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19 February 2011

Mystery duo’s DNA on Saiful’s anal swab

Two unknown male DNA profiles were found on a swab of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s perianal region, the High Court was told in the Sodomy II trial today.

Government scientist Dr Seah Lay Hong, who was the sole expert witness to testify today, said she had detected a mixture of three male DNA profiles from swab stick “B5” said to be taken from the area just outside Saiful’s anus.

Of the three, she said her chemistry report dated July 7, 2008 found that one had matched Saiful’s bloodstain sample provided while a second matched the DNA profile of an unknown man she had earlier called “Male Y” who had also left semen stains on a pair of grey Levi’s briefs said to belong to Saiful.

The identities of the two male contributors have yet to be established in court.

Semen stains were also found on two spots on a black pair of his trousers.

But it was the presence of a third male on Saiful’s anal region that caused a stir in court today.

The university dropout, who had previously worked for Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, had complained his ex-boss had sodomised him at a luxury condominium in upper-class Bukit Damansara on June 26, 2008.

Saiful, now aged 25, has never named anyone else.

Dr Seah appeared hesitant to speculate about how a second mystery male DNA profile had been transferred to the perianal region, saying she was not an expert.

But when the prosecution pushed the question despite the defence lawyers’ objection, Dr Seah said it was mostly through a third-party contact and not directly.

She said it was possible for the DNA profile to transfer from another surface to Saiful’s perianal region; such as a through the backside’s contact with a common toilet seat.

Dr Seah also noted that two other swabs of Saiful’s rectal area showed the presence of a male DNA profile other than his own.

She said that another swab stick marked as “B7”, which was one of two taken from the high rectal area, showed that the mystery man Male Y’s DNA stamp there to be more dominant than Saiful’s own.

A second swab of the same area however revealed neither Male Y to be more dominant than Saiful or otherwise.

Dr Seah spent the afternoon expanding on an indepth analysis of her findings.

The court proceedings were abruptly halted less than two hours into the prosecution’s questioning of Dr Seah when the defence team informed the judge of yet another discrepancy in their copy of the 52-page detailed profiling report.

Judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd ordered the prosecution to hand over a proper copy before adjourning the trial to tomorrow at 8.30am.

The trial had been set back in its morning session when the defence team was supplied with a different version of a police document, triggering an outcry from Anwar’s side.

Anwar, the 63-year-old PKR de facto leader, is currently facing sodomy charges for the second time in his life.

The former deputy prime minister is charged with sodomising his former aide at Unit 11-5-1 of the Desa Damansara Condominium in Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara here between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

Anwar has denied the charge, describing it as “evil, frivolous lies by those in power” when the charge was read out to him.

He is charged under section 377B of the Penal Code and can be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years’ jail and whipping upon conviction.

The trial is taking place 18 months after Anwar was charged in court in August 2008.

He was charged with sodomy and corruption in 1998 after he was sacked from the Cabinet and was later convicted and jailed for both offences.

He was freed in September 2004 and later resurrected his political career by winning back his Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in a by-election in 2008, which had been held in the interim by his wife.

He had three years ago led the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, to a historic sweep of five states and 82 parliamentary seats in Election 2008.


The drama gets hotter and steamier by the day. Whoosh....

The kids must be kept away from it all...too early for them to know about the hot stuff.

But if Saiful got done, why is his stuff found here and there? Anwar was not around? What sodomy them? The scientist has to give us a graphic account to convince us, if she can't, the whole thing becomes here-say...

QUOTE: "Government scientist Dr Seah Lay Hong, who was the sole expert witness to testify today, said she had detected a mixture of three male DNA profiles from swab stick “B5” said to be taken from the area just outside Saiful’s anus."

That should qualify as the joke of the year. Last time, Anwar was charged for committing sodomy in a building that was yet to be built. This time round, they hit another plum. But I shudder to think what will happen to Dr Seah's career as government scientist, if this so-called trial fails to meet its purpose because of her findings.

Remember folks, this case against Anwar has never been about the furtherance of justice, it's about the furtherance of Najib staying in power longer than Tun. M. Najib sees Anwar as the only stumbling block. Also a convenient means to distract from the many unresolved questions of Altantuya murder. He can outwit DAP and PAS by giving either a negative tag each. No tag can fit Anwar b'cos Anwar hailed from the stock of UMNO, thanks to Tun. M who recruited him. This SODOMY II as a follow-through from SODOMY I is a convenient tag. Hence this case.

what a joke of the century... laughing stock that malaysian Judiciary... can spin this kind of story.. Already is the proforma report and even Karpal ask a simple question.. what is sodomy,

What is oral sex and tantamount to sodomy?
Report shows no penetration... case should be closed..
To me its all about revenge and hatred and vengeance.. just because anwar popular able to get so many seats.. deny 2/3 majority. some the Korek Korek Korek (lingam case) , PKFZ, MAS SCANDAL , and so many Govt link companies are in dark..
Very bad leadership from B end..

BN has non-Muslim portfolio too, says Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng has defended Penang’s new non-Muslim executive council portfolio by pointing out that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Perak maintained a similar initiative in 2009.

The Penang chief minister claimed today that Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir was responsible for continuing such a portfolio when he took over the state administration from Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin after the BN coup in February that year.

“The non-Muslim portfolio (in Perak) created by Nizar was continued by Zambry who gave it to MCA’s Datuk Mah Hang Soon to handle.

“Datuk Mukhriz (Mahathir) said that I insulted islam by setting up such a portfolio. If so it is more serious that a Muslim like Zambry ‘insults’ Islam by continuing with such portfolio,” Lim told The Malaysian Insider today, referring to the Jerlun MP.

The Penang CM then questioned Utusan Malaysia’s motives for attacking his administration over the setting up of the non-Muslim portfolio.

“So why is Utusan attacking the Penang government then?” said Lim today.

On Wednesday, the Penang government announced a new executive council portfolio to handle non-Muslim religious issues in the state, then thought to be the first such portfolio in the country.

However, a Utusan Malaysia report later claimed the portfolio to be a “tool” that can be used to threaten Islam as the official religion of Malaysia.

The Umno-owned Malay daily said the portfolio — which comes under Lim’s purview — could discuss religious conversion, preaching, use of religious terms, construction of houses of worship and cemeteries. These, it said, could be used to put other religions on an equal footing with Islam.

Lim, who attended a PAS convention on Malay rights earlier today, also stressed that the Penang government was neither anti-Malay nor anti-Islam.


Of course each religion as equal, if not higher value and relevancy, for the faithfuls of that particular religion. Any problem with that you moron and imbesciles.

What more explanation is needed to show that Utusan and UMNO have one main agenda i.e. publish and disseminate seditious news to work up the Malays..

And the UMNO head will keep twitting and talking about 1Malaysia when it is clearly an afront to their racist agenda..and wholly useless ultimately.

its another top spin by the divisive n destructive forces out to destroy malaysia, where is nation building n unity when journalists see the small picture n refused to acknowledged the failures of BN regarding rampant corruption n poor leadership of our economy. The star today said our economy is a pasar malam economy driven largely by migrant workers , unskilled n uneducated as seen in the plantation, construction, low end industries n kopitiAms, is this vision 2020/ malaysia boled lah

Kedah BN chief: Chinese backing us again

The Kedah Barisan Nasional (BN) is convinced that the Chinese are backing the BN again based on the community’s acceptance of the 1 Malaysia concept initiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Kedah BN Chairman Datuk Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah said here.

He said the Chinese community had seen the BN bringing about a transformation and the 1 Malaysia concept was one of the changes.

“The concept is a success. It involves both old people and the young,” he told reporters after launching a 1 Malaysia cultural dance programme in conjunction with the Chinese New Year at Menara Alor Setar here last night.

The annual programme was organised by the Kedah Ballroom Dance Association with the cooperation of Menara Alor Setar. — Bernama


YES...they are backing u again because your PM and Pekasa have shown them the keris and what it looks like and what it should be used for and whom to be used against ???
With the constant brandishing of the umno keris in their past and present campaigns , all the non-malays must vote for umno . BTN must hv taght them how to use it and whom to use it on if umno don't hv the required backings ......?

The Bastard Selangor cops show loyalty to Sultan with song and dance

The Selangor police staged a dance drama to show their loyalty and gratitude to the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah last night.

The play was staged by the cultural troupe, Wariseni Budaya, from Shah Alam.

Selangor police chief Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said the play was staged to show the high commitment of the Selangor police to maintain public order and peace in the state.

“Apart from displaying our loyalty and gratitude to the Sultan, this play also reflects the strength of a nation which lies in the strong bond between the people and its ruler," he said in his speech at the opening of the performance here.

Also present were Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and the state deputy police chief, Datuk A. Tahiveegan. — Bernama


Yes! and yet they are wasting their time doing this instead of fighting crime. Can't they hire real actors and actress to stage the show?

Badrul still Port Klang rep

Badrul Hisham Abdullah remains the Port Klang assemblyman after the High Court here today ruled that the Selangor Speaker had unlawfully declared the Umno man’s seat vacant.

Datuk Teng Chang Khim declared on January 19 that Badrul Hisham was no longer a member of the state assembly for being absent from its proceedings without valid reason for six months from July 16 last year.

Badrul Hisham’s lawyer, Firoz Hussein Ahmad Jamaluddin, today argued that Teng had erred when calculating the six-month period of absence from July as there was no state assembly sitting then.

Firoz Hussein said the first-term Speaker should have begun calculating from the November 8 sitting, which was the first sitting Badrul Hisham was absent from.

“He computed it from the period in July when YB Badrul was actually present and that is actually a very unusual and bizarre interpretation of the (state) constitution,” he said.

Judge Datuk Zaleha Yusof made the decision after rejecting Teng’s argument that he could not be sued as Speaker.

Teng had said in his affidavit-of-reply that his decision as Speaker could not be challenged in court as both federal and state laws supported the doctrine of separation of powers between the state legislative assembly and courts.

He had pointed out that he was granted immunity from being sued as Speaker by Article 72 of the Federal Constitution and Article 77 of the Selangor Constitution, and asked that Badrul Hisham’s suit be dismissed as it had no legal basis.

Badrul Hisham’s lawyer, however, argued today that parliamentary immunity did not apply in this instance as Teng’s decision to declare the Port Klang seat vacant had not been made during state assembly proceedings.

“The decision here is completely consistent with the Federal Court’s rulings in the past on what parliamentary immunity consists of,” Firoz Hussein said.

Zaleha also ordered Teng to pay Badrul Hisham RM40,000 in costs.

Badrul Hisham said he was thankful for the court’s decision today as his constituents have the right to have their chosen representative serve them.

“My victory today is a victory for the people of Port Klang,” he said.

Teng was represented by Nur Ashikin Abdul Rahim, who chose not to take part in the hearing for reasons unknown.

Badrul Hisham filed a suit against Teng and the Election Commission (EC) at the Shah Alam High Court on January 25 in a bid to keep his Port Klang seat after Teng declared it vacant following the assemblyman’s absence.

Article 69 of the Selangor Constitution grants the Speaker the power to declare an assemblyman’s seat vacant if the latter has been absent from sittings for a period of six months without the Speaker’s leave.

Teng had said Badrul Hisham last attended a state assembly sitting on July 15 last year and failed to attend any of the six sittings held from November 8 to 15 to discuss the state budget.

The Speaker said he did not receive written notification from Badrul Hisham regarding his absence until three weeks after the budget meeting was over, when a letter simply dated November 2010 was handed to him.

In the letter, Badrul Hisham explained that he suffered from long-term health problems and had been away in Pahang seeking traditional medical treatment during his absence from state assembly proceedings.

Teng then wrote back to Badrul Hisham rejecting his excuse before informing the EC about the vacancy three days later and calling for a by-election to be fixed.

The Port Klang assemblyman was subsequently barred from the emergency sitting convened on January 24 to amend the Selangor Constitution.

Badrul Hisham, who won the Port Klang seat as a PKR candidate in Election 2008, left the party in October 2009 to become an independent assemblyman before joining Umno in May last year.


Judge Datuk Zaleha Yusof made the decision after rejecting Teng’s argument that he could not be sued as Speaker.High time this judge must go back to Law School .

Seriously this judges is so despicable and Moronic that Malaysians have no more faith in our legal system. And that stupid frog should eat sh#t and die!

No one should be surprised! Even the kids in the kindergarten had predicted the outcome of this verdict once the matter was handed over to the Courts, just like Kota Seputeh in Kedah, just like the Allah appeal by the Christian community!

Sickening is the position of the judiciary!

Vote Pakatan Rakyat! Selamatkan Malaysia!

Rejecting race is un-Islamic, says BTN man

Pahang National Civics Bureau (BTN) assistant director Ahmad Shah Jamlus said rejecting race is un-Islamic and stressed that the religion and Malays are inseparable.

In the bureau’s blog, Ahmad pointed out that the creation of Adam and Eve implies differences in mankind as we are made of distinct races.

Ahmad said that the Qur’an says Allah has created nations and tribes and the most honoured are those most piety towards Allah.

“Therefore Malay and Islam cannot be separated. The first step in reaching a higher level of God-consciousness is established in the country’s constitution whereby under article 160 stipulates that a Malay must be a Muslim,” Ahmad wrote in an article, “Rejecting race or ethnicity is rejecting human nature,” on February 9.

Ahmad’s comments are bound to reignite fears that government has failed to revamp BTN.

The BTN, a state agency charged with running courses on patriotism for civil servants and undergraduates, came under fire last year for promoting racism.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration had promised a revamp of BTN’s courses following a widespread public outcry.

Last year, BTN deputy director Hamim Husin told to a Puteri Umno closed-door function that Malay rights is a mandate to rule the country.

Hamim had also made derogatory references to the Chinese and the Indian communities, saying each of their communities had only a vote each.


Here we go again. When will these people realise that the majority of mankind do not share their views. This religious (certainly not piety) intolerance is dangerously dividing Malaysia.

As a malay, I'm embarrassed by this kind of malays. What has malay got to do with Islam??? Islam is not exclusive to just malays. Being a malay doesn't mean you are going to be a good muslim. Being a muslim means practicing Islam wholeheartedly, not because the society is imposing upon you. BTN is so full of imbeciles and dungs.

What is he trying to tell us ? Adam and Eve are Malays???? Supreme beings cannot be separated from religion. Brother !there was no religion during Adam and Eve's time. If there was then the Indus civilization and Hinduism is older than all religions? period.

In His last sermon, the Prophet reminded that "all mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black", etc, etc.

So I wonder what Ahmad Shah Jamlus is practising. It doesn't sound like Islam, as much as eating pork does not sound Islamic. And if rejecting race is un-Islamic, then I should also think that abstaining from pork is also un-Islamic. Or is Ahmad Shah Jamlus the latest Prophet sent down by Allah to override His earlier commandments?

15 February 2011

Toe party line to get our seats, says PKR

PKR will only consider candidates from non-Pakatan Rakyat (PR) groups if they agree firmly to the coalition’s policies, said deputy president Azmin Ali yesterday.

He said the youngest party in the opposition pact is open to candidates from organisations such as the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) and even giving Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) more seats if they were willing to abide by the coalition’s whip.

“We can discuss with them. But if they still want to be independent, what’s the point?” the Gombak MP said of MCLM, which has said that it will propose 30 “defection-proof” candidates to offer to PKR.

If elected, MCLM said that its candidates will decide on issues based on their conscience rather than the coalition’s consensus. It is only offering candidates to PKR, not other PR parties such as the DAP and PAS.

Azmin, who is now also election director, said that PKR’s top leadership including de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim held a meeting with PSM over the weekend to discuss seat allocation for the next general election.

“They have been loyal to us, more so than some of those who ran and defected. So, we have no problems giving them another two seats as long as they continue to stand with us,” he said of the party that had also contested in 2004 and 2008 under PKR’s symbol.

Of the four candidates who ran in 2008, PSM claimed two victories as Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj won PSM’s first-ever parliamentary seat by defeating then-MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu in Sungai Siput while PSM president Dr Nasir Hashim won the Kota Damansara seat in the Selangor state legislative assembly.

Chief strategist Rafizi Ramli also admitted that it was wary of accepting candidates offered by MCLM because it wanted to avoid making the same “mistake” of 2008 where it had picked candidates who could not withstand the pressure and challenges of being a lawmaker.

He said that while the party was “open” to MCLM’s offer and accepted the movement’s criticisms against the party, PKR will in the end make its own choice and will choose its own party members who have had experience being grassroots leaders as well as being involved in politics.

“While we are open to suggestions, the candidates must subscribe to our struggle. We are a political party with structure and rules. We have already gone through a painful experience with the ‘frogs’ where in the past we took people who were less experienced and they jumped (at the first given opportunity).

“What was missing was the appreciation of the party struggle,” Rafizi told The Malaysian Insider in an exclusive interview recently.
PKR has since 2008 suffered from a string of high-profile defections. Six PKR federal lawmakers have quit the party within a year.
The latest defections from the party are Sabah PKR chief Pajudin Nordin who joined Umno and Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan. Datuk Zaid Ibrahim left last November during the party’s fractious elections and is now helming Parti Kita.
“We must be careful, we must make sure this does not happen twice. So when MCLM keeps harping on suggested candidates, we are glad to work and discuss, but then again that candidate must be our party member, understand our struggle, obey our party discipline, or otherwise we will just go back to square one,” said Rafizi.
Azmin also said that compared to 2008, the party now has more credible candidates as there was more interest to run for opposition parties.
“Before the 2008 election, we could not find candidates because people were still afraid and we were a small party with only one MP,” he said.
Rafizi said there was doubt within the party as to whether MCLM’s candidates would be able to work well on a grassroots level as most of them were upper middle-class lawyers.
“I’m sure you understand that these lawyers may not be able to work well with people. I myself struggle when it comes to connecting with the grassroots. You see, the expectation of an elected representative in Malaysia is not the same as the US.
“It is unfair (for MCLM) to talk down to PKR as if we are so crappy ... we have some credible strengths,” he said.
He said PKR needed to focus on the upcoming general election and should not “operate” at the mercy of some “pressure groups.”
The MCLM has insisted it was trying to help the opposition pact regain momentum in the coming elections.
Its president, Haris Ibrahim, has moved to quell public scepticism that its independent candidate initiative would cause a vote split with the PR and derail the drive to topple the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government.
The MCLM wants to replace the current batch of PKR MPs who are not performing as lawmakers with those the London-based group sees as responsible representatives committed to drawing up laws in the public interest.
The civil society initiative has so far named lawyers Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Sreekant Pillai, former All Women’s Action Society president Haslinah Yacob and dentist Dr Nedunchelian Vengu as their independent candidates to date.
Haris had stressed that the independent candidates had each been subjected to a stringent background check by hired private investigators and were required to sign a statutory declaration disclosing all their assets.

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