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25 May 2010

Zulkifli is MIA (Missing in Action) in his own constituency

N Gobalakrishnan, the Member of Parliament of Padang Serai claims that he had to oversee the Kulim-Bandar Baharu constituency where it is helmed by Zulkifli Mohd Noordin, the former PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) member who turned independent. Gobalakrishnan said that Zul (as he is known) has gone ‘missing in action’. Zul was sacked by the PKR for his outburst on the way PKR had handled the ‘Allah’ issued. Gobalakrishnan said “The Kulim constituents are unfazed about Zul's departure from the Pakatan fold, saying his absence has not made any dent in their lives. Whenever Zul is ever mentioned, the people in this area say 'good riddance', that it is good he leaves the party now, before he creates more trouble. Anyway, he is a very busy man now, so busy that he can accompany PM (Najib Abdul Razak) to the US Congress,"

Tan Show Kang, the assemblyman of Sidam who was among the 3 rumoured to be jumping ship also hit out at Zul saying that "Reporters called me to ask if I would quit PKR. They told me it was Zulkifli who said it, so I merely asked 'who is Zulkifli? I do not know which one you mean as this is a very common name'. Zulkifli had lied to many people, including former party leaders and members. He only met one person when he went to Kulim or Bandar Bahru, most of the time he called by telephone to ask about the area. Zulkifli can trick the leaders, but he cannot trick the rakyat,"


There are two possiblities that Zul gone missing. First, somewhere counting and placing his new fortune(RM) and the other might be training in taliban camp since he is so extreme. HA HA

or....He is negotiating his goodies with UMNO and then only will he be back after a nice long holiday!

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