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04 September 2010

Dr Ling says guilty if Dr M says so

Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik declared today that he will be guilty of cheating in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal if his former boss Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says so.

Dr Ling, the former transport minister in Dr Mahathir’s Cabinet, said today he was thankful to the former PM for his “generous” offer to testify in his PKFZ cheating trial.

The former MCA president said his ex-boss’s testimony was important because he chaired Cabinet meetings.

“I would like to say thank you very much to him because that is very generous of him because he was chairing the Cabinet meeting and I am being charged for cheating the whole Cabinet so all these witnesses are very important,” he told reporters at the Sessions Court here today.

Dr Mahathir has said that he will testify in the former transport minister’s trial if the court subpoenas him.

The former PM had also pointed out that Dr Ling is innocent until proven guilty.

Dr Ling said that if Dr Mahathir testifies that the Cabinet was cheated, then he would indeed be guilty.

“If they bear witness that they were cheated then I am guilty. If they bear witness that I cheated then there is a case for trial,” he added.

Dr Ling, 67, is charged with cheating the government by misleading the Cabinet helmed by Dr Mahathir on the land acquisition for the PKFZ project.

The PKFZ project was mooted during his term as transport minister and the cost of the project, initially estimated at less than RM2 billion, more than doubled to RM4.6 billion by 2007.

The total bill for the project is expected to swell to as much as RM12.5 billion due to interest costs from deferred payments, if the trans-shipment hub fails to perform.

He faces up to seven years in jail and a fine under the Penal Code, if found guilty.

The friendship between the two doctors dates back to the 1980s when Dr Ling helped hold the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) together as the MCA president while Dr Mahathir struggled to unite the splintered Umno. Both retired from Cabinet the same year — Dr Ling in May 2003, and Dr Mahathir five months later.

Dr Ling also dismissed speculation that he has been made a scapegoat for the scandal.

“When you are in the palace of justice, don’t talk about scapegoat,” he said.

Last year, The Malaysian Insider reported that Dr Ling had told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) probing the scandal-ridden PKFZ that it was Dr Mahathir who oversaw the project’s land valuation.

In the verbatim of the PAC meeting procedures, the former MCA president pointed out that the costing and valuation of the land was determined by the Valuation and Property Services Department which was chaired by Dr Mahathir, who was the then finance minister.

“Our job in Ministry of Transport is to only state the fact that we want the land. Costings, valuations and all that, it is not the function of the Ministry of Transport. We do not have a valuation department.

“Costings and valuations is a question for the Treasury to deal with. They have the Valuation Department and everything is there, not in Ministry of Transport. I think [it was] Tun Dr Mahathir who chaired it, and he was the finance minister also. He saw it very clearly. That was the fact of the case,” Dr Ling said in the verbatim report.


In GE10, MCA saved BN/UMNO and Dr. Mahathir, now it going to be Mahathir saving Ling ... payback time. End of the day, it boils down to politics.

What the people of Malaysia wants to know is the truth, and stop of all this 'bad' practises. Let the truth prevails ...

By this, Dr. Ling has finally made it plain to all Malaysians that Mahathir is chief crook, judge and jury in Malaysia. There is, however, no honour among thieves and now that Najib is PM, he will, in turn, readily sacrifice Mahathir in the interest of self-preservation.

That's why Mahathir has been hard at work trying to create chaos and strife in the nation, hoping that that will prevent the emergence of a new government of law and order that will put him behind bars where he, unlike Mandela, will remain for the rest of his life.

Sharizat criticises Nurul Izzah’s article

The Wanita Umno movement slams Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament Nurul Izzah Anwar for questioning Article 153 of the Federal Constitution pertaining to the rights and privileges of the Malays.

Wanita Umno head Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said there was no necessity for Nurul Izzah, from the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), to give a new interpretation on the rights of the Malays because the constitution today had already ensured that Malaysia was safe, peaceful and prosperous.

“If there are attempts to challenge the existing constitution, the risk that comes with it is too great,” the former Lembah Pantai MP said after launching the Federal Territory ‘Skuad Sayang’ at Bandar Tun Razak, here today.

Shahrizat, who is also the Women, Family and Community Development Minister, said the attempts by the opposition would only cause uneasiness not only among the Malays but also the other races in the country.

Nurul Izzah, in an article carried by the news portal ‘Malaysian Insider’ on Tuesday, among other things claimed that the ‘special privileges’ of the Malays were not mentioned, instead Article 153 only explained on the ‘special position’ of the Bumiputeras.

The daughter of the Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, also claimed the rights of the Malays were merely a philosophy and ideology and not a law or constitution besides stressing that the Malay agenda contained in Article 153 was also temporary in nature


Useless minister! Backdoor one at that. You are not qualified to lick Nurul's feet. What have you done for the Penans women who had been raped. Your silence is deafening. Tak malu punya wanita.

funny this sharizat is the supposed senior MP but is better known as the good lookingMP who lost to a novice in the lembah pantai Parlimentary seat in the last election. the people there ditched you lah sharizat... because they know you are an apple polisher to the ruling government. Period!!

Namewee grilled by Internet regulators

The composer of a controversial song, Wee Meng Chee, was today interrogated for more than seven hours by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) regarding his video clip in the YouTube, which was reported to criticise a principal of a secondary school in Johor, who was alleged to have made a statement with racial undertone recently.

Wee, or better known as Namewee, who was accompanied by his manager, Fred Wong, arrived at the MCMC headquarters here, at about 12.30pm and completed giving his statement about 8pm.

When met by reporters later, Wee said that yesterday the MCMC had asked him to come to its headquarters to give a statement on the video clip.

Wee said he was interrogated by four police and MCMC officers, however, he declined to reveal the information given.

“They did not give me any warning or threaten me with action. They only wanted to gather details on the video that I posted and I answered all of their questions.

“I answered truthfully because I have nothing to fear since my intention for posting the video was to voice out against racism and not because I am racist,” he said


Ironically, he's the type to openly speak against a racist principal and stand for what is right instead of hiding behind an anonymous nickname sprouting hate and stereotyping people solely on what they wear and how they look like.

If we have more people like Namewee, malaysia will certainly be a better place. rather than people like Khairy, Ibrahim Ali, Muhidin, Musa-the exIGP and the AG, I will hv Namewee anytime. Darth, you can go to hell.

What about the two teachers, KJ, Hisapmudin and Perkasa. Dont they have to answer to MCMC and the police? Didn't they also post in YouTube too?

look at the double standard - school principals uttered racist remarks boleh, the division chairman of UMNO Bendara Penang uttered " pendatang " OK, but non malays, you can't out against racism !

Malaysian money head overseas in Q2

Malaysians invested more money abroad than what the country managed to attract as foreign direct investment in the second quarter of this year, said a report by CIMB released today.

Direct investment abroad (DIA) by Malaysian companies came in at RM6.2 billion, out-pacing the RM5.9 billion in foreign direct investment into the country.

The flow of money heading out in the second quarter saw a sharp increase from the first quarter of this year when only RM3.8 billion was recorded as DIA.

In the first quarter, Malaysia managed to attract RM5.1 billion in foreign investments, compared with the RM3.8 billions Malaysians invested abroad.

While Malaysians are sending more money abroad, Malaysia’s balance of payments deficit dropped sharply from RM19.6 billion in the first quarter to RM1.9 billion in the second quarter of the year.

“Overall, the strength of financial account remains weak and a sustained net inflow of capital would depend on the successful implementation of the New Economic Model (NEM) and Tenth Malaysia Plan,” said the CIMB report.

The Najib administration has been trying to open up the economy in a bid to make it a high income nation but was met with opposition from conservative vocal Malay rights group Perkasa which wants the status quo maintained despite widespread criticism that four decades of affirmative action has made the nation uncompetitive.

The government will also have to address the persistent net investment outflows as domestic private investment is a key element in its developed high income nation strategy.

The National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC) had submitted Part Two of the New Economic Model (NEM) to the Prime Minister today.

The second and final report from the NEAC was reported to contain 53 key policy measures aimed at eliminating cross-cutting barriers to a high income, sustainable and inclusive economy by 2020. It will be incorporated into the Economic Transformation Programme report to be released next month.

The research report noted that the reduction in balance of payments deficit was largely due to a marked reduction in errors and omission outflows (E&O).

The second quarter RM18.8 billion in E&O was down from RM30.5 billion in the first quarter, reflecting smaller foreign exchange revaluation losses as the ringgit appreciated moderately against major foreign currencies.

The CIMB report also noted that the nation’s current account surplus almost halved to RM16.2 billion in the second quarter from RM30.4 billion in the first quarter due to a lower trade surplus in goods amid widening services outflows.

“Reflecting a softer global demand, we expect the current account surplus will narrow further in the second half,” said the report.

It estimated current account surplus for 2010 to be RM103.2 billion or 13.7 per cent of GDP down from RM107.7 billion or 14.3 per cent of GDP previously.

The report said that E&O as a percentage of total merchandise trade and excluding foreign exchange revaluation had widened to between 4 and 6 per cent in the first half of the year as compared with 0.3 and 3 per cent during the period 2001-2009.

“As a rule of thumb, an “E&O” of not more than 5.0 per cent of total merchandise trade suggests no strong evidence of massive capital flight,” said the report.


Capital flight occurs only in failed or failing states. The last 10 years, capital outflow has been higher than inflow. And in last two years, it has increased dramatically. no faith in politicians on both sides of the divide? Or will money come back if Umno loses?

Lets have a list of these Malaysian companies that are supposedly investing abroad. I suspect many are linked to UMNO.

Could it be those UMNO Putra cronies been transferring their accumulated wealth that they have robbed from Malaysian tax payers to overseas?

What do Perkasa and other Malay rights group care about the economy of the country? These are actually the destroyers and traitors of the country. Let us give them their last and final Funeral Rites (Rights).

03 September 2010

Trust the mainstream media, urges Najib

Datuk Seri Najib Razak told the public tonight to trust the mainstream media and not the alternative media which are based on half truths.

The Prime Minister said that mainstream media should be considered as an authoritative news source that can be trusted.

“In the development of the media today, the market is different from the market in previous years. Now we are faced with the alternative media which has been a direct competition to mainstream media like NST.

“However, the mainstream media has one strength which cannot be found in the alternative media and that is the mainstream media can be considered as fact based,” Najib (picture) said when attending breaking of fast with the media at The New Straits Times Press headquarters here.

He said that the mainstream media is different from alternative media because the former is fact based while the later is opinionated.

“If we read the mainstream media, intuitively we regard it as an authoritative report where its facts cannot be questioned.

“Its principles are based on facts and this is different from blogs and websites which can be developed for personal use and can literally become a one-man show,” he said.

He added that alternative media published reports based on opinions which are “half truths and not accurate”.

Recently a poll by the Merdeka Center showed that six out of 10 Malaysians don’t trust the mainstream media.

The June 27 to July 25 survey commissioned by a research organisation showed that 57 per cent of Malays polled said they did not trust reports in the mainstream media, while 33 per cent trusted the media and 10 per cent said they did not know.

As for the Chinese community, 58 per cent said they did not trust the mainstream media, 30 per cent trusted and 12 per cent did not know.

A total 590 Chinese and 413 Malays as well as five focus group discussions with Chinese voters in Peninsula Malaysia were involved in the survey.

The findings will provide sober reading for many mainstream media organisations. Recent circulation figures show that English and Malay-language newspapers like New Straits Times, The Star, Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia have all suffered significant drop in circulation this year compared to 2009, with some as severe as 20 per cent.

Privately, newspaper executives note that partisan political coverage has hurt sales.

Comments from the focus group discussions also showed that many felt that there is limited media freedom in the country because of the practice of censorship.

Some participants in the focus groups also pointed out that Malay-language newspapers were the most biased.

Najib stressed that the public must be able to differentiate between mainstream and alternative media reporting.

“The public must be discerning and can differentiate between the strength of the mainstream media, which has a place in the era of ICT and access to website and blogs which are opinion based.

“I urge the mainstream media to continue to hold its principle as a paper based on factual based reporting with opinion which are constructive and educated,” he said.


lol, the biggest joke in town. Mr. PM, how we have to trust the main stream media especially Utusan and Berita Harian which only provoke the racial sentiment. Sorry Sir.

Consider it an authoritative news source that can be trusted? I have only one word for Najib in this regard - Haha!

We have seen the distortions of truths, the lack of integrity and professionalism in journalism in the mainstream media at the hands of UMNO. It is time for all Malaysians to drop the mainstream media until we have a new government and a free and liberated mainstream media that emphasizes professionalism, objectivity and seeks truths in reporting. Sure, there will be different perspectives on truths but let that be debated in a mainstream media that is free and liberated from UMNO's control. It is time to restore honour and integrity in all our institutions, including journalism and the mainstream media.

Malay corporate chiefs acted under instruction from PM, court told

Perlis prince, Tan Sri Syed Anwar, as he goes to testify he received ‘instructions’ to act for Umno

Businessman Tan Sri Syed Anwar Jamalullail’s court testimony today appeared to suggest that it was not uncommon for Umno to “instruct” Malay corporate captains to act as their nominees in the management of Malaysia’s top companies.

The brother to the Raja of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail, was the second defence witness to testify today in a civil suit launched in 2005 by former Realmild director Datuk Khalid Ahmad to gain the second half of a RM10 million payment of five per cent of the company’s shares, which took place during a shake-up and buy-out said to be related to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sacking from government.

Abdul Rahman had claimed he had received “instructions” to transfer blocks of shares, amounting to some seven million, to Syed Anwar who was to hold them in trust for the powerful Malay ruling political party.

Questioned by defence lawyer Alex De Silva, Syed Anwar said he had been approached by former Finance Minister II, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, and “instructed” to turn around conglomerate Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) sometime around mid-2001, just before the former’s brother rose to become the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

Syed Anwar added that further instruction was later given by Nor Mohamed – on behalf of then prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi – and to transfer Realmild shares to another businessman, Datuk Abdul Latif Abdullah, in September 2006.

De Silva: When you were given instructions, were you in any position to refuse?

Syed Anwar: No. But I didn’t see any reason not to.

De Silva: What was Nor Mohamed’s position then?

Syed Anwar: I think at that time, he was appointed the Minister of Finance II.

Syed Anwar added there was “nothing in writing” either from Nor Mohamed or any other party to indicate the shares were being held in trust by him for Umno.

Pressed further, he said “it was implied” to be so.

De Silva: Were you aware the true beneficiary was Umno?

Syed Anwar: It was implied, but I was not interested.

In cross-examination from Khalid’s lawyer, Ahmad Fadzil Mohd Perdaus, Syed Anwar said he had never received any “cash considerations” for his role in the corporate dance, but was spurred purely by the challenge to turn around a troubled conglomerate – as Abdul Rahman described in court the debt-ridden MRCB at that period in time.

Ahmad Fadzil: This indicates you had to wait for instruction from the PM?

Syed Anwar: Ya. I suppose that would be right.

Ahmad Fadzil: Effectively, these shares you held were only on instruction from the PM?

Syed Anwar: Yes.

The one-time director of Realmild said he was “surprised” when he was given instructions but had been “mandated” to turn around MRCB and was proud he accomplished his job.

“Actually, it’s not for me to ask. I’d just been given the mandate to turn around [MRCB]. To me it was not strange at all,” he told the court when asked if he did not find it strange to be “instructed” to turn around a conglomerate without any “cash considerations” being discussed.

The court case reveals the chain of command between Umno and certain Malaysian conglomerate leaders in the past.

Syed Anwar, or his full name Syed Zainol Anwar Ibni Syed Putra Jamalullail, has been group chairman of Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS) Berhad since 2006 and is also currently chairman of EON Bank Berhad, EON Capital Berhad and Nestle (M) Berhad.

Before joining Realmild, the 58-year-old had helped to turn around the Lembaga Urusan dan Tabung Haji (Tabung Haji), the state-run central fund for Muslim Malaysians, also after being approached by Nor Mohamed.

A certified accountant, Syed Anwar kicked off his professional career as a financial accountant with Malaysia Airlines System Berhad (MAS) in 1975 and has worked for global accounting firm, Price Waterhouse in Australia and has held senior posts at several other top companies in Malaysia, including as chairman of MRCB, Media Prima Berhad, DRB-HICOM Berhad, and as a director of Maxis Communications Berhad.


This is how poor BUMI / Malays have been deprived of the missing 52 billions shares which have been allotted and given to them under the disguise of the NEP propogated by Mahathir/UMNO have been hijacked and stolen from them by Mahathir/UMNO using their corporate cronies nd dubious means !!!!!!

If BN can resolve their cronies being siphoning money and leakages, the country will be healthy. Too many fumble by the BN goverment

Looks like investors and other shareholders of these public listed companies have been lied to on the accuracy of shareholding information as published in their Annual Reports and Circulars. What say you Securities Commission and KLSE? Will you conduct an investigation on whether full compliance with all your stringent public listing and disclosure requirements had been adhered to by all these public listed companies or are these out of bounds even for you as legislators? Dodgy....

If the MACC has access to the internet, and they are reading this ... that is assuming they don't investigate until someone complains, and sit around doing nothing.

UMNO and the government of Malaysia are 2 different and separate entities, what these guys are doing is admitting to corruption in court.

I guess this should be ringing bells for MACC. Of course, I am assuming MACC is an anti-corruption agency.

02 September 2010

Ismail takes over from Musa as new IGP

IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan with the Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar (right) after the press conference at the Home Ministry in Putrajaya today.

Tan Sri Ismail Omar will replace Tan Sri Musa Hassan as the country’s new Inspector-General of Police, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein announced today.

Ismail, who is currently the deputy IGP, will assume his new post on September 13.

Musa, who had his contract extended twice, leaves under a cloud as he had come into office with a Mr Clean reputation but now leaves amid allegations of wrongdoing.

The police force under Musa is also seen now as ineffective and demoralised.

“Today, I would like to announce that the period of contract for Tan Sri Musa as the Inspector-General of Police will end on September 12 and therefore Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar has been recommended as the new police chief,” Hishammuddin told reporters during a press conference here.

He added that Internal Security and Public Order Director Commissioner Datuk Hussin Ismail would be the new deputy IGP.

Hishammuddin denied Musa’s contract was not renewed due to public pressure and expressed hope that Musa would still be able to contribute to the police after retirement.

“Of course, nothing to do at all (with outside pressure). I think it is a continuity and struggle that we have to carry all our life. Because as you see Tan Sri Musa has been serving for 41 years and we cannot expect him to carry the responsibility. We have to find ways in which he can continue to contribute,” he said.

Musa, 59, reached retirement age in 2007 but had his tenure extended twice.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers have demanded that Musa step down as IGP, claiming that crime and corruption had escalated under his watch.

However Musa stressed that he had never felt disappointed during his tenure as the police chief.

“I never felt disappointed with the police and I have given everything to the police force. It is time for me to step down because of my age. I have also trained my deputy Tan Sri Ismail Omar and I hope Tan Sri Ismail Omar will ensure continuity in the police leadership to make the force better and plans that have been implemented should be continued,” said Musa.

Musa advised his successor to ensure the police fulfill its duties and regain public confidence.

“I advise the police force should be taken care of because we need the police to take care of the country. Therefore the police must be right in fulfilling its duties and get the confidence of the public. That is all I ask,” he said.

Musa said his greatest challenge as the IGP was to make strong and honest decisions without fear or favour.

“It is always a challenge to be an IGP. You have to be strong to face these challenges and as long we are sincere in our duties then we don’t have to be scared with anybody. I feel that I faced all of these challenges with sincerity. We must be true in what we say and not hide because then the people will not believe us,” he said.

Reports over Musa’s retirement came into the forefront after suspended Police Commissioner Datuk Ramli Yusoff was acquitted of three corruption charges by the Sessions Court in March.

During Ramli’s trial in Kota Kinabalu, Musa had been described by a Sessions Court judge as an unreliable witness.

Ramli’s acquittal had sparked intense speculation surrounding his future because his relationship with Musa is understood to have been soured by events leading up to his prosecution.

A number of uncorroborated reports had also emerged on the Internet in recent years alleging the involvement of the criminal underworld leading up to Ramli being charged with corruption.

Ismail said today that he was grateful to Musa and would continue to listen to his opinions.

“I feel that I am blessed to have been able to work with Tan Sri Musa and I will continue to take note of his opinions to continue developing the police force and provide the best service to the public,” he said.


He is the worse IGP Malaysia ever produce, under his leadership, security in the country, almost every state crime rates increase, Mat Rempit, rapes, thiefs, robberies has reach the height where Musa CANNOT EVEN CONTROL but one good work he has done is for UMNO / BN, Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, Missing Jet Engine and most effective is arresting those performing vigil assembly, and oppositions, see what gonna happen to Namewee the rapper

Time for MACC to move in and investigate Musa for allegations against him. If the Public have dirt on him, the upper echelons of the Government should have lots of them. There is no smoke without fire.

Malaysians must celebrate the departure of a tainted IGP and work still need to clean up the Police and wait till PR come to power only will real clean-up take place !!!!

01 September 2010

Kit Siang wants cops to explain probe on Namewee

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang demanded today that the police explain the reason behind the alleged sedition probe on local rapper Wee Meng Chee.

The DAP advisor said that there was nothing seditious in Wee’s latest rap video posted on Youtube recently, in response to Kulai principal Siti Inshah Mansor who had allegedly uttered racial slurs to her students.

“The question is why are the police investigating Wee for sedition when there is nothing seditious in his latest three-minute rap … while the school principal is still scot-free for her seditious racism?” said Lim (picture) in a statement today.

Late last night Wee, better known as Namewee, posted on his Facebook page that policemen in three patrol cars came to his house in Muar to arrest him.

“3 POLICE CARS FINALLY CAME TO MY MUAR HOME TO ARREST ME***** this happened 15 minutes before our 53rd National Day Celebration, YES, I’m still here but for how long more, I don’t know ... my beloved MALAYSIA, where is our justice system?! (THIS IS NOT A JOKE),” said Wee in a message that attracted more than 3,000 comments from Facebook users.

Wee is under investigation for allegedly producing a seditious music video which was uploaded on YouTube.

The video which contains racial slurs was a reaction to the SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra principal alleged racist remarks to her pupils.

He removed the video from the video sharing site following public disapproval.

Johor police denied today that they were arresting Wee over his music video.

Johor Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Amer Awal said they were still investigating the case and there has been no plan yet to arrest Wee, who is known as Namewee to his fans.

“Not true, not true, we are still investigating his case,” Amer told The Malaysian Insider.

“No such thing,” he added when asked if the police were looking for Namewee yesterday.

The Ipoh Timur MP questioned the purpose of the police in sending out three patrol cars to Wee’s house last night, on the eve of Merdeka.

“In this connection, the police should explain the purpose of sending three patrol cars to Wee’s house in Muar just before midnight last night – was it to arrest Wee, to get a statement from Wee or just to create an atmosphere of fear?” said Lim.

Lim mocked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s recent promise of having a “zero tolerance” policy against racist behaviour.

“Finally, Malaysians are wondering whether when the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak recently spoke of ‘zero tolerance for racism’, he was thinking of police action against Wee instead of no-holds-barred action against the real racists and extremists who had made a mockery of his 1 Malaysia slogan and policy and blighted the country’s prospects for economic rebound with incessant racist rhetoric,” said Lim.


The police is so quick to act against someone who is only mimicking the two headmistress and not the actual culprits. Not perception but stark reality of the police unfairness in handling certain matters concerning public interest. So sad.

"The question is why are the police investigating Wee for sedition when there is nothing seditious in his latest three-minute rap … while the school principal is still scot-free for her seditious racism?” said Lim (picture) in a statement today.
Has he really viewed the video? That vulgar, foul-language, banana rapping video? Did any of you actually viewed it entirely? From the looks of it, i really doubt it. Most of you would probably comment based on what was already commented. The instinct to bash should come naturally.

Yes i view entirely, nothing seditious. He just speak out the truth, what's wrong? 20 police reports has been made against Siti Inshah compare to 4 against Namewee, can you tell me why police still didn't take any action against her? If you say her case still under investigation, then why Najib doesn't want to setup special task force to investigate Namewee likes the principal case? The answer is very obvious, RACIST !

Let us go after the racists and not after the anti-racists. I take serious offense by the school principal's message but not by Namewee's message!!! As a non-partisan rakyat, am I alone with such thinking? Vote me up if you agree and down if you disagree?

Soi Lek tells Namewee to ‘face the music’

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek told controversial songwriter Wee Meng Chee today to “face the music” for offending other races and religious groups through his music video allegedly containing racial slurs.

Johor police denied today that they were arresting the songwriter, better known as Namewee, following his post on his Facebook page late last night that policemen in three patrol cars had come to his house in Muar to arrest him.

“Freedom of expression should come with responsibility to consider sensitivities towards other races and religions,” Dr Chua (picture) told reporters today.

“Once he (Namewee) breaks that responsibility, he has to face the music,” he added.

The MCA president pointed out that he had helped Namewee extend an apology to the government after producing a headline-grabbing music video in 2007 that purportedly ridiculed the national anthem and the Islamic call for prayer.

“The end result was that he was pardoned,” said Dr Chua.

The MCA president slammed Namewee’s use of vulgar words and rude signs in his music video.

“I saw on (You)tube his singing and lyrics. There were a lot of vulgar words and signs that should not be used at all,” said Dr Chua.

“He should not bother with vulgarities,” he added.

Namewee is under investigation for allegedly producing a seditious music video which was uploaded on video sharing site YouTube.

The video which contains racial slurs is a stinging criticism of Johor school principal Siti Inshah Mansor’s allegedly racist remarks against Chinese and Indian students.

The SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra school head allegedly said during a school assembly that “Chinese students ... can return to China,” and likened the prayer strings used by Indians to dog leashes.

“If those two school heads are proven (to make racial slurs), police should also charge them,” said Dr Chua, referring to Siti Inshah and another school principal in Kedah who was accused of telling Chinese students to return to China.

“This will send a strong signal that the government should reject any form of extremism,” he added.

Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reportedly said that they were now waiting for the Public Service Department director-general’s decision on Siti Inshah, following the submission of the Education Ministry committee’s findings to him upon completing their investigations.

Namewee removed the video on Siti Inshah from Youtube following public disapproval.

The video resulted in calls for government to take stern action against Namewee, including arresting him under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and revoking his citizenship.


Mr Chua, why you never said the same thing to the 2 school principals from Johor and Kedah who has uttered racist remarks and hurt the feeling of the chinese and indian. If i recalled you have requested the principal to be transfered to attend desk job only. So kind of you to the school principal. But why you are so cruel to this namewee.

Why Namewee ? I guess this is one way to get you back into the good books of Najib and Muhyiddin eh ?

This is why we need to kick MCA out , as they can't even protect Chinese . All Namewee did was stating the obvious , and he has been barraged with threats of arrests and charges ever since.But we have seen nothing or very little of the real culprits , the headmistresses that are misleading and poisoning the future generations and Perkasa of trying to drive a wedge in between the community . Where's the justice to that disparity ? What kind of music are you asking for , Mr.Chua ?

Namewee says he is 1 Malaysia

Namewee and his lawyer arriving at the Taman Tun Police station

Controversial song writer Wee Meng Chee presented himself to police here tonight in connection with a probe into whether he committed sedition over a music video he posted on Youtube, and declared himself the personification of Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia.

Wee, better known as Namewee, had posted the video which contained trademark utterances of vulgarities and obscenities in response to an incident involving a Johor school principal who allegedly made racist remarks to her pupils.

He arrived tonight at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail police station in a grey BMW accompanied by his lawyer at 9.20pm.

Namewee, wearing a green t-shirt with a white beanie cap, told reporters that he was not racist, in response to accusations from Umno politicians.

“It doesn’t mean that If I see something wrong in my country, I will remain quiet because I am Malaysian. I am anti-racism and support 1 Malaysia,” he said in the police station parking lot.

Late last night Namewee posted on his Facebook page that policemen in three patrol cars came to his house in Muar to arrest him.

“3 POLICE CARS FINALLY CAME TO MY MUAR HOME TO ARREST ME***** this happened 15 minutes before our 53rd National Day Celebration, YES, I’m still here but for how long more, I don’t know ... my beloved MALAYSIA, where is our justice system?! (THIS IS NOT A JOKE),” said Namewee in a message that attracted more than 3,000 comments from Facebook users.

However earlier today Johor Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Amer Awal told The Malaysian Insider that there has been no plan yet to arrest Namewee.

“Not true, not true, we are still investigating his case,” Amer told The Malaysian Insider.

Namewee is under investigation for allegedly producing a seditious music video which was uploaded on YouTube.

The video was a reaction to SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra principal Siti Inshah Mansor’s alleged racist remarks to her pupils.

He removed the video from the video sharing site following public disapproval.

The Taiwanese graduate first made headlines in 2007, after he produced a music video purportedly ridiculing the national anthem and the Islamic call for prayer.

The recent video resulted in calls for government to take stern action against Namewee, including arresting him under the ISA and revoking his citizenship.

Namewee said tonight that he believes he has the support of the public.

“This is why I am ready to cooperate with the police officers. I believe that the police will support me in anti-racism and I believe the country will support me,” he said.

“I am mentally healthy, I have no injuries and I will not commit suicide,” he said.

After nearly three hours in the police station, Namewee came out and claimed that issue has been settled.

"I think everything is okay now because I explained everything and was cooperative with the police. So I think everything will be fine.

"I don't know if I have to come back and give a statement but I think everything is fine now," he told reporters.

When a reporter asked if he expected there will repercussions when he made the video clip, his lawyer quickly asked him not to answer the question.

"No comment," he said as he was whisked away by his lawyer.


Why the government is so quick to intervene in Namwee's video whereas it takes a committee to investigate the very culprit, the school principle, to determine her action. Come on BN, we need equal application of the law. If the principle had been charged for sedition there won't be this Namwee video!

How can a video posting expressing your satisfaction with a principle be considered seditious. He may have used vulgar words but that is not seditious. The very people that are contempt for seditious remarks are the former Penang UMNO chief, former Najib right hand man, the school principles, Ibrahim Ali, Cow head protesters, Mahathir and many others.

Let's be fair! Namwee's video is a reflection of frustration with the government by the people. When you feel cornered, you'll express your frustration in many other ways and the video is the most appropriate way to spread the frustration with the government.

Yup, Namewee has reminded all of us especially those politicians in our ruling parties that the world is round (in case they need reminding), what goes around, can and will come around. He might have used inappropriate language but he got his message through just the same. Those who urge that he be striped off his citizenship is themselves committing a seditious act and should he investigated and arrested. What he has done is no more nor less than what TDM claim to be doing "I am the public, I can't keep quiet when I see something wrong in this country". Now, how come TDM is not arrested ? investigated ? striped off his citizenship ?

I believe Namewee. He is Najib's1 Malaysia supporter. He just want to do what no one dare to do in Malaysia. To tell off all the racists. His voice is louder than the MCA. His voice is as loud as another racist called Ibrahim Ali. This country needs aman like him to tell off the racists.

In a democractic country, we should allow the general public to release thier anger then only we know what general public is happy and not happy about. To be 1 Malaysia, we should embrace changes and it's taking place now.No to ISA as this will bring us back to stone age and where will 1 Malaysia be then? I Love Malaysia but not the reciast poitician may it be headmaster or the politician. Happy Merdeka...

Stones thrown at Malaysian man’s home in Kalimantan

The home of a Malaysian engineer in an oil palm plantation in Ketapang, West Kalimantan was pelted with stones in a “sweeping” (hunt for Malaysians) incident on Sunday.

It is understood in the 2pm incident, five men wearing headbands with the words “Ganyang Malaysia” (Go to war with Malaysia) had also hurled verbal insults against Malaysia.

Speaking to Bernama, the 60-year-old engineer, who declined to be identified, said he was almost hit by a stone when he opened his front door to check what the commotion was about.

He said quick action by Indonesian police prevented the situation from worsening.

He was traumatised by the incident and has asked his employer to shorten his contract and be allowed to return home.

At the time of the incident, he was home alone as he had sent his wife back to Malaysia.

It is further understood that the group had been on the lookout for Malaysians working at the plantation since Saturday but only came across the engineer on Sunday.

Vigilante groups often take out their frustration on Malaysians whenever issues of contention crop up between the two countries.

This round of “sweeping” comes in the wake of three Indonesian enforcement officers being arrested by Malaysian authorities in disputed waters off Bintan island earlier this month.

The arrests had come after seven fishermen had been detained by Indonesian authorities for allegedly trespassing into Indonesian waters.

They have all since been freed by both countries.

Meanwhile, the vigilante group Bendera, which has been at the forefront of holding demonstrations condemning Malaysia over the Bintan incident, today held another in front of its office here.

Besides, burning the Malaysian flag, the group also invited the demonstrators to give their thumb prints in blood on a white T-shirt which it said it wanted to present Malaysia as a gift for the country’s 53rd anniversary of its independence.

They also repeatedly shouted “Ganyang Malaysia”.


Fair treatment : you are wrong to said that malaysian treat Indonesian like gold. We are far short from that in reality, from the media report, employer mistreat their maid is a reality, the police treat those Indonesian at roadside check, on those who arrived in malaysia in illegal way as their ATM machine.

What UMNOputra treat the others in malaysian the indonesian also suffered.

Let Penang be a beacon of hope for Merdeka

As we celebrate our 53rd Merdeka, the country appears more divided than ever by racial, religious and even personal hatred. Fomenting racial and religious intolerance and hatred is now the rule rather than the exception.

The biggest challenge is whether Malaysians can rise above the language of violence used by extremists and fulfil our destiny of Merdeka 53 years ago of a shared society belonging to all and promising prosperity to everyone. Penang is under constant siege and attack by extremists and political foes from BN and Umno who use lies to create tension and division.

Amongst the lies still used is that the Penang state government has banned the Maulidur Rasul procession, banned Pasar Ramadan, replaced the YDP Agong’s name in Friday sermons with the Chief Minister’s name, only evict Malay villagers and traders. Up till today, the state government has not evicted a single Malay or non-Malay household and when enforcement action is taken against traders, only 30 per cent is Malay. Even when eviction is done by private landowners, the state government has also intervened to negotiate a settlement.

It is because our opponents are bankrupt of ideas that they resort to race and religion. Race and religious hatred is the final weapon of the extremists who can not win any debate based on facts and logic or find any weaknesses in PR’s performance.

Their desperation can be shown when the Penang PR government can not be faulted for being corrupt, abuse of power or wasting public funds. None of PR leaders have become rich or own luxury homes. We lived in a moderate lifestyle and travel by economy air wherever we can.

PR has reduced corruption with our CAT governance of Competency, Accountability and Transparency by turning around a projected deficit of RM35 million in 2008 to a record surplus of RM88 million. This was repeated again in 2009 by turning around a projected deficit of RM40 million to a surplus of RM77 million. For the first time in history, Transparency International praised Penang’s CAT governance for fighting corruption.

That is why the state government can afford its senior citizens appreciation programme of annual payout of RM100 to all over 60 years and RM1,000 one-off to beneficiaries of senior citizens which costs nearly RM20 million. That is why the state government can give RM100 water rebate in 2008 to all poor and middle-income households costing nearly RM 20 million. That is why the state government can give money annually to partially-assisted schools of RM 11.3 million. That is why the state government can double the allocation for Islamic affairs to RM 24.3 million in 2010 as compared to RM 13.5 million under BN in 2008.

All these successes in implementing a people-centric government have made our political opponents desperate. They become more desperate when Penang became the first state to ban sports betting(judi bola) after the Federal government issued the licence. Due to Penang’s lead, the Federal government had no choice but to cancel the judi bola licence. Certainly many BN and UMNO leaders must be angered by the cancellation of the judi bola licence because of loss of revenue of hundreds of millions of ringgit.

Penang will forge ahead in establishing the first people’s government in Malaysia that listens to the people, do the people’s work and give hope to the people. We will also remain steadfast in barring sports betting in the state as this is the common aspirations of 1.5 million Penangites regardless of race.

Let Penang be a beacon of hope for Merdeka, democracy, integrity, public morality and a people’s government as well as a symbol of national unity where Penangites live together in harmony and mutual respect.

* Penang 2010 National Day Message By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 31 August 2010.


Yes, way to go, Penang. This message is a million times better than Najib's lame National Day Message because it comes from Lim Guan Eng, a person truly committed to change and to justice, and who has proven this by being wrongly sent to jail by fighting for the rights of a Malay girl. He is truly leading by example in Penang.

I am sufficiently impressed to say, 'Well Done' to the Penang State goverment.
My advice to the BN opposition is to stop the underhand tactics and lies; your tactics are turning the voters against BN. Imagine how much more productive and efficient the state goverment could be without the frivolous attacks.
We look forward to more constructive opposition, we want a two-party system.

UMNO is the root cause of our problems. That is why we voted them OUT of Penang, hopefully forever. The remnants of the old UMNO is out to create trouble because they need their old way, easy handlout life back.

Never have I seen how Penangites vote with such passion for PKR. We wanted change so badly, we could have voted a monkey if PKR put one to stand against the UMNO/BN candidate. Enough of BN and their ways.

31 August 2010

Teresa Kok wants Hisham to retract ‘dirty’ remark

Selangor executive councillor Teresa Kok asked Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein today to retract his statement and apologise to Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching for calling her “dirty.”

Kok said the Home Minister’s remarks would only promote racial hatred.

“With that disparaging statement, Hishamuddin is once again fanning the flames of racial discontent like how he openly supported the Shah Alam cow head protestors last September. He backtracked later only upon public uproar,” said the DAP organising secretary.

“Hishamuddin must immediately retract his statement and publicly apologise to Teo Nie Ching or he and 1Malaysia will forever have no credibility in the eyes of the public,” she added.

Hishammuddin had said yesterday that Teo should not have been allowed into a surau as she “was deemed dirty”.

He also said that it was disastrous for PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to encourage Teo to visit more mosques.

“I question where Hishamuddin received the knowledge and moral authority to judge anyone to be dirty, least of all Teo Nie Ching who entered the surau in sincerity and with an open heart, and only because the surau leaders invited her in. She has already issued a humble public apology to all concerned,” said Kok.

“I shudder to think if Hishamuddin considers Teo Nie Ching dirty because she is non-Muslim or simply because she is female,” she added.

Teo’s visit to a Kajang surau last week drew the ire of Umno as well as Malay rights pressure group Perkasa, with the latter calling for a ban on non-Muslims from entering mosques and suraus.

The Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) also claimed that the visit had displeased the Selangor Sultan.

The National Fatwa Council, however, had decided on March 1 that non-Muslim tourists may enter mosques and prayer rooms with the condition that they receive permission from the respective management and ensure that their actions do not violate the sanctity of the mosque.


Last time was the holding of the keris on his forehead, now this totally unnecessary remark. This man doesn't learn at all. If the Education Minister himself is making racist remarks, obviously the school principals would think its ok too. PLEASE DONT VOTE FOR BN!

Are the money derived from 'Sin Tax' not dirty?

Do not be a hypocrite.

Taib: Elections not a carnival nor popularity contest

The people of Sarawak should not treat the coming state election as a carnival nor a platform to gauge one’s popularity, said the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, here today.

He said any decision made by the people during the election would decide the state’s future direction.

The election was not merely to choose the candidate liked by the people because there was a link between the people’s choice and the development that the state would enjoy, he said.

“If we make the right choice, the state will continue to progress. On the other hand, a wrong choice may hamper the state’s development,” he said at the 53rd Merdeka Day celebration at the Mara Indoor Stadium.

Sarawak Yang Dipertua Negeri, Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng led the celebration which was attended by about 5,000 people from within the city.

The term of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly will end in June next year and its dissolution would pave the way for the state election which could take place any time now.

Taib, who would have completed his 30th year as the Sarawak Chief Minister in March next year, said the next state election should be perceived as an opportunity for the ordinary people to achieve their dream of a better future for their children.

“Make sure that the people whom they want to vote will be able to deliver, will be able to develop the country into one that can give prosperity to their children,” he said.

The Chief Minister said Sarawak still needed political stability and solidarity as the basis for further development


The person elected must not only deliver - hs/she must be free from corruption and fair to all Sarawakian / Malaysian

Cheating hubby exposed thanks to saman ekor

KUALA LUMPUR: A man who was caught on camera for speeding turned out to be having a joyride with his lover.

His wife found out about the affair by accident after she and her husband went to MCA public services and complaints department head Datuk Michael Chong to complain about a saman ekor they had received.

The retired couple, in their 60s from Petaling Jaya, vehemently maintained that the police had mistakenly issued a summons to them, Chong said.

“They claimed they were never on the Karak Highway, so it was impossible for them to have been caught speeding there.

“The wife said they only drove the car to nearby places. Besides that, she was with her husband most of the time,” said Chong yesterday.

Upon hearing their dilemma, Chong advised them to get from the police a photo of the alleged offence although the husband was reluctant to do so.

“However, the wife decided to pay the RM10 that was required to check out the photo,” he said.

Chong said the couple came back to check the photo two weeks later, but the husband quickly grabbed the envelope with the photo.

“The husband refused to open the envelope and said they would open it at home as they did not want to waste my time,” he said.

However, Chong said the wife insisted on opening it in front of him because the wife was confident that there was a mistake in the summons and wanted him to settle the matter for them.

“To the wife’s shock, the photo clearly showed the husband driving the car with another woman sitting beside him,” said Chong.

Chong said the wife was furious and grabbed her umbrella to hit the husband.

“I quickly stood between them and asked the husband to leave. I do not know what happened to them after the incident,” he said.

‘Racist’ principal was only giving advice to students, let her be – Perkasa Chief

Perkasa, the Malay rights group has come out to defend Siti Inshah Mansor, the alleged ‘racist’ school principal. Perkasa is calling for the government not to remove her but instead to keep her. Siti Inshah came under fire from various quarters after her recent ‘racist’ remark made during the school assembly where she was alleged to had said “Chinese students are not needed here and can return to China or Foon Yew school. For the Indian students, the prayer string tied around their neck and wrist makes them look like dogs because only dogs are tied like that,”. Since then, 20 reports have been lodged against her.

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the president of Perkasa said “We urge the Education Ministry to retain Siti Inshah Mansor. What she said has nothing to do with politics or racism. She was just giving advice to the students. There are people exploiting this for political reasons,”






"What she said has nothing to do with politics or racism. She was just giving advice to the students. There are people exploiting this for political reasons,” -by Ali Katak

If you read the above, isn't it not clear that this katak is so used to using racist slurs so much so when another sings the same tune, it is normal. Bottom line is racist katak supports another fellow racist. This is very normal for such species. So don't let ourselves get worked up on this. What we really need to know is what action is taken against the principal.

Nazri blames BN’s chauvinism for low support

Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz blamed his Barisan Nasional comrades today for driving away support with their chauvinistic ways, warning them that they could not ride on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s popularity to win the general election.

The vocal Umno supreme council member told The Malaysian Insider this afternoon that he blamed the “communal leadership” of certain BN politicians for the public’s declining confidence in the ruling coalition.

“I blame the leaders. Some have become ministers but still look at themselves as communal leaders instead of national leaders.

“But this makes little sense for once you are a minister, you represent all... not just your party or your race,” he said.

Nazri (picture) was responding to the results of a Merdeka Center survey that showed 45 per cent of Malays were dissatisfied with Umno while only 44 per cent were satisfied.

Umno performed even worse with the Chinese community, with only 12 per cent saying they were satisfied while 55 per cent were dissatisfied. A total of 34 per cent had evaded response, suggesting the possibility that a larger number than the 55 per cent could be dissatisfied with Umno.

The poll results, which involved a sample size of more than 1,000 registered voters in the peninsula, contrasted significantly with Najib’s approval rating of 72 per cent in a separate poll conducted in May.

Nazri however, claimed that Najib’s popularity alone would not be enough to help the BN win the next general election.

“The prime minister being popular on his own is not enough. The BN should be popular. A popular PM cannot carry the BN through to a victory and this was proven in the Sibu by-election.

“If this 72 per cent indeed says something, then we should have won in Sibu but we lost, so what good is a popular prime minister if he cannot carry the BN?” he said.

Nazri bleakly pointed out that if the BN leadership failed to buck up, the coalition would only go further downhill and eventually lose in the coming general election.

“BN really has to do a lot of image building... otherwise, we will face trouble in the 13th general election. I can see that Umno members, MCA members.... none have learnt their lessons,” he said.

Nazri claimed that BN leaders, in their attempt to regain lost support from the people, had resorted to making harsh statements.

“They make harsh statements to win support from their own communities. Meaning, they would rather win in the newspapers than in the hearts of the people.

“The MCA, by showing they are chauvinistic Chinese, think they can get the support of the Chinese community. But then, the Chinese already have the DAP, so what is MCA trying to do?” he said.

He noted that by practicing chauvinism and extremism, the MCA had only caused itself to lose the support of the moderate Chinese community and that of the Malay community.

“The MCA has their own niche in the BN structure.. they consist of the moderate Chinese-thinking people so when they put forward extremist views, they lose support from the Chinese and the Malays,” he said.

Nazri claimed that similarly, Umno politicians were attempting to match up to their foes in Islamist party PAS.

“Umno leaders are trying to show they are more Islamic than PAS. However, PAS supporters are PAS supporters and they will support PAS whatever comes their way.

“So, in doing that, Umno will not get all the support of the Malays... they will lose support and at the same time, they will lose the support of the non-Malays, because of their extremist stand,” he said.

Nazri noted that the same notion could be applied to the Indian community and the MIC.

“This is the scenario and it shows that we have never learned our lessons. How is it that Umno only speaks for the Malays and the MCA for the Chinese and yet we want to sell ourselves to the people by saying we are multiracial?

“This is not the rakyat of the 1960s or the 1970s,” he said.

Nazri said that the people “see a glimmer of hope in the PR because they have tried the BN for so many years. So, even though PR parties do not share similar ideologies... they have the support.

“A drowning man will hold on to a straw,” he said.

Nazri however reminded the public that the PR structure was no better than the BN’s, claiming that it was “racial consideration” that had caused the parties to choose Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as their de facto leader.

“They chose him because he is a Malay. They would have truly achieved their multiracialism if they had chosen someone else to be leader... like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng or Karpal Singh,” he said.

Nazri also said that the best medicine for the BN at this point was to allow direct membership.

“We will be discussing this during our BN convention at year end. I am in full support of this because sometimes, a person may be supportive of the BN but not of the Umno, MCA, MIC or the other parties,” he said.

He claimed that this would promote true multiracialism in the BN and was a step forward towards creating a true Malaysian party.

“Eventually, we can move towards abolishing this racial party system. It is never easy but at least a process must be in place,” he said.


What is the point of direct membership in BN when the leaders are chosen by communal groups via UMNO, MCA and MIC. It is an exercise in futility. BN is its own devil.

At last you admit that people lost confidence in BN. Even with direct membership, the ruling people will be the same and it will become another UMNO controlled BN government.

We Malaysians need open minded leaders like Tok Guru/ YB Nizar/ YB Khalid/ YB Dzulkifly/ LGE/ Karpal/ Khalid Ibrahim and alot more.

We totally lost faith with BN.

whatever you may say will not change the hearts and minds of the majority. Not only that the majority do not want Umno/BN, they have had enough of their excesses and wanton corruption and they will want to regain all that was stolen with as what TDM said, "a revolution." Not by bullets but by ballots.

The Pakatan put out the bait and the stupid people in BN took it. Everytime the Pakatan raise certain issues, the stupid politicians in BN bite it and then only felt the pain. It shows that tactically, the Pakatan is cleverer. That's why nowadays there are so many issues coming up.

Why??? They are in the opposition so long and they know the tricks. Open your eyes and you will see more issues coming everyday to irritate the BN until they have no time to work but just to answer issues. They don't care about the well being of the people. Why should they? They are not the central government. There are more shows to come and we people are being dragged into and quarrel over it. They make a fool out of us. Mark my words.

This is like a pot calling the kettle black. Support abolishment of ISA if you want a better support from the people.

30 August 2010

Umno youth joining Perkasa because they are disillusioned with KJ – Perkasa

Arman Azha Abu Haniffah, the wira chief of Malay rights group Perkasa has hit out at Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth chief saying that there are now more members of the wing joining Perkasa because they are disillusioned with Khairy’s leadership because they no longer championed the rights of the Malay community. He said that the members of the Umno youth were unhappy because the party no longer prioritized the Malay’s interests.

He said “The sentiment on the ground is that Umno Youth is missing the presence of a Youth chief who prioritises Umno, Malay interests above everything else. Lately, Khairy’s statements do not reflect his position as Umno Youth chief. He should understand, his priority is to safeguard the interests of Umno first, but what is happening is that Khairy seems more concerned with his position as Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth chief. That is why Umno Youth members are joining Perkasa.”


Those idiots only see and recognised the figure `30`. This 30 had for the last 53years carry them no way saved for the few who are the elite. I believe Khairly can see more than the`30` which is looming in the distance which is more important if the Malays can shift away their mentality and instead allow equal playing field . Without the latter,FDI from abroad or asking more local companies to invest in own coun tries is falling on deaf ears. Pakasa and those who keep clinging to this `30` really sucks !

He also said that “Perkasa currently had 300,000 members, and 70 per cent of them were “under the age of 40.” We have members not only from Umno, but PAS and PKR as well. We are here to defend Malay rights from being trampled upon, and we have never wavered from this position,” - -

SURE OR NOT? 300,000 members? I heard news about 300 members only?

Khairy has since said that if it is found that the claims by Perkasa is true, he is ready to leave the party. To this, Arman questioned “Is that a statement befitting an Umno leader? Is he not confident that he can get support from within Umno? I thought Khairy was a liberal leader, educated and believed in freedom of association. Why is he warning Umno members not to support or join Perkasa? He has to walk the walk, not just talk. He does not speak for Umno. Let Umno members decide on their own whether or not they want to support Perkasa. You cannot reject Perkasa. Instead of pointing fingers, work with us, we should have closed-door meetings, discussions. Leaders come and go, but Umno will remain what it is, standing because of the party’s constitution,”

He also said that “Perkasa currently had 300,000 members, and 70 per cent of them were “under the age of 40.” We have members not only from Umno, but PAS and PKR as well. We are here to defend Malay rights from being trampled upon, and we have never wavered from this position,”

29 August 2010

Khairy calls on Umno to disassociate itself from Perkasa

Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth Chief has called on the party and the ruling government BN (Barisan Nasional) to immediately distance themselves from Malay rights group, Perkasa as it is ‘hurting’ the coalition because if they don’t, they might lose the non-Malay voters. He said that the perception currently is that Umno is linked with Perkasa and if that is not changed, then it will surely hurt the efrots of BN in trying to win over the non-Malay votes which had caused them dearly in the last general election.

He said “Perkasa is hurting us, our chances in gaining non-Malay votes. For Umno, BN to win, we cannot afford to be associated with these people. They are alienating us from a large segment of voters. The way in which Umno carries out its struggle is acceptable to non-Malays because it is not confrontational like Perkasa.” It was reported recently that Arman Azha Abu Haniffah, the Wira chief of Perkasa had said that there are more Umno Youth members who have joined Perkasa because they are not satisfied with Khairy’s leadership.

To this, Khairy said “That is ridiculous. We don’t need them (Perkasa). Umno Youth is aware and in full support of Umno’s direction, where we must get support from not only Malays, but Chinese and Indians as well. If there is a situation where Umno chooses Perkasa over me, I will leave (the party),”


Yes,Khairy leave them and lets prepare our journey to PJ together and let a new dawn begin for all Malaysian. You can see the damage and its time to heal before its too late ! Those old brains are dead and beyond repaired !

Finally KJ Talking sense , Mic & Mca in hot soup because of bastard ibrahim perkosa.




Khairy is ‘mentally ill’ and still can’t get over that he is not deputy minister – Ibrahim Ali

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the president of Malay rights group Perkasa has hit out at Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth Chief who claimed that he will leave Umno if the members of the youth wing chose Perkasa over it. Ibrahim laughed over the statement and adding that Khairy was venting out his frustration towards Perkasa because he could not get over his disappointment of not given any ministerial post under the administration of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Ibrahim said “I find KJ’s (Khairy Jamaluddin) statement wanting to leave Umno if a majority of its members supported Perkasa very funny. What is KJ’s disease? (He is) mentally ill. Perhaps his frustration in not being selected as a deputy minister has reached its climax and he is now using Perkasa as an excuse. I think many Umno members will be happy if Khairy resigns or leaves Umno, because when his father-in-law was prime minister, the fourth-floor operation in the PM’s Department was one of the reasons why BN and Umno fared terribly in the last general election... poor guy, he used to be such a hot-head. Now when his father-in-law is no longer PM, he has lost his fangs and is now blabbering nonsense,


Wah ! this is a good one , finally boxer Ib Ali spar withKJ , cats bite fish bones , what a fight ! Tun M so happyso add points for Ali . Please dont stop , we are enjoying
the fight !!!!

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