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03 July 2010

Editor of Perkasa to give explanation on article with screaming headline 'Tahan Ka Siong bawah ISA'

Home Affairs Ministry has called in the editor of Suara Perkasa, Amirudin Mohamad for an explanation regarding the publication of the article titled, 'Tahan Ka Siong Bawah ISA' (Detain Ka Siong under ISA).

So far, the editor has met with one of the ministry's representatives yesterday and another meeting is scheduled on the coming Monday. The magazine, a Malay right-wing group's reading material had published a front-page article with the headline that's screaming 'Detain Ka Siong under ISA' for allegedly making statements and questioning Malay rights regarding scholarships issue.

Following Deputy Education Minister's announcement to abolish overseas scholarships given by Public Service Department (PSD), Wee questioned if Mara scholarships would also be thrown out. While Perkasa 'intimidated' Wee with the article and called for action against him, Wee said he was thinking to sue the publication.

Publication of the article causes different responses from various parties including leaders from Umno and MIC. Previously, Home Ministry suspended another right-wing group's publication, Suara Keadilan under opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat for a report which alleged that Felda is bankrupt.


What about Ahmad Ismail, Nasir Safar, Toyol, Mamak Kerala, HeSuckMyDick, Soak my keris with Chinese blood, You want another May 13, Cowheads and those who burn Churches?

How come these terrorist are still walking in the streets?

Perkasa barking away again. It will eventually fall on deaf ears. They should be ISAed a long time. Nation's trouble makers.

PM tells Malay contractors fate tied to Umno

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told Malay contractors last night not to be complacent as their fate was tied to Umno.

“The fate of Umno and that of the Malay contractors is inseparable,” he said when officiating the 31st annual general meeting of the Malay Contractors Association (PKMM).

“Malay contractors have to continue to support Umno.”

He likened the mutually beneficial relationship between Malay contractors and Umno to two hands clapping, citing the initiatives and incentives provisioned in the New Economic Model (NEM).

However, while he acknowledged the success of Malay contractors in the 40-odd years since the founding of PKMM he cautioned that past success was no guarantee of future progress.

“I don’t like to defend the status quo,” he said.

“If a race can only rely on past successes and can’t ensure that tomorrow will be better than today... then the fate of that race will be an unfortunate one.”

Najib told attendees that they had to identify both strengths weaknesses to progress to “the next level of success.”

“We have to examine the steps contractors can take so that Malay contractors will become... more competitive, efficient and productive,” he said.

“In this new era, the future is only assured if we are a competitive contractor, in the true sense of the word.”

He suggested that PKMM should look to consolidate its many members like the banking sector so that they could better ride out economic downturns.

He chided Class F contractors for not wanting to “graduate” out of their class for fear of greater competition.

“I know it’s very comfortable being a Class F contractor. If there is a fiscal plan by the government they are sure to get a project, sometimes two or three even,” he said.

“There is no incentive for Class F contractors to graduate to a higher category.”

Najib said Malay contractors not only had to better their management processes and technology but also improve skills, attitudes and commitment to boost the construction industry’s confidence in them.

“Reputation in business is everything,” he said.

“If we have a good reputation in market, people are going to put more faith in us when considering [contractors for work].”


You help me, i help u. You let me corrupt, i feed u. At last genuine solid contractors close shop, while contractors who build building that cant even last a year flourish. That was the style of BN government projects.

Malay contractors or UMNOputra con-trackers? Malay contractors secured projects from UMNOputra middlemen who make as much as 10 to 20 percent profit on contract price without doing anything and the Malay contractors have to beg for payment resulting in late payments to construction workers and suppliers. Thousands of hard working contractors have been declared bankrupt because they relied on UMNO and its warlords to secure projects.

Malay contractors faith are tied to UMNO Baru, the faith of the rest of Malays are tied to Pakatan Rakyat. Even Pakatan Rakyat Governments offered contracts to non UMNO Malays on open tender basis and not on negotiated basis.

Remember avoid structures that UMNO Baru contractors built, may it be stadium, bus station, schools or anything. They are so badly built that it is famous for its falling structures, especially its roofs.

It is actually chicken and egg situation. PM sounds like you must support me otherwise......!
What PM should really stress was that if you do business, do it but not through "Ali Baba" style business. We have somehow heard or seen this "Ali Baba" business, these do not really benefited these so call Malay contractors.

Right choice not seeing Bala in London, says MACC adviser

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) made the right decision in not going to London to record a statement from private investigator P. Balasubramaniam, MACC advisory committee member Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas said here.

He said Balasubramaniam should instead come home and give the statement voluntarily to the authorities in relation to the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.

“I am a bit sad. This whole thing has turned into a political game. It is ridiculous to go over there. The process will involve a lot of cost and a waste of taxpayers’ money,” he told Bernama after the MACC announced Wednesday it had cancelled its plan to meet the private eye in London.

“Of course, we cannot force him to come back but it’s better that he comes back and gives his evidence voluntarily. Don’t play around anymore,” he said.

Megat Najmuddin, who is also president of the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance, is confident that the government would provide Balasubramaniam with the necessary protection.

He also called on political parties to stop using the issue of enforcement agencies for their own gain.

“Law and order should not be compromised. Enforcement agencies need to stay away from this,” he said.

Balasubramaniam created a controversy when he announced on July 3, 2008 that he would announce his sworn affidavit on the murder of Altantuya.

However, the next day, he withdrew the affidavit and issued a second one at a media conference before disappearing with his family.

Yesterday, MACC investigations director Mustafar Ali said the MACC had sent questions to Balasubramaniam’s lawyer, Americk Singh Sidhu, through a courier.

He said Americk Singh had agreed to send the answers to the MACC as soon as possible.

“Balasubramaniam’s lawyer, via an e-mail, on Thursday agreed to submit the questions to him and also agreed that the questions be sent through a courier,” Mustafar said


What else were you going to say? That MACC was playing a sandiwara?
What does MACC have to be afraid off?
Anyways, it no longer matters coz' French investigators will do MACC's job.
Malu leh .

goodness gracious. here we are talking about murder and big time corruption. and this nut talks about cost. how much does it cost to go to London to get the info? a drop in the ocean comapred to the massive corruption by UMNO and their cronies. Is this guy representing the interest of UMNO or truly an independent adviser?

as a matter of fact, its an indictment on the judiciary and the law enforcement agencies that Bala is not coming back. Can you guarantee that Bala will stay in one piece when he comes back, Mr Adviser? If a foreigner can be murdered and blown away with immigration records wiped off, and the real mastermind still scot free, what sort of confidence that one has on the country's system of justice?

Good Joke...Tan Sri...waste of taxpayers money...maybe joke of this century...are u in Malaysia all this u know how much money of taxpayers had gone to waste? miilions?, Billions? or Trillions?

02 July 2010

Suara Perkasa hauled up over ISA call

The Home Ministry has asked Suara Perkasa to explain why its maiden issue published this week had called for the arrest of MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The Malaysian Insider understands the chief editor of the Malay right wing group Perkasa publication was asked to attend a meeting at the Home Ministry in Putrajaya at 5pm today. Another meeting has been scheduled for Monday, newspaper officials said.

"Actually two Home Minstry officers came to our office and took several first edition of the Suara Perkasa and asked the editor (Amirudin Mohamed) to see them at their office," the newspaper's chief editor Daud Ibrahim

"The meeting took place for an hour and after that, they asked me to see them next Monday, perhaps there are some matters they are not satisfied and want to see the chief editor," he added.

Earlier, Perkasa sources revealed the meeting with the authorities.

“Yes, the Home Ministry has called in the Suara Perkasa chief editor today, the meeting is going on now and it is with the secretary-general,” a Perkasa source told The Malaysian Insider.

Wee, who is also deputy education minister, has said he is considering suing the newspaper for its report. Perkasa had slammed Wee for apparently questioning Malay rights when he reportedly asked recently if the Mara scholarship programme for Bumiputera students would be scrapped together with the Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships.

“Perkasa urges the Government to arrest Wee Ka Siong under the ISA (Internal Security Act),” said Perkasa deputy president Datuk Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar in the front-page article of the newspaper’s maiden issue.

The ministry, which has powers over all publications in the country, had earlier disclosed it will not renew the publishing permit for Suara Keadilan as it was dissatisfied with the PKR newspaper’s explanation for its last issue headlined “Felda Bankrupt”. Printing permits are issued annually but can be retracted by the ministry.

Felda, the federal land development authority, has threatened a RM200 million suit against the PKR paper, its publishers and printers, for the report which it had denied despite admitting that its cash reserves had dwindled from RM4 billion in 2004 to some RM1.35 billion last year.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders were outraged over the non-renewal of permit for Suara Keadilan and pointed out to possible double standards as Suara Perkasa could continue despite invoking the ISA.

But Daud added he had no problems about meeting the authorities which recently issued the printing permit to the Malay rights group.

"I have no issues to meet them if called. I came to this field with the awareness of the risks and challenges that have to be faced, so I have no problems," he said when asked what action the ministry might take against the newspaper.

"This is a normal thing, they want to monitor our publication … so they come here," he added.

Asked if the ministry action was linked to a statement by Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin seeking the authorities to investigate Suara Keadilan for publishing an inflammatory article, Daud said he would refrain from connecting today's action to anyone in particular.

Daud is expected to meet senior ministry officials at noon on Monday.

Independent Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali formed Perkasa in the aftermath of Election 2008 and has been fighting against what he said were attempts to erode Malay rights.

The newspaper is sold for RM 2 and is funded by Media Perkasa Sdn Bhd which has a paid-up capital of RM500,000.


Can someone please enlighten me? Is Perkasa stronger than Barisan? They are dictating what the govt. should or should not do. If this is not checked than we are in big trouble.

Stop the circulation of the first edition of suara perkasa for being insensitive, racialist, and inciting racial disharmony by pitting the Malays against the Chinese. That is the main intention.

Better still, revoke its license.

Suara Keadilan had its license revoked.... so, let me guess what will happen to Suara Perkasa........ AHA!!!! The goblins will get to continue publishing it !!!

This just a wayang or sandiwara for the public and specifially for the non malays and a great blow for MCA. In simple language if the statement hurts Mr. Wee then what about others. I suppose it hurts all non malays too expect TDM. What action is the Govt. going to take. Mr. Wee being in the Govt. should have tell the Govt. to close the paper solely on this.and then sue Perkasa. Since Mr. Wee have NO guts to do so, he should resign and paint red on MCA. Don't sit there like a idiot to be call our ancestors as prostitute by others. Enough is Enough

UMNO needs Perkasa to continue harping on Malay rights. In the spirit of 1Malaysia, UMNO can't publicly take the racial stand but they need it. Shame on Wee Ka Siong still supports this vile regime. I hope he will be back-stabbed by his own party colleague one day to realize his mistake.

Dr Khir: PKR plotting the downfall of Selangor MB

Selangor Opposition leader Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo insists Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) stalwarts are plotting the downfall of Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Abdul Khalid’s predecessor told The Malay Mail the decision to drop the MB as Selangor PKR chief and replace him with with PKR vice-president Mohamed Azmin Ali was a "strategy" to weaken Abdul Khalid’s position in the party.

"That's ridiculous," Mohd Khir scoffed at PKR’s explanation that Azmin's appointment was to allow Abdul Khalid to focus better on his duties as MB.

"It is easier to function as the State party chief when you are the menteri besar.

"This is all a strategy by PKR to weaken Abdul Khalid’s position in the party. They are slowly forcing him out of the party, until he voluntarily steps down," said Dr Khir, who is also the Sungai Panjang State assemblyman.

With Azmin’s appointment, Dr Khir said the State was now headed by three "captains".

"You have (PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim as the economic adviser in charge of the economy. Now, you have Azmin in charge of politics. That reduces Abdul Khalid to 'administrative' work.

"You see now how the party is trying to weaken Abdul Khalid’s influence?"

Dr Khir said it had always been Azmin’s ambition to become menteri besar.

"I know he wants to be the MB. But I don’t think you can give the MB’s post to Azmin. He’s only a young boy."

Another BN elected representative from Selangor also agreed a State head should also be the State party chief.

Hulu Selangor MP P. Kamalanathan told The Paper That Cares it was more difficult now as there was more than one head in the State leadership.

“I think it would be easier for Abdul Khalid to perform if he held both posts,” said the MIC information chief.

“Khalid is also an elected representative at both the Federal and State levels. He is the Ijok State assemblyman as well the Bandar Tun Razak MP,” said Kamalanathan.

“He didn’t have problems holding both posts before this. Does this mean he has to step down as MP as well to focus better on State duties?”

Kamalanathan said Pakatan Rakyat was trying to come up with reasons to hide its inability to govern the State.

“They are also trying to keep certain quarters happy with this appointment,” added Kamalanathan.

PKR strategic director Tian Chua, however, said Pakatan Rakyat does not have to follow BN and Umno’s tradition that the State head must be the State party chief. The Batu MP also defended the decision to appoint Azmin as State party chief.

“Abdul Khalid has a lot of work to do as MB. He hardly has time for party-building and field work.

“This decision is not so much against Abdul Khalid. We just felt it was better that someone else oversees the political aspects of the State. Plus, Azmin is a good choice because of his Selangor grassroots.”

Earlier, Anwar had insisted there was no hidden agenda in Azmin taking over as party chief from Abdul Khalid, also claiming it was due to Abdul Khalid's heavy workload.

Azmin also insisted his appointment was not due to the highly-publicised alleged feud between him and Abdul Khalid.

“Our relationship has been cordial, there is no problem. I work closely with Abdul Khalid," said Azmin.

"My position remains: He should stay as MB and I will give my full support to him.”


so what is your problem Toyo? You want to be MB Selangor again? and rob the Selangorians again? Go back and take a penyapu to wipe your face first!

He really expects people to listen to a "has been" dentist? Cari kerja lain la, and pay your taxes to the Government of Selangor.

Khir "Poyo" should try to win back Selangor, and even if BN wins Selangor in next GE, appointing Poyo as the MB again will give negative impact to the Govt. Poyo, u better retire before your Botox run out of stock.

I agree that PKR is a quarrelsome bunch of politicians but in most ways a better choice than Khir Toyo. Do remember that the people are the ones who chose and it's all more the reason for Khir Toyo to ask himself why the people rejected him and opted for Khalid instead. BN should rethink on who should head Selangor if it hopes to win back the state. This is akin to choosing a good counter in the stock market. Fundamentals should not be ignored. Politics is like business. Just good business or bad business.

Khairy wants Suara Perkasa investigated over article

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin today asked the Home Ministry to investigate 'Suara Perkasa' over its front-page article which called for Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong to be
arrested under the Internal Security Act.

"I'm not doing this because I want to defend Ka Siong but this article is an incitement and is wrong, and should be investigated," he told reporters at the parliament lobby today.

The feud between Pertubuhan Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) president Datuk Ibrahim Ali and Wee began when Ibrahim said that the MCA Youth chief had questioned the social contract and did not respect the Federal Constitution pertaining to the issue of distribution of Public Service Department scholarships.

Khairy said fighting for Malay interests was not an issue but one should also not forget the interests of the other races.

"For me, BN and Umno must be seen to be inclusive. It's okay for Perkasa to fight for the Malays but I don't agree with the way it's done," he said.

Wee, who wondered why the scholarship issue was still raised when he had already given his explanation, said he would see whether he could take legal action against Suara Perkasa over the article.


Don't you think this fat Ibrahim is way too much with the support from racist Mahathir. Go ahead Khairy do what you have to do. Nail him and give him 2 ringgit.

01 July 2010

3 Sarawakians lodge report with MACC against Taib Mahmud on RM3b wealth

3 Sarawakians, John Brian Anthony, Ting Cek Ming and Kung Chin Chin has lodged an official complain with the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) accusing the Chief Minister of Sarawak Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud of ‘corruption and abuse of power’ and to have him explain how his family and himself have accumulated wealth amounting ‘in excess of RM3billion’.

This came in the wake of reports posted in blogsite which outlines in detail the wealth of Taib and his family in various prestigious property landmarks in Canada. Ranjit Singh, a senior officer with MACC received the report. Ting, one of the complainants said "We were assured that they will investigate the case and advised us to write to the director of investigations to get updates. This time we came with typewritten copies of our report and had the MACC officer acknowledge receipt on our copy to make sure that no changes will be made to the complaint,"



The family feud, in a nutshell, was about access to Sarawak's rich natural resources - timber, oil and land.

At the height of the war of words between the duo, Tahi accused Rahman of giving away a whopping 1.25 million hectares of logging concessions worth RM22.5 billion to his family and cronies in his 11 years at the helm.

But having terminated the concessions disbursed by his uncle, Tahi himself awarded an even bigger portion of the state's resources to his own family and his set of cronies - 1.6 million hectares in total, or about the size of 26 Singapores.

The ensuing wholesale logging is arguably the most systematic destruction of the world's oldest rainforest. Faced with criticism, then state environment minister James lickWong pooh-poohed the idea that deforestation could lead to global warming. The climate change, he said, would be ideal for playing golf.

And as the great forests of Sarawak dwindled in the 1990s, Tahi's family moved on to other lucrative businesses by snapping up, among others, the once state-owned company, Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS).

This conglomerate controls much of what goes on in Sarawak through its monopoly of cement, steel, timber, construction, financial services and banking.

Anyone who wants to do serious business in Sarawak may most probably have to deal with CMS or any one of its scores of subsidiaries. The company is cash rich too - two months ago, it sold its controlling stake in the debt-laden RHB bank to pension fund EPF for RM2.25 billion.

Among those holding key posts in CMS are Taib's Australian-born wife Laila, sons Sulaiman and Mahmud Abu Bekir, and brother Onn Mahmud.

Table 4.6 Timber concessions controlled by SarawakMinister Tahi Mahmud in which his family members, friends, proxies or political allies are board members or shareholders.

Tahi Mahmud has never bothered to allow anyone else to express any opinion except what he wants to hear, normally in sycophantic, obsequious and abject agreement with him - just like a feudal lord.

This is how Tahi likes to treat people, to ensure that they do not become a threat to him and his hidden agendas - the enrichment of himself, his family and cronies. This is how he bullies and roughs up the common people as well - using third parties and hiding behind his office, treating them almost like trash, squatters and trespassers on the land they and the generations before them had toiled on.


Zahrain shows proof Zaid and Raja Petra met in London, Zaid calls him ‘pathetic’

Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, the independent Member of Parliament of Bayan Baru has called on the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) to investigate the ‘coincidence’ of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim checking into the same hotel in London last year with fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Zahrain was formerly from the same party with Zaid, PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) where he has since quit and is now part of the Independent Consensus in parliament.

He said "I have here their hotel bookings. Raja Petra made a booking from Oct 1-4 at the Britannia Hotel (in) Manchester and Zaid made a booking at the same hotel from Oct 1- 3. I am asking MACC to (find out who is funding) Raja Petra's stay in London. What was (Zaid) doing with a fugitive in Manchester?"

He added that he has an email from Raja Petra to his daughter where he told her that he received some RM470,00 from one Amarjit Singh, who is a lawyer for RPK and the PKR. Hence, Zahrain concludes that it might be PKR who is funding Raja Petra’s stay in London.

In an immediate response, Zaid wrote on his blog that Zahrain is being ‘so pathetic’. He wrote "Parliamentarians should be proposing ideas for national policy and be brave in criticising government decisions... this is their job, especially "Independent" MPs who are favoured by the PM. That is why I am surprised that this has been made an issue. (Zahrain) has become like a member of the Special Branch. Meeting Raja Petra is not a crime, dear YB. Even you have been to his house in Manchester. I will be in London again next week and God-willing, I will meet with Marina and Petra. I also hope to meet with Bala if MACC does not want to meet with him,"


What a most stupid call to MACC ! If meeting RPK is subject to censorship,then Zahrain is not qualify to be an MP even if he is an independant. The August house is not the place to house him, he should instead operate like one of those mamak stall in Pertaling street !

Zahrain shows signs of jealousy when Datuk Zaid Ibrahim met RPK in London and stayed in the same hotel. Their affairs have nothing to do with the complainant. Please find the time to fly a kite for your own pleasure.

Zahrain and a big bunch of BN idiots, had been calling the MACC to investigate ' those ' who sponsor RPK and P.I. Bala. This group of super idiots didn't ask MACC to investigate ' those ' who sponsor the two utk who C4 ed Altantuyah. All super pariah, super idiots, instead of asking the MACC/Police to investigate the killer's mastermind, they ask the authority to investigate/punish the whistle blowers. To make things worse, the MACC/Police seems to 'listen' to that group of super pariah/super idiots.

Anyway, we are living in a land called BOLEHLAND mah !.

Zufklifi Nor and the rest of the katak are more smarter, after taking few millions they now retired and happily enjoying the 'sinful monies' why by Zahrain still wants more, he keep on hentam at non issues hoping to get some 'bonus $$$''. Zahrain has high ambition, he hope by doing so, one day he might able to own a mansion as big as Toyol. Zahrain, you can keep on to your day dreaming, nowadays even the Amno elites are having hard time making big monies due to our fast drying coffer.

Let’s get the 4.3m unregistered voters – PM tells BN PDF

The prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on the BN (Barisan Nasional) to focus on the 4.3 million Malaysians who are not registered voters yet and that the component parties would need to enhance their efforts to ensure that they are favourable to the ruling coalition. He called on all the parties to take the necessary steps so that they register themselves to be eligible for voting at the next general election.

He said “One of the reasons for the poor response from youths was the lack of awareness about their responsibility. We must show we are the party that cares. The problems in Barisan Nasional can be handled as there are different views and demands but whatever it is I believe that all parties will abide by the decision made by the Barisan supreme council,”


4.3m unregistered voters will vote for change if they register

The moment they register, thats THE END of BEE END

BN has cheated the peoples enough.

Vote for UMNO is a Vote for = Coruption,,,Killing.....Abuse of power....Commision,,,,,Lies,,,,,,Racist
and if you are not Pro-UMNO even if you are a BUMI,,,you still get nothing.




30 June 2010

Finance Minister not compensating Vincent Tan

Datuk Seri husni Hanadzlah, the Second Finance Minister has dispelled claims that the ministry is compensating Berjaya Corp tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan for his ‘losses’ when the government decided not to award the sports betting license to the group after all. It was first reported that the Ministry of Finance will be awarding the license to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd but decided not to after some very negative feedback.

Husni said “We have not issued the licence... so questions about compensation should not arise. No money exchanged hands because the deal between Tan and the government had not been finalised. We were in discussions about the conditions for the licence [re-issuance]. The conditions had not finalised so we did not issue the licence. He (Tan) did not pay a fee but gave a letter of guarantee. That’s all. Not cash but a letter of guarantee. The government might review its decision not to re-issue the licence in future but explained to reporters later that the review would probably be done decades from now.”









THE umno Baru to UMNO AGAIN... THE RM 1 TO BECOME umno member again ONLY IF NAJIB GIVES THE PM SEAT TO Mukhriz mamak?




29 June 2010

IGP must explain IGP murder probe

Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan must explain what the police have been doing for the past 36 years concerning their probe into the assassination of former top cop Abdul Rahman Hashim.

DAP stalwart Karpal Singh said the current IGP owed an explanation to the public given that his recent statement contradicted that of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

He pointed out that Musa claimed that the case was closed as two members of the Parti Komunis Malaya allegedly responsible for Abdul Rahman’s murder on June 7, 1974, were arrested.

Musa was referring to Lim Woon Chong and Ng Foo Nam, who were jointly charged for the murder that took place in Kuala Lumpur.

However, Najib commented that it would be difficult to unearth new evidence in the case because it happened nearly four decades ago.

Picking on this contradiction, Karpal said: “Musa claimed that the cased was closed but Najib thinks otherwise. Najib believes that Lim and Ng were not responsible.”

“Musa owes the public an explanation on what the police have been doing for the past 36 years," he told a press conference in Air Itam here today.

He indicated that Musa must also disclose the findings of police investigations into the murder mystery.

Nazri's "no comments" irks Karpal

Karpal pointed out that both Lim and Ng were acquitted and discharged after they categorically denied any involvement in the assassination. The prosecution had also withdrawn the case.

Lim and Ng were also jointly charged for the murder of then Perak police chief Khoo Chong Kong and his driver Sgt Yeong Peng Chong in Ipoh on Nov 13, 1975.

They were found guilty by the Ipoh High Court on March 22, 1978 and were hanged in Pudu Jail in early 1980s.

Karpal, who was the defence counsel for Lim, said that the prosecution withdrew the murder charge on his client before he was executed for Khoo’s murder.

“My client admitted to Khoo’s murder but not Abdul Rahman's,” he said.

Abdul Rahman’s assassination re-generated public interest when the tragedy was recollected in an artile penned by Abdul Rahman's son, retired Berita Harian journalist Najib Rahman. The article appeared in the New Straits Times on June 6.

Abdul Rahman was gunned down by two snipers in broad daylight alsong Lorong Raja Chulan in the backseat of his car while he was on his way to work.

Karpal has raised the subject three times in Parliament in 2004 and again last Tuesday during the debate on the 10th Malaysia Plan.

He rebuked Minister in Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, who initially announced that the government would re-look the case, for merely replying “no comment” to journalists' when quizzed on the matter for the past fortnight.

“The IGP is the highest ranking police officer, but to date, no one has ever been detained or tried for his murder,” said the veteran politician and MP.


"However, Najib commented that it would be difficult to unearth new evidence in the case because it happened nearly four decades ago."

najib definitely hope this is what his altantuya case going to be. after many years it becomes buried and evidence faded.

besides, if the government knows evidence fade as time past, why then the police and IGP take years to probe, to bring to court? rakyat is only made to suspect if this evidence fading is all the government intend to achieve with their much procastination.

Where they got the time to investigate any big cases unless there is any treat to their interest. Every time we will hear, we will probe to the bottom of it and left no stones unturned. Probe,probe, probe until the case Malaysian Mudah Lupa, NFA. 1Malaysia Freeloaders.

KTMB land deal: Did S'pore threaten Najib with Altantuya?

Was Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak “coerced” by Singapore’s secret service into agreeing to the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) land swap deal?

This was the question posed by PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shahrin today.

He believes that Singapore’s secret service may have used photographs of murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu with Najib to threaten the premier into sealing a lopsided deal over the KTMB Tanjung Pagar issue.

Badrul Hisham said his suspicions were based on private investigator P Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration on July 1, 2008.

Balasubramaniam stated in the declaration that Najib was introduced to Altantuya, who was also known as “Aminah”, by his political adviser Abdul Razak Baginda at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.

“It means Najib was in Singapore with Altantuya,” said Badrul Hisham in his blog.

During a three-day visit to Singapore last month, Najib and his counterpart Lee Hsien Loong agreed on key issues involving several areas of dispute which had plagued the two nations.

Topping the list of agreements was the mutual decision to relocate the 78-year-old KTMB’s Tanjung Pagar railway station to Woodlands, and to jointly develop the KTMB land in Singapore to maximise its full potential.

Malaysia will also site its customs, immigrations and railway quarantine services at the Woodlands complex.

Both leaders had agreed to form a Malaysia-Singapore joint company, known as M-S Pte Ltd, before Dec 31 this year to develop the land vacated by KTMB.

The developed KTMB land would in turn be swapped, on the basis of equivalent value of pieces of land in Marina South and Ophir Rochor in Singapore.

A lopsided agreement

A company is to be set up by Malaysia's Khazanah Nasional Bhd and the Singapore government's investment arm, Temasek Holdings Ltd, with each holding 60% and 40% equity respectively for the joint development.

"It's almost certain that KTMB’s cost of operations will rise and rents at the Woodland complex, which incidentally is owned by Singapore, will eventually be heavy on KTMB.

“In the end, KTMB will be recording losses just like Pos Malaysia Bhd and Sime Darby Bhd, which are also Khazanah Nasional’s investments," said Badrul Hisham.

"What is happening is that we are getting into an lopsided agreement like that of the water deal we struck with Singapore and where we squandered away our sovereignty,” he added.

Badrul Hisham also took a swipe at Lee’s recent visit to Malaysia, saying that it was almost like a “reminder” to Najib who is being slammed for his land swap deal with Singapore.

“It does not make sense… knowing the depth of trouble and objections Najib is facing in Malaysia over his decision, Lee still came to visit him as if to remind him of something and to ensure Najib sticks by his decision.

“It’s like there is something else binding Najib, knowing that his decision will cost the country financially. Even politically, Najib is already facing severe objections, but he seems unperturbed as if he has no choice," said Badrul Hisham.

“I'm wondering if he is being threatened to agree to the deal. Has Singapore’s secret service compiled a record and are they using it against Najib?”

Badrul Hisham said if his speculations were correct, then Najib should come clean with the truth.

“No matter what the allegations against the prime minister, I trust the people will come forward to defend the sovereignty of the country and will not want him to enter into a one-sided deal with Singapore,” he said.


Within the coountry, tainted leaders are blackmailed, threatened and made slave dogs, like CSL, Samy, PKR frogs, etc.

The whole world knows about the Atlantuya murder. Every one can't wait to blackmail Najis. That's the price we have to pay for the crime of our tainted leaders. Malaysia will be sold piecemeal until nothing's left. Let's work hard to change the govt before it's too late. But I do hope someone will ask Najis for Fat mama's s-hole

Govt lost a ‘golden opportunity’ to regulate sports betting- MCA VP

Gan Ping Sieu, the vice-president of MCA said that the recent decision by the government not to award the sports betting license is ‘regrettable’. This is seen as stark contrast to the statement made by the president of MCA, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek who said that the party respected the decision announced by the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak which was made at the Umno Supreme Council.

Gan said “I regret that the government succumbed to political pressure to revoke its earlier decision to legalise sports betting. From day one, this issue has been politicised to the hilt by Pakatan Rakyat leaders who were posturing for selfish interests. The government's decision is a “shame” because it has lost a “golden opportunity” to regulate sports betting, which has hitherto been a thriving underground economy. Had sports betting been legalised, the government would have been able to manage and mitigate the social impacts that come with the industry,”


Mr Gan, why do you support sport betting.. Do you want to see families breaking up and families going into heavy debts. I am a chinese and I dont gamble at all neither do I gamble during chinese new year. I know what gambling will do to a person.
With my very eyes over my years. I watched an old friend who own a bungalow in sect 17 PJ . He has 2 wives, carsss.... and everything any human being wants. And eventually slowly and surely, he lost everything bit by bit over the years and died a bankrupt. His wives and children left him. He sold his bungalow and rented a house and in the end when he died. He was only renting a room and the only asset to his name is an old honda c70 motorcycle.
It was the saddest thing to happen when one is a complusive gambler..!! Family breaks up..!!
Gambling will never bring any good to anybody ANYWHERE.!!!!

gambling;s definately not chinese culture! pls for havent sake dont follow mca president blindly n back najib dissppointed for voting u in as mca vice presidents n a lousy parrot for the president. mca's the clear cut loser for not listening attentively to the rakyat. u surely help digging a foot deeper for mca grave in the coming GE

Khairy vs Ibrahim continues

The latest feuds between politicians in recent days had been between Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the president of Malay rights group Perkasa and Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth Chief. The calling of names started when Khairy defended Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, the MCA youth chief over the appeal to the government on reducing PSD (Public Services Department) scholarships. Ibrahim called Dr Wee ‘kurang ajar’. Khairy then said that Ibrahim is a small-timer and a hindrance to the 1Malaysia.

Ibrahim has again hit back at Khairy said that it is the Umno Youth’s failure that led to the existence of Perkasa. He said “Perkasa existence was the result of the void left by Umno Youth, which is weakening because of Khairy's leadership. I am happy (with Khairy's comments) because I was born with the mosquitoes in the village and not born in Kuwait, what more being educated in Oxford. Why is he suddenly defending Wee when it was clear that the MCA leader was questioning Malay special rights? I'm sure the papers didn't make a mistake. I want to ask what was Khairy's position when Nasir Safar, the political secretary to the prime minister, and Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail were criticised publicly because they were defending the Malays?”

Khairy retaliated on this Tweeter site where he said “I thank Ibrahim for his confidence in me when recommending me as Malaysia ambassador to the UN. At least I won't talk sh*t on Al Jazeera. Without PAS support, he would have lost in his own kampung of Pasir Mas... just like how he lost his deposit in the 2005 by-election. He is an enemy of 1Malaysia. 'Jaguh kampung' is too respectable a term for him,”


He is an enemy of 1Malaysia. 'Jaguh kampung' is too respectable a term for him,”


FIGHT FOR MALAY RIGHTS?????....lanchio


MACC to question Bala in London, but objects to lawyer’s presence during questioning

The MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) has objected the presence of Americk Sidhu, the lawyer representing P Balasubramaniam when they interview him for the case involving the conspiracy of the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu. It was reported that it would be all systems go for the MACC to question Bala in London and that his lawyers will be present during the questioning but latest developments reported that MACC is now objecting on the move.

According to Americk, "All has been agreed except the MACC will not allow our lawyer to be present when they are interviewing the subject. We do not agree to this so we should know the outcome by next week. Bala was waiting for the MACC officers to turn up in London to conduct the interview which he himself requested early this year. The MACC did not agree to its request for a video transcript of the questioning. They don’t agree, but if one of our lawyers is present in the interview, then that lawyer can record longhand everything that is said so that would solve the problem of no recording allowed,”


NO LAWYER PRESENT..!!! like that MACC can do what they do best lor.. they can twist the story around and make PI BALA look like a fool. Never leave PI Bala to be interview alone for MACC CANNOT be trusted. He is a VVIP to the rakyat because he is the key witness to Altantuya's murder. This is going to be another conspiracy in a making.
Fat Mama dont want to go to jail neither Mr Crime Minister too. So again, they will make sure they stay in power and get rid of PI BALA one way or another to stay alive.
Best of luck to PI BALA....!!!!! stay alive and make us proud.. and expose this mother mother and send the murderers to hell..!!!

If no lawyers are allowed then why must go to London? waste of public fund.

Just do a live video conference so that all could see.

Can MACC release the names of the 3 officers going to interview Bala? or is MACC sending 3 hired killers there? i wonder how many SBs will be there too. becareful of snippers too Bala.

MACC have proven NOT to be trusted. so does the PDRM.

also Without the presence of lawyers, MACC will twist P.I.BALA's story around and end of the day, they will extract semen from Bala and fix him up for a 3rd sodomee to make malaysia famous for SODOMEE !!

Mr Bala be careful! Only someone with a sinister motive has something against a lawyer and a video presence in a case like that!

Please do not eat, drink close to them! or touch anything in this room or their hands! Poisoning you would safe someones ass and the case could be closed once and for all!

Not without your lawyer and police around and pls. NOT in the Malaysian Embassy since an Embassy is the ground of the Country and you are not considered anymore as staying in the UK BUT in Malaysia and there forth Malaysian Law is present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be extra careful and tell the truth! If MACC cancels this event, go public and ask the police for protection - political asylum would be good!!!!

Wish you the best and a save life!!!!!!!!!!

Vincent Tan blames bookies, Pakatan for anti-betting drive

Tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan today accused illegal bookmakers of spending millions of ringgit to fund a campaign to torpedo his plans for legalised football betting, and would wait for the right conditions to revive plans, gaming analysts said today.

He also told gaming industry analysts that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was to blame for the Najib administration’s backtracking, and alleged that illegal bookmakers had spent between RM100 million and RM300 million to smear his attempt to introduce above-board football betting.

Illegal bookmaking activities in Malaysia are estimated to be worth up to RM20 billion a year.

Tan (picture) said this at a luncheon with about 40 gaming analysts, where he was also said to have shown them a Finance Ministry letter dated Jan 13, 2010 that gave him conditional approval for the licence.

However, sources who saw the letter said the conditions made no mention of the government having to first gauge public support and that they had essentially been fulfilled.

A Berjaya Corp press statement released earlier today said the company was extremely disappointed at the government’s decision not to re-issue the licence “despite having granted its approval for the re-issuance of the same” — a phrase which was underlined for emphasis.

Berjaya Corp reported that the government had last month re-issued the licence to Tan-owned Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd after the original licence was cancelled by the previous Abdullah administration.

The gaming, property and hospitality group had told Bursa Malaysia in a May 12 filing that it intended to acquire Tan’s 70 per cent stake in Ascot for RM525 million. The tycoon’s son — Datuk Robin Tan Yeong Ching — would have retained control of his 30 per cent stake.

Tan had first obtained the licence in 1987 but had “asked the government to take it back” when the venture was unsuccessful while retaining the right to get the licence back.

His most recent attempt to revive long-suffering Ascot — which posted a loss of RM4.6 million at the end of 2008 — ran into a concerted hail of criticism from opposition parties who managed to turn the issue into a national talking point on the back of apparent anti-gambling sentiment.

Tan-controlled Berjaya Corp had planned to offer football betting services through the telephone and at selected Toto outlets nationwide.

It is understood that the tycoon had spent a considerable sum in preparation for the start of play in European football leagues this August.

The licence itself is said to be worth RM10 million, an amount which was refunded to Tan following the government’s capitulation to public opinion on Friday.

Sources said Tan had used the money to obtain a bank guarantee worth the same amount as a first-right-of-refusal claim, and suggest that he is biding his time until conditions are more agreeable before attempting to launch the football betting service again.

It was also revealed during the get-together with analysts today that after Ascot’s licence was withdrawn in 1990, RM8 million in licence fees was refunded to the company by the Finance Ministry and that it was also given compensation of RM10.9 million for sports betting equipment by the Totalisator Board.

Tan’s meeting with gaming analysts from both buy and sell sides this afternoon is seen as a move to repair his company’s image after Berjaya Corp shares were battered today at the start of trading.

Trade was resumed at 10am after a one-hour suspension on trading following Berjaya Corp’s announcement that it was calling off plans to acquire Ascot.

As at 4pm Berjaya Corp’s share price was down 14 sen from its opening price to RM1.22.


If the illegal bookies are so powerful, next thing they will do will be to wrest the 4D and toto license from him - what a joke this man is, a poor loser - he should blame the whole thing on his alter ego for not doing enough.

He seems to have conveniently forgotten that UMNO from several states were also vehemently against legalising sports betting. In fact, when Pakatan made noise, the government didn't seem to care but it was when state UMNOs objected that the government backed down.

The Govt should reduce the number of draws from Sports Toto, 3D and Magnum to only the weekends. As it is now there are two many draws , special draws, jack-pots etc. This is a social sigma and the Govt should find other more productive ways of getting revenue.

By giving VT a betting licence, the govt is making him the bookie of all bookies. I am relieved that the govt has decided otherwise.

Vincent Tan must know that his gaming business has caused many households to suffer as a result of their losses incurred in spending money on betting.

The money spent on betting in the long run amounted to thousands, tens of thousands and even to hundreds of thousands in some households. Just imagine the agony the individuals and families have to go through when family members gamble in the betting games.

Why must Malaysian families face another "legalised" trouble causer? With legalised gambling (licensed to "kill" kind of license - benefiting the operator { and the government in the form of duty and tax revenues } but causing individuals and families to suffer losses) those who do not touch gambling may be enticed to start gambling which would be the beginning of problems and troubles!

Gambling is one of the root of evils. The government at its moment of wisdom calls for the understanding of the root cause of a problem. For example, during the height of terrorism, it calls out to world leaders to identify the root causes of it in order to prevent or overcome it. Can it show the same kind of wisdom in combating gambling as the cause of problems to households? Let alone considering issuing and promoting the evil itself! And be hypocritical about it.

As for the ministers who rationalise legalising sports betting as "respecting the rights" of the Chinese or Indians or anybody else, except themselves, search your soul and think hard. You have to practise what you preach as provided for and taught by your religion. What is morally wrong for you cannot be right for others. God forbids. If you sincerely want to be morally right, tell the government to be fair to all as in implementing truly fair and non-discriminatory policies and practices.

After first mass-rally failed attempt, Gertak to go small-scale

Gertak, or Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat, a coalition of Malay rights NGOs most remembered for holding the ‘Melayu Bangkit’ in Kuala Terengganu will be holding a forum and hopes for a better turnout than their previous effort where they failed to attract the expected turnout. Gertak is now going for what they call a ‘smaller and more intimate’ function as compared to its ‘mass rally’ in the stadium in Kuala Terengganu where only 1,000 people attended the rally, which they expected at least 5 times the number.

Razali Idris, the president of Gertak said "At that time, there were a lot of people who said that they were scared to come, because of all the negative press surrounding it. We also did not give anyone any incentive such as duit minyak (fuel money) and T-shirts. We didn't even provide lunch. Maybe that's why a lot of people didn't want to come. The forum, slotted for end of October in Terengganu, will discuss six topics - religion, Malay rulers, social issues, politics, education and the economy.”

He added that “The forum is also expected to have a star-studded lineup of speakers which includes former deputy prime minister Musa Hitam, Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria, former Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now Bursa Malaysia) president Muhammad Salleh Majid, and Royal Professor Ungku Aziz. Expected to speak on the social aspect is Utusan Malaysia columnist and senior lecturer at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (right). A Chinese Muslim convert, Tee has been criticised by many as a 'racist' and 'insensitive' towards non-Malays. He is a Chinese, and he is also a Muslim. Maybe he can also give insights on the Chinese race. We also want to know why, despite so much advancement and advantages given to Malays, we still have the most cases of social ills. We just want to address our own weaknesses in the Malay race. We don't mean to bully the non-Malays with the forum,"


he rakyat are growing up and tha rakyat really dont want to be told about may13th. It is a issue thast should be left behind. YES.! we can learn from it and move on for a better tomrrow. BUT.... if idiots like abraham ah lee and ridzuan tee are there to give a talk. Then we know what it is all about.
To me GERTAK is a racist movement and which is not what the people wants anymore. What these 2 dumbos are doing is trying to brainwash malays again into hating the non muslim so that in the end the vote goes to our crime minister. And walla....!!!! umnbo/bn rules again..!! like as if we the rakyat are stupid not to realize what your hidden agenda is..

thank but no thanks..
oh..!!! you are doing it in a smaller scale is not because you want to. It is because the malays have mature and slowly and surely they are opening their eyes to see thru you.. GERTAK..!! AND they do not want history to repeat itself.

This kutty is the real bastard behind all this malay agenda one after another. NONE IS DEAD YET in his family (thats suck the national wealth in billions) thats he thinks mighty high of himself. ghost whisper to his ears "I, KUTTY IS GOD TO ALL YOU MALAYSIANS" every malaysians is indebited to him through his mega projects they are enjoying now so all of us malaysians are forced to kneel down to him if we dont he sure to nail us down with his dirty cuning plots and laterstand tall (acting hipocrite all his lives) and walk smilingly behind his naked wife poki and that is kutty anak haram !

Yards and yards of curtains tinted with his dirty spining tactic full of his sins be wrap around his dead body burning in hell soon

GERTAK should be label KATAK. Who in the correct mind set will want to support you. Only 1000 attend your gathering? HA HA HA HA HA HA. Worst than BERSIH lah. You all got all the permits but BERSIH was deem illegal. Wake up lah , don't be an opportunist , work you way up by hard work and not to instigate other people. Now 2010 , not TUN APA NAMA time already. Cannot work already lah. We got interner, so can't really control the media.

28 June 2010

I am the real deal, the real ‘jaguh kampung', respected locally and internationally – Ibrahim Ali

In his retaliation against Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno youth chief, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the Pasir Mas Member of Parliament said that he is ‘proud’ for being called ‘jaguh kampung’ by Khairy because he was born in such an environment and not like Khairy who was born in Kuwait and underwent education at Oxford. He said “I am proud to be called jaguh kampung... At least I’m close to the people, meaning I’m the real deal. Because of that I can appreciate my forefathers’ fight and care so much for my race and understand history,”

He added that “I am a jaguh kampung who is brave like a bull... Anything that crosses my path, I will fight it to the end. Malays could only look to Mara to help raise their standard of living. Village folk can only place hope in Mara... That’s why I am proud to be called a jaguh kampung,”

Syed Hassan Syed Ali, the secretary-general of Perkasa voiced his support for Ibrahim as he is a true ‘village champion’ who is respected locally and internationally. He said “As a jaguh kampung, he is not only at the forefront of championing domestic issues but international ones, such as when he wrote a letter to Pope Benedict on the ‘Allah’ issue and when Australian MPs tried to interfere in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case. We are not disappointed with Khairy’s statement. In fact, we are proud of what Ibrahim has done to further Malay issues. More and more Malays, particularly Umno members, are joining Perkasa because of people like Khairy who give the impression that Umno no longer fights for Malay rights,”


Well,the script played and acted out by Perkasa is with UMNO's blessing.Such 'sandiwara' is written and directed by UMNOputras.They are just making full use of the bigoted and racist Ibrahim Ali to rant up all the rubbish talk that the Malays' rights had been threatened.These despicable leaders from UMNO and in the like of TDM were trying to fan Malays' anger and hatred against the other community so that they will be looked upon and credited by Malaysians as the ones who pacify the diffirent warring groups from different communities together again.But remember who is behind all theses-UMNO and its henchmen.Such leaders should'nt be mentioned anymore-their words and actions stink!!!

your boss talking about 1 Malaysia and you fighting for the individual malay's right .. fighting your own umno mate ..are you trying to show the nation the way of "jaguh kampung" rule .. primitive no brainer .. only knows how to fight but not to deal with it .. if there's another one of you Malaysia sure finish

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