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12 December 2009

Khairy do not want to comment on rumours linking him with Deputy Minister of Tourism post

Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth Chief is keeping mum on the recent rumours linking him with a deputy ministerial post. The Rembau MP has refused to comment on the rumours circulating that he might be in line to replace the deputy minister of tourism Datuk Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib who has since resigned due to personal matters. Khairy said "What do you want me to say?

I don't want to comment on rumours” Many quarters has since linked him with the post as he is one of the office bearers in Umno who does not hold any ministerial positions in the cabinet and the resignation of Sulaiman might just be his opportunity to get there.


Practically all UMNO cunts are Belakan masuk players...this pariah dog Khairy Jamaluddin, is no better!

09 December 2009

Sightings of Teoh’s ghost in Plaza Masalam not true

According to local Chinese newspaper, China Press, there has been sightings and claims that the ghost of Teoh Beng Hock has been seen in Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam, the MACC office of which his body was found. Investigations are currently underway over the cause of his death and office workers and tenants there have been talking about such sightings since the report was released. This has been refuted by Ruslan Nordin, a senior officer of Evergreen Venues Sdn Bhd, the building security company who said “I heard the same allegations two or three days ago from our customers (in Plaza Masalam). But I refuted (the stories) because we never received any such report from my security personnel. I know about it, it was reported in the Chinese papers, but I paid no heed. Instead I talked to my guards and they say 'there are none, sir'. All this while, we patrolled the top, bottom and underground levels, once every hour, there was nothing there. ”

So far, there has not been any reports of paranormal activities where he added that “There are no ghosts, neither water spirits nor skeletal apparitions. They don't exist. We will not allow this (journalists taking pictures and recordings) unless they have written permission from the administrative office.”


Of course, you stupid fools! You can't see ghosts or spirits because they are not viisible. But I am sure you can see a lot of devils in the form of najis, mujis. mamakuty, nazi, rosie, toyols, rice and many others!

the wrong doers see them and are afraid! Tell the truth and be set free!

When you deny that's means there is something you're hiding!!!!!

PAC says rail project badly-managed but no embezzlement

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has found no embezzlement in the double-tracking project, saying bad management has led to cost over-runs of RM1.14 billion.

The cost over-runs came from variation orders (VO) for the turnkey project without the approval from the Treasury.

“We have called up representatives from Transport Ministry, KTM, consultants including contractors that implemented the project. Our focus from PAC was to why there was a cost overrun of RM1.14 billion or 32.9 per cent higher than the original value of the project just reported in the AG report,”PAC chairman Datuk Azmi Khalid told reporters.

“Based on our findings, the PAC could not detect any misappropriation this time, although this project involves a double tracking project, implementation was not tidy and issues that will be raised to the government is to improve the standard operation procedures, complete the checklist properly, and look to whether the design and build could still be used or not,” he told reporters during a press conference in parliament.

According to this year’s audit report, the government may have to bear part of the RM1.14 billion loss in the RM6 billion double-tracking rail contract between Rawang and Ipoh, as the project was poorly managed.

He added that there were weaknesses in all levels of management in the project.

“The most obvious weakness was the delay in acquiring and utilisation of land. The problem was decision from the city halls which required deliberation and approvals. This has caused the project to be delayed which led to the increase in cost,” he said.

Azmi pointed out that the poor planning has incurred the project with unexpected costs.

“This project has two phases, infrastructure and system. The two have to be planned before hand but what happened was that the two was not planned before hand.

“Again there were requirements that were not seen in the earlier part because when you introduce new items it will cost more money. Delayed contracts also cost money to the contractors and suppliers. So there is money everywhere,” he said.

He also revealed that the VO in the double-tracking had cost RM588 million.

“We found that there was a VO of about RM588 million that was approved but not paid by the government and that also caused delay. The contractors have done their work but not yet paid,” he said.

The Rawang to Ipoh (southern) double-tracking and electrification project was completed in 2008, while the Ipoh to Padang Besar portion was proposed in 2002 as a continuation of the existing tracks.

In 2003, former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that the government had decided to postpone the project, which drew heavy criticism from his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

However, the project was revived when then Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced that the Cabinet Committee on Public Transport had decided to revive the shelved northern section double-tracking project in 2007.

The Rawang to Ipoh (southern) double-tracking and electrification project was completed in 2008 while the Ipoh to Padang Besar portion was proposed in 2002 as a continuation of the existing tracks.

The project was awarded to Gamuda Berhad and MMC Corporation Berhad. The major stakeholders of Gamuda and MMC are Raja Datuk Seri Eleena Sultan Azlan Shah and Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary respectively


what is the difference between badly managed and embezzlement? Should we be rejoicing and say there is no corruptions.

Badly manages means a stupid managers managing a bunch of equally stupid workers. All without brains

Embezzlement is where a stupid manager managing sombody who is smarter than him or her and getting rich without him or her knowledge. A stupid managers and smart worker.

Badly managed - throwing money away. Embezzlement is money going down the drain into somebody's pocket.

I wonder if the PAC has the benefits of the services of independent project managers, railway engineers and quantity surveyors who are familiar with double tracking projects. If not, how are they able to make their findings

The project was awarded to Gamuda Berhad and MMC Corporation Berhad. The major stakeholders of Gamuda and MMC are Raja Datuk Seri Eleena Sultan Azlan Shah and Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary respectively
Isn't this cronies of BN?

Minister of transport should step down responsible for its poor management causes the lost of public funds. Najib was wrongly appointing such an useless person taking charge of transport ministry office.

Another police report against Kulasegaran for questioning Malay supremacy

The Federation of Peninsular Malaysia Students Associations (GPMS) today lodged a police report against Ipoh Barat parliamentarian M Kulasegaran over his statement allegedly questioning the special privileges and supremacy of the Malays.
The report was made by GMPS president Jais Abdul Karim, who was accompanied by about 10 GPMS members, at the Sentul district police headquarters here at 10.30am.

In the report, Jais asked the police to take action against Kulasegaran over his statement which he alleged had hurt and angered the Malays.

Speaking to reporters after lodging the report, Jais said Kulasegaran's questioning of Malay supremacy could spark racial disunity and riots.

He said GPMS would issue a memorandum condemning the statement and seek an open apology from Kulasegaran, who is a DAP vice-president.

On Dec 3, Kulasegaran had raised the issue of Malay supremacy in the Dewan Rakyat, setting off a heated argument among the MPs.

Kulasegaran, when posting a supplementary question to Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, had said that issues like Malay supremacy had remained a stumbling block to unity in the country because it was regarded as a discrimination of other races.


Obviously, all those Umnoputras who had been brainwashed and blindly influenced by the racist BTN, thinking that all Malays still need crutches and the special privileges thereby transforming them into rent-seekers and under-counter receivers.

DAP dares Gerakan, MCA to quit BN over Ahmad Ismail’s return

DAP leaders today challenged leading Barisan Nasional (BN) parties, Gerakan and MCA, to make their stand known on Umno’s decision to lift the suspension of controversial Penang warlord Datuk Ahmad Ismail.
“Are they willing to quit Barisan Nasional?” asked Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran.

Yesterday, The Malaysian Insider reported that former Bukit Bendera Umno chief, Ahmad, who was suspended in September last year for uttering a racist remark, has been reinstated into the party last Friday.

“I am not shocked at all by the decision,” Kulasegaran told reporters in Parliament here.

Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong wondered what message Umno is trying to send when lifting the suspension.

“I want to know the view of Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon as the minister in charge of national integration, and what message Umno is sending,” said Liew.

While Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua said the decision indicates that Umno is not serious in adopting the 1 Malaysia concept.

“Is Umno still holding on to its Ketuanan Melayu ideology, or has it truly accepted the 1 Malaysia concept?” Pua questioned.

He added that 1 Malaysia, which was introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to promote national unity, must also be adopted by Umno.


1 Malaysia concept is Najib's bullshit. UMNO is a racist party just like Mahathir said. And he's right because UMNO Baru is his UMNO. With Ahmad Ismail back UMNO will swing deep into racial politics once again and forever because that is the true UMNO.

I am trying to understand what Najib Administration stands for;

1) Forgive corrupted politician so they appointed Isa to be their candidate.
2) Forgive racist politician so they reduce Ahmad Ismail suspension to 3 years.
3) Power is more important than crime. Like the two former PKR Perak Assemblymen who were still under investigation from corruption been woo by UMNO to quite Pakatan.
4) Murder is not an impotant crime. Just how slow they delay Teoh's case and not forgetting Altantuya's case.
5) Racist is UMNO is acceptable but not others. Look take a look at how UMNO react to BTN.
6) UMNO is racist party and there fore it is acceptable. Well, this was said by their beloved former president for 22 years.
7) Security is less important as all those who own houses can afford to hire security guard to take care of security.
1Malaysia is just a word, don't take too seriously

Ahmad Ismail's three-year suspension reduced

The Penang UMNO welcomes the decision by the UMNO supreme council to lift the controversial three-year suspension on Datuk Ahmad Ismail from September for uttering a sensitive remark during a campaign rally.

State UMNO secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said he welcome the decision to lift the suspension on Ahmad as he was still the man for UMNO.

"I believe the party Supreme council had consider seriously on the matter before making the decision and UMNO Penang would always ready to welcome Ahmad," he told reporters here on Wednesday.

Party secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor was reported on Wednesday as saying that the UMNO supreme council which met on Friday had decided to lift the suspension on Ahmad.

Ahmad, the former Bukit Bendera UMNO Chief, when contacted, said he was grateful that the party's struggle was back on track and thanked the party president and deputy president for their consideration.

He was suspended from the party for three years from September following a public outcry after he called the non-Malays "pendatang" (immigrants) during the Permatang Pauh by-election last year.


Now that we know a caught rabid dog has been released early by its master with ill-intentions to inflame and threaten public security, that diseased dog should not be shown mercy by the good people of the country if it should bare its fangs again on the public.

If need be, that dog has to be hit hard on its head again and again until it hides its tail between the legs! The public must not be afraid of dogs, especially mad dogs! Its evil masters must also be warned and held responsible by the public for any untoward incident arising out of their devilish decision!

Malaysians, the people, must unite to fight against animals gone berserk in any form!

Well I am not surprise at all. If you take into the decision made by UMNO recently, nominate a man who once found guilty of corruption by UMNO to represent them in an important election. To support BTN which preached racism. To support COW head protest. And to do next to nothing in the murder of Teoh.

It makes Ahmad's sin look mild. I can imagine how his supporters argued for this sentence to be reduced. It is obvious UMNO completely ignore Malaysians feeling. They talk and talk but never will walk the talk. It is for show and now their beloved leader for 22 years admitted that UMNO is racist. It is not something new to us as we all know UMNO is racist but they denied that all these years in spite of their action. In this era, there is no room for racist party. I suppose Malaysians will have to come out in force in the next election to VOTE against all racist parties.

UMNO will continue their agenda simply because they know the chinese has this idiotic attitude of "better to work with devil that you know ie UMNO than the angel that you don't ie PAS.

you care more about beer and beyonce than UMNO's incompetence and racism

this was proven in bagan pinang

so why bising-bising now? you reap what you sow. serves you right. now sit back and relax...the show has just begun. ahmad ismail is back with vengeance. if i am a chinese, i will migrate to australia, new zealand, UK or canada (but not singapore lah as the tiny red dot also has the second highest emigration rate in the world after zimbabwe

08 December 2009

Kit Siang condemns MACC chief’s ‘heartless’ remark

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang condemned Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan’s statement that the Teoh Beng Hock case was “very small” compared to other cases investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The outgoing MACC chief had denied that he was retiring due to political pressure and Teoh's death at the MACC headquarters in Shah Alam on July 16.

“Teoh Beng Hock’s case is nothing. It is a very small case. We have handled much bigger cases,” Ahmad Said had reportedly said.

Lim (picture) stressed that Ahmad Said’s statement showed his guilt.

“This is generally perceived by Malaysians as Ahmad Said’s guilty mind speaking, admitting that MACC cannot exonerate itself or exculpate responsibility for Teoh’s death whatever the outcome of the ongoing inquest.

"Ahmad Said’s statement is heartless and grossly insensitive, rubbing salt into the wounds of the hearts of all decent and just-loving Malaysians,” Lim said in a press statement.

He questioned how an independent anti-corruption chief could dismiss Teoh’s shocking case as of being no consequence.

“How many lives must be lost in MACC precincts before they become major issues?” he asked.

Lim said that it is undeniable that Teoh’s case had been a major factor in Malaysia falling to the 56th position from 47th in the Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI).

“Before he steps down as MACC chief commissioner, can Ahmad spell out the reasons why Malaysia’s ranking and score in the TI CPI 2009 had suffered such a grave double plunge, and to let Malaysians know the role played by Teoh’s mysterious death at MACC headquarters for the loss of national and international confidence in the independence, professionalism and integrity of MACC?” Lim asked.

Ahmad Said recently announced that he will retire by the end of the month, five months earlier than scheduled, ending a controversial and eventful period at the helm of the beleaguered anti-graft agency.

Ahmad Said’s tenure as MACC chief has been plagued by controversy, especially in its handling of the probe into Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers.

The mysterious death of DAP political aide Teoh, still the subject of an ongoing inquiry, stands out as a low point in the MACC under Ahmad Said.

According to the Chief Secretary of the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan, Ahmad Said had requested for his service contract to be cut short. No reason was given for the request. His contract was due to end on May 25, 2010.

Sidek expressed the government’s appreciation for Ahmad Said’s services which he described as “excellent and in line with his vision to create a Malaysia free from corruption”.

But the negative public perception of the MACC means Ahmad Said will be leaving under a cloud.


How very right. The case involving TBH was too small to be investigate but this unscrupulous person for his own selfish reason deemed it necessary to investigate in an unreasonable and perhaps in an intimidating and threatening way which ended in a loss of an innocent man's life.
Remember TBH was only called as a withness.

Of course TBH's case is nothing in terms of the amount of corruption involved as compare to PKFZ, Khir Toyo's case etc-etc. What more can we expect to have an incompetent person to lead an incompetent MACC? That's why Malaysia is ranked at 56 on TI CP index!

If he has handle the biggest cases, which one ? Ask him to denounce it...
If he so diligently done his task, will Malaysia jatuh from 47th to 56th ??
If he dare, kindly tell the public whole heartedly the reason of early retirement or stepdown ?
Do you all beLIEve him ?? He is just LIEing .....isn't it ?
If he dare not to tell people the truth, it means he is LIEing the TBH case....

Weak structure reason for car plunge incident at KB Mall

The Kelantan Police Chief SAC I Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi reported today that the reason for accident that took place at the KB Mall where the car plunge from the third floor car park was due to the weak structure of the retaining wall. He said “If the 1.8m wall had been built using bricks and reinforced steel, it would be impossible for the structure to give way like what had happened on Sunday. The 1.8m wall was built with bricks without any reinforcement and can collapse upon impact," It was reported that 2 students from Masterskills College of Kota Bahru, Siti Nor Amira Samsuddin, and Siti Nor Diana Azman, died when a car crashed into them in the concourse of the shopping mall. 2 other students were injured. Abdul Rahim added that “Preliminary investigations revealed that the retaining wall was built with bricks, without any steel reinforcement or concrete beam, normally found in such structures. Since the man was there during the incident, he can shed some light on the incident,"

Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan, the chairman of the Kelantan Tourism, Local Council and Culture said “Following Sunday's tragedy, a special meeting would be called to discuss safety of all shopping malls. This morning, Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat visited the place where the incident happened and directed the Kota Baharu City Council Bandaraya Islam to hold an immediate meeting. We will call the Police, Fire and Rescue, Public Works Department and the KB Mall management for the meeting,"


there is alot of stucture is week in malaysia,
like stadium , the one that collapse and many other.
this is because so many hand involve in managing the money
instead of working properly.
one person get the contract and another do the work as
sub contractor... this come to worst where the workers used is from
bangladesh and indonesia, which is lack of material mixing skill.
all they know is making money.. thats all.
in future maybe more building will going down.

the two innocent scholls in kampar perak also died becoz of this weak structure!

surely the engineers involved in this two projects must be PRODUCT(ENGINEERS) OF ITM AND UiTM.


Basically our engineers and architects
are not up to standatd for failing to design
multi-storey car park walls, columns and all
elements to take vehicle impact loads.

This is a design problem and the structural
engineer has failed in his professional duty
to ensure public safety. In US and UK he can
go to JAIL for this.

Rosmah shed tears after being touched by birthday speech

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was so touched she burst into tears after she was presented with a birthday card by a representative from the gifted children’s association. She was at the opening of the PERMATA Pintar Negara Holiday Camp when the student read a short speech for her where Rosmah then proceeded to embrace the student and gave her a kiss on the cheek. That was after she shed tears, apparently was touched by the speech which was a tribute to her birthday which was on 10 December 2009. She was also presented with a birthday cake where her husband Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak fed her with a piece of which she then returned with a similar action.


Crocodile tears or

tears of joy? then lots of money coming her way?

how come a very sentimental woman like Rosmah dare to give order to kill another woman
Rosmah should be nominated for next year Oscar since this year Academy is already in the past.. good show rosmah, definitely the frontrunner for Oscar contender






Dr M is racist to say there is no need to revamp BTN – Nazri slams former premier again

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has slammed former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir for his recent comments about the revamping of the BTN (National Civics Bureau) training modules. While Nazri announced recently that the cabinet had agreed to revamp the modules, Dr Mahathir came out to say that there is no need to do so. For this, Nazri, who obviously was annoyed hit out at the former premier saying that he is being racist for saying so. Nazri said “There are many instances of those who have come away from the course being angry as they felt words like ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ are ridiculous. I agree with Dr Mahathir’s sentiments about patriotism but not just for the Malays. When he was Prime Minister, he called for everyone to think as Malaysians. Now, that he is no longer Prime Minister, he’s asking for everyone to think otherwise. If the Opposition has a problem with the revamp, I want to know what it is. Do they want to say that Malaysia belongs to the Malays? I want them to point out to me where have I gone wrong. It is a Cabinet decision. The decision to revamp the course came up shortly after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced the 1Malaysia concept,”

Dr Mahathir meanwhile defended his sentiments where he said “The BTN courses had been around for more than 20 years and there had been no complaints from those who had attended the courses. In fact, the participants have always found the courses useful because we try to teach civil servants new cultures and new values. This is because the culture and value system that was in place then was not conducive to success. Therefore, if they want to serve the Government well, they must practice and accept certain value system like being more disciplined, honest and not corrupt. I don’t see what is wrong with that. During the BTN courses, when history of Malaysia was discussed, it would be mentioned that the country was once called Tanah Melayu. Now it is Malaysia because we have people who have come to settle down here. That is fact of history. You can’t deny facts and history. But if we can’t even mention that, then we are denying history,”


Nazri said Mahathir a racist.....wao !!!!! I love to hear this. By the way these two goondoos I believe are from UMNO. Lawan jangan tak lawan, Malaysia boleh !!!!!!!!! See the power of GOD, problems in UMNO and BN will persists until PRU 13. then the rakyat will have good reasons to kick out BN. A silver lining have been observed since March 2008 and the lining is getting bigger and bigger and will explode come PRU 13.

The Sandiwara of BN...One f@cker screwing the other...In the end they will all still join hands...That Mamak shud juz shut his mouth and keep his tuan crap status!


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