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24 May 2010

I am not behind anti-Samy Vellu movement – Subramaniam (former deputy president of MIC)

Datuk S Subramaniam (not to be confused with the current vice-president) the former deputy president of MIC said that apart from the recently sacked leaders of the party, the tens of thousands of members who have been thrown out by the president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu over the past 30 years will return to the party once he steps down. V Mugilan, the deputy head of the Youth wing and 2 members of the CWC (Central Working Committee) of MIC were sacked by Samy Vellu after they called on him to quit his presidency immediately. Subramaniam said “Over 100,000 members left the party after Samy Vellu closed down their branches in the last 30 years, and almost all Indian Progressive Front (IPF) members were originally MIC members. However, the atmosphere must be right and the party's successor has to win their support to lure them back to the party.”

He also denied having anything to do with the recent setting up of the Anti-Samy Vellu movement (GAS) by Mugilan. This was claimed by S Vell Parri, a member of the CWC who is also Samy Vellu’s son that Subramaniam was using Mugilan to architect Samy Vellu’s exit. He said “I have not spoken to Mugilan for about a year although I might have exchanged a friendly hello with him in a few functions. I have nothing to do with what Mugilan does or anybody else who asked Samy Vellu to go. I did not want to advise Samy Vellu because it will fall on deaf ears as he never takes good advice,”

"The accusation by newly appointed MIC Central Working Committee (CWC) member S. Vell Paari, who is also Samy Vellu's son, that we had cooperated in forming GAS, as reported by a Tamil newspaper today, is malicious. Not only the MIC grassroot leaders want Samy Vellu to leave now, but former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had also advised him to step down two years ago. The sooner the transfer of power is made, the better it is for MIC as the Indian community has been waiting for a dynamic transformation under a new party leadership,"


Datuk S Subramaniam, you are the most ballless(no balls) politician Malaysia have. When you are the deputy chief of MIC, you dare not take on Sammy Vellu. Now, whether you admit or not, doesn't matter as your time has passed. No one with a clear mind will elect you. YOU COWARD!!!!

No doubts, Sammi is bad but you are worst.

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