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14 June 2012

what the Strangely ..... it is UMNO's flesh and blood to bribe the people ....Pakatan shows video clip, alleges MP offered RM2m to defect

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alleged today one of its MPs was offered RM2 million to defect to Barisan Nasional (BN) after screening a five-minute video of a purported meeting between the lawmaker’s representatives and agents from the ruling coalition from over a year ago.

Opposition MPs showed the clip, which they said was recorded in a Klang Valley restaurant “around the time others left PKR”, but none of the five present could clearly be identified, with the faces of the PR MP’s two representatives’ blurred out.

However, PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution (picture) said one of the BN agents, whose back faces what appears to be a hidden camera, was a former PKR Youth state chief who has since joined another party.

“Two million is not enough,” one of the MP’s representatives is heard saying.

“We only get loose change,” the former PKR man replies before another individual, who the opposition lawmakers said was also a BN agent, said that projects could also be included in the package.

Although the PR lawmakers refused to say exactly when or where the recording was made or which MP was involved, they said that a shortlist of about 10 MPs had been approached to leave the opposition pact.

Selangor PAS deputy chief Khalid Samad also told reporters that the surveillance equipment was installed by “our team” and warned BN to be “careful” in future as they were aware of such attempts.

“The whole video is three hours long. We want a response from the agent, if not we will release more information,” the Shah Alam MP said.

Six MPs and five assemblymen have left PKR since the March 2008 elections with two Perak DAP assemblymen helping BN restore their control of the silver state.

Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim began the exodus at the beginning of 2010 and the last PKR MP to leave the opposition pact was N. Gobalakrishnan in January 2011.

The independent MPs then formed the largely BN-friendly Konsesi Bebas and have claimed that up to 10 more MPs would leave PR.

A "Pak Zahrain" was also mentioned by the former PKR leader as being one of those who accepted the RM2 million offer.

But the Bayan Baru MP told reporters in an immediate reaction that "I don't know about any video or agents."

"I was never made an offer to leave. I was the first and I was the only one on February 12, 2010, because I had lost confidence.

"The only defection effort I know is for September 16, when the offer was RM2 million," he said, referring to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's plan in 2008 to take federal power by wooing 30 MPs from BN.






MACC very quiet....mmmm....maybe they will charge Pakatan for releasing video without FINAS censorship certificate.

I am sure more attempts like this will be made by Barisan as their grip on power is slowly unloosened. Najib and Barisan will do anything to stay in Putrajaya as the alternatives is unbearable. Decimation of Barisan and jail terms come to mind. Lets us all make this a reality. ABU.!

the sultan in urinate by UMNO tribal rust?.......Johor Sultan rebukes Nizar over WWW 1 tweets

The Sultan of Johor today personally ticked off Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin for daring to voice criticism against the royal house and advised the former Perak mentri besar not to “act smart” about things he did not know.

Nizar, a vocal PAS leader, had earned the Johor palace’s wrath last month for tweeting remarks seen as critical of the monarch’s RM520,000 bid for the coveted WWW 1 car registration number.

“Has he forgotten our Malay customs or is he indeed ignorant and shallow minded?

“He should not act smart if he has no knowledge of what is happening and make statements when he does not know the truth,” Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar (picture) was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper today at the opening of the Johor state assembly meeting in Nusajaya.

The English-language daily reported the Johor Ruler as saying he was angry with Nizar’s comments and told the latter it was better to stay silent than to make comments when he was not aware of the truth.

Sultan Ibrahim said he has always used the proper channels to do things and that it was unnecessary to publicise all that he has done for charity.

The Ruler’s successful bid of RM520,000 for the WWW 1 number is a record in the country, and beat out almost 10,000 other bidders including the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Under fire from Johor’s Tengku Mahkota Tunku Ismail Idris and several right-wing Malay groups last month for his implied criticism of Sultan Ibrahim, Nizar had apologised for his remarks and said he would seek an audience with the Ruler to explain his May 28 tweets.

“RM520k bolih dibelanjakan membantu rakyat melayu Johor yg masih ramai miskin serta memerlukan bantuan utk kprluan hidup, bina 20 rumah PPRT!” (RM520,000 can be spent on poor Malays in Johor who need help to survive, and build 20 Program Pembangunan Rakyat Termiskin homes!)” Nizar had said on the micro-blogging site.

But Nizar, who is being investigated for sedition over his statement, shifted the blame to Umno-owned newspaper group Utusan Malaysia’s tabloid Kosmo, saying he was “highly influenced” by their coverage of the Sultan’s bid since April.

The Bukit Gantang MP also said he would sue Utusan Malaysia and TV3 for “falsely accusing me of saying that the Sultan used public funds.”

“I never said that. I was just giving my opinion as a member of the public, an MP and former mentri besar. I apologise to Tuanku and will seek an audience to explain,” he told reporters on June 12.

“Kosmo reported on May 25 that RM520,000 can buy a house, shoplot, BMW or 2.777kg of gold. So as a former mentri besar I was just pointing out you can also buy 20 low-cost homes,” Nizar said.





Did you actually read Nizar's tweet? Where exactly did he go wrong in his statement???

Funny ...UMNO have a rich history in expressing disloyalty to the monarchy from threatening to strip the kings of their royal immunity to labeling them with defamatory remarks on a banner 

Yet I don't see them apologizing to the monarchy

I thought this has been over. Why is it in the news again? Who is behind bringing this topic up again?

willing to be jailed for clean polls


Electoral reforms activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said today she is willing to be jailed if Putrajaya will commit to cleaning up the election process before the country's key polls next year.

The award-winning lawyer who has been at the forefront in pushing for meaningful electoral reforms for the past two years was responding to questions from the public in an online chat hosted by Yahoo! Malaysia this afternoon.

"Are you willing to be jailed for your cause?" Yahoo! Malaysia asked.

"Yes," Ambiga replied.

The 55-year-old has also been the target of hate groups in the last two years, with some right-wing partisan NGOs asking that the government strip her of her citizenship and some BN ministers accusing her of trying to topple the ruling government from power in the latest street rally last month.

Ambiga, together with Bersih co-chair national laureate Datuk A. Samad Said, had led a sit-in protest for electoral reforms last April 28, which the movement claims were attended by 250,000 people.

Ambiga has called for Malaysians to refocus on Bersih’s eight demands amid much finger-pointing after the April 28 rally ended in violence with the authorities accusing her of attempting to spearhead a coup, a charge she has vehemently denied.

The electoral watchdog wants the government to rid the electoral roll of dead voters and other dubious names and enforce a minimum campaign period of 21 days ahead of the 13th general elections. Bersih has also lobbied for political parties to be given free and fair media play and public institutions to be strengthened to stop a seeming rise in corruption and bring an end to dirty politics.

She had led tens of thousands of demonstrators in two public rallies for electoral reform in the national capital — the first on July 9 last year and more recently on April 28 — which turned violent following clashes with the authorities. However, similar rallies held elsewhere around the country, and the world, took place peacefully.

However, she refuted criticism from the public that the April 28 rally was illegal, saying that the Federal Constitution guarantees citizens the right to assemble freely.

"Anda seorang peguam,.. tetapi tindak-tanduk anda bersama BERSIH boleh disifatkan sebagai tidak menghormati undang-undang. Demonstrasi jalanan hanya menyusahkan sebahagian rakyat Malaysia.. TQ, (You are a lawyer...but your actions together with Bersih can be characterised as not respecting the law. Street demonstrations only inconvenience some Malaysians.. Thank you,) " said an Internet user who took part in the live chat who went by the name, Awang.

"Demonstrasi jalanan merupakan antara hak asasi rakyat Malaysia di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia, (Street demonstrations are among the basic human rights of Malaysians under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia," Ambiga replied.

Another participant, Elsie asked, "Ambiga, the law allows for a peaceful assembly, but not a rally. As a lawyer who should understand the law, who do you continually break the law [sic]?"

"I believe you have misread the Peaceful Assembly Act, but nevertheless, you should look at our Federal Constitution which enshrines the fundamental right to freedom of assembly. That is the supreme law that we uphold," said Ambiga.

Search engine Yahoo! Malaysia had kicked off the hour-long live chat with Ambiga at 3pm today, giving Internet users a chance to ask her any question they wanted.

Ambiga is currently being sued by the federal government in an unprecedented civil court case initiated against Bersih leaders for damages to public property worth RM122,000.






BN would suffer a backlash if they contemplate sending you to jail, Akka. So, I doubt they would take this course of action unless of course they start taking mineral water with salt.

we will continue your legacy and fight for free and fair election, i'll make sure to passed it on to my next generation

A leader with high principle. She sticks to what she fights for. Only the other side is trying to deviate or distract the actual issue. Ask ourself time and time again. Is it wrong or unpatriotic to ask the Govt. to right the wrong when the wrong is obvious and clear as daylight.

They can jail Ambiga, A Samad Said and Anwar, for all I care 

There will still be others who will rise and continue the struggle for free and fair elections


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