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09 June 2010

Nazri tells what Apco had done for government

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Deparment gave an account on the Apco Worldwide’s role for the government where they were paid RM77million on a 1 year contract. So far, no one from the BN (Barisan Nasional) said anything about Apco’s involvement while the opposition front had tirelessly linked the government with Apco for the 1Malaysia campaign mooted by the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. As a result, Anwar has been referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee for misleading the house on the claims.

Nazri, in his reply to Tian Chua, the PKR Batu MP said "Apco Worldwide was hired to implement a comprehensive communications service in order to upgrade government communications capacity to be in line with best world practices. Apco also provided support to the government in international media relations and strategic planning as well as research and analysis. However he did not specify what exactly Apco did for the federal government in those areas. The consultancy firm is also engaged in training government personnel in various areas of strategic communications to upgrade their skill level and improve coordination between ministries. These include basic skills like how to read and monitor media as well as how to build websites on the Internet. In addition to the above, government personnel are also taught to observe "social media best practices" - which could refer to social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter - as well as how to handle issues in discussions and prepare communication plans. It is hoped that this will result in government officers with the ability to run communication programmes with effective modern methods So far, 500 officers from 15 ministries have been trained by Apco, adding that the government is currently satisfied with the services of the consultancy firm.”


RM77million on a 1 year contract is a hell of money and could have been used for better purposes as to get the Merdeka Survai approval for the PM up - since NO ONE in Malaysia heeds their numbers - or have you taken part in it?

no need for you to tell us lah, what Apco have done to the UMNO bastards...they screwed you assholes with our taxpayers' money and fed you lot with all the Zionist shit!
It does not need a superior race to curl their fingers at the sub par UMNO shallow low beings. You Ketuanan UMNO Melayu assholes, you were made a blady sucker by Apco.

a war can be won without one shot fired - by taking the government 'hostage' with getting secret info from them and place computer programs which leak info back to the hostage taker!

and our government is happy to have them on board???

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