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13 July 2013

ought not bark like a dog...apparently crony companies in malaysia involved...indeed scoundrel...!!!!

Haze: Riau fingers Malaysian firm for illegal burning


A Malaysian company has been named a suspect in the Riau forest fires which caused the haze to blanket Singapore and Malaysia last month, raising the air pollutant index to hazardous levels.

PT ADEI Plantation and Industry, a subsidiary of Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK), was suspected of causing the fires in Riau to clear the land for plantation.

Indonesian police spokesman Inspector General Ronny F. Sompie told the Jakarta Post:

"The company responsible for the fire is now declared a suspect, but we have not determined the company's employees who were responsible for the burning."

Ronny said several hotspots were detected in areas controlled by five companies, but police had only obtained evidence against PT ADEI.

Riau Police spokesman Senior Commissioner Hermansyah said they had questioned 16 employees of PT ADEI but declined to identify them by name or position.

"We do not want to rush naming those responsible but they can be charged under the 2002 Environment Law, the 1999 Forestry Law and the Criminal, which carries a maximum 10 years' jail and Rp10 billion (US$1 million) in fines, if convicted," he said.

KLK had on June 26, published a public statement in the Jakarta Post reiterating that it was not responsible for the illegal burning and was in full compliance with the Asean zero burning policy in its operations.

"The concession area under PT ADEI is mainly mature palms and is at a productive stage and therefore, there are no land clearing activities," the statement read.

The Malaysian public-listed firm, however, acknowledged minor occurrences of wild fires within pockets of its concession areas due to the dry season.

Previously, Indonesia's Environment Minister Balthasar Kambuaya suggested 14 companies were the source of forest fires in Riau.

In total eight are Malaysian-owned, namely PT Langgam Inti Hiberida,PT Bumi Rakksa Sejati, PT Tunggal Mitra Plantation, PT UdayaLoh Dinawi as well as PT Jatim Jaya Perkasa, PT Multi Gambut Industri,PT Mustika Agro Lestari and PT ADEI.

Three of the firms under investigation are owned by government-linked companies in Malaysia.

Following investigations, Indonesian authorities narrowed their probe into the activities of five companies,

At the height of the problem, Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono issued an apology to neighbouring countries






This company should be booked and charged by all means,just imagine the suffering we folks have gone thru in terms of health and financially especially when we have to fork out extra money to consult doctors for all the respiratory hazards. This could`nt careless firms are making money on our expense.

Looks like at the end, nobody is responsible except the poor sole owners who are caught.
we are soon told that lands in Riau can accidentally combust. Graft and corruption is the main reason why haze happens again and again

the coward frog stunt show no eggs...Malay groups give ultimatum to Vatican envoy - apologise or get out said JATI and PERKASA

Jati and Perkasa have given seven days to the Vatican's first envoy to Malaysia to retract his support of the local Catholic Church using "Allah" to describe God or the Malay-Muslim groups will push for his ouster.

Both groups said they would urge Putrajaya to close Vatican Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Joseph Marino's office and remove the papal representative from his post in the country if his statement is not retracted.

"We strongly criticise the statement made by Archbishop Marino," Jati president Datuk Hasan Ali told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

"The diplomat has misused his immunity by interfering with matters of the country," he added.

Perkasa’s president Datuk Ibrahim Ali (pic) wants the public and Archbishop Marino to be clear on three things.

“First, we criticise his statement. Second, he has seven days to retract his statement,” said Ibrahim.

“Third, if he fails to do so, we will urge the government to shut the embassy and chase him out.

“He has to mind his words,” added Ibrahim.

The two groups said they felt offended by Archbishop Marino’s statement and reiterated that he should first understand the history and usage of the word “Allah”.

“He has only been here for a month and half and already he has caused us so much concern,” said Hasan.

“What more two years?” he asked.

Ibrahim said that as a Muslim, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should send a message to Malaysians.

“I urge Najib to show firmness as a representative of Umno and as prime minister,” said Ibrahim.

Archbishop Marino had in his first interview with the local media responded to questions on his opinion regarding the usage of Allah in texts.

He qualified that although the on-going court case was an internal matter for Malaysia, he was in support of the Christian Federation’s arguments for the term, saying they were “quite logical and acceptable”.

According to Hasan, the group’s decision to denounce the statement made by Archbishop Marino yesterday was because they felt the need to “defend the pride of Muslims and Malaysians”.

In an interview with Al Jazeera in April, Najib had expressed support for the appeal to overturn a High Court ruling, which bans the use of the Arabic term "Allah” for God by non-Muslim groups in Malaysia.

In 2009, a church was torched and several others vandalised in a nationwide attack on places of worship shortly after the High Court ruled that the Catholic Church had the right to publish the word “Allah” to describe the Christian God as the Arabic word was not exclusive to Islam.






Apologise or get out? What if he doesn't apologise? Will you all march into his office, give him a thrashing or pack him straight into the plane to make sure he leaves the country?
No wonder crime is on the rise in this country, despite all the claims to the contrary by the Home Minister, because everybody can take laws into his own hands.

Right now, we do not have a PM. He has gone missing!

This FROG already gave an ultimatum. Imagine what he can do if this fart is the PM of Malaysia?

These 2 fools should get out of Malaysia instead and our country will be more peaceful and all Malaysians will be more united and live in harmony. Can these 2 Ali's please leave this beloved country if you cannot tolerate this and that and expect people to tolerate you?

This Muslim bigots have cave men mentality. Absolute disgrace to humanity

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