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14 October 2013

Deputy minister “lying” about corruption in Malaysia

Devils HELPING Devils in BN/ devil  feet liar

We  claimed that a deputy minister lied in saying only 5% of Malaysians are involved in corruption.Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Razali Ibrahim is lying when claiming that only 5% of Malaysians have been involved directly or indirectly in corruption

Citing the 2012 Auditor General’s Report and a recent survey on corruption by Ernst & Young, Putrajaya must take serious action to check graft.

Until the Barisan Nasional federal government takes serious action on the Auditor General’s report against the culprits and accepts facts, Malaysia will continue to lose billions of ringgit every year from wastage and financial wrongdoings..

Razali had cited the 2013 Transparency International Barometer on Global Corruption report issued last July by the Malaysian chapter of Transparency International.

The report revealed that less than 5% of the population had witnessed the act of giving and receiving bribes.

The recent Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013 by Ernst & Young saw Malaysia being ranked as one of the most corrupt nations.

It also listed Malaysia as most likely to take shortcuts to meet targets when economic times are tough.

The survey's findings only confirmed the wastage and financial wrongdoings exposed by the Auditor General’s Report.

The Auditor General's Report among others revealed the loss of some RM1.3 million worth of police equipment including 44 firearms, and the destruction of RM600,000 worth of footwear ordered for the Customs Department due to wrong specification.

It also found that the Youth and Sports Ministry paid RM1.6 million to bring in three Korean pop groups for the National Youth Day celebrations last year.

We  estimated that Putrajaya wasted around RM6.5 billion in the 64 cases studied under the report.

Of this amount, RM5.7 billion was blamed on the federal government, while another RM800,000 on statutory government bodies






This issue will go on unresolved year after year because the ruling govt is corrupted and filthy..unless the people are wise enough to terminate them in the GE14

Again.....Devils HELPING Devils in BN/UMNO.....everybody KNOWS that.... Every year the AG's Reports means nothing to them and they will continue to do it even this year.....all the devils join Umno/Bn for MONIES not for LOOKING after the Rakyats........!!!

It is unlikely that the BN government will take action against civil servants for abuse of public funds. Should the government take action, it will anger the civil vote bank and lose their support in GE14. The only way to eradicate corruption in this country is to change government.

Corruption will continue to be the norm until Barisan is turfed out. To date, Barisan has not put any serious effort into tackling the issue. Huge sums have been misappropriated and hardly anyone been charged. To rub salt into the wound, pathetic and downright stupid excuses were made for the loss of the money. Appalling really

the childish and mentally challenge man who believes that 44 guns were beneath the ocean slammed by Lembah Pantai MP

IGP  the childish and mentally challenge suite  for this  position....ha ha ha


The Inspector-General of Police should retract the shocking offer he made to N. Surendran and instead meet the opposition halfway in addressing the weaknesses within the police force, said PKR.

Its vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar (pic) said Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar's offer to Padang Serai MP N. Surendran to accompany police and experience a risky first-hand shootout with criminals was a challenge devoid of any principles. She also expressed indignation at the indemnity clause inserted by Khalid.

"Surendran, like every single Malaysian, has every right to request for the highest level of professionalism from the police and to be protected without bias, without the fear of threats and requests for an indemnity," Nurul Izzah said in a statement.

"No member of Parliament should entertain this police display of bias, uncouth and threatening behaviour, lest we all fall into a downward spiral of irresponsible conduct. I, myself, will not condone any of my colleagues pursuing such risky endeavours," the Lembah Pantai MP said.

Nurul Izzah called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to stop being preoccupied with the Umno general election to the point that he forgets to maintain sanity and common sense within his own Cabinet. She said the government should be Malaysia-oriented, not Umno-action oriented.

"Khalid is well aware of the weaknesses within the police force which was highlighted in the findings of the 2005 Royal Commission of Inquiry. The question is, why are authorities blatantly ignoring the RCI's findings?" Nurul Izzah questioned.

The police to population ratio currently stands at 1:700, which is well within international standards. But Nurul Izzah argued that despite the police force boasting a total of 112,583 personnal and officers, the percentage tasked with combating crime was only 18%.

"The findings of the RCI was to increase the efficiency and professionalism of the police force, besides boosting the public's confidence in security personnel. How can authorities ignore repeated calls for the formation of an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission?"

Nurul Izzah reminded Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Khalid that it was the responsibility of elected representatives of the people to highlight the weaknesses and loopholes in any government programme.

"This is especially so when there are giant loopholes in the statements made by government representatives. This weaknesses must be highlighted as it will affect the state of security in Malaysia if left unchecked," she said.






Why is it that every time when a minister or top civil servant opens his or her mouth, criticisms are aplenty? Something must be very wrong with their brains, or their brains are void of intelligence but full of dollar signs!

If you read the fine line in the IGP invitation such as signing the indemnity agreement and that they are not responsible for Surendan safety should he accepted the invitation is tantamount to saying Surendan will be killed.

This is garbage talk from a garbage IGP! There is a breakdown in law and respect for the peoples' representatives in parliament. The IGP must not think he can say anything with impunity. This is gutter politicking by the IGP at its worst!

This uncouth IGP is behaving irresponsibly because of the tacit encouragement of the Umno plunderers.

There are plenty of idiots masquerading as intelligent beings in very high positions in Barisan government. Plonkers

a symbol of "Endless Possibilities of Corruptions"....Utusan cheers Umno and jeers “jealous” opposition after party polls

Endless Possibilities of Corruptions....why we should be jealous..???...we worry that run out of  people  money...!!!

As expected, the Umno party election yesterday received applause from the party's mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, which poured scorn on "jealous" opposition parties.

The paper took a swipe at DAP and PKR, saying both parties were still conducting their internal polls the old way, unlike Umno which changed its election laws.

"It will be the envy of both friends and foes. DAP and PKR, which are still bound by outdated election practices, should learn from Umno.

"Congratulations Umno. The political party has once again moved forward," the paper, using the pseudonym Awang Selamat, wrote today.

Utusan had been attacking DAP over the directive by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to hold fresh party election, after several disgruntled members claimed that the central executive committee (CEC) election in December last year was not properly conducted.

At its re-election on September 29, delegates returned the same set of leaders to the CEC.

As for PKR, its party election in 2010 was mired in internal strife and leadership squabbles, all of which were widely reported by the Umno-owned paper.

PKR will hold its polls next month but has pushed the date to May 2014, saying it needed more time following the recent 13th general election.

In congratulating Umno's Youth, Wanita and Puteri wing leaders, Awang Selamat advised them to be committed and sincere in implementing the party's agenda.

"The next challenge is how this new line-up can boost the confidence of the Malays in Umno and BN to face the next general election," he wrote.

He described yesterday’s election as historic because it showed the Malay party was more inclusive, democratic and grassroots-oriented.

He downplayed glitches reported during voting, saying these were expected as it is the first time the party was using the new electoral system, which gave voting right to 220,000 delegates.

"The political transformation as promised by Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, which included Umno's new election system, is now a reality," he added






hahah- the 'cow woman said her victory will inpire women! I'd say her victory will inspire all those who want similar RM200 million (as given to her husband) to fight for top position in UMNO

Jealous ? No...not a bit, instead people are glad that Sharizat is one of the winner. She is the reminder of how a herd of cows managed to live in the condos.....a symbol of "Endless Possibilities of Corruptions" in Malaysia and a fodder for GE14 !

Aiya.. why pay attention to the only newspaper that tells the most lies and lost the most lawsuits?

It is an undisputed fact that Umno Baru is built on cronyism and corruption. Money politics rules the day in Umno Baru's election. The present lineup will not necessarily make the world's most corrupted political party appeal to more educated and urban based Malays in future. Whatever the Bumi agenda and in whatever forms and name, majority of the ordinary working class Malays and Malays who are not in the inner circle of Umno Baru elites had and shall not benefit from the Bumi affirmative policies.

13 October 2013

Muslims can’t stop others from using the word Allah

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (pic) today weighed in on the controversial "Allah" row, saying there is nothing wrong with non-Muslims using the term in their faiths provided it is not misused or misinterpreted.

"There is no law that does not allow other people to use the word ‘Allah’, but if they interpret it wrongly to Muslims, they need to answer because Allah means He is the only God to be worshiped,” Hadi said after launching a seminar on Shariah at the Universiti Selangor in Shah Alam, today.

Hadi's statement comes as the Court of Appeal prepares to give its decision on the appeal by Catholic weekly newspaper Herald to be allowed to use the word.

The High Court in Kuala Lumpur had ruled on December 31, 2009 that the weekly newspaper could use the word.

Following Putrajaya’s appeal against that decision, a three-man bench led by Datuk Seri Mohamad Apandi Ali heard submissions on September 10 from lawyers representing Putrajaya, the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church and Islamic religious councils.

Hadi said it was not for Muslims to stop others from using the word “Allah”, pointing out that unlike the word "God", “Allah” is an Arabic word which cannot be translated into another language.

This, he added, makes the term sacred.

His comments contrast the recent call by the Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) on Muslims to unite against any attempt to misuse the word "Allah".

The Council, in the prepared text of the Friday sermon, has questioned the use of the word "Allah" in the Bible, saying the action was contradictory to Christians' belief in the concept of Trinity.

But Jakim added that use of the term in Christian bibles could cause confusion among Muslims, saying they might be mistaken about the identity of "Allah" and ultimately destroy their faith.

Jakim's call prompted a defiant statement from church leaders in Sabah and Sarawak which said Christians would continue using “Allah” regardless of court outcome.

"The Bumiputera church will continue to use the Bahasa Malaysia Alkitab together with the word 'Allah' both of which are fundamental to all aspects of the profession and practice of the Christian faith," they said in a strongly-worded statement last night.

The Allah row erupted in early 2009 after the Home Ministry threatened to revoke Herald’s permit for using the word in place of God.

The church then took Putrajaya to court, accusing it of violating the constitutional rights of Christians.

The High Court allowed the church's judicial review application and lifted the minister's ban.

Judge Lau Bee Lan said that the church had a constitutional right to use the word Allah in its newspaper on the grounds that religions other than Islam can be practised in peace and harmony, as stated in the federal constitution






JAKIM, follow your conscience not your political masters and you will be on the right path.

Jakim your actions indirectly is calling the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Stupid for allowing the Christians there to use Allah as God in their bibles. How about one of you going there to take over his job.

No that's not the case. It's not about being 'more'. It's about being deviationist. UMNO's version of 'Islam' is nothing but a deviation.

Same goes with UMNO's view that racism, usury and corruption are somehow compatible with Islam. It's not.

PAS is always perceived as being very conservative but in this case, it seems more liberal and open-minded than Umno, who falsely portrays itself as a moderate party that represents all Muslims.

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