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29 August 2009

OCPD: Volatile situation ‘did not permit’ police action

Shah Alam OCPD ACP Noor Azam Jamaludin today explained that the police had failed to act during the cow-head demonstration at the state secretariat because the situation “did not permit” them to do so.

“We saw the situation was not right because we did not want to spark more anger but we will take actions based on other evidences that we have. We will take action based on evidence and against those who have been identified,” Azam said.

Dozens of riot police stood by and watched as protesters brought the severed cow-head to the Selangor state secretariat and stomped on it.

The act, which is offensive to Hindus who regard the cow as sacred, was carried out by a group of 50 protesters who oppose the relocation of the Sri Mahamariamman Temple to Section 23 to Section 19, claiming the area is mainly occupied by Malay-Muslims.

The 150-year-old temple was built on a plantation which over the years was developed into housing estates by the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS). No provisions were made to relocate the temple, which is now in the middle of a Muslim majority area.

Azam assured that the police will begin investigation immediately based on the reports that they have received and the report that the police made yesterday.

The police will be arresting the protestors under section 27 (5) of the Police Act and Sedition Act.

Azam also advised the public to be patient and not to take drastic actions because the police “will bring justice to those responsible.”

“I regret what happened, the cow-head should not have been used as an issue. We will take action and identify who are involved and responsible for the head,” he said.

Azam also confirmed that the police will increase their presence in section 23.

“We won’t compromise where safety is concerned. I do not want any racial fighting like what was said in the mosque,” he said.


i am laughing my ass off!!!! oh boy.. i urge all malaysian to migrate! this is going to be not a place to live in for sure for the future generation. this is an international joke.. well what is there to expect.. everyday there are jokes coming out of boleh land and all of them are relating to those jokers....

The Police dare to act against people holding peaceful candlelight vigils and ordinary people wearing black but when it comes to acting against provocative and shameful acts like the one in Shah Alam, they chicken out. I have to say, the excuses given by the Police so far are indeed lame. It is about time heads roll in the PDRM starting with the IGP and Selangor CPO. All are cowards and will only take instructions from their political masters and their "dalangs". Again, shame on you PDRM for your failure to act.

What a big crap laa... all other peaceful protest, especially by opposition parties, so quick to put down. Here, situation not right. Even my toes are laughing with this kind of answer... surely this concretely proves that the police are UMNOputra running dogs

the officer make it sounds like they are really scared dealing with those thugs even though they are only 50 strong, but when PR hold a rally of more than few thousands strong, the small force of police suddenly became larger than life. is this a new form of hypocracy under 1malaysia?

What non-sense are you talking about, Acp. Noor Azam?
Dozens of riot-police were present on standby, when 50 people carried out a noisy protest, with speaker after speaker threatening the state-govt. leaders with racial violence, of lives and blood-flowing.
But the police did no action.. Why? Is it because they hadn't received orders from higher ups or is it a case of selective police action?
And it was just recently that riot police attacked, charged at and arrested hundreds of protesters and sprayed everyone present with chemical-laced water.
I would say that this is a clear case of threatening national security where the Isa can be used.

Khalid calls for town hall meeting after cow head protest

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim today moved to ease tensions here after yesterday's provocative protests against the construction of a Hindu temple, and said the state government will hold a town hall meeting with local residents.

Despite initial evidence which suggests the 50-odd protesters who left a bloody cow's head at the entrance of the state secretariat were not locals, he said the state government would go ahead with a dialogue with local residents.

Yesterday, dozens of Malay-Muslims claiming to be local residents marched to the state secretariat and threatened bloodshed if the state government went ahead with plans to allow the construction of a Hindu temple in what they claimed was inhabited mainly by Muslims.

They left a cow's head in front of the state secretariat in an act seen as highly provocative because Hindus consider the animal sacred.

The Selangor mentri besar said today that he regretted the provocative, offensive and deliberate religious slurs by the small group of irresponsible people.

As we prepare to celebrate Malaysia’s 52nd Merdeka anniversary, it is appalling that such religious intolerance still exists among our fellow Malaysians.”

The group, who are against the relocation of a Hindu temple to Section 23, had carried out the protest outside the state secretariat yesterday.

Khalid appealed for calm and urged the public not to react or be provoked because to react would only create further discord among Malaysians.

“Although the protestors’ conduct must be condemned, we should allow the law to take its due process.”

He called on the police to act without fear or favour and conduct a fair investigation on the threats made by the demonstrators against state leaders.

He said the state had directed Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) to hold an open discussion on September 5, 2009 which would be attended by the actual residents of Section 23, city council officials and the representatives of Selangor Development Corporation.

“The meeting will allow all parties to express their views and give the state an opportunity to present clear and correct facts surrounding its decision to relocate the current temple from Section 19 to Section 23.”

In the meantime Section 23 residents are being urged not to allow themselves to be influenced by the distorted facts presented by interested parties who have politicized the issue.

“As we have stressed earlier, all those involved must be considerate, rational and mutually respectful as this is the only way for the matter to be settled amicably.”


This Ibrahim whom I called a terrorist should be detained base on his act and threatening Bloodshed is his demands is not met. The Selangor CPO is talking through his nose when he said that he can only act when there is a police report. Normally this should be the case but this time it is against a person calling for bloodshed and doing something which could create chaos in the country. Millions outside the country have already read about the incident and waiting to see the reaction of the police. Credit must be given to the PM for instructing the IGP to pursue the matter.

Non-Muslims have tolerated mosques in their majority areas since before independence. I don't see why Muslims can't do the same. I stay in a 99% Chinese majority area and I never even blinked an eye when I hear the speakers blaring out prayers at dawn every day. Anyway, I do believe the protesters are not the actual residents of Section 23 but are people brought in by irresponsible parties to create social unrest with the ultimately aim to discredit the PR government.

They could fire tear gas and chemical-laced water at those PACEFULLY protesting against the ISA, but not against those blatantly showing disrespect for another religion and threatening to shed blood?

What kind of crap double standards are these? This is a clear cop out and shows bias on the part of the authorities!! We don't buy thse excuses one bit. We are not stupid. We know what the score is and will VOTE accordingly at GE 2013!

The PM and DPM have been surprising silent on this issue even though Najib was supposed to be angry according to an MIC minister.
Why ?

PM orders action against cow-head protesters

Ibrahim Haji Sabri,deputy chairman of the Sec 23 resident's commitee speaking at the protest  yesterday

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has ordered the police to take swift action against a group that brought a cow's head to Shah Alam to protest a Hindu temple relocation in a bid to calm swirling racial tensions.

The outraged prime minister gave instructions to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan after Selangor police stood by in the after Friday prayers protest.

Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin condemned the protest, calling it insensitive and disrespectful to another religion.

“This kind of emotional and insulting action can wreck the country’s peace,” the Rembau MP said in a statement.

“It saddens me that this protest was in the name of Malay NGOs after Friday prayers during Ramadan. I believe this is not an action acceptable to Islam which prizes moderation and respect for other people’s faiths,” he added.

Khairy said the action will anger the Hindus, adding those who organised the protest should consider their actions if others protested the building of mosques in non-Malay areas by burning and stepping on the Quran.

“Won’t the Malays be enraged. If yes, isn’t the cow head protest equally insulting?” he asked, adding he would equally defend Islam against its detractors and other religions too.

National Unity and Performance Management Minister Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon also called for calm and asked the state government resolve the issue.
“This matter must be resolved through negotiation in the spirit of Rukunegara and 1 Malaysia and an amicable solution must be found,” Koh said in a statement, adding he supported Najib's directive for quick police action. Indian leaders from both sides of the political divide condemned the protest, saying it will incite racial tensions in the country's most developed state.

MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu called the group extremist but asked Indians in the state to be calm.

"It is the right of Malaysians of any faith, including Hindus to build temples and other places of worships. I am very sad that this group had paraded the cow's head on their way to the state secretariat building," he said in a statement.

"I am worried that this action may lead to retaliation from the Hindu community. However, I wish to urge the Hindus especially to be calm and let the authorities deal with it," he added, saying the protesters must be punished for endangering racial harmony.

The action drew the ire of other Indian leaders including Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy who called the protest a "disgraceful" act" while Human Rights Party leader P Uthayakumar was disappointed that the police did not arrest those involved in the protest.

The Pakatan Rakyat government said it will lodge a police report, regretting the inaction by the police.

The group of Malay-Muslim protesters claiming to be residents of Section 23 had dumped the severed cow's head outside the Selangor state secretariat and threatened bloodshed unless the state government stopped the construction of a Hindu Temple.

The "residents" said that the construction of a Hindu temple in a 90 per cent Malay- Muslim neighbourhood was insensitive because activities there would disrupt their lives.

“I challenge YB Khalid, YB Rodziah and Xavier Jeyakumar to go on with the temple construction. I guarantee bloodshed and racial tension will happen if this goes on, and the state will be held responsible,” shouted Ibrahim Haji Sabri amid strong chants of “Allahu Akbar!” as he referred to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his state administration.

Ibrahim identified himself as the deputy chairman of the Resident’s Committee against the building of the temple in S23 here, which is perceived by some as being a Muslim majority area.
He told the press that the state should move the temple to Section 22 as ‘originally planned’, and also labelled Khalid a “traitor to the Malay race and Islam”.

It is understood that the protest is an immediate reaction towards the Selangor MB’s visit to the Hindu temple site yesterday, an act seen by the "residents" as disrespectful to the Muslims of the community.

When asked whether members of the protest were affiliated with any organisations or movements, Ibrahim claimed that the people present today were members of PAS, PKR as well as Umno who are “united in the name of Islam and the Malay spirit.”

The issue first cropped up when the Selangor government proposed that the Sri Mariamman temple be relocated from Section 19 to Section 23.

In a statement, the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism (MCCBCHST) called for calm to enable the authorities find a “peaceable agreement and understanding”.

“Nothing can be gained by provocative action on the part of any side. MCCBCHST regrets that a severed cow’s head was brought along in the demonstration,” said president Reverend Dr Thomas Philips, noting the cow is sacred to the Hindu religion.

He said religious issues were best resolved around the negotiation table where mutual respect can be shown to all.

“No further demonstration by any side should be contemplated or allowed. Peace and order should be maintained for the sake of all residents,” Philips added


A clear indication of police biases and prejudice. Such outright despicable act was tolerated by the police while those hold peaceful candle light vigil were high handedly dispersed or arrested. your worthiness.

Why Police need to wait from PM instruction on what to do on cow-head protesters ??

Can anyone please tell me...please

or   i think ....ha ha ha.....our be dangerous  PM are the person  behind this drama....!!!!

Hisham, use ISA against Ibrahim Haji Sabri. Why are you waiting. Don't you see this as a inciting racial tension?

What the hell is the police doing by standing and watch? This is another reason we need to replace the IGP. The PM have to tell him what to do.

Why arrest peaceful people with candle light vigils but let the violent racist protest with severed cow head. This is truly the time to put those bastards behind bar under ISA. Maybe they were incited by some fanatical islamic terrorist in their mix to protest that way. This is not the Malaysian way. I have not seen this kind of violent protest against another religion in Malaysia before this. We are truly a sinking ship if racial harmony did not improve.

It is time for the government to evaluate their actions in terms of bringing religion into government and inciting racial nonsense in their election campaign.

Other races have tolerated the call for prayer everyday throughout the land and no one make a fuss about it. Maybe these fanatics should get their head check and authorities should find out where they get their Islamic studies from.

Now please detain Ibrahim Haji Sabri immediately under ISA. What is the government waiting for. What is IGP Musa Hassan doing. Such a clear cut case, yet you have to wait for the PM to give you an instruction. You are really good for nothing.

What have our Muslim brothers become? Is Islam so intolerant? We are always so proud of our multi racial, multi religious society, and our PM often boosts that our mosques, churches, temples co-exist side by side.

What has Malaysia become? Where are we heading to?

Are the cow-head protesters real?

The police inaction and the possibility that some of the cow-head protesters are not from near the disputed Hindu temple site in Shah Alam has Selangor buzzing about the real motives of the racially-provocative demonstration.

Pakatan Rakyat politicians claimed that most of the protesters are not from Section 23 where the temple is to be relocated while Hindraf claimed it was “absurd and nonsensical” for the police to need a report to investigate the incident.

Others claim it could be a plot to undermine and topple the Pakatan Rakyat government that has been beset with allegations of corruption and divisions over the sale of beer in convenience outlets.

“It looks like conspiracy to show Pakatan’s incompetence in handling race relations,” a Pakatan Rakyat politician told The Malaysian Insider.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has ordered the police to quickly nip the situation in the bud to prevent it blooming into a full-scale racial conflict as criticism mounted over their inaction in the face of the fiery protest.

Dozens of riot police stood by and watched as protesters brought the severed cow-head to the Selangor state secretariat and stomped on it.

The act, which is offensive to Hindus who regard the cow as sacred, was carried out by a group of 50 protesters who oppose the relocation of the Sri Mahamariamman Temple to Section 23 to Section 19, claiming the area is mainly occupied by Malay-Muslims.

The 150-year-old temple was built on a plantation which over the years was developed into housing estates by the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS). No provisions were made to relocate the temple, which is now in the middle of a Muslim majority area.

The previous Barisan Nasional administration had planned to relocate the temple to an industrial site in Section 22 but the location was deemed too far away.

After their win in Election 2008, the Pakatan state government decided to move the temple to Section 23 which they felt was more suitable as 40 per cent of its residents are Hindus.

Residents there who are opposed to the temple relocation initially said it should not be built there because it has a 60 per cent Malay majority, a figure which subsequently became 70 per cent and, today, it’s 90 per cent.

The outlawed Hindraf movement, however, has claimed that Najib’s Umno is stirring the racial pot with the protest.

“Hindraf believes Umno and their cohorts in the Royal Police Force (PDRM) organised this act that is inflammatory with an intention to incite and create racial hatred and feelings between the Muslims and Hindus,” exiled Hindraf president P. Waytha Moorthy said in a statement.

He railed against the police, particularly Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar’s statement that action would be taken “if a report is lodged”.

“Here we are talking about an outright and outrageous act in fanning racial hatred that could threaten the public security and he claims he needs a police report before an action can be taken.

“The police had on many previous occasions brutally arrested and questioned peaceful protesters without any reasons … but now they would need a report before they can take any action against those inciting violence and parading in the public with a severed cow’s head to hurt the sensitivity of the Hindus. This is absurd and nonsensical,” he said.

Waytha Moorty said Umno and its “stooges” were practising double standards, adding Hindraf believed it was the work of the Umno government to create unrest in Selangor.

“Instead of promoting harmony amongst Malaysians, Umno is fast becoming the public threat by protecting such devious and extremist acts,” the lawyer said.

He also said if the Attorney-General’s Chambers failed to charge these perpetrators, Hindraf would proceed to formally lodge complaints with the UN Human Rights Council, European Parliament, UK Foreign affairs select committee and the Global Human Rights Defence based in The Hague.

He also called for a peaceful candlelight vigil at the Dataran Merdeka on Sept 5 to protest the incident.

28 August 2009

MACC officer says it is ‘normal’ to break witnesses down

An officer with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) told the coroner’s court today that it is usual for witnesses to be questioned until they obtain the “right” answers.

However, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus denied that Teoh Beng Hock was questioned in such a manner.

Ashraf was one of two MACC officers who questioned the political aide between 10.40pm on July 15 and 12.40am the next day.

He told the court that he received instructions to question Teoh at 9.40pm but had to wait for his colleague to arrive and finish his work before starting.

The 25-year-old officer said it was also normal to question witnesses late at night, if they wanted to co-operate.

He maintained he never questioned Teoh because he was the junior to another officer — Arman Alies — who did the questioning while he only checked documents.

Both officers questioned Teoh before his statement was taken by another officer known only as Nazri. He has yet to be called as a witness.

Ashraf, who joined the MACC in 2005, said he was not trained in interrogation techniques though he underwent six months of basic training at the Police Training Centre in Ayer Hitam.

He also did not know what the word "oppression" meant but he did know what "psychologically breaking down a witness" was.

He said the term was "normal" based on the popular TV series "CSI" but denied assertions by lawyer Gobind Singh Deo that Teoh was assaulted.

Gobind also said the role of the officers was to break Teoh down before he went to give his statement but Ashraf denied this.


Is using rough tactic of long interview and thro' wee hours in the morning, the only method MAcc knew? If a person too tired and mentally exhausted, sometimes they are not in stated of mind and will force to submit reluctantly/unconsciously. Ask doctor/professor/psychologist, and they will explain to you.
They are so outdated and are way behind time. I believe not all, but many not with professional qualification. And will do their job base on what being asked only. And no "out of box" initiatve taken.

Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus is sick. MACC is sick. Are you behaving like the CIA who break down SUSPECTS with water boarding, wall slamming, nakedness, cold treatment etc. MACC is even more sick because they do this to WITNESSES. Who want to become an MACC witness? I dont.

Is MACC run by depraved people.

'An officer with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) told the coroner’s court today that it is usual for witnesses to be questioned until they obtain the “right” answers.' Did he mean the actual truth itself, or the truth as the MACC would wish to have validated?

More worrying is the statement that "it is ‘normal’ to break witnesses down". I remember the Japanese, during the Occupation, had an organisation, called the Kempetai, that sought their version of the truth, and was successful in persuading people to "confess". Is history repeating itself?

Harsh & rough tactics conducted on a witness, what if a suspect, full torture tactics to be conducted ??? ... where is your conscience "nterrogator(s)". Apparently the study trip to Hong Kong ICAC was just a "holiday", what did these people "learn" there? MACC officer did not know what the word "oppression" meant but he did know what "psychologically breaking down a witness" was. If dont know the word/meaning, how come he did not ask, MACC officer should be inquisitive, isnt it?

Protesters threaten bloodshed over Hindu temple

The "residents" said that the construction of a Hindu temple in a 90 per cent Malay- Muslim neighbourhood was insensitive because activities there would disrupt their lives.

They claimed that the "noise" from the temple would disturb their own praying, and that they would not be able to function properly as Muslims.

The group of 50 over protestors marched shortly after Friday prayers from the Shah Alam State mosque to the State Secretariat.

“I challenge YB Khalid, YB Rodziah and Xavier Jeyakumar to go on with the temple construction. I guarantee bloodshed and racial tension will happen if this goes on, and the state will be held responsible,” shouted Ibrahim Haji Sabri amid strong chants of “Allahu Akbar!”

Ibrahim identified himself as the Deputy Chairman of the Resident’s Committee against the building of the temple in S23 here, which is perceived by some as being a Muslim majority area.

He told the press that the state should move the temple to Section 22 as ‘originally planned’, and also labelled Khalid a “traitor to the Malay race and Islam”.

It is understood that the protest is an immediate reaction towards the Selangor MB’s visit to the Hindu temple site yesterday, an act seen by the "residents" as disrespectful to the Muslims of the community.

Mohd. Zurit Bin Ramli, who claims to be the secretary of the "Coalition of Malaysian NGOs" echoed Ibrahim’s stand on the matter, saying that it was irresponsible on the part of the state government to approve the construction as there was apparently a “90 per cent” majority Muslim population in Section 23.

“With a temple on our residential area, we cannot function properly as Muslims. The temple will disrupt our daily activities like prayers in the Surau. We cannot concentrate with the sounds coming from the temple,” stated Zurit.

When asked whether members of the protest were affiliated with any organisations or movements, Ibrahim claimed that the people present today were members of PAS, PKR as well as Umno who are “united in the name of Islam and the Malay spirit.”

The state government was also accused of lying to the people of Selangor.

The Chairman of the Residents Committee, Mahyuddin Manaf excitedly proclaimed that the committee would uncover “the lies” and find proof of the state’s misconduct.

“Khalid Ibrahim wears a mask of a Muslim, but in truth he is a liberal. PAS stands to lose out as a result. I voted for PAS as well as Khalid in the past elections,” Mahyuddin claimed.

The issue first cropped up when the Selangor government proposed that the Sri Mariamman temple be relocated from Section 19 to Section 23.


Isn't this provoking racial tension? I mean, they are guaranteeing bloodshed and racial tension... shouldn't Ibrahim Haji Sabri be arrested under the ISA? Shouldn't they swoop down and get him tonight?

Carrying a dead cow's head is disgustingly provocative act.

1Malaysia is a joke, and it feels like all the headlines that the Muslim religion seems to be making in Malaysia recently are not only negative but also ridiculous. This is not what I understand of Islam. This is not why I'm fasting in solidarity with my Muslim friends, whom I consider family.

I'm sure they would let the worship of my god co-exist next to the worship of theirs. Who are these people who march with severed cow heads?


Its the right of every citizen to protest if they are not happy with the government, but to threaten and guarantee bloodshed and racial tension is surely not the way.The protestors can claim they are from PAS, PKR and UMNO but is this the stand of the respective party leadership?

Is this what PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz wants?
Is this the stand of PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim?
Is this what UMNO president Najib is for risking his 1Malaysia concept?
We are yet to hear from these leaders
At the end of the day, there is a better and an amicable way to resolve this issue

27 August 2009

Nizar speaks his mind

Datuk Seri Nizar, for all of us, you're the Perak Menteri Besar no matter what UMNO/BN said or decided. Come GE 13 we will teach them a proper lesson and send them to HELL. You will become the Perak Menteri Besar or Cabinet Minister under our Pakatan Rakyat Government rulling the entire Malaysia.

This type of personality really make those UMNO guys scared with their pants wet.Nizar is a well breed politician;no doubt about it.Come Sept 2,all is unwell for Zambry & Co.

Nizar, be patience coz i'm dead sure the voters will vote for you again in the next GE. You'll claim back what was rightfully yours that's being robbed!

Soi Lek on leave, mum about appealing sacking

Sacked MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is going away for a short holiday without indicating whether he will appeal his expulsion from the crisis-hit party.

But Chua questioned whether his sacking will boost the image of the MCA which has been blighted with power struggles for more than two decades. The MCA is an original member of the three-party Alliance that got Malaysia its independence and later became the Barisan Nasional.

"My family and friends will be going away for a short holiday. I need to enjoy this partyless status," Chua said in a three-paragraph statement that was also posted in his weblog

He did not respond to calls about whether he would appeal the sacking.

The MCA presidential council early this morning endorsed the party's disciplinary committee's recommendation to sack Chua for ostensibly tarnishing the party’s image over the disclosure in late 2007 of a secret recording showing him engaging in sex acts with his mistress.

"I did not realise that the MCA disciplinary board led by an ageing lawyer has deemed fit to recommend me to be sacked 21 months after I have resigned from all party and government posts for the same reason as when I resigned in January 2008.

"If there is provision for sentencing of death physically, I am sure that the disciplinary board would have no hesitation in recommending me to face the gallows. The reason is obvious why I need to be sacked," he said.

Chua, who was voted in as deputy president last year, also hit out at party president Datuk Seri Ong Teek Keat with whom he is hardly on talking terms.

"I have to assume that the president today is as clean and clear as crystal. Only time will tell," he said.

Chua, whom Barisan Nasional chairman and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has entrusted as a coordinator for Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states, noted he has had to field calls and text messages since the sacking was announced.

"The press has not stopped harassing me. It is actually quite funny and fun," he said.

He appealed for understanding, saying he needed to rest now.

"People will be thinking that I will be working very hard, but as usual; I take everything in my stride. Hopefully I can live longer to see another day and another battle," Chua said.

Apart from his party problems, Ong has sued Bintulu MP Datuk Tiong King Sing for RM500 million over his disclosure that he donated RM10 million to the transport minister who has denied it.

Tiong, a tycoon who is treasurer of the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) within the Barisan Nasional, is also chief executive officer of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the contractor of the scandal-hit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) which could cost a loss of RM12 billion to owner Port Klang Authority (PKA).


What is there to appeal? Only most probably big brother Umno can save him now. With his background on the sex scandal, I don't think he can become an effective leader anyway.
This episode could well be a preemptive strike by OKT. He may have known something, which we don't. Lets wait and see how this sandiwara play out.

Though We are not interested in MCA politics. We hate the most when we see a MCA leader hide under and inside the SARONG of UMNO .
Chua are you representing MCA or Umno 's interest, beside you own ?
Don't be a pariah lapdog , Chinese community can do without this kind of tainted leader.

MCA today is insignificant and a toothless tiger. They are only good at tearing each other and nothing within the BN. What have they done for the Chinese on the street since the last election? Wake-up and show what you can do within the BN or a jackass?

MCA in turmoil: Why it matters

Efforts by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government to woo back lost support from the country's large ethnic Chinese community could be damaged by the sacking of a popular leader.

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, deputy president of the MCA — the second largest party in the BN coalition — was expelled from the party late yesterday over a sex video that emerged in late 2007.

Here are some questions and answers about the rival factions in MCA and how the dispute could affect the BN and investors:


Yes. It is the second-biggest and most influential party after Umno within the 13-member BN. It holds 15 seats in the 222-seat Parliament.

The MCA represents ethnic Chinese voters, who make up more than a quarter of Malaysia's 27 million people, and are the second-most important ethnic group vote bank after the majority Malays and remain the most economically dominant community.

Many urban Chinese voters turned against the party in the 2008 elections, saying it failed to fight discrimination, including long-held policies favouring ethnic Malays.

But MCA has clung on in some ethnically mixed seats with support from ethnic Chinese and Malay voters in the BN bastions of southern Johor and central Pahang states.

The sacking may erode support in these seats, especially in Johor where Chua is popular.


It's an uphill battle. The MCA has suffered from previous bouts of infighting, most recently, a split between two rival factions in 2001 over the party's investment arm taking control of Chinese newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau.

The party usually settles down after a truce is worked out by Umno. But with the opposition stronger than at any time in Malaysia's 51 years of independence, the risks are higher.

With the BN still weak after a slew of by-election losses this year, there is a risk the infighting will not be resolved before the next general election due by 2013.


Growing unhappiness over sacking Chua, who made a political comeback when party members voted him into a top party position after he resigned as health minister over the sex video, could see more Chinese support for the opposition.

Umno could also suffer as Chinese voters are spread across the country. Analyst Ong Kian Ming calculates that the MCA and Umno could lose more than six more Parliament seats in the next polls if the ethnic Chinese voters don't come back.


Not in the short term, but signs of political weakness in the coalition and in MCA could unnerve investors as it may limit Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's room to manoeuvre as he seeks to reform the country's economy.

The MCA controls five newspapers, including the best-selling Star Publications as well as other businesses. Changing alignments could damage those businesses as Malaysia has a system of political patronage that feeds into the business world.

Malaysia, once a darling of foreign investors, saw huge portfolio outflows in 2008. According to estimates from investment bank BNP Paribas that amounted to 11.4 per cent of gross domestic product, the highest ratio in Asia.


Chua has 14 days to appeal the ruling. Umno could jump in and broker a peace deal similar to the tussle in 2001.

Chua could get his supporters to call for an extraordinary general meeting to unseat party president and Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat on a vote of no-confidence — a plan that was brewing before Chua got sacked.

This comes amid calls from some in the MCA to suspend Ong and to investigate an allegation that he took a RM10 million donation for his party from a top businessman involved in a scandal-plagued free trade zone project. Ong has denied the charges and filed a defamation suit.


"Efforts by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government to woo back lost support from the country's large ethnic Chinese community could be damaged by the sacking of a popular leader."

Not true at all. It makes no difference the Chinese community who is the head of MCA, whether they are united or divided. Who cares about MCA anyway?

Campaign to remove Tee Keat launched

After months of speculation, the campaign to call for an EGM to remove MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and reinstate his deputy Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek was formally launched this afternoon by Datuk Theng Book, pro-tem chairman of the Save MCA campaign.

Chua was sacked yesterday for tarnishing the party image via his sex DVD scandal.

The Save MCA campaign had last year pressured former president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting to resign.

To convene an EGM, Theng will have to collect one-third, or 800 MCA central delegate signatures.

"It should be no problem," Theng told reporters this afternoon.

The EGM will have two motions on its agenda — to reverse the decision of the presidential council and reinstate Chua and a vote of no confidence in Ong as president


Stupid people. Why want to reinstate a man clearly morrally corrupt. If he can do this to his family, you think he wouldn't do that to you? All the more reasons for MCA to collapse. More rot at the top.

26 August 2009



Some of us old timers at Port Kelang knew that this PKFZ thing is no good from day one. A colleague of mine was always called by the lady boss GM to run here and there and to fix this up and that without any of us knowing what is really happening.

But we known that the project of PKFZ is a big mother of all projects, and tat the boss always want things done on the double quick. Few of us engineers knew that to have a greenlight you need the plans and hire quantity surveyors but the approval came so fast and the development also very fast without the quanity surveyers’ report. In fact, they are not hired also.
All smell of a rat. A big giant dirty rat.

So many things to say but don’t know where to begin. So, good place to start is the land which is very suspicious. The press and the media only talk about RM25psf. Even YB Kit also hantam the Minister Ong about just this issue vs the Rm10.16psf for the land purchase. What these politicians know is just the tip of the information given by the ministry people and leak out. They know nothing!

More important is not why LPK buy the land from Kuala Dimensi (KDSB) and not compulsory acquier by the government That one already covered by the newspapers and press. It is not about AG advice and cabinet approval just like that. Not so straightforward.

But the truth is definitely more dirty than that. We know that the developer with Tiong and his machai Faisal are very connected to Selangor bigshots. That heard also that PM’s SIL, KJ very close to them, especially Faisal. No secret on this as the website by UMNO all talking about it. All we know at that time is that our lady boss keep things from us and just ask us to do very specific things without telling why.

Now, the picture is very clear already because the conspiracy tie them all together to cheat LPK money and government.

Some background information. From the start already there is conspiracy when KDSB bought the land cheap from Koperasi Pembangunan Pulau Lumut Berhad or KPPL who are the owners since Selangor Government approved for them in 1992. It is interesting that the links already established then as KDSB’s deputy CEO, Faisal is the son-in-law of Tan Sri Onn Ismail who was then with KPPL.

Read this link:

A part of the land of 500 acres was sold by KPPL to KDSB in 1995 and then in 1996, KDSB was given power of attorney to develop the other portion of the land of another 500 acres. You know how much the 500 acres cost? Only RM3.1 million.

When it was sold to LPK, it costs over RM1.088billion!!!!

And you know what? The same lawyers who advised for LPK, also advised KDSB and also helped KPPL in the alienation process. The lawyers are Rashid Asari & Co from Klang. They seemed to be appearing everywhere. With such clear intentions, it is not difficult to cheat the clueless LPK board members.

Now this is where things get very worst since they want to cheat, they do it in such haphazard way that many lose ends not tied properly. When this happen, you know there are bad intentions.

1. KDSB didn’t even own the land at the time they sell it to LPK.

My legal friends already told me that KDSB didn’t have the right to sell the land to LPK because KDSB didn’t own the land at the time of the sale in 2002.

We come across the Information Memorandum dated 25th Jul 2009 for Asset Securitisation of Payment Receivables pursuant to the S&P agreement dated 12th Nov 2002 between KDSB and LPK via issuance of bonds. Here, it is stated that KDSB had on 24th Nov 1997 sold the 753.1 acres of the land to Great Profile Sdn. Bhd. (today a subsidiary fo Wijaya Baru Global).

This meaning that the land is belonging to Great Profile and NOT KDSB. KDSB also rely on wrong power of attorney to deal with the land.

This meaning that KDSB is misrepresenting and fraud to LPK at the time of the sale in 2002. They don’t have the land but they state they do. How can this happen? Some many say that Great Profile is already a subsidiary but our law clearly states separate legal companies and entities. It was fraud at the point of sale.

Maybe the who thing is now ratified by KDSB and Wijaya but it shows about the conspirators.

2. The web of deceit

Want to also point out that KDSB is initially not happy with RM25psf. They asked for RM28psf, and then RM26.60, and finally RM25psf. That also make extraordinary profit from the land already.

Anyway, back to the point.

I looked through some documents. The fellas at KDSB has been trying to sell to the government the land for RM25psf despite Ministry of Finance and AG saying no to LPK to buying outright.

JPPH the government valuing agency already said compulsory purchase, Secretary General to Treasury also say same thing.

But then, there is conspirators working inside the cabinet and in the MOT as well as LPK asking for RM25psf. They were pushing for this magic number. The Timbalan KSU (P) of Ministry of Transport, Dato’ Abdul Rahman Noor by memo dated 19th Jun 2001 to the Ministry, Tun Ling Liong Sik already pushed aside all the MOF decision (can you imagine that) saying tat they are not consistent with cabinet decision that compulsory purchase not possible.

It’s the same Timbalan KSU (P) who also is a director of LPK. This is a breach of duty and conflict of interest already.

Our then lady boss, OC Phang was very gung-ho and pushed the terms of KDSB in the board from 2001 to 2002. She doesn’t care that we can acquire the land cheaper at RM10.16 but just push as if she work for KDSB. Lady boss was so gung-ho she wrote to Tun Ling that PKA board will purchase at RM25psf.

You can see that things were orchestrated here already to push to sell land at high price and bleed LPK. Things can’t happen in Selangor without the OK by Khir Toyo, the then Selangor MB. The State Legal Advisor wrote to Toyo to close the door to compulsory acquisition by saying that it will not come up if agreement is reached between MOT/ LPK and KDSB.So, with this, the cabinet had no choice but to decide to purchase the land outright at an astronomical price of RM25psf.

3. Superfast agreement drawn up.

I don’t know about the rich and powerful and how they make decision. It took me two weeks to decide to buy a car and to consider all aspects before I sign the agreement. My car is only RM45K.

But our ladyboss was so kan-chiong each time there is cabinet and wanted to conclude the deal. This is despite Tun Ling writing to Tun M, who was then PM that although compulsory acquisition is preferred, the purchase price has to be renegotiated between government/ LPK and KDSB based on further land valuation.

But no, in super speed, when the cabinet sat and approved with the certain conditions on 6th Nov 2002, our lady boss OC Phang immediately issued an offer to KDSB to buy the land at RM25psf. This is amazing since she didn’t even wait for KDSB to make the offer but had to make the offer instead. This kind of things only happens if you have a GM who bullies the staff and act more like the employee of KDSB.

You can see that the offer letter to KDSB was dated 7th Nov 2002, just one day after cabinet approval. Amazing!

If you think that is amazing, there is the issue of how did OC Phang know about the cabinet decision? Perhaps she sat in post-cab but how can you act without the board approval of LPK? Even MOT’s letter to OC Phang only came on 20th Nov 2002 some 2 weeks after LPK made the offer.

The board only sat on 15th Nov 2002 presumably to chop and sign OC Phang’s decision without deliberations. There are many instances of such conspiracy. Our lady boss is clearly not acting in the interest of LPK but more for KDSB. No wonder, she’s always so arrogant and flaunting her power to be like dragon lady.

PAS actually maintained its share of votes

Malaysians either do not know how to do their homework or are just too lazy. Look at the figures below. PAS actually maintained its share of the votes. In 2008 it was 66.39% and yesterday it was 65.5%, a drop of a mere 0.89%. That is less than 1%.


UMNO should not have contested!PAS Won! but the People's hurt because of UMNO bloody Mistake!UMNO made mistake at our expenses!Believe, BN is not going to be the next ruling government!

With this solid win , the rakyat hope the entire Pakatan Rakyat will work together instead of stabbing each another with racial and religion issues.
PAS , DAP and PKR must remember that it was the Malaysians from all walks of live voted you in.
It was NOT melayus who gaves you the win, it was NOT the Chinese ,and definitely NOT the Indians who gave you the win .
It was Malaysians who gave you the win.

In fact Najis, Muntahdin, Khinzir Khairy, Z. Hamidi and Kerismuddin should seriously call for GE 13. Najis has lost his Legitimacy and his Credibility Rosmah Botok also at stake. Regim ganas kejam bunuh UMNO must be Obliterated, hung and rot in Jail.

May Allah stop more UMNO-BN MP Heart from now on for more opportunity for people to voice their anger over Kugan, Teoh Kartini, IGP, MACC, JAIS, PDRM, NRD, and the Handling of the H1N1 Dengue HEALTH PANDEMIC..... more economic chaos.

In spite of 6 losses out of 7 contested, Umno is still bend on using racism and other outdated tactics to win the elections. Are they so blind by greed and power as not to see people are really fed up with them? Even the Malays are no longer believing in them any more. It's time the BN should look themselves in the mirror.

UMNO, is it worth it?
You demononized the non-Malays, the DAP, and made Anwar into a traitor. You used Utusan and Berita to fan racism. You used all government institutions to intimidate Pakatan. You 'bought' Pakatan ADUNs. At what costs?
Is it worth doing all these just to reduce PAS majority by a mere 1%?
The Malays today are clever. They won't buy UMNO's racist rhetoric.

Comic mag with najib Altantuya waving Mongolian flag seized

The Home Ministry today confiscated 408 copies of humour magazine Gedung Kartun which featured a caricature of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak waving a Mongolian flag and shouting Merdeka on the front cover of its inaugural issue.

The 10.45am raid was carried out by the ministry’s Publication Control and Al Quran Text division at the publisher Sepakat Efektif Sdn Bhd in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

According to ministry officials, the bi-weekly magazine, which specializes in political satire, was being published without a permit thus violating Section 5 (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

Magazine editor Zulkiflee Anwar Haque, better known as Zunar, said a verbal approval has been granted by the Home Ministry for the publication.

Did not expect this treatment

“We went ahead with publishing the magazine without getting the black and white due to government bureaucracy – it takes three months to obtain the letter.

“We definitely didn’t expect this kind of treatment. We expected a warning letter for the content,” said the former editor of PKR party organ Suara Keadilan.

Marketed as an ‘alternative comic magazine’, the publication touched on many current affairs.Among the issues featured were the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, highway toll prices, teaching of science and mathematics in English, the Internal Security Act and the Port Klang Free Zone scandal.

Other than cartoons, the magazine includes various articles and political satires written by notable writers such as Hishamuddin Rais, Pyanhabib and Rahmat Haron.

Though normally associated with more serious publications, national laureate A Samad Said and political scientist Farish A Noor also contributed articles to the first issue.

A total of 10,000 copies were printed for the inaugural issue which cost RM4 in Peninsula Malaysia and RM5 in Sabah and Sarawak. Copies have already hit newsstands.


It's plain simple. Not to mention publishing a satire with Najis holding a Mongolian flag, the mere mention of Altantuya will scare the shit out of Najis. He's definitely guilty conscious. What do you expect from a murderer? ........Ghost is in town, Najis!

Rohaizat saddened by unfulfilled vows of Chinese support

Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Rohaizat Othman today hinted that one of the factors that could have caused his defeat was the “failure of the Chinese community to fulfill their promises of support”, in an indication that the racial rhetoric played and used against their rivals by the ruling coalition may have backfired.

Rohaizat lost to PAS Penang commissioner Mohd Salleh Man by a 4,551 majority. The former garnered 5,061 votes while the PAS leader more or less retained their majority, considering the drop in voter turnout compared to the general elections last year, by raking in 9,618 votes.

Speaking to a press conference here, Rohaizat revealed that his campaign's observation indicated that the support from the Chinese community here was dissapointing.

“I am saddened by the fact that the Chinese community here have failed to fulfill their vows of support. They have failed to understand the concept of development that BN is trying to bring to the people of Permatang Pasir,” said Rohaizat.

The Umno man, however, refused to elaborate why he thought Chinese support was not forthcoming, saying that he would leave it to the central leadership to conduct a post-mortem to reveal the reasons.

“It's premature for me to give any reasons now,” he added.

The Chinese make up 27 per cent of Permatang Pasir's population. BN have engaged in a vigorous attempt to regain much of the non-Malay votes that went to Pakatan Rakyat.

BN have tried to depict their election rival PAS as a threat to the Chinese by using sensitive issues like the pig abbatoir closure in Kedah and beer sale issue in Selangor against the Islamist party.

Analysts believe BN were making inroads among the Chinese here but efforts to translate them into votes faltered after Rohaizat's disbarment apparently became a deterrent.

But as for the Malay votes, Rohaizat said the number of votes gained by both sides showed just a slight difference from that of the general elections outcome.

The former Permatang Pasir assemblyman, the late Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman won with a 5,433 majority when he gained 11,004 votes against BN's Ahmad Sahar Shuib who managed to garner 5,571 votes.

“So today's result show that as far as Malay support is concerned, it is still very much the same,” he said.

BN deputy chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin also thought that, in terms of Malay support, their voting pattern remained the same but claimed the ruling coalition had made slight gains.

“Our studies have shown that there is not much difference in voting pattern. There are slight differences but are nominal ones,” he said, adding that the ruling coalition accepted the defeat with an open heart.


So... whats the point ?

Chinese do vote for PAS... just like other by election.. like KT and else where... :)

How to win Chinese vote... MCA having a turmoil....

you think the Chinese are stupid? Just because they said they would vote for you doesn't mean they would actually do it. You shouldn't have depended on the Chinese vote. Just look at recent events and you will know why the Chinese didn't vote for you, so don't bother wasting money on an expensive "political analyst" to tell you why.

What a sore loser. No it is not only the Chinese voters. All voters who value honesty and intergrity have a problem voting for a person expelled by the Law Society for dishonesty. UMNO has no problem accepting candidates with a dishonest past best reflected by an idiot equating the dishonesty to a parking ticket offence. The Rakyat have spoken loudly with the big majority votes.

I wouldn't know whether BN candidate's conclusion that he did not receive Chinese support is accurate.
Anyway, if anyone cares to look at the short video featuring our beloved Rais Yatim,
one might see why people might not be too impressed by the performance of a Minister of many years' standing. Another boulder in the road to 1 Malaysia !
Pretty Ugly huh?

I think the PM and TPM were very disappointed because this time around they could not repeat their "moral victory" announcement. This is the standard pattern of voting for the whole country come the next GE. I believe PR will capture more BN held seats and God willing, will be able to form the next federal government. The rakyat have had enough of UMNO/BN's corrupt and arrogant type of governing. 52 years is long long time! You simply cannot cheat all the people all the time!

how Teoh Beng Hock was killed.. who order the MACC to sabotage the Pakatan-led Selangor state govt? You still expect the chinese to vote for the murderers?

"They (Chinese) have failed to understand the concept of development that BN is trying to bring to the people of Permatang Pasir," said Rohaizat.

"Concepts of development" that you are referring to:
1. empty slogan of 1Malaysia ???
2. Disbarred lawyer as candicate
3. RM 12 billions PKFZ
4. ISA all PR' YB
5. Teoh BH's death in MACC's office
6. MCA vs Kuala Dimensi
7. OTK vs Dr. Chua
8. MACC against all PR's YB
9. SPRM against all PR's YB
10. make all PR's YB become katak
11. Sue all PR's YB in the BN's court
12. take over all PR's state
13. jokes from Utusan Malaysia

TQ for the concepts and see you in the coming 13th general election.

Cops find clue in MACC molotov cocktail attack

Police today confirmed that they may have stumbled upon a clue to assist investigations into the molotov cocktail attack on the Klang Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) building last Thursday.

Selangor Police Chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said, the clue may help solve the case and identify those responsible for the attack, which damaged a MACC vehicle.

“We have a clue but we are not going to reveal it yet since it may hamper investigations,” said Khalid when contacted today.

During the incident on Thursday morning, a number of petrol bombs were believed to have been thrown at the MACC building, causing damage to a Nissan X-Trail used by MACC officers.

Meanwhile, Klang Police Chief ACP Mohamad Mat Yusop said a special task force was set up to investigate the incident but denied the attack was linked to the death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock on July 16.


Next thing we know, they say the clue is "a Rocket symbol"......

Clue? Wah! So fast! Then what about the cocktails that were thrown into Ambiga Seenivasan's house? Everyone knew who the culprits were i.e. which group they belonged to.

The police always say they have evidence - planted evidence maybe. Remember the police said that indelible ink was bought by some people to sabotage 2004 general elections and so indelible ink was withdrawn. Now what happened to that evidence? Why were no people charged? Then they said that they have evidence of Hindraf having terrorist links with TAMIL TIGERS which resulted in 4 Hindraf lawyers being arrested under ISA. Once again where is the evidence? For God's sake don't try to hoodwink the public anymore. One thing I know if the Special Branch want to fix someone up they can always plant evidence without the victim knowing it.

MACC officer admits top officials gave orders

Anti-graft investigator Mohd Anuar Ismail told the coroner’s court today that top Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officials had ordered him to step up investigations into allegations that Selangor assemblymen misused public funds.

He named the senior officials as Selangor MACC deputy director Hishamuddin Hashim and investigations unit chief Hairul Ilham Hamzah.

One of them was named in a mystery letter alleging political collusion in investigating the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

Mohd Anuar, 32, is the 16th witness in the inquest into political aide Teoh Beng Hock's death on July 16 at the MACC office in Plaza Masalam here.

Previously a lawyer, he had gone through six months of training at a police college in Kuala Kubu Baru before joining the MACC.

Teoh was earlier interrogated for nearly 10 hours before he was found dead the morning he was to register his marriage to his two-month pregnant fiancee.

The MACC investigator also admitted to Teoh family lawyer Gobind Singh Deo that it was unusual to question people into the wee hours of the morning.

He also told the court that he did not check if Teoh's lawyer M. Manoharan had turned up to be present during the interrogation. Gobind claimed Manoharan had waited an hour at the MACC office.

[Teoh’s family arriving for the inquest this morning. ]

Gobind: Why did you need to question the witness at night?

Mohd Anuar: That's normal practice.

Gobind: Don't be silly. If I asked you to climb a tree, will you do it? I'm asking you why?

Mohd Anuar: To hasten the investigation.

Gobind: Why?

Mohd Anuar: [after hesitating] Because the issue had become sensitive.
Gobind: What issue?

Mohd Anuar: The issue on the allocation of state assemblymen. Because the newspapers were publishing it every day.

The MACC man's reply drew a snide remark from Gobind before he continued his heated interrogation of the witness.

Gobind: You were directed to bring them in and get confessions from them?

Mohd Anuar: No.

Gobind: Please! You're on oath here.

Mohd Anuar: [hesitates] Ya.

Gobind: Who directed you?

Mohd Anuar: There were two people.

Gobind: Who are they?
Mohd Anuar: The deputy director Tuan Hishamuddin Hashim and Tuan Hairul Ilham.

Gobind: Who is he?
Mohd Anuar: Head of investigations unit.

Gobind seemed satisfied that he succeeded in extracting some names from Mohd Anuar, but couldn't seem to stop from pointing out that the MACC investigator who had been asked to step up the investigations had been “sleeping all night”, causing the public gallery to erupt into chuckles — even drawing a smile on the magistrate's face — and a faint protest from the witness.

MACC legal affairs director Datuk Abdul Razak Musa objected to Gobind's line of questioning and later called the inquest a “kangaroo court”.

Coroner magistrate Azmil Munthapa Abas asked Gobind to “soften” his manner of questioning the witness


Most definitely. The "top officials" have so much to hide and so much to lose. The lower ranked officers would have less reason to act so drastically. And with the culture here, no one dares act without the proper authority

Macc acting like "pondans" in court but brave enough to cause the death of a political secretary. I am in favour of "water boarding" for these bastards whose aim is to bring down the state govt who were elected by the rakyat! Macc stinks! And its payback time! Go get them Goby!

I don't believe Teoh was suicide because a suicidal will not care about thirsty and request water from MACC officer (Note: This is a normal behaviour)

If a person wants to suicide, they tend to act or behave abnormal because something had occupied in their mind or they are in a very focusing mode (Note : Behaviour will tend to be different from normal people)

Please refer to the following fact given at the Inquest:

“After the incident of Mr Teoh Beng Hock’s death, I was informed that at about 5am, he had called Mr Ashraf to ask for a drink and at about 6am, an officer named Mr Raymond had seen Mr Teoh Beng Hock still sleeping on a sofa,” the MACC IO replied when quizzed by lawyer Tan Hock Chuan.

to hasten investigation, MACC officer have to"work" in wee hours of the nights to question the witness. but they slept at home with their wife while the witness was left to "rot" at the MACC office.

...and yet....Najib had warned to not quickly jump to conclusion that MACC is bad. After what they have done...and Najib is still protecting these corrupt officers.
Di negara maju, pegawai seperti MACC kita ini sudah lama akan "di kuborkan" Mereka akan digelar "dirty cops or officers. Mereka akan dikecam lebih teruk dari penjenayah. Tiada siapa akan tolong mereka.
di Malaysia, PM sendiri beri sokongan padu....Malaysia Boleh!

Najib steps in over Kartika row

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has advised part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno to appeal against her caning sentence by the Syariah Court for consuming beer instead of accepting the punishment willingly.

The prime minister’s remarks today appear to suggest he has been forced to wade in over the issue because his government is concerned that it has taken a life of its own with daily reports in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other foreign publications.

Yesterday, religious authorities gave a last-minute, temporary reprieve in a case that has stirred passions over the increasingly strict enforcement of Islamic law in recent years.

Kartika was detained by prison authorities yesterday but was then released.

Officials say the caning would be carried out after Ramadan. It will be the first caning for a woman under Islamic laws.

The case has been criticised by more liberal Muslims and also non-Muslims who fear Malaysia is drifting from its secular traditions.

Najib’s administration appears to be concerned with the kind of message the sentence sends out to the world as Malaysia has portrayed itself as a model for a moderate and progressive Muslim country.

“I think the affected party should appeal to the state authorities and not be so willing to accept the punishment,” Najib told reporters.

He also expressed confidence that the religious authorities would be considerate.

“There is room for appeal and the state authorities are always considerate on this matter.”

Najib said the federal government could not and would not interfere in the administration of Islamic law.

But he seemed to strongly suggest that the government was working to avoid the sentence from being carried out.

“I believe the authorities concern are sensitive on this matter and realise the implication of this case,” he said.

Kartika was fined RM5,000 and sentenced to six strokes of the cane for drinking beer at a hotel in Najib's home state of Pahang.

Legal experts have criticised the caning as it could open up the state government to legal action.


Who do you listen to in Malaysia?
One day a minister will say something. Next day the Prime Minister will say somthing on the contrary. The following day a governmant department will carry out its duty that is an amalgam akin to rojak ( a local salad ) of what the others have said.

To sum it up, the government hides in the confusion it itself creates by employing smoke and mirrors tactics as it tries to straddle the middle ground while at the same time playing the race and religion card in order to win back the Malay votes.

However this does not go unnoticed by the investors and business analysts who have their ears on the ground rather than trust the main stream media whose news is censored by the government. In a click of a button, the truth can be revealed and sent zooming across cyberspace around the globe. We now live in a borderless world and the truth will eventually surface no matter how hard one tries to suppress it.

By calling the guilty to make an appeal, it gives the impression that the govt is willing to bend the rules for the guilty!

What a joke!

When the pressure is on, this guy blink.

When worldwide attention is on us, our leader is willing to give up his principle and take the easy way out.

IF an accused had been found guilty, give out the punishment according to the law.

Doing otherwise makes a mockery of the law.

Doing otherwise show me that this guy is not fit to lead.

It was a good thing that i didn't vote for him....and that is the trouble!

To Kartika, you were 'man' enough to face your punishment, you showed us that you are a person of principle, unlike our PM. Now have balls of steel NOT to appeal.

PAS maintains Chinese support, Umno race tactics a flop

If the Permatang Pasir by-election was to gauge the effectiveness of Umno’s communal politicking, the results point to only one conclusion: failure.

Mohd Salleh Man, PAS Penang commissioner, beat Rohaizat Othman, the scandal-hit Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, with a majority of 4,551. The former garnered 9,618 votes against the latter’s 5,067.

PAS won in all Chinese dominated areas throughout the state constituency. From the suburbs of Sama Gagah and Cross Street to the semi-rural town of Permatang Pauh, the Islamist party thumped their Umno rivals with big majorities.

In Sama Gagah, where Umno and its allies in Barisan Nasional spent most of their time campaigning, PAS edged out its old foe by raking in 1,397 votes against Umno’s 594. In Cross Street, a DAP stronghold, Umno fell behind PAS with a 642 majority and in Permatang Pauh, the former gained 875 votes against Umno’s 354.

Campaigning materials depicted PAS as an extremist group; focussing on Chinese-sensitive issues like the pig abbattoir closure in Kedah and the beer sale issue in Selangor to regain much of the lost Chinese votes that went to Pakatan Rakyat in last year’s general elections.

But the Permatang Pasir results have shown that Umno’s racial attacks have not been effective, said PAS vice-president and Permatang Pasir by-election director Datuk Mahfuz Omar.

“The voters have completely rejected the kind of racist politics played by Umno and BN,” Mahfuz told a post-victory press conference in Permatang Pasir.

Mahfuz claimed observations made by the party indicate a similar voting trend from the 2008 general elections, where Chinese votes mainly went to PR and the Malay votes are equally spread among supporters from both sides of the fence.

“Just as what had happened in the general elections, it has happened again here which shows that the people want change and transparent governance, a government with integrity, something that Umno and BN cannot provide,” he added.

The continued support shown by the Chinese voters here is not the only barometer of Umno’s ineptitude at communal politics. Umno sang a different tune in Malay majority areas, portraying PAS as a party that has compromised Islamic values by being a stooge to a Chinese dominated party, the DAP.

This approach has also proven to be a failure. If Permatang Pasir is any gauge, Umno’s attacks have not gained much traction on the ground except among its own core supporters.

The results of yesterday’s by-election suggests a hardening of support on both sides of the political divide as PAS’s relentless attacks on Rohaizat’s candidacy also did not seem to have gained the party more votes.

Deputy Prime Minister and BN deputy chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, the leading man behind the party’s ongoing racial attack, yesterday admitted that there were no significant changes in Malay voting trend.

Rohaizat, on the other hand, hinted that his defeat was caused by “the failure of the Chinese community here to fulfill its vows of support” which is an indirect admission that the race card has not worked its magic for Umno and BN.

24 August 2009

Resignations 'half-expected'

Parti Keadilan Rakyat Lunas assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh's decision to quit and become an independent is no surprise to the party, PKR de-facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said yesterday.

Anwar said Radzhi had been riddled with disciplinary problems and was also under investigation for making excessive claims.

"Even Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak warned him to control his expenditure."

Asked why PKR faced problems with its assemblymen, Anwar admitted that the party had shortcomings in its vetting process for last year's general election.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein says PKR doesn’t treat its members equally.

"We definitely have to improve and ensure our candidates are thoroughly vetted in future elections.

"Before the March 8 elections, we were rushing and evidently there were flaws in our selection process."

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said PKR's policies had never been consistent and the party also failed to give equal treatment to its members.

Asked to comment on allegations Barisan Nasional and Umno caused the resignations, Hishmmuddin said: "Tell me who was the person who talked about this issue of jumping parties. Who was is that gave a deadline that the Federal Government would fall. This is all their political games."

Hishammuddin said it was best Radzhi himself explain why he quit.

In Kuala Lumpur, PKR information chief Tian Chua said the party "half-expected" the move by Radzhi.

He claimed that the first-term Lunas assemblyman was being queried by the party for under-performing as an elected representative and as an exco member. He said PKR had also issued Radzhi a show-cause letter.

Chua also confirmed Padang Serai PKR acting division chief Jamaluddin Abu Hassan's resignation but doubted its 200 members quit en masse.

Tian Chua says PKR issued a show-cause letter to Radzhi Mohd Salleh.


This is now a necessity for PKR leaders. A comprehensive filtering system is required for prospective candidates for the next general elections.
We cannot vote for PKR candidates if its leaders are not committed to vetting its candidates.
The very reason that we voters are against BN is because we had had enough of dirty play by them. And if PR cannot get reputable candidates, you are no better.

Do tightly selection process like PAS candidates..they are good examples never influenced by money politics! PKR... the public have still faith in you fellas...but not UMNO anymore ...they are too evil and corrupted till bottom core of the party... its like a canser which has no cure! Whatever msm media spins the story about PKR .... don't worry the public still will support you fellas...but with one condition dropped all those tainted with umno disease (money politicians) and have clean set of people whom is willing to give their best interested in serve to public in coming 13th election!

Buying over candidates won't win voters hearts and are making them instead disgusted at being betrayed. What BN is doing is only a temporary shot-in-the-arm euphoria but their acts of corruption will become more and more unacceptable to the people in the long run. Nobody likes to be cheated!!

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission gingerly dances around a huge scandal

Malaysia's Anti-Corruption Commission has been tireless in the pursuit of wrongdoers, particularly those from the opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition that controls Selangor, Malaysia's richest state. But somehow – perhaps just an oversight – the MACC has been dawdling for five years on a case that appears to be one of the biggest scandals ever to hit a country that has generated some spectacular ones.

That is the RM7.45 billion (US$2.12 billion) cost to turn Port Klang, the seaport 70 km. west of the capital of Kuala Lumpur, into a national transshipment hub to rival the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai. Its directors say it is likely to default on billions of ringgit in loans, with the possibility, according to an auditor's report, that accumulated interest could drive the cost to a whopping RM12.45 billion.

Conceived in 1999, the Port Klang Free Zone was yet another massive development scheme put forward by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad although he had left office before the real carnival began. The project appears to have ignited a virtual feeding frenzy for politicians from the Barisan Nasional, or ruling national coalition.

The port development was awarded as a turnkey project without competitive bid to well-connected political cronies of the United Malays National Organisation and the Malaysian Chinese Association, the two biggest components of the Barisan Nasional. Project outlays, originally projected at RM1.95 billion, ballooned to RM3.52 billion, with interest accounting for another RM3.9 billion by 2012. The parties to the contract have fallen on each other, describing illicit payments and filing lawsuits. The squabble appears set to wreck what is left of the MCA, already in disastrous shape after the electoral drubbing it took in March 2008 elections.

The case stands in vivid contrast to the MACC's zeal in prosecuting opposition politicians from the Selangor state government. As many as six or seven have had their office records dealing with constituency expenditures taken away for investigation. The most publicized of those was State Executive Councilor Ean Yong Hian Wah, whose aide, Teoh Beng Kock, died on July 16, either by suicide or other means, after undergoing a marathon questioning session in the MACC offices over RM2,400 worth of flags the lawmaker handed out to his constituents during a Merdeka (Freedom) Day celebration.

An anonymous letter written on MACC stationery was released to the press last week, accusing Hishamuddin Hashim, an MACC deputy director for Selangor state, of conspiring with Mohammad Khir Toyo, a leading United Malays National Organization politician and former chief minister in Selangor state, to start corruption probes into opposition politicians. Khir Toyo has denied the charge. Opposition Democratic Action Party officials have been accused of fabricating the letter. Its origin is currently under investigation by police.

Certainly, there appears to be plenty about the Port Klang development for the MACC to investigate. The project is mired in controversy and name-calling, with Tiong King Sing, the head of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the company given the turnkey contract to build the massive facility, saying he had paid RM10 million in three installments to Ong Tee Keat, the head of the MCA. Tiong is a leader of the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party and head of the influential Backbenchers Club in the Dewan Dakyat, or parliament. Ong, also the transport minister, is offering to sue Tiong for his assertion that he had channeled money to Ong. Other MCA stalwarts are seeking to oust Ong from his leadership position, further fracturing the party.

Kuala Dimensi in turn is wholly owned by Wijaya Baru Sdn Bhd, which is the main contractor to Kuala Dimensi. Wijaya Baru is controlled by Wijaya Baru Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Azim Mohd Zabidi, the former UMNO treasurer, is chairman of Wijaya Baru Global Bhd. Chor Chee Heung, former deputy was former deputy home minister under Mahathir, who was home minister and fiance minister at the time. Chor was the Wijaya Baru Global non-executive deputy chairman from April 2004 till July 2007.

"This Port Klang FreeTrade zone is a colossal mess, with billions upon billions gone missing. It was earmarked for the MCA and the Chinese community," said a lawyer with links to the United Malays National Organization. "Many MCA/Chinese contractors benefitted from the deal. It has an issue for the last six years, but only now has it become explosive."

Opposition member Ronnie Liu , a DAP official, Party, lodged a police report with the MACC on the scandal as early as 2004. The DAP has lodged a series of other reports in the intervening years, said a spokesman for the Pakatan Rakyat, the opposition coalition headed by Anwar Ibrahim. None of the requests, the spokesman said, elicited any response from the authorities. Recently Ahmad Said Hamdan, the chief commissioner for MACC, declined to answer questions in a parliamentary accounts selective committee hearing into the Port Klang scandal, saying the case is still under investigation.

The story was broken wide open, however, with the recent publication of a 51-page confidential report into the port's finances by the international accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The report, dated Feb. 3, was "not intended for general circulation or publication. It must not be reproduced, republished, copied, distributed, excerpted, disclosed, quoted, alluded or referred to, whether in whole or in part, to any other party in any way without prior written consent of PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services Sdn Bhd (PwCAS)." However, selected parts were indeed excerpted, disclosed, quoted, alluded or referred to by the opposition, and since been given wide distribution.

Among other things, according to the report, which was obtained by Asia Sentinel, "…significant project costs, weak governance and weak project management have severely undermined the viability of the project. It is imperative that (the Port Klang authority) take immediate actions to restructure the (ministry of finance) soft loan of RM4.632 billion to avoid a potential default in 2012. The Government of Malaysia would need to make a concerted effort to turn the Port Klang Free Zone into a viable venture."

The report names a veritable rogue's gallery of MCA and other officials involved in the development of the project including two former transport ministers, Ling Liong Sik, the former MCA head, and Chan Kong Choy; three former Port Authority chairmen, the former UMNO treasurer Azim Mohd Zabidi, the first woman general manager of the authority, O.C.Phang and the project executor, Tiong King Sing.

In addition to awarding the contract to Kuala Dimensi without competitive bid, the land purchase was never vetted by the Malaysian cabinet, although it cost RM1.088 billion against a market value of the land was only RM442 million. Kuala Dimensi "may have overcharged PKA for interest by between RM51 million and RM309 million in connection with the purchase of the land," the report said.

According to another report, The 1,000 acres for the port were purchased by the government from Kuala Dimensi at RM 25 per square foot, or RM 1.8 billion inclusive of interest, giving Kuala Dimensi a capital gain of RM 993 million because it in turn had purchased the land from the Pulau Lumut Development Cooperative for only RM 95 million -- RM 3 per square foot. An UMNO assemblyman, Abdul Rahman Palil, was both the Pulau Lumut Development Co-operative chairman and a port director in 2002 when the land for the free zone was sold to the port authority. The then-transport minister rejected an assertion by the Malaysian Attorney General that the land could be acquired for "public purpose" under the Land Acquisition Act at RM 10 per square foot.
As a result, the report said, interest on a soft loan from the Ministry of Finance "will increase the project outlay from RM4.947 billion to RM7.453 billion. Unless the MOF soft loan is restructured, total outlay for the project will increase to RM12.453 billion.

And, five years into the project, it remains only 14 percent occupied and "revenue generated is inadequate to cover its operating expenses." The zone is expected to be in cash deficit from 2012. The MACC said recently that it had formed a 30- member panel to investigate further


The MACC said recently that it had formed a 30- member panel to investigate further.and we the people of Malaysia will only believe it when MACC starts prosecuting and sending those responsible to the slammer. In another way, we mean that, MACC gets out of UMNO's cocoon and stop being its tool, if not forget it.

According to another report, The 1,000 acres for the port were purchased by the government from Kuala Dimensi at RM 25 per square foot, or RM 1.8 billion inclusive of interest, giving Kuala Dimensi a capital gain of RM 993 million because it in turn had purchased the land from the Pulau Lumut Development Cooperative for only RM 95 million -- RM 3 per square foot

I am just wondering why no one reveal that Kuala Dimensi did not fully own the 999.5 acres of land sold to Port Klang Authority. Part of the land, 753.1 Acres , is owned by Great Profile Sdn Bhd, a fully owned subsidiary of Wijaya Baru Global Berhad.

Kuala Diminsi has sold the land (753.1 acres) to Great Profile Sdn Bhd in 24 November 1997 and the transaction was completed in 1999.

The land was sold for RM747.006 million plus taking over all obligations and liabilities of the bridging loan of 210 million that Kuala Dimensi has obtained from the now defunct Sabah Development Bank. The land was also charged to Bank of Commerce Berhad for a loan of RM250,000.00 taken in 6 March 1998.

Note: Danaharta took over the loan portfolio from Sabah Development Bank Berhad in january 2000.

Source: Wijaya Baru Global Berhad 2002 and 2003 Annual Report and public announcements to Bursa Malaysia between 1999 and 2000.

This Port Klang FreeTrade zone is a colossal mess, with billions upon billions gone was earmarked for the MCA and the Chinese community,no wonder there is so much fuss about it because they forgot to spare some $ for the guys from makan bn

No body is going to jail despite all the hoo hah... In China, Korea or Japan someone would have committed HARA KIRI and a group of CEO of the various companies would be sitting on concrete slabs in the jail by now.

so many clues have been given to macc. just join the dots and they will get to the bottom of the matter.
hellooo - is anybody home at macc?

Policeman to sue Padang Serai MP

The policeman who was manhandled by Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan during the nomination for the Pematang Pasir by-election is considering taking legal action against the parliamentarian.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said it was learnt that the policeman would take the legal action personally.

"Like any other people, he (policeman) has the right to take legal action. So, it's up to him to do so," he told reporters after campaigning house-to-house in Bukit Indera Muda here today.

Gobalakrishnan was arrested to facilitate investigation after he created a commotion on nomination day for the Permatang Pasir by-election at the National Youth Skills Institute here on Monday.

During the incident, a policeman was manhandled when he tried to break the commotion which occurred at about 11am.

Meanwhile, Hishammuddin said the police would also investigate the allegation made by Lunas assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh that Gobalakrishnan's action was masterminded by a certain party.

"We will collect all information pertaining to the allegation and carry out a thorough investigation," he said, declining further comment.

When asked whether Umno would invite Mohd Radzhi to join the party following his decision to leave the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) today, Hishammuddin said:

"Umno is open not only to the assemblyman, but also to anybody who wants to join it anytime," he added.


UMNO will go all out before they become history! it happened before in 1945 before Nazi Hitler commited suicide! Allies forces was closed to Berlin..they go all out to rob, steal and kill.

Rohaizat’s ex-law partner says he gained nothing in revealing all

Yusri said he only wanted to clear his name.

Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Rohaizat Othman's former legal firm partner, Yusri Isahak, today stressed that he gained no reward in revealing the goings-on in the firm.

Yusri, 39, said he held a press conference in Bukit Mertajam on Thursday solely to clear his name which had been tarnished following allegations by certain individuals that he had misappropriated or misused the firm's money.

"My intention was not to bring down Rohaizat who is contesting in the Permatang Pasir by-election, but he was equally responsible for the firm's financial matters," he told a press conference at the Grand Seasons Hotel here.

Yusri said he was treated as the sacrificial lamb in the issue of land purchase by Koperasi Pekebun Getah Negeri Pulau Pinang (KPGNPP) in 2002 and the revocation of Rohaizat's civil lawyer's licence.

Yusri, who was Rohaizat's law partner for five years from 1999, said any dealings of the firm were with Rohaizat's approval.

Yusri is now a businessman and no longer a legal practitioner as he has not renewed his practising certificate since 2004.

He regretted that his statement, which was meant to defend himself, was used as political capital by irresponsible quarters to malign the BN candidate for the Permatang Pasir by-election.

Yusri, who has known Rohaizat since 1989 when both were studying at the same university, said he did not want any baseless accusation to be made against Rohaizat by irresponsible parties to serve their own political interest.

He said his previous media statements on the issue were not made on the instigation of any individual or political party, and hoped that the public understood the real situation. — Bernama


UMNO lackeys will set out to vilify you, discredit you
They will be calling you names: Pengkhianat Melayu, Penglhianat Islam, Pengkhianat everything
They will start labelling you: immoral, taking money, sour grape etc etc

The rakyat know, who was the devil.
The rakyat thank you for coming forward to uncover the sheep skin the wolf was wearing.

Just ignore those nonsense coming from UMNO lackeys.

That is UMNO, the real immoral and corrupted culprit.
Their days are numbered for they have done too many bad deeds.

Muhyiddin hints more PKR reps may quit

Muhyiddin said many PKR members had lost confidence in their leader.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin hinted more PKR lawmakers could quit the opposition party as his faltering Barisan Nasional campaign in the Permatang Pasir by-election capitalised on the walkout by PKR's Lunas assemblyman.

The Umno deputy president said they would leave as they have lost confidence in the struggles of their leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim whose Pakatan Rakyat has won six out of seven by-elections since Election 2008.

"Many PKR members and elected representatives no longer trust Anwar Ibrahim because they realise that the party's struggles are only for meant one individual, that is Anwar," Bernama quoted Muhydiddin as saying here.

He said the decision of Lunas state assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh to quit the PKR showed that elected representatives from the party no longer cared about their position although they were members of the state executive council.

Muhyiddin said although he was shocked by Mohd Radzi's sudden decision to leave the PKR, nonetheless he had expected it to happen.

Kedah tourism councillor Mohd Radzhi today announced his decision to leave the party and become an independent assemblyman, saying that he had lost confidence in the party's struggles.

He also claimed that 200 Padang Serai PKR members left the party as they had lost confidence in the party's leadership which no longer followed the original objectives of the party's formation.

Muhyiddin said the voters in Permatang Pasir should learn their lesson and should no longer be duped by Anwar's struggles and stop supporting the opposition coalition which was facing more problems.

Umno's scandal-hit candidate Rohaizat Othman, who has been disbarred as a lawyer, is facing Penang PAS state commissioner Mohd Salleh Man in a straight fight in the by-election this Tuesday.

Two PKR lawmakers in Perak quit with a DAP lawmaker last February and brought down the Pakatan state government led by PAS's Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin.

None of the PKR or DAP lawmakers have joined Barisan Nasional although they have pledged support for the federal coalition.

Their resignations have been a blow for Anwar, who predicted he could form the federal government with 30 MPs from Barisan which has ruled the country since Merdeka when the coalition was known as the Alliance.

Anwar's Pakatan won 82 seats in the 222-seat Parliament and five states in Election 2008, breaking the Barisan's traditional two-thirds parliamentary majority.

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah said today “cash inducements” could have prompted Radzhi to quit, denying the party was facing cracks.


Of course BN just got the sale money on amanah 1 Malaysia, so now you BN could make big swing with this money to buy the greedy katak.

Even if another 10 PR Assembley-man leaves before GE 13, I will not also vote for BN because your party corrupts to the core and beyond redeem.

All these frogs or would be frogs will also be wiped out completely by PR who don't toe the line.

Voting for you is like betraying my race and religion.

i have one request DPM ,could you ask Radhzi to swear in front of allah by holding the holy quran by declaring he left PR not because somebody in UMNO/BN have given him money or any benefits but purely because he have no confidence in the PR leadership ,therefore volunteering left the present party by becoming independent friendly towards BN. This is a fasting month .

these ADUNs leave the party not because of ideological differences but of greed like Froggie Hee Jit Foong. In their life time they cannot even make half a million ringgit and suddenly the men from UMNO came in with fast bucks of a couple of million. Thus they just leave the people who elected him/her, walk away with the cash and perhaps join the current ruling party and make more (depending whether they are still useful). This DPM is nothing but an arrogant Minister. This is not the way to the people's heart. In fact dear DPM, if you have any consultants or advisers worth his salt they will ask you to shut your mouth.

Evil BN, evil government! Voter in Permatang Pasir, please vote wisely!

Muhyiddin is mistaken about one detail. Educated and in-the-know voters no longer see it as a battle between BN and PKR. We see it as a fight between an old-fashioned, racist and corrupted administration that has led the country into steep deterioration, and those that are opposed to that. Weak as PKR is in its current state, it is the one credible threat to your corrupted colleagues and even if BN managed to entice more assemblymen with "cash rewards" to leave, we will only vote in more agents of change in the next election.

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