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25 May 2010

Make your stand on sports betting – DAP tells Umno and Perkasa

Lau Weng San, the DAP ADUN of Kampung Tunku has issued a challenge to Umno and the Malay rights wing group Perkasa on their stand on the issuing of sports betting license to Berjaya Group by the BN (Barisan Nasional). He issued a press statement which stated “I challenge members of Umno and Perkasa to make public their stand on whether they support the move to issue a betting licence to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, headed by (Berjaya Corporation chairman) Vincent Tan,”

He issued the challenge where he cited how BN and Umno has painted Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, the PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) candidate in the by-election of Hulu Selangor as a gambler and yet they have now advocated legal gambling. He added that “In that case, if Umno is truly a champion of Islam, then I challenge them to stand up against the decision of the BN government to allow for gambling licences,” Apart from Umno, he also called on Datuk Ibrahim ali, the president of Perkasa to make their stand as well. “Failing which, this only once again exposes the hypocrisy of Umno and BN, in that they only exploit such issues for their own political ends during the by-election, but are silent when the government which they lead does the same. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has until now been conspicuously silent on this issue, as if hoping that it will blow over. The BN obviously wants to collect the lucrative excise tax from the soccer gambling activities, under the pretext that issuing the licence will help to alleviate illegal betting.”


no need to ask perkasa lah. if umno say yes, they will say yes yes yes. If the betting licence is withdrawn, perkasa will blame the chinese again for not supporting the malays for issuing the licence.

The will support the licence becoz

1. More money into pockets.
2. One of them (UMNO or Perkasa) will be elected as Executive Director.
3. Another big donation for BN to use for election.
4. Bcoz the opposition says NO.
5. More Chinese will be gambling their money away.... weakening the race.

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