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23 October 2010

Umno delegates back mega projects

Umno’s party faithful rallied behind Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s mega projects today at its annual assembly and accused Pakatan Rakyat of being against growth for opposing the government’s plan to spend itself out of a stagnating economy.

Kelantan Umno representative Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin, who tabled the motion to debate economic issues, said that such projects would help drive economic growth.

“Don’t be cheated by [the] opposition because they do not want to see economic growth,” said Awang Adek who is also deputy finance minister.

“There are many skyscrapers. No problem, we only hear such stories in Malaysia,” he told the assembly.

The Bachok Umno chief also pointed out that the opposition frequently complained about the awarding of major government contracts.

“They like to question who gets the contract, they have become obsessed with government contracts,” said Awang Adek.

Prime Minister Najib had announced last week that Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) would build what will be Malaysia’s tallest building near the historic Stadium Merdeka at a cost of about RM5 billion, with completion expected in 2015.

Najib said the rationale for the Warisan Merdeka tower was similar to that of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, in that it would serve as a symbol of a modern and developed Malaysia.

He also stressed that the project would also have a “multiplier effect” on the economy and help drive it forward, in addition to providing an attractive commercial centre for Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera businesses alike.

The 19-acre development area of the mega project — which includes a condominium and a shopping mall — is sited at a car park and land adjacent to Stadium Negara and Stadium Merdeka.

The plan, as well as that of a number of other property developments planned around Greater Kuala Lumpur, was however opposed by the opposition and described as wasteful.

“They used to oppose Penang bridge, Petronas Twin Towers and Putrajaya, but now they can’t wait to go into Putrajaya,” said Awang Adek.

Umno Youth deputy chief Datuk Razali Ibrahim, who seconded the motion, cited the Sepang International Circuit as an example of a successful mega project.

“In Singapore, they said they should have built the circuit long time ago,” said the deputy youth and sports minister.


To umno, Rayat is not important. . PNB is the sole investment for most bumiputra most important to all of us Bumiputra. Now Umno delegete sudah lupa rayat biasa who are depended on PNB for income. As long as the project benefits Wakil Umno semua boleh. Wakil Umno and Barision cannot but agree with whatever leaders did. They had and will never disagree with leader event at the expense rayat. How long can we toterate this Malaysia boleh-

I bet there will be more than 50 Class F Umno contractors who then subcon the work to real companies hence making millions while doing wonder they support.

" the Sepang International Circuit as an example of a successful mega project." Success? Success my foot. Only use once a year and you call it success. Show me the P and L I bet it has loss millions and millions in maintainance.

looks like they going to dry up our country resources to the max coz they have anticipated clean sweep by opposition in the next GE.

Umno rep wants Warisan Merdeka in Kg Baru

The controversial 100-storey Warisan Merdeka skyscraper should be built in the historic Kampung Baru as a symbol of Malay achievement in the capital city, an Umno delegate told the party general assembly today.

Titiwangsa Umno chief Datuk Johari Ghani said the RM5 billion tower development by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) would also enhance value in the Malay enclave now dominated by houses and several buildings.

“Datuk Seri, may be you don’t like to hear this but you don’t have to make decision today,” Johari told Datuk Seri Najib Razak while addressing the Umno president’s policy speech.

“What’s wrong with building the Warisan Merdeka Tower in the heart of Malay area in Kampung Baru,” he told the Umno assembly.

The prime minister had announced that PNB would build Malaysia’s tallest building near the historic Stadium Merdeka by 2015.

Najib had said the rationale for the Warisan Merdeka tower was similar to that of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, in that it would serve as a symbol of a modern and developed Malaysia.

The 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers was completed in 1998 in former Selangor Turf Club land which has been redeveloped as the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). There were supposed to be 22 towers ringing the KLCC park but the 1997/1998 Asian Financial Crisis dented the plan.

There are now seven towers with an eighth being built there while several parcels of land was turned into the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, had stressed that the project would also have a “multiplier effect” on the economy and help drive it forward, in addition to providing an attractive commercial centre for Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera businesses alike.

The 19-acre development area of the mega project — which includes a condominium and a shopping mall — is sited on the car park and land adjacent to Stadium Negara and Stadium Merdeka.

The plan has seen fierce opposition from the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition which has described the project as wasteful. A Facebook group has targeted getting 100,000 fans to oppose the planned project.

Johari expressed optimism that the project will benefit the Malays apart from increasing land value.

“It will be sign of the Malays’ achievement in Kampung Baru,” he said.

Kampung Baru, the only major Malay enclave in the city centre, was founded 110 years ago and administered by the Malay Agricultural Settlement (MAS).

The settlement spans 153.35 hectares and efforts to develop the prime property, currently worth between RM500 and RM600 per sq foot for commercial lots, have hit roadblocks for the past three decades due to difficulties in getting consent from landowners and beneficiaries.

The Najib administration has put several proposals to develop Kampung Baru, including announcing the Bumiputera Property Trust Foundation to enable prime commercial property ownership in in the Klang Valley through a group ownership scheme,

In his Budget 2011 speech last week , Najib said the foundation will launch a RM1 billion syariah-compliant Bumiputera Property Trust Scheme this year.

This will ensure a meaningful and sustainable participation of Bumiputeras in prime commercial properties in major towns, he added.


No need to fight over the location of the Warisan Tower project la, just start another big project in Kg Baru , maybe call Warisan Umno or Warisan Dr M or something else perhaps a 200 storey building . ...

PNB said they will fund the project using their own money. Not from government and people monies. Believe that? If PNB is so loaded, they should declare higher dividend on the unit trust and helped people of Malaysia. Not by declaring dividend lower and lower each year and keep the profit for themselves. Under Islam that money not halal. Cheating people with lower dividend instead they keep some of the dividend for their own interest. Haram? Halal?

build one more in Kampung Baru. Lets monitor the budget, I bet 5 billion will become 15 billion after half way building it. You know what, those UMNO goon squad will get to enjoy the benefit. Orang Kampung Baru, jual goreng pisang laa.... may be your biz will get better with the new building. Or may be your store and even your house will be demolished by government due to unpleasant sights....

100-storey tower ‘hijacks’ Najib’s Budget

The 100-storey Warisan Merdeka skyscraper announced during the 2011 Budget speech has become a lightning rod for opposition attacks and has also emerged as a popular target for criticism on the Internet due to its perceived grandiosity.

Malaysians, who were recently declared the world’s heaviest users of Facebook, have turned to the social networking site to express their dismay over the proposal.

An anti-Warisan Merdeka page on Facebook called “1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower” has been signing up fans at an astonishing rate of over 1,000 per hour yesterday. It had 37,420 fans at 5.55pm yesterday, breached the 50,000 mark at around 11.30pm and hit 60,408 fans as at 11.50am today.

“today we built 100 storey building, tomorrow Arabs will built 150 story building. no point of having the tallest building in the world if you don’t have well educated citizens, good living environment, 5 billion can help alot in upgrading infrastructures for our country,” wrote Facebooker Nazri Ahtar.

“jalan raya kat cheras ni pun byk yang berlobang, traffic light rosak x repair, bas x cukup, lagi nak buat menara ni, gila ape? selamat menderita rakyat malaysia....(The roads in Cheras are full of potholes, broken traffic lights are not repaired, insufficient buses, and you still want to build this tower, are you crazy? Happy suffering citizens of Malaysia….)” wrote another Facebook user Muhamad Rais.

The project also continues to be hot topic of discussion on Twitter after the initial negative reaction, with many questioning the need for the tower and its implications on traffic in an already heavily congested city.

Despite Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s denial that it was his idea and that it was mooted by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), the project risks becoming inextricably associated with his administration by virtue of its perceived government backing.

Some of his critics on Twitter have derisively referred to the proposed icon as “tower of bebal”, a reference to the story of the Tower of Babel and its lesson about human arrogance.

Property analysts and developers, meanwhile, have called for a detailed study to be made on the viability of the project and its impact on the city’s vacancy rates and allocation of resources.

The opposition has also pounced on the opportunity to use the tower to mock the government.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng (picture) said yesterday that the continuing brain drain was a consequence of failed economic policies that “stresses 100-storey Warisan Merdeka over human capital formation.”

The project was announced by Najib during his Budget speech last Friday and has appeared to have overshadowed the Budget itself.

The inclusion of the tower in his Budget speech has also created confusion over whether Warisan Merdeka will be privately financed or built using government funds or with government backing, but PNB has since clarified that it would not be using any government funds.

PNB, a government-linked investment corporation, however, remained tight lipped over how it was going to finance the project.

Its president and group chief executive Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah Che Othman said yesterday: “If we create really good returns, maybe I want to finance everything. But if debt can help to get more margins, why not?”

The prime minister appeared to put some distance between himself and the controversial tower when he made it known that the project did not originate from him but PNB.

He nevertheless defended it, saying that it would have a “multiplier effect” on the economy and help drive it forward, in addition to providing an attractive commercial centre for Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera businesses alike.

Others who came out in support of the project say that it will boost tourism, create jobs, stimulate economic activity and raise land value prices in the vicinity.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen said that Malaysians should take the tower positively.

“Look at Shanghai, they start with a tower and keep adding more, the same goes for Taipei,” she said.


/// "today we built 100 storey building, tomorrow Arabs will built 150 story building. no point of having the tallest building in the world if you don’t have well educated citizens, good living environment, 5 billion can help alot in upgrading infrastructures for our country,” wrote Facebooker Nazri Ahtar. ///

Yo, Nazri - you sleeping or what? Dubai already has the 162 storey Burj Khalifa and it is already completed.

it really shows that he's a liar... wanting to fool Malaysians during national budget but when there's too much he backs off but saying 'it aint govt money'

Would one trust such as PM??????

Wait a minute, this has been long forgotten. When oil price was 110USD/Barrel at RM exchange to USD 3.8, electricity bill was adjusted up. AND now oil price is at 81USD/Barrel with exchange to USD 3.1. Worked out RM418/barrel compared to now 251/barrel. it's near 40% reduction is price in RM. Will TNB reduce electricity bill? how come this is not address in 2011 budget? Opposition, help with this?

dont forget.....Najib is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of PNB.

His face is on their official website.

Since PNB initiated the project and so confidence about it, they should financing the 100 'Story" by their own. Why need to use the federal budget? Don't be a 'story teller' here la.

if PNB wants to go ahead with the project on his own funding, who's care how they gonna finance the projects since it all comes from the Amanah Saham's shareholders pocket too.

Join facebook “1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower” to express your opposition!
I think the 5Billion should be invested in public transportation...
PNB use ASN, ASB funds to borrow $ for building the tower..if this is not our $, then whose?
Why not CIMB use its funds to build the tower?

Anti-Warisan Merdeka Facebook campaign hits 100,000 mark

Anti-Warisan Merdeka Facebook campaign hits 100,000 mark

As at 9.20pm tonight, more than 100,000 have signed on to a Facebook campaign opposing the Najib administration’s Warisan Merdeka skyscraper.

The proposed 100-storey building in the city, has stirred up spontaneous grassroots opposition, moving the issue to the front and centre of current Malaysian politics.

More so impressive is the pace of recruitment — that only seven days ago Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced the plan, during his budget speech. It is clear the groundswell opposing it is considerable and now has shaped into a major political minefield for the Barisan Nasional(BN) government.

It began with the Facebook page “1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower” being created anonymously soon after the announcement.

Those who have backed the campaign are ordinary Malaysians who use the popular social networking site.

“Malaysians saying no to the RM5-Billion 100-storey Mega Tower proposed by PM Najib in the 2011 budget. Malaysia needs better education, better health care, better public transportation, safer neighbourhood, cleaner water, but not taller building(s). We don’t need another white elephant! Are you ready for action?

“Announcement to be made when we reach 100,000,” said the administrator of the Facebook page earlier today.

Last Friday, Najib announced Permodalan Nasional Berhad’s (PNB) initiative to complete the RM5 billion construct by 2015.

“A few months ago,some Minister said that the country will be going bankrupt if subsidies are not withdrawn.... so this is why the subsidies were withdrawn... to build another “Mega White Elephant “ project.

“While the people suffer, our leaders are finding more ways to rob the nations depleting wealth !!At this rate in 20...20 Malaysia will become a fully developed Zimbabwe or worse!!” said one of the comments on the page by a Natalie Ho.

Another fan, Kirksman Teo claimed that the government’s push for the building indicated that they had learnt the lesson from their losses in the last general elections.

“A leader once said, the people should not fear the government, the government should. Rightly so.

“Now... Why the devil does the government refuse to listen to the people once again?... Knowing very well that the last time they lost, it was because they didn’t listen,” said Kirksman.

Expectedly, opposition politicians like DAP’s Lim Kit Siang have entered the fray, providing live updates of the growing number of Facebook fans every hour.

The anti-Warisan Merdeka Facebook page has 102,739 fans as at 10.21pm tonight.

In contrast, a pro-Warisan Merdeka fanpage on Facebook has only 244 members as at the same time.

The Najib administration could now be faced with a major hurdle in winning over support for what was supposed to be a symbol and pride for all Malaysians.


Before BN looses the Putrajaya ,they want to wallop all the money before surrendering to PKR.

The Edge reported on 21 Oct 2010, that Petronas has only 82% occupancy rate.

Many of the tenants are related to oil and gas industry. And Petronas basically force them to rent at Petronas TT, otherwise it will be 'difficult' to do business with Petronas. That is how they fill up the offices. If not who wants to pay RM90 per square meter to rent there !

1 tower is occupied by Petronas. The other by companies that have money to throw such as bloomberg and khazanah. But if you view the tower block from mid tower in any petronas office, you will see vacant offices.

With this facebook page, all Malaysians stand united, all but only 1 aim, to bring down the big, ugly, corrupted monster called "UMNO-led BN"...

BN will not listen to people. The building will be built. All top UMNO guns supporting it so that they can chip out some business opportunities out of it.
Let's wait and see the action. No way job opportunities will be there for Malaysian....all Bangla, Indonesia, Vietnam and other foreigners will come into Malaysia. Then will register as voters for BN. That is the big plan. How is it!!!!!

21 October 2010

No prosecution powers for MACC

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has confirmed that the government will not be giving any prosecution powers to the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission). He was replying to Anthony Loke, the Rasah Member of Parliament where he said that only the AG (Attorney General) had the prosecution powers against those in corruption charges and that MACC will not be given any.

He said “In any country, the power to prosecute or charge lies in the hands of the Attorney-General or an independent prosecutor free from any influence by any agencies. If conducting investigations, there has to be some form of check and balance. If the MACC were granted prosecution powers, there would be a lack of “objectivity” in its investigations. It would be awkward if an agency like the MACC, which conducts investigation, is suddenly at the same time given powers to prosecute. The investigations by MACC need to be looked at by the A-G to guarantee fairness, transparency and balance. The A-G in his capacity as prosecutor has the authority under Section 376 of the Penal Code to take action,”

He added that “Should MACC be granted the power to prosecute, other law enforcement agencies would follow suit in seeking to be accorded the same ability. If this happens, there is a big possibility that other bigger law enforcement agencies like the police, Royal Customs department and Immigration department will be making similar applications and this will make things difficult. That is why the jurisdiction has to be given exclusively to the A-G,”


What guarantee fainess,transparency and balance you are talking about from the AG chamber ? Havnt we heard about the 101 cases of abuse of power and interference of vested parties in low and high profile cases ? Oh,you ought to be ashamed to expect any fair deal from our judicial system where the poor and ordinary citizen are at the reciving end while the high and elite have their field day. Only in their next world would these poor souls find their justice served !

Time to use brains to win voters – Umno Youth chief

Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth Chief said that the old ‘intimidating’ tactic adopted by the ruling party will no longer be effective and it will only drive the young voters away. Hence if Umno wants to get to the young voters, they will have to be smart because the voters today can tell ‘genuine service’ to rhetoric ones. Therefore, they have to change their age old tactics. He was speaking at the Umno Youth general assembly where he said “The party’s old tack of “using force” — lodging police reports, arresting and demonstrating against those who held different political beliefs — was an anathema to today’s Internet-savvy youths, who demanded open debate above all else. The current political sphere is no longer entirely about the struggle for power, but a competition of minds, a battle of ideas. Like it or not, those who challenge our political ideology must be defeated through the sharpness of our intellect and the superiority of our arguments, not by relying on executive power.”

He added that “We might be able to arrest one or two, but what of the hundreds or thousands of their supporters? In the end, disaster may befall us for in our obsession with winning the battle, we may just end up losing the war. It was critical for Umno to start this process of engagement with young voters — the majority of whom were fence-sitters — as they will account for 49 per cent of all votes in the next general election. What is the point of us trumpeting that young people are important assets and future leaders if their wish to involve themselves politics is denied and met with scorn? Umno Youth does not only wish to give adequate space for the best minds to contribute through politics, but more than that, we want to acknowledge and elevate this group who are most definitely looking to us for leadership.”


So long circular democratic system is applied, corruption, giving gestures, misuse of govt machineries, etc is negligible. Only countries like China Republic, Libya, Brunei are free of these offence. Even Spore is no exception. What more USA & UK, the self-acclaimed champion of democracy. All ruling parties are financed and beholden to
Freemason/Jewish companies.

Its Pakatan’s fault – Mukhriz on 81% drop of FDIs

Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry has put the blame on the opposition front PR (Pakatan Rakyat) for the loss of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) confidence in the country as the elected representatives from the opposition are talking bad and shedding a negative image of Malaysia overseas. He claimed that “If there exists a lack of confidence among foreign investors towards Malaysia, this was triggered by the opposition’s activities abroad, where they have been actively discrediting Malaysia,”

Dr Mhod Hatta Ramli, the Kuala Krai PAS Member of Parliament had questioned on the 81% drop of FDIs in the country for the year 2010 where he claimed could be MIDA (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority)’s failure to do what it was supposed to. To this, Mukhriz said “The 81 per cent drop in the country’s FDI corresponded with the worldwide drop of 37 per cent due to the global financial crisis. In truth, Mida’s efforts have helped attract plenty of investment into the country, even into Pakatan Rakyat states. The top five states with the highest investments between January and August this year was Selangor with RM5.669 billion, followed by Johor, Penang, Kedah and Perak. This proves that the Barisan Nasional government does not discriminate and Mida has continued to focus on its duty to encourage investment.

Although their ideologies are different from the ruling party of the country, they are still patriotic and they do not choose to tarnish the good name of their own country in international forums and functions abroad. This was because the opposition parties were aware that if they were to take on the administration in the future, they would be inheriting and benefitting from the foundation that has already been laid. That is why BN will continue to work hard to attract investment whether or not in PR states or others. This is our long-term responsibility to the people, [unlike] the opposition who only place importance in short-term narrow-minded politics,”


murkhriz fucker, stop blaming pakatan when bn are going to be a loser. God your allah never favor you he has been watching every step your mahathirism empire going to ruin soon. Also watch out it will effect your families too. Father fucker with the evil heart,and as for the his son brain drain empty vessel made the most noise when he talk nonsense.

That former Mamak PM built a business empire each for all his sons but all his stupid sons are hopeless in business. So all the business went down into the sea. Now one of his stuoid son is in charge of the minstry of international business. with his reputation as a failed businessman even with daddy's support, how to get investment into bolehland. better for this stupid fellto commit harakiri than to blame the opposition. Remember stupid fool. when u point one finger to others, three of your own fingers point back to yourself.

Sedition Act won’t be abolished

The government has announced that they will not be abolishing the Sedition Act 1948. This was confirmed by the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein who was replying to Chong Eng, the DAP Member of Parliament of Bukit Mertajam where he said that the reason that the Act will not be repealed was because it is still necessary to help the government curb racial problems. This was seen as a bit too soon considering that it was only not too long ago that the government announced that they will not be tabling for a Race Relations Act, which many felt was necessary to replace the Sedition Act.

He said “The Sedition Act was still “relevant” based on the country’s atmosphere and landscape as a diverse nation with different races, cultures and religion. It is needed to uphold national security and the peace and harmony of the country. At present, the government was taking action under the law in 10 cases involving racial issues. Although there are only 10 cases, the law is still needed to curb racial issues and stop it from becoming more serious. The Sedition Act was enacted in 2008 to allow the government to charge any individual, group or association that have a tendency towards instigating racial hatred through their actions, speech, words, publications or others.”


If they are not going to abolish the Sedition Act, then use it! And the first people to be used against will be the two racist PRINCIPALS! Just what ACTION taken was Nazri talking about when answering to questions whether the two principals have been punished? The law is the law and everyone is subjected to it, but it looks like these UMNOPUTRAS are excepted!

Toll freeze will put Malaysians into more debts

Lim Guan Eng, the secretary-general of DAP hit out at the toll freeze announcement made by Prime Minster Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak saying that it was ‘meaningless’ as it would only cause more debts for the Malaysian people. Najib had on Friday announced that under Budget 2011, there would be no increase of toll prices at PLUS Expressway Bhd’s operated highways for the next 5 years, effective immediately.

Guan Eng said “While the people would save on toll money, they still end up paying toll-road concessionaire Plus Expressways Bhd large compensations. The compensation payments would only lead to an unhealthy increase in both Federal government debt and debt service charges. DAP is shocked at the revelations by UEM Group’s Datuk Izzaddin Idris that toll highway operator Plus could be compensated as much as RM5 billion by the Federal government over the next five years for not raising toll rates. Clearly freezing toll rates is meaningless as the people still has to pay through compensation payments by the government.

Nationalisation is necessary when toll concession operators like Plus have not only recouped their investment and construction costs but also maintenance costs and are earning pure profits from toll rates revenue collected. Failure to do so will not only create an unbearable financial burden to the people but also strain our country’s finances for the foreseeable future,”

He added that “According to the Finance Ministry’s Economic Report 2010/2011, the total federal government debt would soar by 12.6 per cent from RM362.4 billion in 2009 to RM408.2 billion in 2010. This meant every Malaysian would be in debt of RM15,118 as at 2010. In other words for every Malaysian born, he or she will be immediately in debt of RM15,118. If we take into account paying an extra RM1 billion every year to Plus, it is an expense and a debt burden that the country can ill-afford. Corresponding to the increase in federal debt, debt service charges had also increased from RM14.2 billion in 2009 to RM15.9 billion in 2010 and was expected to soar to RM18.6 billion in 2011. Many Malaysians are unhappy why the country has to carry such a huge debt burden borne by 27 million Malaysians for the benefit of one company. Clearly unless drastic action is taken, 27 million Malaysians will lose out to enable a company comprise of BN cronies to gain,”


Malaysia is the one and only country where rich bugs get richer because they are guaranteed profits in business deals they make with the corrupt government. Eventually, the ones suffering most will be the rakyat. If toll rates rise, the effect is immediate, everyone has to pay more to travel. Now that rates are kept stagnant, the toll companies will not be making their "expected profits" and they will in turn claim against the government for lost profits. The government has to pay them as they have made a deal long ago. So whose money is the government using to pay off these companies??????

PM’s dept allocated 8.55% of total Budget 2011

Out of the RM212 billion allocation in Budget 2011 which was announced by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Naijb Tun Razak last week, about 8.55% has been allocated for the Prime Minister’s Department. This means that his department that includes all its agencies have been allocated a staggering RM18.14 billion under next year’s budget. For 2010, the PM’s department was allocate RM10.2 billion.

Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department replied to Tian Chua, the Batu Member of Parliament from PKR where he also reported on the total traveling costs of the Prime Minister and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. He said “Official trips overseas made by the Prime Minister as well as the Deputy Prime Minister cost RM9.807 million this year alone, an increase of almost RM4 million from 2008. The total costs of overseas trips in 2008 was RM5.597 million and RM6.041 million in 2009. This means that from 2008 and 2009 there was a 7.94 percent increase and from 2009 to 2010 there is a 62.32 per cent increase. This is frightening if you compare the figured to when Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was Prime Minister. Besides that, the government had spent RM4.3 billion for the Prime Minister’s Department in 2006 and the amount had increased to RM10.2 billion in 2009.”

Chua had earlier claimed that “The Prime Minister’s Department under Datuk Seri Najib Razak had received “unfair, exorbitant” allocations as compared to the previous Abdullah administration. If the total expenditure by the PM’s Department amounted to RN4.3 billion in 2006 and RM10.2 billion in 2009, that means between 2006 and 2009 there was a 136 percent increase,”


PM Najib should now know that his goose has been cooked.His backroom boys have played him out and taken him for a fool.

This is how the civil servants bonus gets channeled to cover his lavish lifestyle expenditures. It doesn't require rocket science to guess where the money comes from. What does the Prime Minister's Department handle anyway? Just the PM state affairs? If so, the Rakyat need to see the book of expenditures to check why it costs so much to run it!. With additional RM7.6 billion allocated, it's just the right amount to cover the 2 months bonus for the civil servants. Problem solved for CUEPACS!

19 October 2010

Govt is taking action against racists officials – Nazri

Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has denied that the government did not take any action against the racist officials involving 2 school principals and a BTN (National Civics Bureau) deputy director as claimed by the opposition front. He said that instead, the government had taken prompt and swift action against them as it would take time to investigate the cases.

He said “It’s better late than never, but it’s not late. The two cases were a “first” in the history of the civil service where there were complaints of racism. This is the first time in the history of the civil service where government officials have been accused of making racist remarks. This takes some time (to investigate),”


why want to take action..dont lah..!! Our DPM who is the education minister said action cannot be taken against them because their grade is above something something and till today if it is not for the constant outcry from the opposition and the rakyat..!! You think we will let it go..!!
The two racist teacher deserve what they deserved..!! But them again our government may just do a sandiwara and everything is kool..

Najib trying to ‘outdo Mahathir’ in mega projects – Kit Siang

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang claims that the recent Budget 2011 as announced by the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was his way out ‘outdoing’ his predecessor, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad especially in terms of mega projects when he mentioned about building the Warisan Merdeka, the new Kuala Lumpur landmark, which is a 100 storey building.

He said “Despite all its bombast and pyrotechnics, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 2011 budget is not a child of the New Economic Model but bears all the marks of old discredited policies which have landed Malaysia in the middle-income trap for more than a decade, setting the country towards a failed and bankrupt nation come 2019. Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir’s obsession with mega projects like the proposed RM5 billion 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower is back with a vengeance. It must be asked whether Najib is secretly trying to out-Mahathir Mahathir not only to build a tower higher than Mahathir’s Petronas Twin Towers, but which could be acclaimed as the tallest in the world — however brief the claim?”

Kit Siang added that “Najib’s 2011 Budget is not convincing that it represents the first budget of a New Economic Model to transform Malaysia from a middle income country to an inclusive and sustainable high-income developed country by 2020, emphasising high-skilled human capital, efficient public services, a reinvigorated private sector and equal opportunity for all Malaysians. What surety is that the National Talent Blueprint is not condemned to failure like previous “Brain Gain” programmes for the simple reason that there is no political leadership and will in the Najib administration to achieve the vision spelt out by the New Economic Model,”


Country already in deep crisis . Thousands of 'cable less' contractors of all classes, sub contractors, suppliers, dealers, workers are short of jobs. Why spend rm5 billions on one single mega projects that benefits a handful of 'cronies' architects, consultants, contractors, sub contractors, suppliers ...etc ?

Currently, many high rise commercial buildings are still fill with empty lots due to multiple foreign companies & foreign investors that had left our country, WHY we still need a new 100 stories rm5 billions white elephant building ? ( End of the day, the occupants will most probably from our own GLCs and FG departments/sectors who will occupy most of this building lots instead from the foreigners). Sure this will be another white elephant project, surely there will be a delay and will over run by billions (as in all our previous mega projects ...our famous Umno's trend/norm). Will this rm5 billion building help to jump start our economy ? Any sane man will knows that it won't help ( to jump start our economy ) but on the contrary it will further burdened our country especially when our nation is in a huge debt (rm362 billions).

What does this rm5 billions project represent ? To me it represent a huge opportunity for the super elite to have a big chunk of 'commission' from it. In all the past mega projects it only benefited only a handful of cronies architects & consultants, cronies contractors & sub contractors, cronies supplier & dealers, so for the rest of thousands of 'cable less' architects, consultants, contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, dealers they can only watch & see but cannot touch

As we all have seen and seen and seen, all government link mega projects FAILED miserably like PKFZ, Proton, Perwaja, Bakun, MAS, ...etc each of these projects are amount to billions in losses. And we haven't go into details of hundreds of government link medium projects too had failed miserably too (amounting to million to multi millions of losses PER medium project).

A whopping rm5 billion white elephant project in the middle of our national crisis is totally absurd ! Why not break up this rm5 billions into five hundreds small projects ( of an average of rm10 millions per project), from it will definitely benefits many architects, consultants, contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, dealers ... etc. And it will most probably help to jump start the construction industries.

GLC mega projects that make great profits - i see none.
GLC mega projects that make big losses - is abundant.

TMFTLW said "how can we not go bankrupt by 2019"..!!. If these mega white elephant projects keep coming, FDI is still plunging, brain draining is still here, we not only go bankrupt by 2019 but we actually speed up the process of bankruptcy it could happen as early as 2016 or 2017.

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