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29 May 2010

Gathering will continue anyhow, Samy Vellu’s house as last resort – GAS

K P Samy, the sacked member of the MIC’s CWC (Central Working Committee) said that the Anti-Samy Vellu Movement or GAS (Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu) will go ahead with its scheduled gathering this coming Sunday despite failing to use the PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre) as its venue. They are now looking for a new venue to hold its gathering and if all avenues are exhausted, they will resort to gathering in front of Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu’s house.

He said “We are disappointed as we already have the police permit and it happened too near the event. The venue changed because of political pressure. The new venue would be announced by V. Mugilan at a press conference Friday. Our last resort is to have it in front of Samy Vellu’s house but we want to abide by the law.”

V Mugilan who started the movement said “Samy Vellu should leave us alone and let us have a peaceful gathering. If he is not scared, why is he disturbing us? This just shows that GAS is successful in exerting pressure on Samy Vellu to resign.


MIC is a waste of time, they just want to get rid of semi, but they will only replace him with another uselss corrupt thug. True change can only happen with PKR.

Did Umno supported GAS ? First we have to look at all the recent incidents ......

A: Umno oppression towards its own coalition parties.

1) Umno MPs asking Ong Tee Kiat to resign.

2) Umno MPs openly supported Liow Tiong Lai to take over Ong's place.

3) Recently, Umno MPs openly supported Liow Tiong Lai to take over Chua's place.

4) Umno MPs asking Koh Ksu Koon to resign.

5) Penang Umno asking Gerakan to apologise.

B: Umno spreading lies toward Oppsition parties.

1) Spreading lies about PAS of joining with BN.

2) Spreading lies about Lim Guan Eng of side lining the Penang's malays, accusing LGE of chasing the malays out of Penang. Penang's last month report .... malay population had increased in Penang.

3) Spreading lies about Anwar Ibrahim of being a traitor. Accusing Anwar of joining up with non bumis .... ( joining up with non bumis - apa ini ??????) Umno itself had been joining with PPP, MIC, Gerakan, MCA for decades and now they are trying to team up with Hindraf and Makkal sakthi. ( Umno betul betul sudah gila).

C: Other incidents

1) Those who caught in the cow head incidents are not the residents from Section 23. They are Umno members.

2) Those who caught in the church burning are also Umno members.

By going to thru all the recent incidents .... every each one was somehow linked to Umno .... Umno had involved in creating chaos in every each one of its coalition parties EXCEPT Mic. Cannot be mah, how could Umno leave out Mic ? Now if Umno really want to help Mic, why must Umno let Mic rebels to rent Umno hall ??????

Some may argue, look ! Umno had withdrawn the hall rental to the Mic rebels. Now the question is, why in the first place must Umno rented the hall to the Mic rebels ?????? Another point .... rumour is spreading fast, it said Samy Vellu is the one who 'cancel' the rental . ( So now who is spreading the rumours ... who is adding fuel into the fire ?????? ). You know, i know who is the 'who'.

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