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05 February 2010

Government confiscated two books published by Malaysiakini

After confiscating the book written by Asian Wall Street Journal former editor Barry Wain titled Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times last year, once again government confiscated two more books published by the popular alternative media – Where is Justice and 1Funny Malaysia.

Authorities confiscated those two books from retailer’s outlets in Malacca as well as Penang. Hence, retailers can only resume selling books published by once the Ministry makes the final call and decision.

Meanwhile, Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) lashed back against Ministry’s action to confiscate the books as the freedom of speech is being violated. As a result, CIJ expressed that Ministry should return the confiscated books immediately.

Malaysiakini was informed by the police and Home Ministry that they are currently reading and looking into the contents of the books. The books – Where is Justice revolves around death and brutality in custody by providing four cases in Malaysia namely Anwar Ibrahim, Altantuya Shaarriibuu, Teoh Beng Hock and A.Kugan. On the other hand, 1Funny Malaysia – also another book published by Malaysiakini is a collection of political cartoons


It's ironical that the ISA was introduced to curb the spread of communism and comunist activities.

Now we find the government using "communist-type" rules to prevent the rakyat from accessing information. We the people are being "dictated" by the government on what we can and cannot do. The government has slowly curbed our freedom and will curb more of our freedom if not stopped.

So, in short, we need to put the government under ISA

Saiful took two days to go for medical check-up

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s accuser told the High Court today that he went for a medical check-up only two days after he was allegedly sodomised by the opposition leader.

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan said he initially went to two private hospitals before eventually going to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

This was due to advice from a doctor in Pusat Rawatan Islam (Pusrawi) that a report from a private hospital could not be used in court. He had initially gone to Hospital Tawakal where he was told the doctors were only working half-day.

“I then decided to go to the nearest hospital. Pusrawi Hospital at Jalan Tun Razak,” Saiful said.

He related that he had met a Dr Muhammad Osman Abdul Hamid who examined him after he complained of pain in his abdomen and anus.

Saiful confessed he only told Dr Muhammad Osman he had been sodomised at the point when the doctor was inserting a device into the anus.

“The doctor immediately stopped and then recommended me to go to HKL because the court will not accept any report from the hospital and the hospital does not have the necessary equipments,” he said.

At HKL, Saiful said he was taken to the emergency ward after informing hospital staff that he had been sodomised.

“So I went to outpatient and met a female Indian doctor but I was shy so she referred me to an Indian male doctor next door. His name was Daniel.

“I told him that I was sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” said Saiful, referring to a male doctor he named “Dr Daniel” who carried out the physical check.

Anwar’s family who were seated in the public gallery, especially his daughters, reacted strongly to Saiful’s testimony, hissing in disgust.

They remained highly tensed throughout today’s trial. One bit her nails while another kept her arms tightly crossed across her chest.

Continuing his testinomy, Saiful said that Dr Daniel was shocked and sent him to the One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC) in the emergency ward.

He waited for an hour before an Indian doctor came to check his blood pressure and left.

Half an hour later, the doctor came and told him that he needs to lodge a police report before the hospital could check him for sodomy.

Two policemen approached him at the hospital to help him file the report, providing him with certain forms.

Saiful added that Superintendent Jude Pereira, who is also the investigating officer for this case, came by later to take down his statements while four HKL doctors were giving him a full physical check, which included swabbing his anus, torso and neck.

The trial adjourned for the day soon after that and will resume tomorrow at 9.30am before paying a second visit to the Desa Damansara Condominium to allow the defence to visit the control room where the closed circuit television (CCTV) recordings kept in a computer hard disk are placed.

According to Anwar’s lawyer, Sankara Nair, the defence team had got separated from the rest of the court entourage at the site visit earlier.

Sankara explained that they were unaware the judge and the rest of the court officials had checked out the control room.

He insisted that the defence be given a chance to see the place for themselves, which the judge agreed.

Earlier this morning, the court visited the condominium where Saiful explained how and where the alleged act of sodomy occurred two years ago.

Saiful, who Anwar said was just his “coffee-boy”, was in the witness dock this morning on the second day of the trial but the hearing was held in camera due to the graphic nature of his testimony.

Solicitor-General II Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden led the questioning on behalf of the prosecution before High Court judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah.

Anwar, the 62-year-old PKR de facto leader, is charged with sodomising Saiful at Unit 11-5-1 of the Desa Damansara Condominium in Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara here between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

The former deputy prime minister has denied the charge, describing it as “evil, frivolous lies by those in power” when the charge was read out to him. He is charged under section 377B of the Penal Code and can be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years’ jail and whipping upon conviction. The trial is taking place 18 months after Anwar was charged in court in August 2008.

After a 30-minute hearing today which was adjourned at 11am, the entire court left for the condominium in the leafy Damansara Heights enclave popular with many expatriates. The Malaysian Insider understands that Mohamed Zabidin ordered today’s site visit to follow-up on the earlier closed-door testimony of the complainant.

According to sources, Saiful led the judge to the unit and the room where the sexual act was purported to have taken place two years ago.

Anwar’s lead counsel Karpal Singh yesterday asked for Saiful’s testimony to be heard in-camera after he graphically described Anwar’s use of profanity in asking for sex.

He also said entry to the condominium required the use of a password which he said was “Mokhtar”.

The 24-year-old had also testified he had worked for Anwar for four months, from early March 2008 to June 28 of the same year, and stopped being the Permatang Pauh MP’s special aide because he did not want to be further abused.

Anwar was charged with sodomy and corruption in 1998 after he was sacked from the Cabinet and was later convicted and jailed for both offences. He was freed in September 2004 and later resurrected his political career by winning back his Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in a by-election in 2008, which had been held in the interim by his wife.

He had earlier led the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, to a historic sweep of five states and 82 parliamentary seats in Election 2008.


After two days and the semen was still in his arse and surrounding his arse. he never sheeted or washed his bum at all for a few days! Must be a dirty fellow!

Two days of pristine preservation without bath and body functions. Holy Cow !!

he stupidest joke and trial. whole world is laughing at stupid umno

Hahahahaaaaaaa... Four things come to mind: 1) This 'coffee boy' didn't mandi for 2 days 2) This 'coffee boy' did mandi, but he wasn't taught to clean himself properly 3) They recycled DNA from 10 years ago 4) This is a wayang kulit movie show!!

Either way, I wouldn't want this 'coffee boy' to prepare any drinks/food for me -- Yuck! Mandi tak bersih! Pengotor!!

Can someone make a movie on this... It will probably win the '1Malaysia Biggest Lie" award...

Saiful says Anwar was his idol

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s accuser told the High Court today that he once idolised the Opposition Leader, describing himself as an “Anwar fan”.

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was recounting in court today on the third day of Sodomy II his experience when he first met his idol Anwar in March 2008, soon after the general elections that year.

“In March, my friend Rahimi Osman called me to come to his office in Petaling Jaya, Section 16. He had called because he wanted to chat with me and catch up on things.

“While talking at the office, he asked me whether I was employed. When I said that I was not working, he then asked me whether I wanted to become an assistant in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s office,” said Saiful.

According to Saiful, Rahimi had told him that Anwar was short of office staff owing to the fact that staff members such as Nurul Izzah and Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad were contesting in the elections at that point of time.

Saiful recounted how he was still divided over taking a job there when Rahimi took him to a meeting and introduced him to Anwar.

Photographers rush to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's car as he leaves the condominium today. It was the court's second visit to the site in two days.
“I was shocked. I had not decided on anything yet when Anwar said, ‘I appreciate your helping us’. It was a signal as if he had accepted me there and then.”

Saiful also told the court that he had always idolised Anwar because “Anwar is a charismatic leader.”

Earlier the court was taken through a tedious process of evidence introduction.

Among the items introduced were rectal swabs taken from Saiful and also his clothes worn during the alleged sodomy, including a white Levi’s underwear.

Other items introduced were clothes worn during the alleged sodomy which included a blue- white Ralph Lauren shirt, a pair of blue-black Levis underwear, and also black slacks/pants.

The crowd reacted strongly to Saiful’s testimony that the black pants were a “gift from Anwar”.

A tube of K-Y Jelly, a common lubricant, was also introduced as evidence.

When asked by the prosecution as to what he had initially told the medical doctor at Hospital Pusrawi during the check-up, Saiful replied that in the middle of the check-up he told the doctor that he had been “sodomised”.

“I did not pass motion for two days after the incident,” Saiful told the court.

Saiful also spoke of a meeting he had with Anwar on June 27, 2008 in which he told the Opposition Leader he wanted to quit his job as personal assistant.

This meeting took place after the alleged sodomy.

“I had sent an email to Anwar on Friday morning the 27th of June. A few hours later, he called me and asked me to come to his office.

“He then asked me why I wanted to quit.”

According to Saiful, the reasons he gave the PKR leader in his email was that he lacked discipline, was always late for work and not academically qualified for the post.

He alleged that he was “afraid” of being questioned because he was apparently given more privileges than other staff.

“But this was not the real reason. The real reason was because ‘tak ingin diperlakukan sedemikian lagi (do not wish to be treated like that anymore)’.”

Saiful then claimed Anwar tried to persuade him not to quit, and offered to sponsor Saiful’s studies with full pay and allowances. He said he was scared at the time and agreed to the offer.

“Anwar said that he felt sad and disappointed with my decision, and he had persuaded me not to quit.

“I was afraid to object at that time, so I accepted.”

Later on, lead counsel for Anwar’s defence team Karpal Singh raised an objection to Utusan Malaysian and Sinar Harian carrying a photo caption that was, according to Karpal “out of hand”.

The picture which showed Saiful, Judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah, defence and prosecution lawyers in the bedroom of the alleged incident was captioned “Mohd Saiful Bukhari menunjukkan katil di bilik tidur utama tempat beliau mendakwa diliwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kepada Hakim Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah” (Saiful showing the judge the bed in the master bedroom where he claims to have been sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim).

Karpal’s argument was that even during in-camera, the bed was never introduced as evidence, therefore the caption is misleading.

The judge, however, dismissed Karpal’s objection.

The court then stood down for a second visit to the condominium where the alleged sodomy took place.

Yesterday, Saiful had told the court he went for a medical check-up only two days after he was allegedly sodomised by the Opposition leader.

Earlier yesterday morning, the court also visited the condominium where Saiful explained how and where the alleged act of sodomy occurred two years ago.

Saiful, who Anwar said was just his “coffee-boy”, continues to be in the witness dock this morning on the third day of the trial.

Solicitor-General II Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden led the questioning on behalf of the prosecution before High Court judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah.

Anwar, the 62-year-old PKR de facto leader, is charged with sodomising Saiful at Unit 11-5-1 of the Desa Damansara Condominium in Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara here between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

The former deputy prime minister has denied the charge, describing it as “evil, frivolous lies by those in power” when the charge was read out to him. He is charged under section 377B of the Penal Code and can be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years’ jail and whipping upon conviction. The trial is taking place 18 months after Anwar was charged in court in August 2008.

Anwar was charged with sodomy and corruption in 1998 after he was sacked from the Cabinet and was later convicted and jailed for both offences. He was freed in September 2004 and later resurrected his political career by winning back his Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in a by-election in 2008, which had been held in the interim by his wife.

He had earlier led the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, to a historic sweep of five states and 82 parliamentary seats in Election 2008.

Hearing continues on Monday.


Money was his idol.....not Anwar

I had not passed motion for 2 day – Saiful who claimed to have idolized Anwar as a child

The sodomy trial involving opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the alleged victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan continued today at 9.45am with Saiful taking the stands to continue his testimony. There were heaving police presence around the courts with the FRU and water cannon trucks after the police received reports that there would be a planned protest outside Masjir Wilayah after the Friday prayers. In court, Saiful verified that the oral swabs in the container produced by the prosecution where swabs were taken from his mouth, body, private parts, anus and blood. He also confirmed that he had handed over to the police 2 pairs of underwear, one worn during the alleged act and another when he made the report, a green shirt, a black slacks which he claims to be a gift from Anwar and a tube of KY lubricant. He also told the court that he has ‘revealed everything’ to the doctor who examined him in Pusrawi Hospital. On top of that, he also admitted that he had not passed motion for 2 days since the incident took place. The court and everyone involved then visited the Desa Damansara condominium again to see the room where the alleged act took place.

Saiful also said that he had idolized Anwar when he was a child because of his charismatic ways. When he wanted to resign, he said that Anwar had offered to sponsor his education to try and make him stay on. Saiful said “At that time I did not object to the offer. Then after the meeting (with Anwar) several hours later, he sent me an e-mail, saying, ‘Thank you for agreeing to continue (your) service’,” Saiful will be cross-examined by the defence when the trial resumes on Monday at 9.30am.




Sodomy trial continues, in-camera proceedings used, court visits condo, CCTV recordings shown


The sodomy trial involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader and alleged victim Mohd Saiful Bukhary Azlan was held behind closed doors this morning using in-camera equipments. Anwar arrived at 9.25am while Saiful arrived 10 minutes earlier. The trial got underway at 10.30am to continue on Saiful’s testimony where it was decided that today’s session will be held with in-camera proceedings. The testimony took place for 30 minutes and then at about 11.50am, a convoy comprising 15 cars and 2 vans left to the Desa Damansara condominium, the alleged crime scene.

It was believed that Saiful had re-enacted and demonstrated what happened in the condominium before the trial judge which was requested by Karpal Singh, the lead counsel for Anwar. At 2.20pm, the trial continued in open court. Saiful continued his testimony where he claimed that 2 days after he was alleged to have been sodomized, he went to 2 private hospitals prior to going to the KL Hospital. This was because he was advised that reports from private hospitals could not be used in court since he claimed to have been rapes. The prosecution also showed CCTV recordings at the entrance of the condominiums on the date when the act took place where Saiful identified himself entering the lift of the premises.


Condo CCTV showing this celaka Saiful is there so what??
did he open his pant at the cctv? this f u c k e r been planned well and tried to make some remarks cannot meh?

Cctv is meant for checking security purposes for those who walk in n out of the premises. What is the big deal for Anwar n Saifool walking n pasting through it. Anyone can come n go of course both of them has to show their faces to the guards with pass card. Whatever both did sex in the room or hall did the cctv shown any proof the Anwar sodomy saifool or he is wrapping towel around him n Anwar ask him MAY I f**k YOU. any recording to proof he ANWAR says that . SAIFOOL don create your own wayang kulit n frame a good man like ANWAR (REPENT) in the name of ALLAH your mighty god before death take place for you




Orang orang yang kena Sodom, kena jalan tak terkang kangkang??? Pelik? Buntut sudah pecah apasal boleh jalan sipi sipi terkepil terkepil peha macam Mr. Fool?

Your honour! Why is Saifool in the CCTV camera doesn't walk showing the pain he has just been violated in the arse? Is it normal for a virgin??? If you are virgin ass f**ker....the 1st time you is f*ck, sure there is blood and tear on the anus......this should cause considerable pain, and need immediate antibiotic or minyak sapi to wipe and painkiller to halt the fissure.

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If his virgin ass is raze beastilty by Anti-Mamadey PM in waiting, how come Saifool can still walk so confidently like a supermodel going back to his car parking? How come?

He should walk and at least show symptom or using his hand to cover or massage his backside from the sore of the pain from 3 hours of violation in the backside? Who can tahan 3 hours violation?

Saifool make police report he is violated at 6pm! But his court charge say 3pm violated....3pm to 6pm must very long violated, any gay person also will sore for continuos ass ramming done.

I'm surprise Saifool didn't crawl out from the lift....but confidently walking like his backside still brand new?? Maybe we should invite some Mamadey follower to check on Saifool backside to confirm is Saifool really get or plastic insert into backside?

Also, we ask Rosmah to confirm the report what she said to Saifool when he met with Najib. Is plastic really being insert to Saifool backside? Or maybe we can find the MISSING JET ENGINE is found inside Saifool ass??? Have the Special Branch search his ass to check for the missing jet engine? maybe BALA also is hiding inside his ass?? Why don't we confirm we Interpol to check....where are all Malaysia Missing & Gone cases can be found inside Saiful Bukhari Azlan backside.......

Saiful Bukhari Azlan ass is very important momument for Malaysia Boleh and need to be preserved in the Muzium. Many hidden & missing mystery of the world is found inside his ass.......special virgin cute little ass.....we all love Saifool ass, as Mamadey warrior & follower, we love to violate and say Mokhtar!!! to Saiful......Saiful MOKHTAR Azlan.....we love you....we love your ass.....Mamadey! Mamadey!! Mama....MamaDEY!!! I'm KING OF MALAYSIA!! LORD OF THE MAMAKIANS! Fellowship to the Shipping Empire!! Friends of Mongolia...

An article in New York Times about UMNO

One ought to be able to laugh at the absurdity of it. But the message is one of ignorance, religious and racial prejudice and political opportunism.

Last week, the Malaysian government declared that Christians in one part of the country could use “Allah” as the word for God when speaking Malay, but that those in most of the country could not. This is the same government that is currently running a public relations campaign called One Malaysia emphasizing the common identity of the nation’s racial and religious mix.

In reality, a government dominated by the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) is using spurious religious/linguistic arguments to shore up its support among a majority Malay electorate, which has been fed for years with preferences and privileges. Meanwhile, non-Malay money and talent exits the country.

The government had earlier tried to stop the use of the word Allah by all Christians. This was successfully challenged in the High Court. But instead of letting the matter rest, the government declined to back down, setting the scene for the fire bombing of churches. While these could not be laid directly at the door of UMNO, hotheads in the party may well have taken their cue from what non-Muslims see as a deliberate attempt to stir up ethnic/religious issues for political gain. Last year it was Hindus who were the target of Malay provocation.

UMNO political calculation demands that the organization sticks to its demands about the use of the word Allah in peninsular Malaysia , where all Malays are deemed Muslims and where Christians are ethnic Chinese or Indian, but not in the Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak where there are large communities of Malay-speaking Christians. The UMNO-led coalition needs the support of the multi-ethnic parties in those states.

The word Allah has always been used without Muslim objection by Christians in the Arab world, as well as those in Malay-speaking Indonesia , where there are 10 times as many Muslims as in Malaysia . The word is itself derived from pre-Islamic Semitic language roots. Even Malaysia ’s strictly Islamist opposition party, Parti Islam (PAS), agrees that all Abrahamic faiths are entitled to use the word Allah.

But such facts are of little relevance to UMNO politicians determined to drum up any issue that can be used to show their commitment to defending Malay and Muslim privileges and thus retain the support of a Malay majority against the appeal both of PAS and the multi-ethnic Keadilan party of the former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

UMNO cannot claim to be a party of the pious. Half a century in power has turned it into a vast patronage machine that enriches the Malay elite, providing support for luxurious lifestyles. Its insistence that all Malays are Muslims (and cannot convert) is an attempt to give religious backing to the message of Malay racial preference. That is barely in accord with the universalist notions of global Islam but keeps the loyalty of many Malays otherwise resentful of growing income gaps.

However, the racial and religious divides among the opposition still make an UMNO-led government seem a better choice than the alternatives — most likely ones in which the fundamentalism of PAS would replace the opportunism of UMNO. So despite the deterioration of communal relations in peninsular Malaysia , no major changes are in sight.

This carries two main dangers. The first is the continuing large scale exodus of capital and of talented non-Malays. Five years of generally good prices for its main commodity exports, oil, gas and palm oil, have delivered huge trade surpluses and a current account surplus of more than 10 percent of gross domestic product. But economic growth has been slow due to very weak private investment, only partly offset by large government deficit spending. Once a major recipient of foreign capital, Malaysia is now a source of flight capital. This is only sustainable while commodity prices remain at double levels of five years ago and three times those in 2002.

A longer term danger, at least as perceived by some leading Malays, such as the former Finance Minister Tunku Razaleigh, is that a combination of religious intolerance and resentment of federal exploitation of their natural resources will generate secessionism in the Borneo states. They joined Malaysia in 1963 without much enthusiasm but as the best option open to them as the British withdrew from empire. They do not want their traditions of racial and religious diversity to be poisoned by peninsular prejudices. Their separate treatment on the Allah issue will have some immediate benefits for Kuala Lumpur , but can only underscore just how different they are.

In short, the episode is sad commentary on a nation whose mix of races, its fine infrastructure and wealth of resources has held such promise. If only there really were One Malaysia.







Our country is so small, our politics is so mini so in the past, no developed countries & their medias ever bother about our 'dirty politics' but why in recent times, there seem so many journalists from developed countries suddenly find vast interest in our local politics ?????? It is because of our ShitHead Umno, they are now playing with the 'dirtest' politics in the world and fault some internation regulations.

When they lost an additional of 4 states to the oppositions, they started to play bloody dirty .....

1) Robbed the Perak states from the oppositions by making used of a ruler and our kangaroo justice.

2) Hurled up the whole Selangor MPs for ' investigation ' in corruption practices .... accusing them of a few thousand ringgit scandals AND those multi millions to billions ringgit scandals by the BN were untouch. Worst still, one of the opposition MP's aide were found dead with multiple wounds at the MACC building.

3) Whistel blower, a female journalist who blow the whistle on the 'racist comment' by one of the Umno leader, instead of this racist leader being send to jail ... this female journalist were held under ISA ...

4) Opposition MP Terasa Kok was too held under ISA for no apparent reason.

5) Opposition MP Eli Wong was photographed semi naked, instead of condaming the photography our BN/Umno MPs are laughing at Eli Wong.

6) Hundreds of citizens were picked up/lock up for wearing 'black' in public.

7) Scores of people sitting inside a coffee were to bundle out and pulled to police station.

Police with guns were helping the BN MPs in abusing the PR MPs inside the Perak Dewan. The PR speakers were dragged all the way and to be lock up inside a room.

9) Cow heads gangs were given special priorities, they can walked in broad day light, humilating the Hindus with police doing nothing about it. Again it was the same gang that messed up the meeting between Selangor MB/resident of Section 13.

10) Because of some synidcate and some of our custom officer involved in "human trafficking' our country reputation had been damange ... yet in the begining our Home Minister loudly defending our country is clean and accusing the foreignal of giving false statement.

11) On those terrorist case ... same as para 10 ... then when US give us information, we caught 10 of the ' Al Queda' kind of members.

12) Missing Jets Engine, it was reported gone to three countries that was against the contents written in the " agreement " between BolehLand and US.

13) Then the "Allah issue" as stated above.

14) Dozens of high profiles corruptions cases which runs into multi millions to billions ringgit corruptions which had resulted our Transparency Index had declined further.


Many of the above are being recorded by video. And how to divert all these dirty corruptions and scandals ?????? ............ it is so easy .............. according one of our former 'brightest' politican .......

Because today, our world has the 'Avatar' kind of technology .... all the above 15 cases were staged by the US .... and the achitect is James Cameron ( funded by the PR).

I was shy because a woman doctor was to examine me - Saiful

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the alleged sodomy victim in the trial involving opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who gave his testimony told the court that he first went to 2 private hospitals before getting examined at Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

At KLH, he then registered at the Outpatient Ward where a female doctor was assigned to examine him. He then told the doctor that he is shy because she is a woman where she then suggested a male doctor to examine him. Saiful said "When I met Dr Daniel, I was tired and I told him frankly that I came to HKL for an examination as I had been sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He was a bit shocked," The trial saw the court visiting the condominium unit where the alleged act had taken place in the afternoon before resuming back in open court. The trial resumes today.


He behaved like a 'Bitch on heat'... wanting to be f**ked, waiting to be f**ked!!
macam a 3rd grade porno movie cater for TV Malaysia. What a lpad of crap!!
SHYand Shame, what does this human waste knows, the true meaning of these two words...
Who will believe such absurdity...he is a bloody disgrace, not only to himself, he shamed the whole nation.

This was a plan to frame Anwar just because, he is the biggest threat to the UMNO-led govt...Mongolian C4 is simply no match to him. This Umno PM is not only a corrupted politician but, involved in a MURDER.!
This pawn "Sinful" was used to deflect the attention and interest from the rakyat who were keen to see the UMNO PM come out clean if he was not linked to the murder of the Mongolian beauty, Altantuya.
The world is watching, let us see how low will these UMNO faked muslims bastards will stoop!
How low will these UMNO bastards want to drag the good people of malaysia down,
just to clinch on to power......

Remember, Muslim Allah in particular will destroy these evil minds, who went out of
their way to wreck an innocent man's life and his family...let us wait and see, the end is near....




04 February 2010

Sodomy trial gets underway, Saiful testifies and will continue tomorrow behind closed doors

The sodomy trial involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Mohd Saiful Bukhari adjourned at 5.15pm today and will continue tomorrow at 9.15am using in-camera due to the sensitivity of the testimony. Mohd Saiful Bukhair, the alleged victim took the stand to testify at 3.46pm where he elaborated about his education background as well as identified Anwar in the court and what he was supposed to do when he was working as Anwar’s personal assistant which includes organizing secret meetings with MPs from the BN (Barisan Nasional).

The prosecution had began their opening with saying that they will prove that the semen stains found in Saiful’s anus belonged to Anwar and that they will establish the sodomy charge beyond reasonable doubt. Tian Chua, the strategic director of PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) was earlier barred from entering the courtroom after he led 20 supporters with Nazri Yunus, the former chief of GERAK Malaysia with banners worded with ‘Perhimpunan Bantah Fitnah Ke-2’ and chanting ‘Reformasi’. According to Solicitor-General II Datuk Mohamed Yusof Zainal Abiden, the evidence was taken from the medical examination conducted on Saiful at the KL Hospital on June 26, 2008. The incident was reported by Saiful to have occurred at the Desa Damansara Condominium 2 days before. Saiful, in his testimony, said that he was told to discuss some working arrangements with Anwar at 2.30pm on the day the alleged act took place where Anwar asked him ‘Can I f*** you?”


If at all Saiful was sodomised by DSAI, sometime b4 his allegation, the so called 'evidence' of semen found on Saiful as stated by the prosecution carries no weight at all and is a blatant twist of facts. In other words Saiful did not wash hios anus after shitting to ensure that Anwar's semen was stuck in his anus and intact. What bloody nonsence is this? Come on, we Malaysians can be bought over by such deciets.

haha,how was dsai ass?u filthy ass hole why anwar couldnt f**k his wife?he allready have 6 children yaamie.still he interested of u?what a joke.haram ya amie.u are an islamist should not put on false allegation on anwar.2)its illegal in islam to agree and have a sex with same gender?why dont u know this ?i saw ur oath in masjid but its not an islamic way and it is christian way of oath.if u are islam u should put quran in ur head and make promises.u should have attleast 3 witness to show that anwar sodomised question is when u and anwar was there alone in the apartment how come u can arrange for 20 eyewitnees.even 2years child now abt this logic yaamie.its haram and u have to face it in judgement day.the punishment is more heavier than people sodomised u if u have falce ellegation for money purposes.dont tal about islam to me

If tere is no forced penetration or tear in the anus, how one expects the sperm to stay inside the anus? Did he not wash or pass motion where the sperm would not have stayed inside? How long ago he was examined by another doctor after having been sodomised? Did the chemist/lab mentioned that was a new specimen of sperm and not that ten year old taken out from sodomy 1? These are the questions we need to know the truth and nothing but the truth. Why Saiful could manage to meet PM over the education scholaarship which has no relationship to that subject matter? What is the bottom line over the meeting? There are more questions than answers over the sodomy case.

Closed doors!!! Good opportunity for this monkey Judge to have a go at the pretense of inspecting his ass-hole. Sinful, you will win the case hands down...if you lubricated your cute hole smoothly.
The seduction part your are an expert...

It is all in the family ma..Kangaroo Court in full actions!!

03 February 2010

PM’s aide to quit over ‘racist’ remarks

Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s aide Datuk Nasir Safar will tender his resignation after allegedly saying “Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies” at a 1 Malaysia seminar in Malacca, comments that undermined the Prime Minister's recent charm offensive.

Nasir had earlier denied the claims, but a statement from the Prime Minister's Department tonight said the senior aide will quit his post.

“The remarks allegedly made by Nasir in Malacca today do not in any way reflect the views of the Prime Minister,” the statement said.

“Nasir never intended to make any derogatory remarks. He spoke at length on the contributions made by all races in developing the country.

“Nevertheless, Nasir apologises for any offence caused ... and in light of this, will tender his resignation.”

The allegation comes at a time when Najib has been working hard to win over the support of non-Malays amid the “Allah” row, which saw attacks on places of worship across the country. It also showed that, despite his intentions, his aides and political operatives have still not embraced his 1 Malaysia concept to bring unity and progress to the country.

“I did not say the word ‘pendatang (immigrant)’. I only said the country has been successful as the Chinese and the Indians from those days until today have been coming here to work,” Nasir told The Malaysian Insider in a telephone interview.

He also dismissed claims that he had threatened to revoke the citizenships of non-Malays who demanded that their rights be respected.

“I did not threaten anyone, and I have never intended to do that. You know I’m very close to MIC people. I only said it is not good for any community to make so much demands as other communities will retaliate,” said Nasir, who used to be a Johor state assemblyman and division chief..

The Malaysian Insider understands that several MCA and MIC leaders walked out of the meeting at the Malacca International Trade Centre after Nasir made the alleged remarks.

The MIC Youth is also planning to lodge a police report against Nasir.

Nasir added he also did not ridicule other languages but only defended the supremacy of the Malay language: “I said Malay language is the national language, there should only be one national language.”

His defence was, however, disputed by those present at the seminar.

An Alor Gajah MIC member, who only wished to be known as Maniam, said he heard clearly Nasir’s threat to revoke citizenships, before he joined others to leave the meeting. “I also heard he said when Umno is facing problems MCA, MIC and Gerakan do not seem concerned,” he told The Malaysian Insider by telephone.

Sources said Nasir also remarked that "Indians in Malaysia have crossed the line. They force the government for 12 subjects in SPM. Don't force the government. We can anytime revoke the citizenship of the Indians in Malaysia."

The senior aide also allegedly said "Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies", touching off the furore and leading to the walkout.

Another local MIC member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also said he heard Nasir use the word “pendatang”. “He said it was Umno who drafted the (federal) constitution and other parties were not involved,” he said.

He added that they confronted Nasir during tea break but the latter defended himself by saying he was only referring to Hindraf leaders.

The outlawed Hindraf group, which brought 30,000 Indians to the streets in November 2007, have persistently charged Umno with sidelining the community.

Malaccca Barisan Nasional (BN) component party leaders are also planning to handover a memorandum to Najib when the coalition chairman visits Malacca this Thursday.

Meanwhile, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has condemned Nasir’s remark and called for action to be taken under the Sedition Act.

“Although the remark does not reflect the government’s or the prime minister’s stand, but it has hurt the feelings of the Malaysian Indian community,” he said.

“MIC condemns the colonial attitude of this person for degrading the Malaysian Indians and we demand that this person be punished under the Sedition Act, and MIC will lodge a police report against this person. If it is proven that this person has uttered [the] seditious remark, action must be taken against him,” Samy told The Malaysian Insider.

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang challenged members of the Najib administration to raise the matter at tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting.

“Will ministers put Nasir Safar on the mat at Cabinet meeting tomorow? Najib’s 1 Malaysia getting very torn and tattered,” he wrote in his @limkitsiang twitter microblogging account.

Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow said Nasir should also apolgise openly for his statement despite his resignation.

“Gerakan wants him to apologise,” he told The Malaysian Insider, adding non-Malays have always been reminded not to question the social contract but this time it was perpetrated by someone from the community.


Another one in the Ahmad Ismail mould. Let us hope no innocent person gets arrested under the ISA for this sin.

MIC members you all deserved all these racial remarks from him. After all MIC has been apple polishing your UMNO masters for decades. So don't complain.

Well at least some MIC & MCA fellas appear to have a measure of guts by confronting the racists of Najib's cabinet..

Haven't you guys been taken for a ride long enough? The only reason why UMNO continues to remain in power is because MIC, MCA & Gerakan just can't seem to extricate themselves from the bed that UMNO has made. As it is, Najib has already been shaken by so many events, that I just can't understand what else is left for him and his cabinet, in terms of credibility.

Try it MCA,MIC, Gerakan, and see how fast UMNO/Perkasa/Mahathir fade into the black hole.

I was disgusted when I saw Najib, Hishamuddin, Shahrizat and other UMNO people at Batu Caves during Thaipusam. These are the people who broke our temples. Now they need the Indians vote they came to Thaipusam like a wolf in a sheep cloth. Today he has shown the true colour of Najib and UMNO. To those Indians who still believe in Najib and UMNO I would say what Nasir said you deserve it. The god has shown that these people cannot be trusted.

Port Dickson installs 36 CCTVs on its beach

A total of 36 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have been installed in stages around Port Dickson beach since last month to ensure safety in the area.

Port Dickson Municipal Council (MPPD) President, Shamsuddin Abdul Wahab said for a start, a total of 20 CCTVs leased for 10 years and valued at RM3.6 million (including maintenance cost for that period) had been installed at several locations, especially along the coast.

“The installation of the CCTVs monitored by the police and the MPPD can curb the crime rate and maintain cleanliness along the beach.

“The CCTVs are required around busy areas such as near the banks and supermarkets as the CCTVs could focus directly on offenders,” he said here today.

He was speaking at the CCTV and MPPD Golden Lounge opening ceremony in conjunction with MPPD’s Eighth Anniversary officiated by Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan at the MPPD hall, here today.

Also present at the ceremony was state police chief Datuk Osman Salleh.

More than 35 hotel and tourism product operators received the MPPD Golden Lounge privilege cards that offer special services including waiting room when dealing with MPPD at its counter


I bet some of his video clips will end up in gutteruncensored.

Sodomy trial II to start tomorrow at 2.30pm, no more delays

The sodomy trial involving opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and alleged victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan will only start tomorrow after Anwar failed to delay the court proceedings any further. Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah, the High Court judge decided that there would be no further delay and that the trial to start tomorrow at 2.30pm.

The defence team had earlier filed for a stay of proceedings where they were to meet Tan Sri Alauddin Mohd Sheriff, the Chief Judge of Malaya tomorrow to review the decision of the Federal Court for more evidence. Tun Zaki Azmi, the Chief Justice was not in office but has called on Allaudin to meet the team tomorrow. The High court adjourned earlier to allow Anwar’s lawyers to get the date for the review on the ruling by the Federal Court which stopped the lawyers from obtaining additional evidence for the trial.


Make sure they carry Saiful's arse and present it in court as the first piece of material evidence! If his arse proved to be intact, then all charges should be dropped and no time should be wasted in such a stupid case!


Najib and Rosmah must be subpoenaed to court to testify about their meeting with Saiful prior to the police report made against Anwar. Lets see whether Najib and Rosmah will swear on the Quran in court that they have never met Saiful before.

If they swear upon Allah and lied in front of Him, the whole world would know.

do you expect that HE sends a fax to say, they have said the untruth??????????????????????

Yes, the whole world is watching 1Malaysia's shameful show.
They just have thick buffalo skin and do not understand the meaning of shame. What a shameful act they are putting up. No wonder foreigners are staying away from Malaysia. Who wants to invest billions in a country where there is no law but only kangaroo courts.
Wise up man!

Why do the prosecutors made sodomy between willing partners so important? If Saifu wnats his balakan to be played,then why complaint???Think of those innocent rape victims,and what have the prosecutors do? Did they ever ,really go to the extend of prosecute any?..The prosecution claimed they found semen in Saifu anus,but can they proof to the world that there was ever a deep penetration of the accused pennis into the anus? If they can't, then they would need a incentric Paul Augustine to rule otherwise..but he is right now can't RIP of making contradicting judgement ...and i hope who ever make judgement make it with a very clear conscious and not to be influrent by any others..

Melaka government urges Selangor MB to accept payment

The Melaka government urged Selangor Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to adopt a proactive attitude and accept the RM5.439 million in quit rent arrears that Yayasan Melaka is footing on behalf of Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan (YBK) Selangor.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said Khalid should not offer excuses not to accept the payment.

He told this to reporters after checking on preparation’s for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s upcoming visit to Melaka, at Pantai Kelebang here today.

He was commenting on news reports today which said that Khalid would not accept the payment as the deadline to settle YBK’s quit rent arrears amounting to the sum remitted by Yayasan Melaka ended on Friday.

The Selangor government and YBK had been on the warpath over the quit rent arrears for YBK’s 526 hectares of land in Serendah, Selangor.


Can the CM of Melaka explain why taxpayer's monies are being used in such a way to bail out UMNO lackeys?

The Melaka government urged Selangor Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to adopt a proactive attitude and accept the RM5.439 million in quit rent arrears that Yayasan Melaka is footing on behalf of Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan (YBK) Selangor. Melaka has already settle the Kemiskinan problem. Take care of your state first before helping others. Why don't you help other BN controlled state. Ali is enough with your wayang show.

31 January 2010

PKR confident Zahrain won’t quit

PKR leaders have expressed confidence that Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohd Hashim will not quit their party nor instigate another 10 Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers to defect and give arch rival Umno-BN its much longed-for two-thirds parliamentary majority.

“This is clearly another case of the Umno-controlled media trying to create the impression that Pakatan is on the verge of a breakup,” Tian Chua, PKR strategic director, told Harakahdaily.

“And their reason is obvious – to deflect attention from the horrifying shortcomings of Prime Minister Najib Razak and his cabinet over the Allah issue, the huge capital flight and economic mismanagement, as well as Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s upcoming sodomy trial that has already been slammed by world bodies.”

Indeed Tian may have hit the nail on the head. At an event in his Pekan constituency, Najib was quick to latch onto the “the political crisis faced by the opposition leaders”.

“It has reached such a serious stage that it reflected a loss of confidence in the policies and administration of the Penang government," the PM told reporters.“The situation has reached such a stage that a group of PKR leaders have issued statements which I consider to be a clear rejection of what is being done by the present leader.”

Yet on the same day, it was his own Umno-BN government that Amnesty International condemned for pushing through with a sodomy “show trial” against Anwar. The global watchdog warned that the sodomy charges were against the rules laid out by the UN Human Rights Commission in 1997 and that the latest federal court ruling disallowing Anwar access to key evidence was against UN specifications of what constituted a fair trial.

Too smart to leave

Nonetheless, it was on Thursday that Zahrain surprised even his own colleagues in Penang by calling Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng a dictator, a Chinese chauvinist and a communist. He also questioned why Guan Eng had delivered one-third of a recent speech in Mandarin.

Zahrain’s outburst, coming hot on the heels of another controversy sparked by by Kulim MP Zulkifli Noordin, was immediately seized on and played up by the Umno-controlled mainstream media. According to their latest speculation, Zahrain was poised to jump ship and take along with him at least another 10 Pakatan parliamentarians.

On the hot list of those most likely to be enticed by the former Penang PKR chief were Selangor PAS commissioner Hasan Ali and Zul Noordin.

“I don’t see Hasan Ali leaving PAS at all. As for Zahrain, he’s a very shrewd man. It is highly unlikely that he will quit PKR and forego all the perks that he is currently enjoying in Penang,” Tian said.

“This is something for him to sort out with Guan Eng. It may well be that he wants to pressure Guan Eng for something or other. If Zahrain really wanted to go, he would declare his departure suddenly – when the time and the numbers are right. Not like now, no need to make so much noise.”

Tian also confirmed that PKR would be holding a supreme council meeting on Sunday but denied it had been specially convened to discuss Zahrain. “It is our usual monthly meeting and there are no plans to discuss Zahrain as reported in some of the press,” Tian added.

Upset over a golf tender to a RM2 company

Meanwhile, in a statement issued on Saturday, Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow blasted Zahrain for his harsh words towards Guan Eng, the DAP secretary-general.

“Zahrain should not try to provoke sentiments and attempt to break up Pakatan Rakyat in Penang by claiming that PKR has no say in the administration of the PR state government,” said Chow.

“How can Lim be a chauvinist when he went to jail and lost his parliamentary seat to defend a Malay girl who was detained even though she was a rape victim?”

Chow went on to reveal that Zahrain was upset because Guan Eng had refused to endorse his decision last year, when as chairman of Island Golf Properties, he had wanted to award a tender for the privatized management of the Bukit Jambul Golf Club to a RM2 company.

“As chairman of PDC, Lim had recommended that the Board of Directors over-rule Zahrain's award of the tender and called for a fresh re-tender,” Chow said. “The Board of Directors of PDC had accepted Lim’s recommendation that to give the tender of running the only golf club in Penang worth tens of millions of ringgit to a RM2 company would not comply with Penang’s CAT governance of Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

“Giving contracts to a RM 2 company would make a mockery of the change that Penangites voted for in the 2008 elections and make Penang Pakatan Rakyat no different from BN.”

Chow also rapped Zahrain for questioning why a third of Guan Engs speech during the first Pakatan Rakyat National convention on December 19 was in Mandarin.

“Clearly Zahrain was absent as Lim had spoken 85 per cent in Bahasa Malaysia with the remainder 15 per cent in English and Mandarin,” Chow said.

“But even if one third of Lim’s speech had been in Mandarin, is it a crime to speak in one own’s mother tongue? This extremist approach befits a typical Penang Umno leader and not a PKR or Pakatan Rakyat leader.”


It is very dissapointing that a PKR representative acting like Barisan Najis and recommend for the award of tender worth RM10,000,000 to a RM2 company.

Now how many of us don't know that RM2 company are just companies setup by politicians, normally owned by some proxy to make themselves rich?

Pakatan Rakyat need to set an example of what kind of representative is acceptable. Maybe people like Zahrain should not be selected to run in the next election. Otherwise what is the difference between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Najis?

PKR is full of crooks who cant make it in UMNO, they are pure umno drop-out , so PKR is their fall-back.

THese umno drop-out think DAP should behave like umno , once in power , should be given a lot leeway to milk fron the govt and people.

Now, with DAP and LGE, they cant have their way, so they are very frustrated , and behaving like kids and throwing tantrum. They will resort to any measure ,

These drop-out , they do not know, they cant withstand the test of quality, their mentality are laid bare for the Rakyat to see.

Come next GE, they must be exterminated like pest without mercy by the Rakyat !!

You can take the boy out of the kampung but not the the kampung out of the boy. It is obvious that this zahrain fellow aspired to rise in umno but only to be rejected and failed miserable thus enrolling with PKR for a second helping.

This zahrain has close resemblence to that racist ahmad ismail and for all we know zahrain could have taken a que from that racist busturd to manouver in such cowardly direction.

LGE must have the balls to kick this F**k out, and I am very sure he has the balls to do it too. Dont care of the like of this F**ks in the party, its high time a trach pick up is required. So whazt if he is a ex-UMNO-turned PKR warlord? Tin Chuah and the DSAI must put theri foot down for the like of this F**k and the kulim A*****e. I am fedup with this sort of politics. If DSAI or the top brass is not going to take action, might as well vote for BN who has the money, as the PKR mentality will be the same ie I am now YB, give me contact s and lets not forget a title too....Datuk Seri, Dato, Tan Sri from the fat asses who cannot be questioned!!!!

Amnesty Int'l slams Umno-BN govt for 'show trial' against Anwar

Global civil rights watchdog Amnesty International has urged Prime Mnister Najib Razak’s Umno-BN government to drop its politically motivated criminal charges of sodomy against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

“The Malaysian authorities have resorted to the same old dirty tricks in an attempt to remove the opposition leader from politics. Malaysia’s judiciary should throw out these charges,” Sam Zarifi, Asia-Pacific director of Amnesty International, said in a statement obtained by Harakahdaily on Saturday.

Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, is facing a second round of sodomy charges that he has pleaded not guilty to. The 62-year old reform icon has blamed Najib for fabricating evidence in a bid to kill his political resurgence.

Following his public criticism of then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed in 1998, Anwar was arrested and convicted on sodomy and corruption charges. He spent six years in solitary confinement before his conviction was overturned and he was released.

His new trial – which the press has tagged as Sodomy II - is now set to begin on February 2 at the High Court. This case is the second time in 12 years that the Umno-BN government have brought such charges against the former DPM, who is now the adviser of the People's Justice Party or PKR.

Against fair trial standards defined by the UN

On Friday, he lost an appeal for access to the government’s evidence against him. Legal experts have slammed the apex court’s decision for ignoring an amendment in the Criminal Procedure Code that lawmakers had inserted for the express purpose of ensuring that defense teams had access to the same weapons as the prosecutors.

“Anwar’s case has rightly raised doubts among the international community and investors about Malaysia’s commitment to justice and the rule of law,” said Zarifi. “The prosecution’s refusal to deliver evidence to the defence at the pre-trial stage infringes international fair-trial standards and Malaysian law. “

Under Section 51A of Malaysia’s Criminal Procedure Code, the prosecution must deliver documents and a written statement of facts favourable to the defence.

This is in fact required by the UN Human Rights Committee, which has established that the minimum facilities for fair trials “must include access to documents and other evidence which the accused requires to prepare his case”, Zarifi said.

“The court’s decision to allow the prosecution to withhold key evidence sets a dangerous precedent for criminal cases in Malaysia,” he said. “This is a recipe for unfair trials.”

Against international human rights

Furthermore, Amnesty International said the criminal charge of sodomy against Anwar, under Section 377B of the Penal Code, is also at odds with international human rights standards.

“This British colonial-era law provides for prison and whipping, a punishment that violates the international law prohibition on torture and other ill-treatment. Moreover, the UN Human Rights Commission in 1997 ruled that sodomy laws infringe the fundamental right to privacy,” Zarifi said.

For five years, Anwar was banned from seeking public office as a result of his conviction on corruption charges. After the ban expired in April 2008, he won a parliamentary seat on August 26, 2008, and become the Opposition Leader and de-facto head of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

But on July 17, 2008, about a month before the Permatang Pauh by-election, Anwar was again arrested on charges that he had committed sodomy with a male former aide. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and loss of political office.

Zahrain, 2 other PKR MPs deny joining BN

Three PKR federal lawmakers, including Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim (pic) who is disgruntled with ally Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, have denied speculation that they are crossing over to rivals Barisan Nasional (BN).

The other two are Merbok MP Datuk Rashid Din from Kedah and Indera Mahkota MP Azan Ismail, who just quit as deputy chief of Pahang PKR. Both confirmed they will attend a special PKR supreme council meeting this morning to be chaired by de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar, who has just returned from Manila where he met prospective Filipino presidential candidates, had claimed that 30 BN MPs would cross over in September 2008 to form a Pakatan Rakyat federal government. He called for a meeting today, the second this past week, to discuss disciplinary matters in the party.

Zahrain did not attend the PKR supreme council meeting last Tuesday but resumed his simmering feud with Lim the next day, calling the DAP secretary-general a “dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded” in managing Penang.

PKR forms the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition with DAP and PAS.

The former Penang PKR chief has been incommunicado for the past four days but was quoted in the Sinar Harian newspaper today as saying “it hasn’t crossed my mind” to leave his party.

“Although I am uncomfortable with the developments in PKR, it hasn’t crossed my mind to leave the party as I still want to make the party struggle a success,” he was quoted as saying.

“I will be with PKR although there are many issues I don’t agree with.

“I hope there will be changes within PKR as promised to the people,” said the former Umno warlord.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Dr Mansor Othman had confirmed to The Malaysian Insider yesterday that three or four MPs wanted to leave PKR. But the Penang PKR chief declined to give details.

“Incorrect, incorrect,” Rashid told The Malaysian Insider when asked about speculation he was one of those contemplating a jump to BN.

He denied receiving any offer to jump from Umno or BN, who need 11 more lawmakers in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat for a two-thirds majority to pass any constitutional amendments.

“I have a post, I have a family, wife and children, what else do I need?” he said with a laugh when contacted last night, adding he was on his way to attend this morning’s PKR meeting.

He dismissed rumours of his departure as nonsense, which came after he quit all party posts in Pahang to remain an ordinary PKR member.

“I have already clarified I want to focus at the federal level, so there is no question of me leaving the party,” Azan said, repeating the speculation was “nonsense”.

Balik Pulau MP Yusmadi Yusof said he has to study the media reports before giving a response, adding he was feeling unwell after returning from a conference in Manila.

Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin also confirmed three days ago to The Malaysian Insider that he had no intention of quitting the party despite facing another disciplinary hearing, this time for lodging a police report against PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad over the latter’s support for the “Allah” ruling.

Zulkifli expressed confidence that he can explain his motives for the police report at the hearing scheduled within a month. There has been constant speculation that the ex-PAS member would leave PKR over ideological clashes since winning a seat under the party banner in 2008.

Education Ministry is big spender

In 2008 Auditor-General’s report, it was exposed that Education Ministry spent RM250 for each six Peacock flowers for SK Bukit Jawa 2 in Kelantan. However, it is learnt that the flowers in fact worth RM30 only according to the market price.

Besides that, the report published also revealed that the department spent over RM57,000 solely for gardening and maintenance purposes for SK Bukit Jawa 2. The amount spent is 880 per cent higher than other local nurseries.

The report signed by Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang noted that Education Ministry spent 56 to 64 percent higher to install and replace doors in SMK Mahsuri, Langkawi and SMK Seri Gunong, Alor Star compared to the original prices mentioned by Works Ministry.

As a result, Education Ministry paid RM480 per door instead of the lower price, RM272.20 quoted by Works Ministry. In an astounding report, even though previously RM18,600 has been allocated and spent to upgrade and improve the field at SK Gunong, it is learnt that the field remains bumpy while stones filled up the holes.











Mentality of Malays has not changed

Just days after former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made sensitive remarks over 9/11 attacks, once again he made headlines on his statement saying that mentality of the Malays in the country remains the same over the years.

Quoted from Malaysian Mirror, Mahathir said, “If they want to be rich, they will find the easiest way. If they can sell the country, they will, if they cannot, they will sell sand.”

He was merely responding to a question during an event at National Library yesterday when asked on his opinions if Malays in the country has changed. Mahathir pointed out that Malays should state and insist on their stand to remain strong as the backbone for the country.

He made sensitive remarks by saying that most Malays know nothing about the country’s history and therefore, doubt those who called themselves as Malaysian without knowledge of the country.

With more non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country debating about Malay issues, these organizations are rising fast as it is meant to protect the people in the country noting that UMNO failed to do so.


How can the mentality of the malays be changed if the government keeps on encouraging them to be "inert", according them special status, special privileges and all what nots! How do you expect them to grow up when they are being spoon fed for the last fifty odd years. They can hardly stand up today!

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