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28 September 2013

Malaysia most corrupt report ....Anwar and Jew did it not najib and all UMNO-BN cronies......ha ha ha ha....!!!!

Corruption has become endemic in Malaysia, say opposition politicians in response to a report just released by Ernst & Young which ranked Malaysia as among the most corrupt nations in Asia.

They are also not surprised at Malaysia's ranking, saying this was evidence of the failure of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his minister Datuk Paul Low

Low, the former president of Transparency International-Malaysia, was recruited by Najib as a minister in the Prime Minister's Department after the 13th general election to aid the government's efforts to combat corruption.

This is like a slap on Paul Low's face, especially since he recently insisted he was not merely an accessory in the government.All the talk of fighting corruption was rhetoric.

The report, titled Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013, said Malaysia, along with China, had the highest levels of bribery and corruption found anywhere in the world.

It also listed Malaysia as among the countries most likely to take shortcuts to meet targets when economic times are tough.The report was proof that corruption had become endemic in Malaysia.

The report was consistent with past surveys such as the Global Financial Integrity report, which named Malaysia as one of the countries with the highest amount of illicit capital flight.

This will definitely hamper not only our ability to attract investment, but it also means that there are real structural issues that inhibit economic efficiency.

Corruption means money is wasted, and this contributes to our deteriorating financial position, in light of mounting public debt and increasing deficit

If the menace was not addressed, the consequences would be severe.

Currently, the negative outlook rating by Fitch was a clear indication that something was amiss, adding that if the country's sovereign credit rating was downgraded, it would result in higher costs of borrowing, thus impacting the entire country.

In July, global ratings agency Fitch Ratings revised Malaysia's sovereign credit rating outlook from stable to negative as the possibility of addressing public finance weaknesses had deteriorated after GE13.

The solution in fighting corruption is down to political will. It requires no infrastructure investment as it is nothing radical.

This included making the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission truly independent, as the current scenario was that only the small fish were caught while the major perpetrators escaped.

For example, until today, no one has been convicted for the Port Klang Free Zone fiasco, when it entailed RM12 billion of public funds. The National Feedlot Corporation scandal is another case in point..





Let's list down Najib and his merry BN excuses tomorrow:
1) Tell me which countries don't have corruption
2) The report cannot be trusted, our statistic shows otherwise
3) Our corruption index dropped by 123.99%
4) Not my problem
5) Anwar and Jew did it

24 September 2013

ibrahim frog that take opportunity.... but calls PAS leader “opportunist” for attending Chin Peng wake

A Kedah PAS leader who turned up at Chin Peng's wake at a temple in Bangkok yesterday was described as an opportunist out to win Chinese support.

"This is nothing more than an attempt to strengthen his political standing," said Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali, referring to Fadzil Baharom, whom he claimed was trying to win Chinese votes, especially from among former Communist Party of Malaya members and their families.

“How can Muslim PAS leaders pay their respects to an infidel leader like Chin Peng?” he asked.

The Malaysian Insider reported that Fadzil was present at the Wat That Thong temple in Bangkok to pay his last respects to Chin Peng at 7pm yesterday.

Fadzil had said that despite the Malaysian government's portrayal of Chin Peng, he considered the latter to be a fighter.

Meanwhile, PAS deputy president Muhamad Sabu had disagreed with the government’s decision in refusing to allow Chin Peng’s remains to return, saying that there was nothing to fear with the ashes of the communist leader.

Chin Peng’s death sparked a controversy following Putrajaya's refusal to allow his ashes to be interred in his hometown in Sitiawan.

The government argued that thousands of Malaysians were killed or had suffered at the hands of the communists.

The decision drew flak from opposition parties and also prompted rare criticism from Barisan Nasional component party MCA. The Chinese party said Putrajaya had allowed the bodies of two Malaysian terrorists killed in Indonesia to be brought back to the country for burial in their hometowns.

Perkasa had also warned the MCA "not to upset the Malays" by insisting that Putrajaya allow Chin Peng's remains to be brought back here.

Chin Peng is expected to be cremated in Bangkok at 5pm today






BN have to thank you for losing the Chinese support.Why only warned MCA not to upset the Malays? Why is PAS not being warned not to upset the Malays? MCA cannot upset the Malays but Ibrahim Ali can upset the Chinese causing the chinese votes to flock to PR otherwise BN could have win with 2/3 majority.

Who are you to make so much noise about this issue? Why were you so quiet when the bodies of two terrorists were killed and their bodies brought back for burial? We should be fair to everyone and not one sided. You seem to bring up a lot of nonsense issues that divide the people instead of trying to unite them. What can the ashes of Chin Beng do? I hate the word communism but we are not talking on that issue. If you are so against communism why is our government have to trade with China a communist country? Have some sense.

PAS for national unity!

"Opportunist" or not, PAS/Pakatan Rakyat are the leaders of majority Malaysians and UMNO/BN the leaders of minority Malaysians.

Surely, majority Malaysians cannot be wrong? PAS is looking more and more the leader of Malaysians and Malaysia, whereas, UMNO/BN, they are so broken, so disunited. UMNO, like what Mahathir said is ageing and will meet its demise soon!

PAS for All! Selamatkan Malaysia!

the struggle of chin peng deserved to support ..but do not support the struggle of UMNO which fear corpses ashes

Another PAS leader stands up for Chin Peng

Chin Peng continues to draw official condemnation days after his death, but a PAS Member of Parliament has today spoken up in defence of the late communist leader.

Sepang MP Mohamed Hanipa Maidin (pic) took to task Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, saying he should not follow right-wing Malay group Perkasa when talking about the law.

The PAS lawyer was commenting on Khalid's statement that border checks would be stepped up to prevent any attempts at bringing back Chin Peng's remains into Malaysia.

"I urge them not to make statements like the Malay rights group Perkasa. Their statements must not be based on emotions but on history and legal facts," the first-term MP said in the Parliament during a debate on the Legal Profession (Ammendment) Act 2012.

Hanipa then referred to a statement by Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar that Putrajaya has no legal power to stop Chin Peng's ashes from being brought in, as well as the comments from former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor, that Malaysia will be a laughing stock for not allowing Chin Peng's ashes into the country.

"The former IGP had also suggested that Chin Peng's contribution to the country be studied again.

"Good thing it was Rahim Noor who had said that and not Mat Sabu. If it was Mat Sabu, there would have been thousands of police reports lodged against him by BN politicians," Hanipa remarked, referring to PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu.

Mohamad Sabu was at the centre of a storm last year for saying that history books deriding communist fighters should be revised.

Hanipa also defended Chin Peng as an independence fighter, a description that has not sat well with Umno leaders.

Hanipa is one of many PAS leaders who have openly come out in defence of Chin Peng, who died on September 16 in Bangkok.

Mohamad Sabu, in urging Putrajaya to reconsider its decision to bar Chin Peng's remains, pointed out that Islam never discriminated against its enemies.

Yesterday, a Kedah PAS leader, Fadzil Baharom, showed up at Chin Peng's wake at a temple in Bangkok, saying many Malaysians including PAS members have misunderstood the late leader.

"Malaysia's history has been changed. I am looking for the unvarnished version," said Fadzil.







A revolutionary ready to die for his beliefs on humanity against a group of people hungry for power and money...dont even speak of Ibrahim Katak Ali in the same breath as Chin stood steadfastly to his principles...the katak is still frogging around...

Why is UMNO so scared of communism? Their party is everything that is communism.

Chin Peng, regardless he was a Chinese, Indian or a Malay, he fought first against the Japs, and then the British. There is nothing wrong with that. He than signed a peace agreement with the government. Since the signing of the peace deal, he has not breach the agreement. Now all his family wants is to bring him back to his home town and reset in peace. Now, what is wrong with that. 

Comrade Chin Peng, rest in peace. In live and even you are now death, UMNO is still afraid of your ghost that may haunt them should they allow you to return home.

UMNO must learn! Remember the Tian Chua/Lahad Datu fiasco, where police reports were lodged the length and breadth of the country? Where they tried to rile up the emotions of the rural folks? 

What happened at the end of the day? Tian Chua was returned with a bigger majority in a Malay majority constituency. This only goes to tell the UMNO that Malaysians, urban Malays are too smart for all the sandiwaras. 

With regards to Chin Peng, he is a martyr in his own rights whatever way you look at it. God decides that Malaysians remember Chin Peng and celebrate his death annually, that is why he left the world on Malaysia day. Chin Peng truly a patriot and a freedom fighter. 

Again and again, it had been proven that PAS is surely the party to lead all Malaysians, seeing how their MPs visiting churches in the wake of the Allah issue. UMNO today is so irrelevant, it leads a minority Government, majority Malaysians just don't bother with their sandiwaras! 

Unless UMNO becomes more responsible and leads with accountability, there is no way it can survives PRU 14! Malaysians of all races are as united as ever, as determined as ever to change this corrupt Government! 


Selamatkan Malaysia! Pakatan Harapan Rakyat!


Zahid Hamidi feet gabby or practice racism ???

Chin Peng fought to return to Malaysia, say lawyers, contradicting Home Minister

The Home Minister has said that Chin Peng did not take the two chances given to him to return to Malaysia, but the late communist leader’s lawyers have a different take on what took place.

According to one of them, Chin Peng (pic) wrote at least 10 letters to the government seeking permission to return to Malaysia following the 1989 Haadyai Peace Accord between the Communist Party of Malaya and the Malaysian government.

All his applications were denied.

Lawyer Leong Cheok Keng said Chin Peng wrote a final note to a secretary of former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and when that also failed, he mounted a legal challenge.

"In one of those letters, he had also pleaded that he be allowed to visit his family on a social visit pass. He promised he would come in quietly. Even that was rejected," Leong told

All this was told to Leong by Chin Peng when they met to discuss his application to the courts to be granted entry into Malaysia. Leong was one of the lawyers who represented Chin Peng.

Leong's account contradicted that of Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who told the Dewan Rakyat earlier yesterday that Putrajaya had twice offered Chin Peng the chance to return, but the communist leader did not take up the offers.

Leong, who is also DAP's Malim Nawar assemblyman in Perak, said Chin Peng had told him that his early correspondence with the government was done with the assistance of a Teluk Intan-based lawyer, the late David Chai.

"Chin Peng told us he wanted to return home within the one-year period which he was accorded after the signing of the treaty. He had tried then and when those applications were rejected he resorted to legal avenues," Leong told  from Bangkok where he was among the 300 people who attended the communist leader's wake and funeral yesterday.

Leong said Chin Peng spoke of his earlier correspondence with the government to strengthen his legal argument. He filed the suit in March 2005 in the High Court but lost because he could not produce his certificates of birth and citizenship.

At the Court of Appeal in 2008, one of the three judges, Datuk Abdul Malik Ishak, said the memoirs written by Chin Peng containing full details of a British raid on June 16, 1948, entitled Alias Chin Peng - My Side of History, could not be accepted as the gospel truth.

"Anything can be written in the memoirs. The bottom line is this: Where are your documents? The onus is on Chin Peng to produce them," Abdul Malik said.

He had to produce the documents to prove that he was a Malaysian before he could pursue his legal action.

Chin Peng said he could not produce the documents as they were seized by police during a raid in Kampar. He escaped.

Relatives and mourners lead a procession for the cremation ceremony of the late Chin Peng in in Bangkok on September 23, 2013. - Reuters pic, September 24, 2013.

Chin Peng claimed that he was entitled to come back to Malaysia as he was born on Oct 20, 1923, in Sitiawan, Dinding, Perak.

The legal challenge finally fizzled out in the Federal Court in 2009.

Another lawyer, Chan Kok Keong, echoed Leong's views in a text message.

Chin Peng was cremated in Bangkok yesterday but it is not known where his ashes will be interred.

His family has refused to say anything, but politicians are still debating whether his ashes should be allowed to be interred in Sitiawan.

Zahid had said that the government was against Chin Peng's ashes being brought back as it feared he would be hero-worshipped and that a monument would be built in his name.

The home minister also pointed out that Chin Peng and his communist guerrillas had killed more than 10,000 Malaysian men, women and children.

There are those who think it should be allowed. For one, MCA, a component of the ruling Barisan Nasional, has accused Putrajaya of being "racist" because of its stand. It pointed out that the remains of two Malaysian terrorists, Noordin Mat Top and Dr Azahari Hussein, who were killed by Indonesian police, were buried in Malacca and Johor respectively.

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