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25 September 2010

Dr M’s warning reveals Umno’s new tack for votes

In a classic two-pronged strategy, Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak is leading the party’s charge for the non-Malay vote while his deputy works on Malay groups such as Perkasa in the ruling coalition’s bid for more support in the next general elections.

The strategy has also seen Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad emerging as Najib’s point man for the crucial Malay vote with the former premier’s warning yesterday that the community will lose political power if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) captures Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional (BN).

The Malaysian Insider understands that the Umno leadership believes it is courting disaster if it is seen to be pandering to non-Malays although the prime minister has been actively reaching out to religious and communal leaders to emphasise inclusivity and unity under his 1 Malaysia concept.

But Dr Mahathir and his ilk believe that the key to Najib’s big win in the next polls is resounding Malay support and crucial for Umno to work with Perkasa and other right wing groups The country’s

longest-serving prime minister is to expound on this theme when he addresses the Perkasa Kelantan rally tomorrow at the Pasir Mas Railway Station in Kelatan.

The former Umno president, who still commands widespread influence among Umno members and larger Malay community, pointed to the former PR mentri besar in Perak Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as an example of how Malay politicians had been sidelined by the fledgling coalition.

“We see Nizar in Perak...even though he was Mentri Besar he followed the instructions of DAP until he fell. The Chinese claim this was BN’s move to bring down a Chinese government.

“So they called it a Chinese administration and is it not possible that we can have a prime minister like Nizar, Malay in name and a Muslim but not really independent and a tool of others,” he said in an interview with the Umno Online website yesterday.

Dr Mahathir said that while Nizar represented PAS which supposedly champions Islam, he was actually used to secure Malay support.

He pointed out that there was no requirement for the prime minister to be a Muslim or Malay. All that was needed, Dr Mahathir said, was that the person had the support of the majority in Parliament.

“There is no restriction in law. In our Constitution there is nothing to stop a Chinese or an Indian from becoming prime minister. What is needed is support from the majority. If the majority agree there is nothing we can do,” he said.

Apart from Dr Mahathir, other Umno leaders such as Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin have been tasked to manage the Malay ground and recapture support from those who now back PAS and PKR, which has a number of former Umno leaders.

The strategy however will see the country’s top leaders sounding as different as night and day as they work their charm offensive on the non-Malays and Malays.

Najib’s recent praise of the tiny Malayalee community and support for an inter-faith group plus the project to re-brand Kuala Lumpur’s Brickfields suburb as Little India, to be officiated by his Indian

counterpart, will be balanced by ensuring that affirmative action policies stay in his New Economic Model (NEM) to be finalised next month.

The strategy has also seen Umno and Barisan BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor declaring that the ruling coalition will not support Ibrahim Ali in the next general elections only to see Najib and other senior leaders reversing that stand.

Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali has denied his movement is political but said its members will decide which coalition to support in the next general elections. The independent Pasir Mas MP has stressed that his movement’s growing membership of 300,000 cannot be discounted and their views considered particularly over Malay rights and the monarchy.

The focus, however, is on Umno as its senior allies MCA and MIC struggle through leadership changes and appear to lose support from their respective communities.

The question that lingers is still whether Malaysians are going to buy the good cop/bad cop routine from the top Umno and BN leadership in the run-up to the next general elections. And whether it’s tenable to straddle the fence indefinitely in the face of PR’s ambitions to rule the country after its historic wins in Election 2008.


umno is very smart .... najib is wooing the non malays while mah is wooing the malays in the hope that bn will win big in the next election . to out-class them, pk should work harder since they are also a multi-racial party to educate the rakyat especially the east malaysians because they still can't seem to bother for a change as yet !!!

It all just shows the two faces of UMNO. It speaks with forked tongue, saying one thing to one half of Malaysians, and another thing to the other half. It just means that UMNO cannot be trusted. It also shows that UMNO has not changed but will continue playing the race and religion cards in an attempt to benefit itself. Malaysia will never be free of race politics until UMNO is laid to rest!

Mahathir is just trying hard to keep UMNO in power because he fears a new government based on law and order will send him and his cronies to prison for his abuses of power, corruption, including corruption of the judiciary and civil service, and for racism. And he fears that unlike Mandela, he will not see freedom ever again. That's what's driving him.

24 September 2010

Idris Jala calls on people to keep their faith in govt

Datuk Seri Idris Jala, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has called on the people to keep the faith in the government and to continue their support. He said that the ‘positive energy’ would give more confidence to investors looking to build their business here and that the racial and political debates would only be counter-productive. He said “If there is no hope for the future, there is no power in the present. When we compete with many nations, if we get vortexed into discussions (on affirmative action) that are not constructive, we can’t get to implement the entry-point projects,”

He also commented that the bumiputera ‘special privileges’ would continue but such assistance would follow a more merit-based system. He said “Affirmative action will continue but redefined to be much more transparent and fair. It will focus on need and merit. We all agree — whether Malays, Chinese or Indians — that the poor need to be helped.

Those Bumiputeras who do not need to be helped, we would like them to compete on an even playing field with non-Bumiputeras. That is how you become strong. Under the New Economic Model, all of us need to share in prosperity that goes on for a long time. It is clear we need to start growing the economy. No football team can be champions without being united. We are competing in a global race where there are a lot of good competitors.”


Idris Jalang !!You urge the rakyats to support the government and provide "positive energy" to promote confidence to investors. !!! How very well said !!!! BUT 'special privileges' for bumiputra's would continue !!!! and others are history.....You think the people can't read in between the line regarding your statement ??? Don't think the rakyat are stupid

Govt acknowledges contribution by Chinese community to economy - DPM

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the deputy prime minister spoke at the launch of the 1Malaysia Lantern Festival at the MCA headquarters where he called on the Chinese community to help the government to develop the country by playing a greater role and that the government is aware and acknowledges the efforts put in by them thus far.

He said “We aim to be successful in building a developed country in every aspect according to our own way and become recognised by the international community. Our success is based on the diversity of talents, skills and potential of everybody in contributing to every aspect of the nation’s development. Therefore, all races that have the patriotic spirit should not be excluded in contributing because each citizen has a role and responsibility.

As citizens who love the country, we all need to play a role in contributing to the development of our country. In this context, we highly appreciate the contribution and role of our Chinese partners in developing the economy through business and retail activities. Therefore, anyone wishing to succeed in business should take the example and emulate the way of our Chinese partners. (We are confident) that our Chinese partners will not hesitate to help anyone who has the talent and potential to progress. In a larger context, we are confident that our Chinese partners are willing and sincere to help the government's efforts to achieve a NKRA that enhance the standard of living of low-income people,”


Already too late. You as our DPM, you cakap malay 1st Malaysia 2nd. In BTN courses, all non bumi are pendatang. In Umnoputera endless speeches calling the non bumi as pendatang and asking them to get out of Malaysia, some even call the non bumis as beggars and prostitutes. You Umno cheated on the meritocracy system. You Umno, mastermind of Perkasa, using Ibrahim to hit out at the non bumis. And Umno hidden hand, Dr M the brain behind Ibrahim Ali.

So how to trust Umno ?????? Too late lah !. Hundred of thousands of non bumis had left this country and even thousands of malay left too.

Tsu Koon supports Nazri on ‘Malaysian first’ statement

Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has come out to support his colleague in the department, Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz who said that he is ‘Malaysia first, Malay second’. Nazri made the statement when he wrote an open letter to one ‘Awang Selamat’, a columnist with Umno owned Utusan Malaysia who criticized him for hitting out at Malay rights group Perkasa.

Dr Koh said “Being Malaysian would not make citizens of the country any less Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban or other ethnic identity. To regard oneself as Malaysian is consistent with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's 1Malaysia spirit, which puts inclusiveness and social justice above race and religion. Malaysia should move forward with 1Malaysia and not to be distracted by old baggages of racial sentiments. We should unite rejecting all types of extremism. Being 'Malaysian first' is also in line with Gerakan's non-racial political ideology and approach, and clearly resonates with the thoughts of the majority of Malaysians who are moderate and fair-minded”


Educate what 1Malaysia policiy first, then it will materialise in people's eyes whether it is Malaysian first then ethnic. Right now even our ministers are giving chicken and duck language on 1Malaysia. DPM says this, then you have other ministers say otherwise. Confusing the public will only make 1Malaysia weak.

23 September 2010

I cannot act against racist principals, says DPM

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin claimed today he had no power to take action against the two school principals who allegedly uttered racial slurs, despite his position as the country’s Education Minister.

He explained to reporters here today that this was because disciplinary matters involving high-ranking civil servants comes under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Department (PSD).

“The minister cannot make a decision (on this). So cases that involve certain matters, including these principals who have high (pay) grades... If I am not wrong, their grades are between 48 and 52, so this has to be decided on by a disciplinary board under the (purview of the) PSD’s director-general,” he told reporters after opening the 10th regional seminar on the Criminalisation of Bribery at the Palace of the Golden Horses hotel here this afternoon.

Muhyiddin pointed out that the ministry, on its part, had already done its own research on the cases and had handed over its report to the PSD for further action.

“I have asked the PSD to mete out appropriate action. It is under their jurisdiction (to do so),” he said.

He added that he had already made the announcement and urged the people to wait for the PSD to make its decision.

Earlier this month, PSD director-general Datuk Seri Abu Bakar Abdullah told a press conference in Putrajaya that the department had already received a “six-inch thick” report from the Education Ministry on the matter.

“If there is a case against the principal, then the disciplinary committee will deliberate. A show-cause letter will be issued to the principal and she will be given the opportunity to defend herself,” he had reportedly said.

Siti Inshah Mansor, the principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, had allegedly told students during an assembly that the Chinese could return the China and that the Indians resembled “dogs” with their prayer strings.

“Pelajar-pelajar Cina tidak diperlukan dan boleh balik ke China ataupun Sekolah Foon Yew. Bagi pelajar India, tali sembahyang yang diikat di pergelangan tangan dan leher pelajar nampak seakan anjing dan hanya anjing akan mengikat seperti itu,” she had allegedly said last month.

Following the public uproar over her controversial statement, about 20 reports were lodged against the principal.

In the Kedah case, Ungku Aznan Ungku Ismail, the school principal for SMK Bukit Selambau in Sungai Petani, caused a national outcry when he too allegedly uttered racial slurs to his non-Malay students.

Ungku Aznan had allegedly publicly told a few Chinese students to go back to China for they were behaving disrespectfully when they were seen having breakfast in the school canteen during the Ramadan fasting month.

He later escaped stern punishment when he was merely reassigned to an office in the district education office at Kuala Muda in Sungai Petani, shortly after the incident, drawing flak from many political leaders, including those from MCA.

The government has come under fire for failing to act quickly on the matter, despite their swift action in the case of controversial rapper Wee Meng Chee or “Namewee”, who had produced a video in response to the incident involving the principals.

The opposition said the government was practicing “double-standards” in how it handled both matters, and have predicted that the Johor school principal would likely be let off with a mere slap on the wrist.


If DPM Anwar Ibrahim was sacked by the then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohd I don't see how Muhyiddin's excuses could hold water in this instance. This is All Double Standards being practice, what lame excuse. But then again we cannot expect anything fair coming from someone who is " I am Malay first, Malaysian Second " can we ??

Not only did this guy decide to do nothing, he turns around and insult your intelligence with a dumb excuse.

Or the government of Malaysia has just surrendered the country to the generals running the ministry of education.

Every time you open your mouth... you look a bigger fool, if bigger is at all possible! Why do you keep doing this to the office of DPM?

Come clean on casino plans – Anwar demands from Govt

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is demanding for the government under prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to ‘come clean’ about the widely speculated casino plans for Sabah under its ETP (Economic Transformation Plan) announced recently. Pemandu (Performance Management and Delivery Unit) led by Datuk Seri Idris Jala at the ETP Open Day had announced that the government is planning for a development of an ‘eco-nature’ resort in Sabah. With the figures and plans involved, many quarters believed that they were talking about a casino.

Anwar said “We want the Najib Administration to come out clean and explain whether they have given any approval or are contemplating building a casino in Sabah. Even though there has been no official admission from the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, the facts allude to the strong case where a casino will be built, under the guise of ensuring a higher ROI. All points lead to the fact that a casino will be established. Can our honourable Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak confirm or deny this?

The proposal to build a casino showed how the present government administration is intent on “popularising gambling” in the country, barely months after the huge outcry over Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s abortive attempt to introduce football betting. Do not hide behind a cloak, and hoodwink people with supposed plans for reform. You have to be transparent. Every citizen in this country has a right to know which direction the government is taking the country towards. By the looks of what is happening now, the Najib Administration is looking to popularise gambling. It has only barely two months since the sports betting licence issue died down, and now the government wants to build a casino? How will it benefit taxpayers? We will mount a massive campaign to prove that the current leadership of the government administration cannot be trusted. They had promised not to issue sports betting licences, only to want to now build a casino? If this is true, Najib has reneged on his promise,”


Why is PERKASA silent about the Casino.Isn't gambling against the teachings of ISLAM ?
Too many Malays are involved in gambling right now and PERKASA and the MUSLIM NGOs should do something about it.
Go to any Magnum,Toto or Da Ma Cai outlet and you will notice the patrons are mostly Malays and they gamble big.

IBRAHIM ALI and CO ,when will you do something good for your race and religion to stop malays gambling rather than harping on Article 153 ???????

Show maturity, support BN when beneficial, Zaid tells Pakatan

Unfortunately, that kind of political maturity is absent from the BN. I believe Saudara LKS is a model politician for all to emulate. I am afraid that many in PKR have the same mindset and UMNO since most of them are from there. Until the elected reps thinks as Malaysian first, we are not going to get them to embrace each other.

All Parties after election must come together to work for the common good of the country and not for the leader of their party by the rakyat of Malaysia. Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has told Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers to show political maturity and shake off fears of being unpopular by supporting the Barisan Nasional government’s policies if they were beneficial to the people.

The former Umno minister also urged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to take a firm stand on sensitive issues that touch on race and religion, even if his deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, was against it.

This, he claimed, were the main ingredients needed if the country wanted to break free from divisive and race-based politics to achieve national unity.

In a summary of his speech on national unity delivered at a function in Batu Pahat tonight, Zaid stressed that leaders from both sides of the political divide needed to stop their petty bickering and show some political maturity by standing together on longstanding issues that needed to be resolved.

“A show of unity would send the right signal that elected representatives are the ones who decide on policies for the rakyat and not some theologian or bureaucrat.

“I believe the opposition must support the government when it is good for the people,” he said.

Zaid, who is now the Pakatan Rakyat coordinator and a contender in the PKR deputy presidency race, also said that bipartisan support in Parliament should be encouraged as it was a reflection of a mature democracy.

“This is especially when the government needs help in dealing with certain difficult issues,” he said.

He expressed disappointment that PR lawmakers had kept silent when the Najib Administration wanted to present three bills in Parliament to resolve sensitive, outstanding issues – the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976, the Administration of Islamic Law Act 1993, and the Islamic Family Law Act 1984 – in early July last year.

The bills were aimed at clearing up some of the ambiguities in the country’s legal system pertaining to jurisdiction issues surrounding the Syariah law and common law, which have oftentimes caused much difficulties to families engaged in divorce matters, religious conversions or custody battles.

“Unfortunately of course, the Rulers Conference deemed it fit to review the bills themselves first and hence, the effort of the new Prime Minister was stopped and we have heard nothing since then.

“But still... PR parliamentarians had not taken the opportunity at the time to support the BN and the new PM to resolve these issues,” he lamented.

Zaid added that it was easy to talk about the intention to unite the nation and to come up with a to-do list on how to achieve it but finding a strong enough political resolve to do so was difficult.

“And this is where PR and BN must show some political maturity. It will be a test for [Prime Minister Datuk Seri] Najib [Razak] on the one hand and PR leaders on the other, on their commitment to national unity and political stability.

“The nation awaits to see an effective and responsible leadership to guide them through an uncertain future. This is the real challenge to all present political leaders,” he said.

Zaid claimed that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s model of politics - to reign by securing and maintaining power at all costs – is contrary to the reconciliatory politics needed for nation-building.

“Najib’s new formula is 1 Malaysia. Will it work?” he asked.

Najib, he added, needed to take a firm stand when handling difficult issues pertaining to the racial diversity of the nation.

“The long walk that will really test the mettle and sincerity of our leaders is the handling and managing of difficult issues. Matters like the special position of the Malays under Article 153 of the Constitution, the position of Islam under Article 3, the equality of all citizens and religious freedom... these are issues that need to be clarified with honesty.

“A firm stand must be taken by Najib, even if his deputy (Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin) is against it. No pussy footing, no fudging to please only certain groups.

“Only a clear articulation of the government’s stand on these issues will coalesce into national building blocks of trust necessary for unity,” he said.

It has often been speculated that there was no love lost between Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin, who has been accused by the opposition as being a hindrance to the Prime Minister’s 1 Malaysia goals.

Although both men have denied a friction in their relationship, Muhyiddin’s controversial assertion once that he was a “Malay first and Malaysian second” has continued to stigmatise the BN administration as being fractured and falling apart.

Zaid also bleakly pointed out that Malaysia had only regressed over the past few years, claiming that the country could now hardly be called a “united nation”.

“Unity has deserted us. We need only to open the newspaper to see how one race is being pitted against another, or religious issues that are being played up so openly to antagonise or demean one group against one another.

“Teachers have become purveyors of sick ideologies. We need only to go on the internet to be bombarded with blog postings or video clips that scream bigotry and intolerance,” he said.

In recent days, the country was hit by a slew of racially-charged issues, further fuelled by bickering between political leaders in the BN leadership.

Among the issues were the racial slurs uttered by two school principals, one in Johor and another in Kedah, who had allegedly insulted their non-Malay students in front of their schoolmates.

While the opposition and many leaders in MCA and MIC spoke out to condemn both principals however, the BN government was seen as acting too slowly in resolving the issue.

Najib in fact, was criticised for remaining “elegantly silent” in the matter.

What was most disappointing, Zaid pointed out tonight, was how political leaders continued to stay non-commital, refusing to acknowledge the severity and the impact of such open displays of intolerance.

“Our leaders have stayed totally impotent in the face of such an onslaught. In fact now, the divisive politics of the BN are detrimental to the long-term goals of the nation. It is also detrimental to BN’s own wellbeing,” he said.


Break away from cronism politics. No more father-son, father-mother-daughter, father in law-son in law ruling political parties. As if nobody else has the leadership material. We've had enough family politics in the federal government. It is time the opposition to show them good example. Vote for Pakatan so they can allow other non-family members too take up leadership too!!

Unfortunately, that kind of political maturity is absent from the BN. I believe Saudara LKS is a model politician for all to emulate. I am afraid that many in PKR have the same mindset and UMNO since most of them are from there. Until the elected reps thinks as Malaysian first, we are not going to get them to embrace each other.

All Parties after election must come together to work for the common good of the country and not for the leader of their party by the rakyat of Malaysia.

Nurul Izzah questioned for sedition

Nurul Izzah Anwar, the PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) Member of Parliament of Lembah Pantai was today questioned by the police on a report which was lodged by Malay rights group Perkasa which accuses her of questioning the federal constitution. She confirmed that she was questioned at the Dang Wangi police station for about 90 minutes for the article she wrote as well as her intentions for doing so.

She said "I was asked to provide information on my background, the contents of the article and my intention in penning the article. I was not looking for publicity through my article and categorically state my support for our Constitution, including Article 153, our royal institutions, Islam as our official religion and Bahasa Melayu as our official language. I categorically state that I did not call for a change or to repeal any Articles in the Constitution,"

Perkasa had on September 2 lodged the report against her for questioning the ‘Special rights’ of the Malay when she invited Perkasa to a ‘constructive engagement’ on Article 153 of the Federal Constitution. She also said “The current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib (Razak) understands the spirit of his father’s legacy and is implementing a needs-based affirmative action in the NEM (New Economic Model) as a change and modification of the original NEP which includes liberalisation of several economic sub-sectors. Wouldn’t this be in opposition to Perkasa’s Article 153 argument for economic non-liberalisation? It should also be noted that Tun Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) had also realised the advantages of meritocracy by changing and modifying the public university admission quota policy. And in April this year, he publicly declared that the NEP is a ‘temporary crutch’ for the Malays. Wouldn’t this be considered questioning Perkasa’s Article 153 interpretation?”


DPM said " the non bumis are the backbone of BolehLand".
Perkasa don't have backbone, they cannot stand on their own, they need crutches. Perkasa are pest, they are parasite they need to feed on others to survive.

The malays who dare to be different are those with dignity and integrity.... and Nurul Izzah. Nurul is not only smart, she is bold, fair, daring and of course a very pretty young lady. She has the intelligent and grace ... she like a Princess.

Zambry in hot soup for giving land worth RM6-8 mil to cronies

Perak Mentri Besar Zambry Kadir has come under fire for alleged corruption after he gave a 50-acre piece of land worth between RM6 to 8 million to a company owned by an Umno crony.

The news comes amid a storm of Umno and MCA accusations against the DAP for issuing recommendation letters to help businesses win contracts from the Selangor state government.

“This is the biggest joke. Here they just hand over the state’s land to their cronies. Not once have they thought about the aqua farmers who have been toiling the land for more than 20 years,” Teja assemblyman Chang Lih Kang told Malaysia Chronicle.

Unkindest cut, and not the first time

Chang has lodged a complaint with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission over the land in Kampung Sungai Itek in Gopeng, Perak. He has also demanded that Zambry be suspended from the Land Committee and that approval granted to the crony firm is immediately revoked pending investigations.

“This is the unkindest cut of all. Zambry not only ignored the claims of the farmers who have worked on land and contributed to the state’s economy all these years but he actually gave away the land to his cronies. It is a clear case of abuse of power,” said Chang.

The land is currently being cultivated by ornamental fish breeders and farmers, who have for years been applying for land titles from the state authorities but to no avail. When they found out about Zambry’s grant, they complained to their assemblymen.

Chang then raised the matter in the Perak state assembly and a written reply revealed that the land had been given to a company called Safura House of Diamond Sdn Bhd under the state’s Proper Village Planning Plan. A check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia showed that one of Safura’s shareholders is the deputy chief of Umno Gopeng.

“It is actually the second time this sort of shenanigan has taken place. The first scandal also took place in Kampung Sungai Itek, where the UMNO Gopeng division chief was given 10 lots of land in the planned village scheme,” said Chang.

More farmers are being evicted

He warned that if the federal authorities ignored the charges against Zambry and if the MACC delayed taking action, more farmers would be expelled from the land.

“Their livelihood will be badly affected. It is the duty of the government to care for the people and not grab their land from them and give to their friends and families,” Chang said.

"Through the years, the farmers in Sungai Itek have invested a lot of their savings and if they are evicted, they will have nothing. Even if Zambry offers compensation, the water quality might not be suitable for fishes. So what is going on, where are the priorities?”


when pakatan, dap or pas controlled state do anything wrong, everyone makes a complaint. now perak mb zambry sold the land to unmo cronies, it is ok because it is the bn govt. what is the stupid police and maac doing. are they blind and deaf in not investigating the case. i pity the poor farmers who are being cheated.

The same story happening over & over again......the never ending story !!!

As things are, BN has driven the final nail into its coffin.

Not only the people in Perak but around the country will now seal its fate to govern once & for all........we just cannot trust BN anymore no matter what.......times & times again they prove that they are blood suckers......robbing the common people's wealth / land.

19 September 2010

DAP says Utusan should explain its mosques hypocrisy

The DAP today called on Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia to explain its double standards after pictures emerged of Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians, including non-Muslims, “preaching” in mosques and suraus in Selangor.

“Utusan, please explain because we are confused,” said Selangor DAP secretary Lau Weng San (picture).

Lau, who is Kampung Tunku assemblyman, was referring to a series of pictures posted on Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad’s blog which showed politicians from Umno and MIC speaking in mosques and suraus.

He asked why the daily was not kicking up a fuss.

Last month, Utusan Malaysia along with Umno politicians and Malay rights group Perkasa lashed out at Teo Nie Ching for entering the Al-Huda Surau to hand over a donation upon the invitation of its committee.

The Serdang MP was also accused of delivering “tazkirah” or religious sermon and for using the surau for political purpose despite denials from the committee.

But Lau pointed out the pictures on Khalid’s blog also showed Umno leaders speaking in mosques along with Hulu Selangor MP P. Kamalanathan.

“I am sure some of the pictures were taken during the Hulu Selangor by-elections earlier this year,” he said.

Lau called on Utusan to make its stand clear on the conduct of these BN politicians.

Following the incident last month the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) issued a warning to Teo not to enter the prayer areas of any suraus or mosques in Selangor without its permission, while the surau committee was suspended.


UTUSAN is the most lousy newspaper around. It has no respect for editorial ethics neither has it any sense of professionalism. What more can you expect from such a daily? This is a good for nothing newspaper that is only an instrument for its political master to spread its propaganda, fanning racial hatred without being punished. The only good it serves is that its acerbic comments would definitely hasten the demise of its master

It is very clear to people now that WHO is having the double standard judging on the freedom in the press media, internet media, ....

Those who read utusan is only from UMNO and Perkasa perut sendiri. We the malays, have stop reading utusan very long time ago. Not worth a single cent.

PENANG EXCEEDED RM1 Billion in revenue in 2009 - 1st time in 52years

Congratulations to Penang!!!

Congratulations to all the People of Penang for voting in a better govt.

While Pahang which Governed by Barisan Nasional for past 52 years is facing bankruptcy.
Penang is praised by Global Anti-Corruption watchdog Transparency International for its anti corruptions efforts.

What makes Malaysia all of a sudden to be ranked on 47 out 180 countries ?
Answer : The Malaysian People made the right choice by denying 2/3 majority enjoyed by Barisan Nasional all this years. It’s a well check and balance by Pakatan on Barisan that led to this 47th position.

If Malaysians wants to enjoy this, then you should know what to do in the next election !!!

Anyway congrats to Pakatan Led by DAP in Penang. In just 18 months CM Lim turned around Penang into corrupt free State. Shame on BN & ex-CM Dr Koh of Gerakan.

As ex-Gerakan President Lim KY had said: "BN/Gerakan has lost Penang forever."

"RM 10 billion in losses from corruption per year is a huge sum and there must be greater commitment from the Federal government towards fighting corruption to ensure that 27 million Malaysians can benefit from this RM 10 billion dividend from successfully combating corruption."

GEORGE TOWN, Sept 24 – Global corruption watchdog, Transparency International (TI), has ranked Malaysia as the 47th least corrupt nation in the world and commended the island state of Penang for its anti-corruption efforts.

Denmark, New Zealand and Sweden was listed by TI as the top three least corrupt countries as measured by the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which ranks countries in terms of the degree to which businessmen and country analysts perceive corruption to exist among public officials and politicians.

Singapore, Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Netherlands, Australia and Canada rounded off the top least corrupt countries.

Malaysia came in 47th out of 180 countries in the index, tied with Hungary and Jordan.

The CPI is part of TI's Global Corruption Report (GCR) 2009 released yesterday.

In its report on Malaysia, TI highlighted the Malaysian practice of the "revolving door" whereby individuals move from government to business, or business to politics, and back again, and estimated that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year.

"Significant government participation in the private sector and considerable business participation in politics means that the movement of gatekeepers to players and players to gatekeepers has a negative influence on the concept of checks and balances," said TI.

"The complexity of the relationships between politics and the public and private sectors means that corruption may take place with impunity. Until drastic action is taken to separate the cozy relationship between government, business and politics, the anti-corruption effort will remain no more than a token gesture," said TI.

Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng says he is "humbled" by the recognition by TI and added that he was concerned over the fact that that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year – an amount equivalent to 1 or 2 per cent of GDP as pointed out by the GCR when it cited the findings of the special government business facilitation task force Pemudah and the World Bank.

Additional report contents that were of concern to Lim was Malaysia's per capita spending of only RM5 on anti-corruption efforts and the fact that only about 10 per cent, or just 7,223 potential corruption cases, of the total 71,558 reported between 2000 and 2006 were investigated by the Anti Corruption Agency, the precursor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, with a conviction rate of less than one percent.

"The GCR 2009 concluded that this illustration of the Malaysian government's inaction in the light of the serious corruption allegations, along with its seeming inability to catch the big fish instead focusing on the 'small fry', suggests that what anti-corruption efforts exist are mere tokens," said Lim.

"RM 10 billion in losses from corruption per year is a huge sum and there must be greater commitment from the Federal government towards fighting corruption to ensure that 27 million Malaysians can benefit from this RM 10 billion dividend from successfully combating corruption."

Lim also today announced that the state has managed to cut about RM36 million or 12 per cent of in operating expenditure this year due to its efforts to curb corruption.

"Transparency International' s recognition of anti-corruption efforts by the Penang state government through CAT (Competency Accountability And Transparency) governance is backed up by savings of nearly 12 per cent of the 2008 Penang state budget of RM 36 million from operating expenditure. This RM 36 million savings has allowed the state government to carry out social programs and implement its people-oriented government," said Lim.

TI said that the Penang state is the first Malaysian state government to implement the open tender system for government procurement and contracts.

It also recognized the state government's directive barring administrators and state executive councilors from making any new land applications and efforts to attract professionals to serve on various boards, such as the Penang State Appeals Board.

"On behalf of the Penang state government, we feel humbled by the recognition given by a world renowned body such as Transparency International and would redouble efforts to ensure the anti-corruption reforms are institutionalized and ensure more professionals are appointed to key bodies. Fighting corruption generates savings for the people," said Lim.

He added that the two local authorities in Penang are expected to save another RM34 million over three years from a "transparent" negotiation over the price of solid waste disposal that reduced the rates agreed to by the previous Barisan Nasional administration by a further 42.4 per cent.

Lim said that the savings would go towards the state government's "3E" programme to "enable" the people with skills and knowledge so that they have an equal opportunity to create wealth, "empower" them with fundamental rights and basic freedoms, and "enrich" the people by sharing wealth and economic benefits.

Now it is Penang Boleh - Vote wisely for a better Malaysia.


Pahang State Government can employ Lim Guan Eng & Co to run the state like Penang for a sum similar to the Federal government paid out to APCO. The proof is already shown in Penang just for 18 months. DAP have experts in controlling corruption that will help to prevent Pahang State from becoming bankrupt within two years.....Good luck.

Pakatan Penang Success had churned up many complaints by Green Eye monsters from Amno/BN and paid cyber beggars but we can't blame them. Because for the past 52 years, the Amno/BN had failed to deliver promises to the Penang people. Under Pakatan/DAP it took less then 18 months, Penang's revenue exceeded ONE BILLION RINGGIT.

And Pakatan lead Penang is apple to the Transparency International (TI), in the past 53 years it is the FIRST time that TI had praised Malaysian (because of Penang's CAT SYSTEM). Today Pakatan lead Penang had put Malaysia in the limelight, Transparency International will take Penang as a SHINNING EXAMPLE OF GOOD/HONEST GOVERNANCE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD !. KUDOS MR LIM GUAN ENG, KUDOS PAKATAN RAKYAT. On behalf of my family, i hereby say a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Lim Guan Eng and Pakatan Rakyat.

If 53 years ago, Malaysia was governance by smart and honest politicians like MR LIM GUAN ENG, today our nation's revenue should easily exceeded rm500 billion instead of a 'quostan' of rm362 billion in debt.

Harakah promotes PAS, Rocket promotes DAP, but Utusan don’t support their own bosses

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has hit out at Utusan Malaysia, the Umno owned newspaper questioning the publication if they are trying to suggest that the current prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should step down and be replaced by the former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. This came in the recent reports of the leaders in Umno who have come out to reject Malay rights group Perkasa while Dr Mahathir had openly voiced his support. Utusan however stood in support of Dr Mahathir.

Nazri said “I cannot understand Utusan. Who is their boss — Najib or Dr Mahathir? I wonder sometimes if they have an agenda to bring back Dr Mahathir to replace Najib. By playing up Dr Mahathir’s statements of support for Malay rights group Perkasa, the daily was clearly weakening Najib’s 1 Malaysia concept. They should be promoting Najib’s 1 Malaysia and not undermine his programme. [Instead] they are supporting Dr Mahathir. Because in the angle of their news reports, they want to give Dr Mahathir more coverage than Najib. They seem to have their own agenda. Do they have an agenda to bring back Dr Mahathir to replace Najib? And certainly, 1 Malaysia is Najib’s agenda so Umno-owned papers should be seen to support Najib by promoting 1 Malaysia. But I do not know... I am not directly involved in this. Like if you look at Harakah, they promote PAS’s programmes, Suara Keadilan promotes PKR, The Star promotes MCA, but Umno’s paper Utusan does not even support their own bosses,”

He added that “To me, they do not represent the feelings of the Malays on the ground because the Malays who support PAS will continue to support PAS regardless of what Utusan says and so will the PKR boys who support (PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim)... they do not care what Utusan says, and the same goes for all,”


The dog bites back!

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