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23 July 2013

Sabah royal commission of inquiry is only flavor.... if findings ignored


The Royal Commission of Inquiry into illegal immigrants in Sabah will be another meaningless investigation if the government does not act on its findings

The 2013 electoral rolls is filled with many voters holding suspicious identity cards and a thorough investigation must be conducted into the authenticity of these documents.

This will be another meaningless RCI if these findings are ignored and the electoral rolls is not cleaned up.

This showed the Election Commission was not living up to its responsibility of safeguarding the public's confidence.

The applications for Malaysian identity cards were divided into three categories, P1, P2 and P3. The P1 and P2 categories were for applications which could not be processed over the counter. Applications which were not approved and cancelled fell into P3. The identity card numbers issued to the applicants on the temporary receipts were then revoked.

In January, National Registration Department (NRD) Identity Card Division head Ruslan Alias told the RCI that there were 130,549 problematic identity cards.

Ruslan said only 8,553 of the problematic identity cards had been probed, meaning there were still 105,297 which had yet to be investigated.

Based on a list of the 105,297 P1 and P2 identity card holders,it detected 49,159 of them were on the electoral rolls of the 2013 general election.

In the recently concluded May general election, 23,179 voters had old identity cards belonging to the P1 list and 25,980 voters were from the P2 list.

The five-man RCI panel led by former Sabah and Sarawak Chief Justice Tan Sri Steve Shim Lip Kiong found  4.9% of voters in Sabah held P1 and P2 old identity cards.

Eight out of 10 parliamentary seats with the highest number of P1 and P2 voters are located on the east coast of Sabah  and  53.9% of such voters were registered between 1990 and 2000.

This was at the height of the Project IC or Project M activity. Before 1990, there was 20.3% P1 and P2 voters registered, and 12.8% between 2000 and 2010."

A more pertinent fact is that after 2010, 12.9% P1 and P2 voters were on the electoral rolls, it mean  that the registration of voters with problematic identity cards was still going on.

These are all factors which the government should take into consideration before carrying out a delimitation exercise at the end of the year in Sabah, as flawed electoral rolls with so many dubious voters can't be used, he said.

We also called for Section 9(a) of the Elections Act 1958 to be abolished so that the electoral rolls can be challenged because of what has happened.

We  were  also puzzled that in cases where new identity card numbers were issued to voters along with new dates of birth, in some cases the gender of the individual had also been changed.

The issue of problematic identity cards had spilled over to other states in Malaysia, although the majority was in Sabah.

The RCI that a mechanism was needed within the NRD to prevent abuse, especially where discretionary identity cards were issued.

In this age of information technology, the superiors of issuing officers must monitor their actions, especially if a high number of discretionary identity cards have been issued by a small number of people.






The RCI is actually a cinema(wayang)
After the whole show is over, all participants go home and that's it
What else do you expect?

PRU 13 is Sabah results must be null and void illegals have votered for UMNO and BN

The govt is on their way to buy another carpet where they are going to sweep all these episode (their episode) under it trying their utmost best to not let us realising it. See see see.

We have RCI on police, Lingam etc............and we have volume full of recommendations but it is just that - recommendations!

Of course nothing will be done!! When the recommendation by a committee headed by a former chief justice of the supreme court to implement the IPCMC can be ignored with impunity, what are the chances of the findings of this RCI even seeing the light of day?

cow projects to fool the people continue....3 contracts for GE13 caps, to 3 companies, one common link


The Election Commission came under attack again, on the eve of the Kuala Besut by-election,  alleged that it breached rules of governance and transparency by awarding contracts to supply caps for GE13 to companies controlled by the same person who supplied the tainted indelible ink.

If the commission cannot be trusted to even follow the process in awarding contracts, how can it be trusted to oversee free and fair elections?

The beneficiaries of the cap contracts were Nash Ventures Sdn Bhd, for which Shamsia Mansoor is the director, Ayumi Resources Sdn Bhd, for which a Norsiah Yusoff is the director, and Bumi Services Sdn Bhd, for which Mohamed Salleh Mohd Alli is the director.

Shamsia is believed to be Mohamed Salleh's wife as she lives at the same address as Mohamed Salleh, while Norsiah is believed to be Mohamed Salleh's chief accounts clerk.

Iit was scandalous the way the EC did direct negotiations with three different companies, linked to the same person, for the supply of something as straightforward as caps.

It also did not qualify for direct negotiations under the circular from the treasury that exempted open tender contracts in favour of direct negotiations.

There is something going on behind the scenes, whether they are good friends or there is a special arrangement, we don't know but our's  duty to question it

The EC leadership also had to answer how come a person like Mohamed Salleh could be so influential that he could negotiate directly with the EC.

Earlier revelation in Parliament that Integrated Challenger (M) Sdn Bhd, which was also linked to Mohamed Salleh, was the supplier of the controversial indelible ink used in GE13.






very simple answer, 70 percent goes to..... 30 percent goes to.....
so everybody win win situation... thats how it goes ...

Sigh... our government is leaking monies all over the place, and these leaks are purportely approved by the treasury department, which is under the purview of Jib!

EC is totally cornered here. What else can they lies to get themselves out of this sticky situation? And to think that the top EC fellas are given fat bonuses is utterly disgusting !

If the Kuala Besut voters can still vote for UMNO/BN, this sorry country deserves all the sorrow it gets!

With this bunch of clones still sitting in the EC, how can we trust them anymore? They are worse than Ah Long, sucking blood and money from the rakyat without any shame.

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