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07 August 2013

Pak Lah.....Mahathir not only resulted in the country bankrupt....whole association of UMNO bandits involved

If I listened to Mahathir, Malaysia would be bankrupt, says Abdullah

If Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had succumbed to the pressure applied by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to spend without a care and continue with some of his pet mega-projects, Malaysia would be bankrupt by now.

This frank assessment was offered by Abdullah in a book covering his years as the prime minister of Malaysia.

Titled, "Awakening: The Abdullah Badawi Years In Malaysia", it was scheduled to come out earlier but there were some concerns in Putrajaya that the fifth prime minister’s comments and observations could spark a war of words between Abdullah and Mahathir and split Umno before the May 5 general election.

Putrajaya need not have worried. Abdullah lobbed a few barbs here and there, and threw a few zingers in the direction of his chief critic but did not reveal state secrets or offer juicy and humiliating anecdotes about the country’s longest-serving PM.

And he could have, he said. Referring to the constant attacks against him by Mahathir and other critics when he was in office, he recalled that some people asked why he did not clarify in detail the role of his young advisers, his son’s involvement in business and the influence of son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.

“Perhaps I should have been more vehement in defending and explaining these issues. I could have retaliated by exposing Mahathir. But what good would have come out of this for the government and party?” he said.

He noted that Mahathir is very set in his ways and believed that his is the only way. And this fact is why Abdullah believes he has been on the receiving end of vitriol from mid-2006 till today.

After all the layers of biting comments from Mahathir are peeled away, it boiled down to just one thing: Mahathir’s inability to accept any other view except his own.

For example, Abdullah remembered that he went to see Mahathir and explain that he had to postpone several projects, including the double-tracking rail system that the latter had initiated because of the bulging budget deficit.

“He, however, disagreed with me as he felt the government should continue to spend. But how do we do it when the deficit was at such critical levels? It would be highly irresponsible for me to continue spending.

“So we had no choice but to reduce the deficit by postponing some of the mega-projects like double tracking and this made Mahathir furious. I suppose he viewed them as his pet projects.

“Can you imagine, if I had succumbed to Mahathir’s continued pressure to spend when the deficit was already so high, how could Malaysia have weathered the oil and financial crisis which subsequently came in 2008?

“The deficit which we brought down to 3.2 percent crept up again due to subsidies for oil and essentials and hovered again at the 5 percent level. If we had not been prudent then, continued to spend, I can tell you we would be bankrupt by now."

In the book, edited by Bridget Welsh and James Chin, Abdullah also said that when he left office in 2009, he was determined not to be like Mahathir. He wanted Datuk Seri Najib Razak to establish himself as the prime minister.

“That is why I have remained silent all this time. I believe that once you retire, you are retired. You should not interfere with your successor. If there is anything you are unhappy with, you can always offer your views privately. Why bring it up in public and make life difficult for him?

Abdullah earned the biggest mandate from the electorate in 2004 but squandered the historic opportunity to reform the country and carry through many of his election pledges. As a result, in 2008 he led Barisan Nasional to a poor showing, losing its customary two-thirds control of Parliament.

In the book, he accepted blame for not meeting the expectations of the voters but said that Mahathir could not walk away from the 2008 results unscathed.

“When we did well in 2004, he said such a strong mandate was not good for the country. When we did not do so well in 2008, he heaped all the blame on me.

"He is doing it even today… Mahathir cannot deny that he contributed to the erosion of Barisan Nasional’s support in the 2008 elections through his open and unwarranted criticisms and attacks, calling my administration, which included a majority of people from his own Cabinet, as a ‘half-past six government’ and accusing us of corruption and all sorts of things,” said Abdullah

05 August 2013

JAKIM acting like JAKUN....waste of public funds and spread lies

Chetz to be called up by Jakim for “insulting Islam”

at animal's  lover ...double standard....Jakim to bark like a crazy  dog....

at this dog ...JAKIM be transvestites....just clever rocking penis in underwear

Compassion and kindness toward animals are noble acts but the YouTube clip of dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof bathing her dogs, with Islamic prayers as the background audio, is an insult to Islam, said Jakim.

This is the stand taken by the country’s top Islamic authority, which added that Maznah's actions are clearly wrong in the eyes of the religion.

"The content of the clip is blasphemous as it involves matters of worship related to heavy impurities (mughallazah),” said Datuk Othman Mustapha, the directory-general of Jakim.

Jakim came under fire from Maznah’s lawyer, Latheefa Koya, but in defending himself, Othman said Islam's view towards animals is the same as other religions except that there is a different concept on purity.

“The celebration of Hari Raya is also a form of worship but the clip does not portray that," he added.

He also questioned Maznah’s move to insert the audio of the Islamic prayer in the background.

“What she did was wrong as it was done on purpose. Moreover, it was recorded for public viewing,” Othman said.

Jakim and the state religious authority will call Maznah, or Chetz as she is popularly known, soon for an explanation and to advise her on the matter.

Maznah, 38, had caused a controversy when Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia reported a YouTube clip that was recorded three years ago which showed her celebrating Aidilfitri with her three dogs. She has denied uploading the clip to YouTube.

The clip also aired the line, “Celebrate Aidilfitri together, without prejudice toward species, colour and origin” (and including a photo of the three dogs).

Maznah was remanded by the police last week in Segamat, Johor, for two days before she was released on Friday.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the government had “overreacted” with their swift action, turning it immediately into a national issue.

“They could have just called and advised her. Just call and caution. There is no need to make this a national issue,” he told a press conference at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) headquarters in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

Anwar said this in response to Jakim’s decision that the clip was insulting toward Muslims.






This religious body, Jakim, is trying to show that they are masters of Islam. I honestly do not know why some of these Muslims are so offended by the video.

So now, what about the You tube a few months ago about a Malay man in the outskirts of the city keeping so many dogs? Is Jakim going to question him as well? At least, Chetz and this Malay man are kind hearted?

Those are have been so critical about this young lady and making so much hoo haa are giving Islam a very bad name. It only shows how small minded some of these Muslims are.

Evil devil regime allowing massive prosecution

Wasting public funds and resources pursuing insignificant act. There are more urgent matters like public security and murderers on the loose.WE should not give space to these Morons for "flogging a dead horse" issue .

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