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08 June 2013

malaysia the most laughing stock...head criminals vowed to prevent crime...mirror yourself first

Najib declares war against crime


this  crimes  unresolved...How did he turn to crime prevention


The effort to fight crime is a war which needs commitment and continuous support from all levels of society to create a safe surrounding for the people, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.

He said the active and pro-active participation from the society is necessary to help achieve the government’s aspiration to create a safe and peaceful feeling, as well as free from fear in the society.

“If there is proactive and active participation from the society, not in passive form or lip service, I believe, the support from the community is the most important basis that can bring success to our efforts to combat crime,” he added.

He said this in his speech at the launch of a campaign, ‘United Against Crime’, organised by the Performance Management & Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) at KLCC Park, here. — Bernama

In urging all strata of society to be united to combat crime, the Prime Minister also called on the private sector, specifically owners of shopping centres, to upgrade the level of security at their premises such as installing more close circuit televisions and hiring more security guards.

“Don’t only think of profits, must also think about contributing towards fighting crime. If the shopping centre is free of crime, it will become more popular. We must look from this angle, he said. He said housing developers need to build housing projects instilling characteristics of a safe community such as avoiding from having isolated lanes.

“This is a war which will only be successful if all levels of society uphold and support the effort. If we are not united in combating crime, crime will haunt us,” he said.

Furthermore, Najib also suggested that the Home Ministry and police study the proposal to set up a special emergency line which was connected directly to Bukit Aman so that speedier actions (against crime) could be carried out.

He said the proposal was raised by a former top police officer in a meeting of police veterans with him recently. Also present was Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and his deputy Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala and Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar.

The United Against Crime campaign was launched in March and the public could pledge to combat crime through the website To date, a million people and 30 companies had pledged to combat crime.

this malay dog ex DAP's man eating with licking UMNO's feces....Tunku Aziz receives murder threat

Former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim lodged a police report today, claiming to have received a murder threat from an unknown man to his personal mobile phone.

The Star Online reported this afternoon that Tunku Abdul Aziz, now one of the DAP’s most vocal critics, alleged that the phone call had come from a 013 number at around 10.10pm yesterday while he was at home.

“The person who called had a male voice. The conversation was very short. I asked him who he was and he said ‘I kill you’ and hung up,” he was quoted as saying.

Tunku Abdul Aziz (picture) also reportedly alleged that the threat was likely politically motivated due to his recent criticisms against the opposition party, which he left recently over conflicting ideologies.

“Of course everyone knows I have been raising issues on the 753 delegates that should have been invited for the DAP elections in Penang in December.

“I’ve been threatened with legal action before but this is a totally new threat. I fear for my life and the safety of my family,” Tunku Abdul Aziz said, according to The Star Online.

The English daily also called the number that Tunku Abdul Aziz received the threat from and explained the allegation to the woman who answered the phone.

“You are lying. You are lying. I kill you,” The Star Online quoted the woman as saying before she hung up.

Tunku Abdul Aziz, who is the vice-president of Transparency International Malaysia, had been brought to join the DAP on August 2008 by the top party leadership.

He was later appointed as DAP vice-president on May 2009, and was made a senator representing Penang.

In May 2012, Tunku Abdul Aziz announced that he was resigning and leaving the party as he could not agree with the stand of DAP on the Bersih 3.0 gathering.

He recently disclosed in a blog how he could join the DAP and after being a member for one year, he found that the ideology and struggles of the DAP contradicted with his stand.

Pre-Election 2013, Tunku Abdul Aziz had also embarked on a road show together with other disgruntled DAP ex-members to allegedly damage the party’s reputation in the polls.

Tunku Abdul Aziz recently revealed that DAP life adviser Dr Chen Man Hin had used the term “Malaysian Spring” in an old email to party leaders, comparing it to the revolutionary “Arab Spring” in Middle East countries.

His move resulted in Chen getting questioned by the police.

In a statement on May 20, DAP chairman Karpal Singh warned Tunku Abdul Aziz to cease and desist from attacking DAP and its leaders, threatening legal action on the former DAP vice-chairman.

Karpal also urged Tunku Abdul Aziz to stop drawing his monthly pension as an ex-senator and other benefits that come from the post, claiming that the DAP had been responsible for his appointment as a senator.

“I have been watching Tunku Aziz and his malicious antics for more than a year now. I have kept my peace, until now. Enough is enough,” said Karpal had said.

“He has chosen to stab the DAP in the back by his persistent, sustained and unfounded attacks on the DAP and its leaders.”

02 June 2013

king told the people accept the decision of 13 th election...what about deceit election...are we going to accept in force..???

13 th election  fraud  evidence....whether we should accept ..??

Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah wants the people of this country to accept the results of the 13th general election (GE13) which they themselves have determined.

The King, who also congratulated the members of Parliament and state assemblymen elected, hoped that all quarters would protect the country’s system of parliamentary democracy which has been in practice since independence.

“If there are differences of opinion, use the channels to resolve them as outlined in the Federal Constitution and the country’s laws,” Tuanku Abdul Halim said in conjunction with the official birthday of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong today in his speech that was carried live by RTM last night.

The King said: “The act of casting doubts on an institution that has been entrusted under the Federal Constitution to conduct the general elections in this country is very dangerous and might only cause a never-ending conflict.

“Don’t we ever weaken and destroy our constitutional monarchy system, parliamentary democracy and federal philosophy which all this while have formed the basic ingredients for Malaysia’s success.”

Tuanku Abdul Halim said any political change in the country must be done in a peaceful manner and through the ballot box guided by the principles of the supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law.

“Are we willing we see our beloved Malaysia destroyed and crippled due to our own actions? It is so easy to destroy a success but to rebuild it, is very difficult.

“Therefore, do not allow this to happen, let’s leave a united and successful Malaysia to our future generations. As the saying goes, ‘sudah terhantuk baru terngadah, seribu penyesalan sudah tidak berguna’ (realising only after the knock, a thousand regrets are of no use now).”

The King also reminded the parliamentarians and state assemblymen elected to serve with honest and sincerity and to give their best to the people regardless of their race and religion.

Tuanku Abdul Halim also called on the people to together continue with efforts towards achieving the national goal of making Malaysia a developed high-income nation.

The King reminded all quarters that the peace and prosperity they were enjoying now did not come easy, but were the result of careful and meticulous implementation of development programmes by the past leaders.

“This August 31, it will be 56 years since we achieved independence and on September 16, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of Malaysia.

“Although Malaysia is relatively still a young nation, we have managed to put it in an exalted position like what it is today.

“However, no matter how perfect the strategies that have been drawn up by the government and no matter how efficient the implementation, if there is no peace in this country, it would not be possible for all our aspirations to become a reality.”

Tuanku Abdul Halim also reminded all Malaysians regardless of their race and religious faith to be united through the five principles of the Rukun Negara, which is the national ideology, and the Federal Constitution, the highest law of the nation





YES, we the Rakyat will accept if it was conducted in a Proper and TRUSTED way your Majestic....

Started to lost respect to our king

Showed that his personality does not concern about ordinary rakyat struggling with difficult life.

Perhaps The king doesnt know the definition of hard lives because born in royal family but how would you accept when u r cheated?

To trust law of malaysia?

Please stop kidding me Your Highness. If the law is fair why only opposition leaders being detained and charged by police while pro BN leaders are walking freely outside and keep committing crime?

Your Highness, corruption, cronyism and abuse of power are allow by Malaysian Law when committed by pro BN leaders?

Youngsters nowadays felt that going against current ruling government is against the law. Your Highness, please enlighten us.

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