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07 December 2013

Big joke from blind fools...Umno delegate defends Rosmah’s use of government jet


The use of a government jet by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor for an official trip should not be questioned as it involved her security, said Federal Territory Umno delegate Affandi Zahari in his debate today.

"Rosmah's safety is paramount and if anything happened to her, it will only upset Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

"This involves the security of his wife. If anything happened to her, it will affect him emotionally," said Affandi.

The delegate then slammed the opposition for making such a big fuss over the issue.

In further defending Rosmah, he said the use of the jet was approved by the Cabinet and her visit to Qatar was an official trip.

"She was invited and it was an official trip. If she went on a holiday, even I will be unhappy," Affandi added.

Rosmah's use of the jet to attend the International Business Women Forum in Doha, Qatar, last month had drawn criticism from many quarters.

She was accompanied by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who is special adviser to the prime minister on women entrepreneurs and professionals; Datin Seri Siti Rubiah Datuk Abdul Samad, wife of Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman; Datin Seri Khamarzan Ahmad Meah, wife of International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed; and Datin Seri Che Kamariah Zakaria, wife of Second Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.

Affandi also defended the use of private jets by Najib and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, saying they were busy men.

"This is not to show off. It's all about saving time," he said.

He added that this was one of the perks given to the country's top leaders by the people.

Affandi also defended the high electricity bill incurred by Seri Perdana.

"We are talking about the official residence of a prime minister. It has to be beautiful and bright. Big house, big expenses. It cannot be in darkness," said Affandi.

Last month, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim had said that the utility bills for the prime minister’s official residence in Seri Perdana came to RM2.3 million last year.

He said RM2,237,788.13 was spent on electricity while RM311,174.25 was spent on water.

Shahidan also said that the electricity and water bills for the deputy prime minister’s official residence, Sri Satria, last year were RM865,458.56 and RM99,264.03 respectively.

Affandi also defended the increase in electricity tariff, saying that the public must look at it objectively.

He said the electricity hike will not affect the rakyat.

"Those who will be affected are the manufacturers. What we need to do is to make sure they do not pass the burden to the rakyat. We must have a mechanism to ensure that it will not happen," added Affandi






Affandi Zahari, you have become one super duper bodek ampu or apple polisher. What security does Rosmah need in a private jet? Who would dare to touch her anywhere she goes with her bodyguards around her? And why should Najib be upset should anything happen to her? He was not upset when she was not around during his tryst in Port Dickson. Isa Samad as Negri MB then will be able to give you all the details!

I suggest Rosmah to wear bullet proof vest and helmet, personal 24 hr security guards with CCTV all over here mansion? Don't worry if it makes here uncomfortable and sweaty, just tell her its for her own protection. Also, I suggest her to ride a military plane and don't her go shopping spree cause you never know mugger around the corner. How's that for safety,

MAS.... Najib is doubting your flight safety standards , thus he nor his wife will go on any of your flights. The rest of the country is not important and can take the risks flying MAS.

Meanwhile, Singapore's PM always flies SIA to official functions as he never had doubts on their national airline's safety.

Traveling with AirAsia is also not safe. Malaysians should all be using the govt jet

04 December 2013

city ​​hall become robbers of the people....KL residents want City Hall to show how money is being spent

bandits people

A group of lawyers will be taking Kuala Lumpur City Hall to court to compel it to open up its books and show the public how taxpayers' money had been spent in the past 10 years.

This is in relation to the local authority's move to raise assessment fees for all property owners in the city.

"Kuala Lumpur City Hall has stirred a hornet's nest by seeking to raise assessment fees, now they are being taken to court," said Chang Kim Loong, the National House Buyers Association honorary secretary.

"We also want City Hall to show their budgeted expenses for the next 10 years.

"If they are asking us to pay more, they should show us how they have been spending the money all this while."

Chang said the case will be through a declaratory order to be filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court next month. City Hall, its advisory board and the mayor will be named as respondents.

Chang said that so far, they have 80 ratepayers that will be part of this public interest litigation, with the help of nine lawyers.

Before the end of this year, the legal team will also challenge the revision notices sent out to the 507,800 ratepayers in Kuala Lumpur with new valuation amounts when it comes into effect on the last day of the year.

Chang is also calling for more lawyers and forensic accountants to join the battle against City Hall, saying that with more legal help on the team, they could organise more groups of ratepayers in the legal challenge.

City Hall had started sending out notices to all property owners in Kuala Lumpur informing them of the proposed hike in the property valuation.

The notices, however, stated that if there are objections to the proposed hike, property owners must register their objections with City Hall before December 17.

The public had been outraged by what they complained was an exorbitant increase in assessment fees.

City Hall's defense was that it had not increased the fees in 21 years.

Local government legal expert Derek Fernandez had previously said that City Hall was not allowed to spend any money unless budgeted for.

As such, he added that it was essential that they open their budget to public scrutiny in order to justify the need for additional funds derived from rate revenue and how it is to be used to provide better services.

Fernandez had also said that failure to do this would make it difficult for the local authority to justify the need to increase rate revenue by revaluation of the annual rental to derive more assessment income.






any decent, honest government will be transparent. But this is UMNO we are talking about. What do you expect?

Show this dUMNO run City Hall a boot!

Auditor General, where are you ?
Yes. Take them to court. I too would like to know the details of their account on how they spend our money ... unless of course, that pompous Adnan decides to declare it as OSA. !

I will not be surprised if they say the ledgers and money have dropped down the toilet too. Typical BN response for everything, racist slurs and illogical answers, nothing new.

without go back to their " farmlands " to Milk the " Cows ....Umno will close shop

Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil warned party leaders today that if not for the support of the women's wing, Umno will close down.

The Wanita Umno chief made this statement when calling for more of the wing's members to be appointed to government-linked companies (GLCs).

Addressing Wanita Umno members at the wing's general assembly today, Shahrizat said many of the party's divisions and branches would have to close down due to insufficient membership if not for the participation of Wanita Umno members.

"Don't say there are no women from Wanita and BN who are qualified to sit in GLCs," she said.

Umno Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings convened their respective general assemblies today, ahead of the main general assembly tomorrow.

Saying women's attendance for party programmes at the branch and divisional levels was crucial, Shahrizat also did not spare the party's supreme council members.

"Let me tell the supreme council members. If not for the Wanita, don't think you could get all this. The support will be scattered.

"The victors are there thanks to your votes. If not for our support, don't be too hopeful," she said, greeted by loud cheers from the floor.

Shahrizat, who was the Women, Family and Community Development minister until she was forced to resign following the National Feedlot Corporation scandal involving her family, also called for the party to hold the Wanita wing in higher regard, saying the status of the wing should not be lowered to that of the Youth and Puteri wings.

"As the Wanita chief, I don't want to be competing with the Puteri. It's embarrassing to be always compared with Puteri.

"I love the Puteri, they are our children, we are not sharing husbands with them," she said, using the Malay word "madu".

"Listen to this, Puteri are our children, not our madu. We love them," she added







Moooo moooo booooo....

Yes UMNO will have to close shop, and go back to their " farmlands " to Milk the " Cows " ....While the Wives get to stay in Condos and Luxurious cars, and Cuti Cuti Senang Hati with their own kind..

Moooo....booooo ....

YES ....mother cows can Produce MILK and can pleased the male cow...........What can the Male cows do besides doing that thing..........??

UMNO won't close shop without you, but Malaysia will close shop if UMNO remains in power. Haven't you drained enough money from the people already?

Gani Patail national traitor ...Police reports lodged against Attorney General following Mat Zain’s allegations

Five opposition lawmakers piled more pressure on Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail (pic) after they lodged separate reports on his alleged misconduct which were contained in a statutory declaration affirmed by a retired police officer.

The five - Shamsul Iskandar @ Yusre Mohd Akin (PKR-Bukit Katil), Datuk Takiyudin Hassan (PAS-Kota Baru), Teo Kok Seong (DAP-Rasah), G. Manivannan (PKR-Kapar) and Steven Sim Chee Keong (DAP-Bukit Mertajam) want the police to investigate Abdul Gani after claims made by former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim in a 31-page sworn statement.

"We demand that police conduct a full and independent investigation as the allegations raised by Mat Zain are serious and involve the country's interests," said Shamsul Iskandar after lodging the report at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters this evening.

In his statutory declaration, Mat Zain had claimed hundreds of millions of ringgit had changed hands and were deposited into a Hong Kong bank account over the Pulau Batu Puteh case, which the International Court of Justice ruled in favour of Singapore.

Mat Zain alleged that Abdul Gani had deliberately lost the case.

He had urged the authorities to investigate the reason how Malaysia lost its claim over Pulau Batu Puteh, saying it was a matter of sovereignty.

Mat Zain had claimed that Abdul Gani had fabricated evidence in the black eye case involving Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in September 29, 2008.

Shamsul Iskandar said the police should investigate Abdul Gani under Section 192 of the Penal Code which touches on fabrication of evidence.

The five opposition lawmakers also charged that top lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who was recently appointed by Putrajaya to lead the appeal against Anwar's acquittal over his sodomy charge, should be cited under Section 202 of the Penal Code for "intentionally failing to give information for an alleged offence".

Shafee, Mat Zain and former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Datuk Ramli Yusuf met former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to allegedly discuss Abdul Gani's wrongdoings.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had previously said police were not investigating Mat Zain's SD because it is not a police report.

Ahmad Zahid had said the authorities would consider investigating the allegations if a police report was lodged on the issue.

On Monday, Mat Zain made public his SD when he sent it to several opposition lawmakers and news portals

20 November 2013

big drama from ibrahim al-kataki....Ibrahim Ali free after serving his one day in “jail” said itself innocent although accept the court decision...!!!!

Ibrahim Ali leaving the KL Court complex after serving his 1-day sentence, spending time in a holding room within the court complex until the end of the working day

Ibrahim Ali spent a day in the Kuala Lumpur Court complex holding area as part of his one-day jail sentence and later declared that the court had wrongfully held him in contempt.

The Perkasa chief was released at the end of the working day. He then paid his RM20,000 fine.

He insisted he had never acted in contempt, saying that he was not responsible for the article posted on his group's website that had purportedly scandalised a judge and the court system.

Ibrahim said he will be in court again tomorrow in an attempt to clear his name.

Ibrahim was held in contempt after an article by blogger Zainudin Salleh was published on the Perkasa website. The article allegedly tarnished the reputation of retired High Court judge, Datuk V.T. Singham.

The president of the right-wing group left the Kuala Lumpur High Court this evening at 5.08pm clad in a black suit and pants after spending the whole day at the court complex.

Ibrahim was also fined RM20,000 along with his one-day jail sentence.

"I will file my appeal tomorrow to clear my name. The article was alleged to have been in my name but it was published by Zainuddin in the Perkasa media blog for which I do not even know the password," a defiant Ibrahim said.

"I consider myself innocent although I accept the court decision today. I don't want to dispute anything but I have to appeal because I didn't commit anything wrong. I didn't commit any offence," he told The Malaysian Insider when met at the court cafeteria.

The president of the Malay rights group also claimed he was a victim of circumstance, adding that the detention was nothing new to him.

Earlier today High Court judge Datuk John Louis O'Hara held Ibrahim and Zainuddin in contempt over an article published in the Perkasa website, which had allegedly tarnished the image of Singham.

Singham had presided over a defamation suit by opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim against Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd.

Judge O'Hara also sentenced Zainuddin to four weeks' jail.

Anwar's lawyer, R. Sivarasa, said the duo were responsible for the publication of the article which he described as a "personal and scurrilous attack on judge Singham".

"This article could not have been let off without a response. This is the most extreme scurrilous written attack on the judiciary. I think Zainuddin can consider himself lucky he only got four weeks' jail.

O'Hara also said that the article was a clear attempt to put pressure on the court in the decision on the defamation suit, which was pending then.

O'Hara added that Ibrahim, as president of Perkasa, was guilty of contempt as he did nothing to distance himself and his organisation from the article posted in Perkasa's website, adding that he "took no action to remove the article from the website".

The contempt proceeding was initiated by Anwar. Zainuddin's article carried personal attacks on trial judge Singham, who had presided over Anwar's defamation suit against Utusan Melayu and its editor-in-chief, Abdul Aziz Ishak.

The article was published in Perkasa's website on January 7, when the decision by Singham on the defamation suit was pending. On January 21, Singham ruled in favour of Anwar in the defamation suit, which was over the publication of two articles on his comments to BBC in an interview on homosexuality laws.

Following the decision, Anwar moved to cite Ibrahim and Zainuddin for contempt for the attacks against Singham.

Ibrahim had tried to set aside the application for committal proceedings against him, arguing that he and Perkasa were not responsible for the defamatory article posted in a website, but his application was rejected







One day jail sentence is 24 hours. But only few hours and he is having big drama. Even drama actors will lose to him.

And his sentence," I'm innocent and will accept court decision today". If you are innocent, you would not accept court decision at all or will refuse one day jail at all cost. Readers, judge yourselves.

The proper place for him to serve the jail term is PRISON and not the court house buidling. The court house is not gazetted as a jail area. Wonder he is placed in the holding cell without any visitors? He should be ordered to serve his sentence in PRISON ! CAN SOMEBODY , PLEASE PROTEST !

This is what happen when an idiot wants to look overly smart ending up wasting tax-payer monies. Such person are actually anti-social, low IQ and of course very not clever!!!

If I was the Judge, I would have locked him up and threw away the keys. This is one idiot that have no conscience and a racist that no parents would be proud of.

I am sure if Pakatan leaders were to be in the same position, the police will swiftly move them to real jail and held them for 24 hours. In the case of Ibrahim Ali, he is held in cafeteria and even allowed company. Besides it is until 5pm and not 24 hours.

The authority is making this country a laughing stock of the world.

05 November 2013

Najib hypocrite defend the word of Allah...his must defend hudud....but when he's pushing hudud...his talk like a Satan which cheat the Christians and moslem

defend the word of Allah  or  uphold altantuya...?????

Putrajaya has pledged to defend the use of the word Allah as the exclusive right of Muslims, even as the debate continued following the October 14 Court of Appeal ruling banning the use of the word in a Catholic weekly.

In his message marking the Islamic new year or Maal Hijrah today, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said while Malaysia upholds the Federal Constitution and the position of Islam, it also subscribed to the concept of moderation, or Wasatiyyah, saying it is the foundation of the country’s harmony.

“To appreciate the wider meaning of migration, we still uphold our religion and defend the name of Allah for religion, race and our beloved country.

“Malaysia which upholds the Constitution and Islam as the official religion of the country, will remain steadfast in defending the position of Islam in the country in line with Maqasid Syariah and the concept of Wasatiyyah,” Najib said in his message posted on his 1Malaysia blog today.

Several Muslim groups have insisted that the word Allah belonged exclusively to Muslim, although Christians and other faiths have argued otherwise.

This followed the recent Court of Appeal decision not to allow Catholic weekly Herald to use the word Allah in its Bahasa Malaysia section, after a long legal battle over the usage of the word.

The decision overturned an earlier ruling by the High Court in 2009, which said that Allah, the Arabic word for God, was not the exclusive right of Muslims, and allowed the Herald to use it.

The ruling was challenged by the Home Ministry in its appeal in January 2010.

The Court of Appeal noted the Home Ministry's prohibition on the Herald from using the word was justified, arguing that Allah was not integral to the Christian faith.

The church has 30 days to file the leave application to appeal against the Court of Appeal decision.

The decision sparked a debate on whether Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, who mostly use Bahasa Malaysia in their worship, were also bound by the ruling.

This led Najib assuring Christians in East Malaysia that they can continue using the word, as stated in Putrajaya's so-called 10-point solution announced in 2011.

The Allah ruling also got worldwide attention, including strong comments from American Muslim theologian Reza Aslan who said the decision made a mockery of Malaysia.

The debate on the matter continues, with the Bar Council reportedly considering to back the Catholic weekly in the appeal process. This raised the ire of Muslim Lawyers Association, who strongly opposed the move

This devil all right he said .....biased to win the party which he got blind salaried...Whatever corruption he said not corruption....nothing to the puzzled

Cheap sugar, rice? No element of bribery in Sungai Limau, says Election Commission chief


There was no element of bribery in the sale of rice and sugar at discounted prices by Barisan Nasional (BN) during the Sungai Limau by-election campaign period, said the Election Commission.

EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said that despite these household goods being offered cheaply to Sungai Limau residents, they still had the freedom to vote for the candidate of their choice.

"There are no election laws regarding this. They (BN) would have had to obtain permission from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives & Consumerism before selling the items at a discounted price," Abdul Aziz told .

"What I know is, the act is not an offence. I was not informed of this. If it was sold to the public, it shouldn't be a problem but what is not allowed is if they had called voters to buy the items at a cheap price and then insisted that they vote for a certain candidate."

On Sunday, the eve of polling day, BN organised a shopping-like carnival in Bukit Besar, located 19km from Alor Star. It was packed as word spread that household essentials were being sold well below market prices.

And while the BN government recently removed the sugar subsidy that caused the price to go up, a 1kg packet of sugar cost RM1.00 at the carnival. After the subsidy was removed the 1kg packet retailed at RM2.84.

A 5kg bag of rice, usually sold between RM18 and RM20, cost RM5 at the carnival.

Abdul Aziz said it was only considered bribery if voters were asked to vote for a particular candidate and the voters had to show proof that they had voted for the said candidate.

However, Abdul Aziz noted that PAS's victory proved that the cheap sale had not succeeded in influencing the voters.

"We don't know who came for the carnival and who they voted for. If there is any element of bribery, I myself will call the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

"This is similar to giving transport fare to voters. The voters are still free to make their own choice. The majority of the voters in Bukit Besar support PAS. This means that they were not swayed by the cheap sale.

"They bought the items but their vote is still a secret."

Abdul Aziz said voters will take whatever is given to them but it does not necessarily mean they will do what the giver wants them to do, in this case, vote for their candidate.

He said yesterday's by-election went smoothly although there were a few incidents which had made the situation tense.

The rowdy behaviour and abusive language of some supporters marred the otherwise peaceful atmosphere in Sungai Limau.

"Overall, the by-election went on well and small incidents are normal during elections. However, the campaigning was heated,” Abdul Aziz said.
"I will not mention which party but certain mean-spirited things that happened made me change my mind about visiting certain areas because I saw that the supporters had lost their minds. You can imagine the situation there."

PAS candidate Mohd Azam Abdul Samat defeated BN’s Dr Ahmad Sohaimi Lazim with a majority of 1,084 votes. Azam, 37, will be sworn in as the new Sungai Limau assemblyman at the Kedah legislative assembly on November 18.

Last May, the late Tan Sri Azizan Razak won the seat with a 2,774-vote majority in a four-cornered fight.

The EC pegged voter turnout at 85.5%. It was a drop from the 89.43% voter turnout in the general election on May 5. There are 27,222 voters in the constituency

03 November 2013

Beware of BN bearing gifts to Chinese voters in Sungai Limau

We called on Chinese voters in Sungai Limau not to be intimidated by the threats of revenge and discriminatory politics practised by the Barisan Nasional government.

We recalled a statement by Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir not long ago that the state government would not entertain requests from Chinese schools.

While we welcomes Putrajaya's change of heart on the issue of allocation for Chinese schools, it is obvious that the sudden U-turn is due to its political needs in Sungai Limau..

Mukhriz had said that he would not neglect those who had supported BN in the 13th general election. He had said the majority of Kedah's population were Malays and as such there was no need to entertain requests from Chinese schools.

The statement starks in contrast with the series of announcements by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in the run-up to the Sungai Limau by-election.

More than RM2 million has been announced by Putrajaya to help three Chinese primary schools in the area.

The move was to solicit support for BN from the 1,800 Chinese voters in Sungai Limau.

MCA president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek has meanwhile described the RM1 million allocation to SRJK (C) Aik Min, which only has 15 students, as a huge test for the Chinese community.

"If the Chinese voters accept the money from Barisan Nasional but do not support them, then they cannot expect to receive additional allocations in the future," Chua was quoted by China Press as saying.

Chua's statement showed the BN government was not committed to fair and equal treatment of Chinese schools.

If Putrajaya is committed to fair and equal treatment, then it should announce regular allocations to Chinese schools and not only during general and by-elections...

A fair government will not punish voters for their choices, what Chua has said is no different from what Mukhriz said earlier

We called on Chinese voters to vote for PAS candidate Mohd Azam Abd Samat, saying it could send a clear message to Putrajaya that the community would not be cowed by threats






Sungai Limau was once part of the then Kota Setar Selatan Parliamentary constituency in 1969 where, apa nama, Mukhriz's father lost to the late PMIP (now PAS) candidate, Haji Yusof Rawa. In the 1969 General Elections, his father told the Chinese electorates that he could easily win that seat without Chinese support. The rest, they say, is History. How come his son needs Chinese votes now with just over 1,800 which is considered as "chicken feed"?

UMNO thinks they can bribe the chinese community with peanuts and half baked that's sincere doesn't have to bribe and a government for all races will have fully support from the rakyat.....sadly UMNO or BN isn't what we need to govern especially their coalition partners who dare not fight for their religion or communities.

bankrupt one want to read...those advertise with it.......also to book bankrupt

Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia today blasted government-linked companies (GLCs) for not placing more advertisements in Malay-language newspapers.

In an opinion piece in its weekend edition, Mingguan Malaysia, it said many leading GLCs seemed to be losing their identities and forgetting the real reason for their existence.

The article, written by columnist Awang Selamat, the pseudonym for its collective editorial team, said GLCs left the advertising decisions to agencies which, it alleged, are mostly controlled by “expatriates, racist groups and liberals who are ignorant of the Constitution”.

“Often, the excuse for this was that it was due to commercial consideration. The question is how can we base the future and sovereignty of the national language to these expatriates and groups?” he asked.

Awang drew attention to a Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) lecturer, Associate Professor Mohamad Md Yusoff, who had made the call to create a National Advertising Policy (DPN) which, among others, advocates the control of the advertising industry to uphold the national language.

“If Awang is not mistaken, this is not the first time Mohamad made such a call but to date, there was no response from any parties,” he said.

He pointed to the latest study by AmResearch on advertising expenditure (Adex) for Malay dailies which recorded a drop of 1.8% as of September this year, although the overall industry registered a growth of 3.7%.

A study by RHB Research found that for September alone, the Adex for Malay newspapers decreased by 26% to RM116 million compared to RM154 million for the same month last year.

In contrast, the Chinese and English dailies registered an increase of between 8.8% and 7.2% respectively.

“Awang is worried thinking about the future of the national language in the advertising industry, including those in the mass media,” he said.

He said the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association had also questioned a few banks and telecommunications companies under GLCs that seldom advertise in Malay newspapers.

The association had singled out Celcom, CIMB, Malaysia’s second largest bank by assets, and state oil company Petronas, noting that although the majority of CIMB’s clients are Malay, the bank is more prone to advertise in vernacular and English dailies.

Because of that, Awang said, he was no longer a loyal Celcom customer.

"The choices are vast. Why support GLCs that do not place priority on the sovereignty of the national language and empowerment of the Bumiputera agenda?"

He said the association had come to a disturbing conclusion when it discovered that some GLCs gave more advertisements to anti-government media during the 13th general election.

Awang agreed with the association’s chief activist, Nadzim Johar, who had alleged that the anti-government media was passionate in promoting the aspirations and agenda of certain quarters aimed at bringing down the government.

Awang agreed with Nadzim, GLCs have been promoted by the wrong parties and allowed themselves to be trapped in a vicious cycle by the advertising industry. “It’s obvious we did not take any lessons from it.”

It just over a month after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak pitched for companies and government agencies to advertise in the Malay daily Utusan Malaysia, Putrajaya has now made a U-turn on the call.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, in a parliamentary written reply recently, said the federal government had never recommended that Utusan be given priority for advertisement purposes.

"The government only stressed that advertisements be placed in main newspapers in Malaysia so that the message can achieve its objective," he said in a written reply to Sim Tze Tzin (PKR-Bayan Baru) in Parliament.

When officially opening Utusan's new headquarters on September 13, Najib had said newspaper companies cannot rely solely on circulation to stay in business and that advertising was needed to keep the 75-year-old newspaper afloat.

"I hope all government agencies, GLCs and private companies, especially those owned by Bumiputeras, will show their support by giving more advertisements to Utusan. Only this will help keep Utusan on track," the prime minister was reported as saying.

His call was soundly criticised by the DAP, which said it was another example of Putrajaya wasting taxpayers’ money in an attempt to bail out the paper.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua said then that Najib’s call showed that the paper had lost readers due to its racist stand






Why not large cooperation wants to advertise in Utusan? -
The Main reason : Who want to be associated with a non-credible yet racist media?

Pui on you Awang , you are worse than a beggar! Nobody wants to waste money advertising in your useless toilet paper all thanks to your racists, lies and spinning of untrue stories.

One day this useless toilet paper will go bankrupt all because of Awang Selamat and Riduan Abdullah reportings. The only way this useless toilet paper will survive is due bailouts from UMNO using the hard-earned taxpayers money. Shame on you!!

Utusan is desperate! Even need PM to sell its papers. I for one won't buy anything that's advertise in the paper.

Advertising with Utusan is not cheap, but why waste money advertise on a paper which was rejected by all MALAYSIAN that have brains (Malays, Chinese, Indian, Others.....). I do believe the price for advertise in Utusan will be cost double or even more that other papers which was hot sellers......

that's right ...till doomsday there is no democracy in UMNO...except all diseases in this organisation must be eradicated

Democracy is more alive in Islamist party PAS than in Umno

Comparing the upcoming PAS elections at the end of this month with the recently concluded Umno polls, we noted that the top two leaders in the ruling Malay party were not elected by the grassroots.

Instead, they were “endorsed” by the party’s powerful supreme council and as such, their legitimacy is restricted to the council’s endorsement.

Now it’s PAS’s turn to vote for a new leadership. From the start, it is clear that democracy is more robust in PAS as compared to Umno ,  while the Umno election results were good for Najib and his supporters, time will decide whether it will be good for Umno.

In the Umno elections last month, president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin retained their posts unopposed.

The party also retained its incumbent vice-presidents as well as the Youth and Wanita chiefs for a second term.

Only the president’s post in PAS, currently held by Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, will not see any challenge.

Mohamad Sabu, who is currently the party’s deputy president, might have to fend off challenges from several leaders.

According to reports, four others have been nominated for the number two post.

They are vice-presidents Datuk Husam Musa and Salahuddin Ayub, information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and central committee member Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.

Mohamad has confirmed he will defend his post, while Salahuddin has said he will defend his vice-presidency.

To date, the three other candidates have yet to announce their intentions.

PAS will hold its elections and muktamar from November 22-24. Some 1,300 delegates are expected to attend the event to be held at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam






UMNO's disease is not confined to the party but spreading to Barisan Nasional and soon the whole nation. That is why we need to change. ABU.

if umno has no scruples about manipulating a general election then doing the same in umno election is peanuts.

Democracy and umno should never be used in the same sentence!

We know that in Umno nothing is ever real, where all is a big fat lie. Malaysia is a big fat lie, for crying out loud!

14 October 2013

Deputy minister “lying” about corruption in Malaysia

Devils HELPING Devils in BN/ devil  feet liar

We  claimed that a deputy minister lied in saying only 5% of Malaysians are involved in corruption.Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Razali Ibrahim is lying when claiming that only 5% of Malaysians have been involved directly or indirectly in corruption

Citing the 2012 Auditor General’s Report and a recent survey on corruption by Ernst & Young, Putrajaya must take serious action to check graft.

Until the Barisan Nasional federal government takes serious action on the Auditor General’s report against the culprits and accepts facts, Malaysia will continue to lose billions of ringgit every year from wastage and financial wrongdoings..

Razali had cited the 2013 Transparency International Barometer on Global Corruption report issued last July by the Malaysian chapter of Transparency International.

The report revealed that less than 5% of the population had witnessed the act of giving and receiving bribes.

The recent Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013 by Ernst & Young saw Malaysia being ranked as one of the most corrupt nations.

It also listed Malaysia as most likely to take shortcuts to meet targets when economic times are tough.

The survey's findings only confirmed the wastage and financial wrongdoings exposed by the Auditor General’s Report.

The Auditor General's Report among others revealed the loss of some RM1.3 million worth of police equipment including 44 firearms, and the destruction of RM600,000 worth of footwear ordered for the Customs Department due to wrong specification.

It also found that the Youth and Sports Ministry paid RM1.6 million to bring in three Korean pop groups for the National Youth Day celebrations last year.

We  estimated that Putrajaya wasted around RM6.5 billion in the 64 cases studied under the report.

Of this amount, RM5.7 billion was blamed on the federal government, while another RM800,000 on statutory government bodies






This issue will go on unresolved year after year because the ruling govt is corrupted and filthy..unless the people are wise enough to terminate them in the GE14

Again.....Devils HELPING Devils in BN/UMNO.....everybody KNOWS that.... Every year the AG's Reports means nothing to them and they will continue to do it even this year.....all the devils join Umno/Bn for MONIES not for LOOKING after the Rakyats........!!!

It is unlikely that the BN government will take action against civil servants for abuse of public funds. Should the government take action, it will anger the civil vote bank and lose their support in GE14. The only way to eradicate corruption in this country is to change government.

Corruption will continue to be the norm until Barisan is turfed out. To date, Barisan has not put any serious effort into tackling the issue. Huge sums have been misappropriated and hardly anyone been charged. To rub salt into the wound, pathetic and downright stupid excuses were made for the loss of the money. Appalling really

the childish and mentally challenge man who believes that 44 guns were beneath the ocean slammed by Lembah Pantai MP

IGP  the childish and mentally challenge suite  for this  position....ha ha ha


The Inspector-General of Police should retract the shocking offer he made to N. Surendran and instead meet the opposition halfway in addressing the weaknesses within the police force, said PKR.

Its vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar (pic) said Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar's offer to Padang Serai MP N. Surendran to accompany police and experience a risky first-hand shootout with criminals was a challenge devoid of any principles. She also expressed indignation at the indemnity clause inserted by Khalid.

"Surendran, like every single Malaysian, has every right to request for the highest level of professionalism from the police and to be protected without bias, without the fear of threats and requests for an indemnity," Nurul Izzah said in a statement.

"No member of Parliament should entertain this police display of bias, uncouth and threatening behaviour, lest we all fall into a downward spiral of irresponsible conduct. I, myself, will not condone any of my colleagues pursuing such risky endeavours," the Lembah Pantai MP said.

Nurul Izzah called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to stop being preoccupied with the Umno general election to the point that he forgets to maintain sanity and common sense within his own Cabinet. She said the government should be Malaysia-oriented, not Umno-action oriented.

"Khalid is well aware of the weaknesses within the police force which was highlighted in the findings of the 2005 Royal Commission of Inquiry. The question is, why are authorities blatantly ignoring the RCI's findings?" Nurul Izzah questioned.

The police to population ratio currently stands at 1:700, which is well within international standards. But Nurul Izzah argued that despite the police force boasting a total of 112,583 personnal and officers, the percentage tasked with combating crime was only 18%.

"The findings of the RCI was to increase the efficiency and professionalism of the police force, besides boosting the public's confidence in security personnel. How can authorities ignore repeated calls for the formation of an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission?"

Nurul Izzah reminded Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Khalid that it was the responsibility of elected representatives of the people to highlight the weaknesses and loopholes in any government programme.

"This is especially so when there are giant loopholes in the statements made by government representatives. This weaknesses must be highlighted as it will affect the state of security in Malaysia if left unchecked," she said.






Why is it that every time when a minister or top civil servant opens his or her mouth, criticisms are aplenty? Something must be very wrong with their brains, or their brains are void of intelligence but full of dollar signs!

If you read the fine line in the IGP invitation such as signing the indemnity agreement and that they are not responsible for Surendan safety should he accepted the invitation is tantamount to saying Surendan will be killed.

This is garbage talk from a garbage IGP! There is a breakdown in law and respect for the peoples' representatives in parliament. The IGP must not think he can say anything with impunity. This is gutter politicking by the IGP at its worst!

This uncouth IGP is behaving irresponsibly because of the tacit encouragement of the Umno plunderers.

There are plenty of idiots masquerading as intelligent beings in very high positions in Barisan government. Plonkers

a symbol of "Endless Possibilities of Corruptions"....Utusan cheers Umno and jeers “jealous” opposition after party polls

Endless Possibilities of Corruptions....why we should be jealous..???...we worry that run out of  people  money...!!!

As expected, the Umno party election yesterday received applause from the party's mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, which poured scorn on "jealous" opposition parties.

The paper took a swipe at DAP and PKR, saying both parties were still conducting their internal polls the old way, unlike Umno which changed its election laws.

"It will be the envy of both friends and foes. DAP and PKR, which are still bound by outdated election practices, should learn from Umno.

"Congratulations Umno. The political party has once again moved forward," the paper, using the pseudonym Awang Selamat, wrote today.

Utusan had been attacking DAP over the directive by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to hold fresh party election, after several disgruntled members claimed that the central executive committee (CEC) election in December last year was not properly conducted.

At its re-election on September 29, delegates returned the same set of leaders to the CEC.

As for PKR, its party election in 2010 was mired in internal strife and leadership squabbles, all of which were widely reported by the Umno-owned paper.

PKR will hold its polls next month but has pushed the date to May 2014, saying it needed more time following the recent 13th general election.

In congratulating Umno's Youth, Wanita and Puteri wing leaders, Awang Selamat advised them to be committed and sincere in implementing the party's agenda.

"The next challenge is how this new line-up can boost the confidence of the Malays in Umno and BN to face the next general election," he wrote.

He described yesterday’s election as historic because it showed the Malay party was more inclusive, democratic and grassroots-oriented.

He downplayed glitches reported during voting, saying these were expected as it is the first time the party was using the new electoral system, which gave voting right to 220,000 delegates.

"The political transformation as promised by Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, which included Umno's new election system, is now a reality," he added






hahah- the 'cow woman said her victory will inpire women! I'd say her victory will inspire all those who want similar RM200 million (as given to her husband) to fight for top position in UMNO

Jealous ? No...not a bit, instead people are glad that Sharizat is one of the winner. She is the reminder of how a herd of cows managed to live in the condos.....a symbol of "Endless Possibilities of Corruptions" in Malaysia and a fodder for GE14 !

Aiya.. why pay attention to the only newspaper that tells the most lies and lost the most lawsuits?

It is an undisputed fact that Umno Baru is built on cronyism and corruption. Money politics rules the day in Umno Baru's election. The present lineup will not necessarily make the world's most corrupted political party appeal to more educated and urban based Malays in future. Whatever the Bumi agenda and in whatever forms and name, majority of the ordinary working class Malays and Malays who are not in the inner circle of Umno Baru elites had and shall not benefit from the Bumi affirmative policies.

13 October 2013

Muslims can’t stop others from using the word Allah

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (pic) today weighed in on the controversial "Allah" row, saying there is nothing wrong with non-Muslims using the term in their faiths provided it is not misused or misinterpreted.

"There is no law that does not allow other people to use the word ‘Allah’, but if they interpret it wrongly to Muslims, they need to answer because Allah means He is the only God to be worshiped,” Hadi said after launching a seminar on Shariah at the Universiti Selangor in Shah Alam, today.

Hadi's statement comes as the Court of Appeal prepares to give its decision on the appeal by Catholic weekly newspaper Herald to be allowed to use the word.

The High Court in Kuala Lumpur had ruled on December 31, 2009 that the weekly newspaper could use the word.

Following Putrajaya’s appeal against that decision, a three-man bench led by Datuk Seri Mohamad Apandi Ali heard submissions on September 10 from lawyers representing Putrajaya, the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church and Islamic religious councils.

Hadi said it was not for Muslims to stop others from using the word “Allah”, pointing out that unlike the word "God", “Allah” is an Arabic word which cannot be translated into another language.

This, he added, makes the term sacred.

His comments contrast the recent call by the Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) on Muslims to unite against any attempt to misuse the word "Allah".

The Council, in the prepared text of the Friday sermon, has questioned the use of the word "Allah" in the Bible, saying the action was contradictory to Christians' belief in the concept of Trinity.

But Jakim added that use of the term in Christian bibles could cause confusion among Muslims, saying they might be mistaken about the identity of "Allah" and ultimately destroy their faith.

Jakim's call prompted a defiant statement from church leaders in Sabah and Sarawak which said Christians would continue using “Allah” regardless of court outcome.

"The Bumiputera church will continue to use the Bahasa Malaysia Alkitab together with the word 'Allah' both of which are fundamental to all aspects of the profession and practice of the Christian faith," they said in a strongly-worded statement last night.

The Allah row erupted in early 2009 after the Home Ministry threatened to revoke Herald’s permit for using the word in place of God.

The church then took Putrajaya to court, accusing it of violating the constitutional rights of Christians.

The High Court allowed the church's judicial review application and lifted the minister's ban.

Judge Lau Bee Lan said that the church had a constitutional right to use the word Allah in its newspaper on the grounds that religions other than Islam can be practised in peace and harmony, as stated in the federal constitution






JAKIM, follow your conscience not your political masters and you will be on the right path.

Jakim your actions indirectly is calling the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Stupid for allowing the Christians there to use Allah as God in their bibles. How about one of you going there to take over his job.

No that's not the case. It's not about being 'more'. It's about being deviationist. UMNO's version of 'Islam' is nothing but a deviation.

Same goes with UMNO's view that racism, usury and corruption are somehow compatible with Islam. It's not.

PAS is always perceived as being very conservative but in this case, it seems more liberal and open-minded than Umno, who falsely portrays itself as a moderate party that represents all Muslims.

07 October 2013

Perkasa try sparked riots....50 years of UMNO rule... the majority of the Malays became UMNO plundered the nation's wealth to cronies....PERKASA pretend wood blind...!!!

Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali al kataki

Right-wing group Perkasa has warned of another racial riot if the majority Malays remained poor, saying the Najib administration had done the right thing by introducing a new affirmative action programme.

The RM31 billion Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Plan (BEEP) is meant to raise the economic status of the Malays after the failures of previous plans but critics say it repudiates the market liberalisation moves in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's New Economic Model (NEM) launched three years ago.

"What guarantees can you give that if the situation remains and nothing is done to help the Malays there will not be another May 13?" Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali asked, referring to the 1969 race riots, Malaysia's worst in history.

The one-time government deputy minister said the welfare of the Malays, who form about 60% of the 29 million population, must be taken care of to guarantee security and political stability.

"The racial riots on May 13, 1969 occurred because Malays were not satisfied," he told The Malaysian Insider in an interview in Kuala Lumpur.

Ibrahim said less than 30% of the nation's wealth was in the hands of the Malays despite more than 50 years of independence.

"This is what I am repeatedly telling Umno leaders. What is the use of having tall buildings and excellent infrastructure when the Malays continue to remain poor in their country," he said, referring to the iconic 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers.

He said the Malays needed help now because the business environment had become more challenging as the world had become borderless.

Ibrahim, who lost his Pasir Mas parliamentary seat in the May 5 general election, said he was not talking about bread and butter issues.

"Nobody is starving here. Even those living in squatter areas own cars. I am concerned about the Malays having their fair share of the economic cake," Ibrahim said.

His concerns reflect those of right-wing politicians in Umno who have prodded Najib to have more favourable policies for the Malays.

On September 14, Najib announced several steps to further boost the economic participation of the Malays, further entrenching race-based policies.

The measures include privatising some government services and granting more government related contracts to firms owned by the Malays.

Najib also announced measures to boost entrepreneurship, home ownership and opportunities in education and employment for the Malay majority.

The Malays have benefited from wide ranging affirmative action privileges since the introduction of the National Economic Policy in 1971 but critics say it has stunted Malaysia's competitiveness and led to a huge brain drain of non-Malays.

After he took over in 2009, Najib had portrayed himself as a reformist who would roll back the privileges that have slowed down investment and marginalised the non-Malays.

However, the reforms failed to materialise due to stiff resistance from warlords within the Najib-led party, Umno.

The minority ethnic Chinese are about 25% of the population, are wealthier and still dominate the business sector.

Ibrahim said Chinese businessmen were raking in millions in profit in activities prohibited by Islam.

"They run gambling outlets and entertainment centres. The Malays who are Muslims cannot get involved because it is against the religion and also immoral," he said.

He said if Perkasa was a racist and religious extremist group, "we could have gone to the streets and protested to close these outlets, but we respect our friends".

Ibrahim said the Chinese could survive because they have a strong grip on the economy.

"They control the supply chain and have a monopoly over many economic sectors. But they are unhappy when the government announced affirmative programmes for the Malays. Be fair, lah,” he said.

He said the Chinese who controlled the private sector do not offer much help to the Malays.

Ibrahim also said some financial institutions imposed conditions on Malay businessmen, fearing they would default on loans and become bankrupt.

"These things (being bankrupt and not settling loans) also happen to Chinese businessman but why pick on the Malays?" he said.

He said more banks and financial schemes to specially cater to Malay traders should be set up to spur the community's participation in commercial activities.

He also blamed opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for the non-Malays becoming bolder in their demands.

"He went around promising them this and that if he was appointed prime minister," he said






Ibrahim said Chinese businessmen were raking in millions in profit in activities prohibited by Islam......" Now who is it who has shares in many of the non islamic stocks, including beer companies, etc?

Malays are chronic beggars they just dont want to work hard...and to add to their misery bolehland kills the educational future and umno cronies steal what is meant for them...

The only way to save the Malays is to see the complete destruction and implosion of UMNO...there is actually no other way..

Is this fella trying to instigate another May 13, and then to blame it on the Chinese? That the Chinese robbed the Malays of what were "supposed to be" theirs? And the poor Malays have the right to ask for blood because they have not achieve their "30 % share of the economic pie"? What about the rich, super rich, Malays? Who have they robbed? If the Chinese could be accused of robbing when in fact they had earned their share through toil and sweat, what should be said of the Malays who got theirs through crutches and all sorts of Malay/Bumi Economic Empowerment Plans? Robbing the entire nation?

It's not the Chinese who stole from the Malays, it's the Malays who stole from the Malays.

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