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25 May 2010

You help me, I help you


am not surprised that he could make such a statement. It can only come from those who have done such "deals" before. You know like " I scratch your back, you scratch mine". Turned out he scratched the Sibuans backs and they kicked him out of Sibu

HOLY SHIT!! Bribing during elections in public and no less by the PM himself. This is blatant buying votes. What do you expect from a adulterous, lying and corrupted murderer. All together MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

truly shameful for a PM to talk like that!!!! He did it openly without blinking his eyelids which mean he believed in CORRUPTIONS!!!!!

Stealing billions and giving only a few paltry million back is not acceptable. The money belongs to the RAKYATS and the country's wealth had been stolen under broad daylight once too often. So much so even Mamak Kutty couldn't be bothered when a book has been written about him stealing Billions. Why didn't he institute legal proceedings to safeguard his "holier than thou" image???
His running Dog is now emulating his bad habits.
All I can say now is DON"T BE SO ARROGANT! If BN has any moral principle left, help the Rakyats without threatening them!

our tax payers money is tossed around like this, how do you expect us to trust him to manage the country. also the way najib put it, it is clear that he does not feel connected with people, he does not respect others as equal human beings, this only reinforces my suspicion he indeed is altantuya murderer.

This bugger is an OBSCENITY! Offering RM5 million to solve flooding problems...

How much did he offer Saiful to solve the Anwar problem?

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