held by next year, will allow the federal ruling coalition to recapture Selangor with a simple majority.

“Selangor PKR has already trained its election machinery to spread information to all voters, especially those in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat, in order to win back the seat which we lost to BN during the by election on April 25 last year.

“That is why there will be two prime events held in Hulu Selangor on July 1 and 10,” Shuhaimi said in a statement announcing the second phase of PKR’s “Jelajah Selangor Tawan Putrajaya” (Jelas) campaign today.

During the Hulu Selangor by-election, former Umno-turned-PKR leader Datuk Zaid Ibrahim failed to defend the previously PKR-held seat when he lost to MIC’s P. Kamalanathan by 1,725 votes. Zaid has since left PKR and is currently the president of the newly-formed Malaysian People’s Welfare Party (Kita).

Shuhaimi, who is also the Sri Muda assemblyman, claimed that according to current statistics and projections, PKR has “strong reasons” to be confident it would retain all the eight parliamentary and 14 state seats it presently holds.

“We will defend all our eight parliamentary seats and increase our vote majority even,” he said.

In Election 2008, PKR beat BN candidates in Selayang, Gombak, Ampang, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya Selatan, Subang and Kapar with a combined vote majority of 44,840.

Shuhaimi also pledged that PKR would help its PR partners wrest three BN-held Malay-majority seats during the coming polls — Sungai Besar, Tanjong Karang and Sepang.

He said this is why Selangor PKR plans to launch the second phase of Jelas and its election campaign in Tanjung Karang this June 11.

“We chose Tanjung Karang because it is the parliamentary seat of Selangor Umno’s deputy chairman Datuk Seri Noh Omar.

“We are confident that this launch will be a big blow to him and Umno-BN’s entire election machinery, especially to those who are still bickering among themselves,” he said.

In the first phase of Jelas, PKR organised 33 series of ceramahs across the state with top leaders like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali headlining each programme. Phase II, said Shuhaimi, will have 19 such events.


Yes That The Way To Kick Start The GE13. Time to work hard. Show all the actions PR have taken to improve Selangor. Don't forget the civil servant!! Either you win Big and don't let the Perak nightmare happen in Selangor.

PKR while it's good to be confident and objective, remember to also be realistic and don't take anything for granted, remember the recent sarawak elections. If anything the opposition should redouble & even triple their efforts especially when we have a PM who has said "win at all cost".

PKR still has a good chance of retaining Selangor, and even capture a few more seats in the state to strengthen their position. However, take note of the evil BN who has plans to discredit PKR (they've been doing that all this while), and do what's best for the people. They know best.

09 June 2011

toyol thieves....Khir Toyo got hefty discount for bungalow, land

A company director paid RM6.5 million for two plots of land and a bungalow before allegedly selling the properties to Dr Mohd Khir Toyo for only RM3.5 million, the former Selangor mentri besar’s graft trial was told today.

Property developer Saiful Aznir Shahabudin testified today that he sold his properties, which are located in Section 7 here, to Ditamas Sdn Bhd director Shamsuddin Hayroni in December 2004 for RM6.5 million.

“I asked for RM7 million,” said Saiful at the High Court here today.

“After some discussion, we agreed on RM6.5 million for both lots and the house,” added the CEO of Syarikat Permodalan Kebangsaan Bhd.

Khir, who helmed the country’s richest state for almost eight years, is accused of committing fraud in the deal involving his Balinese-style mansion.

The former Selangor opposition leader was charged with obtaining the two plots of land and the bungalow, which are located at No. 8 and 10, Jalan Suasa 7/1 L, Shah Alam, for himself and his wife Datin Seri Zahrah Kechik.

If found guilty, the Sungai Panjang assemblyman faces two years’ jail, a fine, or both under Section 165 of the Penal Code.

Saiful, who wore a black suit and yellow tie, said he bought the two plots of land, which measured 53,000 sq ft in total, for RM1.3 million in 1995 and 1996.

He added that he later built a 15,000 sq ft bungalow on one of the lots at a cost of between RM2.5 million and RM3 million.

“It has a garage for four cars, quite a large swimming pool, a gazebo, fish ponds, water features including a water fountain... a lot of trees,” said the 51-year-old businessman in a packed courtroom.

Shamsuddin, who was accused of abetting Khir in the deal, took the witness stand later today after the prosecution dropped all charges against him on Monday.

The balding 55-year-old businessman looked apprehensive and frequently paused throughout his testimony, leading Judge Datuk Wira Mohtarudin Baki to adjourn the hearing to tomorrow after Shamsuddin testified for just half an hour.

Shamsuddin said he, his friend businessman Datuk Sumadi Ismail, and Khir met Saiful in 2004 to discuss the latter’s proposed sale.

“Saiful offered the house for RM7 million. I thought it was too expensive,” said Shamsuddin, who swallowed repeatedly and licked his lips several times.

His lawyer, Tan Hock Chuan, told reporters after the hearing that Shamsuddin was unwell, but refused to elaborate.


MACC ... how does a person with an MB salary afford even a RM3.5 million property? Don't you want to investigate?

ha ha ha...It is not a corruption case, there are just charging him on a "cheating" case: and the fine and jail term is so small in comparison to a "corruption case"

Buy for RM6.5M, and sell for RM3.5M.

Where got such thing? Do you believe? I don't.

i don't know there's a mega sale when buy properties you could get almost 50% discount. please let me know when they have properties mega sale again.

Petronas fixes dividend deal with Putrajaya

Petronas, whose RM30 billion dividend payout last year formed nearly half the government’s revenue, has reached an understanding with the Najib administration to fix the dividend payout ratio at 30 per cent of net profits, the national oil company said today.

The move, which is expected to take effect in 2013, could help Petronas boost its re-investment programme even as it embarks on a massive RM300 billion capital expenditure programme over the next five years.

It could also, however, impact the government’s revenue stream and, consequently, its budget deficit.

“The 30 per cent ratio is a planned payout ratio and we’ve reached an understanding with the government,” said Petronas executive vice president Datuk George Ratilal in a briefing today.

He added, however, that the total value of the dividends could be higher than RM30 billion depending on the performance.

Petronas paid out RM30 billion, or 74 per cent of its net profit of RM40.3 billion, in dividends to the government last year.

Profit after distribution of dividends in 2010 amounted to just RM10.3 billion, a drop of 52.2 per cent from the previous year.

Petronas said then that the dividend payouts could constrain the group’s growth plans as significant re-investment is necessary to generate future revenues.

“There is a limit to how much and how long we can continue to pay the dividends,” said Petronas CEO Datuk Shamsul Azhar Abbas in today’s briefing.

Ratilal said it was a case of finding a balance on an appropriate payout ratio.

“There is this financial year which end December 31, then one more year and then we reach the 30 per cent payout ratio thereafter,” he said.

Petronas has also recently benefited from the government’s move to raise the price of gas by RM3.00 per mmBtu every six months until it reached market levels, a development which Shamsul said could mean an estimated additional revenue of RM2 billion for the oil firm, which currently also foots a gas subsidy bill of about RM20 billion annually.

The government is aiming to pare down its fiscal deficit to 5.4 per cent of gross domestic product this year and to less than three per cent by 2015, and had cut back on sugar and fuel subsidies last month to help reduce expenditure.

Petronas plans to invest an average of RM60 billion over the next five years on exploration, replacement of ageing assets and for the recently announced Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (Rapid) project in Johor, which has a projected cost of about US$20 billion (RM60 billion).


Now we know why UMNO is shaking in its boots. Petronas needs to invest more money because the last dregs of oil are exponentially more expensive to extract. Less money from the ground means more reliance on actual value-added by government, which in UMNO's case is worse than zero.

UMNO, how can a country our size can have a sovereign wealth fund of only US$25b compared to Singapore's US$500b? We are 500x bigger than Singapore and they have 20x as much money as we do? So they are 10,000x better than us per square foot? Please explain.

05 June 2011

Mat Sabu’s rise shows Pakatan spirit inside PAS

Mohamad Sabu’s deputy PAS president victory underscores the value party grassroots place on sustaining good relations with PKR and DAP and power-equation between Muslims and non-Muslims.

There’s realisation the party needs Pakatan Rakyat partners to reach Putrajaya.

The new PAS is amoebic and constantly adjusts to its surroundings, with the current recipe of the day means sticking to Pakatan Rakyat partners to face the upcoming general election.

This, the PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said in his opening address, is the most important task at hand.

He wanted everyone to close ranks after the elections and prepare for the general election.

The current party polls has been the most hotly contested in recent memory with a three way contest for the deputy president’s post and six way tussle for the three vice-presidents positions, to complete the top leadership.

Hadi Awang won unopposed when nomination closed on June 15.

In the election Mat Sabu thumped his nearest rival Pahang PAS commissioner Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man by 21 votes bagging 420 votes against Tuan Ibrahim’s 399. The third contestant incumbent Nasharuddin trailed behind with 224 votes.

In the vice-president race posts Husam Musa, who lost to Nasharuddin in 2009, made a comeback with 660 votes.

The other two incumbents retained their places — Salahuddin Ayub who got a high 753 and Mahfouz Omar, 616 votes.

It means all four top posts contests when to “Erdogans” leaving ulamas out. This is a victory for PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat who urged delegates to support his fellow “Kelantanese”.

Losing out in the vice president were Idris Ahmad, 491, a religious scholar, Mohd Amar Abdullah, 321, and Nizar Jamaluddin, 217, the former Perak Mentri Besar who was a last minute inclusion.

Nizar though a non-Ulama came out last. This might be down to his initial rise to prominence three years ago as mentri besar was due to him being the most qualified to take the position. With him having lost the post two years his star may have dipped in the party.

Mat Sabu is a well liked Pakatan leader and his election is a testament to his popularity among the party grassroots and his close rapport with the Pakatan machinery which is gearing for general election.

The PAS rank and file saw fit to elect Mat Sabu because they wanted the rapport with the Pakatan Rakyat continue and benefit the party in the long run.

Mat Sabu ousted two ulamas in the race for number two post — the three-term incumbent Nasharuddin Mat Isa and newcomer Pahang PAS commissioner Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man who was also a last minute entry.

This is Mat Sabu’s second attempt at the post and his election indicates he is the first non-Ulama to hold the deputy president’s post since the 1980s.

In 2009 he was defeated in a three way contested with eventual winner Nasharuddin and Husam Musa.

In the vice-president’s race senior Kelantan exco Husam Musa has made a comeback . A non-Ulama, Husam is considered close to PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Aziz, and is seen as a progressive voice in the party.

Mat Sabu however does not come from a religious background and his success indicates a grassroots desire for rejuvenation and a boost for its new image as a more open and accommodating party.

The PAS grassroots had got fed up with Nasharuddin, a three term deputy president, who only plays second fiddle to the president and not lend his name to any new initiatives.

Mat Sabu on the other hand had ventured out giving press conferences and speaking about his challenge and assuring his supporters he would be there on Friday morning.

His youthful appeal is expected to draw a younger, more diverse group of supporters for PAS


yes - PAS members must closed ranks now. the road to putrajaya is really tough n littered with huge obstacles. BN UMNO with their 3 M - money , media , machinery is a giant party - difficult to beat but not impossible but PAS n PR must worked very very hard now. ITS NOW OR NEVER in GE 13. Good luck PR

Syabas PAS! Together we, Malaysians, in Pakatan Rakyat takes on UMNO/MCA/MIC/GERAKAN/SUPP, the Malays, Chinese, Indians of BN!

PAS is ready, DAP is ready, PKR needs some fine tuning, PSM is strong, UMNO is in shambles, MCA is in a state of rot and shock and MIC is still in a daze! It is now or never, Malaysians! Putrajaya beckons. Stand united despite what UMNOsaja will spin in the main stream medias.

It is our votes that matter, BN can spin what they want, but, we must be steadfast in our beliefs and stand that we can take Putrajaya! Together we can do it bangsa Malaysia! Bangkit Bangsa Malaysia!

PAS’s new dream team be Umno’s nightmare

The election of veteran activists, parliamentarians, state administrators and think tank experts into the top PAS leadership has appeared to put the party on a firm war footing.

This line-up of Mohamed Sabu as the PAS deputy president and vice-presidents Salahuddin Ayub, Datuk Husam Musa and Datuk Mahfuz Omar is expected to not only stand shoulder to shoulder with allies in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) but it is said that they want to spearhead the coalition in its march to Putrajaya.

Their election perhaps speaks of the party’s changing membership and support base, and the rank-file’s desire to see the party move beyond an Islamist movement to a national-level ruling party.

And there is very little doubt about working or talking to Umno or Barisan Nasional (BN). Not only will this leadership have no truck with them, PAS’s new war cabinet fervently wants to replace Umno as the representative of Malay Muslims.

Yet despite the optimism that the new leadership could widen PAS’s public appeal, a significant number of members are uncomfortable with the shift in the voting trend.

“I wished that an ulama had won. PAS should be lead by an ulama because it is an Islamic movement,” said a Kuala Lumpur grassroots member when he heard the new line up.

For the first time in 20 years, a majority of PAS’s top leadership are made up of those who don’t come from a religious education background or to use a much-misunderstood term, ulama (religious scholar).

“This is the leadership that will put the fear in Umno,” said Kelana Jaya delegate Abdul Rahman Othman. “It is a dynamic dream team for us to go into the next general election.”

The headline-grabbing personality is the very amiable new party deputy president Mohamad. A former MP, senior Pakatan leader/activist, ex-Internal Security Act detainee, popular ceramah speaker and a veteran civil disobedience insurrectionist.

Mohamad defeated incumbent Nasharudin Mat Isa and another popular challenger, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man for the coveted post.

Below him are three vice-presidents, each of whom has crafted huge public profiles as national parliamentary opposition leaders — Salahuddin, Husam and Mahfuz.

Of the central committee members, only six are considered “ulama” personalities. The rest of the 18 elected members are lawyers, doctors, engineers, — individuals that more reflect the majority Malay middle and working class that PAS courts.

Mohd Rashidi Hasan, a popular pro-PAS writer, explained that though delegates still wanted the ulama to be “guardians of the party”, they realised it would take more than religious scholars to beat Umno.

“PAS wants to lead Pakatan, but to do that it needs to win more Malay majority seats,” said Rashidi.

In a way, the election results are an out-growth of the sentiments that elected the new Muslimat (women’s wing) leadership, where the top three posts went to two MPs and a Senator.

“We wanted a leadership that would be able to take Muslimat forward,” said a Muslimat member from Perak, who requested anonymity.

It is a desire for PAS to move beyond Malay society’s religious set and appeal to mainstream Muslims, whose ties to the faith are basic and who are more worried about making ends meet.

Delegates however took pains to stress that the polls was not a manifestation of the “ulama vs professional” schism that has dominated media reports about PAS..

“We choose based on who we think can best perform,” said Temerloh delegate Syed Hamid Syed Mohamed.

“We want leaders who we think can raise PAS to the level of a ruling party,” he said. To get there, it needs to coordinate a united, hand-in-glove relationship with the DAP and PKR.

“Mat Sabu” as Mohamed is popularly known, brings with him an almost three decade-long legacy of working closely with DAP and PKR leaders.

He is said to enjoy a close friendship with DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, which was forged when both were detained under the ISA during the 1987 Ops Lalang crack down.

Though to the public Mat Sabu is known as the jester of PAS, those who’ve worked with him say he has wide experience leading campaigns against BN policy.

“He coordinated a campaign to oppose a plan to privatise health care that was eventually dropped. He has also been at the forefront of many civil society demonstrations and actions,” said Alor Star delegate Adnan Saad.

However, Mat Sabu still has a long, difficult road ahead and one of them is convincing the more conservative members that his methods will suit PAS’s Islamist brand of politics.

At the same time, Mat Sabu and the new leadership will have cut through the mental barriers of racialism that Umno has grafted into the non-urban Malay electorate.

They may have convinced PAS members that they can bring the party forward, but the real test will be whether Mat Sabu and the new leadership can persuade Malay Muslims that it will be PAS and not Umno, that can bring the community forward.

Nasharudin must accepts the defeat, do not give a proper reason

Nasharudin accepts defeat, says split vote possible cause of loss

Outgoing PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa said today his loss could have been due to a split vote in the three-cornered race.

But the three-term deputy president, however, stressed today that he did not blame anyone for the loss.

“Three-cornered fights in party polls are not something new, but they could lead to a possible split vote,” he told reporters.

“I am not blaming anybody because it is the right of delegates to choose as granted in the constitution and we have to respect the constitution,” the Bachok MP said.

Mohamad Sabu won the party deputy presidency today with 420 votes, leading a group of progressive leaders to counter conservatives who prefer to link up with Umno.

Mohamad defeated incumbent Nasharudin who received only 224 votes and Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man who came second with 399 votes. A total of 1,100 delegates voted in this year’s party elections.

The three-cornered contest was billed as a contest between the party’s conservative ulama faction and professionals (dubbed “The Erdogans” in reference to progressive Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan).

Party insiders agreed that Tuan Ibrahim and Nasharudin’s candidacy had divided the ulama support, handing Mohamad the victory.

Today, Nasharuddin reiterated the importance of the ulama in the party despite the professionals sweeping the party leadership.

“I admit only a few names are representing the ulama but the party leadership is well represented by leaders of different backgrounds from the two so-called teams.

“It is not really a big issue as we still have the shura and ulama council,” he said.

Nasharudin, a university lecturer, has held the deputy presidency since 2005 and is said to have fallen out of favour with the grassroots after having been accused of pushing for Umno-PAS unity talks.

However, he denied the accusation and said that he has never personally pushed for the talks.

“The unity government talks was a party decision and I was only fulfilling my responsibility,” he said.


Nasharuddin, this is a lesson for you, you need to be consistent. PAS delegates are consistent, they want change, they are patient, they want to fight corruption, they are simple minded Melayus,they want to work with PKR and DAP.

They want to change the corrupt administration, but your flirtings with UMNO had them on their nerves. You are now out in the cold, perhaps you will be the next Nakhaie, considering your lust for power?

Struggle and fight as a team Nasharuddin, do not forsake long term benefits for short term gains. Wait for your chance, perhaps after the next PRU when Pakatan Rakyat is in Putrajaya!

Really, you are the source of uncertainty in Pakatan and PAS for your many flings with UMNO!

Well done all delegates of PAS, now, together with PKR and DAP you can look forward to Putrajaya! Malaysians are looking for change and in PAS we look for honest quality leadership. Malaysians of all races, vote PAS wherever it contests against UMNO. UMNO hardly has less than 60 odd seats in the peninsular, and with the expected tsunami in Sabah and Sarawak, its numbers will dwindle.

We have had enough of lies, sex, sodomies, deceits, racial taunts, religious insults! Now we must kick UMNO out! Remember, they at their weakest point or they will not go out of the way to woo PAS and DAP! Factions with Najib will not vote candidates from Muhyddin's camp and likewise, so it is now or never, Malaysians!

We need to read the political situation carefully, and now is the time! Together we can look forward to the dawn of a new era, with these exciting professionals from PAS! Honest and dedicated compared to those from UMNO! Selamatkan Malaysia!

calls for unity as PAS gears up for snap polls

Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang told PAS to be united and gear up for the coming general election after his Islamist party experienced its most hotly-contested polls in recent history.

The party president also congratulated the delegates and candidates for showing maturity in accepting the election results gracefully.

“We lead as a collective and not individuals.

“It is the delegates who make changes in the party and not the leaders. The party’s policy won’t change but the strategy will,” he told delegates today.

Mohamad Sabu won the party deputy presidency today with 420 votes, leading a group of progressive leaders to counter conservatives who prefer to link up with Umno.

The Penang-born Mohamad defeated incumbent Nasharudin Mat Isa, who received only 224 votes, and vice-president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, who came second with 399 votes. A total of 1,100 delegates voted in this year’s party elections.

In the vice-presidential race, incumbent Salahuddin Ayub took top spot with 753 votes, Datuk Husam Musa was second with 660 votes while another incumbent Datuk Mahfuz Omar kept his post with 616 votes.

The party poll was billed as a contest between the party’s conservative ulama faction and the professionals (dubbed the Erdogans in a reference to progressive Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan).

Hadi (picture) stressed that his new cabinet is an election cabinet and reiterated the party’s loyalty to Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

“PAS is the most experienced and oldest party in Pakatan Rakyat. We have been the government at the federal and state level. We have been through many political tests and they have given us their trust.

“They continue to trust us and has given three states (Kedah, Kelantan and Perak) for PAS to govern,” he said.

Yesterday, Hadi put an end to any question of the party leaving PR for Umno despite whispers of unity talks between the Malay parties emerging early this year.

Hadi said PAS must end Umno’s culture of dirty politics as the party did not stand for Islam or the Malay community because it only wanted to retain power at any cost.

Political analysts are speculating that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is likely to delay snap polls until the end of this year or early 2012.


Agreed, PAS must take the lead as a Muslim party and end UMNO's culture of dirty & scandalous politics as they don't stand for Islam or the Malay community. Let's all close ranks as Malaysian and end the UMNO culture, 50 years & 50 billions are more then enough, SHAKE & BURY them for good. Bring in the true Islamic principles of love & respect and rebuild Malaysia for our future generation.

Alhamdulillah for PAS to emerge above the usubiyyah that was propagated by UMNO who would do anything just to retain power. Just like TGNA said before, it would be folly if PAS allows itself to be bitten twice by UMNO.
Congratulations to both new officers and ex- for the efforts they have put in. May Allah bless you with wisdom and courage.

ibrahim frog face no shame ... do not envy the expiration expiration

Ibrahim Ali calls new PAS leadership ‘Anwar’s voice’

Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali mocked the new PAS leadership as merely Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s voice, saying today the internal elections have not changed the Islamist party’s outlook.

Ibrahim said Anwar’s influence will still remain in the party if PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang continue to be at the helm.

“Anwar’s voice in PAS is determined by Datuk Nik Aziz and Hadi who has become a stooge… the others are not relevant… True, there are the Erdogans, ulamas and others but all do not have any influence except for Datuk Nik Aziz and Hadi the stooge,” he said in a statement.

Ibrahim won the Pasir Mas federal seat on a PAS ticket in Election 2008 but repudiated the party and became an independent MP. He has aligned himself with Umno on most issues.

Ibrahim mocked the new PAS leadership. — File pic
Ibrahim’s comments came after popular PAS leader Mohamad Sabu won the party deputy presidency today with 420 votes, leading a group of progressive leaders to counter conservatives who prefer to link up with Umno.

Mohamad, popularly known as Mat Sabu, defeated incumbent Nasharudin Mat Isa, who received only 224 votes, and vice-president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, who came second with 399 votes. A total of 1,100 delegates voted in this year’s party elections.

In the vice-presidential race, incumbent Salahuddin Ayub took top spot with 753 votes, Datuk Husam Musa was second with 660 votes while another incumbent Datuk Mahfuz Omar kept his post with 616 votes.

The party poll was billed as a contest between the party’s conservative ulama faction and the professionals (dubbed the Erdogans in a reference to progressive Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan).

Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali also criticised Mohamad’s credibility, saying the newly-elected deputy was not fit for the office.

“Mat Sabu only studied in ITM and did not even finish, he is not even a religious studies graduate from the Middle East. It is an embarrassment to the ulama faction in PAS because Mat Sabu has no academic qualifications while the Erdogans are disappointed because Mat Sabu does not support Anwar,” said Syed Hassan through a text message.

He added that Mat Sabu had once called the opposition leader as Anwar al-Juburi or Anwar the anus, referring to the latter’s sodomy trials.

Syed Hassan believed the new leadership will make it hard for Umno to have unity talks with PAS.

He also regretted Hadi’s attacks against Umno and the president’s allegiance with the DAP and PKR.

“There was not a single sentence in his speech yesterday that can pave the way for PAS to have a common understanding for the Malay race and Islam,” he said.

He added the Islamist party must be the first party to start the unification process because Islam invites its followers to forge unity for the religion.


And we call Ibrahim Ali, UMNO's Voice!!!

Ibrahim Ali speaks what Najib, Muhyiddin, Hisham and the likes wish to say but are too cowardly to say out loud and sufficiently wise enough not to do so.

Mat Sabu is NO Anwar supporter. He is a PR supporter. In fact, this is a vote that PR is bigger than just Anwar, its not just Anwar and PKR holding the partnership together. Anwar can go to jail and PR will NOT miss a beat. UMNO/BN strategy is literally falling apart..

Perkasa's days could be numbered once they take on PAS, especially with leaders like Mat Sabu and Husam Musa on board. A probable fatal mistake for a so-called NGO that takes on too many 'enemies' at the same time. Just shows the lack of common sense and ingratitude by this Ibrahim Ali who won under the PAS ticket back in 2008.

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