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26 May 2010

PM, please help - Sacked MIC members

V Mugilan, the former deputy youth chief of MIC, KP Samy and G Kumar Amaan, the 2 former members of the CWC (Central Working Committee) have all called on the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to intervene on the ongoing crisis in the party. The three of them were sacked by the party president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu when they demanded that he resign from the post immediately. KP Samy said "The prime minister is doing his best for the community... it is not MIC president S Samy Vellu, as he (the latter) likes to claim, who is helping the Indian community,"

He added that "In what way the BN can get the support back? Despite Najib's best effort the obstacle that stands in the way is Samy Vellu, because everything the government has given goes to his cronies or his (personal) investments. The prime minister must decide now, if he wants assets like us or liabilities like Samy Vellu. The press carried the news that Vel Paari (right) was unanimously appointed. He should have been sacked from the party because it was he who did not tell the truth. The party president has the power to appoint whoever he wants - wife, daughter-in-law or son - but don't send the wrong message... because I know nothing is unanimously agreed in the CWC ever since I was elected CWC member. His son is in the CWC, his daughter-in-law is the Puteri deputy, his caste man is the Youth chief - this is proof that the MIC family runs the political party."


Hello thambi Mugilan, you go to the WRONG people to sack someone....this guy C4 only, they don't do sacking, understand? the way, do you have the money? Show him the money and he'll get it done for help me, i'll help you, understand!!!

If you are sacked or left BN you are nobody already.Nobody can help you. In BN even the deputy prime minister is an old rag is fired by the boss. Now you can have your own feel how sad and how unfair BN is ........since 1997.

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