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01 October 2010

DPM calls on PKR to prove their claims that chaos was caused by outsiders

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the deputy prime minister has called on Saifuddin Nasution, the secretary-general of opposition party PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) to name those he claimed to be saboteurs of the current PKR elections are from outside the party. This came in the light of the recent chaotic situation that arose at the PKR’s party election which has been criticized by many. Saifuddin however had earlier claimed that the reason of the chaos was due to some saboteurs who are not from PKR.

Muhyiddin said “If they have issues or problems, they have to bear the responsibility themselves... Do not blame others. That problem is their problem. I challenge Saifuddin to give proof. Tell us who and where, if by ‘outsiders’ they mean us (Barisan Nasional). When I read statements by blocked candidates and Zaid Ibrahim’s big statement in Utusan, it becomes very obvious that even though they (PKR) fight for the principles of justice, they are not a just party. They restrict, they block, they do not give freedom (to candidates),”


We know Najib is quite useless but our DPM is worse. Name us just one of his achievement ? I am not asking for two, i am just asking for only ONE.

Any paid cyber troopers out there can help our DPM by just naming just ONE nice thing that our DPM had achieved since 08 ?

Apart for Malay first Malaysian second, defending all the Umno link racists, calling for 'jihad', poking his nose on PAS, disturbing DAP & PKR .... apa lagi ? Of course there is one more, he is trying to sabotage his boss.

he he he he he he

MCA firmly behind Najib on 1Malaysia

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, the president of MCA said that he party is firm on its stand of 1Malaysia as mooted by prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and its policy of inclusiveness which also includes allowing other groups to have and voice out their opinions. This came in the light of the recent remarks made by leaders from various parties like Umno as well as from those from Perkasa.

He said “People are allowed to engage in rhetoric. This shows democracy is working. But we hold to what the prime minister is saying. The prime minister says that he wants to practise an inclusive policy. The whole concept of 1 Malaysia is inclusiveness. Umno is entitled to their rhetoric, Perkasa is entitled to their own rhetoric, and Dr Mahathir is entitled to his own rhetoric. But we will not hold to what Perkasa is talking. We will not hold to those who have retired and are still talking. Although various parties had the right to speak their minds, they were not the prime minister. They are allowed to say, (but) they are not the prime minister. It is just like, you can continue to say, but the person who calls the shot is your boss,


After being elected as President of Party Mahu Cari Angpau, "soiled leg" promised najis that he will win back chinese vote for bn....

He tried, tried and tried but nothing seem to work and he already bankrupt of what else can this "soiled leg" dirty old man do to keep the position and also his son minister post?

The answer is very simple..."BODEK lah", he is now practically "BODEK" umno for his and his son's survivor!

WHAT a shame!

MIC youth sends memorandum to govt demanded action against racist civil servants

C Sivarraajah, the secretary of the MIC youth has called on the government to take stern action against any civil servants who make statements that might incite racial unrest as an example to others not to do the same. Sivarraajah submitted the memorandum to the government where the MIC youth is demanding for action to be taken against the 2 ‘racist’ school principals as well as the Hamim Hussain, a deputy director with the BTN (Biro Tata Negara).

He said "We want immediate action against these professionals... because of several individuals, the image of our government and the administration of the prime minister is at stake. Lately several government staff have been overreacting and making such racist slurs. Does this trend exist because of the failures of the Public Services Department?”


C Sivarraajah trying to act anti racist like NameWee, C Siva may be end up being rounded up by Perkasa fellows.

30 September 2010

Perkasa declares ‘war’ against Namewee

It seems that controversial video producer Wee Meng Chee or more fondly known as Namewee is courting more problems after the launch of his debut album. From protestors to critics, he has also drawn the attention of Malay rights group Perkasa who has since declared ‘war’ against him. According to Arman Azha Abu Hanifah, members of the group are ready and willing to tail Namewee on his promotional tour and to act as Malay warriors (Panglima Perang and Hulubalang Melayu).

He said “We accept news (of his tour) with open arms. If he performs inside (a hall), we will 'perform' outside too.” His tour begins at the New Era College and was launched yesterday at the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall where some 50 Perkasa members protested outside and burnt his posters. Arma Azha added that “If he was so brave why didn't he step out yesterday?...If he is trying to act like a Tionghua (Chinese) hero, then why did he not have the guts to face Malay warriors last night? We only wanted to talk. (The video) has disrupted racial harmony. Who made the video? He made a mistake, so why hide behind the police?”


Perkasa should help to improve the intelligent of young malays as well as other races by listening to TDM on advising our BN to change Science & Math subjects back to English.

Perkasa why not use your time wisely instead of wasting your most of your time on damaging our country's image ? If you have no idea how to help our country, then just go and sleep. When you guys are asleep our nation is enjoying the peaceful & serene moment ... do you know that ? Do us a favor, got to bed early and wake up late... i guess that will be a 'win win situation' between the rakyat and Perkasa.

Why only pin point on namewee.???? what about the teachers???? what about AI him self???? What about the old MA??? before you pin point on others,look at your own back yard first. this is what you though from Perkasa???? shame on your mouth like talk shit fellow.

‘Malaysian first, Malay second’ – MCA supports Nazri

The MCA has joined in the support for Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Deparment who recently said that he is ‘Malaysian first, Malay next’. Gan Ping Sieu, the vice-president of MCA has applauded Nazri for his daring statement as well as having toiled the line in his stand against Malay rights group Perkasa who has been gaining strength. Nazri made the statement in response to the criticisms hurled against him by Utusan Malaysia ‘Awang Selamat’.

He said “I fully support Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz who has staked his political career defending the cornerstone of a plural Malaysia. His resolve to put the nation’s interest above communal considerations makes him an exemplary figure on what 1 Malaysia is all about. Like him, I have no qualms professing to be a Malaysian first, a Chinese second. In fact, I am proud to be a Malaysian. As a politician, I am aware of the huge risks Datuk Seri Nazri has taken just to say and do the right things. The easier way out would have been to play to the gallery or just lie low. Nazri is not alone in the battle to uphold 1 Malaysia in all aspects of nation-building. Just as his Umno comrades have come out to defend my MCA colleagues who came under intense fire from racist groups, I feel it is my responsibility to stand up for a man who, against all risks, speaks and does what is right for this nation,”


Mr FUCKER Soi Lek,

If you are truly serious, meaning if you are not just FUCKING aroud, why not show to the Malaysians your 'Malaysia first' by advocating the ABOLITION of Chinese-typed schools in the country.

Is it too much for you to prove? Afterall, no other Chinese in Southeast Asia run Chinese-typed like you do in Malaysia.

If you can't jump that first hurdle, your time is better spent FUCKING your mistresses..... rather than BULLSHITTING 'Malaysian first, Chinese second'.

BTN FT chief in hot soup after calling Chinese and Indian ‘Si Mata Sepet’ and ‘Si Botol’

Politicians from both the divide came out to slam the official from the BTN (National Civic Bureau) who allegedly made a ‘racist’ remarks during a function organized by Puteri Umno yesterday. DAP and MCA both slammed Hamim Husain, the deputy director of the bureau or Biro Tata Negara for his statements when he referred to the Chinese and Indian community as ‘Si Mata Sepet’ and ‘Si Botol’ in his call to the members of Puteri Umno to start getting the votes from the non-Malays.

He allegedly said “The ‘si mata sepet’ that has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The ‘si botol’ that only knows how to go up to Batu Caves up and down only has one vote.” DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang said “The Cabinet is meeting tomorrow. It must act or be exposed for its irrelevance or impotence. The manner in which the BTN controversy was being handled was in stark contrast with Najib’s remarks at the UN General Assembly yesterday where he pushed for moderation to be practised between all major religions and races in the world. Borrowing Najib’s analogy in the UN yesterday, the real issue in Malaysia is not between Malays and non-Malays or Muslims and non-Muslims but between the moderates and extremists. Would the Cabinet dare to rise up to the challenge tomorrow and answer this national call?”

From the other side of the political divide, Loh Seng Kok, a member of the central committee of MCA said “It is time to put a halt to the arrogance and intolerance of bigots. It was high time the government overhauled the BTN, given that there had been many reports alleging that the bureau’s courses promoted “ethnic supremacy” and racism. The Kursus BTN should produce civil servants with a global outlook and a 1 Malaysia mindset of moderation, mutual respect, and not extremists stuck in racial parochialism,”


Lets si mata sepet and si botol teach you a leason on GE 13. This is a good scenario which will lead to the dead of Umno on next GE.. Come on Umno make more rasist issue and fact... Thanks thanks and thanks again Fu-cking umno.

What Mahathir said about having BTN is good and it helps promote Rukun Negara. Now Tun, apa macam??
Non-muslims reaction compared to Melayu reaction to racist remarks, the non-muslims seem to score high for not reacting to stupidity. Only the Melayus will react like monkeys. Look at the recent murder case how some stupid melayus thinks it was a racist murder. One can only laugh or cry for their stupidity.

When he went overseas to promote 1 Malaysia but back home his deputy commented " Malay First, malaysian second".

When he went overseas to promote about fair politicis, Teoh Beng Hock was murdered.

Now he is in US promoting " better understanding of Islam and fought out Islamphobia" but back home, the biggest muslim NGO holding illegal demonstration and burning Namewee (chinese) photos. And now at BTN ( special program for government muslim staff), the head of BTN belittle the Chinese & Indian.

From all the above 'coincidences', it is evidently that some very powerful forces inside his dept trying to oust him.

28 September 2010

PKR candidates not sanctioned by Anwar are puppets, says Umno man

Candidates not sanctioned by PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim are mere puppets.

Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Noh Omar said that Anwar had already drawn a list of candidates to realise his political agenda.

“He (Anwar) is using democracy to legitimise his agenda. The members are being cheated by a highly ambitious leader,” he said at Tekun Nasional Aidilfitri function here today.

The Selangor Umno deputy liaison chief was commenting on the chaotic meetings of the Subang, Kapar, Klang and Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR divisions.

Newspaper reports today said that this was because candidates sanctioned by the Anwar-Azmin group were not elected by members.

Noh (picture) said PKR would become a dynasty if Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail and daughter Nurul Izzah were to be elected as president and vice-presidents.

“It is rare for a party to have the father as adviser, mother as president and daughter as vice-president.”

He claimed that Nurul Izzah, who had openly declared support for deputy president candidate Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, was just putting on a show.

“Nurul Izzah wants to show to members that she does not share her father’s view. It is just a ploy as should she win, she can say that she did it on her own,” he said


When UMNO knew that public not with then, thus Govt using BTN to undermine non Malays with sensetive words such as "Si mata sepet and Si botol"

Noh Omar, ploy or no ploy, Umno with Mic,Mca, Gerakan MPs will be defeated in the next General Election. The only chance Umno can win is asked Perkasa to become political party and stand for election. Maybe, they can win with Mahathir standing in Kubang Pasu and that will give a sure MP, but, the trouble is that, he wants to be a prime minister.

What has Omar got to do with the internal affairs of PKR? Nurul is qualified and can take him or TDM hands down.

Moderates must win over extremists, Najib tells UN

Datuk Seri Najib Razak took his call for moderation to the United Nation’s General Assembly here today, saying it was time for moderates to reclaim the agenda for peace and pragmatism.

In his maiden speech at the UN, the prime minister said there was a need to marginalise the extremists, and the “global movement of the moderates” of all faiths was needed to work together to make this a success.

Najib (picture) said these extremists had held the world hostage with their bigotry and bias, adding that “we must choose moderation over extremism.”

“We must, and I repeat, we must urgently reclaim the centre and the moral high ground that has been usurped from us.

“We must choose negotiations over confrontation. We must choose to work together and not against each other. And we must give this effort utmost priority, for time is not on our side,” the prime minister was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper.

His speech came as the government’s controversial National Civics Bureau (BTN) had a closed-door session with Puteri Umno, casting racial epithets at the Chinese and Indian communities in the country.

Najib also said Malaysia was concerned with the increasing trend in some parts of the world to perpetuate or even fuel Islamophobia.

“Attempts to demonise Islam offend the one-and-a-half billion adherents of the religion. It intensifies the divide between the broad Muslim world and the West,” he said.

The prime minister said the real issue “is not between Muslims and non-Muslims but between the moderates and extremists of all religions, be it Islam, Christianity or Judaism.”

“Across all religions, we have inadvertently allowed the ugly voices of the periphery to drown out the many voices of reason and common sense.”

The world, he said, must chose to work together and not against each other, “and we must give this effort utmost priority.”

He commended a group of American Evangelical Christians who worked tirelessly to prevent the threatened burning of the Quran with the compelling argument that it was unChristian to burn the Quran.

“This is a clear example of what can be achieved when moderates in each faith stand up to the extremists that are trying to hijack the universal values of our religions.”

Najib also commended President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for affirming the rights of supporters of the Cordoba House, which would include a mosque and a multi-faith community centre, to be located near the site of the World Trade Center.

“We must support the objectives of the Cordoba Initiative, an organisation that focuses on promoting peace, understanding and moderation, both between Muslims and non-Muslims and within the Muslim communities.”

He also shared with other heads of government at the UN that “although Islam is the official religion (in Malaysia), we honour other religions — Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism — by making their religious and cultural celebrations as national holidays and celebrate them as national events.”

“It is this equilibrium that leads to moderation or ‘wasatiyyah’ in the Islamic tradition of mutual peace,” he added.

Najib said the country was well poised to play its part in promoting understanding given its geographical position.

“To further strengthen our process of national unity, I have introduced a philosophy known as 1 Malaysia. 1 Malaysia is a vision that seeks renewal and rejuvenation to bring all people together in a just and harmonious relationship.

“1 Malaysia calls for the acceptance of diversity as a source of greater unity. We seek to celebrate our multi-ethnic and multi-religious society for strategic strength and harmony,” the prime minister said.


...shameless hypocrite of a leader who tak malu and thicked skin !! big in UN but doesnt practice what he preach in his own backyard (country ) ! what are you going to say about the BTN deputy director and the two principals and Perkasa ?

MIC, DAP claim BTN undermines 1 Malaysia

Lim described the BTN as ‘racist’

MIC and DAP leaders agreed today that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia was being undermined by his own men in the government’s controversial National Civics Bureau (BTN).

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang also went a step further to accuse Najib’s deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of backing the BTN in an open revolt to ruin the prime minister’s brainchild 1 Malaysia.

The veteran leader claimed that was because Muhyiddin was one of the biggest champions of the government’s “racist” BTN, saying that this was also one of the main reasons why he had failed to act on the racist principals.

“In the Cabinet in the past 18 months, Muhyiddin had stood out as the champion of the anti-national and anti-1 Malaysia poison spouted by the BTN.

“Is this the reason why Muhyiddin had been thunderously silent in not condemning the two school principals for their incendiary, racist and insensitive statements, telling Chinese students to go back to China and likening Hindu prayer bracelets to a dog leash, because such offensive remarks were quite in line with the poison which BTN had been dishing out to civil servants in the past two decades?” he asked in a statement today.

Lim also slammed the proclamation by BTN deputy director Hamim Husin to a Puteri Umno closed-door function today that Malay rights is a mandate to rule the country, claiming that this showed Najib’s 1 Malaysia was being hampered by enemies from within his own camp.

“The proclamation is the latest proof that the biggest enemy to Najib’s 1 Malaysia is from within his own camp, not only Umno but also BTN in the government.

“When the BTN can continue its offensive, insensitive and racist ‘brain washing’ not only among civil servants but extend it to political activists in Umno circles like Umno Puteri, it is clear that Najib is facing an open revolt, which clearly has the backing of Muhyiddin,” he said.

In his speech to Umno Puteri today, Hamim had proclaimed that the rights of the Malays was to rule the country, urging the community to unite to defend their rights.

“The rights of Malays is to rule the country. Simple. Malays must unite in the face of threats,” he had said.

Later, when acknowledging that the Malays could not rule the country without the co-operation of the non-Malays, Hamim also made derogatory references to the Chinese and the Indian communities.

“Malays cannot rule the country by themselves. That’s why we make friends with the MCA and MIC.

“The ‘si mata sepet’ that has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The ‘si botol’ that only knows how to go up to Batu Caves up and down only has one vote,” said Hamim.

Dr Subramaniam wants the government to act against the BTN deputy director.

MIC vice-president Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam joined Lim in condemning Hamim’s derogatory remarks and called for an investigation into the issue.

He also raised concerns that such remarks could be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Najib administration, which in turn would reflect badly on Najib’s all-inclusive 1 Malaysia concept.

“I refer to the article in a news portal which quoted the National Civics Bureau (BTN) deputy director as uttering derogatory remarks against non-Malays at a closed-door meeting of Puteri Umno delegates today.

“I wish to state here that the BTN is a government agency under the Prime Minister’s Department. If an officer from this agency is found to have passed such remarks, it can be construed as reflecting the views of the government.

“It will also reflect badly on the government and have adverse effects on the 1 Malaysia concept,” he said in a statement today.

The human resources minister urged BTN director-general Datuk Shagul Hamid Abdullah to investigate the matter and take further action.

Lim also urged the Cabinet to take action against the BTN by closing it down entirely and to take a clear stand on the incidents involving the racist principals.

“Will the scandal of the 46-day inaction by the Najib administration be top on the agenda of Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting or will the ministers be like the traditional three monkeys with eyes that see not, ears that hear not and mouths that speak not?” he asked.


So now the voice of indoctrination of racism has come out in the opened to condemn the Indian as drunkards and chinese as slit eyes. Despite the apparent divisiveness climate, they are adding fuel to fire. The ever going wayang kulit of 1malaysia. The show must go on as the clowns are ever ready.

So now the voice of indoctrination of racism has come out in the opened to condemn the Indian as drunkards and chinese as slit eyes. Despite the apparent divisiveness climate, they are adding fuel to fire. The ever going wayang kulit of 1malaysia. The show must go on as the clowns are ever ready.

Can our PM or DPM explain why the rakyat's money is being used to fund such a racist government institution? If the Najib govt. refuses to close it down, then the only way is to change the BN government come GE13. At least "Si botol" has spoken up. Where is "Si mata sepet"???

Things are getting out of hand. Since not concreate action was taken formally under Seditious Act everbody think they have a right to hit the other community wiht out fear. "Si mata sepet and "si botol " and "going up batu caves ' like statement are not going to stop here if the Govt do not have apolitical will to take action. Dr.Subramaniam is pulling his stocks tooo late in the day. But any why something is better then nothing by our beloved leaders from MIC. MCA,Gerakan and other are still fast a sleep.

If Najib dare not take any action against these racists ,this will only showed the poor leadership in him as PM of Malaysia.....Perhaps he should consider resigning.......Malaysia deserves better leader !!

26 September 2010

Dr Mahathir is the ‘Number 1 racist in Malaysia’ – Kit Siang

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has called former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the ‘No 1 racist in Malaysia’ where he hit out at Dr Mahathir when he said that the Malays would lose power if BN (Barisan Nasional) is defeated in the next general election by PR (Pakatan Rakyat). Kit Siang said “Our beloved former Prime Ministrer Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that in the next general election, the Malays would lose power if the PR forms the government. Imagine, a former Prime Minister, who ruled us for 22 long years, returning to politics as the number one racist in Malaysia,”

He was speaking at a fundraising dinner in Selangor where he added that “He is trying to instil fear in the Malays by playing the race card on them. This is the height of Dr Mahathir’s irresponsibility. He is becoming an ultra again,”

Dr Mahathir had earlier cited the case of Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, the former Mentri Besar of Perak where he said “Nizar was a sterling example of how Malay PR politicians had been sidelined in the coalition. We see Nizar in Perak...even though he was Mentri Besar, he followed the instructions of DAP until he fell. The Chinese claim this was BN’s move to bring down a Chinese government. So they called it a Chinese administration and is it not possible that we can have a prime minister like Nizar, Malay in name and a Muslim but not really independent and a tool of others,”

To this, Kit Siang said “What Chinese government? The Perak government by PR was a Malaysian government. This is very sad. Dr Mahathir just wants to tell the Malays that if Umno loses the elections, the Malays will lose power. Is this true? That if Umno loses, will the Malays lose too? No. The Malays will not lose if they vote in PR. The Malays, the ordinary Malays, the Malaysians, they will not lose... they will have a bigger say in determining the destiny of their nation,”

Speaking further, Kit Siang added that “What kind of deputy prime minister and the Education Minister at that, would have no power to take action against these school principals. If you have no power, then you have no right to be the deputy prime minister. Go away,”


Not only No 1 racist in BolehLand to be more precise, Dr M is the undisputed NO 1 RACIST IN THE WORLD !

We know what he has done for us. on the surface ,yes , a lot of developments but if we just have to think,our country which should be the best in Asia,one of the best in the world today our people have to drive expensive unsafety small cars, lot lot of people have to struggle for their stomach,struggle 2 or 3 jobs to raise their children.lot lot of social, financial , security,unjustice,immoral problems. Dr M is inhuman. Crazy for wealth and power. He should repent

Dr Mathathir is an Indian playing racism cheated our people since 1981.Thet is enough, so, I think our leaders should now do something to judge him.

Shut up, or your secrets will be revealed – Ibrahim Ali tells Ku Nan, Khairy and Nazri

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the president of Malay rights group Perkasa has issued a stern warning against 3 Umno leaders to stop their public criticisms of the right-wing group. Otherwise they will have their secrets revealed. The 3 Umno leaders he was referring to were party secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. All 3 of them have been publicly criticizing Perkasa recently.

Ibrahim Ali said “I know that these three Umno leaders are not talking on behalf of Umno’s president. I can tell you who is Khairy Jamaluddin, Nazri Aziz, Tengku Adnan Mansor because I know their DNA. If I reveal their DNA then we will continue our fighting so let it stop here. Don’t be angry at them. Don’t be angry at the government. We are gentlemen.

If they want insult then let them. On September 3, I met Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at his office and talked with him for one hour. Two days later, the prime minister gave a statement asking no party to question the constitution and the social contract. However, Umno secretary-general (Tengku Adnan) released a statement, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Nazri Aziz also gave a statement and before that there was a statement by a black child, the Umno Youth chief (Khairy). They insult Perkasa for no reason,”

He also added that Perkasa is in no way working with Umno. “We have never met with Umno formally. I only met Datuk Seri Najib Razak as the prime minister and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the deputy prime minister because they are the government and do not represent Umno.” Ibrahim added his attack towards MCA and MIC as well saying that “The leader of MCA and MIC should perform their job and get back the support and trust of the people. If the MCA and MIC lose the Chinese and Indians votes then they should not blame Perkasa but themselves,”


So this cheap UMNO cast- out Ibrahim Ali is now a BLACKMAILER. I wonder what filth he has over Najib and Muhyiddin.

It is a dirty shame when a Malay rights leader uses blackmail to get his way and cow UMNO leaders to support him.

If this is how a Malay gets his way, then I feel disgusted with the Malay way of thinking.( a.z do not cheer this bastard on as blackmail is the dirtiest crime known to mankind).

I will call on Datuk Nazri and Co. to call this bastard's bluff and sue him in a court of law.

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