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26 August 2011

squid ministers act become heroes ... I think better blow his heads .....Death threat not a deterrent

Home Minister Datuk Sri Hishammuddin Hussein said today the death threat and two bullets he received in the mail yesterday will only strengthen his resolve to carry out his duties and responsibilities.

“They want to scare me, but this gives me confidence because this shows we are on the right path or I won’t be receiving the threat,” Hishamuddin told reporters following the Home Ministry’s monthly gathering in Putrajaya today.

“This is the first time I am receiving live bullets but this will not deter me from continuing my responsibilities, and this will not deter the agendas that have been set out,” he added.

Hishammuddin (picture) was reported by The Star Online yesterday as being the recipient of two bullets in the mail earlier in the day.

The home minister said that the bullets were placed in a cut out section of a book.

There was an accompanying threatening message handwritten in Malay, he added.

The items are believed to have been posted to his office in Putrajaya where they were subsequently discovered by a clerk this afternoon.

The items have since been surrendered to the police who are currently investigating the matter.

“The authorities will do what they are supposed to,” Hishammudin said.


why are we wasting our time listening to this guy? he's just trying to make himself a hero, when he isnt.........

If someone will to investigate impartially, all trails will lead back to him!

Truly, a self-made hero in his own mind!

Funny how someone dares to threaten the Minister who heads the Royal Police.
The guy must be kidding and the police doesn't seem to panic or launch the fast
track investigation. Ha ha ha.. the rest I leave it to your intelligence to figure it out

May be he sent the bullets to himself. I would not believe this guy. He always tells wide lies, in particularly on the illegal immigrant situation in Sabah.

Don’t blame church for helping poor Muslims

Influential cleric Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said today that Muslims should take care of their own poor instead of accusing Christians of proselytising when the church helped poor Muslims.

The former Perlis Mufti said that he met one of the 12 Muslims who attended a thanksgiving dinner at Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) and found that she was a single mother with three children who turned to the church after difficulties in obtaining help from the zakat, or Islamic tithe office.

“What is so strange about that? That is what people who are serving God do. What is so strange if the church teaches Christian values when that is what a church does,” the maverick scholar said.

Tensions between Christians and Muslims have been heightened after the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) swooped down on DUMC several weeks ago, claiming to be investigating a complaint that Muslims were being converted at a dinner the church was hosting for a local NGO.

Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia also reported that poor Muslims living in squatters near Jalan Kelang Lama were also being proselytised by Christians claiming to be giving free English classes.

But Asri (picture) said today that blaming the church was the easy way out.

“We accuse them as the cause of everything. Then we demonstrate and inflame the public to rise up against the church for its welfare activities and ‘evangelism.’

“But we who did not help or preach do not need to be faulted. So that people forget our mistakes, we blame all sin on others,” he said.

He said that such a move was like a rich family where one member runs away to a neighbour because of a lack of attention, protection and food but the neighbour offers all the help that is needed.

“Is burning down the neighbour’s house or arresting and punishing the neighbour for influencing our family member the only solution we can suggest? At the same time, we do not question the responsibility that we have abdicated all this while,” he wrote in a statement today.

He added that the zakat office should be more sincere in helping poor Muslims instead of letting them beg for sympathy from the church.

“Some zakat officers... make applications difficult and complicated. Those asking for alms are treated like beggars. Give them the zakat as it is their right.

“In fact, zakat can be given to non-Muslims. If it functions this way, then non-Muslims will be attracted to Islam. If it doesn’t function well, then even Muslims will want to leave Islam,” he said.

The Selangor state government met with both Jais and representatives of the Harapan Komuniti NGO today in hopes of resolving the debacle which has seen the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) administration come under fire from both Muslims and Christians.


If JAIS emulate the wisdom of Dr Asri, they would be bringing zakat for the poor Muslimsattending the dinner @ the gereja. That will present the beauty of Islam in action in a 1Malaysia spirit rather than declare war on the gereja who were trying to help the poor & scum of society.

Have pity & sympathy for the less fortunate which is what true religion is all about. Using the gereja as a scapegoat to deflect your failure to deliver zakat to the poor is sin - dosa!

Saiful sodomy Anwar .....Male Y’ DNA profile tainted

A local scientist had flubbed a crucial DNA profiling test that the prosecution had used to link Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to a charge of sodomising his former aide, an Australian DNA expert told the High Court today.

The defence team’s fourth witness, Dr Brian McDonald, said government chemist Nor Aidora Saedon had made a major miscalculation in her test that had led to Anwar being wrongly marked as “Male Y” whose DNA profile was allegedly found in complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s anus.

“What you have is evidence of a mixture of profiles. She reported them as a single profile,” Dr McDonald told the court.

He said she had messed up a fundamental guideline on how to perform the DNA profiling test, which gave her the wrong reading.

The opposition leader’s sodomy trial was given an indepth review of DNA analysis, including a deeply detailed explanation of how to mark and read the results.

“If these were tests done in school, she’d have failed them,” he told an amused court.

Anwar’s defence team had back in February this year, argued there were multiple DNA profiles on a “Good Morning” towel — a key evidence exhibit in the Sodomy II trial — given to the 64-year-old grandfather during his overnight lock-up three years ago, when he was arrested for sodomising Saiful.

Defence lawyer Ramkarpal Singh Deo had then said that based on an electropharogram test done by Nor Aidora on the towel, graph results showed that there were two DNA profiles — that of “Male Y” and that of an unknown DNA profile.

She had already testified on February 23 that the DNA profiles found on the said items matched that of an unknown “Male Y”, whose sperm extracts had been found in Saiful’s anus.

Ramkarpal said the “mixture” would have pointed out to another person’s DNA which would have contaminated the profile.

She appeared visibly annoyed when Ramkarpal accused her and her work mates in the Chemistry Department of possibly contaminating the evidence samples.

“There is no contamination by my staff or anyone else. It’s a single profile as reported,” Nor Aidora had said then.

She also maintained that despite not following standard guidelines in conducting the tests, protocol had been observed based on methods adopted by her department.

The trial will resume tomorrow with the Australian back in the witness box.


What Najib and gang fail to realize is that in their pursuit of this farce of a trial, it has now painted Malaysia as an incompetent country! Can you imagine talk around geneticists and CSI circles that their Malaysian counterparts are completely incompetent?
We will no longer have any credibility in an international setting. InterPol and EuroPol will have to double check any evidence secured in Malaysia.
Kudos Najib for pushing us back 20 years!

So very shameful... Malaysian Local scientist/chemist cannot carry out DNA test with proper procedures, might as well close the Chemist Dept, thats the problem for staffing with Sub-standard chemist selected based on color of the whole world will be giving second thoughts to Malaysian Qualifications.

but what is the problem when u hire clowns in important course if there are better DNA experts in Msia but they are not hired because of various corrupted n personal reasons...The same with English teachers, as there are so many better qualified msian out there whom can be English teachers n our DPM is confused why after studying English after 11 years we are still weak...or why msians migrate overseas...because the best local labour is never recognized..

25 August 2011

FT minister abusing power for polls tilt

PKR today accused Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Datuk Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin of abusing his Cabinet position to lay the foundation for a possible run at the Lembah Pantai constituency in the next general election.

“Many projects that are supposed to be channelled to other constituencies in Wilayah Persekutuan were found to be channelled only to Lembah Pantai,” said PKR information chief Chua Tian Chang at a press conference at the party’s headquarters today.

“So I would like Raja Nong Chik to answer to my challenge to say clearly he has no intention to stand in Lembah Pantai,” he added.

Chua, who is also MP for Batu, said if the minister’s intention is to contest in Lembah Pantai, concentrating on the constituency alone is an abuse of power.

“He is abusing the resources of the government just for his own private interest, preparing for his political career,” he said.

PKR is accusing Raja Nong Chik of only channelling programmes such as the 1 Computer 1 Student Project, Nur Ramadan Program, and Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia to the Lembah Pantai constituency.

It further claimed the minister abused his position by diverting two DBKL contracts worth RM50,000 weekly towards Umno leaders and organisations.

When asked if there was evidence to suggest the abuse of power, Fahmil Fadzil, political secretary to current Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah, claimed to have a witness who had received a cheque from DBKL, and added that a statement will be obtained if necessary.

“What we have noticed is that since Ramadan, Datuk Raja Nong Chik is very, very, very focused on his programmes in Lembah Pantai only. On his Facebook page, everyday you can see that he is only focused on Lembah Pantai. For every 30 programmes in Lembah Pantai, there will only be one in Wangsa Maju,” Fahmil added.

Chua also said that the comingling of government and political party events was so prevalent that it was now difficult to distinguish one from the other.

“If we go to all the Raja Nong Chik’s programmes, he never hides that all these programmes are done with Umno. In fact, now we see a pattern especially in Wilayah Persekutuan, including my area. Every time a [minister] visits, on the stage and surrounding area, you see Umno flags,” he said.

“He is also supposed to be in charge of urban poor but what he did is nothing more than Lembah Pantai so far, so I really want to understand. He has to really come clear either because he wants to take care of Umno’s interest or because he is interested to contest. We don’t have to hide.

“If his intention is to contest in Lembah Pantai it’s okay. We are not worried about it. But you cannot use your resources just to pump in to Lembah Pantai because you want to contest there,” Chua said.


So he is also I help you and you help me Minister. Just like his boss.

Not only he, the whole BN mentality is such, bribing voters,etc is their culture already.. He can't win the heart of the voters by their good deeds, only by bribing or fraud can they win the election.

Unless it is a party function, it is wrong to put up party flags for govt events. Clearly an abuse of govt office.

EC, where are you?
Oh . . . I forgot . . . . you guys are impartial and to take action, there must be proof right?

Sex not only reason for sperm in rectum, says forensic expert

Foreign sperm detected in the rectum can be inserted by means other than sexual activity, an Australian forensic pathologist told Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial today.

Dr David Wells, who was testifying for the defence, said penile penetration was not the only method to explain the presence of sperm in that area as there were other ways to leave a residue.

He named a few examples, such as through a surgical procedure or inserting an instrument called a proctoscope into the rectum, by pushing traces of sperm found outside the anal region into the cavity.

Dr Wells, who has written some 10 books on forensic medicine, said the use of a proctoscope could complicate matters more because one would not be able to discount the chance that sperm was pushed inside the rectum.

A proctoscope was also used by doctors to examine Anwar’s complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan when the latter sought medical aide two days after alleging he had been sodomised three years ago.

When defence lawyer Sankara Nair questioned if a plastic object, which had been raised in yesterday’s court hearing, could have the same effect, Dr Wells agreed.

He also said that not all victims of sodomy would necessarily display signs of anal injury.

Under questioning from Anwar’s defence team, Dr Wells clarified that such trauma from violent sexual activity would depend on the amount of force used and need not necessarily cause the anal tissues to tear or bruise.

The forensic expert had earlier told the prosecution the same thing.

Datuk Yusof Zainal Abiden had referred Dr Wells to his own book on the topic, and pointed out that the use of lubricant on the anus was among several ways that would not leave trauma scars.

The sexual assault specialist had been stumped earlier when Yusof asked, “If someone had tampered or planted sperm on the [rectal] swabs, that person must have had that particular sperm in his possession?”

Dr Wells replied that sperm and DNA were different things and added that the question would be better dealt with by a DNA expert.

Australian chemist Dr Brian McDonald who specialises in DNA is to testify tomorrow for the defence.

Anwar is charged with sodomising former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan at a condominium in Bukit Damansara here between 3.10pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

He faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted under section 377B of the Penal Code, but will escape the whipping sentence due to his age.


U should advise the so called learned JUDGE to throw away the case Now before it is thrown back to U, otherwise your UMNO members (anti ones ) will be using this case to hit U out. This plan is not working at all for U

So now you see... umno can put "Anwar's sperm .. oops DNA, onto anyone they want.
Part of a plan to bring down the enemies.

Only in Malaysia, can a joke of a trial like this be played out in public for the whole world to see how low Malaysia has sunk!

Oh well, like a former UMNO minister said, we will have to wait till our next "erection" to find out if change is coming!

If you have had proper sex education, you would have known that the sperm can live in the vagina for up to 3 days. The vagina is actually a swimming pool for spermatozoa to swim towards the egg. That is the most conducive environment for the sperm to thrive.

As for the anus, that is the worst place for the sperm to live. You got bacterias that will decompose the protein, the anus is no swimming pool for the sperm, and the anus is a cesspool of contaminants. For our forensic specialists to have the audacity to say that they found anwar's DNA there is truly suspect. It has to be planted and is not DNA from his sperm.

Malaysians all know this is the conspiracy of the Highest order staged by vested evil party

Najib must guarantee reforms before polls

The federal opposition has demanded a guarantee from Datuk Seri Najib Razak that the Election Commission (EC) will carry out electoral reforms before a general election is called.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) said today that the prime minister’s insistence that the timing of polls was not bound to a parliamentary select committee on electoral improvements raised doubts over whether “he means business.”

However, with just six weeks to go before the polls panel is to be formed by Dewan Rakyat, the opposition pact said it has not decided if a failure to offer such an assurance will see PR decline to join what Barisan Nasional (BN) hopes will be a bipartisan committee.

“There is no decision to boycott but we have made it abundantly clear that the onus is on the government to show good faith.

“The EC must take immediate action and there must be an assurance from the prime minister that he means business ... that elections will only be held after the EC has taken measures recommended by the select committee,” Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told reporters after a PR leadership meeting.

Najib made a major concession to Bersih when he announced the electoral reform panel some five weeks after tens of thousands poured into the capital on July 9 to support Bersih 2.0’s call for free and fair elections.

During that time, he came under heavy fire from international media who criticised his administration’s handling of the rally, where nearly 1,700 were arrested, scores injured and one ex-soldier died.

But widely expected to call a general election ahead of BN’s mandate expiring on April 28, 2013, Najib said last week that the timing of polls would not be bound to the select committee which will sit for six months.

Anwar added today that not only must the panel submit its recommendations but the EC must also implement them before Parliament is dissolved.

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu also said that the EC should begin immediate reforms, as some of Bersih’s eight-point demands did not need to be discussed by lawmakers, such as the use of indelible ink to prevent multiple voting, an extension of the campaign period and the cleaning up the electoral roll.

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang also cautioned BN not to use the select committee “as an excuse for non-action” or “a formula for delaying tactics.”

The opposition coalition further demanded a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to look into its claim that “hundreds of thousands” of foreigners have been given citizenship and the right to vote.

“We have asked the home minister to act immediately and clarify on a national security issue of instant citizenships being given to hundreds of thousands of foreigners.

“The Pakatan Rakyat committee of MPs demands an RCI on citizenship,” PKR de facto leader Anwar said.

The opposition has repeatedly claimed to have proof of at least 1,600 permanent residents being given citizenships and subsequently, added to the electoral roll.

It had demanded an emergency sitting of Parliament to debate the issue before Najib announced the select committee on electoral reform.


Najib will definitely say he will carry out reform. Only at that last minute, then he will do his famous flip-flop.

Whoever believe that Najib is sincere in electoral reform must be kidding themselves. Just an election gimmick, why the need of setting up a panel to review it and put 5 BN MP out of 9 in the panel? This further proved that the panel is not independent and free from bias and any outcome would only ensure the benefit of BN. Najib should stop making fool out of the people and should engage BERSIH to form an independent panel free from political
party and promise to implement it's recommendations if Najib is really sincere in electoral reform.

What I see is this tactic works out fine for Najib, the first elected PM.

1) The so called electoral reform through PSC is a whitewash.
2) A delaying tactic to extend his premiership at least until 2013.
3) If election called before reform implemented, BN stand a chance to push for implementation if they lose and become the opposition. Of course if they win (by way of fraud), they can continue to drag their feet.

What ever the outcome Bersih 3.0 is in order. Never waste a good crisis, says someone in the US.

another theatrical to discredit the opposition....Hisham receives death threat via post

The home minister is reported by The Star Online as being the recipient of two bullets in the mail today.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said that the bullets were contained in a book that had a section cut out of it.

There was an accompanying note with a threatening message handwritten in Malay, he (picture) added.

The items are believed to have been posted to his office in Putrajaya where they were subsequently discovered by a clerk this afternoon.

They have since been surrendered to the police who are currently investigating the matter.


The Mr Bean of Malay-sia....sending himself a gift and getting overly excited about it..

So what, just a bullet, what the big fuss? It's not like if he was being shot by someone? Everyday many innocent citizen were either being robbed or killed but nothing much was done by this home minister to protect the people and he even turn a blind eye to the crime rate while denying the safety of the public is under threat. Therefore, I would be very surprised if he still continue to say the country is safe from crime!

He wants the Malays to think that Christians are behind this as they don't like him for his tough stand on christianity to uphold the status of Islam in Malaysia. PDRM will take a "serious view" of the matter for sure but, believe me, this matter will cool down with no arrest made. This is a new chapter of UNMO's "Konspirasi Kristian"

23 August 2011

Sodomy charge is conspiracy by Najib

In the dock for sodomy for the second time in his life, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim charged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today with following in Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s footsteps to end his political career so the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) can remain in power.

The former deputy prime minister-turned-opposition leader made the accusation in an unsworn statement from the dock this morning when told to enter his defence.

He explained he was opting to testify from the dock, where the prosecution has no recourse under law to cross-examine his statement, because he had no confidence he would be tried fairly, and declared the entire court process “is nothing but a conspiracy by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to send me into political oblivion by attempting once again to put me behind bars”.

“As I have said at the outset, this is not a criminal trial. It is a charade staged by the powers that be to put me out of action in order that they remain in power,” he said, noting that his ex-boss and prime minister from 1981 to 2003, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, had done the same thing in the 1998 Sodomy I trial.

The grandfather, who turned 64 just a few weeks ago, described Dr Mahathir as Machiavellian in turning to all the powers of the state to get him jailed 15 years for offences he insists he did not commit.

The Federal Court overturned Anwar’s sodomy conviction in 2004, after finding contradictions in the prosecution’s case.

“Such was the tyranny and injustice done to me then. And such is the tyranny and injustice being perpetuated today.

“Najib Razak is doing the same thing as his mentor did, which is to employ all means within his power through the media, the police, the Attorney-General and the judiciary in order to subvert the course of justice and to take me out of the political equation,” said Anwar who was sacked from government in 1998.

He noted the second sodomy charge came on the heels of the Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) victories — the three-party opposition pact wrested four states from the BN while managing to keep Kelantan — in the March 2008 general election and once he qualified to contest in elections again, which he did and won in the Permatang Pauh by-election later that same year, ramping up the zeal to put him back in prison.

“Najib seems to think that by destroying my political future, it would also destroy the prospects of Pakatan Rakyat ever coming to power.

“Hence, nothing is spared to ensure that I will be convicted in order that the Umno-led led Barisan government continues to rule,” he said.

Anwar said he believes he has been condemned to jail not for anything he has done but for “my political beliefs and convictions”.

He told trial judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah to his face that the court’s integrity has been completely compromised as the latter had failed to demonstrate that he was neutral in his decisions.

Anwar is charged with sodomising former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan at a condominium in Bukit Damansara here between 3.10pm and 4.30pm on June 26.

He faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted under section 377B of the Penal Code, but will escape the whipping sentence due to his age.


Even a murderer also swears he did not know the victim! The Holy Book has been abused by thieves and murderers. For heaven's sake please don't misuse the Holy Books for your selfish ends it is the greatest SIN.

Well everyone has their own conscience. Whether this sodomy truly happened or is fabricated is up to one’s conscience. The truth of this incidence may be hidden in the deepest ocean, or the highest altitude or the deepest part of the earths' crust, or sworn on the holy Quran a million times but the people who really know whether this sodomy did happen or not is Saiful and Anwar. Looking at the whole episode in a pragmatic manner, I refuse to believe that Anwar would have committed this act especially so just after been acquitted of sodomy 1 where he had spent most of his economical and precious lifespan in the cell for more than 6 years.

Who in the right mind would want to commit this unlawful act again and land in the prison? “The pleasure of sodomizing is short lived but the pain and agony of the consequence of the event when revealed is like death nail on one’s forehead for life long”. What are the chances, then? The verdict is, Anwar is innocent beyond doubt and the entire case is pure fabrication by politicians who have vested interest in the frame up.

If you are Saiful who got paid to tell lies, his swearing on the Quran don't hold water. With multiple male DNAs in his anus even the Quran that he touched have been desecrated. He will be heading to hell.

Lots of corrupted BN ministers & their cronies are also willing to swear on the Quran or sell their dignity for personal gains. With lots of siphoned money from the rakyat, one could easily rape, bomb humans or set up anyone in our local court and escape under the UMNO immunity grants. Maybe we should also get Najib & our so called 1st Lady, to swear on the Quran in court or get a lie detector during the trial.

PM, wife ordered to testify in Sodomy II trial

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife are among seven people who have been subpoenaed to testify in his political foe Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s ongoing sodomy trial, after refusing a closed door interview last week.

“Refuse to be interviewed is different from being subpoenaed,” the Opposition Leader’s lead lawyer Karpal Singh told reporters today, after Anwar gave his unsworn testimony from the dock as part of his defence.

Karpal explained that once the court issues a subpoena, those named in the court order are compelled to turn up.

He added the court order had been given out last Friday and “ought to have been served”.

PM Najib (picture) and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor had turned up at the High Court here last week, unannounced, to meet with Anwar’s legal team.

Both said they would not say anything in court unless the court issued a subpoena instructing them to do so.

Former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who was also named as a defence witness, gave the same answer.

Karpal told reporters those who have been ordered to testify for the defence can still apply to refuse the court order.

“Yes, they can still strike out the subpoena,” the veteran criminal lawyer said, and added that he had not been informed of any such application to date.

Others who have also been issued court orders to turn up are:

• Former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan

• Ex-Malacca police chief Datuk Rodhwan Mohd Yusof

• Dr Muhd Osman Abd Hamid, the Pusrawi hospital doctor who was the first to medically examine Anwar’s complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan

• Nurse Yazihan Jusoh

• An Indonesian maid whose name is given only as “Suliati”.

The trial resumes 9am tomorrow.

The defence is expected to call its two Australian experts to testify. They are forensic pathologist Dr David Wells and DNA expert Dr Brian McDonald.


"Testify"? Ha ha ha, I think both of them will be "terrified"! When was the last time they attend a court case?

when najid turn to testify , out of sudden the Jalan DUTA court complex lighting system
when total Black OUT ......the trial were postpone to indefinite date..

( the coming next step in umno Script )

The world needs to see how these people, supposedly leaders of our society, squirm when they are on the witness stand. The world needs to know how the judiciary has been compromised through years of abuse by UMNO.

More action from now on. lies and more lies. Saiful will be sentenced to jail instead of Anwar. Karpal will be alert and catch the condictory evidence Saifuo. His relation with the DPP SHOULD BE EXPOSED further. I like to see Saiful wet in his pants

21 August 2011

another 'wayang kulit' from UMNOPORNO....Malay doctor defies Jais, puts children under church care


A Malay doctor facing marital problems has refused to commit his children to the care of Muslim organisations preferring instead to send them to a church in Petaling Jaya, in the latest touchy subject of Muslims turning to Christians for help in the country.

The Metro Ahad tabloid, the Sunday edition of Harian Metro, reported today a spokesman from the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) as saying that the unnamed doctor has committed an offence.

The Jais official said section 35 of the Selangor Syariah Criminal Enactment 1995 states that it is an offence to sell, give or surrender the care of one’s children to a non-Muslim, which is punishable by imprisonment of up to three years, a fine not more than RM5,000, or both.

The pro-government Malay tabloid’s report today follows a slew of reports by other pro-Umno newspapers in the past weeks on Christians’ alleged attempts to convert Muslims. Proselytising Muslims is an offence in Malaysia.

A tuition centre accused of trying to convert Muslim schoolchildren to Christianity was shut down after Umno-owned newspaper Utusan Malaysia highlighted the allegations last Wednesday.

Berita Harian and Harian Metro have also reported allegations that Christian organisations are secretly trying to convert impoverished Muslims through welfare aid. Both newspapers are part of the Umno-linked media giant, Media Prima Bhd.

Christian churches have demanded evidence behind such claims.

The reports came after Jais raided a dinner at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) in Petaling Jaya on August 3.

The agency was purportedly acting on a complaint that Muslims were spotted among those at the dinner, and was said to have found proof later that Christians were attempting to convert them during the function.

Metro Ahad quoted today Juhaidi Yean Abdullah, the head of Muslim welfare body Baitul Fiqh, as saying that the unnamed church — which was taking care of the children — had asked the welfare home to take them.

“But their father has refused to do so, saying that he did not want his children to be handed over to other people,” said Juhaidi.

The daily said the children of the doctor, who was facing marital problems, were aged between five and 15 years.

Malaysian Syariah Lawyers Association president Mohamad Isa Ralip told Metro Ahad that Baitul Fiqh could apply for custody from the Syariah Court.

“Even though the children are still under the custody of their parents, if there are issues involving custody rights like what is happening now, that can be set aside,” said Mohamad Isa.

“In this matter, I praise the pastor for trying to send the children to Baitul Fiqh. This is because he knows religious sensitivities and that Muslims should have custody of the children,” added the lawyer.


It's the father's choice to put the children under the church care.There are many questions to be asked here.Will JAIS provide financial support to his children?????.Why has the father resorted to such an action?????.JAis will lead the Malays and Muslims back to the thirteen century if they continue in this path.You really cannot help the Malays and Muslims in Malaysia with JAIS around.

please remember...

In the early years when the Quraish tribe in Mecca persecuted and made life difficult for the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his followers, he allowed some of the followers and their families, including his own daughter, Ruqayyah, to emigrate to Abyssinia which was ruled by Negus, a Christian king, who was known to be just and powerful. Under Negus, the immigrants were free and allowed to practice their religion. They only returned to Mecca after the situation there had settled down.

UMNO is going all out to play the Muslim vs Christian issues to garner the support of the malay votes to ensure it can win back its two-third majority. This is the true UMNO we are seeing. That's why it is damn important for the moderate muslim & non-muslim voters to be fully committed to support PR in next election to deny UMNO the two-third majority.

MCMC officers behaved like thugs

LFL lawyer is outraged over MCMC's insinuation that it is above the law.

The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) today questioned a journalist over a picture she had taken during the Bersih 2.0 rally.

But according to Lawyers For Liberty (LFL) coordinator, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri (pic), the officials had behaved like thugs in their intimidation and harassment of both her and her client.

Fadiah had accompanied her client, Yusriah Yusof, a photographer with opposition mouthpiece Suara Keadilan, to the MCMC headquarters earlier this afternoon.

Yusriah was being questioned over her picture of Anwar Ibrahim’s bodyguard, Fayyadh Afiq Albakqry, taken after he was hit in the face with a tear gas canister while shielding Anwar.

The picture of his bloodied face were among the many circulated online in the aftermath of the rally as evidence of police brutality.

When the investigating officer (IO) met them at the entrance, Fadiah introduced herself and said that she was accompanying her client into the investigation room. The IO denied her entry and an argument ensued.

“He said that lawyers were not allowed to be present during the questioning,” she told FMT. “I told him that under the Federal Constitution my client had the right to have her lawyer present and asked him what his basis was in disallowing that right.”

“I even asked him why she was being questioned and whether there was a report made against her. The IO said of course there is a report but he wasn’t going to divulge it to me.”

When Fadiah pointed out that even the police released reports to lawyers, the IO apparently shot back, “That is the police, we are MCMC.”

Shouting match

He, however, eventually reluctantly allowed Fadiah into the investigation room but then told her that he wanted to take her statement too.

“I refused and told him that I am merely accompanying my client and I’m not the party under investigation,” she said. “We continued arguing until he shouted ‘you’re a Malay, right? you’re a Muslim, right?… stop asking questions!’”

“I told him not to bring religion into this and to respect the law. He shouted back that if I wanted to talk about the law then I should go to the court because this was his office and he didn’t want to talk about it.”

Before a stunned Fadiah could respond, two more officers entered the room and shouted to her to leave. While she argued with them, the IO began taking Yusriah’s statement, disregarding the photographer’s obvious distress.

“I turned my back on the two and focus on my client,” Fadiah said. “These men were in the baju Melayu complete with the sampin and they were behaving like thugs. They were talking like the law didn’t apply to them.”

“I am shocked by MCMC’s arrogance and ignorance. Even when they called my client in for questioning they never sent her an official notice. Just a casual phone call.”

The two officers threatened to lodge a police report against her, but when she she asked for their names in return, they replied that she had no right to know as she was in their office.

Fadiah added that the line of questioning was to determine the authenticity of the picture and if copies had been distributed to other publications.

“It was obvious that they want to send out a warning that the public and journalists who take and distribute such pictures will be hauled in for quesitioning,” she said.

“It is pure harassment of journalists, particularly my client because they couldn’t even tell her the basis of the investigation or what law she had breached.”

Yusriah is the first journalist to be questioned over this picture. The Suara Keadilan editor is expected to be called in next as are the other media that have published the image

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