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04 December 2009

Battle over ex-top cop's RM47m estate

A bitter legal tussle is brewing between a brother and the son of a former deputy inspector-general of police who left RM47.3 million in property on his death in September.
Jeffri Jaffar, son of Tan Sri Jaafar Abdul, obtained an interim order against Ahmad Dedol from the Syariah High Court in Muar on Nov 4 to freeze all movable and immovable properties of his father until a decision by the court.

He also obtained an injunction to prohibit Ahmad from transferring or disposing of the property.

Jeffri, 39, wants Ahmad’s bank accounts frozen besides banks and and also that of banks and financial institutions, including Lembaga Urusan Tabung Haji, Permodalan Nasional Bhd, Bursa Malaysia and enforcement agencies, to adhere to the syariah court order.

He also wants Islamic religious enforcement agencies, the police, the court and other relevant departments to help him enforce the order.

Jaffar, 77, died on Sept 1 at the Gleneagles Hospital after massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

He joined the police force in 1951, rosing rising to become the director of the Federal police Anti-Narcotics Department in 1982.

Within several months, Jaffar was promoted to chief police officer of Johor.
In 1984, he was made the Federal police director of management and the deputy inspector-general of police the following year until his retirement in May.

After his retirement, he became the chairman of Cosway Corporation Berhad, Dutaland Berhad (formerly known as Mycom Berhad) and Yinson Holdings Berhad.

He was also a director of Olympia Industries Berhad, Silverstone Corporation Berhad, Parkson Holdings Berhad (formerly known as Amalgamated Containers Berhad) and several other private limited companies.

Jaffar’s wife, died three years ago.

In late October, Ahmad, 70, obtained a letter of administration from the High Court in Muar to administer Jaffar’s property.

Ahmad was entrusted with identifying Jaffar’s properties, settle his debts and distribute the balance of the wealth according to Islamic religious law.

However, Jeffri went to the syariah court to file an action to stop Ahmad from performing the task.

The New Straits Times understands the syariah court has fixed Dec 7 to hear the dispute which could include Ahmad’s application to set aside the order obtained by Jeffri.

According to the list of property in the letter of ad ministration, Jaffar has 36 landed properties worth RM9.7 million in Johor and Malacca.

This includes three clusters of property in Muar worth RM7.1 million.

He left behind RM37.3 million in Tabung Haji, savings and fixed deposits in Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) and Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW), Bank Rakyat, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and several commercial banks.

Among the larger amounts are RM3.8 million in Tabung Haji, RM6.5 million savings in ASW, RM1.3 million in Amanah Saham Didik, RM2 million fixed deposit in Bank Rakyat and three fixed deposits of RM1 million each in BSN.


ha ha ha...super cop corupt ...malaysia the best paractice coruption country...I have already made up my mind. I want to be a policeman in my next life.

so, this has proven it is not the pendatangs that are stealing the wealth from the malays - it is the malay tuans that are doing it.

this gives an absolute new meaning to corruption at its best. and i wonder where MACC is in all this fiasco. shouldn't there be an investigation on how the money came about. i don't want to say bad things about the dead but he was the anti-narcotic big gun...

How many generations was he working in the Government?
How is it possible for a Rm699 Salary wage-earner to amass this kind of savings?
Forget what was already smuggled out of the country !!
This money alone can completely erradicate Poverty among the Orang Asli's !!!

Nah, Malaysian Police are not corrupt.
How quickly is someone gonna say that this money was "a Gift from God"?

And look at the Kampong Malays screaming at shouting that the
"Bloody Pendatangs" STOLE THEIR MALAY MONEY !!!

LONG LIVE Ketuanan dUMNO !!!



Hishammuddin and Rais slam Nik Aziz on offensive statement against PM

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the vice-president of Umno has hit out at the spiritual leader of PAS Datuk Seri Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat telling him to admit his mistake if he did so. this came in light after Nik Aziz allegedly told the people of Kelantan to pray for misfortune to befall the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak if the government still do not pay the oil royalty to Kelantan. Hishammuddin said that instead, Nik Aziz gave all sorts of excuses to try and defend his mistake. He said "I see that he's finding excuses now. Generally, the public find his statement (on his ill wish for Datuk Seri Najib Razak) improper, distasteful, unnecessary and should not be uttered by a religious leader. But of late, he's been trying to explain what he had uttered. If he was wrong or had been rash, he should just admit it as these things happen in our relationship with others. Similarly, the Pakatan Rakyat leaders should also regret their offensive and uncivil behaviour of stepping on a poster bearing the portraits of the three independent assemblymen in Perak as the people rejected such a misbehaviour.”

Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, the Minister of Information Communication and Culture too made a similar stand saying that “In fact, PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had before said that Abdul Aziz did not discuss with other party leaders before making statements involving party policies and did not follow the party's programmes set. If he (Nik Aziz) could deviate in his own party, what more when he wanted to stress his feelings or speak critically of others. That's why his expressed views always hurt the feelings of others,"


Not only TGNA pray for disaster to befall on Najib, but also the whole world especially Mongolia. Muddin and yatim, there's no need to support THE MURDERER.
Why support the mysterious murderer? After all, you'll gain a lot if the killer is down and you'll be PM? Isn't that what you want..I mean the PM's chair?
You are a sly one and your shifty eyes and foxy grin tell all! No need to pretend! We all know your next move> Silently working underground to oust Najis and just like you did to Pak Lah! You think Najis doesn't know of your intentions? Come on lah! Najis is also a good chess Kasparov only that he didn't convert to become Atilla the Hun (Mongol Great Man)

May the rakyat pray that all the UMNO Ministers will go to hell for good. They are the most evil people on earth. What more they are the stupidest people on earth. Keris have to bodek and lick his cousin's balls. But his cousin, Najib is facing tremendous pressure from the domestic economy, the unstability of MCA & MIC and of course from foreign countries on the way the government discriminate the people and the opposition. This Keris asshole has not brains to be a minister. I think he is only good to be an office boy in a legal firm. Whatever he says never make senses. UMNO is loosing its battle because of such a morons leading the party.. UMNO is coming to the end of its life and for once kill the party off for good.

PM reports RM125m spent on government car maintenance

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib TUn Razak reported that the government has, until August 2009 paid some RM125 million to maintain the 9,139 government-leased cars. He was replying in writing to Nga Kor Ming, the DAP representative of Taiping where he sadi “The cars were leased by fleet management company Spanco Sdn Bhd which has a 25-year concession with the Government ending 2018. In 2008, the Government paid RM158mil for the upkeep of 8,654 cars,” Nga inquired if the awarding of the project to Spanco underwent an open tender as well as on why the government had to spend RM80million to maintain the cars. Najib said “The Government appointed Spanco since Jan 1, 1994 to maintain government cars for a period of 25 years.”


Yes.PR must step up efforts to end the life of the major swindlers and snatchers (UMNO/bn) in the next G.E.


Is the end user happy with the service?


Bloody hell this UMNOOO goons are really stupid for an international laughting stock no wonder our bank negera gold reserve went down 50% this bloody f'ck UMno goons sitting on our sweat and blood money fiiling up their bank, their children spend our money study in oversea living luxury life style, look at the children of rakyat ? school computer always break down, classroom roof leaking, toilet stinking like a monsoon drain over years ,windows and doors falling apart government servant so low pay police get such a pay and risky job who don't corrupt? all learn from the head, with that kind of car renter amount could benefits millions of rakyat !

When Malaysia run out of petrol see how this BN goon put up high taxes on the rakyat for their pocket. 50 years ago everyone said Malaysia was better then Japan,Korea,40 years ago better then S'pore,Hong Kong and Taiwan,20 years ago better then China, 10 years ago better then Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam,i believe next 10 yeard we can only be better then Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar and forget about the rest of the asia country because we will be sooooooooooo bloody poor and backward thanks to BN gang who still fighting for power for personal benefits for his mother f;cker's wealth and neglect the country's progress and developement.......look at how Indonesia fight corruption ,look at how many investors move into vietnam and Indonesia ? look at S'pore with no resources but ? Sing dollars are stronger then RM what you say? S'pore grant PR to intelligent pro and well train the locals ! We Malaysia good in develope Mat rempit !When come to technology exchange nothing up, all those narrow minded gorvenment officers think they are the smarters among all.

We lack of health specialist ,doctors, dentist, why? no good pay how to retian people ? every year few hundred thousands pro migrated, this is country's loses .

Rakyat please wake up lah when times come this BN goons already migrat to somewhere with huge amount of money and left us here die slowly look at their chidrens who study overseas they all comman very good english not like our poor Kampung folks who die hard for their Bahasa Melayu once you step out can't use ......

SPANCO is BN cronys. So it's futile to question BN decision as BN knows better than us. Only a change of government can change the policies. Even ROS dare not reveal who the die-rectors of the company as they are civil servant who CARI MAKAN also. If you question their policies in the dewan, they will silenced you until the next sitting. JUHAR is very perfect in that.

Royal case may be settled out of court to safeguard good name – Hishammuddin

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the Home Minister said that the recent ‘royal’ case involving the royalties of Johor and Negeri Sembilan might be settled out of court. Hishammuddin was replying to John Fernandez, the DAP representative of Seremban where he said that the case could be settled outside court to safeguard the royal families’ good name. He said “The police were still carrying out investigation “with care”, given the involvement of royalty. The case involved many witnesses who have yet given their statements to aid investigations. There are also witnesses still overseas undergoing military training.”

This came about after Tunku Nadzimuddin Tunku Mudzaffar, the grandson of the late Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan who claimed that Tunku Ismail Idris, the Raja Muda of Johor and his men allegedly assaulted him at a nightspot for reasons unknown.


Hisham is indeed so dumb stupid to recommend royal case to be settled outside court.No way,royal or not all cases must be settled in court and let the people witness what kind of royalties we have this days.Whats the blady point of safeguarding a fake good name thats being hiding behind the mask all the while. So what if it involves royalties,they're sinning human beings as well.

Hisham, you were the one who stole royalti's keris, not UMNO.

Pol-sec of senior minister investigated by MACC for millions in kickbacks

It was reported that a political secretary had allegedly amassed millions of ringgit in properties over a short period of time. The secretary is one to a senior minister and is currently being investigated by the MACC (Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) where un the Anti-Money Laundering Act has so far seized and freeze his properties which includes cars and houses. They have also frozen his bank accounts.

The list includes 4 luxury cars and 4 houses which are believed to be in the Klang Valley. The properties were believed to be results of kickbacks he received in approving numerous multi-million ringgit projects and registered under proxies to stand in the name of the political secretary. According to reports the name of these people will be called in to facilitate investigations. Sources said that “The investigators had identified several other people linked to the case and would also be calling them soon to assist in investigations. A special team from the commission’s Putrajaya office started investigations about three weeks ago following information received that the political secretary was living well beyond his means.”


Corrupt! Corrupt and Corrupt.All BN politicians from High ranks to office boys will never end their crruptions/greediness etc.Semua nak cepat kaya all will make hay whilst the sun shines !

In malay they called it "sandiwara". The case will take years but no names will be revealed. I hope this guy must be Khir Toyol. MACC is now trying the very best to restore their credibility. Perhaps it could also be Muhayddin Yasin. Matter of fact all UMNO ministers are corrupted to the highest order. For this they believe "Allah" would be with them and will help to forgive them.. The evil of money has no bearing of god fearing.

normally if this guy is PKR,for sure the name will be appeared in the paper and if this is UMNO then i do not understand why can't the name mentioned over the paper? is the paper trying to protect him? why is the reason for not disclosing his name? why so biased?

His name will not be disclose as UMNO/bn is in control of the media like how they control the AG,PDRM,MACC,C.J,Palaces and so on.At the end of the day the expected results will be like no evidence,no witnesses,no this and that until case is close and forgotten.Thats how it works when UMNO/bn is in control.

MACC no need to long as they are BN Umno/MCA/MIC/Gerakan people...this is just a movie show for us....we are waiting when MACC will throw a BN guy from the building

Najib’s brother offered money to Bala to retract statement – MACC to probe

The MACC has called on Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, the Youth Chief of PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) to go to its headquarters in Putrajaya on Friday to record his statement. This is in relation to Shamsul’s report to the MACC over allegations of bribery involving Datuk Nazim Tun Razak, the brother of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Shamsul had together with a team of youth from the Pakatan coalition including Anthony Loke from DAP and Nasaruddin Hassan of PAS reported against Nazim and a businessman name Deepak after the claim by P Balasubramaniam that he was offered a some RM5million to keep silent about his allegations and retract his statutory declaration on the alleged relationship between Najib and Altantuya Shaariibuu, the murdered Mongolian model.

According to the team, “We believed Nazim (left) and Deepak, who is said to be a good friend of Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor, have committed several offences which could be deemed as corruption,” where according to the report, the following were observed.

1. Offered RM5 million to Balasubramaniam to retract his first declaration signed on July 1, 2008.

2. Threatened the safety of Balasubramaniam's family should he failed to follow their instructions.

3. Urged police officer ASP Suresh Kumar to bring Balasubramaniam to a restaurant in Rawang to meet with Deepak and another individual, Dinesh Jayakishan.

4. Involved in the deployment of military intelligence personal to stake out at Balasubramaniam's house as informed by Deepak.

5. Force Balasubramaniam to sign a prepared statutory declaration despite that it contained questionable facts.

6. Gave almost RM750,000 to Balasubramaniam during his one-year “disappearance” and transferred 500,000 rupee (RM36,600) into a bank account for his child's schooling. 7. Held on to Balasubramaniam's passport for five months to ensure that he could not return home until Najib became Malaysian prime minister.

Shamsul said “I urged that those names mentioned by Balasubramaniam in the video clips be summoned by MACC and investigated,”


With such a big amount of cash (5 million). Littlegod will turn evil too. Satan is very powerful too.
In this world almost all of us have a price. Bala if paid full amount will long time a done case.
promise but not paid so the story continue.So many to support him now will almost certainly
up his price now. He will disappear again once
money is paid. You guy fail to accept he already paid 750,000.
Plus more to come. This is a lost cause. He come back to seek more money only.

Our PM has admitted that he knows nothing about the Mongolian woman and he does not bother to reply. Silence is golden as far as the allegations of his involvement is concerned.

Now that Bala has resurfaced to talk of his inducement of monetary benefits which was not given in full as promised, he is back again to elaborate on his first Statutory Declaration .

Despite the serious allegations of the PM involvements over the Atlantuya , why MACC never for a moment investigate the whole pictture together with those involved. ? WE have to ask ourselves this question again and again. Surely, the rakyat will never get the answer from MACC.

No more projects for contractor who built collapsed bridge in Kampar - Zambry

Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, the Menteri Besar of Perak said today that the state will not award anymore projects to the contractor who built the suspension bridge in Kuala Dipang in Kampar. The bridge collapsed recently which killed 3 primary school girls who were attending the 1Malaysia camp nearby. Zambry said that this is to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future. He said "This incident only involves a suspension bridge, what if the contractor built roads or high rise buildings? The state was waiting for the Education Ministry to furnish it with a full report on the matter. We want action to be taken against those responsible for the mishap,"


Ya, ya... how the person who awarded the contractor the project? He goes scot free?

Think again Zambry... it might be more than just building a bridge.... don't leave any stones unturn.

" Black mamak cunt " UMNO bastards should be shot!
3 innocent lives lost because of you UMNO-BN inefficiency in management and corrupt practices, this happened when the BN pariah mongrels were in power.

Compensation must generous...admit fault of your imcompetency of UMNO-BN dickheads, who awarded the contract to an unregistered contractor!!!
Knee before ALLAH for this unforgivable sin caused to the rakyat...all for the greed of money!!!

The illigal Perak Menteri Besar should have asked the police to haul up those resposible for the collapsed bridge. The MB can't pacify the public with light comments of not awarding the project to the unlicensed contractor.

1. Whoo designed the collapsed bridge?
2. Who approved the design?
3. Who approved the project.
4.Who appointed the contractor without a Contractor License?

There are many more questions pertaining to this collapesd bridge. When tragedy happens, the authority begins to open their mouth of diapproval. This is Malaysia mentality over the years.

if this bugger contractor has no lisence and registered..???
how in the world he say there is no more contract for him.???
this sound like sotong kering la ???
put all in one rubbish bag and blame the the lisenceless contractor..

wwooooooo wowowowowowowowow
this is the best illigal menteri besar i have seen,
what a best finding in whole world

01 December 2009

Nazri says no point denying what BTN is

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz insisted today that the Cabinet wants to overhaul the Biro Tata Negara (BTN), while also admitting the programme had been used to promote certain government leaders.

His remarks come just a few hours after a fellow Umno government leader defended the civics course and insisted it would be “upgraded” instead of “revamped.”

“Whatever word you use, upgrade or revamp ... to me, it is a change of module. Datuk Ahmad Maslan is a member of the Cabinet, he can’t dispute my statement,” he told reporters at Parliament lobby here.

Ahmad, who is deputy minister in the prime minister department, came out defending BTN today against allegations by the opposition that its courses were teaching racial hatred.

He claimed the courses would only be “upgraded”, which means that there is nothing wrong with the modules.

The deputy minister, who is in charge of BTN, claimed that the “upgrade” would incorporate new elements in its lectures to reflect the 1Malaysia idea meant to promote racial unity coined by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

But Nazri said there was no use in Ahmad or other government ministers denying the Cabinet decision.

Ahmad was the second Umno minister to come out in defence of BTN despite the revelation by Nazri that the Cabinet conceded that its courses were racially divisive.

The first was Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, who took a similarly defensive stand and publicly stated his views on the issue just hours after Nazri made the disclosure on Monday.

No matter how much leaders tried to deny it, Nazri said, there were “other” former government leaders who are now a part of the opposition vanguards, like PKR de facto Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who had been involved with BTN and know of its contents.

The BTN was under Anwar when he was then deputy prime minister.

“They know, so what is there to deny,” he said. “What I am saying now is that we are revamping BTN by changing it, which we have decided in the Cabinet meeting so that it is consonant with a 1 Malaysia as wanted by the prime minister.”

Nazri also admitted that BTN was used as a tool to promote certain leaders within the government, which was one of the points used by opposition leaders to demand BTN’s closure.

The minister said BTN was also used as a programme to “instill confidence among the Malays” in the early days of its establishment but stressed that times have changed and “so must BTN”.


What? and admission. Wow. Nazri, say it out...BTN must be abolished and cast into the flames. Leaders and lecturers to stand trial for subversion and treason

BTN is nothing short of poisoning the minds of Malaysians. Its motive is to divide and to promote the "ketuanan" agenda so that the BN devils can continue to divide and rule. Down with the evil intentions of BN and let us ensure its demise come GE 13, and together we celebrate and promote a Malaysia for all.

Penang may also ban BTN courses

The Penang government may follow Selangor's move in preventing its staff from attending courses run by Biro Tata Negara (BTN) or the National Civics Bureau.

Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman said it was seriously considering a proposal by Penang Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) youth chief Yusmadi Yussof.

He added Penang backbenchers would be proposing the ban to the state government at the state assembly tomorrow.

"We will seriously consider Yusmadi's proposal that Penang follow Selangor's move in preventing state government staff from attending BTN courses," he said at a PKR youth gathering here today.

Meanwhile, PKR national youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mat Akin said a secretariat headed by Yusmadi would be collecting public views on BTN courses which the opposition claimed as indoctrination by Barisan Nasional (BN).


To win the hearts of the rakyat, "Never fail to follow a good example"
Throw this UMNO racist BTN program me...they are there just to create a Diversive Malaysian for just the UMNO pariah dogs!

Powerful blast hits mamak restaurant

A powerful explosion in a mamak restaurant at Johor Bahru caused by a home-made bomb shocked the local residents staying in nearby vicinity. Stulang Corner Restaurant which is located approximately 1 kilometre away from the famous Johor’s palace was under renovation and the restaurant would be reopened on the coming December 5 according to the original schedule

he powerful explosion around 2.15 am causes the restaurant’s back wall and ceiling collapsed. Fortunately, no one was injured when the incident occurred. So far, authorities ruled out business competitors sabotaging them.

39-year-old Tahir Ali, the restaurant manager said the explosion causes them to lose between RM100,000 and RM150,000. According to Johor deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Jalaluddin Ab Rahman, authorities are still trying to identify explosives used in this incident.


wah powerful explosion ???? not bad. malaysian now going towards terror activities.
here come the expert. hahahahahahaha whats more coming in the future.
hidrogen bom. hahahaha die laaaaa

business rivalry la....they planned to open roti canai next door !!!
Umno franchise, also providing financial support to them some sort
of special privelege.... We will patronise their stall , have teh tarik there...ok?

30 November 2009

MITI minister: Proton to tie up with original equipment manufacturers

The government is planning strategic joint ventures between Proton Holdings Bhd and original equipment manufacturers(OEM) in a move to increase the national car maker’s long-term competitiveness, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed told the Dewan Rakyat today.

He said such strategic alliance would also help Proton expand its market share, both at home and abroad.

“Besides, it will maximise the use of latest and advanced technologies which would serve as an impetus for continued development along the local automotive chain,” he said in a written reply to Teresa Kok Suh Sim (DAP-Seputeh), who wanted to know of the government’s plan for Proton over the next three years.

On the retail price of cars, Mustapa said: “It does not only depend on import and excise duties and, road tax.

It also depends on other factors like the completely knocked down component of the car, foreign exchange, transportation cost and insurance,” he added.

On duty for cars imported from Asean countries, Mustapa said it would be abolished on January 1, 2010 under the Asean Free Trade Agreement.

Import duties would also be reduced or abolished under the Free Trade Agreements which the government has negotiated or signed with several countries.


This is the biggest joke i heard about improving Proton by tying-up with OEM manufacturers?!? How they going to improve fast? They dont even have new technology transfer from other better manufacturer?!? It smells like the OEM manufacturer will suck even more $$$. Now i know why the VW deal fail, to protect the OEM more than Proton itself...

29 November 2009

Selangor to introduce own nation building course to replace BTN

The Mentri Besar of Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the state government will be introducing its own courses to replace the BTN (Biro Tata Negara) or National Civics Bureau courses. This came in light after the Selangor state government barred its national universities, public services and government organization staff from attending the nation building courses, claiming that they are political motivated. Khalid told local news portal Mkini that

"The idea has been mooted by a few members from executive councillor (exco) from these respective states, but it has not been formalized. The other three Pakatan states (Kedah, Kelantan and Penang) were also following the heels of the Selangor administration to bar its students and civil servants from attending BTN courses. The idea (of our own BTN courses) has been mooted but we have to make sure that we have the capabilities of handling it... (but) we must have the forum and the place if we want to (have it replaced). Some of the courses taught us how to be good Malaysians and how to promote our country and some are okay. But some are tilted to more political and racial bias,"


Yes !!! very good move MB..
No political or racially biased courses unlike the BTN 'Sexual Intercourses' of UMNO producing rapists

hat's the way to go. Show these UMNO racist bastards what it takes to be True Malaysians....where everyone, immaterial of race, color of their skin and religion, can call Malaysia their home.
The new courses MUST emphasize, the integration of vatious races, a multi- religiious society and vision for the betterment of ONE MALAYSIA.
We just cannot be comfortable with a hypocrite and a murderer leading us to embrace this objective...we need a man of vision and a true son of the can only find this fine Malaysian only in PKR!!!!!

Govt to continue BTN courses in Selangor – Ahmad

The government will continue organising National Civics Bureau (BTN) courses in Selangor, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Ahmad Maslan said.

This was despite the state government’s decision to bar state civil servants, students of state-owned institutions of higher learning and staff of state government-linked companies from attending such courses, he added.

Ahmad, who is in charge of the BTN, said not all things in Selangor were under the state government’s jurisdiction.

“Federal civil servants, university students, youths and Federal Village Security and Development Committee members will be sent to attend these courses.

“The BTN is not the agency some quarters made it out to be. The BTN is to instil patriotism and has received the ISO 9000 certification from Sirim. It has a well-structured course,” he told reporters after receiving 200 Umno membership application forms here today.

He said that as the deputy minister in charge of the BTN, he would ensure that the courses would go on as they were in line with the 1Malaysia concept and had no racist elements.

Meanwhile, in KUALA LUMPUR, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir described the decision by the Selangor government as inappropriate. He said that the BTN courses were neither politically-motivated nor racially-motivated.

“It is impossible for the government to introduce racial elements in BTN programmes as participants are coming from other races as well,” he told reporters after attending the Aidiladha sacrificial ceremony in Kampung Melayu, Rawang.

Mukhriz said BTN courses were to inculcate positive values and not a political indoctrination as claimed by critics.


BTN is for other races as well??? Chinese and Indians?? If this is true then it should GO ON. Good for the 1Malaysia slogan (whatever that means). Since so much had been said about BTN being raciat, please publish real data of racial composition attendees for the last 5 years?? And also the Syllabus, and get a 10 Non-Malays graduates to openly talk how good is the BTN.

What brand of patriotism? Patriotism for own race or patriotism for 1Malaysia? Most of the time, the whole UMNO, public servant is out to confuse the public. I remembered the seventies and eighties where there aren't that many graduates, you do not have such ketuanan ideology which plague the country. Look at the country now? It is as if we are living in the same country but 2 systems. So BTN is doing a fantastic job you say? The ministers and UMNO goons are nuts! You will drive the country to utter chaos in years to come.

Split in PAS and Nik Aziz admits it - Hishammuddin

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the vice-president of Umno said that there is a split in PAS and this has been admitted by Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the spiritual leader of the party himself after he came out to say that there is a ‘Kolonel Mat’ trying to conspire with others to oust him out of the opposition party. Hishammuddin said that PAS could no longer shield these problems from the public light.

He said “Although the name ‘Kolonel Mat’ might be fictional, it showed that there was indeed a split in the party caused by its own members. They have admitted there are problems in the party. The people can see for themselves that the split has nothing to do with Umno or Barisan Nasional. They can deny (the split) but they cannot continue to hide it. In the end, it is clear that the friction, which they have been blaming on Umno, are problems caused by their own members,”


WHAT THE f**k ?

This is a Home Minster making a "ruckus" of another political PARTY INFIGHTING OR CONSPIRACY ?

This amounts to "security threat" TRYING TO UNSTABLE MALAYSIANS! and it comes from the HM?

Then DPM AS education minister IS ANOTHER "NINCOMPOOP"
total incompetent with Idiocy Syndrome.


Well that is umno BN FG even the "corrupt" can be in the FG.

ADD ON BENEFITS WITH "DOGS" as in AG, IGP, Police, Kangaroo Courts, MACC, MCMC , EC ....






Billions of federal allocation ‘leaked elsewhere’ in Sarawak – internal investigation called

The state government of Sarawak has since ordered an internal investigation into its cabinet after the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) claimed that some 60% of allocations from the federal government have been misappropriated. The funds which are meant for infrastructure projects from 2002 to 2008 is believed to total to up to billions of ringgit where the MACC revealed that only 40% of the allocations have been used in the project while the rest are ‘leaked elsewhere’.

According to Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam, the deputy chief minister, an internal audit will be carried out. He said “The state government is investigating. We also want the MACC to give us a full and detailed briefing on these claims. We (state government) view these claims very seriously and if such abuse of government funds had taken place, we must find out who was responsible and take appropriate action against them. This is government money that comes from taxpayers. If indeed funds from the Government meant for projects for the rakyat and the poor had been misappropriated, the state government wants action taken,”

Datuk Zakaria Jaffar, the deputy commissioner of the MACC commented on the shocking revelation but did not elaborate on which projects were affected but said that they involved housing schemes, mosques and roads.






This is how the Sarawakian and the Sabahan, BN component leaders are bought over. Without Sarawak and Sabah, BN would have long time ago gone missing in thin air





Negri Umno warlords seek to unseat MB

Negri Sembilan Umno warlords are using allegations of an illegal money transfer to unseat the unpopular Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, whose aides denied the mentri besar is under central bank probe.

“We believe that there is no point letting the issue being exploited by the opposition, the leadership must take action, now we are just waiting for the president's return,” a Negri Sembilan division chief told The Malaysian Insider.

Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak is now attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2009 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Mohamad, who became mentri besar in 2004, is currently under Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) probe for allegedly transferring funds amounting to RM10 million to London through a money changer, Salamath Ali.

An aide to Mohamad said the BNM probe has nothing to do with his employer.

“The investigation is against the money changer and not against Datuk,” the aide told

It's  understands that Mohamad has privately blamed his staff for making him use the services of the money changer.

Pakatan Rakyat's Batu MP Chua Tian Chang revealed the matter after the central bank said Salamath Ali Money Changer had contravened Section 30 of the Money Changing Act 1998 and its licence had been revoked on Oct 26.

State Umno warlords are making their moves now to prevent the issue from being further exploited by the opposition.

“He is already not liked by 80 per cent of the Umno members here, so this case will not be ignored,” said the division chief.

The state Umno warlord pointed out that despite the blackout by the English and Bahasa Malaysia mainstream press, the issue has found its way to the party grassroots via text messages.

“Umno members in Jempol, Kuala Pilah, Rembau they don't access the Internet, so initially only civil servants talked about it, later people started sending SMS on 'kes duit haram MB',” he said.

Mohamad came under fire from Negri Sembilan opposition leader Loke Siew Fook during the state assembly sitting over the issue but the Rantau assemblyman kept mum and refused to give an explanation.

Opposition lawmakers have also called on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to conduct a probe into the scandal.

Mohamad had also refused to talk about the matter openly at a press conference early this month.


At the rate corrupt practices by the Government are being uncovered, the MACC will collapsed !! Good riddence to a corrupt MACC the !!

Holy cow head! Mohamad is already being set up by his party colleagues to be sacrificed. He is the last leftover of the Badawi era. His mistake - he overstayed his welcome.

There should be more political sacrifice like this.

This RM10 million duit haram case is too huge for MACC to investigate.
First MACC will say,there is no police report and secondly,MACC can
only investigate case amount of RM2500-00.EVen RM112-00 involving
PR Selangor reps. is better and less headache..

What about The Sunday Star Headlines Billions Siphoned ..up to 60%
of Govt.allocations..running into Billions of ringgit..meant for vital infrastructure
projects between 2002 and 2008 have been misappropriated.No wonder the
richest man in Sarawak, who is a high profile BN politician, can own a bank and
palm oil plantations.

As a gift to poor malaysians and senior citizens,PM Najib
introduced a RM50-00 credit card charges and a 5% Property gain tax during his
2009 budget.Now PM Najib wants to introduce 4% GST within the next 24 months
to cover his deficit budget..

PM Najib,most if not all UMNO/BN politicians are corrupted,
all you need to do is just plug all these leakages,the billions saved will be many folds
more than what you are asking Malaysian to pay for Credit Card,Property Gain TAx and
GST.Malaysians,you deserved what you get when you elected all these monkeys to handle
bananas,just make sure that come 13 General Election,we need to elect a novice pool
of politicians to cleanse the cancerous rot,after 52 yrs of UMNO/BN rule.

Funny how efficient some people can be when the moment they find out their leader is tainted and wants immediate actions against him/her, but can barely move like an ant with asthma when the a higher leader is tainted with murder.

Najib’s BTN dilemma

Datuk Seri Najib Razak, his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin next to him, and a number of ministers were thoroughly briefed several weeks ago on the divisive nature of the controversial Biro Tata Negara (BTN) courses compulsory for civil servants and university undergraduates.

At the end of the briefing, the PM spoke of the fear and siege mentality the BTN courses had created, particularly among Malay participants.

“This must end,” he told those present, including Muhyiddin, Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin and Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

The Malaysian Insider understands that all of the Cabinet members who were present at the briefing, arranged by Datuk Seri Idris Jala, nodded in agreement.

Najib is now facing increasing pressure to close down the BTN while the hawkish forces in his administration continue to defend what has been called racist brainwashing courses by participants and the Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

PR is now on a campaign to expose what its leaders say are political indoctrination programmes to ensure civil servants and students back Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno.

An earlier proposal by the Najib administration to overhaul the BTN, or National Civics Bureau, may not be good enough, with more Malaysians speaking up against the courses.

If the government does not shut down the programme, Najib will face the prospect of more talk that his 1 Malaysia talk is empty.

In recent week, a number of former participants which include PR politicians and journalists have spoken of their experiences at BTN camps.

They have pointed to how facilitators would stoke racial superiority, including portraying the Chinese as the most significant threat to the Malays.

PR parties such as the DAP have been portrayed as communist enemies of the country.

A constant theme of the BTN courses, especially for Malay participants, is the emphasis on racial ideology which is strikingly similar to Umno’s Ketuanan Melayu rallying cry, according to the accounts of some former participants.

Government ministers at Jala’s briefing several weeks ago had all privately acknowledged the need for BTN to be revamped.

Jala had spoken on the need to overhaul BTN, to make it more inclusive.

Jala has been charged with the responsibility of promoting Najib’s 1 Malaysia concept.

His team has been incubating ideas which touch on race, religion and other stumbling blocks to better race relations which have deteriorated.

The BTN courses have already been identified as one of those stumbling blocks.

But this week, as the flap grew over BTN, Muhyiddin defended the programme and denied that it was racist.

Instead the Selangor PR government has been the subject of attacks, particularly in the Bahasa Malaysia press, for attempting to ban its civil servants and students at state-owned institutions from attending the courses.

Umno leaders including Defence Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, a close ally of Najib, have spearheaded a stout defence of BTN as an organization which promoted national unity and was being subjected to unsubstantiated attacks from PR.

While Najib remains overseas attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), his ministers and party-owned newspapers have promoted the idea that BTN is a flawless organisation.

They are also criticising PR parties for being unpatriotic or being against national unity.

Such a stand is likely to put the Prime Minister in a difficult position.

The Malaysian Insider understands that there are moves within the administration to dilute the syllabus of BTN courses, as a compromise.

But such half-measures are not likely to be enough if Najib is serious about reversing what many Malaysians see as institutionalised racism.

The question now is whether Najib will stick to what was articulated in private.


If BTN is aligned with the principles of 1Malaysia and can help to promote unity among Malaysians, then BN should openly promote it to foreign investors to highlight it as a plus point in Malaysia that can help to attract for FDI.

Otherwise, BTN is just political indoctrination program for civil servants to stay loyal to BN.

Najib will do the obvious.

Which is this:

Keep BTN but "reform" it, "overhaul" it, make it "rakyat friendly", or whatever jargon you wanna use.

Which is still nonsense and dodging the issue.

Because BTN clearly serves one single purpose and it should be shut down.

All those who simply open their mouths to speak defending BTN without checking are really stupid! Just show as usual their shallowness of defending for the sake of defending only. Why don't they themselves sit through the courses or at least view the tapes of how those courses were conducted.

If the government is sincere, honest and transparent that the BTN course is what they claim to be, why not just publicize the curriculum and content of the course? The fact that they do not dare to do so is enough proof that the course is nothing but racial indoctrination. And this comes back to basic problem - racism is a problem stoke and nurtured by BN to ensure that they continue to stay in power, and all the talk of 1Malaysia is but another sandiwara, much like the Lingam affair, the dodgy submarine deal, Altantunya ...

When is the majority of the ordinary Malays going to wake up to the fact that UMNO is indirectly doing a disservice to them and their children and grandchildren. At the rate which they are going, Malaysia will be the most backward country among the Asean Countries in fifty years time which is similar to Zimbabwe when they were considered to be the bread basket of Africa and now their people are starving from lack of sufficient food.

Those who go for BTN courses love it, says Shahrizat

BTN courses is all about positive thinking, says Shahrizat (second right).

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the patriotic spirit instilled in the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) course was for all and not just for federal government supporters.

Shahrizat said it was not justified to be apprehensive of the content of the BTN course as the people loved the 1 Malaysia concept.

On Wednesday, the Selangor state executive councillor for Education, Higher Education and Human Capital Development Committee, Dr Halimah Ali said that Selangor state staff and students of its state-owned institutions were barred from attending BTN courses with immediate effect.

The step was taken as it was perceived that the course was an indoctrination process by the Barisan Nasional (BN) created to allegedly draw up racist phenomena, divide races, caused religious tension and provoke hatred of the opposition.

Shahrizat said based on her experience when attending the BTN course there was no racial content.

“The Selangor state government is just making a big issue. I have attended the course and it is all about positive thinking, patriotism and nothing to do with racialism,” she told reporters at a Hari Raya Aidiladha function organised by the Wanita Umno Kepong Division here today.

Meanwhile, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar said the decision by the Selangor state government to bar state employees and students of state-owned institutions of higher education from attending BTN courses was politically charged.

Noh, who is also the Selangor Umno deputy liaison chairman and an Umno supreme council member, said the opposition brought up new issues to deflect their weaknesses.

“Like in Selangor one issue that they raise was their internal issues so that people forget the opposition’s promises in the past general election,” he told reporters after officiating the “Program Korban Perdana Jempol 2009” sponsored by the Jempol Umno Division and the Negri Sembilan Tourism Action Council, at the public field of Raja Alias 2, near here.

Commenting on DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang’s call that the BTN be stopped, Noh said that Lim’s call was as being of a “blind man”.

“Just like a blind man who does not know of what he does not see. How can Kit Siang talk of the BTN course when he has never attended it?” Noh said.


So then, why is BTN only open to govt servants & scholars of ONE race if it is about national unity? Why so secretive?

If it is something so noble, it should be open to all and transparent to all.

i've been to BTN, LIM is right. Racism is racism period. and they teach u how to hate.

Stupid Syarizat knows this. Does she think that malays are that stupid.
Hello syarizat wake up please. Not all malays are racist and no matter how much you try you cant
change us. We left umno because of their racist values and corruption is like a hobby to u guys

And dont deny that your a racist, I heard how you talk, how your friends talk. JIJIK DENGAR! oh yes we talked before.

Dont bullshit Malaysians,,even the rational,well educated malays detest the
contents of BTN.Otherwise,why do you think that all these brain washing by BTN are
coming out in the open.

In fact,I have heard about it umpteem years ago how BTN runs down other races.Actually the Malays are friendly,cultured people but the politicians in UMNO eg.DPM Muhyyudin,Zahid and the like of Shahrizat,in order to hold on to power, uses BTN to frighten the Malays of losing political power which see the demise of NEP,AP,
Quota etc.etc..but they never mentioned that the UMNOputras and its cronies are the
main beneficiaries and not the poor,hard-working malays who are taxi drivers, pasar
malam traders and small kedai kopi operators.

BTN has outlived its used long time ago and together with MACC,should be bungkus and
thrown into the rubbish bins.

“Just like a blind man who does not know of what he does not see. How can Kit Siang talk of the BTN course when he has never attended it?” Noh said.

Then SHOW us the BTN syllables.
GIVE us a copy of the lecture transcripts.

"Those who go for BTN courses love it, says Shahrizat "?
Ever been to a strip club? Everyone is happy there too.
Just because they love it doesn't make it right.

Hitler's nazi followers were happy buggers at the extermination camps.
Does that make it right?

Mustapa Mohamed: Time’s up, Nik Aziz

Nik Aziz has served as Kelantan’s mentri besar for nearly 20 years

Kelantan Umno Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said today it was time for Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to call it quits after having administered Kelantan for almost 20 years as the mentri besar in view of the recent political turmoil involving him and his family.

He said Nik Aziz should explain, by the end of this year, his stand on his position as the mentri besar following the political turmoil.

“I feel his service of almost 20 years as the mentri besar is sufficient contribution to the people of the state,” he told reporters at his Aidiladha open house near here.

Nik Aziz had admitted that he was offered a RM65,000 sponsored trip to perform the Haj pilgrimage this year, which he declined after media reports over the morality of accepting such an offer when he was head of the state administration.

A controversy had also emerged over Nik Aziz’s appointment of his son-in-law Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahim as the chief executive officer of Kelantan Mentri Besar Incorporated of which Nik Aziz is chairman, and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has begun an investigation into alleged irregularities and abuse of power at the investment arm.

Following intervention by the PAS central leadership, Nik Aziz heeded advice to remove Abdul Ariffahmi as the CEO. Abdul Ariffahmi has yet to announce his resignation.

Subsequently, Nik Aziz has been asked to announce the person to succeed him as the Kelantan menteri besar.


Muatapha, did you ask mahathir to quit when his 20th year as pm came? You, yourself have no intension to quit.

Come on!, don't try to cut off one's nose to spite one's face. Why want to force Tok Guru to come down since he has sufficient won out from these voters. So, the seeing is believing. Certainly this will a motive to bring him down because due to his disagreement of the unity talks with these B-end's crooked. But one tiny small thing that is the power are still on the voters hand.

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